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Guide and Walkthrough by Master Tony

Updated: 07/09/2003

Game Name: Arc The Lad: Twilight of The Spirits
Available On: Playstation 2(PS2){best system}
Released On: June 24, 2003
Author: Tony Quach aka Master Tony
Contacts: AIM- TTQ8025, E-mail - master_tony911@hotmail.com
My Current Time Into The Game: 5:47 
My Current Level For Kharg: 7
My Current Level For Darc: 10 
My Score of the Game so far: 8/10
If you plan on e-mailing me please read the section below the Introduction. 
That way I don't block you and delete your e-mail.

AAA   AAA  RRR   RRR   CCC              TTT      HHH   HHH  EEE
AAAAAAAAA  RRR  RRR    CCC              TTT      HHH   HHH  EEE

                     LLL        AAAAAAAAA  DDDDDDDD
                     LLL        AAAAAAAAA  DDD    DD
                     LLL        AAA   AAA  DDD     DD
                     LLL        AAA   AAA  DDD     DD
                     LLL        AAAAAAAAA  DDD     DD
                     LLL        AAAAAAAAA  DDD     DD
                     LLLLLLLLL  AAA   AAA  DDD    DD
                     LLLLLLLLL  AAA   AAA  DDDDDDDD

0.1 - Legal Stuff
This is MY FAQ. Which means you cannot sell it, copy it, or put it on your 
webpage. I spent my own time writing this, and it wasn't made for people to 
steal and say they wrote it. If you lie and steal, the world will crush you 

0.2 - Versions
1.0 - 07/09/03 Started FAQ

1.0 - Table of Contents
0.1 - Legal Stuff
0.2 - Versions
1.0 - Table of Contents
1.1 - Introduction
1.2 - A Lil About Me
1.3 - Controls
1.4 - Statistics
1.5 - Q & A
1.6 - Tips
1.7 - Characters
2.0 - FAQ
2.1 - Skills and Magic
3.0 - Credits
3.1 - More Legal Stuff
*NOTE: You may press at anytime the Ctrl+F to do a word search. Just type 
in the numbers to find them more easily. Let's say you want to go to the Items 
section. Instead of scrolling and looking press the Ctrl and F at the same 
time and type in "2.0 - FAQ" and Vwa-lah! You're at the "FAQ" section!

1.1 - Introduction
This FAQ will help you in Arc The Lad: Twilight of The Spirits. I decided 
to write this FAQ because I simply love the game. This is my 3rd contribution 
to GameFAQs and I hope it is used appropriately. The game is absolutely 
outstanding and well worth the money. You may contact me via e-mail or AIM. 
I've listed these at the top of the FAQ. Any contribution will be added to 
my FAQ and credit WILL be given. Any tips or hints can always help this FAQ 
out. Also, it never hurts to drop a line telling me how good/helpful my FAQ 
is. Good comments make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^

I'd like to ask CONTRIBUTORS to pay attention to this. I'd like e-mailers 
to know a few things before e-mailing me. 

1) Do not e-mail me multiple times to get attention. I will simply delete 
them all and block you.(happened twice already)

2) Do not steal information from other FAQs and say that you discovered it. 
By copying and pasting it in my e-mail you clearly did not write this yourself.

3) This runs with number 2. I've formatted each section as I progress in a 
style which I think the reader can "read". Don't send me a bunch of words 
all in lowercase with no periods or grammer at all. If it's not readable it's 
not contributional. Period!

4) No flamming!

5) I cannot post multiple contributions, so if you happen to not get anything 
posted it was either because too many people sent me e-mails on the same 
subject and/or you were not descriptive enough.

6) I cannot reply to every e-mail I get. Don't expect to e-mail me in the 
morning and get a reply later that night. I have other stuff to do as well 
you know? I'm taking my time writing this FAQ. Don't even think about asking 
me questions way far into the game if my FAQ hasn't been updated yet. If I 
haven't reached a certain point there's no way I can help you.

1.2 - A Lil About Me
Name: Tony Quach(pronounced like "What?")
Age: 17
Gender: Male 
Ethnicity: Chinese/Vietnamese
Job: Student/GameStop Employee
Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
I'm basically you're average lazy, asian, smart dude. I like being lazy when 
I have the chance to, and I like working hard when I have to. Currently I 
am employed at a GameStop fairly close to where I live. Been there about a 
year now, and I simply love my job. I get to deal with fun customers and talk 
about video games and other off subject issues. I'm really into RPGs, Action, 
First Person Shooters, and Strategy games. I've written 2 FAQs previous to 
this one. The two being Global Operations(PC), and a Dynasty Warriors 4 Item 
FAQ(PS2). Some of my all time favorite games would have to be Final Fantasy 
VIII, DDR(all of them), Final Fantasy Tactics, Mobile Light Force 2, Rise 
of Nations, and Age of Mythology.

1.3 - Controls
Control Pad------------------Moves your character
Left Analog Stick------------Moves your character
Right Analog Stick-----------N/A
Square-----------------------Let's you checkout enemies' HP
Triangle---------------------Battle menu screen
X(other)---------------------Pick up items during combat
L1---------------------------Scroll left through characters/enemies 
R1---------------------------See atack zone during battle
R1(other)--------------------Scroll right through characters/enemies 
Start------------------------Goes to menu screen

Some people don't know what L3 and R3 are(like me). If you press down on the 
left analog stick it is considered to be L3. Pressing down on the right analog 
stick is R3(now I can do that Baldur's Gate cheat, heh heh). It's just a little 

1.4 - Statistics
Statistics found here were straight from the instructions booklet. I listed 
each statistic, but reworded the descriptions in my own words, because I found 
the instructions booklet kinda confusing.

Level(Lv)- This is the current level of your character. Level determines how 
strong your character is, so having a higher number never hurts. You gain 
levels through collecting experience points during combat. 

Experience(Exp)- This is the battle experience you character has. The more 
he has the higher his level will be and that means he'll be much stronger. 
Experience is gained through using attacks and abilities in combat. 
Class- Class is basically similar to how much your character knows about his 
or her own abilities. Class is similar to a "job" in a sense that it's a measure 
of skill. The higher your class the more abilities you can learn. Increase 
your class by gaining SP in combat.

Spirit Stones - Spirit Stones or known to be as a picture of a blue 
star(asterisk?) is like your MP in this game. Spirit Stones function in a 
way like magic spells and you need Spirit Stones to do magic spells. They 
also allow you to pull off Special Attacks or Special Abilities. Without 
Spirit Stones you can't do any of the fancy moves. You can collect Spirit 
Stones during battle or buy them at shops. 

