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Guide and Walkthrough by piecemealcranky

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 05/27/2006

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2006 by the author piecemealcranky. All rights reserved.

                     ____  _____   _____  ______  ___| |
                    / _  ||  _  \ |_ _  ||  __  |/  _  |
                   | | | || |_|  | ___| || |  | || | | |
                   | | | ||  _  / |  _  || |  | || | | |
                   | |_| || | | | | |_| || |  | || |_| |
                   |___  ||_| | |_|_____||_|  |_|\_____|
                   |_____|  _  \__  |                     _
                          _| |___ | |___  _____  _____  _| |___
                         |_   ___||  _  ||  _  ||  ___||_   ___|
                           | | | || | | || |_| || |___   | | | |
                           | | | || | | ||  ___||  ___|  | | | |
                           | |_| || | | || |___ | |      | |_| |
                           |_____||_| |_||_____||_|      |_____|
                         _____  _   _  _| |___  _____
                        |_ _  || | | ||_   ___||  _  |
                         ___| || | | |  | | | || | | |
                        |  _  || | | |  | | | || | | |
                        | |_| || |_| |  | |_| || |_| |
                        |_____||_____|  |_____||_____|

               __|                \            |                  
             \__ \  _` |   \     _ \    \   _` |  _| -_)  _` |(_-<
             ____/\__,_|_| _|  _/  _\_| _|\__,_|_| \___|\__,_|___/
(Thanks to dark52 for the "Grand Theft Auto" ASCII art)


Game Title: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Platform: Sony PlayStation 2
Author: piecemealcranky
Date Created: 26th of October 2004
E-mail: piece_meal_cranky@yahoo.com
Last Updated: 27th of May 2006 
Version: 2.0 (complete)

Recent Update: 1st of November 2004

Nothing major. Well, maybe a little. Okay, just did some work on 
Ryder's missions. Now they're complete. Next one will be up for Big Smoke.

Recent Update: 2nd of November 2004

Like I stated above, Big Smoke's section is complete. Will be doing 
work for the next ones. Happening very soon.

Recent Update: 5th of November 2004

Well, completed until Officer Tenpenny's missions. The next update might be a 
little late, since I'll do until all the missions are covered. I will be 
updating fast though, so it depends.

Recent Update: 6th of November 2004

Just completed Sweet's mission part II. Hopefully I can finish off the 
storyline section soon, so expect a lot of updates the upcoming weeks. :)

Recent Update: 9th of November 2004

I just finished until Catalina's second part mission, though not all were 
complete. I will be doing a lot of work for the next upcoming weeks. 

Recent Update: 10th of November 2004

Finished Catalina's missions. Now, off to Cesar's and to The Truth and soon 
I'll be doing work for San Fierro walkthrough.

Recent Update: 16th of November 2004

Finished Cesar's part three missions. I was really busy a few days back, and 
my Internet service was corrupted. Thankfully, it's working now. I'll 
continue my work again. Next update is happening very soon from 

Recent Update: 19th of November 2004

Finished the storyline mission until Carl Johnson's first mission (man, I'm 
real slow). I apologize for the real slow update, since I'm having a real 
busy week. :( The good news is that I've done the Side Missions section, and 
completed the R3 missions. Hooray! I guess. Though, that's still under work. 
I will continue this guide to the final version. I will. :)

Recent Update: 24th of November 2004

I did all the quarry missions, and they're now available at the Side Missions 
section. Check them out. Also, I'm working on the side missions for now. A 
fully complete Side Missions section will be available soon, very soon, but 
for the meantime, I'll still be a little busy. :) 

Recent Update: 25th of November 2004

Finally, the Side Missions are complete, at least for now. I'm thinking of 
separating the 100% required section and the not required ones into another 
section, so it's easier for people to search around the walkthrough. I'll 
think about it.

Recent Update: 27th of November 2004

Finished all the Import Export lists and now they're available. I've also 
included 4 small sections, so there's more space for me to explain the whole 
thing there. Major update coming soon!

Recent Update: 29th of November 2004

Finished the courier missions, which are required for 100%. The big update 
coming soon!

Recent Update: 2nd of December 2004

Wow, we're getting closer to 2005. Brace yourselves people. Oh, the big 
update is here! Unfortunately, some sections are undergoing some serious 
work. I do apologize, but those will be coming up shortly before 2005 
arrives! That's all for now, I guess.

Recent Update: 8th of December 2004

Alright, I've finished all the Two-wheel Challenges, the Ammu-Nation 
challenge and the Stadium Challenges sections. I'll be doing some work for 
the schools section, and don't mind the tags, oysters, etc. They'll be coming 
up shortly after the schools section is done, and I'll update from there. 

