Any way to turn off Chapter 8 enemies?

  1. So, i already played this game alot, but i always did everything possible before ending a chapter, so i was always hunting every enemy and getting some exp grind before doing the objective.

    This time i rushed chapter 7 without completing hunts for Myna in Vedan and as a result chapter 8 enemies are annoying af, i cant farm the mines well cuz 80% of the enemies are from Cancer king's ruins.

    I dont think this was a thing in the ps2 version, im not sure, but that really destroys my farm. My oldest save before completing chapter 8 is from chapter 3 so no i cant load an older save. Is there any way for me to turn this off?

    User Info: Ylunn

    Ylunn - 2 years ago


  1. Pretty sure you can't. What about starship factory or even the prison?

    User Info: Tussock

    Tussock - 2 years ago 0   0

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