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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/03/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
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                                                   Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:

   _____ __              __           __      __  __      __                   
  / ___// /_  ___  _____/ /___  _____/ /__   / / / /___  / /___ ___  ___  _____
  \__ \/ __ \/ _ \/ ___/ / __ \/ ___/ //_/  / /_/ / __ \/ / __ `__ \/ _ \/ ___/
 ___/ / / / /  __/ /  / / /_/ / /__/ ,<    / __  / /_/ / / / / / / /  __(__  ) 
/____/_/ /_/\___/_/  /_/\____/\___/_/|_|  /_/ /_/\____/_/_/ /_/ /_/\___/____/  

                               /_  __/ /_  ___ 
                                / / / __ \/ _ \
                               / / / / / /  __/
                              /_/ /_/ /_/\___/ 
                            ____            _ __    
                           / __ \___ _   __(_) /____
                          / / / / _ \ | / / / / ___/
                         / /_/ /  __/ |/ / / (__  ) 
                   ____                    __    __           
                  / __ \____ ___  ______ _/ /_  / /____  _____
                 / / / / __ `/ / / / __ `/ __ \/ __/ _ \/ ___/
                / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / / / /_/  __/ /    
               /_____/\__,_/\__,_/\__, /_/ /_/\__/\___/_/     


 "Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent."

 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
            Platform:   PlayStation 4
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   3/03/2020

               Email:   gregorio31 @ gmail .com
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

  This document is best viewed using a FIXED-WIDTH font, such as Courier New.
    If the ASCII above/below and the charts used throughout the guide look
  strange, please change your settings to display text in a FIXED-WIDTH font.
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         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

   (-NOTE-) Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.


 - Introduction.......................................................[SH-INT]
 - Controls...........................................................[SH-CON]
 - Game Basics & Tips.................................................[SH-GBT]


            o A Missing Person................................[SH 1-1]
            o Exploring Whitechapel...........................[SH 1-2]
            o The Lord's Estate...............................[SH 1-3]
            o Learning the Truth..............................[SH 1-4]
            o Hunter or Hunted?...............................[SH 1-5]

            o A Tournament of Local Interest..................[SH 2-1]
            o Murder is afoot!................................[SH 2-2]
            o The Suspicious Neighbor.........................[SH 2-3]
            o Investigating the Hospital......................[SH 2-4]
            o Puzzles in the Foundry..........................[SH 2-5]
            o Truth at the Mayan Temple.......................[SH 2-6]

            o Imitation is Flattery?..........................[SH 3-1]
            o An Unwelcome Gift...............................[SH 3-2]
            o In the Den of Thieves...........................[SH 3-3]
            o A Godly Visitor.................................[SH 3-4]
            o The Usual Suspects..............................[SH 3-5]
            o A Kidnapping, Rescue, & Deductions..............[SH 3-6]

            o A Horrific Accident.............................[SH 4-1]
            o An Accident... Or Murder!?......................[SH 4-2]
            o Robots Dream of Electric Sheep..................[SH 4-3]
            o The Secret in the Sewers........................[SH 4-4]

            o A Parent's Nightmare............................[SH 5-1]
            o A Familiar Foe..................................[SH 5-2]
            o The Devil's Daughter............................[SH 5-3]


 - Trophies...........................................................[SH-TRO]


 - Version History....................................................[SH-HIS]
 - Credits............................................................[SH-CRE]

         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O

 Hey everybody, Bkstunt here with a guide for Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's
Daughter. I'll admit I love these "Detective Crime Thriller" games. It is why
I'm such a big fan of Danganronpa, Phoenix Wright, and games of that ilk... but
long before those games, there was Sherlock Holmes. I read all those books back
in the day!

 I've wanted to play this game after playing the excellent "Sherlock Holmes:
Crimes & Punishment", and once I had a chance I just immediately started to
write a guide for it. I'm glad I did, it was a good time.

 I've been doing this writing thing for awhile, so hopefully this won't be
the last time we adventure together friend. Now, let's go solve a case or
two, shall we! The game is afoot!

 ~ Bkstunt


 Want to talk about some games!? Maybe throw out some ideas for what YOU want
to see me write about next? I made a facebook account for just that reason!

You can 'Like' me at:


~ Bk

         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                              Controls                                >==O

               _,.--.,_                                _,.--.,_
              |  _____ |                              | _____  |
              |-'     `'.____________________________,'`     `-|
            ,'    __     `.   _  |          |  _    ,'    .,.    `.
           /     |  |      \ | | |          | | | /     (/_\)     \
          !   __  \/  __    | ¯  |          |  ¯ !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
          |  |__ >  < __|   !__  '----------'  __| ([_])     ( O ) !
          !       /\        ___`-.  ::::::  ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
          |\     |__|     ,'   `. \  ::::  / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
          | `.           /       \ | SONY | /       \    `-'    ,' |
          |   `-.____,-. \       / |______| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
          |           ,'\ `.___,' /        \ `.___,' /`.           |
          |          /   `-.___,-'          `-.___,-'   \          |
          \         /                                    \         /
           \       /                                      \       /
            `.__,-'                                        `-.__,'

                 |   UP = UP            |   /\ = TRIANGLE    |
                 |   DN = DOWN          |   [] = SQUARE      |
                 |   LT = LEFT          |   () = CIRCLE      |
                 |   RT = RIGHT         |   >< = CROSS       |
                 |                      |                    |
                 |    L = L BUTTON      |    R = R BUTTON    |
                 |                      |                    |
                 |   AG = ANALOG        |   SL = SELECT      |
                 |   PS = PS / HOME     |   ST = START       |
                 |                      |                    |
                 |    + = VOLUME UP     |    ! = DISPLAY     |
                 |    - = VOLUME DOWN   |    ~ = VOLUME      |


 |                                                                        |
 | Directional Buttons: Not Used                                          |
 |                                                                        |
 | Left Analog Stick: Control Character                                   |
 |                                                                        |
 | Right Analog Stick: Control Camera                                     |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Perform Actions                                              |
 |                                                                        |
 | O Button: 1st/3rd Person Views (Switch)                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square Button: Open Casebook (Fast Travel)                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle: Open Deduction Space (Mind Palace)                           |
 |                                                                        |
 | L1: Launch "Imagination" Power                                         |
 |                                                                        |
 | R1: Launch "Detective Vision" Power                                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | L2: Switch Characters (Situational)                                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | R2: Run (Situational)                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | Start Button: Open Menu                                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | Touch Pad: Open Menu                                                   |
 |                                                                        |
 | L3 + R3: Help                                                          |
 |                                                                        |

         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                         Game Basics & Tips                           >==O
 Overall, this is a pretty easy game. Especially with this guide. The game
itself is fairly linear and as long as you keep an eye out you will likely
find all of the clues. Even the trophies are fairly easy to get in the game,
with only one of them truly missable (as long as you don't skip any of the
mini games in the game).

 Still, I usually include a section like this in every guide, so here's what
I got for "Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter":

 o Your CASEBOOK is your best friend. It helps track your objectives, will
   show you what evidence you have, and even lets you FAST TRAVEL whenever
   you wish (with some story-related exceptions). Be sure to consult it at
   all times!
 o Many times your evidence will have EXTRA SYMBOLS on them. This means we
   need to do something extra with them. This is usually looking them up in
   your archives, asking someone about it, or even performing analysis on the
   evidence to complete it. Just keep that in mind!
 o Be ready for QTE (Quick Time Events) throughout the game. I'll often point
   out when they are about to happen, but it is good to be ready!
 o Whenever you need to use one of your special abilities, the game will let
   you know by putting the L1 or R1 symbol on the top of the screen. Keep your
   eyes open and you'll know when to use your abilities.
 o When you get enough clues you can make deductions in your "Mind Palace".
   It's a pretty good idea to do so often, so you don't end up with A TON of
   clues at the end (which makes it harder to go through them all). A symbol
   will appear when you can make deductions. This also isn't much of a tip
   since this is a guide and we're going to go through all of the clues
   together anyways...


         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                         CASE ONE: PREY TELL                          >==O
    ``-.___________________________________________________[SH 1-1]___.-´´

,---'\_________________________A MISSING PERSON___________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 1-1]¯\,---'

  221B Baker Street
 As you start the game, pick whatever difficulty you wish. For the record, I
am going with the "Keen Detective" difficulty (Normal, basically).

 After starting the game we'll get an interesting cutscene. It seems as if
we are searching frantically for something, but we're also clearly in danger.
The scene ends on a cliffhanger, putting us back 24 hours...

 We'll transition to a scene at Baker Street with Holmes being... himself.
Our new neighbor brings us a child who Watson takes care of. After talking to
the neighbor for a bit, we'll be able to talk to the lad...

 The boy will say his father is missing when you ask him what he's doing here.
After that we will need to make a "PORTRAIT" of the boy. Basically, you are
going to do Holmes' usual trick: look at the kid and deduce things about him.
This is the first one so it isn't too hard. Try pressing SQUARE to see for

 |  Red Eyes: Recent Weeping
 |  Neck: Malnutrition
 |  Necklace: Tom is 8 years old
 |  Patch on Shoulder: Caring Parents
 |  Right Pocket: Can read and use a map
 |  Left Hand: Malformation

 After looking at all of those, you can validate your portrait by pressing the
TRIANGLE button. This helps Holmes know who he is dealing with. Afterwards, you
can ask more questions, learning his father is one George Hurst. When you ask
about his dad "Missing", hit the SQUARE BUTTON and pick "Caring Parents" to see
that the police are wrong. You will also learn he has been missing for three

 That's... a while! We get two more questions now. On the "Three Weeks" question
you want to hit the square button again and pick "Tom is 8 years old". He's not
exactly ready to look after himself! Holmes will learn that Tom lives at "12
Dorset St", Apt. E. Holmes is bored, so we will take the case. Lucky Tom!

 o OBJECTIVE: Investigate the disappearance of Tom's father, George Hurst.
 o OBJECTIVE: Explore Hurst's Hovel on 12 Dorset Street, room E.
 Before you go anywhere, note that you can walk around and explore Holmes' Room.
There are a number of things to interact with. If you played the previous game,
it is similar to that (Hi, Toby!). The biggest thing you can do here, other than
have Holmes comment on things, is go to his room and change your appearance. You
can see how this is useful for a detective, but you can change it to suit your
taste as well.

 After that, we can actually go explore the streets around 221 Baker if we
wish. There's a lot of NPC's out here... not doing much. You can find a boy
selling newspapers outside your apartment though, so talk to him to get the
[_FEWER HOMELESS_] document. You may as well!

 So, what else can you do out here?! There are a number of activities actually!
The vast majority of them are just practice at some mini games, but hey...
practice is good. If you wander around you can practice:

 * Balancing
 * Arm Wrestling
 * Shooting
 * Boxing
 I encourage you to explore and try these activities out. Just to get used to
them. I'll cover the instructions when we need to actually do them, but they
are pretty easy to understand. All but shooting, you want to move your left
analog stick for that. Arm wrestling you really want to push X when you can.
Finally, on the boxing you want to press "X" when you go to punch. Just some
quick tips.

 Once you are ready to go, you can leave to Whitechapel in one of three ways.
You can take a carriage, which are scattered around everywhere. You can use
one of the doors/gates which are again everywhere, or you can just open your
notebook, pick the compass tab, and travel there. Note the section break down
below... an easy way to separate cases up and make this guide look good! Let's
go ahead and travel to Whitechapel!

,---'\______________________EXPLORING WHITECHAPEL_________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 1-2]¯\,---'


 We will be dropped off in an alley here. Make your way forward and take a right
until you see "Dorset Street" on the sign, then hang a left. You will find the
door to "12" Dorset Street on your right.

 This is a series of apartments. Note that you can go through to the alley down
below, but to find Apt. E you need to head to the second floor. Head on in and
Tom will greet you.

 Well... this place is a dump. You can explore a bit on your own here. Near Tom
is the Strand Magazine (how he found us), and a bookcase nearby shows his dad
cares for him. Food is running low. One of the tables has the [_RENAL BILLS_]
on it, which shows George was paying in advance. Probably because of this job
he took. You can also try going up a ladder, but it is too dark to see anything
up there.

 After our first glance around the area, you should end up with the ladder and
the magazine as exclamation marks, which means we will "use them later". That's
good. Now, use your "DETECTIVE VISION" with R1. Head over to the entrance and
examine the coats here for the [_LEAFLET_] clue. It mentions a pub. Note that
you can turn it over and examine the glue on the back too. Looks like George
took this off a wall.

 OK, after that head over to Tom and interact with the table. Pick up the
[_CANDLE_] here and head up the ladder. Holmes will use the candle automatically
which is nice. Move the box on the right and open the satchel you find to get
the [_LETTER TO GEORGE HURST_]. This ties the pub to the job George was doing,
which updates our objectives:

 o OBJECTIVE: Find out more information about the "special job" at the Old
              Tabard Pub.
 You can talk to Tom to learn it is nearby on North Street. We can go ahead
and leave through the front door now. Take a left and you'll get a short scene
with Wiggins, Holmes' street informant. We may need him later. After that, take
another left to find the pub. Let's go inside.


 Inside, Holmes will say we need to eavesdrop. You can do so right to your
right. Focus on the men nearby and you'll have to play a game of keeping the
analog sticks INSIDE the circle. One quick tip: I find it best to make sure
the left stick is on the left and the right is on the right. Way easier to
see which stick is drifting that way. Keep them in the circle for several
seconds and you'll hear the man we want doesn't drink.

 After that, head to the back. On the pole back here you can once again
eavesdrop on the left and right party. The people on the right have nothing
for us, but the left men state the man we want has mutton chops.

 OK, that is good enough for us to find our man. Head to the front of the bar
and sit on the stool over here. The man behind us is the one we want. Click on
him to do a profile:

 |  Face: Whiskers
 |  Drink: Water

 Yeah, that's all we need. "Keep watch" on him now to see what he's up to. Odd
that we don't have a drink if you ask me. You can skip time if you want here
(another odd choice). After skipping some time, the man will leave after he
crumples up some paper. Holmes picks this up automatically, which will give us
the [_MISSING MR. SNOWBRIDGE_] document. Leave the pub and you will get a scene
with Wiggins.

 This next section has us playing as Wiggins as we follow the stranger. This
is a fairly fun section. As you follow the man he will stop every now and again
and look behind himself for us. As you follow him though, there are just A TON
of boxes you can hide behind. You can count on boxes or corners to be there for
you, so don't let him get too far ahead.

 Once you get control of Wiggins, turn around and head towards the archway the
man went through. Head through and go left to see the man. Boxes on your left
will provide cover, but you can go up to the second set on the right. The man
takes a right up here, so continue this strategy as you go.

 He'll take a left soon, letting you use your first corner. Keep following him
and some policemen will show up. Wiggins mentions needing to find another route
here, so duck into the left alleyway (you can run with R2) and follow it to the
boxes at the end (you have more than enough time). Follow him to the next
corner up ahead and another scene occurs showing a rival gang. Time for another

 Double back and go through the open door behind you. Head for the chimney.
Yeah, we are absolutely heading upwards! Interact with it (Wiggins takes the
kids job...) and IMMEDIATELY press up to start climbing. We have a "lung meter"
here and we can't waste any time! On the way up, we need to clean the coal off
the wall. Do this quickly with the brush (just hit X) and continue climbing.
We will do this three times. Even if you do it perfectly, you'll just barely
avoid lung issues!

 The good news is we've got an aerial view now! Follow the path, keeping an eye
on the man but look for a BOARD on the left. You want to put it down to cross
to the other roofs. You have a path split here: the left path is a dead end, but
you can watch the man loop around. Take the other path to continue. You will
have a balancing mini-game here to cross the beam. Keep both analog sticks in
the middle to advance. A quick tip: be sure you keep ONE in at all times, as you
get a few seconds grace period if the second goes out.

 Once you regain control, follow the roof to the left and go right when you can
to keep tracking the man. You'll crest another room and go down to some boards
on the left. At the end, once the man goes into the tunnel up ahead, use the
crane to get back to the street and continue to follow him. Past the tunnel,
you want to cut through the yard on the left. Use the box past the woman to get
past the fence, then just use the next two holes you see to follow the man (wait
for him to move on at the second hole and watch out for him looking back!).

 Follow him into the next tunnel and you'll get a scene afterwards. Here you
want to go talk to the shoe shine kid to take his place as we wait for the man
to come back out. Unfortunately for us... that means we have to work as a shoe
shine. Just do these steps in this order (note that you can click his shoes to
have Wiggins think things through):

 777: NEED to double check these steps
 * Use the damp cloth
 * Use the small brush with the polish
 * Use the large brush
 * Use the white cloth
 Do all of that fast enough and you won't be "suspicious". I will admit that I
failed this my first time (as did every youtube steamer I watched), and if you
do fail this you get 3/4ths of your suspicious meter filled up. That is OK, you
can live through that.

 Keep following the man, using the boxes for cover. Once he passes the dogs,
you have to once again run down the alley to the left. Follow the path all the
way back to the street and you'll get a scene. We must sprint to the carriage.
Do so and you'll pass this "chase" section and even get a trophy!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "On the Trail" Bronze Trophy for following the
         suspicious man without losing him.

,---'\________________________THE LORD'S ESTATE___________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 1-3]¯\,---'


 Once the carriage stops, Wiggins will be able to help us out a little bit
more. Head away from the carriage and jump over the broken wall on the right
when you see it. Now, you can look in the window to the right here to see two
people and bags of food. If you explore the front of the house, Wiggins will
merely refuse to enter and can't see through the curtains. You want to use the
gates on either side and go to the back. There is one more window back here
where you can see a desk and get a [_COAT OF ARMS_] picture to take back to
Mr. Holmes. After that, simply head back to the street to continue.

 We'll now be in control of Holmes once again, with the picture that Wiggins
brought us and a new objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Examine the item brought in by Wiggins
 Pick up the picture to have Holmes comment on Wiggins, then go to the research
area. Newspapers, books, it doesn't matter. Once you can though, press L1/R1 to
go to "Research" and then pick "Marks and Symbols". After that, pick "English
coat of arms". This lets you read up on "Lord Marsh" and gives you his address.

 We'll get a scene after this, as Sherlock's daughter returns from boarding
school. Interesting. Respond to her however you wish. For now, she is going to
take Watson's room, and we'll get a new objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Pay a visit to Lord Marsh
 With that done, go ahead and go to Lord Marsh's house to continue.
 Upon arriving here, we get a short scene with Holmes and Watson about his
daughter. His adopted daughter. Well then...