Recent Update: 10th of December 2004

I finished the Graffiti Tags Guide section, but the list is from LordFrieza. 
Thanks a lot for it! You can check his guide at GameFAQs. I'll still need 
time for the Schools and the storyline walkthrough. Still working my ass on 
it. :)

Recent Update: 14th of December 2004

Alright, I've added the Horseshoes section, and the list comes from 
gamefreaksl. Thanks a lot! The Carl Johnson section is complete, along with a 
few of Wu Zi Mu's missions. The next update will be a while since I might not 
update at GameFAQs too quickly. I'll give it some time before other sections 
are done. Still, the school section is incomplete, and that will be a lot of 
work for me as well.

Recent Update: 18th of December 2004

Added the Driving School section for 'Schools'. Finished some of Toreno's 
missions, but others are undergoing some work. I'm updating this guide as 
fast as I could, but give me some time people; I hope I can finish this FAQ 

Recent Update: 24th of December 2004

Alright, I did a major work for the storyline missions, and they're very, 
VERY close to complete. Just the finale section left. The next update is 
coming in a few more days.

Recent Update: 30th December 2004

Alright, just two more days for a new year. First, thanks for being with me 
for these past months, and happy new year everyone. Also, finally, the first 
complete version is here, and the storyline section is complete. Go check it 

Recent Update: 2nd of January 2005

I've finished the 100% Checklist section, as well as The Heist Missions 
section. Glad those are all over right now, so check them out. Spot any 
mistakes in any of the sections? Please inform. E-mail me. I'll finish the 
school section soon, as well as the rest of the oysters and the snapshots. 

Recent Update: 8th of January 2005

Finished and completed the oysters guide section, so check it if you want. 
I'm doing some work on the snapshots guide, so that section will be rolling 
in soon. Enjoy the guide for now!

Recent Update: 11th of January 2005

Alright, completed the Properties Guide which comes from Menji76 (Nick 
Bryant). Thanks for the list. Also, remember, I will not respond to e-mails 
regarding to anything with properties since the list is not mine. Read his 
guide at GameFAQs for further info (and other respective websites which he 
allowed). The Schools section might be up in the next update. God how many 
updates are there?

Recent Update: 18th of February 2005

People, I apologize! As you all haven't been notified, I had problems with my 
computer, and a approximately a month ago I had a fatal error with my 
computer, and eventually the hard disk crashed. I couldn't do anything, and 
all my updates up to that point for this guide was gone, completely gone! 
Believe that! Well, you have to, since I can't get those back. Now, alright I 
already gotten back my desktop computer, and I've added a new contribution 
from Ihmhi (i_have_mental_health_issues@yahoo.com) to the basics section, at 
the bottom. It specifies everything about the basics which you couldn't find 
in this guide, at the basics section of course. Well, I'd like to thank him 
for the e-mail sent to me, and well, updates will resume as usual. Hopefully 
this doesn't happen again. :)   

Recent Update: 23rd of February 2005

Finally, after the disaster with my computer, and the problems I fixed for 
this guide (my apologies for the format problems for those who had difficulty 
reading), I finally finished the Schools section, and it's up and ready for 
you guys! Also, I've added the Controls section, and a few notes so that that 
you won't be asking my where the L3 button is (it's the left Analog stick 
9where you push it down), I told you! Anyway, read the controls section if 
you're having problems. Next update would most probably be for the Snapshots 
Guide section! Damn I'm running out of time.

Recent Update: 26th of February 2005

Like I promised, the Snapshots Guide section is up and running. The list is 
from R Carr (Robert Carr). The next one will take some time because my exams 
are shortly arriving, and the next update would most probably be for the 
basics, but more in-depth. 

Recent Update: 14th of March 2005

Alright, I've added two new contributions for the Gray Imports mission. Check 
them, and I'd like to thank those people who contributed. I've added a few 
new sections in the miscellaneous section (check them below) and a few are 
undergoing for some major work for me. I've also fixed a few errors and 
cleaned a few stuff. I'm not sure how it appears this time, but hopefully 
it's good. Those are the heads-up for now. next update is expected soon. 

Recent Update: 15th of April 2005

It's been a full month I left this guide without any updates. Just to keep a 
track and informing you guys out there that I AM STILL NOT finished with the 
guide, here's an update. This time, comes a list for the Miscellaneous 
Section, Item Locations (NEW!) and Weapon Lists & Locations (NEW!) sections. 
No big update yet, but it's coming. Next one is expected to happen anywhere 
around May or so; if not, something could be wrong. I would need some time 

Recent Update: 24th of August 2005

It has been so long since I've updated this guide. Trust me, I'm not lying. 
I've been extremely busy the entire year, simply because I'm having a major 
examination by early October. Please excuse my presence and the guide. It 
will not be complete just yet, but if you're wondering, those are the non-
storyline and 100% sections. So, if you're aiming for 100%, you can use this 
guide and it will, apparently help you. So don't fret. The next update will 
definitely arrive within two months or so. Remember; I cannot guarantee. I'm 
working on the sections labeled [incomplete] so far. Some are halfway 
complete, and others are just about to start. So for now, enjoy the guide!

