can MG gundam be stronger than HG gundam?

  1. gundam MG can get stronger than gundam HG, can you strengthen the attributes of MG parts more than HG?

    User Info: Ikepic1

    Ikepic1 - 6 months ago


  1. There is no difference at all between MG and HG than size. MG parts tend to level stats faster as they only drop on Extreme and Newtype but built identically: Gundam Epyon MG and Gundam Epyon HG (farm only where MG version is bought in shop and sole Heat Rod for either must be Derive Merged as it has a ridiculously-low drop rate) will mow through Newtype easily. The only difference is shop availability and size as HG shop offers more suits yet MG shop offers better stat increases - nothing major. Some prefer an MG body but use HG weapons for realism- Daidal Bazooka for instance, Smartgun or SigMaxiss due to the smaller HG size looking more aesthetically-pleasing.

    User Info: Claudija

    Claudija (Expert) - 5 months ago 0   0
  2. so the difference between MG and HG is the size of the parts, which are bigger ? but you were not clear to me that an MG can become stronger than an HG, MG can have the skills of the parties more evolved than the HG, thus making an MG with greater capacities to strengthen the skills of the parties ?

    User Info: Ikepic1

    Ikepic1 - 1 month ago 0   0
  3. Trust me, HG parts have no disadvantage or advantage vs. MG period. Size is literally it. In terms of stat jumps for min/maxing; MG parts do give higher stats just for levelling. HG Durability say, you get maaaybe 5k a Merge, MG Durability 12k or more per Merge- MG gets you to the 2.5m cap faster but the actual part you merge to only matters in terms of cosmetics

    User Info: Claudija

    Claudija - 1 month ago

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