How to become good at Spheda?

  1. Can anyone help me out how to become good at Spheda? I really want to recruit Mena/Mina for her ability, but I just can't seem to get even one Spheda completion T_T

    User Info: Taker21-0

    Taker21-0 - 6 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Practice, Practice, and more practice unfortunately. The learning curve for this game is pretty steep and most of the levels are pretty unfair. The easiest way to recruit Mina if you're really having difficulty with Spheda Taker21-0, is to wait until Chapter 7. The floors for Spheda in that dungeon are MUCH easier and should make it easy to obtain her (since she isn't necessary for any georama).

    Hope that was helpful and good luck with your game Taker21-0!

    User Info: Bissomoneybags

    Bissomoneybags - 5 months ago 1   0

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