Recent Update: 5th of April 2006

Oooh yeah... I'm back on the guide. Well, since I did not make any new 
updates lately I have been extremely occupied with school... and other 
personal things on my desk. But, since I have concluded that the FAQ is in 
fact complete, I assume that other information you cannot find in this guide 
are to no use to you, and they do not contribute any percentage to the game 
but just fun, example; the min-games. I did not list the unique jumps, the 
weapons and items hidden around the game because they are the only fun things 
you can discover and try to find yourself, so that's the beauty of it. And 
even so, I don't think you would even want to read through the list to 
discover them, unless you're pretty damn bored. So well, only the Cheats & 
Secrets section is under update. The rest are all complete. I'll catch you 
guys later. 

Recent Update: 27th of May 2006

I'm done with guide, finally. Thank you to those who have helped me made this 
guide sort of a success. It is, and hopefully the glory continues in the 
future. I shall still answer any questions that may arrive at my mailbox, and 
I will check on mistakes whenever I'm alerted. The Cheat section is now 
complete, but you may find lots more on the cheat section of gameFAQs. In 
addition, please do not send me contributions for the Cheat section. I will 
not update it anymore. So, farewell everyone.


You can use the search function to find the sections you want (CTRL+F). Type 
the codes at the sides to find them, whether it's the main section or the 
missions, or other non-storyline related sections. :)