 Go ahead and knock on the door and enter when you can. You'll get a scene of
Holmes meeting Lord March here, after which we can do a character portrait to
get our take of the man.

 |  Red Eyes: Feels unwell
 |  Blanket on lap: He is ill
 |  Gold Ring: Man of wealth
 |  Pills on table: Strong painkiller
 |  Book Nearby: Lord Marsh's personal assistant
 |  Patch on doctor's vest: Member of a hunting club
 |  Stethoscope: Physician

 This will update our personnel file, adding them both to it, as well as give
us the [_PAINKILLER_] evidence. Close your file when you are done. Fell free to
talk to Lord Marsh afterwards.

 Your talks here will give you some more clues. Run through all the choices you
are given. At one point, you will need to hit SQUARE to offer some evidence, and
when that time comes point out the PAINKILLERS to deduce that Lord Marsh has
more than the flu. By the time you are done talking, you'll learn that Dr.
Fisher himself was the mysterious man in Whitechapel and he offers jobs out that
way. Interesting! We get the [_FISHER'S DISGUISE_] and the [_DIAGNOSIS_] clues
just from talking with these two.

 We now have control again. Talk to the men if you wish and look at the supplies
they have gathered here. You can tell they are helping hospitals and the poor
alike. The middle table also has papers you can look at and a portrait of Lord
Marsh's friends. This adds the [_QUATERMAIN CLUB_] evidence to our list.

 After that, you will want to activate your detective vision while looking at
the table. You can get a [_LIST OF PARTICIPANTS_] here, and when prompted you
should underline the name "John Strowbridge". This is the man from the wanted
poster that Dr. Fisher crumpled up.

 We're done in the house after that. A short scene has Holmes thanking Lord
Marsh for his work and promising a donation. Go ahead and leave the house now,
noting that we have the [_SPECIAL EDUCATON PROGRAMME_] in our evidence now,
which mentions talking to Tom. With that in mind, lets go to Hurst's House to
speak with him.

 After talking to Tom, you'll learn his father never mentions an education
programme. Just a job. He did find a hidden box though, so let's check that

 o OBJECTIVE: Examine the box found by Tom

 Examine the box for a [_KEY_] and a [_MILITARY BADGE_]. Interesting items.
The badge says "Wolfjack, Je suis prest". If you look at it in the evidence
menu you can see we can search the archives for it. You will also note the
ramrod for cleaning rifles and the gun oil. Tom doesn't know about any gun
though. Huh...

 Use your detective vision now and look around. A basket has a cloth in it
that you can pick up. Rotate it around to the back to find oil on it and get
the [_SCRAP OF CLOTH IN OIL_]. George definitely owns a rifle. Makes you wonder
about his special job. Holmes will comment on having Toby (our faithful hound)
track down the gun with this. Sounds fun. With that we should head back to our
apartment for the archives and for Toby...

 Once you get back, go to the "Research" tab once again. It is much easier
this time, as "Badges and Medals" are the way to go, after which you will see
the Wolfjack, Je Suis Prest option. We will add the [_WOLFJACK, JE SUIS PREST_]
document to our repertoire after that.

 Now, let's go pick up Toby. He seems eager to do a bit of work. It's probably
been awhile for him. Lord I hope we get to control him like the last game!
Watson won't go with us this time, so head back to Hurst's House after you have
Toby in tow!

 And my hopes are answered! We are Toby the Bloodhound for this part, sniffing
out the trail of oil! Well then! This part is fun and pretty easy. Just follow
the green trail. It will lead from George's house down the stairs and into the
back alley. Your path will split off to the left at one point. If you want, you
can take it and bark at the shed to have Holmes tell us to keep going.

 Head back and follow the path down the street. The path splitting off to the
right is just a circle. Nothing to bark out. Keep going down the street and go
left through a door when you can. Follow the path to some stairs and a door,
which is what we are looking for.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Hermit's Lair" Bronze Trophy for finding where
         George Hurst went while being Toby the Bloodhound.
 Head down the stairs (we are Holmes again) and open the door. An underground
storage area. Hang a right down here and start looking through doors. The vast
majority of them are rubbish and old storage. We want to head to the end of the
area and look into the last door on the left. You will see Tom's picture.

 Once you've done that we have a lock-picking mini game. Not much of a game,
to be honest. We have to pick which lockpick is the best choice, and in this
particular case you want LOCKPICK #1. Use that twice and the door will open.

 Go check out the table here for... the [_FAREWELL LETTER_]. Damn. Poor Tom.
I suppose he knew. You can get the [_NEWSPAPER ARTICLE_] here too on the right.
Next pick up a list from the lower left here. Holmes will automatically start
to compare this with the documents we found. We know Strowbridge is missing.
Go through the document (R2) and when you see a name from the left list, mark
them both off. You'll complete the list (everyone is from Group S). This will
add the [_GEORGE HURST'S LIST_] to our documents.

 Turn to the left now and look at the chest to the right of the locker. On it
is a box of bullet cartridges. Two are left. There are two letters here as well.
Read both of them for the [_LETTER FROM FRIEND_] and [_ORDER_] documents. George
was definitely a military man. The game will tell us to use our "Detective
Imagination" now, so do so with L1 and look at the rifle holder. George had a
rifle here for sure. Last but not least there is a map on the wall. Go look at
it and it zooms in on the upper-right. Click the name of the map here to get the
[_MAP OF EPPING FOREST_] as a piece of evidence.

 With that we've done all we can in here. Time to make some deductions (which
you may have done before now, depending on if you're following the guide or
not). To do this, we just combine clues until we get something that matches.
Down below I'm going to show you the clues I came up with. The two things you
have to match are after the "subject" at the start. Note I may add some notes
to show you my though process as well.

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o CONNECTION: The "SPECIAL JOB" + Lord Marsh's "Special Education Programme"

 o VIOLENCE: The "SPECIAL JOB" + Preparations (George took his rifle with him).
 o LAST CHANCE: Farewell Letter + Special Job (George didn't deliver the letter
                to Tom... a chance he's alive?!)
 o INFORMATION: Pauper's List + Missing (George was keeping track of things).
 o REALLY LOVAT: Lovat Scouts + Wound (Very likely George is a veteran).
 o MISSING: Pauper's List + Missing (George knew people were missing).
 !!! MR. HURST KNEW !!! - Node Appears
 o SNEAK INTO MARSH'S HOUSE: (We need more info on the "Special Education
                              Programme" to see what is going on).

 After all of those points tied together, we eventually come to one new
objective here:

 o OBJECTIVE: Sneak into Lord Marsh's house and find out more information
              about the Special Education Programme

 Well, this seems as good a path as any. With that you can go back up and
see Toby if you wish, but we need to head back to Lord Marsh's Estate once
you're ready.

,---'\_______________________LEARNING THE TRUTH___________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 1-4]¯\,---'

 We're not here for a social call this time! You will get a small scene with
Dr. Watson as he comes to check up on Lord Marsh. Holmes will tell him to help
us out with his distraction. Once you regain control, sneak to the back of the
manor and interact with the door back here. We'll need to lock pick it. Here
you want to use Lockpick #1 for the first one, put it away, and then use
Lockpick #2. That will let you in.

 As soon as you enter though, you are nearly caught by Dr. Fisher. As Watson,
you want to target the vase to your left and smack it down to distract Dr.
Fisher. This lets Holmes get into the office easily.

 Now that we're in here, check out behind the boxes for a hiding spot, then
over on the mantle to look at the photographs. Next, check the desk. Click the
letter here for the [_PAUPER'S LETTER_]. Touching. Next pick up the blue book
in the lower left and move it to find the [_LETTER TO LORD COLLINS_] underneath
it. There is one more letter here, on the small box to the north. Open it up
to find [_MARSH'S POLITICAL LETTER_]. Seems like he may be doing good for some
political capital.

 After examining the desk, use your detective vision. One of the photos on the
wall has been moved a lot. Go check it out to find a safe behind it. Oh boy.
But before we can mess with it, we need to hide! You took note of the box in
the corner. Go hide there for some scenes.

 Afterwards (Dr. Fisher is onto us...), go ahead and interact with the safe.
What you need to do here is move the stethoscope to the outer line (although
anywhere is fine) and slowly rotate the dial. You are listening for a very
hollow sound compared to a clicking sound. This being a guide and all, we will
give you the safe combo:

  10 - 22 - 14
 Listen to the empty sound and line up those numbers to open up the safe. You
can inspect it now for a [_LETTER FROM LORD HARRINGTON_] and the [_INVITATION TO
THE MEETING_] letter, as well as a [_MAP FRAGMENT_]. For the map fragment, note
that you need to "search archives" on it.

 Finally, before we go we can enter out mind palace (Triangle) and make another
(very obvious) deduction:

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o HUNTERS: The "Hunting Club" + Lord Marsh's "Hunting Photos" (Lord Marsh and
            his friends are skillful hunters).

 Yeah, that is fairly obvious. Missing people and wealth lords who are avid
hunters. Along with a meeting and now a couple clues about the woods. You can
probably see where this is going...

 Exit the room and you'll get a cutscene as Dr. Watson. Here you want to
pick up the [_HANDKERCHIEF_] when Lord Marsh is distracted by a noise outside.
It has some blood on it. We'll automatically head home afterwards.

 Once you are back at home, Watson calls you over to the table he is sitting
at. He has the handkerchief with him. Go ahead and click on it and press L2 to
focus up. Examine the blood, then after that use one of the tools in the
carousel (the scrapper) to get a sample on the glass plate. Use a pipette and
all three chemical solutions on the sample now, then place it under the
microscope. You can examine it now. Drag the view to the left (go left) to
find a group of bacteria.

 Watson will have a scene now, declaring Lord Marsh to have [_TUBERCULOSIS_].
But why is he hiding it? A good question. Watson will then tell us he'll be
gone for awhile and Katelyn will enter. She's got "Dracula" from the neighbor
woman. Good reading!

 After that let's look into the map fragment. Head to your research areas.
This time we want "Encyclopedias". Pick "Botany" after that and when you can
pick "One Hundred Legendary English Oaks". We will hear Epping Forest once
again here, giving us the [_ONE HUNDRED LEGENDARY ENGLISH OAKS_] document. Now
go to the map on the wall and we'll have to find Grunston's Oak.

 It is to the southeast of where you start. "Grunston's Oak" is on the map, so
simply look for that and line the map piece up with the indicated analog stick.
After you do this, you get a short scene with Kate. Go ahead and answer her
however you wish. Once that is done, let's put together one more clue:

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o MEETING: The "Map" + "Invitation" clues (This combines with other nodes to
            unveil the "Go to Epping Forest" objective.

 As indicated, we have a new destination now:
 o OBJECTIVE: Find out what is going on in Epping Forest. It is a location
              where Lord Marsh has planned a meeting.
 Before you leave, if you wish, you can go down to the street and talk to
the paperboy for the [_COWS OUT OF WORK_] document. Yeah... feel free to
open your notebook and head to Epping Forest next.

,---'\________________________HUNTER OR HUNTED?___________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 1-5]¯\,---'

 Once we start this section, we will take over from the "In Median Res"
beginning that we had at the start of the game. This section is one where we
are running for our life and trust me, it is quite easy to die. You'll finish
the scene from the start of the case and as you can see Holmes is wounded...

 Before we begin, let's talk about it a bit just so you know what to do.
The bar at the top shows you how close your attacker is to you. We don't want
the hunter to get close to us. The bar on the bottom shows how much stamina
we have to run. This RESTORES itself when we stop and rest.

 However, the entire time during this section the hunter will aim his gun at
us. This is shown by a laser line, and he can do it no matter how far away he
is. The idea her is to run to a cover point ahead of us, hide (and restore some
stamina) and then repeat. However, I will say that you can often move left or
right and have the bullet miss you (as long as you are on the move).

 One last thing: some of the wider areas have BEAR TRAPS. If you run into one
you will have to mash the "X" button to get free. Not hard to do, but it costs
time. Try not to run in the open if you can (easier said than done). Ready to
do this! Good, let's run!

 This first area isn't too hard. Much easier if you read the paragraphs up
above, as you know to run to cover, hide behind it, regain your stamina and

 Stay out of the open as much as possible and use this strategy. Soon you will
get your "Detective Vision" and will have to pick between two paths. One will
say "Thorny Bushes" and the other is "Boulder". You MUST take the Boulder /
Trail path otherwise you will die!

 Continue down the boulder path, using the same strategy. Try to stay against
the right-hand side if you can, as you continue to be hunted. As you go, you
will get a second "Detective Vision". You want to take the "Rare Bushes" path
on the right here. Do so and you'll slide down the descent, getting a short
scene where you will elude the hunter for a bit... and discover a body!

 As much as you may want to spend time on the man here, just quickly inspect
the man (his middle) to deduce he was killed recently. After that, look up
at his scarf to see he was poor. That's all we're going to look at, as we are
being hunted still!

 Do as you did before and run from cover to cover. I know for sure there is
a trap in the open space up ahead, so try to stick to the right if you can.
Hit up each cover spot and continue running. We get a third detective vision
choice up ahead: "Smell of the Swamp" or "Matted Weeds". Take the LEFT choice
here to go to the swamp.

 Now, as you go down to the swamp you MUST use Detective Vision to see the
safe walking paths. Here we want to get in cover, use our vision, and move to
the next cover. If you move off of the path you will drown, so always use your
vision when you are in cover!

 There are a LOT of paths here, but honestly you are just crossing this swamp
and not using anything here. So going out towards that distant shack is a bad
idea. Instead, pick paths towards the left that end up crossing the swamp faster
here if you can, using our vision trick every time.

 Once you get to solid ground, keep on going, using the cover up ahead to hide
and recharge your stamina. Run ahead towards the log crossing the gap and you
will automatically get a scene (and a trophy!).

(-NOTE-) You will get the "At Gunpoint" Silver Trophy for managing to get
         through the swamp and escape the hunter.

 Once you get past the log, you will find yourself looking at another corpse.
Well, let's examine him. This one has a handkerchief near him. Pick it up and
turn it around to see... this is Lord Harrington! So... the poor AND the rich
are dying out here. It feels like someone had some revenge in mind! You can
look at his head to see whoever shot him got him in the head... a much better
shot than the pauper got.

 Keep running forwards and Holmes will say he needs to dress his wound. Yeah,
you do! Keep going straight and you'll see a cabin in the distance. Go ahead
and enter it, then look to the right to see a table. Go over there and look at
the picture. This must be Lord Marsh's cabin. There's a bandage here as well,
so be sure to take it.

 After that, someone will make noise outside. Quickly turn around and go into
the cabinet to hide. After that you'll get some scenes as we finally get to
see George (what a wound!). Enjoy the scenes here, but once you regain control
go ahead and open up your deduction / mind palace page!

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o REVENGE: The "Revenge" and "Impingement" clues (not hard to see...).
 o DEAD BODIES: The "Lord Harrington's Body" and "Pauper's Body" clues (This
                combines with other nodes and leads to a larger node, which you
                want to interact with and pick "LORDS HUNT".
 o MARSH HUNTS DOWN PEOPLE: All nodes combine to reach the final truth.
 Well, this isnt' a very hard conclusion since we JUST HEARD Lord Marsh say
they use these woods to hunt people and how he is "now prey". It seems that
George was acting as a vigilante for his special job.

 Here you get to choose your MORAL ENDING for this case. I personally chose
to "CONDEMN LORD MARSH". Afterwards you will emerge from the dresser and have
several scenes. You'll even learn how Lord Marsh got his disease. After George
shows you the gruesome site, you have another choice in a quick time event:

 * OPTION 1: Shoot George
 * OPTION 2: Shoot Lord Marsh
 * OPTION 3: Do Nothing
 Personally, I went with Option 3 here and let George finish what he started.
The other two options were... less fun in my opinion. Especially that first
option. UGH...

 We will be taken to the ending result after this, where you can check on
your decision. As you can see, we found all of the clues in this case (18/18),
so between that and your ending choices you should feel really good. The only
thing I don't care for here is there's no wrap-up with Tom. What a pity.
 Still, feel good about your deed and go ahead and advance to the next case.
We did good work out there.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "The Hunter Becomes the Prey" Gold Trophy for
         finishing the "Prey Tell" Case.

         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                      CASE TWO: A STUDY IN GREEN                      >==O
    ``-.___________________________________________________[SH 2-1]___.-´´

,---'\__________________A TOURNAMENT OF LOCAL INTEREST____________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 2-1]¯\,---'

  221B Baker Street
 As you start this case, you'll get a scene... Holmes is clearly bored again
and is practicing his bowling skill with vases. Yeah, that's... that's a bit
crazy. Still, as Holmes says, we have a tournament to attend as part of the
bowling club!
 o OBJECTIVE: Take part in the Final of the lawn bowling tournament

 I took some time to change my outfit here, going with the "sporting look" and
a bowling hat. Fun. Watson even commented on it! Heh... Note that right of your
door, on the dresser, is a letter stuck to the wood. Interact with it to find
the [_LETTER FROM DR. FISHER_]. Sounds like a loose end to me. Also note that
you can go look at Katelyn's Room if you wish. She's made it hers for sure!

 Before we  head off, note you can head down to the street and talk to the
paperboy for the [_THE BEDLAM ASYLUM_] document. It seems the asylum is now
open to everyone. OK... let's go to the "Club" area now for the tournament.

 We'll get a scene here as you arrive, with a man telling us about the prize
and showing us the statue nearby. All very impressive. I definitely wore the
right outfit here! We also get [_THE MAYAN CALENDER_] evidence here. We are
then free to roam around. You can actually go check out the calender as it is
on display on the lawn. You can check out the statue as well (in two places)
and walk around and talk to some people.

 Eventually though, we'll have to play the game. Now, BEFORE you do this note
that you get a TROPHY for winning. But you have to win. You CAN REDO the game
by pressing CIRCLE and quitting if you wish. I had to play the game three times
before I got used to it and won on my third try. Don't feel bad if you need to
get a "feel" for the game!

 With that said, go ahead and play the Lawn Bowling game. The white ball will
be thrown out first and we need to get our ball close to it. Try throwing the
white ball very short to medium range. Then you can use your throws. You want
to angle with the point aiming towards the white ball and throw a BIT harder
then you threw the yellow ball. Judge how far your ball goes and adjust from
there. It's better to have your ball roll in close rather than over-throw it.

 Again, this takes some practice but also remember that there are MULTIPLE
rounds. I would say make sure you win the first one and go from there. That
will definitely help you win, so get some practice in and win this lawn
bowling tournament!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Lawn Bowls Champion" Bronze Trophy for winning
         the Lawn Bowl Tournament.

 Once you win, you will get a new objective:
 o OBJECTIVE: Attend the awards ceremony the day after the final

 Well, that is a nice objective! You can talk to Arthur as well if you wish
but we'll have to go home sooner or later. Go ahead and do so when you are

  221B Baker Street
 Once you get home, you'll see a scene with your daughter and the next door
neighbor woman. We will FINALLY get a chance to profile here, and boy is it

 |  Necklace: Occult Item
 |  Bracelet on Right Hand: Visits a Prisoner
 |  Scars on Left Arm: Suicide Attempt
 |  Fingers: No Ring / Unmarried

 The prisoner, occult and suicide attempts are very concerning, but she seems
to be nice to Kate so... yeah. Hopefully that's not for bad reasons! You will
have to refuse her piano suggestion here, so choose whatever you wish and we
will regain control again shortly afterwards.

