Is there any difference between become Easy for emenies to target and Become difficult for emenies to target?

  1. I have been wondering if those abilities have any uses, could it be focused on their response?

    User Info: Magelit3

    Magelit3 - 3 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There is a big difference.

    Become Easier to be hit by Target - in MMO terms this is a Tanking attribute as it makes enemies seeyou as the Big Bad and will also be more likely to hit and damage your Gundam. Some setups such as Stagger and Knockback Ineffective when Near Death work better if you can maintain a very fine line between almost defeated and defeated, others on the forum here have already given such builds, check them out :) .

    Become Harder to Hit - most setups will see this as a must-have attribute as it does the opposite to the first. You still can get hit but this lowers the enemy accuracy against your Gundam making it more likely you can wade through a firing squad and take barely scratches.

    User Info: Claudija

    Claudija (Expert) - 2 months ago 1   0
  2. Oooh, alright. Thank you! Also is it a good idea to mix them both in one part or it will become a waste of 1 slot?

    User Info: Magelit3

    Magelit3 - 2 months ago
  3. I'd say a waste choose the one most suited to your Suit and use the attributes for more useful things instead of both. In Solo it won't make a noticeable difference though Harder to Hit is very handy in non-boss missions but in Multiplayer it does make a bit more difference. I should have Morghanna's shield to hand to show how it works:

    Shield Weapon DPS
    Shield Weapon Gauge (Only select shields such as Divider or Combined Shield gain benefit however if using say Epyon, GN Shield (Exia) etc. ignore it)
    Shield Weapon Charge (see Weapon Gauge)
    Stagger Resistance- your choice but I find it more helpful than Knockback Resistance.
    Physical Guard - pair with Beam Guard for additional protection.
    Beam Guard
    Avoid Instant Death - only place on one part, Morghanna has it on her Divider as it is a Legendary so non-stacking attribute. It is a misnamed attribute in that it doesn't give permanent protection. It keeps you at 1 HP after a hit that otherwise would knock your Suit out doesn't. An invisible cooldown will hit where any further damage will knock you down normally so we use Attack hit: Repair say to heal in the meantime.
    Become difficult for enemies to target - the attribute you asked about :P
    Reduced damage taken when near death - essential if using Avoid Instant Death on any part as it makes you harder to kill the lower your HP. Not immortal but can be a lifesaver.
    Laminated armor (Orange)- grants bonus Beam Guard

    The Divider fires seven or nine beams of pink death as any enemy even trying to dodge through the beams is trapped and damaged; helps me farm Parts actually but you use what you like best- that's much more important than what everyone else is using.

    User Info: Claudija

    Claudija - 2 months ago

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