1. Introduction (a101)
2. Legal Info (b102)
3. Basics (c103a)
    * Basic Controls (gcontrol)
    * Running, Jumping, Swimming & The Clock (c103b)
    * Vehicles (c103c)
    * New Features (c103d)
    * Getting Wasted & Busted (c103e)
    * Protecting Self & Removing Wanted Stars (c103f)
    * Your Character (c103g)
    * Weapons (c103h)
    * Basic Skills (c103i)
    * Gangs (c103j)
    * Miscellaneous (c103k) 
4. Storyline Walkthrough (d104)
 A. [Sean Johnson/Sweet] (d105a)
    I. big smoke (d105b)
   II. ryder (d105c)
  III. tagging up turf (d105d)
   IV. cleaning the hood (d105e)
    V. drive-thru (d105f)
   VI. nines and ak's (d105g)
  VII. drive-by (d105h)
 VIII. sweet's girl (d105i)
   IX. cesar vialpando (d105j) 
 B. [Lance Wilson/Ryder] (d106a)  
    I. home invasion (d106b)
   II. catalyst (d106c)
  III. robbing uncle sam (d106d)
 C. [Melvin Harris/Big Smoke] (d107a)
    I. og loc (d107b)
   II. running dog (d107c)
  III. wrong side of the tracks (d107d)
   IV. just business (d107e)
 D. [Jeffery Martin/OG Loc] (d108a)
    I. life's a beach (d108b)
   II. madd dogg's rhymes (d108c)
  III. management issues (d108d)
   IV. house party (d108e)
 E. [Cesar Vialpando] (d109a)
    I. high stakes, low-rider (d109b)
 F. [Officer Frank Tenpenny] (d110a)
    I. burning desires (d110b)
   II. gray imports (d110c)
 G. [Sean Johnson/Sweet II] (d111a)
    I. Doberman (d111b)
   II. los sepulcros (d111c)
  III. reuniting the families (d111d)
   IV. the green sabre (d111e)
 H. [Officer Frank Tenpenny II] (d112a)
    I. badlands (d112b)
 I. [Catalina] (d113a)
    I. first date (d113b)
   II. tanker commander (d113c)
 J. [The Truth] (d114a)
    I. Body Harvest (d114b)
 K. [Cesar Vialpando II] (d115a)
    I. king in exile (d115b)
 L. [Catalina II] (d116a)
    I. first base (d116b)  
   II. local liquor store (d116c)
  III. gone courting (d116d)
   IV. against all odds (d116e)
    V. made in heaven (d116f)
   VI. small town bank (d116g) 
 M. [Cesar Vialpando III] (d117a)
    I. wu zi mu (d117b)
   II. farewell, my love... (d117c)
 N. [The Truth II] (d118a)
    I. are you going to san fierro? (d118b)
 O. [Carl Johnson] (d119a)   
    I. wear flowers in your hair (d119b)
   II. 555 we tip (d119c)
  III. deconstruction (d119d)    
   IV. photo opportunity (d119e)
    V. jizzy (d119f) 
   VI. t-bone Mendez (d119g)
  VII. mike toreno (d119h)
 VIII. outrider (d119i)
   IX. snail trail (d119j) 
    X. ice cold killa (d119k)
   XI. pier 69 (d119l)
  XII. toreno's last flight (d119m)     
 P. [Wu Zi Mu] (d120a)
    I. mountain cloud boys (d120b)
   II. ran fa li (d120c)
  III. lure (d120d)
   IV. amphibious assault (d120e)
    V. the da nang thang (d120f) 
   VI. yay ka-boom-boom (d120g)  
 Q. [Mike Toreno] (d122a) 
    I. monster (d122b)
   II. highjack (d122c)
  III. interdiction (d122d)
   IV. verdant meadows (d122e)
    V. n.o.e (d122f)
   VI. stowaway (d122g)    
 R. [The Truth III] (d123a)
    I. black project (d123b)
   II. green goo (d123c)
 S. [Wu Zi Mu II] (d124a) 
    I. fender ketchup (d124b)
   II. explosive situation (d124c)
  III. you've had your chips (d124d)
 T. [The Truth IV] (d125a) 
    I. don peyote (d125b)
 U. [Ken Rosenberg] (d126a)
    I. intensive care (d126b)
   II. the meat business (d126c) 
  III. freefall (d126d)
 V. [Wu Zi Mu III] (d127a)
    I. fish in a barrel (d127b)
 W. [Officer Frank Tenpenny III] (d128a)
    I. misappropriation (d128b) 
   II. high noon (d128c)
 X. [Madd Dogg] (d129a)
    I. madd dogg (d129b)
 Y. [Salvatore Leone] (d130a)     
    I. saint mark's bistro (d130b)
 Z. [Wu Zi Mu IV] (d131a)
    I. a home in the hills (d131b)
A1. [Carl Johnson II] (d132a)
    I. vertical bird (d132b)
   II. home coming (d132c)
  III. cut throat business (d132d) 
B2. [Sean Johnson/Sweet III] (d133a) 
    I. beat down on b-dup (d133b)
   II. grove 4 life (d133c)
C3. [Finale Missions] (d134a)
    I. riot (d134b)
   II. los desperados (d134c)
  III. end of the line (d134d)  
5. Side/Optional Missions (e70)    
    I. R3 Missions (e71a)
        1. Vigilante Mission (e71b) 
        2. Taxi Mission (e71c) 
        3. Paramedic Mission (e71d)
        4. Firefighter Mission (e71e) 
        5. Burglary Mission (e71f)  
        6. Pimping Mission (e71g)
        7. Freight Train Mission (e71h) 
   II. Trucking Missions (e72a)
  III. Valet Parking Missions (e73a)
   IV. Quarry Missions (e74a)
    V. Import/Export Crane (e75a)
        1. Import & Export (e75b)
        2. Export & Import Lists (e75c)
        3. Locations of Vehicles (e75d) 
        4. Key Factors (e75e)
   VI. Courier Missions (e76a)
        1. Courier Mission 1: Los Santos (e76b)
        2. Courier Mission 2: San Fierro (e76c)
        3. Courier Mission 3: Las Venturas (e76d)
  VII. Race Tournaments (e77a) 
        1. Los Santos Races (e77b)
        2. San Fierro Races (e77c)
        3. Las Venturas Races (e77d)
        4. Las Venturas Airport Checkpoints (e77e)
 VIII. Two Wheel Challenges (e78a)
        1. BMX Challenge (e78b)
        2. Chiliad Challenges (e78c)
           A. Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route (e78ca) 
           B. Birdseye Winder Yellow Route (e78cb) 
           C. Cobra Run (e78cc)
        3. NRG-500 Challenge (e78d)
   IX. Ammu-Nation Challenge (e79a)
        1. Pistol Challenge (e79b)
        2. Micro-SMG Challenge (e79c)
        3. Shotgun Challenge (e79d)
        4. AK-47 Challenge (e79e)
    X. Stadium Challenges (e80a)
        1. 8-Track (e80b)
        2. Blood Bowl (e80c)
        3. Dirt Track (e80d)
        4. Kickstart (e80e) 
   XI. Graffiti Tags Guide (e81a)
  XII. Oysters Guide (e82a)
 XIII. Horseshoes Guide (e83a)
  XIV. Snapshots Guide (e84a)
   XV. Schools (e85a)
        1. Driving School (e85b)
           a. The 360
           b. The 180
           c. Whip & terminate
           d. Pop & control
           e. Burn & lap
           f. Cone coil
           g. The '90'
           h. Wheelie Weave
           i. Spin & Go 
           j. P.I.T Maneuver
           k. Alley Oop
           l. City Slicking
        2. Pilot School (e85c)
           a. Takeoff
           b. Land Plane
           c. Circle Airstrip      
           d. Circle Airstrip & Land
           e. Helicopter Takeoff
           f. Land Helicopter
           g. Destroy Targets
           h. Loop-The-Loop
           i. Barrel Roll
           j. Parachute Onto Target
        3. Bike School (e85d)
           a. The 360
           b. The 180
           c. The Wheelie
           d. Jump & Stop
           e. The Stoppie
        4. Boat School (e85e) 
           a. Basic Seamanship
           b. Plot a Course
           c. Fresh Slalom 
           d. Flying Fish
           e. Land, Sea & Air
  XVI. Properties Guide (e86a)
        I. Los Santos {prols}
       II. Countryside (procountry)
      III. San Fierro (prosf)
       IV. Las Venturas {prolv)
 XVII. Zero's Missions (e87a)
        I. Air Raid (e87b)
       II. Supply Lines... (e87c)
      III. New Model Army (e87d)
XVIII. Wang Autos Missions (e88a)
        I. Zeroing In (e88b)
       II. Test Drive (e88c) 
      III. Customs Fast Track (e88d)
       IV. Puncture Wounds (e88e)  
  XIX. The Heist Missions (e89a) 
        I. Architectural Espionage (e89b) 
       II. Key To Her Heart (e89c)
      III. Dam and Blast (e89d)
       IV. Cop Wheels (e89e)
        V. Up, Up and Away! (e89f)
       VI. Breaking the Bank at Caligula's (e89g)
   XX. Gyms (e90a)
        I. Ganton Gym - Los Santos (e90b)
       II. Cobra Martial Arts Gym - San Fierro (e90c)
      III. Below the Belt - Las Venturas (e90d)
6. Miscellaneous Section (miscsect)
        I. Your Statistics (miscstats)
       II. Haircuts (mischair)
           A. Old Reece's Barber Shop (oldreece)
           B. Barber Shop (barshop)
           C. Barber Salon (barsal)
           D. The Barber's Pole (barpole)
           E. Gay Gordo's Boufon Boutique (gorbouf)
      III. Tattoos (misctattoo) 
       IV. Food Places (miscfood) 
           A. Well Stacked Pizza Co. (wsp)
           B. Cluckin' Bell (cbell)
           C. Burger Shot (burshot) 
        V. Girlfriends (miscgf) 
       VI. Triathlon Races (miscrace) 
      VII. Gangs & Wars (miscgang)
 7. 100% Requirements Checklist (100check)
 8. Cheats (cheatsec) 
 9. Frequently Asked Questions (faq6117)
10. Credits (cr318)