Item Capacity - This shows how many items your character is currently holding 
and the max capacity allowed to hold.

Hit Points(HP)- Hit Points or HP as most people call it is the vitality of 
your character. Once you lose all your HPs during battle your cahracter is 
considered dead. From knowing this it's always wise to keep your health nice 
and high, so heal often. 
Attack Power(ATT)- ATT is how strong your character is physically. ATT could 
also be called strength. The more ATT your cahracter has the more damage he 
or she will deal out.

Speed(SPD)- This represents the turn order for your character. It also 
represents the times you will get to use the character. The higher the speed 
the more frequently they can attack or cast spells. Personally I like this 
stat and consider this very, very, very important.

Counterattack(CNT)- Counterattack represents the ability in which your 
character will strike back at an enemy after being hit. The higher the number 
the more likely your character will attack an enemy back.

Movement(MOV)- Movement measures your character's range of movement during 
battle. The higher the number the more blue area you'll get to move around.

Defense(DEF)- Defense measures your characters ability to withstand physical 
attacks. The higher the number the less damage they'll receive when getting 
hit physically. Personally I find this to be the most important statistic.

Hit Percentage(HIT)- Your hit percentage determines your ability to land in 
hits with oyur physical attacks. The higher the number the more likely you 
won't miss.

Guard(GRD)- Guard represents your ability to fully block an enemies' attack. 
The higher the number the higher the chance an enemy will miss you. This 
statistic is similar to evade.

Tension Meter(TNS)- Your tension meter is like a rage meter. When full it 
allows you to do a dual attack with a close ally and you'll also deliver more 
damage when enraged. This is similar to a Limit Break for any Final Fantasy 
fans out there.

Mental(MNT)- Mental is your characters intelligence for special abilities 
and magic spells. Basically, the higher number will cause you to deliver more 
damage when using special skills/spells or heal more with spells.

Spell Casting(SP)- Spell Casting is earned through victorious battles and 
can be used to learn special skills and spells. 

Avoidance(AVD)- Avoidance is the ability to dodge attacks more easily. It 
runs together with GRD. The higher the number the more likely your character 
will dodge attacks.

Critical Hit Percentage(CRI)- Your chance of dealing a very strong physical 
attack. The higher the number the more of a chance that you'll dish out more 
damage than usual.

1.5 - Q & A
I await your e-mails if you have any difficulties in this game. If I find 
a question that is answered here in this FAQ I will most likely flame you 
and block you, so please read through this FAQ. Questions on my other FAQ 
could have been answered 90% of the time if the person read through my FAQ. 
Remember that Ctrl+F will bring up the find index and search for keywords 
for you. Another thing to remember is to title your e-mail "Arc The Lad 

Q: Will I receive credit for contributing?
A: Yes, you will receive 110% credit for your contribution

Q: I sent you an e-mail. Why haven't I received a reply or why isn't my 
contribution on there? 
A: First of all, getting around 15 e-mails a day that are usually filled with 
flammers, or hard to read e-mails is very difficult to manage. Usually 1 out 
of 5 e-mails will be replied, because your e-mail probably had a question 
that could be answered in this FAQ or an Intsruction Manual, or it was a bit 
useless. Not to be a jerk or anything, but I really don't need to know things 
such as how good you think a character is. When you make your own FAQ you 
can say whatever you want. Fair enough?

Q: Hey, I contributed! Why didn't you post up my contribution?
A: Let's see, it may be because you either: typed in a different language, 
didn't use correct grammer so I decided to delete it, not detailed enough, 
no proof of how to get the item, does not make sense, too many contributions 
on a particular topic, flammed me before, sent the same e-mail more than once 
to get attention, and/or you asked a question that could be found in the 
instructions booklet or has no relative content to my FAQ.

1.6 - Tips

- SAVE WHENEVER YOU CAN. I can't stress this more than enough. Sometimes 
you'll run into a battle and assume that this new enemy is easy and it'll 
take you out, or your power goes out(I HATE it when that happens) and you 
have to start all over!

- Talk to everyone in town and read what they say. Part of playing an RPG 
is interactivity towards other people. Sometimes you'll get a funny joke, 
or a heads up on what's about ot happen.

- These are one of those RPGs that don't have hidden items in barrels and 
cupboards in town, so there's no need to mash on the X button while in town. 
Just thought I'd help out some of you button mashers.

- Always spend time leveling up in Arc The Lad. Once you've finished up some 
"plot stuff" go and fight 2 or 3 battles on the field. It's always good to 
refill any spirit stones you may have used up or get some of that extra cash 
to get a nice weapon attachment.

- Before every single battle you'll be prompted on who to choose for your 
party. You can heal if needed, so you shouldn't really start a battle with 
low health.

- Save money. Don't blow ALL your money when you get to a new town unless 
I say so(which would be never). You always want a decent sum of money, because 
you might run into something a lot better in the next town.

- Concentrate on attacking one enemy. Just because you know an enemy has a 
few HPs left don't save them for a weaker character to kill. Kill it, so it 
doesn't harm you!

- Pick up EVERYTHING while you're in battle. Things on the floor cannot be 
received after battle if they're left there.

- Try to always keep an abundant amount of Spirit Stones. These are like your 
Magic Points(MP). Don't be afraid to buy 20 or so in town whenever you drop 

1.7 - Characters

Name: Kharg Nidellia
Gender: Male
Age: 18(late teens)
Weapon: Sword
Appearance: Long light brown hair, he wears a blue tunis and blue pants. He 
has semi-long ears like an Elf. He reminds me of Link from the Zelda series.
Begins at Level: 3
Description: His mother is Lady Nafia and he grew up in the town of Yewbell. 
A strong character indeed. His family was once the ruler of Nidellia. He has 
grown up in the town of Yewbell and has undergone training under Captain Lloyd 
of the Defense Corps. He is a very versatile and strong fighter. Most people 
in town call him Lord Kharg, but he prefers Kharg. His closest friend is 
Paulette. He bears a strange birth mark in his arm that he grabs when he feels 
angry, sad, worried, or is about to get into a battle.

