Does MG makes you more of a target than HG?

  1. I have been reading through forum after forum when I saw MG is no different to HG, just it's size. So if it size, would I have a bigger hitbox(More likely to take damage) when I use MG more than HG? I feel like this is the only question that was left unanswered and not many people talk about it.

    User Info: Magelit3

    Magelit3 - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The hitbox doesn't change- chest hit is chest hit regardless of suit size. It's the attributes;

    Become easier/ harder for enemies to hit
    Reduced damage from single target
    Dodge invulnerability
    Step distance

    that determine liklihood of getting hit. First two we covered before :p here's how the others work;

    Reduced damage from single target- usually applies only to locked-on target it reduces the damage by a small amount.

    Dodge invulnerability- Despite name, it offers about 1-2 seconds when you dodge to ignore all damage from any source.

    Step distance- how far your suit will glide when you dodge attacks.

    Size of suit is a cosmetic choice, it really does not impact any other aspect of the game. HG Gundam Epyon and MG Gundam Epyon- given the exact same Attributes, EX Actions, Burst and weapons; will perform identically.

    User Info: Claudija

    Claudija (Expert) - 1 month ago 1   0

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