Author's Note: This walkthrough, is and will be listing missions required for 
100% completion, and also other non-storyline missions which aren't required 
for 100% completion. Whether you're going for 100% or not, this guide will 
cover all the basic and non-basic needs. Feel free to send a reply anytime! 

1. I N T R O D U C T I O N  (a101)

Welcome to my sixth FAQ, and my first time doing a walkthrough for the 
Grand Theft Auto series! I always wanted to write a guide, but had a 
lot of plans for the previous years. Now, hopefully this time, this 
guide would help you readers out there better, and without further 
questions. Well, this is my first time experience of writing a guide 
with games like these, so I apologize if there are any mistakes during 
the start to the end of the walkthrough. If you do see mistakes, please 
don't hesitate to e-mail me. Do include the subject Grand Theft Auto of 
something similar, or I'll just delete your mail without hesitation. 

As you all know, this is the fifth game in the series and is known 
famous for the city's size. Rockstar has made a lot of improvements for 
the game, for the sake of the players. From the vehicles to the city, 
to the gun-fights (game-play) and to a whole lot of better sceneries 
and graphics in the game, everything has been improved. I'd like to 
thank them for the hard work. San Andreas is really a different one 
from Vice City. Despite its gigantic size, the weather here is a little 
different. If you've played Vice City before, you can probably notice 
the difference in this one. 

The vehicles have been improved. You can see cops on bikes, gang 
members grouping and acting more realistic, a lot of radio stations in 
the city, a better and improved game-play, and of course a very sweet 
and smooth storyline. Once you advance, you'll see what the game has to 
offer you. 

So, I hope you'll get some info on this guide, whether it's good or 
not, depends on you. If you're going to e-mail me for some questions, 
do it only when you're 100% sure that the info you're looking for is 
not available here. Thanks for reading and do check the contents of 
this guide and search the section you want.

About the contents of the guide - Well, this guide contains all the stuff you 
need to either complete the game's storyline, or 100%. The 100% sections 
include the Storyline Walkthrough section of course and the Side/Optional 
Missions section (see the contents). The Miscellaneous section is not 
required for 100%, because they're all the addition to the game, which goes 
in-depth in this guide. The same goes to the Item locations section; 
everything listed there aren't required for 100%.

So, if anything goes wrong, or you have any suggestions which don't really 
seem to burden me so much, feel free to send an e-mail. Make sure the subject 
is clearly stated as what you wanted to inform or ask me.    

2. L E G A L  I N F O  (b102) 

All further questions NOT available within the FAQ/Guide can be emailed to 
the following address:


Please include a proper title (with proper grammar) in the subject column 
associated with the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The author may 
discard emails without a proper subject in the "subject" column.


No part of this FAQ may be reproduced in any form, shape, or transmitted, in 
any ways, or in any forms by any means (electronically, mechanically, through 
various recording devices, or otherwise) without prior permission from the 
author. This means no copying, no publishing, or any other illegal 

This FAQ is for personal use and for viewing purposes only. Readers may print 
a copy of the FAQ for he or she's own personal use without publicly or 
discreetly distributing a copy in order to earn money or make profit. 

This FAQ is protected by the International Copyright Law and all its contents 
are limited for the use of the websites which hold responsibility and have 
authorized permission to host it. This FAQ is hosted by sites which hold the 
responsibility of not permitting any sort of publishing, selling, or copying 
the contents and materials present in the FAQ.