Name: Paulette 
Gender: Female
Age: 18(late teens)
Weapon: Retractable Diskette
Appearance: A redish bruenette girl with long hair, she wears a red skirt 
and a tight red vest. She has black pantyhose on and wears a metal shoulder 
pad on her left shoulder.
Begins at Level: 2
Description: Kharg's girlfriend. Well, not really. You can tell they have 
a little flame going. She teases Kharg a lot by calling him Lord Kharg and 
Kharg simply hates that. She is a member of the Defense Corps and her father 
is the leader of the Defense Corps. A sweet, gentle, and warm young lady. 
Reminds me of Celes Cherre from Final Fantasy 3/6

Name: Maru 
Gender: Male
Age: 13(early teens)
Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Appearance: Dark brown hair that's short. He wears yellowing clothing and 
they kinda look like rags. He wears a crown around his neck as well, and sports 
an ugly mask that he wears on to scare people away.
Begins at Level: 2
Description: A former prince or so he says. You soon find out that he's been 
the little critter that has been stealing food from Yewbell. He claims to 
be a prince in some land, somewhere out there. He must have amnesia or 
something. He loves to eat food and he always assumes that he is a higher 
rank than aanyone. A very humorous and lonesome young boy. You want to hate 
him for being such an idiot, but his sad past makes you feel sorry for him. 
Reminds me of Gau from Final Fantasy 3/6

Name: Darc
Gender: Male
Age: 18(late teens)
Weapon: Fists, Sword
Appearance: A Deimos with short dark brown hair. His left arm is scaly and 
his right arm is human-like. He wears a white and red sash and later wears 
a piece of armor over his chest. 
Begins at Level: 1
Description: A half-Deimos, half-Human hybrid. He lost contact of his mother 
and his father died in his arms at an early age. He is the slave of Geedo 
who is a disgusting, fat, smelly, female frog. She raised him up since he 
was a child, but lashes him with a whip quite often. Darc sees himself as 
a weakling. He doesn't see the true power he holds within. He later discovers 
his true purpose is to save the Deimos from destruction. His arm bears an 
inscription similar to Khargs'. Hmmmmmm........

Name: Delma
Gender: Female 
Age: 18(late teens)
Weapon: Feet, Claw
Appearance: A Deimos with short dark brown hair. She doesn't really wear much. 
Just enough to cover up her unmentionables. She is a redish-pink Orc with 
a long tail.
Description: A full blooded Orc who is the sister of Densimo who is the leader 
of the Orcs. She has feelings toward Darc, but likes to hide them well. You 
can tell her feelings are strong, but she has a hard time showing it. She 
is very loyal to Darc. 

Name: Densimo 
Gender: Male 
Age: 23(early twenties)
Weapon: Body
Appearance: Green, with horns, and wears a purple sash.
Description: BIG, GREEN, and BAD. This guy is strong and he's not afraid to 
show it. A full blooded Orc who is the brother of Delma. He is the current 
leader of the Orc tribe and is very rude and craves power. With his strength 
he is a bit on the slow side. He was a great pupil under the former leader 
of the Orcs, Gorma. His craving for power has turned him into a rude, mean, 
idiot. His attacks can hit multiple enemies if they're close enough, so 
utilize this for certain occasions. 

2.0 - FAQ
Before I begin I'd like to let you know that I will type out important words 
in all caps AND all items received in dungeons and towns. So, if you're looking 
for a certain key in a dungeon I'll have it spelt out in all caps to help 
you find it easier. Also, my FAQ isn't spoiler free, so by reading this FAQ 
you may ruin the storyline a bit. I won't reveal major plots, but I like to 
throw in my opinions here and there.

Also I'll occasionally put in a "!Master Tony's Tip!" at the end of a section 
that'll give you a few pointers out. Usually good to read these. I'll also 
label each town and area I venture into. A made a neat box for this display 
and included my characters, characters levels, and also what items you can 
get(or actually items I found, I may have missed some) too.