 Next up, let's take a moment to look into our prize! Head to the research
are. This time we want "Encyclopedias". Check the history tab and then pick
the "Maya Civilisation in Central America". We'll get a document for finding
this, the [_MAYA CIVILISATION IN CENTRAL AMERICA_] document. Good to have. It
mentions their king as well, the one we saw a statue of.

 After that, the next day will arrive. Let's head to the club for our prize.
Once you get there, you'll see that... something has happened. Someone will
claim that the statue killed Zacharias! Huh...

 We'll get a chance to talk to Lestrade here, which is our first time seeing
him in this game. Go ahead and talk to him and we'll learn the ceremony is
cancelled and learn of the murder scene. He'll also (begrudgingly) let us
look into things.

 o OBJECTIVE: Investigate the crime scene and interrogate witnesses
 Let's look at where the statue was first. Odd that it is entirely gone, but
as you can see out in the yard the calender is still here. When you look at
the statue you want to look at the scratches, the gouge in the stand, and the
metal rod that is sticking out.

 You probably noticed the detective vision. Use it and look at the ground to
investigate the scrapes, rod and gouges here. After that, keep your detective
vision on and walk past Lestrade and the policeman to see more scrapes on the
ground. Follow this path and in the trees up ahead Holmes will notice a broken
branch. This is probably how our murderer left the grounds.

 We will get the [_STAND_] evidence here. You can also go back and talk to
Lestrade about the statue a bit to learn that someone saw it walking away
on its own. After the murder. Strange!

 Let's head to the body now. Yeah, a spear through the heart, that's your
murder weapon for sure. Here you want to examine the spear, and then the
wallet sticking out of a pocket. You can rotate it and open it up to see the
money was left inside. After that, look at the watch nearby (you can open this
up too to see it was valuable), then the documents on the ground. These are all
related to the mayan symbols. Finally, examine the leaves nearby. Out of all of
this,  Holmes notes the strike was powerful, the valuables were left on his
person, and we get the [_LEAVES NEAR THE BODY_] evidence.

 If you recall from our game, there weren't any leaves on the green like this.
It seems like someone put them there intentionally. Why? Maybe to alert them
if they made a sound? You can talk to the policeman here and look at the nearby
calender as well (you can even comment on the rankings board in the back). Once
you are ready, head to the back and lets talk to Sir Charles.

 Sir Charles will give us his account of the statue running away once we talk
to him. Huh... well he seems serious enough. We get a chance to profile him
though, so let's do that first.

 |  Jewelry on Tie: Poor Quality
 |  Paper in Pocket: Socially Active
 |  Symbol on Jacket: Politically Active
 |  Badge on left coat sleeve: Ex-Military
 |  Ring on left hand: Married

 Once you are done go ahead and ask Sir Charles all of the questions that you
can. There's quite a few. The most notable take aways here seem to be that Mr.
Greystroke was here for no reason (it seems) and that the Mayan Calender was
donated for the winner of the tournament anonymously. Weird. We also get the
[_CLUBHOUSE_] evidence here, but we aren't allowed to go in. Bah.

 Next, we have to do our "Detective Imagination" to piece together how the
crime itself happened. We will have to number the events in order to recreate
what happened. There are five events here. Press "L1" and look at them all,
and then follow the guide below to recreate the event:

 1. Zacharias steps on leaves
 2. Statue throws spear
 3. Zacharias is felled by the attack

 4. Sir Charles emerges from the club
 5. Statue jumps down and runs away

 Press L2 once you have lined everything up and watch it through. Holmes will
sum it up afterwards, giving us the [_RECONSTRUCTION_] evidence. After that, go
talk about it with Lestrade and Holmes will tell him his conclusion. We also
get authorization to go to Scotland Yard and examine the victim. Nice! This will
unlock that location and give us an objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Examine Zacharias Greystoke's body and his belongings at
              Scotland Yard.
 Well then... let's head to Scotland Yard next to continue the case in the
next section. This is definitely an interesting game of lawn bowling!

,---'\_________________________MURDER IS AFOOT!___________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 2-2]¯\,---'

 Our first visit to Scotland Yard in the game. Not Sherlock's first time here
of course. Watson is with us as well. You can talk to him a bit and then we
will regain control.

 Head forwards and into the door on the left (the only way we can go, which
is nice of them). Enter the barred door on the right to get to the evidence
room. Examine the drawer here. Most of this stuff we've seen before, but click
on everything and Holmes will take the papers with him this time, which gives
us the [_MAYAN DICTIONARY_] document.

 Next, go ahead and look at the Mayan Calender itself. Rotate it so you can
see the back and interact with the slab you find there. Using the papers that
we got from the drawer, we can translate the message. I'm going to put the
message down below for you. Note that when you match up symbols, you have to
PICK THE RIGHT WORD, which makes this a puzzle. The solution is down below:

   1. CURSED             2. TO BE
   3. ANYONE             4. TO DISTURB
   5. SACRED             6. TEMPLE
   7. TO MEET DEATH      8. RISEN
   9. STATUE             10. ONLY
   11. CHOSEN            12. TO HAVE MERCY
 If you don't get the right word, Holmes will prompt you to keep guessing
the message until you get the answer up above. Makes sense given what we know
I suppose. We get the [_SYMBOLS_] evidence now and can make a deduction. Hold
off on that for now though.

 Let's exit the room and go down the hall, taking the next right. This door
leads down into the Morgue. Enter and you'll see that the body is ready for
us. Here the first thing I did was flip the body over (click the string to
the south) and look at the scars and wound. After that, flip him back and
take a look at the wound, the lower scars (he was drinking apparently), and
the upper scar. Holmes will mention a search warrant. Finally, look at his
head and his eye infection. Interesting.

 Doing this will give you the [_CURSE_] evidence and will update your objective
tab as well, as Holmes mentions we really need to investigate the archaeological
club for more clues.

 o OBJECTIVE: Obtain a search warrant to investigate the club
 Well, time to go bother Lestrade. Exit the Morgue and enter the door straight
across from it. Go talk to Lestrade and he will shoot down our request. Bah...
we can at least profile him!

 |  Under his eyes: Lack of sleep
 |  Red stain on collar: Wine
 |  Aspirin on desk: Hangover
 |  Revolver on desk: In a good mood
 |  Letter on desk (Robin): Letter from the Robin family
 |  Handkerchief (Next to handcuffs): Woman's handkerchief

 As you can tell after the profile... Lestrade has been drinking and in the
presence of a woman. Perhaps we can get that warrant after all! Exit the profile
and Holmes will do all the talking for us. Very good (it seems too easy). We get
our [_SEARCH WARRANT_] after all. Holmes will let Watson know that we don't need
him for awhile as we get another objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Search the Club lounge
 You can go straight to the club if you wish, but if you leave Scotland Yard
you can get the [_BRUTAL SPEAR MURDER_] paper from the paperboys in the street
nearby. Just FYI. Let's head to the club now.

 When you get to the club you can still talk to various policemen and even
listen to some of the people around gossip. Go talk to Sir Charles now and
he will give you the [_CLUB'S DOOR KEY_]. Head up the nearby stairs and open
the door to enter the club proper.

 Take a left in here and check out the desk. Look at the papers here and you
get the [_LETTER FROM JEWELLER_] document and the [_GOLD STATUE_] evidence. It
seems that's how Sir Charles became wealthy years ago. The next paper you can
pick up as well for the [_NOTIFICATION FROM BANK_] document. You can also look
at all the pictures on the desk for some comments as well.

 Next, open up the upper right desk drawer. Inside you can find the [_TELEGRAM
FROM ZACHARIAS_], which gives you that document and the [_TELEGRAM_] evidence,
which has some dialog attached to it (like the warrant did). Open the upper
left drawer now for the [_ESTIMATE OF REQUIREMENTS FOR GUEST NIGHT_] paper,
which shows how the award ceremony would have went. Sounds like it would have
been a good time (although I'm sure Sherlock enjoys this more). You can click
on the other paper in the drawer for the [_LETTER TO SIR CHARLES FROM LLOYDS
BANK_], which shows the club is going broke. Fun! This gives you the [_LETTERS
FROM CREDITORS_] evidence, which we'll undoubtedly need later.

 We're done with the desk, but we can make another deduction now. Let's keep
on investigating first. To the right of the desk, check out the wall of photos
for our next clue (and say hello to her majesty). We'll find a photo with Sir
Charles, Zachariah, and an unknown man. Use your Detective Vision here to note
the empty spot on the right and Holmes will end up taking the [_PHOTOGRAPH FROM
CLUB_] with him. We need to do analysis on it back home.

 Head to the other side of the room now. There are a series of collections over
here that are all very interesting. You can look at the names of each person
to "investigate" the displays. Just cool stuff. Check them all out and then the
big globe in the middle, which has pieces of it missing (two of them).

 After that, check the open boxes nearby. These items are from Zachariah and
now that he's dead... are these his display pieces? Look at the vase and then
the gold square. You can rotate the gold piece around to see it has been cut
cleanly and there's a tag showing it came from Guatamala. Huh... this doesn't
look good on Sir Charles... we get the [_POSTMORTEM DONATION_] evidence here.

 We're done investigating the club for now. Let's go downstairs and talk to
Sir Charles. Ask him about why Zachariah was here. He'll maintain he has no
idea. Hit the button right away and present the "TELEGRAM" to get the truth
out of Sir Charles (he doesn't know who the other person was). Ask about the
club collection next and hit the button again to point out the "POSTMORTEM
DONATIONS". Sir Charles tells us everyone does so. It is rather disturbing

 That's all we have to chat about with Sir Charles. All that's left for now
is to return home and analyze the photo. Let's do that now.

  221B Baker Street
 When you get home, go say "HI" to Toby (he has a bone) and head to the work
table. The right part of the photo is clearly painted over. Grab a pipette and
use it on the solvent. Next we will need to wipe off the paint. Hold down the
indicated buttons and clean the photo, then click on the man.

 We'll get a scene with Watson afterwards, where his medical knowledge helps
out quite a bit. Very nice! Our Photo evidence is updated as well, as you
would expect. Very nice. We need to go back and talk with Sir Charles now.
Let's do it.

 Go ahead and talk to Sir Charles about the photo. He doesn't even seem to
mind we took it and changed it! He will identify the people in the photo,
saying the man, Albeit, died on the expedition and didn't donate his collection
afterwards. More importantly, the other man here is "Bernard Marley" and he is
right over by the statue. He made it in fact! We get the [_STATUE CREATION_]
evidence here, as well as an objective.

 o OBJECTIVE: Learn more about Bernard Marley
 Head on over to the statue and talk to the man in green. He... he doesn't
want to talk right now, but gives us [_BERNARD MARLEY'S VISITING CARD_] to
come talk to him "where its safe". Interesting. This dues give us a new place
to visit though: "Grub Street". I guess we're slowly making progress then, as
Bernard should have something to add. Especially about that statue. This seems
like a good spot for a break though, so let's continue on there.

,---'\______________________THE SUSPICIOUS NEIGHBOR_______________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 2-3]¯\,---'

 On our way to Grub Street, lets put together what we have found out so far
in our Mind Palace. May as well, right?

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o PREPARED: The "Sir Charles was Alone" clue and Zachariah's Visit clues (Sir
             Charles had the time to prepare for the victim's visit).

 o NO CURSE: The "Expedition" clue and the "Mayan Calender (Pick "No Curse"
             option here, as there's no way statues come to life!).
 o UNAWARE/OPPORTUNITY: The two previous nodes combine to give you your first
                        big option in the case. We don't have enough info to
                        make this call now, but pick "Unaware". We can always
                        change this later, but for now I don't suspect Sir
 o OTHER COLLECTIONS: Pick the "Club Debt" and "Greystoke's Collection" to come
                      to this conclusion. While Greystoke had gold, in reality
                      Sir Charles could sell off any of the other stuff for some
                      good money.
 o FALSE STATEMENT: The "Facts about the crime" and the "Mayan Calender" (There
                    is no way statues run around... right? Right!).
 Once you are done, you can carry on to Grub Street (all while we skipped the
loading time). Finding Grub Street is our first chore though. Head straight
and turn right when you can. Follow this road and talk to anyone you wish,
although they aren't much help. Keep on taking right turns whenever you have
a choice and by looking up at the street signs you'll find "Grub Street" on
one of them going up a hill.

 Follow the hill upwards past the man with the bell, and on the right you
will see "Bernard Marley's Foundry". This is our destination. Enter here and
explore a round a bit. To the left we can comment on a statue and learn from
one of the workers that the boss is in the office (the other worker is very
much useless). You can find a box past the first worker with a statue arm in
it, but Holmes notes it hasn't seen a lot of air. You can also pick up the
lower left clock here, turn it around, and examine its gears. Once you are
done though, go knock on the office door in the corner.

 Bernard will come out and be ready to talk with us. We get to do a portrait
of him here, which is nice:

 |  Dirty Collar: Negligent
 |  Neck Amulet: Protective Charms (Superstitious?)
 |  Patch near elbow: Leans frequently on desk
 |  Right hand (Greasy): Smell of Oil
 |  Glasses in left pocket: Required for close work
 |  Left Finger: Intricate Work

 Once you have a portrait of the man (pretty good deduction), you can now talk
to him. Ask him about Zacharias and then the photograph. Bernard confirms the
unwell man is Albeit and that he died. Too courageous against the gods! Ask him
about the expedition now and you'll see he really does believe in the curse,
even after 14 years.

 We get a new set of questions now. You'll learn more about Zacharias (and why
he was studying the calender) and Sir Charles. On the final talking point, be
ready to hit the action button (Square) to present some evidence. Point out the
"Statue Creation" to show Bernard he is involved with this... although he points
out he made the statue 10 years ago.

 Well... once he leaves us, turn around and go back to the box we found the
statue arm in. Look at the spaces to the right of it. Someone drug the other
boxes here towards the office. This gives us the [_DELIVERY_] evidence and will
prompt Holmes to say we need to re-visit at night. Ah, a break-in!

 o OBJECTIVE: Break into Marley's office at night with Watson

 It may not be legal, but yeah, that's not going to stop Sherlock. Head back
to your apartment now.

  221B Baker Street
 You'll get a scene here showing Katelyn disobeying you. Lovely. Watson will
now show up and we'll get the [_LETTER TO ALICE_]. Why return it when we can
perform an analysis on it!

 Yeah, well... I mean we're about to break into a place tonight, so what's
mail tampering?! Head to your work table and turn on the gas burner. After
that put the pot on (it has water already) and then steam the letter. You can
then use a knife to open it and read it. We get the [_LETTER TO ALICE_] in our
documents now. She moved here to be close to us. Very suspicious. This won't
end well...

 After reading it, go ahead and pick the small stick from your collection of
tools and use it with the small glue bottle on the left to re-seal the letter.
You'll hear Alice move to the balcony, giving us a chance to talk to her:

 o OBJECTIVE: Talk with Alice on the balcony
 Go into your room and out to the balcony to have a chat. This is just a
scene, so you can sit back and watch. It seems Alice knows about our little
secret regarding Katelyn and is using it as blackmail. I'm liking her a bit
less now...

 Head back in and Watson will update us on the hospital situation, giving us
another objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Visit the Hospital of Tropical Diseases
 Well then... I suppose we may as well go to the hospital next. For the record,
I went ahead and put on my Dr. Disguise before doing this. It seems like the
right thing to do!

,---'\____________________INVESTIGATING THE HOSPITAL______________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 2-4]¯\,---'

 Once you arrive, talk to the man at the desk, who will recognize Dr. Watson
and let us in. He will tell us to look for Byron in a cubicle to the right by
the windows. Head down the row to find him (you can look at a man on the left

 Once you find the man, you can do a character portrait right away.

 |  Eyepatch: Diseased Eye
 |  Neck Marks: Bound in chains
 |  Wrist Marks: Bound in chains
 |  Left Fingers: Opium Den
 |  Shoes: Crowded Markets
 |  Right Arm (Missing): Cripple

 This guy is rough. Chain marks, opium, his friends all think he is dead and
he is missing an arm. Jeez, you can't get much worse off than this. Once you
are done with the profile, ask him about the expedition and he'll deny it.
Hit the button in time and use the "Photograph from Club" to show him that he
was in it.

 The man will freak out and call the doctors over, getting himself away from
us. Bah. At least we're alone with his room now. Go to the card and you can
pick up the [_LETTER FROM HOSPITAL_] document here, although the address is
hard to make out. You can see chewing tobacco, his chart, and his jacket as
well (he passed by a circus). After that, the doctor will return and will
tell us that Albeit left after his consultation, meaning he is trying to
avoid us!

 We get the [_PATH_] and [_ALBEIT'S DEATH_] evidence here, which will help
in the future, but for now we need to find him before he escapes permanently!

 o OBJECTIVE: Locate Albeit's home on the map, and pay him a visit

 That means we must return to our apartment to access the map, so lets go.

  221B Baker Street
 I went ahead and changed out of my doctor's garb. Head to the map after
that and we can start to deduce where Albeit lives. Holmes will tie the
Circus, Tobacco, Market and Opium together, we just need to find it on the
map. With this being a guide and all, if you search the EAST side of the map
you will find it.

 You then have to find a "ook Street". It is the second big street north of
the river, "BROOK STREET". Click on the street and that will be all that
Holmes will need. We can go visit his house now. Let's be quick!

 This place looks pretty nice. Note the suits of armor here (and the Axe) and
then go knock on the door. You will hear a struggle inside. The door is locked
though, but we must hurry and get in!

 Take the AXE from the armor and start chopping at the door. Just hit where it
shows you and mash on the button when you need to. After about five good swings
or so, you'll break in, but be ready to PUSH SHERLOCK once you do so, as an
arrow is flying right at his face!

 Once you do this, you'll take over from behind cover (which is good... someone
is trying to kill us!). Use your Detective Vision as the game shows it, then
peek over to the left. Quickly grab your axe. Now, head to the right and peek
out over here. You want to look at the chord and the table in your detective
vision, but be ready to hit TRIANGLE if the attacker fires more arrows at you!

 Holmes will deduce he needs to use the table to cut the cord, which would
stop this attack. This is where you can play as WATSON, by pressing L2 to go
ahead and switch to him!

 As Watson you want to IMMEDIATELY aim your gun and fire at the attacker (if
you are too slow, Holmes will die). Aim and fire at the attacker four times
as he moves from statue to statue. You won't kill him, but you will stop him
from attacking Holmes.