3. B A S I C S (c103a)

Alright, here are the important stuffs you should know while cruising 
around San Andreas. Most of them are told during the game's progress, 
but if you want to recall your memory, read on. I've separated the side 
missions into a different section, so for the basics, read here.

Basic Controls (gcontrol)

Here are the basic controls from the game. In case you're not sure of the 
buttons, I'll show you where to find them. However, I assume you know where 
the Analog sticks are, and the directional pad is. Please keep your eyes WIDE 

L1 - it is the button directly above the up on your D-pad, on the left of 

L2 - below the L1 button.

R1 - the button directly above your triangle button, on your right.

R2 - underneath the R1 button.

L3 - this is the button where you push it downwards to hear a click, where 
your left Analog stick is (push it in).

R3 - exactly as the above but the opposite side (your right Analog stick 
where you push it in).

Any further questions regarding the L3, the R3 button, or any other buttons 
or anything with the controls (except corrections for the mistakes seen here) 
would be ignored, since I've had e-mails with the subject 'GTA: San Andreas', 
but the questions were all about the same case - button problems. 

On Foot

TRIANGLE BUTTON: Enter vehicle, secondary attack, activate mini-game, pick-up 


X BUTTON (hold): Run

X BUTTON (tap): Sprint

SQUARE BUTTON: Jump/Climb/Block
L1 BUTTON: Centre Camera/View Stats/Fire Weapon 

L2 BUTTON: Cycle Weapon Left

R1 BUTTON: Target

R2 BUTTON: Cycle Weapon Right

L3 BUTTON: Crouch

SELECT BUTTON: Change Camera Modes


R3 BUTTON: Look Behind

UP DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Gang Active Mode 


RIGHT DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Respond Positively

LEFT DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Respond Negatively


LEFT ANALOG STICK: Character Movement

On Bicycle

X BUTTON (hold): Pedal

X BUTTON (tap): Pedal Faster

L1 BUTTON: Bunnyhop

L1 BUTTON (hold & release): Bunnyhop Higher

In Vehicle


CIRCLE BUTTON: Vehicle Weapon/Nitrous 

X BUTTON: Accelerate

SQUARE BUTTON: Brake/Reverse

L1 BUTTON: Vehicle Weapon/Nitrous

L2 BUTTON + R2 BUTTON: Look Left/Look Behind

R1 BUTTON: Handbrake

R2 BUTTON + L2 BUTTON: Look Right/Look Behind

LEFT ANALOG STICK: Vehicle Steering/Camera

UP DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Cycle Radio Stations (if radio is available)

DOWN DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Cycle Radio Stations (if radio is available)



SELECT BUTTON: Change Camera Modes


R3 BUTTON: Trigger R3 Mission (if mission is available with the vehicle)

RIGHT ANALOG STICK: Turret Control/Manual Camera/Change Cinematic Camera

First Person Shooting


L1 BUTTON: Shoot/Fire

L2/R2 BUTTON: Zoom In/Zoom Out



R1 BUTTON: Back to Normal Position (let the button go) 

L3 BUTTON: Crouch


CIRCLE BUTTON: Dive Underwater

X BUTTON (hold): Sprint (swim faster)

X BUTTON (tap): Super Sprint


TRIANGLE BUTTON: Enter Vehicle (water vehicles)

X BUTTON (hold): Swim Toward

X BUTTON (tap): Sprint (swim faster)

LEFT ANALOG STICK: Navigate Swimming Direction


R2 BUTTON: Rudder Right

L2 BUTTON: Rudder Left

X BUTTON: Ascend (gain height)

SQUARE BUTTON: Descend (lose height)


L1 BUTTON: Primary Weapon (Hunter, Seasparrow)

L3 BUTTON: Hover



R2 BUTTON: Rudder Right

L2 BUTTON: Rudder Right

X BUTTON: Thrust

SQUARE BUTTON: Reverse Thrust


L1 BUTTON: Primary Weapon

CIRCLE BUTTON: Alternate Weapon (countermeasures - Hydra)

R3 BUTTON: Raise/Lower Landing Gear


Running, Jumping, Swimming & The Clock (c103b)

Ok, as you might already know, holding on the X button while you're on 
foot and navigating the Left Analog Stick to the direction you desire, 
will get Carl to run, or sprint. You can run for a while and your 
character will start to slow down once he's tired. You'll find a lot of 
ways to improve this, and one of them is by raising your Stamina. Look 
at the list (L1/Start Menu) and see your stamina. To raise it, you need 
to work out in a gym. 

Ok, jumping works a little different than Vice City, and much more 
realistic. Carl can jump above anything through any obstacles, well the 
ones where he can reach of course. If you run towards a gate, a fence, 
or anything within Carl's height, he can jump and make it to the other 
side, rather than make himself looks stupid and jumping like a monkey. 
Ok, run toward it with the Analog Stick and press the jump button 
(square button). 