To begin the game select NEW GAME from the TITLE SCREEN. You'll see a brief 
cut scene which will make no sense at all :)

````````````````````````````KHARG'S STORY`````````````````````````````

|Yewbell                                           |
|My Party: None                                    |
It'll cut into another cut scene with our hero Kharg fighting the town's 
Commander of the Defense Corps Lloyd. After the fight you'll have a little 
interuption from a man named Banjo. He says he has spotted a suspicious old 
man on SCRAPPE PLATEAU. Being the nice guy that Kharg is he decides to venture 
off to see how the old man is doing. The beautiful Paulette, daughter of Llyod, 
joins you by order of Lloyd. Llyod also gives you 200 gold coins. Before 
leaving though Paulette suggests that you talk to your mother LADY NAFIA. 
Your house is actually right where you saw the cut scene where you dueled 
Lloyd. So, head back to your house and go inside. Upon your entrance you'll 
hear a chant of a few words. Paulette thinks it's from your mother's room 
so let's go inside and see what's up! Hey, wait a minute, there's nothing 
in this room.....or is there? What's that shiny thing in your mom's cabinet? 
Go over to it and examine it for a fairly long cut scene. Pay attention to 
it and once you're ready head outside and talk to Paulette.

Now, it's time to explore the town. Explore the town and get a feel for where 
everything is. To start you off just head right and down the ladder. The first 
door to your left would be the Item Shop. Essentially you'll be able to find 
the Item shop and Weapon/Armor shop since they're both linked together. Go 
inside and browse through their wares. You won't be able to buy any decent 
armor or weapon attachments, so ignore that for now. Since I like to play 
it safe I bought 2 Herbs. You don't have to, but since I always like to keep 
extra stuff I bought them. Once you're done look to your right and you'll 
see Banjo again. Remember his location, because he'll give you something in 
a minute. Exit out and continue down. Head to the very left to find the exit. 
Once you exit out choose SCRAPPE PLATEAU

!Master Tony's Tip! 
Do NOT talk to ANYONE in town unless I said so. There is a man named BUTCH 
in Yewbell and if you'd like to get a free item you must not talk to him. 
Remember that if you talked to a man named Butch reset your game now. The 
item is free and you're not too far in the game, so reset if you did talk 
to him by accident.

|Scrappe Plateau                                   |
|My Party: Kharg(Lv.3), Paulette(Lv.2)             |
As you enter that old man Banjo informed of has been surrounded by Suskle 
Squirrels. They're jabbing him from behind to give him a hunchback! Enter 
in Kharg and Paulette to save the day! Your first battle will commence, and 
a brief tutorial will run through, so pay close attention as to what is 
explained. Teach those hunchback hitting Squirrels a lesson! Since I don't 
want to explain the whole battle for you here are the key elements of what 
they teach you:

* Use R1 to determine weapon range
* Pick up items dropped by enemies
* When an aura surrounds your body attack within an attack range of another 
ally to do a joint attack

Once finished you'll meet the old man and he'll introduce himself as Zev! 
Who? You know! Zev! The traveler! Yeah, he's not too well known around Kharg's 
world, so he's just a crazy old man. He'll blabber at you and once he's finally 
done exit out and you'll be back in.......

|Yewbell                                           |
|My Party: Kharg(Lv.4), Paulette(lv.2)             |
|Items Received: Knuckle Guard x1                  |
If you didn't level up Kharg or Paulette then don't worry. We're gonna get 
a free item and buy something anyways. It'll make future battles easier. First 
you need to report to Lloyd how things went. He's in your house so head back 
home. You'll see Lloyd talking to your mom. Talk to Lloyd and report what 
happens. Once you're done leave your house and head all the way down. You 
should be running down 2 stairs in total. Remember how I told you to avoid 
talking with BUTCH? Hopefully you listened to me, because you need to talk 
to BUTCH now. He'll wonder where in the heck his working buddy BANJO is. 
Remember where Banjo is? He's fiddling with things in the Item Shop. Swing 
by the item shop and tell Banjo that Butch is looking for him. Banjo will 
thank you for telling him and give you a KNUCKLE GUARD since he has no use 
for it. Equip this on Kharg since he will usually be face to face against 
an enemy. It gives a +10 on Guard and Avoid, and decreases nothing so equip 
it right away. While you're here buy a THORN OF REVENGE for Kharg. If you 
don't have enough then just wait on it. You should buy some Spirit Stones 
if you're running low too. Make sure Kharg has at least 40 on him.

Once you're done getting items you're ready to advance in the storyline. Go 
to the pub and speak with Duncan. He'll tell you that Lloyd is at your house. 
Head back to your house and you'll see Lloyd and your mother there discussing 
about the Deimos. Kharg over hears them and it seems that a group of Deimos 
have been spotted at PLUMB CANYON. Lloyd says that he will round up a few 
Defense Corps and head to PLUMB CANYON immediately. Once that's done head 
outside and go talk to BANJO and BUTCH in the factory. One of them will tell 
you that their Spirit Stone supply should be sufficient for the moment. Now 
leave the factory and head outside. Before you even get close you'll see Lloyd 
carrying a wounded soldier in asking for help. Kharg will suggest bringing 
the wounded soldier to his house, so Lady Nafia will take care of his wounds. 

The scene shifts to Kharg's house. Kharg is sitting outside of Lady Nafia's 
room and Paulette enters in. She asks Kharg how the soldier is doing and Kharg 
says he doesn't know, because he's been forced to wait outside. Lady Nafia 
and Lloyd come out now and Lady Nafia says that the injuries weren't too 
serious and that he'll be okay. The soldier was one of the Defense Corps at 
PLUMB CANYON. The Deimos seem to have the area controlled, so Lloyd suggests 
that the Defense Corps make a move. Kharg says he'll teach those Deimos a 
lesson, but Lloyd tells him to stay in Yewbell. Lloyd and Paulette leave 
Kharg's house. Lady Nafia talks to Kharg about fighting with hatred and anger 
at this point and that it resolves nothing but destruction. Kharg says he 
wants to test out his strength and sees no problem in doing that. Kharg storms 
out of his house in anger. Walk over to the pub and you'll see Lloyd preparing 
for his leave. Kharg will demand that he helps out Lloyd. Lloyd refuses and 
tells him to stay in Yewbell to protect the town. Lloyd leaves and Kharg is 
furious. Head back to your house now and into Lady Nafia's room. Talk to the 
wounded soldier and he'll tell you what he overheard Lady Nafia and Lloyd 
talk about. It seems that a group of Deimos known as "Drakyr" have attacked 
Plumb Canyon. Leave your house now.

You'll hear Zev behind the gate now. He wants to get into Yewbell and ended 
up behind the gate by going through the shortcut. This gives Kharg an idea. 
Head to the pub and talk to Duncan behind his desk and he'll give you the 
GATE KEY. Now head back to the gate and use the GATE KEY in the gate(don't 
you just love it when a game is this simple?). Zev will give his thanks and 
head to the pub. Heal at the pub if you haven't yet and exit through the gate 

This section has no special items or secrets, so you can cruise right through 
