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Are there any actual towns/ cities? Main Quest *new*
Where is the body going Necro on Map? Side Quest *new*

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If you do not have blood bags equipped does using Hematic grenades hurt you? Build *new* 2 2 hours ago
What is the Gameplay type? Plot *new* 1 14 hours ago
Please help is anyone having issues with the game crashing before even opening? Tech Support *new* 1 18 hours ago
What is the beeping i hear from Metal gear solid? Main Quest *new* 2 19 hours ago
Can you get another bike in chapter 2? Main Quest *new* 2 22 hours ago
Recycling glitch, please help? Side Quest *new* 1 23 hours ago
How long does Timefall last? Main Quest *new* 2 23 hours ago
Who plays the Chiral Artist's girlfriend? Main Quest *new* 1 1 day ago
How to Redeem code for theme and avatar for both account?? Tech Support *new* 1 1 day ago
I can't form Strand Contracts even though I unlocked the Bridge link menu? Side Quest *new* 1 1 day ago

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