There's also another type of jumping, which is more specific in 
grapping or climbing. Carl can grab hold a lot of stuff. Example like 
walls (within his height), roof, etc. Just jump towards the obstacle 
and Carl will grab hold it. Press the square button again and he'll 
pull himself up. Piece of cake.

Isn't it a pain drowning all the time when you touch the sea? Well, now 
this time around we're in luck. Carl can swim, better yet, he can also 
dive underwater. Let's start with the basic.

To move around the water, just move normally and Carl will swim forward 
slowly. If you hold the X button, he will swim and sprint faster, but 
this is limited. He can do it for a short period of time only. Try it. 
Also, Carl can dive underwater. While you're in the water, just press 
the circle button and Carl with start to dive in. Tapping or holding 
the X button while underwater will get him to move faster. While you do 
this, a blue bar will appear above the screen, which represents how 
long he could hold his breath. If it reaches zero, your health will 
start to drain. If you're wearing body armor, your health will decrease, not 
your body armor, in case you're wondering. To get to a jetty or to reach a 
higher level of a surface, just jump (square button) and grab hold the 
obstacle and press again to get up.

The Clock:
Confused on how the game runs? Days and nights confusing you? Alright, here's 
how it goes. The game is timed nearly anytime and anywhere you are, so check 
the clock. It is at the top (right hand corner) of your screen. There are 
four digits. The first and second digits represent the hour (from left), and 
the next two represents the minute, not seconds. Since it would take years 
for the game to advance if it moves by seconds, the old way from the previous 
Grand Theft Auto games is left remained here. In other words, the game runs 
the second with minute, and the hour as a minute. Every 1 minute in our real 
time is one hour in the game. The game runs a normal clock, so checking the 
time itself wouldn't be difficult. 

You can also check what day it is. To do so, simply hold the L1 button and a 
menu will pop up on the left (bottom) of the screen, and at the bottom of the 
menu, will appear the day (right side). There's no exact date for the game, 
but the weather changes. You can also check to see how many days you've 
played the game. This can be done by checking the Stats menu (Start menu).  

Also remember, saving the game will advance the time six (6) hours.

Vehicles (c103c)

Very simple. Just go and head to a vehicle, and press the triangle 
button to get in. Carl will open the door (if it's not locked) and hit 
the driver's face (or something similar) and throw him out. To prevent 
him from entering the vehicle after carjacking a driver, hold the 
circle button or the triangle button (moving the right Analog stick may 
refrain him from entering). Carl will stay outside. To get 
out of the vehicle, press the triangle button again (vehicle should 
stop first).

If you're trying to enter a boat, just jump on it and press the 
triangle button. If you drop, don't worry. You can pull yourself up 
from the water.

Bailing Out:
To bail out of a vehicle while on a certain speed, hold the triangle 
button and Carl will jump outside while the car goes straight. Make 
sure the vehicle actually moves, and not on a hill or something.

Doing Drive-by Shooting:
While you're in a car, to do a drive-by, just hold the R2/L2 button 
(which side you want to fire at) and hit the circle or L1 button. You 
will fire your gun. Please bear in mind that only submachine-guns will 
work, however shotguns, pistols, even rifles do not work. In certain 
missions, you can get your friends to shoot for you. They will shoot 
enemies, sometimes even cops. You can help them, but they can handle 

Well, to honk, simply press the L3 button. In case you don't know which 
one, it's the left Analog stick when you press it inside (down).
Take note that not all vehicles can honk. 

These are special things when it was at Vice City, but not here. Now, 
you can get other vehicles other than Blade or other similar vehicles 
to have hydraulics. To make your vehicle go higher, just tap the L3 
button and your vehicles' tires will go higher. To tilt the car around, 
just push the right Analog stick in any direction. Go ahead and try. You can 
also bounce the vehicle with the R3 button.
It's actually quite fun. You can modify vehicles with hydraulics using the 
mod garages.

R3 Missions:
Okay, these are special missions, or also known as R3 Missions. These 
can be triggered when you press the R3 button on any R3 vehicles. This part 
is a brief intro of what R3 missions are available. You can view the complete 
list and guide in the Side Missions section (check the contents).

In police vehicles, you can use the R3 button to trigger Vigilante 
Missions. These are missions where you act as a law enforcer and stop 
criminals. The number of criminals you have to stop will increase when 
you get to higher levels, so pick a manageable Police vehicle before 
attempting to start the Vigilante Mission.

In Taxi vehicles however, you press the R3 button to trigger Taxi 
Missions of course. You will be given a certain amount of time and you 
will need to get a fare. In the allotted time, you will have to drive 
the passenger to the destinations using the map, and there's a new 
addition to this game. There's a tip bar. This bar indicates how much 
extra money you'll get if you get the passengers to their destinations 
in a safe way and real fast. Safe means that you don't get the car 
damaged terribly while sending your passengers. When the bar reaches 
zero, it means that you won't be getting any tip. So you must get your 
passengers to their destinations quickly without any bumps or damage.