here. Just head up and work your way around to the right and to find the exit. 
You'll find yourself in.......

|Chaos Forest                                      |
|My Party: Kharg(Lv.4)                             |
|Items Received: Healing Herb x1                   |
You'll immediately see a cutscene in which a little boy will spy on Kharg. 
He'll shoot an arrow at Kharg and Kharg will just pick it up and throw it 
back. The boy will fall down and call himself the King of The Chaos Forest. 
Soon, you'll learn that this boy has been stealing food from Yewbell. Shortly 
after a bunch of monsters start to walk towards the boy's way. Kharg proposes 
that they join forces and the boy agrees. His name is Maru and he uses a bow. 
Let the battle begin!

Enemies: Wild Slothian x1, Suskle Squirrel x5

This isn't difficult at all. Kharg could probably take them on by himself. 
In here you'll learn the following:

* Use Special Skills by consuming Spirit Stones
* Break objects(the tree) to find hidden items

Beofre this actually begins you're prompted to the menu screen to select who 
goes to battle. Make sure Kharg has at least 80 HP. The more the better. You 
should have max seeing that you've been following my guide, right? Anyways, 
start by moving Maru close enough to shoot the closest Suskle Squirrel. Get 
used to his long range, because he's only Lv.2 and has a very low defense. 
Just attack normally with both characters. Use Kharg's Fang Breaker Blade 
on the Wild Slothian, and use Maru's Poison Arrow if 2 Suskle Squirrels get 
near each other. Your main priority is to kill the Wild Slothian. Once he's 
dead the battle is just a piece of cake. Make sure you break the tree stump 
for a free HEALING HERB.

Once that easy battle is finished. You'll find out a little bit about Maru. 
Turns out he says he is a Prince from a kingdom. He can't remember what or 
where this kingdom is though. As you leave he wants to join you and you'll 
have to see him as your superior. Kharg will tell him to buzz off, but after 
Maru begs and begs Kharg gives in and allows Maru to join you.

!Master Tony's Tip! 
Since Maru joins at such a low level it'd be a good choice to fight at the 
Chaos Forest at least 2 times to get him at least 2 levels. I leveled my Kharg 
up to Lv.6 and Maru up to Lv.5. Also, let's stop back at Yewbell to heal and 
save since we leveled up a bit. Wouldn't hur tot buy some items either. Run 
back to......

|Yewbell                                           |
|My Party: Kharg(Lv.6), Maru(lv.5)                 |
I take it you leveled up a bit and got some cash now, right? If you didn't 
pick up the THORN OF REVENGE at the item shop I suggest you do so now. At 
the moment you should have Kharg equipped with a Knuckle Guard, Thorn of 
Revenge, and Aimer. His accessory should be a Leather Armband. Maru should 
just have what he has. Don't equip him anything or buy anything for him. He's 
fast for a reason. Also, make sure that Kharg has 2 Healing Herbs on him and 
Maru as well. Buy Spirit Stones for Maru and Kharg. Preferably 50 each would 
be nice, but if you max it out the last few battles will be a breeze. Once, 
you've got all the stuff you need head all the way back to Chaos Forest and 
past it will be.........(At this point I ran into a battle at Chaos Forest 
and my Kharg went up a level)

|The Edge of a Sea of Trees                        |
|My Party: Kharg(Lv.7), Maru(lv.5)                 |
Enemies: Kuskle x1, Suskle Squirrels x5

This battle is slighlty more difficult than the one in Chaos Forest, but 
should pose no problem at all if your level is as high as mine. Your main 
concern is that blue Kuskle. Once he dies the other enemies will be extremely 
easy. Don't be afraid to use Kharg's Fang Breaker Blade a few times if needed. 
You should have a decent amount of Spirit Stones left. No items can be obtained 
here, so it's just experience and SP points. Once you're done advance 

!Master Tony's Tip! 
If you've been saving up SP points and your Kharg hit Lv.8 he's bound to have 
leveled up his class. You can learn Mind-Scan which raises his Critical Hit 
Rate up.

|Plumb Canyon                                      |
|My Party: Kharg(Lv.8), Maru(lv.5)                 |
|Items Received: Revival Medicine x1, 100G x1,     |
|Stone Coating x1, 9 SP Stones x1, 12 SP Stones x1 |
It looks like you're too late! Kharg will check a soldier's pulse to see that 
he is still alive. Maru will spot a Deimos hovering over a young lady. Kharg 
walks over and sees that it is Paulette! The Drakyr will attack her and you 
join as well.

Enemies: Drakyr x3, Wyvern x2

This battle was easy for me since I was at a high level. Just to make it easier 
on you guys I had a second save file in which I did not level up and my Kharg 
was at 6 and Maru at 4. Make sure you keep everyone's HP at 50 or higher! 
Start the battle off by focusing your attacks on the Wyverns. Get rid of these 
guys, because they are surrounding Paulette and she is still very weak. Use 
up ALL your Spirit Stones, so always Fang Breaker Blade and Poison Arrow your 
enemies. Have Paulette be the healer/item picker. Have her break the box 
closest to her and you'll find REVIVAL MEDICINE and 12 SPIRIT STONES. Once 
the Wyverns are dead you want to give everything you've got to those Drakyrs, 
because they can cast spells that can deal as high as 30 damage. It can also 
hit 2 characters if they happen to be right next to each other. After a few 
First Aid spells, and a Healing Herb or two you should be able to knock out 
2 out of the 3. When one is left head to the left and break open the last 
box for STONE COATING, 9 SPIRIT STONES AND 100 G. Finish off the last Drakyr 
to end the battle. If you can't win then fight a battle at Chaos Forest to 
level up Kharg and Maru by one. It helps to have Knuckle Guard and Thorn of 
Revenge, but your skills will save your butt in this battle. Just have a fresh 
supply of Spirit Stones.

Lloyd will now yell at you for disobeying his orders and turning your back 
behind your mother. Paulette tries to save you, but she gets yelled at as 
well. Lloyd tells you to help the wounded soldiers back to Yewbell. You can 
talk to some soldiers around here for some fun, but it is not necessary. Also, 
you can talk to Maru and he'll ask you something. I said "NO" and he joined 
my party. I forgot what the question was, but what ever you do just say "NO" 
and you should be fine. Now, exit out and head for...........

|Garange Hills                                     |
|My Party: Kharg(Lv.8), Maru(lv.6)                 |
You'll see a few Deimos slowly walk up to you. They will collapse and the 
screen will shift to Lloyd and Paulette. An unknown Deimos will talk about 
pay back, because they killed his wife and child. Once Kharg appears the 
Deimos leaves. Paulette seems to be injured, but is fine. Lloyd on the 
otherhand is stiff and cannot move. He falls down and passes away. A cutscene 
shows Paulette screaming for her father's life.

|Yewbell                                           |
|My Party: None                                    | 
You'll see a ceremony for Lloyd now. Paulette will fall into the arms of Nafia 
bursting in tears screaming, "I won't forgive them!" She shows her hatred 
toward the Deimos. Nafia apologizes to Paulette(you'll learn why later). 
Kharg vows to protect the city of Yewbell from Deimos and screams out, "Damn 
Them!" Kharg's Story now ends, but we begin now with..........


Darc begins with a cutscene that will be quite shocking to you. Pay attention 
to it closely. Cutscenes will follow after cutscenes. Eventually you'll gain 