 After that, you will flip the table automatically as Holmes. You will have
to mash the "X" button to push the table to the cord. Do so over and over and
soon you can cut the cord. This makes us "safe" for now.

 You'll regain control now. Go ahead and go up the stairs, but be ready to
dodge an obstacle on your way up (I had to hit the Circle button here). At
the top, examine the screen and once Watson arrives, the attacker will go
ahead and escape.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Back Against the Wall" Silver Trophy for surviving
         the attack at Albeit's House.

 Now that we're... safe... go ahead and examine the rope here and the skylight
up above. This place is fancy as all get out. Search around and once you see
the sarcophagus interact with it to find Albeit. We'll get to talk to him very
in-depth here. Go ahead and talk all of the points you can, but during one of
them press the button and bring up the "Curse".  He doesn't sound convinced
about anything but seems like he is resigned to die soon. Huh... He will give
us a [_SMALL KEY_] to explore further downstairs.

 Just past the coffin is a place where a statue has broken off. Broken free?
There's no way statues are coming to life! Let's head downstairs now and open
the locked door we found. Look at the chest in here and pick up the box inside
to open it. We get the [_AUTHORISATION FOR SLAVE LIBERATION_] document here
(Albeit was a slave?). We get the [_LETTER FROM ALBEIT_] as well. Sounds like
he has family and is indeed ready to die... the locket here supports that.

 Examine the [_SMALL BED_] here for some evidence. His son's bed maybe? After
that, examine the dresser here. Inside... you won't find anything. Use your
detective vision here and find the fingerprints on the out-of-place boards to
find a hidden compartment with a model in it? Examine the model's side, stairs
and turn it to the left to find a plaque on it (made after the Guatamalan trip).
We'll get the [_MAYAN PYRAMID MINIATURE_] here.

 Let's go back up and talk to Albeit about what we found. He'll explain that
his son visits sometimes and finally that he built that temple after returning
due to his visions.

 OK, now that we're done with that we have a LOT of clues to go through. Let's
go ahead and do a couple of them now.

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o ATTACKS: The "Albeit's Assailant" clue and the "Physical Prowess" clue.
            Whoever is attacking is a fighter.

 o TEMPLE MODEL: The "Albeit's Vision" and "Albeit's Model" clues. We can now
                 complete the model of Tecun Uman's Temple.
 o TESTIMONIES The "Didn't Enter" clue and "Albeit's Version" clues (these
               accounts don't match up!).
 o SMALL STATURE: The "Escaped through the window" and "Albeit's Son" clues.
                  Only someone with small stature could get through the window.
                  This leads to the choice below.
 o SUSPECT IS SMALL: The "ATTACKS" and "SMALL STATURE" clues will lead to this.
                     Both of the choices here seem good, but the "Suspect is
                     small" choice seems the best here.
 o ALBEIT'S LIES: The "Albeit's Version" and "Albeit's Illness" point more
                  towards tthe fact that he managed to gain entry to the final
                  pyramid (I really hate the "imagination" part of the other
                  choice). This unlocks an objective for us...

 Well, that is a lot of deductions! We are putting things together, slowly
but surely. This will end up giving us another objective though:

 o OBJECTIVE: Find out the truth about the Temple

 That's all we can do right now. Before we go back to temple though, I want
to go finish the Foundry thread and break in there during the night! Let's
see what Bernard is hiding in those crates! This is a good time for a section
break though, so I'll see you in the next part!

,---'\______________________PUZZLES IN THE FOUNDRY________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 2-5]¯\,---'


 We will arrive at the foundry at night. I haven't tried, but I'm pretty sure
you could swap this section and the previous one in what order you do them in,
but after our adventures at Albeit's House I bet it would be about nighttime!

 Go ahead and try and enter the door. It is locked, but we're going to pick
it. This is our first "inner and outer" lock. In other words, there are two
plates we have to deal with. Get out Lockpick #3 here and move the INSIDE
lock, then once you get past that, use the same lockpick on the OUTSIDE lock.
This will let you in.

 Inside the foundry, try to enter the office door. We'll need to find another
way in. Bah. Use your Detective Vision and you'll see A LOT of cranks and
levers around the room. This is a puzzle, so let's go through it step by step
and get through this easily. I don't want to admit how long this may have taken
me to get right, by the way...

1. Move the level by the Manager's Door so the chain is facing the balcony
  (we're going to swing on it later).

2. Follow the wall and use the lever past that. We want to lower the cage
   here ONTO the cart below it. The cage should disconnect from the chain.

3. Keep moving along the wall and use the third lever. Move the long iron
   piece two spaces to the right.

4. Head to the other side of the room. Use the lever over here (it is the only
   one). Move the "ladder" iron piece to the far right. We're going to use this
   to climb to the rafters up above.

5. Climb up the iron ladder you just moved with Holmes.

6. Walk over to the real ladder and climb up, using the area above to cross
   to the other side of the room and go down the ladder you find.

7. Use the cage platform and move past it.

8. Switch to Watson, have him push the cage out to the turnstile, use the
   nearby switch, push it to the second turnstile, use the switch, and push it
   to the end.

9. Switch to Holmes, have him move forwards.

10. Switch to Watson, have him move the "iron ladder" back and then move the
    long iron piece back where you found it.

11. Switch to Holmes, move forward now (Balancing Mini Game).

12. Have Holmes jump to the chain to reach the balcony (Swinging Mini Game).

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Mechanical Art" Silver Trophy for finding your
         way through the foundry!

 Well, that was rough! Now that you are in though, take a left and go down
the stairs to let Dr. Watson in. Now, go back up and let's explore this room.

 The biggest thing here is the Mayan Pyramid. Crazy how he has this here.
Next to it is coffin... where it looks like you need a dagger. Go check out
the desk nearby for a box that turns into the [_IMPRINT OF DAGGER_] evidence.
We get an objective here as well:

 o OBJECTIVE: Forge a Mayan dagger to open the pyramid in Marley's office
 Well... that is a weird objective, but we are in the right place for it at
least. You can explore the rest of the room for some comments on Marley's
work, but there's nothing of any particular note (I like exploring thoroughly

 Once you're ready, head down the stairs and go straight, stopping at the
forge area right in front of you. We are going to make a dagger here by bashing
it into shape. This is a timing mini-game and you can't really lose here.

 If you've ever played a "Guitar Hero" game, you will be fairly comfortable
here. Symbols from your controller will ride down the line and when they reach
the left circle, you have to hit them. Fairly easy, but I will note that you
want to hit them a "tad early" as they enter the circle. Don't wait too long!
Also, note that if you miss too many hits you will have to start over.

 With all of that said, go ahead and play the mini game, not stressing out
too much about it. Once you complete it, you will get the [_HANDMADE DAGGER_].
Go take this to the pyramid in Marley's office and use it to stab the coffin
to the left to open up the door to a secret room.

 There's a number of things to note in here. There's a locked safe (that we'll
have to interact with later), a pile of alarm clocks, and one of those killer
statues! Huh. You can also examine the picture on the wall past the statue, but
examining the statue twice will start a puzzle. Examine the room thoroughly and
once you're ready we'll do this puzzle together.

 This puzzle is pretty fun actually. Basically, we have a number of gears that
we have to put in the back of the statue. Using these gears you have to engage
the three gears on the outside of the statue. This means you have to build up
layers of gears to touch them all (that lower right outside gear is three layers
high, for example).

 I'm going to go through this step by step on how to do it, but note there are
four sizes of gear here: Very Large, Large, Medium and Small. That's how I name
them below. Very self-explanatory. There's also four pegs you can put gears on.
Finally, there is one chain we can use as well, and to use it you essentially
pick it up and select which two gears you are using it on. OK, with all of that
info out of the way, let's go through this step by step!

 1. Put the VERY LARGE gear on the Upper Left peg.

 2. Put the LARGE gear on the Lower Left peg.

 3. Put the VERY LARGE gear on the Upper Right peg.

 4. Put the SMALL gear on the Lower Right peg.

 5. Put the MEDIUM gear on the Lower Right peg.

 6. Put the MEDIUM gear on the Upper Right peg.

 7. Use the CHAIN now. Have it go between the upper and lower right pegs.

 8. Put the VERY LARGE gear on the Upper Right peg.

 9. Put the MEDIUM gear on the Lower Right peg. This will solve the puzzle.
    Note that you have one small gear left over.

 Once you complete the last step, the mechanism will activate and the statue
will throw the spear it has in a small cutscene. Fun fact: my game FROZE here.
I had to reboot the game, but it saved after the puzzle (sweet!).

 The spear the statue throws completely wrecks a nearby set of drawers. Go
ahead and investigate the destruction. Use your detective vision here and you
will find a key among the wreckage. Use the key to open the nearby safe (use
the keyhole, then use the wheel, then use the lever).

 Inside the safe you can find a few things of note. First is the [_GOLD STATUE_]
piece. Clearly everyone who came back from the expedition got one of these (our
evidence is updated). You will also get the [_PAPER FROM BERNARD'S DIARY_].
The man sounds superstitious and scared. Finally, we get the [_PIECE OF MAP_].
This thing comes from the giant globe in the clue. Be sure to look at the front
and back of it to fully inspect it. I have no doubt that this will help with
investigating the temple / globe for sure.

 Once you've done that, Holmes will mention that it is almost time to leave,
as the workers will be arriving soon. He is correct. If you want to change your
clothes, feel free to head back to the apartment, but our next destination
should obviously be the club. Before I went anywhere though, I did have some
clues, so I made some deductions:

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o FEAR: The "Mayan Calender" clue and Bernard's "Superstition". This is a
         choice of course, but Bernard seems to be more fearful than one to
         do the curse's bidding.

 o NO AUTOMATON: The "Marley's Work" clue and the "Facts about the crime" clue
                 should convince you that an automaton can't move with such
                 precision. Kill, on the other hand...
 o STRENGTH: The "No Automaton", "Attacks" and "False Statement" clues will
             come together and lead to this. Sounds like we're looking for a
             short, strong person at this point. Or an automaton that can run
             around and climb ropes... my money is on whoever is mentioned in
             the "Slave letter" with Albeit!

 Now that we're done, let's continue on to the next section...

,---'\____________________TRUTH AT THE MAYAN TEMPLE_______________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 2-6]¯\,---'


 Back at the apartment a new day will be upon us. It is time to go check out
that globe at the club, but note you can get the [_BIRTH PERFORMANCE_] document
from the news kid out on the street. Interesting...

 Once you arrive, say "Hi" to Sir Charles if you wish and head into the club.
Interact with the globe here. Once you put the piece in, the whole thing will
transform and show a temple scene. Very intricate! Examine the temple and put
the piece in. We'll start imagining after that...

 Soon we'll be IN the temple. This is weird, but game-play wise very cool.
Just head inwards until you get trapped in a room. We have a FLOOR puzzle
here. Certain floor tiles are safe while others kill you. Not cool.

 The key to this puzzle is on the far wall. This doesn't tell you where to
walk, but it does show you which symbols are safe. Still, since this is a
guide and all, let's go through what you need to do!

 Now, from here you can walk into the left hallway, but it is a dead end so
we really don't have a reason to go in there. If you did, walk back out two
steps and face forwards (to the symbols on the wall) to continue.

 Once again, we can explore a hallway on our right this time. And once again
it is a dead end. Another rockfall means we can't explore the temple fully.
This time though, you can head back out and just immediately face the symbol
wall to continue with the steps below.

 We're finally out of the floor trap room! Hurrah! Go ahead and continue on.
There is a path split up ahead but the right path is just a dead end. You
can continue on and we'll get stuck in another room soon enough.

 This room has a bunch of levers with time symbols on them. There are also
doors out in the distance, as you can see. This seems super complicated for
Mayans to build, if you ask me... The pillar levers here will rotate the
center column we're on. This took some time, but isn't too hard.

 To do this, lets number the columns "1 - 6" as you enter the room. Column
ONE is the first one on your right, and we'll go clockwise with the rest.
The first one you want to use is COLUMN FOUR (it has a 45 degree angle on the
right). Hit it and follow the long path to a symbol and use the lever. This
will unlock 1/3rd of the door.

 You can tell what we need to do now for sure. Now, go back and use COLUMN SIX
to turn the platform around 180 degrees and unlock another door puzzle piece.
Now, head back and use COLUMN FIVE and the COLUMN THREE to get to the final
puzzle piece. This will unlock the door ahead. Use COLUMN TWO now to get to the
exit. We can put this second puzzle room behind us!

 Head deeper into the temple now. There's another path split up ahead. The
right path is a long dead end, so head left once you can. We'll reach another
rock wall here, but Holmes will actually ascend this one, which is nice. Keep
on going and soon we'll be outside where a scene showing a huge boulder occurs.

 This is the classic "run from the boulder" scenario. Run forward and soon
you will notice holes in the wall on the left and right. This area we are in
is a half-pipe, so what you want to do is hide in a hole and let the boulder
pass you. Then run and hide again and let it pass you on the way back. Keep
going after that and head into the last hole on the right to get to safety.

 You can climb a ladder in this next area to continue, where we'll find
ourselves in another trap room. This room has ONE path to safety and you need
to find it or you'll fall to your death. Time to bust out the ASCII map!

Here, follow the "O" path to get out of here!

                              - X O O O X X X X
                              - X O
                              - X O 
                              - X O 
                              O O O X X X
                              O X X   O O O X X
                              O O O O O X O O O
                              X X X X         O
                              -           - X O
                              - X X X X X - X O
                              - - - O O O O O O
                              X X X O X X X X X
                             >S O O O X X X X X

 Follow the path to get through safely (I died a lot making this!). We'll have
to go deeper into the temple now. It is a linear path (with yet another dead
end on the way) and we'll have to climb some branches on the way. Soon enough
though, we will have to enter YET ANOTHER puzzle room. This case has been full
of puzzles!

 In this next room you are trapped in, you want to move through it while ONLY
facing the smiling faces. The mad ones spit out gas that instantly kills you.
Also, once you get going, the ceiling will start to fall and crush you if you
take too long. Let's do this room step by step:

 Step 1: Go LEFT diagonally at first, then left to the first pillar and go
         between the two pillars (up to the smiling face).
 STEP 2: Go RIGHT, straight past a pillar and turn left (you'll end up between
         two smiling pillars).
 STEP 3: Turn LEFT and go all the way to the far pillar. Get between the two
         pillars here (NOT THE WALL!).
 STEP 4: Go forwards and turn LEFT to the wall. Follow the wall up to the
         corner. Phew!
 STEP 5: Turn right and follow the wall to the EXIT. Not too bad!
 We'll be safe after we exit that room. We're almost done with this area,
I promise. As usual, continue onwards. There are some splits in the path, but
there's only one right way to go. You'll end up climbing another ladder as
well. Soon you'll come up to a bridge with holes in it. This isn't much of a
puzzle: just run along the bridge while dodging the holes. No tricks here...

 After that, we'll FINALLY arrive at the inner temple. What we came for.
Head up the steps and go inside. There are a number of things to check out
here, including the gold statue and mayan calender, and we obviously know
what happened to those two things. You can look past the gate inside to see
the main treasure room though.

 This last room is also a puzzle. Not a surprise, I know. There are levers
all around the room with symbols on them. By looking at them you can tell it
is a numbering system. Still, let's solve this puzzle. Starting from where
you entered the room, we'll label these switches 1 - 10. Easy. Here's the
order you need to hit them in: 1, 6, 3, 8, 10, 5, 2, 7, 4, 9. Much easier
than the other puzzles.

 After that you will see a scene of the club members entering the temple
and what happened to them. Or... what we imagine happened to them. Silly that
Albeit got his arm trapped HERE of all places when they passed all of those
other puzzles. We'll soon snap back to the real world...

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Phantasmagorical Journey" Silver Trophy for
         making your way through the traps of your mind!

 OK, once we're back, it's time to make one last deduction:

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o BITTERNESS: The "Albeit's Illness" and "Albeit left behind" clues should
               easily lead you to this conclusion. This combined with the
               other clues will lead to the "Albeit is Guilty" conclusion,
               which I am going with. For the record, I also went with the
               "Condemn" choice here. It's murder, after all!
 This is the final "Moral Choice" that I am going with, and if you've been
following along with me it should make sense to you as well. Go ahead and go
with it to get a scene with Albeit. During the scene, you will have a QUICK
TIME EVENT where you need to knock the hat off of his "son". Go ahead and do
so and you'll see we were right all along.
 This will end the case. A satisfying solution, I think, but again the only
part I dislike is the lack of closure in-person with Sir Charles and the other
people involved in the case. Either way, we undoubtedly saved two people's
lives during this case.

 The game will automatically move on to the next case from here: "Infamy".
I'll see you in the next chapter!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "The Golem Awakened" Gold Trophy for solving the
         second case in the game, "A Study in Green".

         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                          CASE THREE: INFAMY                          >==O
    ``-.___________________________________________________[SH 3-1]___.-´´

,---'\______________________IMITATION IS FLATTERY?________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 3-1]¯\,---'

  221B Baker Street
 "Infamy" is quite the name for this case! We'll be at home at the start, as
Katelyn mentions there is an "Orson Wilde" coming to see us. You have a chance
to pick a dialog option here with Katelyn, but it doesn't matter too much, as
Katelyn is going to have her way here.

 Well, that and Orson Wilde is here to see us right now. Let's do a portrait:

 |  Scarf: Follows fashion trends
 |  Brooch on Jacket: American Pride
 |  Tobacco in Pocket: Holmes's preferred brand
 |  Shoe Inscription: Personalised Boots
 |  Pocket Mirror (On waist): Self-affected

 Well... he is somewhat familiar with us, isn't he? I suppose this is how we
are going to be portrayed in America! Orson will take up residence in Katelyn's
room leaving us with an objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Find out more information about Orson Wilde

 OK, we finally have control. Before we do anything, you can check out the
dresser right of the door for the [_LETTER FROM WESTGATE PRISON_]. It turns
out Albeit wasn't too happy with us. Don't care, try not murdering people I

 Head into "Orson's Room" now and check his stuff out. He's got a suitcase in
the back, and a box on the desk nearby. You can examine the box to see it is
his makeup kit. You can pick up and examine the brush (you use the same one),
the powered makeup tin and the grease paint. While you are doing this, you will
totally get busted by Katelyn, who sees you covered in makeup. Ha!

 Enjoy the scenes that occur after this. Orson will make a mess himself while
you were busy "investigating" him (at least the place didn't catch on fire!).
We'll soon be interrupted again by a woman coming up the stairs, who Sherlock
will quickly deduce is a client.

