Sharing info sources. Who wants Affix translations?

  1. I made a topic a couple days ago as of this posting with this same information, but it hasn't been stickied, and is in the process of being buried. For that reason, I am posting that information here in the Answers section so that it will stay visible for people who want the information, but don't know where to look. In order to post the links here, I had to put spaces in the links, so anyone wishing to see the information will have to take the spaces out themselves. I put 2 spaces in each link.

    I know that many people currently playing the Japanese version of GB3 are asking for one specific thing: A translation for Affixes to strengthen their builds without having to rely on a lot of guesswork. I have found two Google Docs from two different sources that I make use of for that purpose, and I will share them here so that people won't have to do a lot of digging to find.

    The first one I found via a topic here on GameFAQs about a month ago. I use this one more often than the other one because it details what parts the Affixes can be found on and applied to, and the information seems generally easier to follow and understand, though it does feel fairly cluttered at times. It only has three categories: Main Affixes (The more common affixes that can be found on most parts), Unique Affixes (Orange Affixes found on specific parts that don't outright specify their perks. A very handy tool), and Miscellaneous (SD Affixes and Burst types):

    htt ps:// K-dyXTierpROr2ZIpgp6Iuy_tmWo/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=2080016716

    The second Doc was provided by the "Gundam Breaker Gamers" Facebook group. It's still a work in progress, but it covers a lot more basic information than just Affixes (filed under Ability Master List), though unlike the first Doc, it does provide rough English translations for the names of all of the items in each category, including all Unique Affixes (sub-categorized as "Special Abilities" in the above category), which could prove useful for players with the English translated Asian version. It also has categories for a Builders Parts list, EX Actions and Bursts, Melee Weapon attack variations, Ranged Weapon attack variations, MS Derive trees, Materials, default locations for MS (Incomplete. Just a list of MS as of this writing), Weapon Derive trees (also seemingly incomplete as of this writing, but it looks like there is some progress), and one more category that hasn't been named yet, but just looks like a very short and incomplete list of weapons.:

    htt ps:// maSfiCipI5zViIXew4lXlcwAaCmM/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=562874987

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