control of him. You don't know, but your location is..........

|Geedo's House                                     |
|My Party: None                                    | 
You'll find yourself waking up in a dungeon. Move Darc toward the stairs to 
the back. Once you head out you'll be greeted by the ugly Geedo. She's your 
master and you'll have to obey what she says for the time being. You have 
to go to the city of Orcoth and buy some PHONEIX BLOOD. Head outside and you'll 
find yourself in......

|Sabnak Forest                                     |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.1)                              | 
Enemies: Laughroom x3

This battle is very easy. First off, ignore the tree stump, because there 
is nothing inside. You're free to break it if you'd like though ^_^ Anyways, 
just attack and attack over again. Each Laughroom takes 2 hits to kill. You 
can cast Wind Slasher also to kill a Laughroom in 1 hit. Cast Cure if you 
need to, but it shouldn't be necessary.

|Orcoth                                            |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.2)                              | 
There's only one path to move on, so keep moving forward until you're greeted 
by a female Orc. Her name is Delma and she's being pretty snobby. Ignore her 
and continue forward. Talk to the few people around to learn about the Quorop. 
Once you're done head into the big cave on the right. Now you'll witness a 
scene in which an Orc named Densimo picks on an old Orc named Gorma. Once 
the bashing and thrashing is done feel free to talk to Densimo to find out 
how much of a jerk he really is. You'll want to leave Densimo's lair and head 
into Gorma's room whihc'll be at the very bottom of the town and to your right. 
Enter and you can listen about:

Densimo- Leader of the Orcs after Gorma. He was a good and listened to Gorma 
when he was young, but now he's bad and craves power.

Delma- She's usually shy and hides her emotions. Maybe she has a crush on 

Gorma- Gorma is known to be "The sage that's been around since Orcath waas 
first settled." Originally the leader of the Orcs, but now just the elder 
of the village.

Firbles- They look like White Lizards. Firbles may evolve into Pyrons if 
rasied correctly. Pyrons have a burning fire inside their body that allows 
them to fly in mid-air. Fairy tales say that if one eats a Firble he will 
gain great strength. Densimo craves this power.

After the long conversation you should leave and head to the left side of 
the town. You'll see an an orange-yellowish Quorop. Talk to him and buy the 
PHOENIX BLOOD. Now head towards the exit. You'll be stopped by two idiots 
named Zugalo and Zorma. They say they'd like to "chat" with you, so you are 
forced to follow them into Densimo's lair. Here they will do battle with you 
to see if a Deimos wannabe like you can take them on. It's time to show them 
your true power!

Enemies: Zugalo x1, Zorma x1

This battle is simple as long as you know what you're doing. Hopefully you 
didn't blow off all your Spirit Stones. Move to the right and cast Wind Slasher 
on Zugalo. Attack Zugalo with your fists once and he should die. Now, Zorma 
should still be trying to head towards you. To beat him just cast Wind Slasher 
on him twice, since he has more HP, but you can always cast Wind Slasher once 
and attack twice. Either way, the battle should be over without too much of 
a sweat.

Delma witnesses your awesome powers. You'll get to leave now, so do so. Before 
you leave you can heal up by paying 10 G to the blue-greenish Quorop.

|Sabnak Forest                                     |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.4)                              | 
Enemies: Green Jelly x2, Red Jelly x1

While heading back you'll run into some jellies if you're unlucky. Either 
way spend a little bit of time leveling Darc up. Just keep attacking normally 
and heal when needed. The tree stump provides no items. You should level up 
after this battle

|The Varamm Barrens                                |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.5)                              | 
Enemies: Rhoke x3 OR Poison Snake x4

These flying birds shouldn't pose any problem. The snakes are easy as well. 
Each enemy takes 2 hits to kill, but a Wind Slasher is an automatic kill. 
Spend a battle or two to level up here. The tree stumps have nothing in them.

|Tindalos Woods                                    |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.6)                              | 
Enemies: Mandrake x4
These enemies are even weaker than the Rhokes and Snakes. They should barely 
scratch you. 2 attacks and that should finish them. The tree stumps carry 
nothing. Level up again in this battle.

|Haystir Marsh                                     |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.6)                              | 
This area is where you'll spot a Firble. It's got some nice music for you 
too. To catch the Firble go up to it and press X. Here are a few tips to follow 
if you can't catch it.

* Hold down the CIRCLE button to WALK instead of run
* Don't walk or run on the rocks. They're tinted slighlty yellow
* Don't let the Firble see Darc
* You get infinite tries, so don't rush yourself

Once you catch it Darc will spot someone coming. Looks like it's Delma, Zugalo, 
and Zorma. They'll ask what Darc is actually doing and he'll try to cover 
his story. He'll get by with a smart-allicky remark. The scene will shift 
to the..........

|Church Ruins                                      |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.6)                              | 
You'll find a nice spot for your Firble to be raised here. Just as you are 
talking to the Firble Delma will appear and interrupt your....interesting 
conversation with an animal. She'll tell you that Densimo will flip out if 
he finds out Darc is hiding this. Darc threatens Delma, but she knows Darc 
wouldn't harm her. Delma runs to the right, so follow her over there and talk 
to her. She says she wishes she knew what it was like to fly. Darc will hold 
onto her and fly her around and they'll have some fun. Once they finish their 
flight plan a Drakyr will spot Darc and land. Delma will be confused, because 
Drakyr's are suppose to be on Aldrow and not Ragnoth. It seems this Drakyr 
wants the WIND STONE that Windalf had. Darc won't spill the beans, so we're 
gonna have to fight our way through!

Enemies: Drakyr x4
This battle shouldn't be too difficult since you have some nice spells. You'll 
learn a few thigns in here which are:

* Cast spells to attack your enemy 
* Use healing spells if you need to
* Without Spirit Stones you can't cast spells, so watch your supply

For Delma have her cast Speed Up on both herself and Darc. Once that's done 
have her repeatedly cast Flaming Arrow the whole entire battle. She'll get 
her Spirit Stones filled up later so go spell crazy with her. With Darc if 
you're leveled up enough your attacks should be better than your Wind Slasher. 
If you want you can cast Wind Slasher, but it's not necessary. This battle 
should be easy with Delma's Flaming Arrow.

After you get rid of them Darc will thank Delma for risking her life to save 
his. Delma will make something up and pretend that she wasn't trying to save 
Darc and say it was, because Drakyr don't belong here. Delma asks about the 
Wind Stone and Darc says that his dad left him a momento and it's probably 
the Wind Stone. It's under the stones where he buried his dad. All of a sudden 
Darc will be holding onto his neck as if he was being choked. It looks like 