 We are right, of course: this is Mary Sutherland, who wants us to look into
why her fiance left her and why her father refuses to help find him. If that
sounds familiar at all, it's because this is directly lifted from a Sherlock
Holmes short story (so... you may already know the answer here...). First
though, let's get our take of her:

 |  Mark on Nose: Often wears spectacles
 |  Brooch on Shirt: She is rich
 |  Ring on left hand: Engagement Ring
 |  Boots (Different Boots): Didn't notice boots

 I'll admit, the boots are weird. Talk to Mary about her father to learn he
is a step-dad and quite younger than her mother. Ask about Hosmer Angel now
to learn how she met him. There's quite a few dialog options here, so go through
them all to learn what you can about Mary's situation. It's... well, she seems
to be quite controlled. Poor woman...

 o OBJECTIVE: Resolve Mary Sutherland's case

 Once you regain control, look on the nearby table for the [_ADVERTISEMENT_]
that Mary took out. You also can look at the letter Hosmer gave her. It is
completely type-written. No signature. Go ahead and examine it like Holmes
wants. You can highlight several sentences and his "signature".  You'll also
have to find a typographical error (just look at the M") and highlight it.

 After that, you'll ask for any other letters. Mary doesn't have any from
Hosmer, but she does have one from her father. Holmes will now compare the
two letters. Here we need to search for errors that appear on both of the
letters. Here you want to find one error (on either page) and match it to
the other side. The letters you want  here are "M", "k" and "&". Find all
three of them and you'll convince Holmes the typewriter is the same.

 We'll be free after that, but we have a ton of clues based on what we've
heard and based on what we've seen. Let's go to our deduction board and
dome up with something...

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o ONE TYPEWRITER: The "Stepfather's Letter" and "Hosmer Angel's Letter".
                   All the defects here can't be a coincidence, both men used
                   the same typewriter.
 o PROFIT: The "Keep at Home" clue and "Mary's Income" clue. Obviously, if
           Mary was kept at home, her family could keep using her money.
           Plenty of motive!
 o STRANGE BEHAVIOUR: The "Work Travels" clue and "Secretive Character" clue.
           Hosmer Angel only shows up when her father is away...
 o BAD EYESIGHT: The "Dints" and "Different Boots" clues show that Mary has
                 very poor eyesight. Probably Myopia.
 o OPPORTUNITY: The "Keep at Home" and "Work Travels" clues show that Mary has
                very poor eyesight. Probably Myopia.

 o LIAR: You can deduce this once you have "Opportunity" and the "Strange
         Behaviour" clues, you can get this one as well. This should unlock
         the "Mr. Windibank is Mr. Angel" deduction, which is what I am going
         with for this case.

 Once you confirm your deduction, Holmes will explain things to Mary. As you
may guess, she doesn't take it well. Orson even berates us for not being very
diplomatic. Eh... with any luck, her step-father is now in for a very rude
awakening and he deserves it.

 That will finish this portion of the current case, so let's proceed to the
next section with our brand new trophy in hand!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Domesticity" Silver Trophy for solving Mary
         Sutherland's Case. Hurrah!

,---'\_________________________AN UNWELCOME GIFT__________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 3-2]¯\,---'


 We'll move on to that night now, just sitting in our room smoking when we
hear a loud crash! Head to the main room and you'll see Toby barking at the
object thrown through our window. You can try to wake Orson up and can even
talk to and try to calm Toby, but we need to check out the thing thrown through
our window...

 This thing... is ticking. It is a bomb. Interact with the lid and you will
get a flash of Sherlock seeing wires. STOP here. Choose to EXAMINE IT and you
will get the option to bend the lid away. Do so and now we can look at the bomb

 With the bomb laid out, we can now examine it all and... we don't learn much.
There's a clock, a battery on the left, the actual explosives, and a contact
on the right. I'll admit here that there's really no way to know which wires
you need to cut here. This was all trial-and-error on my part.

 With that said, here's what I did:
 1. Top Left Red Wire
 2. Bottom Right Blue Wire
 3. Bottom Right Red Wire
 4. Bottom Left Red Wire
 5. Top Right Red Wire
 6. Top Right Blue Wire
 7. Remaining Right Blue Wire
 8. Remaining Right Red Wire

 Doing this will stop the bomb and keep you safe. I died a lot making that
list. Ugh... we get a trophy at least!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Unwanted Attention" Bronze Trophy for defusing
         the bomb.
 Wiggins will arrive and tell us he saw the man. Wow, good job! He will give
us the [_DESCRIPTION OF ATTACKER_], of which the most distinguishing feature
of the man is that he has a hairlip. He'll also tell us he tried to catch the
man and came away with his jacket. I know he feels bad, but man... good job
Wiggins! We get an objective here:'

 o OBJECTIVE: Find out who was behind the attempt on your life.
 o OBJECTIVE: Examine the attacker's belongings.
 Talk to Orson and soothe Toby, then lets take a look at the jacket that
Wiggins happened to get (again... he went above and beyond). Let's look at
the [_KNIFE_] here first. It has some initials on it, "J.T.". Good to know!
Check the pocketbook now and Orson will take the first page and just... burn
it up. What the... check the next page and Holmes will mention that he could
have analyzed it... if Orson hadn't ruined his table. Having Orson around is
like playing on hard mode!

 Check the next page and you'll get a [_POEM_]. Interesting. We get a scene
with Orson telling us this is a song, not a poem, as he sings it a bit. Huh.
We get the [_RALLY, MOHAWKS!_] evidence from this scene and we'll need to
search the archives about it. Head to your archives. We need the "ENCYCLOPEDIA"
section, then History, then the Green Dragon Tavern. We will get some history
on the subject as well as the [_GREEN DRAGON TAVERN_] document.

 Sounds like we have some investigating to do. A lead at least. Holmes will
say that we should get some sleep and despite Orson's whining we will go to
bed for the night and wake up the next morning.

 As you wake up, you'll have a talk with Katelyn. Pick whatever responses you
wish here as you find out how good of a father Sherlock is. Well then... to be
fair, we were bombed last night! Haha... Alice is once again obviously getting
way too familiar with Katelyn. We do have a chance to invade her life a bit
though, if they are going out (which, to be fair... is what Sherlock does...):

 o OBJECTIVE: Investigate Alice's flat.
 Holmes even mentions we should do this before going to check out the tavern.
Sounds good. Now, you'd think to do that you'd have to go downstairs. This is
where her front door is (down the stairs, to the right, second door on the
right) but no. Holmes doesn't want to go this way and doesn't want to go
outside either. This leaves another alternative: jump over to her balcony!
Head on over there and that will be exactly what you need to do!

 Once you're by her door you'll have to lockpick it to get it open. Do so and
you'll see you can now use TWO lockpicks. Ha! This still is pretty easy: for
the first set of blocks, use your "1" and "3" lockpick (3 in the back), and for
the second set, use your "3" and "4" (4 in the back). You can gain access after

 Inside you can see some bottles on the immediate right (taste and smell the
one if you wish), and a gift for Katelyn. You can also see where she sleeps
apparently. Pick up the [_LETTER TO SEAMSTRESS_] on the sewing table. On the
other side of the room you can find a table you can investigate. To the left
is a tube, [_CYLINDER 821_]. We need to find a use for it. The box here is more
interesting though, as it is a puzzle.

 However... this isn't much of a puzzle. You need to make a way through the
maze, from left to right. It's pretty fun to figure out, but since this is a
guide, the solution here is these number of turns, left to right (0, 1, 2). So
don't move the first circle, click the middle one once, and click the last one
twice. Once you open it up you will get a TON of letters. Read and enjoy them
all to get info on Alice: [_OLD LETTER FROM ALICE'S AUNT_], the [_LETTER FROM
ALICE'S FRIEND_], [_ALICE'S NOTES_] and finally a [_KEY_].

 Head towards the main room now and check out the table on the left. You can
see a picture of Alice's mother. The [_REPLY TO MS. ALICE DE-BOUVIER_] letter
is here too. You learn her real name as well. Interesting. Explore upstairs
but you'll eventually have to head downstairs. Unlike our apartment, Alixe has
one more room downstairs we can explore. You have to unlock it, but go ahead
and enter...

 Well... this is a bit shocking. This room is where Alice practices
"Spiritualism". She has a TON of photos on the walls and items that some of
the dead had in real life. There's a lot of things to examine here, but only
one place where we interact with things. The desk on the right is the place
we can do things, so for now just explore everything in the room around the
desk for comments, then head to the desk afterwards.

 Once you get to the table, examine the photographs here. One in particular
should stand out to you: "William Hamilton". That last name can't be a
coincidence! Holmes even remembers arresting him. Huh... there is also a
phonograph here. You can select it to play two different cylinders. Play them
both: "Cylinder 320" and "Cylinder 821". You'll see she is trying to communicate
with the dead. Huh...

 OK, go ahead and open the lower right door here for the [_NEWSPAPER_] now.
It seems almost everyone Alice new died to a cult. Wow... the left door doesn't
have anything for us, but investigating everything in this room will give us
two more pieces of evidence: [_ALICE FLOELLA HAMILTON_] and [_WILLIAM HAMILTON_]
which is bound to come in handy. The game also clearly wants us to move on to
the bar at this point:

 o OBJECTIVE: Disguise yourself as a bandit, and obtain information about
              the attacker at the Green Dragon Tavern.

 That's fine. We have to go back to our apartment the way we came (I would
re-lock the door if I could, but we can't...). Once you are back in your room
be sure to disguise yourself as a bandit like the objective states. Once you
are ready to go, note that you can check in on Orson to see him sleeping. You
can also go outside for the [_THE GOLDEN COCK_] document from the newsboy out
there. Very nice! Once you're ready, let's head on over to the tavern.

,---'\_______________________IN THE DEN OF THIEVES________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 3-3]¯\,---'


 Just like he mentioned, it will be dark when we get to the area the tavern
is in. Some of the nightlife here is interesting. People are betting on some
arm wrestling. Head past them and open the gate leading to the Green Dragon
Tavern though. It's a little ways to get to the tavern, but you can't get
lost here.
 Once you enter the tavern, scope the place out. Lots of places to eavesdrop.
This is going to be just like before. Near the entrance you can use a pole to
listen to the first group of people. That doesn't help though. Past them is
another group of people, but listening to them doesn't help either. The last
two men in the back (on the left) are the ones you want to eavesdrop on.

 After you do so, the man who mentioned you will get up and use a pass to get
upstairs. Huh... they use some sort of pass system. Another man will come out
and go sit by the bartender. If you try to eavesdrop on them by the seat,
they'll shoo you off, so what you want to do is go to the first room and
eavesdrop from there.

 We need to get that pass that the man has. He'll get up and head outside for
a bit, which is our chance to follow him. This next bit is new, as Holmes is
actually going to pickpocket the man, which, for us, means you have to nail
these QTE symbols! This isn't too hard, just quickly hit the symbols that
appear and you'll swipe the mans wallet (if you fail, he'll punch you out and
you can try again).

 Once you get his wallet, you'll have to manually open it and take the [_PASS_].
You need to put the wallet back as well, so be ready for one more QTE and you'll
be good after that. With the pass in hand we can go to the bar doors and head up
to the gambling den.

 On the way, you'll get a scene with the hairlip man. The game won't tell you
this but you'll get the [_MEETING_] evidence here, as the man was having a
meeting with the boss. The guard here won't let you enter directly of course.
You can explore a bit by going to the far left, but there's nothing here for
us so we're forced to go into the gambling den.

 Once you're in the den and have explored the area, head to the back where
the guard is. If you look out the window, Holmes will mention that we need
to get out there. The guard won't let you go though, which leaves us with a
new objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Make a diversion and get outside

 This part is pretty fun. Before doing anything, go examine the table near the
guard (click on the hat and the knife) and then the next table where the four
people are playing poker. Use your detective vision here to see the mirror by
the table and the buttons on each hand (this man is cheating big time, as
Holmes explains the device).

 Now, we need to imagine how we're going to create the disturbance here (with
your L1 power, of course). This is quite fun, so here's the order of events
that we're going to do:

 1. Divert Attention
 2. Take Knife
 3. Cut Rope
 4. Fight Starts
 5. Guard Moves
 Go ahead and pick these events in order, then watch them and carry them out.
Things will go according to plan as the guard cares way more about stopping
the fight (once their cheating operation is exposed) than anything else.
We'll end up outside like we wanted in the end, and we even get a trophy for
our troubles!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Ace of Spades" Silver Trophy for exposing the
         hidden card trick in the gambling dens!

 Now that you're outside, just follow the path out here downwards and then
up the following steps you find. The path splits here. If you go left, you
can see the windows in the distance that we want to go to, but there's no
path there.
 No need to worry! Go back to the path split and take the other path to reach
some cranes with hooks on them. We're going to swing on these, so make each of
them face the gap between that upper path and the windows (really easy to do),
then go back and swing on them. This is the same swinging game from Marley's
Factory, just that you need to do it twice in a row. Be ready for the QTE
buttons that show up (I had Triangle and X) and you can use these cranes to
get to the boss's room.

 That was a trip. We can head into the room now (it is empty). Looks like we
missed their meeting. We can investigate at least. Check out the center table
here. You'll see they just left due to the cigarette. Use your detective vision
now and flip the table (with the sides) to see it is a trick table. This gets
us the [_ACCOUNTING_] document. Seems like a good business.

 So, Holmes will mention knowing "The Hammer", Jack Cole from earlier, which
will update your meeting evidence. We should also grab the [_KEY_] here and
examine the tip of it to see what it might fit. We're done with the table now.
The area to the right has some cards you can check out (every one is an ace of
spades). There's another cheating device nearby. After that, head to the back
and use your detective vision. The bookcase in the corner here should light up
for you. Go inspect it and Holmes will deduce that it splits. Look at the light
fixture to the right to see scrapes. Use it, and then the key you found to open
up a secret passageway.

 Very nice! Head downstairs to find a large hidden area. There's even a sleeping
quarters down here. On the left (on the table) you can examine the loot they've
hauled in. There's a briefcase here too. Examine it to find even more loot and
some papers tucked away on top. There's a photo here. Be sure to examine the
back of it. Interesting. There's also a paper from "Butler's Pawn Shop". Looking
at all of this gives us the [_VALUABLE LOOT_] evidence and the [_PHOTOGRAPH_]
evidence, which we'll definitely use later.

 Now, go ahead and look through window nearby. You'll see something shocking:
ORSON FOLLOWED US! He even dressed like a detective, which means he is in
intense danger. We need to run back to him quick! Head upstairs and go straight,
following the path to the hallway from earlier and take a left to go downstairs.
Once you get down there, you will get a small scene where Holmes tells "Holmes"
that he will kill him! This launches an action sequence, so BE READY to react
and follow these steps below (getting them wrong results in DEATH):

 1. Chair: Overturn
 2. Bottle
 3. Man: Take Hat
 4. Man: Push Aside
 5. Use Hat
 6. Hit Beam on Wall

 Doing these actions in this order will stop the men attacking you and allow
you to get Orson out of there safely. Anything else results in death (trust me,
I tried). We will leave the area afterwards, but we also get a trophy which is
nice. I'll see you guys in the next section!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Tavern Tangle" Bronze Trophy for getting out of
         the tavern and saving Orson's life!

,---'\__________________________A GODLY VISITOR___________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 3-4]¯\,---'


  Once you arrive back at your apartment, you'll get some scenes here with
Alice (while you are in disguise). This looks like a good idea... until Orson
barges in. Enjoy the scenes here as you learn Alice's intentions and eventually
regain control. Note that once you do get control, we will have "Lambeth Street"
added to the map and we'll get an objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Fine the house of the man with the harelip
 After that unpleasantness, head upstairs. You can talk with Wilde a bit if
you wish, but we have two pieces of evidence we need to research a bit. Go to
your NEWSPAPERS this time and pick the year 1892, then pick the "Police raid
on Westminster Gang". We get the [_POLICE RAID ON WESTMINSTER GANG_] document
which shows Cole's  brother was gravely hurt. Huh... Go back to the research
papers after that. We want NEWSPAPERS, 1880, and "William Hamilton's death".
You'll learn he died while trying to escape, and it mentions he was a crime
lord as well. We'll get [_WILLIAM HAMILTON'S DEATH_] document here.

 Our evidence gets updated and Scotland Yard gets added to our map, as we get
a new objective about Jack Cole:

 o OBJECTIVE: Ask Lestrade to apprehend Jack Cole
 Huh... you know, the paper never said  his brother died. Seems like something
we should be able to find out if you ask me. Let's take a moment and go through
some deductions before we head out, as we're a bit behind. Let's do this!

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o ACTOR: The "Reporters" and "Disguise" clue. Orson is trying his best to be
          an actor. Yep, trying his best...

 o COINCIDENCE: The "Destroyed Evidence" and "Analysis Table" clues. This is a
                rather important deduction in my opinion. Is Orson trying to do
                this on purpose or is he just incompetent? It's far, far more
                malicious if you think this is on purpose as you can imagine.
 o HELP: The "Tavern" and "Unexpected" clues. Again, this is an important
         deduction as it damns Orson if we think he is trying to ambush or
         hinder us in any way. As you can tell, I am going with the "he was
         trying to help" route. I don't think Orson is trying to work against
         us at all...
 o JUST AN ACTOR: The three clues up above will lead Sherlock to believe that
                  Orson is just an actor... but his efforts are putting him in
                  harm's way quite often!

 o VISITOR: The "Tavern Owner" and "Visit" clues. We know the man who tried to
            bomb us has some connection to Jack Cole. That seems pretty clear.

 That's all we can do for now. Still, good to clear Orson I suppose. Now, we
have options on what to do next. I say we go find the house of the hairlip man
before we go to Scotland Yard. With that decided, lets go to "Lambeth Street".


 This area isn't too big, so go ahead and check it out. The Pawn Shop we read
about is here. There's some drunks in the alleyway too. Lots of doors. We need
to find the one in the picture.

 This is pretty easy: the picture has a big lamp above the door, so just look
for that door (it is at the end of the area). Go ahead and enter it once you
see it. This door leads to some stairs and, frankly, a very nice indoor area.
Knock on the door once you get there and a woman will answer. Quick, let's
profile her!

 |  Glasses (Hanging): Poor Eyesight
 |  Book on chair: Bible
 |  Picture on wall: Religious Image
 |  Cross on wall: Protestant

 Unfortunately, the woman won't talk to us about her son. She won't talk to
strangers. This gives us a new objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Disguise yourself in order to gain the trust of Jeremiah's
              mother, and enter her house
 We also have a very weird piece of "evidence": the [_ORGANISE EXORCISM_],
which is a ask for Wiggins. This... this is weird. We need to go back home
to disguise ourselves anyways, so let's head back to the apartment for now.


 Back at home, go a head and change into a "Priest/Minister" disguise, as we
know Jeremiah's Mother is very devout. Once you do that you can go into the
big room to hear Orson spouting off our quotes. Huh... that's actually pretty

 Head down to the street now. You can get the [_SHERLOCK HOLMES IN DANGER_]
document here (this is Orson talking to the press...) from the paperboy.
After that, talk to Wiggins. Protocol 2.5 will then be launched. This... is
some craziness. OK, well, we've done that and we're disguised, so lets get on
back to Lambeth Street.