Geedo wants him to report back home. Delma will let you be on your way, so 
leave and head back to.......

|Geedo's Home                                      |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.7)                              | 
Oh boy, now she's pissed. Saddle up, because you know you're gonna get it. 
Geedo is very pissed off at Darc for not bringing any Firble home. She'll 
call him names like worthless, and lazy. You'll hear Darc getting whipped 
like mad now, and you'll see that Darc will be dreaming. Windalf will talk 
to Darc about the Deimos going to be destroyed and Darc must stop this crisis. 
Darc wakes up and laughs at the fact that he could even do anything. Leave 
that dungeon that you're sitting in and you'll find that Geedo isn't there. 
Leave Geedo's House and you'll see Delma walk up. Seems that she's worried 
about little Darc. She's checking up on how you are doing and based on those 
whip lashes on Darc probably not good. She joins your party now(with full 
Spirit Stones), so leave to go check up on that Firble. Head to........
!Master Tony's Tip! 
It helps if you fight a few rounds at Sabnack Forest to level up Delma once 
or twice. I leveled her up once for the upcoming battle. Don't be afraid to 
stop at Orcoth to heal and buy Spirit Stones if needed.

|Church Ruins                                      |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.7), Delma(Lv.4)                 |
|Items Received: Confusion Firecracker x1          | 
Darc will check up on the Firble and see that it's okay. The Wind Stone will 
start calling out. Delma will ask why Darc made a grave, because Deimos don't 
make graves. They get revenge! Delma heads to the left, so follow her and 
you'll find that the Firble has laid some eggs! Delma will say something 
pretty funny too. All of a sudden you'll see some Humans come in named Ludhi 
and Rapier. They're accompanied by 2 other people. They seem to be mercenaries 
looking for treasure. Rapier leaves, because he wants no part in treasure 
seeking. He wants to report back to the base over in ZEDORA ABYSS. Darc and 
Delma will attack the humans. Rapier comes back to help them. Here we go!

Enemies: Ludhi x1, Shotgun Hunter x2, Rapier x1

This battle isn't all too bad. You want to start off by casting Wind Slasher 
on Ludhi. Next, have Delma cast Speed Up. Darc should now finish off Ludhi 
with an attack. Ludhi will drop a Confusion Firecracker, so pick it up with 
Delma and make sure you do! Have her cast Flaming Arrow on each of the Shotgun 
Hunters while Kharg finishes them with an attack. Once Rapier is left he 
should be taken down with ease. You may have to heal once with Darc. 

Once the battle is over you'll see Delma playing with some human equipment. 
She comments on how it is much better than Deimos weaponry. She tells Darc 
to equip the armor and sword, but Darc takes it as an insult saying that he's 
weak, because he's a Deimos wannabe like everyone says. She says it's good 
to equip strong equipment that makes you stronger(Jeez, Darc has to lighten 
up!). Darc says that he'll never use human equipment, and Delma says if he 
doesn't then she won't either. Delma says if Darc doesn't want strong 
equipment then he needs strong allies. Delma suggests Densimo, so head back 
to Orcoth!

|Orcoth                                            |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.8), Delma(Lv.5)                 | 
Go talk to Densimo and Delma will convince him to join your party. After a 
funny conversation(Delma's so smart) Densimo will join you. You'll have to 
head over to ZEDORA ABYSS before he'll actually do anything. A group of humans 
have excavated the site and he wants to get rid of them. Before you leave 
heal your party and buy some Spirit Stones. Make sure you have enough, because 
the next battle is pretty difficult. Once you're done head over to ZEDORA 
ABYSS. Before you do though let's fight a few rounds over at.........

|Haystir Marsh                                     |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.8), Delma(Lv.5), Densimo(Lv.7)  | 
Enemies: Armored Insect x2, Dancing Shell x2

This battle shouldn't terribly tough. The dancing shells can poison you and 
the armored insects counterattack on occasion. Dancing shells take about 2 
hits to kill while armored insects take 3. There's also a barrel on the 
battlefield. If you break this it will explode and deal out 50 damage to anyone 
in close contact. It has no items inside(even if it did it'd explode, right?) 
and it's best to stay away. Usually I round up enemies, so Densimo can hit 
2 enemies at once. It helps if Delma has learned Cure already. This battle 
shouldn't be that bad, but fighting 2 or 3 battles here will help you out 
in the next battle

Now, after I took 3 battles there my levels were: Darc(Lv.9), Delma(Lv.7), 
Densimo(Lv.7). Take the time to head back to Orcoth and heal up a bit, and 
buy spirit stones until you maximize your party's spirit stones. Try to give 
everyone at least one Healing Herb as well. You should have lots of cash. 
Also, teach Delma Cure and if Densimo went up in class level learn the Raging 
Soul skill. Now, after the preparations head to.......

|Zedora Abyss                                      |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.9), Delma(Lv.7), Densimo(Lv.7)  |
|Items Received: First Aid Kit x1, 80 G x1, Bomb x1|
|11 Spirit Stones x1, Reiki Leaf x1                | 
When you enter just walk a few steps up and you'll have a little discussion. 
Delma and Densimo are pissed off seeing that the humans are just stealing 
their precious stones right under their noses. Darc says that they need to 
think of a strategy, but Densimo says that's what a human does. He doesn't 
want to be like one, so he just starts walking toward the enemy(what a GREAT 
strategy). You know what that means.
Enemies: Spear Hunter x2, Cathena Soldier x3

Hopefully you charged up your Spirit Stones, because you don't want those 
Spear HUnters to get near your characters. Start off by casting Wind Slasher 
like a mad man on those Spear Hunters. Have Delma cast Speed Up and Densimo 
should cast Guard Field. Have Delma cast Flaming Arrow on the Spear Hunters 
and try to position Densimo, so he can hit both Spear Hunters. Use Healing 
Herbs if necessary. Once you kill both Spear Hunters you'll be left with 3 
Cathena Soldiers. They have guns, but luckily they're weak. They should do 
only 20 damage on you at the most, usually 15. Kill 2 of them any way you'd 
like. I just used Wind Slasher and Flaming Arrow over and over again, because 
I had plenty of Spirit Stones. Once there is one Cathene Soldier left go to 
the top right and break the first box you see. You'll get a FIRST AID KIT, 
and 80 G. The box next to it will yield a BOMB, and 11 SPIRIT STONES. Towards 
the bottom of the battlefield you should see a tree stump. Head down there 
and break it to reveal a Reiki Leaf, which boosts your defense by 5 permanently. 
Once you get all the items kill that Cathena Soldier pat yourself on the back 
for an easy victory!

Once the battle is over Densimo will talk about how strong Darc is. He wants 
Darc to become a partner of his. They'd conquer the whole world and split 
the rulings in half! Darc agrees and they start to slaughter innocent 
people(just kidding ^_^). Delma butts in and says that Darc has a higher goal 
than that. Darc says nothing and Densimo tells Darc to think it over and give 
him an answer when they deal with the Drakyr. Delma and Densimo leave and 
Darc follows. Head to.............