 Back here you can talk to Wiggins and he'll tell you that he's ready to go.
Try to enter the house again and it is locked. Well then... his mom is
definitely still home as you can see. We need to get her attention. Turn
around and right in front of you (look down) is a rock. Pick it up and we
need to throw it. If you aim up and throw at half-strength (full yellow),
you will get her attention.
 Since you are a priest and chasing away boys who are throwing rocks, the
woman will let you in for tea. This is too easy. We'll learn her name is
Margaret Thorne and the talk between us will soon turn into a talk about her
son, as he has been acting different lately. Go through the dialog options
here ("Jeremiah's occupation", "Jeremiah's acquaintance") and you'll learn
that she doesn't know too much.

 After that is one of the most bizarre moments in the game. We will talk to
Margaret about demons in the house affecting things, so we will "Search for
demon" next. Y'know, because we're just that good. The music will go all eerie
here and we'll have to interact with spots around the house to perform the

 BEFORE you interact with these spots, note that you have to hit QTE buttons
to pass these segments. Be ready with your face buttons and be quick! Walk
around the house and interact with the five spots (Bookcase, Fireplace,
Kitchen, Window, Door). Nail the QTE events here and soon Margaret will go
outside and give us a chance to gain access to Jeremiah's room.

 Well, not that we and the demons are alone (I really do like how you see
Wiggins and friends during that period), head into the room and examine the
desk on the left. You can find a solenoid here, as well as a schematic for
a homemade bomb. He seems pretty guilty! There's a picture of his sister here
too. After the desk, turn around and examine the nearby waste basket.

 You will pull a letter out, but it's all tore up. They are big pieces though
so Holmes will lay it out and we'll need to put it back together. This is a
puzzle, but it is honestly fairly easy to do. Just use the edges of the letter
as a guide and you'll do it in no time. Once you put it all together, you will
get the [_THREATENING LETTER_] document.

 Huh... It looks like our bomber is being blackmailed by "The Dart" (the name
made me laugh). Still... he may be a little less guilty than we thought (or
even a victim as well). Holmes will remember that name, giving us some evidence
called [_"THE DART" THREATENED JEREMIAH_]. We need to use our archives to learn
more though. Next, examine the suitcase on the bed to see he is planning on
leaving soon.

 That's all we need to do here. Holmes will let himself out while the overly
devout Margaret praises us. Even better, we get a trophy for leaving as well!
We'll be back at our apartment soon after!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Exorcism 2.5" Silver Trophy for banishing the
         demon from Jeremiah's House!


 I went ahead and changed once I got back. Don't care for the fake priest
thing, to be honest.

 After that, let's go to the archives. Like before, this time we want to
check the "Newspapers", 1888, and "The Dart" in prison. Looking this up will
tell us a bit and give us the [_"THE DART" IN PRISON_] document. Sounds like
this guy is STILL in prison actually.

 Well, this seems like a really good time to go to Scotland. We also get a
rather weird objective here:

 o OBJECTIVE: Ask Lestrade to apprehend Percy Flemming
 So... is this guy in custody or not? I guess we'll find out at Scotland Yard,
but before you head there, go outside and get the [_MAT ATTEMPTS ROBBERY_]
document. That's... pretty funny. Let's go to Scotland Yard now.

,---'\________________________THE USUAL SUSPECTS__________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 3-5]¯\,---'


 At the station, talk to the officers and go back to Inspector Lesstrade.
Here go ahead and tell him to arrest BOTH suspects. The game will skip forwards
in time and the constable will announce they have got both men. Very nice! We
get to interrogate them now:

 o OBJECTIVE: Interrogate Percy Flemming and examine his belongings at
              Scotland Yard.

 o OBJECTIVE: Interrogate Jack "The Hammer" Cole and examine his belonginge
              at Scotland Yard.

 OK, let's head to the evidence room now and see what they had on them. Jack's
box is on the left and he has a personalized brass knuckles and a booklet of
expensive cigarettes. Not surprising. Percy has a roman coin, a pimp staff and
an encrypted list of notes (that looks like debts). We'll get the [_ENCRYPTED
RECORDS_] evidence here.

 OK, after that, leave the room and take a right, going back to the holding
area. Our two suspects are back here. Click on the first man sitting on the
right (the pimp) and we'll get him into an interrogation room. This is Percy
Flemming. Let's do a profile on him!

 |  Scar on cheek: Gang Warfare
 |  Handkerchief: Fashion
 |  Buttons on Shirt: Expensive and eccentric clothes
 |  Tattoo on left hand: Westgate prison tattoo
 |  Rings on right hand: Ostentatious

 Ask Percy about his alibi, which isn't much of one. Ask him about the name
"Jeremiah" now and be ready to hit the QTE when you can. He claims he doesn't
know that name, but pick "The Dart" threatened Jeremiah to get him to admit
knowing him. Ask the rest of the questions here as Percy does his best to cast
blame on Jack Cole. After we're done talking to the man, we'll be out near the
prison again and can have Jack Cole brought in for questioning (the man on the
far wall).

 After a little friendly banter, we'll get to do a profile on Jack.

 |  Scars on face: Fight
 |  Necklace: Expensive
 |  Tattoo on left arm: Bandit's tattoo
 |  Ring with hammer (left hand): Self-affected
 |  Injury on right knuckles: Box training

 Talk about his brother a bit (he is pretty mad) and then his alibi for that
night. We can't really dispute that. We get some more questions after the first
set. Talk about the man with the harelip now and afterwards you can ask about
the suitcase. Be ready to press the QTE button when you can and select the
"Valuable Loot" evidence. Finish talking with Jack and soon we'll be free.

 That whole experience will have given us several new pieces of evidence. We
evidence here. We've got a lot of deductions to do, but first let's go back to
our apartment to look in the archives.


 Now that you're back at home, head to the archives. Clicking any of them
will do the trick (I picked Newspapers), as Holmes mentions a type of word
encryption automatically. We are given an alphabet shift at the bottom. To
solve this, just click the right button near the alphabet about six times
until names appear.

 The first thing you should notice is "Jeremiah Thorpe" on the bottom of the
list. Underline it and our evidence changes to [_JEREMIAH IS IN DEBT_]. No
time to do anything about it though, as Orson is being dragged off by someone
at gunpoint! Oh wow...

 This is a good time to split up the guide, as we'll be headed to a new area
automatically right now. Time to save Orson once again!

,---'\________________A KIDNAPPING, RESCUE, & DEDUCTIONS__________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 3-6]¯\,---'


 Well... at lease we've followed the kidnappers! Holmes will find a way into
the graveyard and will get in through a hole in the wall. We've got to save

 o OBJECTIVE: Trace Orson Wilde

 This entire section is a sneaking mini-game, with the goal of making it past
all of the patrolling guards. There's a couple sections of this in fact, so
stick with me while I tell you what I did. You're going to have to be patient
and time your sneaking on your own game of course.

 As you start you will be prompted to use your Detective Vision. This is to see
where the guards are though, not to really track Orson. Still, you can see them
through walls which is beyond handy. Head forward to see a guard in front of you
and one to the right. We want to go straight, following the guard as he just
does a loop and seeing another guard up ahead who we also want to follow (as he
does a loop as well) until we can go right.
 This right path leads to the door where we saw the carriage come in at (you can
check the door but it's locked), but it also extends to the right quite a ways.
We're going that way until we're forced to go right ("south" from our original
bearing). There's another bandit over here doing rounds, so be patient and get
by him.
 You'll come to a section with long walls that a fourth bandit will be walking
down. The idea here is to wait until he's walking/stopped on the far path and
sneak down to the monument at the far end, then let him come back to walk the
closer path so we can get by. We have one more bandit that we want to follow
when he walks away from us and duck behind a monument to the right to get by
him, then we can continue on.

 We'll go down a hill and across a big tree branch that's acting as a bridge
for us. Nice. We're next to the cathedral now, and on the right you can see a
door (it's locked). Head forwards to see the carriage Orson was in. Examine it
and we'll have to mark things as if we're doing a character portrait:

 o Blood: Fresh Stains
 o Scratches: Panic Reflex
 o Crack (Window): Brute Force

 It looks like they are treating Orson VERY roughly. Surely they know he
isn't Holmes... right?! Continue on down the left side of this area (this
place is derelict for sure) and you'll get a scene. It looks like Jeremiah
has Orson and is pushing him into a room in the back.
 As you can guess, this is another sneaking section. The last one, I promise,
and it is a bit easier. I went straight to the far side here and then headed
up against the wall (you could follow the first man down the middle if you
wanted). From the side, head up as far as you can (there should be some lumber
on the right) and follow the man to the oppositeside once he walks away (there
should be two men hanging out on the left as you go).
 You'll find a ladder over here. Go ahead and use it to cross a portion of
this area and go down another ladder when you can. A man is patrolling over
here. When he walks away from the fire, go hide over there (note the door...
this connects to the one we saw outside, undoubtedly). Wait for the man to walk
back and go towards the door, then quickly walk further in (be quick or he'll
see you).
 Take a right when you can to see our destination: the door. It is guarded
though. Go figure. What we want to do here is explore away from the guards,
where behind a wood pile you'll find a gong and a ladder. This is pretty easy:
hit the gong to get everyone's attention and then use the ladder to sneak past
the guards once they come to inspect the noise. You'll easily get to the door
here where a scene will start. We also get a trophy here, which is nice!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Agent 221B " Silver Trophy for getting through
         the area without being seen.

 You'll get a scene once you catch up with Orson and Jeremiah. This... is a
crushing scene. Orson takes advantage of Jeremiah's confusion and makes him
pay for kidnapping him earlier. Wow...

 We'll end up at Scotland Yard after this. Holmes will go to Lestrade and
tells him about the bandits we've found, and to keep an eye on Orson for us.
Well then. We also have the [_ORSON WAS AT THE ABBEY_] evidence now. This
requires us talking to him. Go ahead and do so to learn what he heard while
he was captured ( until "The Fart" was released). It's pretty clear those
men were working for The Dart.

 For now though, we are basically at the end of this case. We have a lot of
deductions left to do, so go ahead and go through them with me down below!

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o BOMB MAKER: The "Homemade Bomb" and "Components" clues clearly show that
               the bomb was made by Jeremiah. Rest his soul...

 o FRIGHT: The "Orson and Jeremiah" and "Jeremiah's Death" clues give you
           another option to blame Orson. We aren't going that route though.
 o THE TRUTH: The "Orson and Jeremiah" and "Testimonial" clues. This is another
              chance to brand Orson as some sort of mastermind...
 o FLEMMING'S MOTIVE: The "Income Problems" and "Imprisoned" clues. This will
                      show "The Dart's" motives.

 o COLE'S MOTIVE: The "Blame" and "Injury" clues will show you "The Hammer's"
 o CONTROL: The "Debts" and "Threats" clues show that Flemming clearly had
            come control over Jeremiah thanks to his debts. All of the clues
            up to now will lead to "PERCY FLEMMING IS GUILTY". We're not done
            yet, but this is what we want.
 o ONE PERSON: The "Attacker" and "Visit" clues will show that Jeremiah is
               the person who made the attempt on Holmes life. We already knew
               this, but we are clearing all the clues out.
 o STOLEN ITEMS: The "Visitor" and "One Person" clues make us choose another
                 option here. Either Jeremiah was delivering stolen items or
                 he was there to talk to Jack about killing us. We definitely
                 found stolen items, so I'm going with that. TO BE CLEAR, we
                 are going to go with "Percy Flemming is Guilty as our final
                 choice. I will be CONDEMNING HIM.

 We will get a scene here with Percy and Inspector Lestrade, where Sherlock
will condemn the man. I dunno about all that stuff at the end, but he is
definitely going to jail for a long time.

 At the end, you can see if you made the right choice (you did of course...
with all the clues found even!). I just feel bad for Jeremiah's Mother. The
poor kid deserved better.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Detectives" Gold
         Trophy for solving the third case in the game, "Infamy".

         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                       CASE FOUR: CHAIN REACTION                      >==O
    ``-.___________________________________________________[SH 4-1]___.-´´

,---'\_______________________A HORRIFIC ACCIDENT__________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 4-1]¯\,---'


 This case starts with our stalwart friend Watson telling us we MUST have a
talk with Katelyn about her father. Let her know the truth, especially with
Alice leaving soon. Holmes does't like it, but soon we'll have another problem
on our hands as the carriage comes to a stop, with the driver telling us the
road up ahead is a mess...

 Once we get out, you'll see what he is talking about. This is BAD and the
people here need help right away. What a mess! BEFORE you start, pause and
read forwards a little bit: after the first Watson bit, we will be free to
use Holmes and Watson to save people and you can SWITCH between them.

 Also, and this is the IMPORTANT part: some of these rescues are TIMED, so we
are going to do this in a certain order (although the game does carry on if
some people die).

 o OBJECTIVE: Save as many people as possible
 Let's do this!

 1. We'll start out with Watson investigating a man on the ground. Look at his
    eyes and then his chest. He's alive, but not breathing. This will lead to a
    mini-game where we have to time the button presses. You've done this before,
    so stay calm and be ready to deliberately press the buttons a tad early to
    get through this (the man needs us!).

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Breathe Easy" Bronze Trophy for saving a man in
         need! Note that this is the last bronze trophy of the game!

 2. Use Holmes and move forwards and slightly left. You'll see a man dazed and
    a board above him. Talk to him and then get ready to push him to safety.
    This will save him.
 3. Run right to the burning building. Once you go in you have to notice
    several things:
    Cupboard: Obstacle
    Lower Cupboard Area: Man needs evacuated
    Fire on left: Strong fire
    Bucket outside: Short term fire protection

    Dump the water on yourself and rush in to move the Cupboard. You can then
    grab the man and drag him out of the store to safety. You'll need to press
    downwards several times but you'll get out.
 4. Now, sticking with Holmes, QUICKLY find the cart nearby and move around to
    the front of it. A man should be trapped inside, and once again our quick
    thinking is needed. Examine these things:
    Window: Man requires evacuation
    Door: Missing door handle (What!?)
    Door Hinges: Could be broken
    Axe on ground
    Once you are done, pick the axe up and start smacking the door hinges. This
    will take four hits at least and you should be ready to mash on the X button
    in order to free the axe. You'll open the door soon and the man will flop
    out to safety.
 5. Switch to WATSON and run over to Holmes. Run past him and interact with
    the man on the ground. Inspect him, try to wake him up and then Watson
    will mention using ammonia. Do so to save him.
 6. Switch to HOLMES and inspect the man near you, under the cart. He will be
    trapped under the cart. We need to inspect things with Holmes to save him:
    The Man: No wounds, not bleeding
    The Man's Legs: Trapped under cab
    The Cab: Made of steel, very heavy
    Stick to the far right: can be used as a lever
    After examining these things, quickly grab the stick and you'll have to
    mash the "X" button to lift the cab off of the man. You also have to grab
    him and drab him to safety to fully save him.
 7. As Holmes, go to the front of the cab the man was in and examine him. He
    will advise that he is fine. Good, let's move on.
 8. As Holmes, run across the street to the man trapped by the horse. We need
    to examine things here to free the man.
    The Man: Light bleeding, will stop naturally
    Horse: Trapped legs
    Scaffolding past horse
    Handsaw (far left on ground)
    We've quickly found the thing to save the day! Once you regain control, go
    grab the handsaw and do the cutting minigame (which is quite easy). Once
    the scaffolding is cut loose, you can drag the man to safety.
 9. Check on the man sitting near the lamppost. Have WATSON come over and
    examine him. Check for injuries on the man and then check his bone
    integrity after that. We'll need to make a bandage for him now. Put both
    of the pieces of wood on his leg and then use the rope. This will save
    the man.
 10. Finally, after that go find a man standing by a vegetable cart. Use
     WATSON here and he'll complain about his arm. Examine it for him. You
     will see it in an X-Ray mode. Here pull the arm out (L2), and then use
     your right analog stick to twist the bone until all THREE red nodes are
     small (just go slow, it won't take long). Press R2 after that to save
     the man.

 After you've saved the last man, a scene will ensue. Watson will let us know
that the police have someone in custody, so maybe we can make sense of all of
this. This seems to be a good place to start a new section though, so let's do
just that!

,---'\____________________AN ACCIDENT... OR MURDER!?______________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 4-2]¯\,---'


 Like we mentioned in the previous section, we have a chance to look into
this accident now:

 o OBJECTIVE: Discover what caused the accident
 Go ahead and look around as you wish. There's a few people to talk to, but
what we want to do here is go find some policemen interrogating a man. You get
a scene here with the construction worker and the police. Holmes will quickly
decide the worker is innocent and offers to investigate the area.

 This will take us to an overhead view of the three streets that lead to the
roundabout, where we are told we need to find 13 Elements. OK, let's do this
thing then!

 o OBJECTIVE: Determine all elements from the scene of the accident
 Exit the overhead view and let's get to work. Turn around and go look at the
rope (with the flags on it) to get some comments and an element (1/13). Note
that we're going to number these!

 Head back past the worker (he is the man whose leg we patched up!) and go past
him. Look at the destroyed carriage on the left (2/13). The man nearby is in
shock, so he's no help. Keep going and look at the next (more metal) carriage
for another element (3/13). Walk around the carriage now and look at the water
and electricity (4/13). Here you want to interact with the electric post.
Examine the water, the post, and then the container on the post. You will open
it up and can use the device to remove the fuses to make this area much safer.

 Head past the water now and look at the vegetable cart (we stay at the same
number of elements though). Talk to the man here (the farmer) to learn about
the accident somewhat. He points out the cab that started things (5/13). You
can inspect a pumpkin and then the bookcases behind the horse nearby (6/13).

 Next, check out the middle structure here.  Holmes is sure this thing played
a role, giving us the chance to use our "Imagination Power". Use L1 here and
we have to number the chain of events. It should go in this order:

 1. Pumpkin
 2. Beam
 3. Lever Mechanism
 4. Counter-weight
 5. Platform
 Watch it all play out after that and you'll see the pumpkin basically made
an axe go flying (thanks to the beam) and it cut the rope we found earlier,
which made this an element of the crash (7/13).
 Talk to the next man up ahead on the right for his account (8/13). The cab
we used the axe on is straight ahead. Look at the burning embers in the middle
for a comment (9/13) and check on the man to see he is dead. Left of this cab
you can look at some flags (bunting) for a comment as well.

 Next, check out the horse and cab going through the lamp shop window. Outside
you can examine the bunting and the man, but click on the window to go inside.
Here click on the flag blinding the horse (10/13) and then the fire in the
background. Poor horse...

 To the right the street is of course blocked. There's a man standing by a
wall over here and he's quite rude. We can examine the cart near the dressers
as well, but it doesn't mean much. Head right of the center statue now and
look at the cart that went through the window (11/13). After that, look at the
cab on the left and you will get TWO elements (12/13, 13/13). This seems a bit
buggy to me, as I mentioned earlier examining the vegetable cart, so hopefully
this is the game correcting itself.

 With that said, go back to the aerial view now and let's reconstruct this
thing. This is a bit like using our imagination, but we have some help here:

 1. Lower right carriage (we were told this)
 2. Upper right carriage (flings the pumpkin)
 3. Central structure (flings the knife/axe)
 4. Flags on the left
 5. Left carriage (the top one... goes into the lamp store)
 6. Left carriage (lower one, crashes into center structure)
 7. Center structure
 8. Carriage below structure (scaffolding falls on this)
 9. Lamp store explosion
 10. Carriage by Lamp Store
 11. Northern Carriage
 12. Bookcases falling down
 13. Electric Pole by water

 Go ahead and play out the course of events (after numbering them up above)
and we'll end up with a trophy and another objective. Very nice!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Domino Effect" Silver Trophy for figuring out
         how the accident originally happened.

 o OBJECTIVE: Find out what could have caused the technical cab to suddenly

 Well... the only way to figure things out is to go look at the first carriage.
Head over there and note the front wheels. Check out the hydrant nearby after
that, then head to the back of the carriage. The driver was dead, but it looks
like a man in the back is dead too.

 Check out the box on the right. Solvent, and a cloth soaked in solvent. Huh.
There is a pneumatic jackhammer under the man as well. Now, click on the man
himself and we'll have to do a portrait of him (minus the whole "living" bit
that usually helps us:

 |  Tattoo on Neck: Dog Tattoo
 |  Left Hand: Electrical Burn
 |  Front of Coat: Sticky Liquorice
 |  Dirt on shoes: Pungent Mud
 |  Tattoo on right hand: "Rasco"

 After that, look at the mud on the floor of the carriage and you'll be done
here. Let's catch up on some of our evidence now (we got a couple earlier).
First is the [_SUDDENLY STOPPED_] evidence (which is why we're looking at this
cab to begin with), then the [_CAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT_] evidence. After we just
got done here though, we have the [_PEOPLE ELECTROCUTED_] evidence. This one
is really weird, as we know the electrocution didn't happen from the lamp post
due to our previous work. So why is "Rasco" dead?

 Well, let's go look at the driver now:

 |  Tattoo on Neck: Dog Tattoo
 |  Left Hand: Electrical Burn
 |  Weapons: Revolver
 |  Dirt on shoes: Pungent Mud

 This man is basically the same as the man in back, but with a weapon tucked
in his pants and Holmes doesn't recognize him. More mud, same gang, same type
of death. We get the [_DEAD MAN_] evidence here.

 Next, walk to the side of the cab facing the street and you can look at the
side of the cab. It has been painted over. Use your detective vision here and
Holmes will note we need something to remove paint. How about solvent! Head to
the back of the cab and grab the solvent and take it to the side of the cab.
We'll use it to uncover the lettering here (easy) and reveal the origin of the
cab: "Underground Electric Railways Company of London". This will give you the
[_REPAINTED CAB_] evidence.

 OK, we're getting somewhere. Head to the other side of the cab and you'll
get your detective vision icon. Use it to see the water and then something in
the water. Point out the wire near the manhole. Follow it across to a nearby
door and you can enter. The wire continues on upstairs, so keep following it
to a door and try to interact with it. We'll get a small tutorial about using
"Double Lockpicks". This is still pretty easy. Use the "3/4" lockpick twice
on this lock and the door will open. We get an updated objective as well:

 o OBJECTIVE: Search for the point where the charge of electricity was
 So... keep following the wire to a very weird-looking device. This thing
looks like it could generate some killer electricity. We actually have a
small mini-game here: we need to use the lower levers to charge the device.
You do this by turning them on in a certain order and then using the upper
lever to "store" that charge. This is weird, but I was able to do this by
turning on ALL of the lower levers and using the upper lever, then making
sure only the FIRST and THIRD levels were turned on and hitting the upper

 This sends a shock down to the street and re-electrifies the water. This is
where the murder (and the accident's beginnings) happened. From this room. Go
ahead and grab the [_SMOKE ON THE WATER_] document from the nearby table and
note our new objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Share your conclusion with the Constable who arrested the
 You can also find some wine and a glass nearby, but no real clues there.
Head back down and go talk to the constable. Watson and the constable will
both be shocked by our revelations here, as Holmes begins looking for some

 o OBJECTIVE: Resolve the murder at the square
 So, now we must identify five people who could be suspects. Why five? Why,
because Holmes already sees at least five. Use your Detective Vision here
and look at the worker. The points will add up and he becomes (1/5) for us.
Poor guy...

 Head left from the worker to the "shell shocked" man and examine him with
the detective vision for (2/5). From there, head to the vegetable cart and
examine the man here for (3/5). Go to the man past him now (the one that hit
the wardrobes) for (4/5). Finally, head past him to the rude person near the
houses for (5/5).

 Now, we must go back to the overhead view of the accident and label these
five people on if they are a suspect or not. Starting with the worker... I am
labeling him a SUSPECT. It's possible, however unlikely. Next, the shellshocked
man to the south is also a SUSPECT, due to his proximity to the ambush area.
Next up is the vegetable driver. I'm naming him NOT A SUSPECT because he was
driving when it happened. Same for the man right above him: NOT A SUSPECT as
he too was driving when this happened. Finally, the rude man to the north is a
SUSPECT. He may have been leaving and our barricade trapped him in.

 Go ahead and confirm these choices and go talk to the constable (not adding
in the objective here). The constable is happy enough to bring SOMEONE in, and
so we'll be given a ton of new objectives on our way to solving this crime.
However, this is enough for one section of this guide, so let's cut it here
and move on to the next section!

,---'\__________________ROBOTS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP____________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 4-3]¯\,---'


 Finally, a change of pace (and scenery). Right when you walk into the main
lobby, an officer will tell us that one of the suspects, a Mr. Reginald Butcher,
has escaped. He clocked the officer good in the face and left, saying he would
come back later. What...?
 o OBJECTIVE: Find the escaped suspect

 Well... Lestrade isn't in, so it's this guy's lucky day. Head on in and lets
go to the evidence room to see what we got. There are FOUR boxes of evidence
here, so let's go through them one by one.

 The one on the far left is Mr. Butchers, who sounds like the most guilty out
of everyone. He has a pen and the [_LETTER FROM UERL_] on the left. "UERL" is
the Electric Railway company from the cab actually. Interesting. Examine the
handkerchief as well (M.B.) and then the next [_LETTER FROM HOSPITAL_]. Huh,
maybe related to a loved one? This does add "Ormond Hospital" to our list of
locations (maybe that's where he ran off to?). Finally, look at the tin to see
is fond os sweets.

 Next up is "Fowler's" box. Check his box out to see he likes cigarettes and
whiskey. One of my vices (I'm a whiskey man). His gloves are also insulated,
which might have something to do electricity. Get the [_LETTER FROM PASTOR_]
here as well. A good man, you say! Look at the photo next and we get the symbol
for some deductions. Wait a bit on those though, as we should continue to look
at these boxes.

 Next up is "Garrett's" box. Not much here. Click on the book and open up to
the page with the bookmark. You will get the [_KARL HEINZEN BOOK_] document
here, which is... well, that is something. He has some [_ELECTRICAL WIRE_] in
his possession as well. Finally, the [_BANK LETTER_], which shows he is in
debt fairly seriously.

 The final box are the belongings of the gang members. They may be dead, but
maybe there's some clues. Check out the weapons here to have Holmes dismiss
them. The cards are just playing cards, and inside the tin is some liquorice
that Rasco seems to be fond of. Finally we have the file at the top, which is
the [_CRIMINAL RECORD: RASCO_]. Sounds like minor stuff, overall. That's it
for the evidence boxes. Let's go interrogate the people we DO have here.

 Head further in the jail and go to the prison area. The first man by the
door is the worker, whose leg we helped fix. Have him brought in to the nearby
room and let's get a profile on Mr. Fowler:

 |  Tattoo on Neck: Dog Tattoo (Gang Member)
 |  Cross on Neck: Religious
 |  Left Hand: Manual Worker
 |  Yellow Nails (Right Hand): Smoker
 |  Right Leg: Injured Leg

 Weird that they put the leg in there. We knew that already! The [_DOG TATTOO_]
is interesting though, a good dialog topic. Go ahead and ask Mr. Fowler about
why he was there and his knowledge on electricity. I rather like this guy, to
be honest. Finally, ask him about his connection with the victims, and when you
can hit the QTE and bring up the "Dog Tattoo" to learn his connection. We kinda
knew that already based on the evidence.

 Next up, bring in the man standing near the wall. Thomas Garrett. We will get
to profile him after a bit of dialog. This seems to be the rude man that was
by all the bookcases / wardrobes:

 |  Pale Face: He is ill
 |  Badge on Jacket: Anarchist Symbol
 |  Worn Clothes (left jacket arm): He is poor
 |  Black Sputum: Silicosis
 |  Electrical Burn (left hand): Works with electricity

 Well... yeah, this sounds like the rude guy. He's had a rough life it sounds
like, as we get the [_BLACK SPUTUM_] evidence here. Go ahead and talk to him
about what he saw (wow...) and after that ask about his illness. He'll lie to
us, so hit the QTE to call him out on it and present the "Black Sputum" to
learn he spent 13 (and his teenage years) in a coalmine. Ask the final question
here and we'll be done with him. He sounds like he'd want to bring the city
down, but hard to see him setting an ambush.

 We got a handful of clues now, so let's make some deductions to clear some of
them out.

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o CRIMINAL IN THE PAST: The "Difficult Life" and "Rebirth" clues show us that
                         Mr. Fowler was once a criminal... but he's changed.

 o ANARCHIST IDEOLOGY: The "Anarchist" clue and "Debt to the Bank" clue brings
                       this node up... showing Thomas' mismatched ideas.
 o INSUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE: The "Mr. Garrett's Side Job" and "Electrocution"
                           clues give us our first choice. Frankly, this clue
                           could go either way, but for now I'm going with the
                           Insufficient Knowledge choice.
 o NOT A SPECIALIST: The "Mr. Fowler's Work" and "Electrocution" clues is very
                     similar to the conclusion up above. We have to make a
                     choice here, and I'm trusting Fowler for now on his lack
                     of sufficient knowledge.

 That is all for deductions right now, so we're done with Scotland Yard.
We're going to go after the escapee in this section though (because that part
is pretty short), so with that said let's head to the hospital to continue!

 Once we arrive, we'll automatically be in a room... with no one. Well...
not quite. There's some kids in beds here and as you can see by looking at
the table (and a rocking horse on the right side) this is the children's ward.

 Here we want to head to the back left. Look at the chart near the man to
see this is Meryl Butcher. THIS is why the man ran. Talk to the man and he
will confirm it. This... ok, fair enough I guess. Let's do a profile on the

 |  Badge on vest: Railway Worker
 |  Shabby expensive waistcoat: Was once prosperous
 |  Bracelet (on left wrist): Daughter's Gift
 |  Wedding Ring (right hand): He is Married
 |  Shiny Shoes: Recently Cleaned

 So, a married railroad worker, who looks to be in debt. Maybe because of his
daughter? Ask him about his job now and he'll tell you what he does, and that
he is familiar with electrical devices. Hit the QTE as you continue though and
present his "Letter from work" to show he's been having problems at work.

 Talk about the cab you found next to learn that one had been stolen. Huh,
maybe that was the one? We get a deduction notice after that and we are now
done talking to Mr. Butcher. Grab the [_LETTER FROM KAROLINSKA UNIVERSITY
HOSPITAL_] from the desk on the left afterwards. He is really in debt or he
really needs money. We get the [_TREATMENT OF MERYL BUTCHER_] evidence here
as well. Look at the picture here to see it is Mr. Butcher's wife (rotate it
around to see her name), then click on the black banner on the front.

 Well then... let's talk to Mr. Butcher again. Ask him about the cure, and
when you need to hit the QTE to stop him and present the "Treatment of Meryl
Butcher" letter to him. We would all sacrifice for our children, would we not?

 That's all we have here, but we can make a couple of deductions still...

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o BUTCHER'S PROBLEMS: The "Problems at Work" and "Seriously Ill Daughter" clues
                       show the many problems poor Mr. Butcher has.

 o COMPLEX TRAP: The "Electrician" and "Electrocution" clues. This is another
                 one where you could pick either way. Frankly, we don't have
                 enough clues yet to say for certain who did this, so I am
                 going with "Complex Trap" for now, until we know more. This
                 will make all three choices turn red (we'll have to pick
                 someone at some point).

 So, three suspects. We will have to choose one of them eventually, but not
yet. For now, let's split the case up here (this is a good spot), but go
ahead and head back to the "Accident Area" to start the next section.

,---'\_____________________THE SECRET IN THE SEWERS_______________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 4-4]¯\,---'

 OK, we're back here to find out where the technical cab came from. This
seems like a crazy thing to do, but if you head past your original cab and
stay on the left side of the street you'll get a prompt for your Detective
Vision. Go ahead and use it to see several things of note.

 First, the mud on the ground is pungent just like the cab mud. The pole
nearby is messed up too, as well as the barrels nearby. It seems like the
mud is all coming from the shop here:

 o OBJECTIVE: Examine the "Barrel & Bucket" shop at the Accident location
 Go ahead and enter the shop and check out the mud on the ground. Yeah, it
came from here. You can get the [_SNAKE NESTS AND CONSPIRACY_] document from
the counter in here too (why did it have to be snakes!?). Head to the door in
the back and we'll have to lockpick it to enter.

 Here, we have THREE metal plates to get past. Pick the "2/3" one and move it
to the inside, then just pick the "1" and use it on the outside. This will
unlock the first lock. Next, we want to use a "4" on the inside and then a
"3/4" on the outside. This will unlock the door for us.

 The next room is where they make their products, but is covered in mud as
well. This all leads to the rug in the back. Use your detective vision to
examine the carpet and then remove it. We'll find an entrance to the sewers
that's been hidden. Fun. Let's go down into the sewers.

 Once you go down into the sewers you'll have to explore a bit to find the
right way. When you get to an intersection, you want to take the left path,
and then in the back you'll find the way forward. This path leads to an upper
area on the left that has a machine we can interact with. To the right of the
machine you can use the wheel to open up a door, where you can see a bunch of
water pools.

 So, this is definitely a puzzle to get through this area. Interact with the
machine and select "0" which gets rid of the water. Use the ladder now to go
to the bottom and now push the crates/barrel device forward (you can only push
it in one direction). Go back up the ladder now and set the water level for
"1/2" and use the crates to jump onward to the next area.

 We've got a choice over here: head to the left or go over to the far side by
using the pipe. This is a balancing mini-game, so be ready to do that to get
across. Once you're across though, you can hit the device by the pipe to lower
a walkway. Interact with the machine here now and set the water level to "0".
Before you do down the ladder, use the lever by the ladder. This moves the far
ladder left and right, and we want to move it to the far left here.

 Go down the ladder now and push the barrels all the way forward. We're making
our way forward, slowly but surely. Head back up the ladder now and set the
water level to "1/2". Go across where the pipe was and use the ladder over
here to get down to the barrels. Jump across and use the wheel lever you find
to open the way onwards. We even get a trophy here (hurrah!).

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Pump It Up" Silver Trophy for figuring out
         the water level puzzle. Easier than a water temple!

 Head straight in here and check out the table on the left. Look at the red
powder, the silver powder on the left, and the strip on the right. Holmes will
put together the fact that these are ingredients of [_THERMITE_], an explosive
agent. Head down the tunnel to the right of the table and... this is a bank
vault. It all makes sense now... this was a [_PLANNED BANK ROBBERY_].

 To be more precise, this is the "Bank of England's Vault". Interesting. Head
in and check things out. You can see the drawers here, showing that they hit
most of them. You can examine the vault door as well. To the right of the door
pick up the [_HAND-DRAWN MAP_]. There's a big ol' "X" on the map. We know what
that means:

 o OBJECTIVE: Locate the red cross on the sewer map

 So this is fun. Where's the loot!? You can look at the map at any time, but
you can't move and look at the map. No need to, you have this guide! Exit the
bank vault and go through the tunnel. To get back to the pipe area you can
take the left walkway (which is nice), so go STRAIGHT past the first machine
we used. Head left and go down the stairs, but as you go forward look to the
left. There is a wooden bridge over here leading to a door.

 Bust that door open. Heh... head out to the river and go right, checking out
the barrels at the end. This is where the "X" on your map is. There's a lot
to inspect over here. Cigarettes, bank notes, barrels. It's pretty clear what
they were doing here: loading loot into the barrels and floating them down
the river. After examining everything here (including the sweets tin), you
will get the [_LOST LOOT_] evidence.

 This is the last piece of evidence in the game and we'll need to start
making decisions in the deduction space. You can't talk to the prisoners or
Mr. Butcher anymore (even though we FOUND the vault), and even though Holmes
mentions telling Lestrade about how the loot is being transferred, he still
isn't at Scotland Yard (and you can't tell any of the officers either).

 It's pretty clear the game wants us to finish this case up. With that in
mind, go ahead and go into your Mind Palace and let's go through some clues
together and wrap this up.

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o ROBBED BANK: The "Banker's Debt" and "Bank Robbery" clues come together to
                show that the bank that was robbed was the one that Thomas
                Garrett had a debt from. Leading to...
 o JUST AN ANARCHIST: The "Anarchist Ideology" and "Robbed Bank" nodes combine
                      to form this node. You can pick between two options here,
                      but we have no evidence suggesting Thomas worked with the
                      gang here. Plus, if he did, why would he kill them all
 o UNDERGROUND WORKER: The "Bank Robbery" and "Electrician" clues will lead to
                       this node. This merely points out that Reginald Butcher
                       is familiar with the sewer layout, which the robbers
                       would have needed. This leads to...
 o HOPELESSNESS: The "Butcher's Problems" and "Underground Worker" nodes will
                 lead to this choice. Would he do anything to get his daughter
                 the money or would that be too risky for him? He seems like
                 the type of person that would do anything to help his daughter
                 out, and he has the knowledge needed...
 o RASCO GANG: The "Gang Tattoos" and "Bank Robbery" clues show us that the
               Rasco Gang are definitely the ones that tried to rob the bank,
               and Fowler has their tattoo. This leads to...
 o FOWLER'S NEW LIFE: The "Criminal in the Past" and "Rasco Gang" nodes will
                      lead to this decision. Personally, he seems like he has
                      changed his life around. That is what I am going with,
                      especially as Mr. Butcher has more of the skills needed
                      to pull this job off.
 o EVIL PLAN: The "Electrocution" and "Bank Robbery" clues show us that the
              person who knew about the bank robbery was able to kill off
              the gang members immediately afterwards. Making them MUCH more
              richer than splitting the haul (and silencing the witnesses).
 o COMPLEX TRAP >>> BUTCHER'S TRAP: I'm changing this node here, as I am going
                    to accuse Mr. Butcher in this case. This will make the
                    central node "Mr. Butcher is a murderer".
 If you ask me, this is about the best case when it comes to casting doubt on
"who did it". However, as you can see up above, I am going with Mr. Butcher.
His need of money combined with his job and his personal skills makes him look
the most guilty to me. After picking the condemn options, we can conclude this

 You'll get a fairly subdued scene here where Holmes leads the police to where
Mr. Butcher is. Watch the scenes unfold and soon the case will come to an end.
You can check your clues here and your choice (all correct, naturally, with all
of the clues found). Very good job! We'll get a trophy as well as you bring
this case to an end.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Disaster Strikes" Gold Trophy for solving the
         fourth case in the game, "Chain Reaction".