|Orcoth                                            |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.10), Delma(Lv.8), Densimo(Lv.8) | 
As you enter Darc will be worried about that nasty Geedo. Delma will wonder 
why the heck he'd be worried about that cruel woman. Densimo will say that 
he can't have a partner that's a slave. He says he'll talk to Geedo about 
releasing Darc. Delma will be happy and you'll be free to walk around after 
that. What you really want to do now is get 10 FREE HEALING HERBS. To do this 
head down and talk to everyone in town until you run into an Orc that won't 
shut up. They'll tell you about The Five Orcothian Wonders. In order answer: 
The Five What?(2nd choice), Yes, please(1st choice), between 600 and 800(4th 
choice). Once you answer this she'll reward you with 10 Healing Herbs for 
FREE. So the answers are 2nd choice, 1st choice, and 4th choice. Once you 
get these you'll want to prepare for a very difficult fight. You'll want Darc 
juiced up in healing items, so let's set him up.

First of all, if Darc is not Lv.8 or higher make sure you level him up! Mine 
is Lv.10 and I was able to teach him a magic spell called Tornadoe which will 
really make the next few battles easier. Unequip all of his items that he 
has. Give him the ATTACK BOTTLE from Densimo, the CONFUSION FIRECRACKER you 
got from the battle with Ludhi, and 6 HEALING HERBS. Buy some GOOD HERBS if 
you've got the money. Use that Reiki Leaf you found at ZEDORA ABYSS on Darc. 
If Darc is about to reach Class Level 4 fight a battle to get him that class 
level, so he can learn Tornado. Fully charge Darc's Spirit Stones and buy 
20 extra ones for your party. 
If you're running low on Spirit Stones take some from Densimo and Delma. They 
don't need more than half of their maximum capacity. Take off any items they 
might have and keep them in your party supply. You can give them each a HEALING 
HERB since you just got 10. Once you're ready SAVE and head over 

|The Varamm Barrens                                |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.10), Delma(lv.8), Densimo(Lv.8) | 
Upon your entrance you'll see Geedo hanging from a tree. You'll wonder who 
would do such a thing. A Drakyr will swoop down and ask for the WIND STONE 
or they'll kill Geedo(like anyone cares?). Darc thinks it over and over, but 
decides that he'd rather see Geedo dead. The Drakyr are surprised and so is 
Geedo. The Drakyr's will now send some Wyverns for you to play with and observe 
your fight.

Enemies: Wyvern x4

This battle should be easy. Don't use any of Darc's Spirit Stones up. Have 
him attack the Wyverns while Densimo and Delma cast Flaming Arrow repeatedly. 
If Delma or Densimo is about to die forget about them and concentrate on 
keeping Darc's HP high and safe. Delma and Densimo leave your party after 
this battle, so go nuts with their spells. The tree stumps carry nothing, 
so don't even bother. If it comes to the point whee you have to use Darc's 
spells then make sure you have enough Spirit Stones to heal him afterwards.

Once the battle is over you'll see that the Drakyr have disappeared. All of 
a sudden one of them tackles down Darc. Another will shoot Densimo down. The 
Drakyr now asks Darc to tell him where the WIND STONE is or he'll pull off 
Darc's wings! Darc refuses to tell and he pulls off Darc's left wing(ouch)! 
Delma screams as she can't bare to see Darc getting hurt. The Drakyr asks 
one last time where the WIND STONE is and Darc still contines to refuse. The 
Drakyr pulls off Darc's last wing(oh the pain)! Delma now tells him to stop 
and leave Darc alone if she tells them where the WIND STONE is. The Drakyr 
agrees and Darc tells Delma to keep her mouth shut, because they'll kill them 
either way. Delma says she can't stand watching Darc get hurt, so she tells 
them taht it's in Windalf's tomb in the CHURCH RUINS. The Drakyr knocks out 
Darc cold and before he leaves he shoots Delma down. The screen will dark 
out now and you'll hear Densimo get up and leave.

Darc awakens to find that Densimo has disappeared and Delma is laying on the 
ground. He remembers that he has to head to the CHURCH RUINS to prevent the 
Drakyr from getting the WIND STONE. You can check Delma's body, but she won't 
wake up. Leave and head to...........

|Geedo's Lair                                      |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.10)                             | 
What? There's nothing here. You're here to save for the upcoming battle! Head 
downstairs and save. Double check your items and make sure you have an Attack 
Bottle, Confusion Firecracker, and 6 Healing Herbs(Good Herbs if possible). 
If your class level is 4 learn Tornadoe to make the next battle easier. Restock 
your Spirit Stones, so that you'll have 70. Now, the showdown will start so 
head on over to the..............

|Church Ruins                                      |
|My Party: Darc(Lv.10)                             | 
You'll see Geedo and the Drakyr there. It turns out that Geedo was working 
with the Drakyr. Not only that you'll see Densimo on THEIR side. What's going 
on here? It appears that the Drakyr were going to reward Geedo, Densimo would 
get that Firble you raised, and the Drakyr would get the WIND STONE. They 
all worked together to get what they wanted to ruin your life! Densimo will 
throw you back saying that Deimos only know power. Darc will fall next to 
the armor and sword that Rapier dropped from the battle awhile ago. You 
getting angry? I am, so let's teach these punks a lesson!

Enemies: Densimo x1, Drakyr x2, Geedo x1

This battle is TOUGH. Start off by using the CONFUSION FIRECRACKER on those 
Drakyrs. This will cause them to attack each other for 2 whole turns of theirs. 
Next turn you get use the ATTACK BOTTLE you stole from Densimo. On your 3rd 
turn cast Tornadoe or Wind Slasher on the Drakyr, because after their 
confusion fight they should have a little bit of HP left. Once they're dead 
concentrate on Densimo with Tornadoes or Wind Slashers. If your strength is 
high try Darc's special attack Claws of Rage. Whatever does the most damage 
on Densimo should be used. Use those Healing herbs to heal yourself if your 
HP goes below 50. It hould take around 5-8 hits before Densimo goes down. 
Once he's dead you'll finally get to slaughter that old hag. Go over to Geedo 
and kill her in 3 or so hits.

Alternative Strategy:
You can concentrate your attacks on Densimo if you didn't get a CONFUSION 
FIRECRACKER. Use all your Spirit Stones to take him down. Once he's gone just 
attack a Drakyr with Claws of Rage twice to kill it. Once Geedo and a Drakyr 
is left the battle is relatively easy from then on. Having some Good Herbs 
are a lot better than having Healing Herbs. 
!Master Tony's Tip! 
Never let your HP fall below 50. If you die it's alright. You should have 
saved earlier. Spend some time to level up once or twice and it should be 
easier. If you used the Reiki Leaf on Darc he shouldn't take too much damage.

TO BE CONTINUED............................

2.1 Skills and Magic

COMING SOON................

3.0 Credits
Thanks to gameFAQS for accepting this FAQ
Thanks to my dad for being a great role model
Thanks to my mom for not dieing on me
Thanks to my brother(Andy) for annoying me my whole life
Thanks to my good friends that are always trying to pester me
Thanks to SONY for creating the all mighty and powerful PS2
Thanks to SONY again for making the game(when will they stop?) ^_^
Thanks to you(the reader) for reading my FAQ
Thanks to my boss at GameStop for those awesome discounts :)
Thanks to Pepsi Twist

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