         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                        CASE FIVE: FEVER DREAMS                       >==O
    ``-.___________________________________________________[SH 5-1]___.-´´

,---'\_______________________A PARENT'S NIGHTMARE_________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 5-1]¯\,---'


 This Case will start with a panic. Watson will burst out of our apartment
and will announce that he can't find Kate. Mrs. Hudson is out looking for her
right now and she didn't show up to her lessons. Oh man... we need to find her
right away (and we need to check Alice's Place!).

 o OBJECTIVE: Find Kate

 Head into your apartment and check the dresser near the door. There are two
new documents here based on our past cases: the [_ANONYMOUS LETTER_] and the

 Once you are done reading those (heartbreaking), head into Katelyn's Room.
There are several things we need to look at here, in the same way we usually
build a profile on someone:

 Ink Stain: Diary Taken
 Green Dress: Suitcase Taken
 Dresser: Dresses Taken

 It almost looks like Katelyn was packing for a trip. This isn't good! Go
ahead and exit the room and you'll be... in a cemetery? Run up the path and
towards the door in the background. This door is locked, but Holmes will pull
out an axe out of nowhere and chop it down.

 We will emerge in Alice's Room. This is insanity. Alice is standing here,
defiant. Ask her where Katelyn is multiple times until we have nothing else
to ask. You can slap her if you want. She has clearly helped or downright
abducted our daughter, no doubt out of malice, anger or revenge for her life
and our participation in it. Watson will stop our anger though, promising to
take care of her while we "use our powers". He's a good friend.

 OK, with that out of the way, let's do another portrait on Alice:

 |  Expression: Angry
 |  Black Veil: Mourning Clothes
 |  Train Ticket (in hands): Visited Highgate Station
 |  White Traces (on dress): Used Chalk

 After that, go look at the chair past her. Sherlock will note that the area
looks different from the first time we were here. Press your Imagination power
and we'll be taken to the past (how the room used to look). We need to identify
the items that are missing:

 o Candles near chair
 o Portrait of William Hamilton
 o Grimoire (on Stand)
 o Practice Board (on wall near Grimoire)
 o Phonograph
 Once you have all five selected, confirm your decision and you'll have to go
to your Mind Palace next...

                   (   - DEDUCTION SPACE (MIND PALACE) -   )
 o SEANCE WITH FATHER: The "Portrait of Father" clue and "Seance Items" clue
                       point that Alice did a seance with her father, William
                       Hamilton. Where are the items!?
 o CEMETERY VISIT: The "Ticket to Highgate" and "Mourning Clothes" items show
                   that Alice went on a trip. There is a cemetery in that area,
                   the one where her FATHER is buried in fact...
 o FAMILY CRYPT: The last two nodes will combine to this one. It looks like
                 Alice definitely visited the family crypt, but is Kate there
                 as well or not!?

 Holmes will tell Watson to stay here with Alice while we head to the Family
Crypt in the cemetery:

 o OBJECTIVE: Inspect the crypt of Alice's father

 You can't fast travel, so head out of the door and... we'll be back in the
cemetery. This is a good place to break up the action, so let's make another
section here. Don't you dare go anywhere, we're close to the end, so come down
to the next section ASAP!

,---'\__________________________A FAMILIAR FOE____________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 5-2]¯\,---'

 Oh wow, this is weird for sure. Head on down and... yeah, this is not good.
There's writings on the floor and a bunch of stuff set up, but no Kate. To the
right is a door. Go bust through it and say hello to Alice's father!

 The man is mummified here. Oh wow. Go look at him, and on the table nearby
is the [_SNAKE NESTS AND COMPANY_] document. We've seen one like this, but
this one is different. There is a place to sleep here as well, and in the
corner a box (Madame Destiny) that has some of William's belongings in it
(check the map on the left and the lantern on the right). Holmes comes to the
conclusion that Alice is definitely mentally ill... yeah...

 Head to the main room now and look at the suitcase nearby (as well as the
writing on the ground if you wish). This is Kate's Suitcase! Next to it you
can find [_KATE'S DIARY_]. Go ahead and read it to learn what she witnessed
here. Poor girl. You'll get to see it even.

 Go around and look at all the writings now. They will be fragments of a
sentence all spread out. Interact with them all for the [_WRITINGS ON THE
FLOOR_] evidence (our first piece of evidence):

  "Go to the old cemetery, and find the crypt on the crossing of four
   others: Felled by Bullet, Scholar of Roads, Earthdigging Giant, and
   Trampled by Feet."
 Directions, huh? Next up, go look at the book near the portrait now to see
it (and the board under it) both came from Alice's house. Click on the candles
now to see they have been lit about three hours. Finally we can click on the
portrait of William. After all of this, we have a new objective:
 o OBJECTIVES: Find the crypt that Alice mentioned

 Head out of the crypt and head left, going to the Old Cemetery. It isn't far.
Once you get there we will start another mini-game. This one is where we have
to find the four tombs of the men featured in the directions up above. Note you
can press "L2" to put the directions on screen (doesn't hurt). I'll guide you
to the places we need to go.

 From the start, go left and pass the first tomb on the left (no name) and
head to the second. This one is [_WILLIAM SHAW_] and is a tomb we want, so be
sure to select it (1/4). He is the "Earthdigging Giant".

 Keep going and on the path split coming up stay on the LEFT. We are staying
LEFT on the next path split too, goign up the large stairs to the next tomb
with a torch near it. This one is [_ARCHIBALD IRWIN_], tomb (2/4). This man
is the "Scholar or Roads" as he made a map of all major roads in England.
Very impressive, Archibald!

 Continue on and go back downhill. We will come up to another split in the
path. Head LEFT again, taking the darker path. On the left up ahead you should
find the dark grave of [_WILLIAM FITZCLARENCE_]. We want this tomb (3/4), as
this is the man "Trampled by Feet". Odd.

 Continue forwards and go to the next crypt on the left that has a light near
it. This is the tomb of [_HENRY ANTHONY EVANS_], who was killed in a duel.
We want this tomb as well (4/4), so go ahead and select it. Doing so will show
you a cross-section of all the tombs we selected, giving you a fifth tomb where
they all intersect... which just happens to be right across from us! I TOTALLY
meant for that to happen. Pro-writing skills!

 Go ahead and open the door up on the tomb across from us and go down. You
will get a scene here, as well as a speech. It is a long one and it is coming
from exactly who you would expect. He is trying to taint his daughter, and he
somehow used Alice (and/or her father) to do it.

 Once you regain control, check out the table nearby. There is a book that the
Professor wrote here, as well as [_MORIARTY'S NOTES_]. There's also a weird
star thing here (that looks like we can use it later) and a picture... of a
young Kate and Professor Moriarty. Exit the table now go look around the tomb
in the middle. You will find [_KATE'S POEM_] (quite weird) and her bow. This
will freak Holmes out and gives us an objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Return to Alice at Baker Street

 We can't fast travel, so head to the exit... and Alice will lock us in! How
is she here!? It is definitely her! She'll tell us to die while Holmes yells
"Witch" at her a few times. Good fun. We'll get a new objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Find a way out of the crypt

 Head back now and at the central room, follow the left wall. You will see an
area you can interact with. Do so and Holmes will deduce he has a puzzle to
solve (involving astronomy, one of Moriarty's passions). Before we can do it
though, we need to get the [_METAL STAR_] from the table. See, it came in
useful in the end!

 Now, once you interact with this puzzle, you will get a close up of the girl
on the wall, and on the right you'll see the lines we need to make. That is the
puzzle: you must RECREATE the picture on the lower right with the figure on the
wall. Here's the kicker though: ONCE YOU START YOU CAN'T QUIT. You need to do
this in one go.

 This isn't too bad. For example, it's clear that the middle node is a great
point to start at (it has NINE lines coming out of it). Math would also tell
us that the top MUST (or middle) must be the ending points as they have an ODD
number of lines coming from them.

 With that said, I made a diagram that NUMBERS the nodes we are going to use.
This lets me give you very easy directions. But you must note that THE NUMBERS

 That means that there's a whole bunch of numbers that ARE NOT USED. With that
in mind, here's the solution for this puzzle!

                   4.          10.
      2.     3.                XXX
            7.   8.   XX      11.
      6.                      XXX  
      XX                   13.        14.
             12.                      XXX

                   15.         17.
                   XXX  16.

              18.                 20.
              XXX             19.

 LOWER HALF (Starting at "8"):
 8, 12, 17, 19, 20, 16, 8, 13, 16, 17, 8 (Lower Half Done!)
 UPPER HALF (Starting at "8"):
 7, 3, 1, 4, 5, 8, 3, 4, 8, 1 (Puzzle Complete!)

(-NOTE-) You will get the "It's All in the Stars" Silver Trophy for having
         the stars lead you out of danger in Moriarty's Crypt.

 Once again, this is a good place to break up the case. Meet me in the next
section. It is VERY short and we're about to come to a conclusion. I'll see
you there!

,---'\_______________________THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER_________________________/`---.
`---./¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[SH 5-3]¯\,---'

 As you solve the puzzle, the stairs under the tomb will lower, giving us a
way out. Follow the path. It will take awhile, but soon we'll emerge out into
the open area and meet up with... Watson! Huh. Watson will tell us the woman
tricked him and he's obviously chaser her here.

 Holmes will quickly deduce what "Mrs. Destiny" means, knowing it is a ship.
Run forward with Watson and we'll make our way to a pier (it is a linear path).
Run down the pier as you see "Mrs. Destiny" on fire in the distance. You will
find a small boat on the left. Interact with it and Watson will row us out to
the ship. Heh...

 Once you get there, Watson will stay with the boat while we go inside. Head
in and you'll see Kate and Alice are both here. Be ready for a QTE as we swing
on a bar and push Kate to safety!

 After that, we have to talk Kate out of listening to Alice. This section has
some QTE EVENTS that happen in the middle of it, so be ready. I'm going to go
through this entire conversation with you step by step. Now, I may not get the
wording exactly right, but you'll get the gist of things:

 o To Kate: You're not a Monster

 o To Kate: In order to protect you!

 o To Kate: You're a Holmes!

 o QTE: Dodge Anchor
 o QTE: Grab Knife in the air
 o To Kate: It's not your life!
 o To Kate: Me? Ashamed?
 o QTE: L2, R2 (Cross safely)
 o To Kate: Yes I can! I care about you!
 o To Kate: I saved my own life!

 o To Kate: What about your childhood?

 o To Kate: Alice keeps her mummified father!

 o To Kate: We're family!

 o QTE: Grab the zipline up above
 o QTE: Grab Kate as you zip past

 After all of that, watch the scenes that occur. Who is the real Devil's
Daughter? This will undoubtedly stick with Holmes and Kate for a long time
but will hopefully bring them closer together (very likely, as Kate is
calling us "Daddy" after all of this... poor girl).

 You will also get SEVERAL trophies here, including the platinum if you have
been following the guide!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "The Greatest Test of All" Silver Trophy for having
         the last dance with "Madame Destiny" before she was destroyed for

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Madame Destiny" Gold Trophy for solving the
         fifth case in the game, "Fever Dreams".

(-NOTE-) You will get the "The Drawn Curtain" Gold Trophy for completing the
         game. Good job, detective!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Life of a Consulting Detective" Platinum Trophy for
         collecting all of the trophies in the game. Fantastic! I salute you!

 From here the game will come to an end and you'll start getting the credits!
Hurrah! It was a pleasure! Well then, one final note for you before you close
this guide for good!

                   ___ _           _  __      __          _ 
                  | __(_)_ _  __ _| | \ \    / /__ _ _ __| |
                  | _|| | ' \/ _` | |  \ \/\/ / _ \ '_/ _` |
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         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                             TROPHY LIST                              >==O
 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game. The vast majority
of these are gained by just playing through the game. If you follow the guide
I'll note when the trohpies pop and warn you before any you need to pay
attention to. Now go get that Platinum!

 Now that the guide is done and I have my Platinum, I can confirm that all
the trophies but ONE are virtually un-missable. The only one you REALLY have
to get is "Lawn Bowls Champion". Focus on that one and you'll undoubtedly get
the platinum trophy by the end of the game!

(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .————————————————————————————————————.                   .——————————————.
 __|   Life of a Consulting Detective   |___________________|   Platinum   |__
    Description | Collect all possible in-game trophies
  How to Obtain | This will quite simply be the last trophy you get in the
                | game. Once you have all of the other trophies, this one will
                | unlock. The ultimate reward for the ultimate fan.

   .—————————————————————————————————.                          .——————————.
 __|   The Hunter Becomes the Prey   |__________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish Prey Tell Case
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game!

   .————————————————————————.                                   .——————————.
 __|   The Golem Awakened   |___________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish A Study in Green Case
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game!

   .—————————————————————————————————————————————.              .——————————.
 __|   Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Detectives   |______________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish Infamy Case
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game!

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Domesticity   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Solve Mary Sutherland's Case
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game! This trophy is part of the
                | "Infamy" case.

   .——————————————————————.                                     .——————————.
 __|   Disaster Strikes   |_____________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish The Case of the Chain Reaction
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game!

   .————————————————————.                                       .——————————.
 __|   Madame Destiny   |_______________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish Fever Dreams Case
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game!

   .———————————————————————.                                    .——————————.
 __|   The Drawn Curtain   |____________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Complete the game
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game!

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   On the Trail   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Don't let the suspicious man out of your sight
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the first case with Wiggins.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   At Gunpoint   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Become prey, to trick the hunter
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game! You'll get this in the first
                | case, in the forest section.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Hermit's Lair   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Locate the hideout
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game!  You'll get this in the first
                | case as you play as Toby. Toby!

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   Back Against the Wall   |______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Experience a hearty welcome
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "A Study in Green" case.

   .——————————————————————————————.                           .————————————.
 __|   Phantasmagorical Journey   |___________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Escape the perils of your imagination
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "A Study in Green" case.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Mechanical Art   |_____________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Find a way inside a secret room
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "A Study in Green" case.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Lawn Bowls Champion   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Win a tournament of local interest
  How to Obtain | This may be the only missable trophy in the game! In the
                | case "A Study in Green" you have to actually WIN the Lawn
                | Bowls tournament.
                | It will take practice to do this, but if you find yourself
                | losing or about to lose, simply QUIT THE MATCH and you can
                | restart. Fairly easy with practice. Worst case scenario
                | you restart this case and get it.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Agent 221B   |_________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Become a shadow unseen
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Infamy" case.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Tavern Tangle   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Come to fisticuffs, but for good reason
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Infamy" case.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Exorcism 2.5  |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Banish devilry
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Infamy" case.

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Unwanted Attention   |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Deal with a gift from a secret admirer
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Infamy" case.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Ace of Spades   |______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Let the cards fall where they may
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Infamy" case.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Breathe Easy   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Breath life into one in need
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Chain Reaction" case.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Domino Effect   |______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Reconstruct a deadly chain of events
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Chain Reaction" case.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Pump It Up   |_________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Find a way to control the water
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Chain Reaction" case.
   .——————————————————————————————.                           .————————————.
 __|   The Greatest Test of All   |___________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Have the last dance with "Madame Destiny"
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Fever Dreams" case.

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   It's All in the Stars   |______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Let the stars lead you out of danger
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game and don't skip anything! You'll
                | get this in the "Fever Dreams" case.

         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 0.10: February 23-25th, 2020

 So, I started another guide. Even though I'm technically in the middle of
another guide (Danganronpa 3). Yeah, I'm crazy. Still, I've been wanting to
play this one forever and have been wanting to write for Crimes & Punishment
forever as well, so here we are. May as well write as I play through the game.

 Got the first case done (not completely written up yet) and worked on the
trophy section. Some good progress. Haven't done text guides in forever, in
all honesty, but I'm formatting this one a big better than Danganronpa 3 so
far. Gotta get those juices flowing...

 Version 0.20: February 26-29th, 2020

 Look at that, a leap year! I don't get the chance to make these type of
updates very often!

 So I estimate I'm about halfway through the third case. Learned that there
are five cases in the game. Fairly good progress. Some of these puzzles and
mini-games are just pure nonsense though. Sometimes you have NO idea what to
do and it's just trial-and-error until you die or succeed. I don't care for
that too much.

 Still, the stories are entertaining and the deduction stuff is just like
Crimes and Punishment so I like that a lot. Worth playing for sure, glad this
guide is coming together. Hope to have it done before I have to get back to
paid work!

 Version 1.00: March 1-3rd, 2020

 Put in some heavy work in the past few days to finish the game. I will say
the last case is much smaller than the first four, so that absolutely helps.
Got my platinum trophy and saw the credits, so this release will be Version
1.0 for sure. Don't really think I missed anything. Maybe one dialog option
at the end, but you still win regardless so that's OK.

 This was fun for sure. May do Crimes and Punishment one day as well in this
same format. I imagine it would be fairly easy to do and there's no guide for
it on GameFAQs, so that helps. For now though, thanks for reading and I will
see you next time!

         ___                   _  _ 
        / __|                 | || |
        \__ \ H E R L O C K   | __ | O L M E S
        |___/_________________|_||_|_____________(THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER)
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o Frogware Games for the excellent "Detective Thriller" action game.
   I enjoyed "Crimes & Punishment", so I'm thrilled that they made another
   game in the series. Here's hoping for another one in the future!
 o All my people over at the GameFAQs Contribution board. The people who
   take the time out of their lives to give back to this hobby we all
   love so much.
 o My fabulous family for giving me the time to work on this! I love you
   guys! :)

 o Maybe you? Send me an email!

YOU HAVE A                                           Document © Bkstunt_31 2020
GRAND GIFT FOR                            The Devil's Daughter © 2016 Frogwares
SILENCE, WATSON!                                  E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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