Another R3 vehicle mission is Burglary. This R3 mission however, 
requires a special vehicle and can only be done during midnight. You'll 
need a Boxville, a type of van vehicle to perform this mission. Once 
you have one, you can start your robbery mission from 20:00 to 6:00. 
Once it reaches daylight, you won't be able do it anymore. 
To know more about this mission (burglary), read on (scroll down).

Paramedic missions are also R3 missions. Once you get in an ambulance, you 
must drive the patients to the hospital without any bumps or crashes. Safety 
is important, but you must also be fast. Since the vehicle will be easy to 
flip over, try to use brake and handle the vehicle wisely.

Firefighter missions are better now. You can control the water hose now 
easier and better, making it useful and a lot better to put out fires. Use 
the right Analog stick and see what I mean. You'll get a number of burning 
vehicles; the further you go, the harder it gets, example like you start with 
a burning vehicle, and when it gets tough, you'll get people burned together, 
running crazily. Then, you'll have moving cars, and 4 people running around 
in fire. You'll have to manage the huge vehicle wisely, and get a good 
control of the hose.

The train also acts as an R3 mission. You need to jack any type of train; the 
Brown Thunder will do too. Then you'll be given time and you must send the 
cargo to the destination by that allotted time. Be warned; going too fast 
will get the car to get out of the rail, thus failing the mission.

Another addition to the Grand Theft Auto series. Pimping missions are allowed 
in a special vehicle; Broadway. All you do is pick a girl and send them to 
their customer. Then, pick another one and send to the customer as well. Once 
they're done, go pick them up. Many things will appear once you progress 
further; you'll see.

Hitting Other Vehicles:
When you hit other vehicles on the road, most of the drivers will get 
out of their cars with a weapon (bat, knife, maybe guns) and hit you. 
This is a very dangerous situation, so once you carjack a vehicle, 
quickly drive away before you get pulled out and gets bashed up. 
Remember, not all drivers do this, but most of them do, and there's a 
high possibility you'll encounter one. Also, this is really the thing 
you'll get pissed off with when you're on a timing mission.

Stunt Jumps:
Sometimes while you're driving fast, either with bikes or cars, and 
when you jump over a road and perform a move accidentally, you'll get a 
note telling you the jump. These are normal things that occur during 
the game, and you shouldn't worry. This happens most of the time while 
you're on your bike. Take note that these are not Unique Jumps. Read on 
to learn more about it (scroll down).

New Features (c103d)

What's life without food? Yes, this time you can eat. You might already 
know how to do it, but I'll tell you anyway. You just need to step 
inside any of the available fast food restaurants, and stand at the red 
marker. You will be given a certain type of food, and a different 
amount of money you'll be paying. Usually they are $2, $5, and $10. 

There are three different main fast-food restaurants, which are Cluckin' 
Bell, Pizza Stack and Burger Shot. You will find them once you advance 
through the game. Eating is not necessary for everyday thing. You need to 
eat, with a right amount. If you gain too much weight, be sure to check out 
the gym and work out a little. So, make sure you eat at least three times a 
week, or what you think is right for you. 

Work Out:
When your character is facing gangsters and eating non-stop, be sure to 
check the gym. This is very important to work out that muscular body of 
yours and losing your weight. There are four exercising machines you 
can use, and you can train and learn new move with the guy near the red 
marker. It depends on what category you're on to raising, and it takes 
time. You can't work out everything on the same day. You have to give 
yourself some time. You will have a limit on how long you can practice, 
until your body rejects it (the screen tells you). So, it is also a 
basic need, and make sure you train and work out, especially on your 
Stamina and your Muscle bars.

Also, you will need to defeat all three gym leaders for 100%. How to do it? 
Simple. First, get some muscles, and then find the leader in any gym of the 
three different cities. Stand on the red marker, and reply positively when 
they ask you. Now, defeat them and you'll learn new moves, AND get your 
percentage when you defeat all three of them.

As you progress through the game, you'll notice quite a number of 
barbers around San Andreas. There's one mission where you got to get a 
haircut. Though it's explained there, let's get into more detail. There 
are lots of barber shops, but the first one you'll meet is Reece's 
Barber Shop. Just step inside the door and stand at the red marker. 
You'll then be given a list of what type of haircut you'd like to have. 
Choose one and the barber will cut it for you (in seconds). Then, you 
can choose to pay him if you like it, or change into a different 
hairstyle by canceling (triangle button) and pick a new one, or exit 
the shop.

Buying Clothes:
You can now buy clothes and match with your shoes, and anything. You 
can find a shop when you start the game, and once you progress. 
Matching your clothes affects your Sex Appeal. So consider buying nice 
looking clothes. To start buying, walk into the shop, go to the 
changing room and you can start buying anything you desire. From your 
torso area, to your legs, to shoes and even watches. Once you pick the 
one (choose), Carl will start moving outside and you can pick to buy 
it. Once you buy it, it will stay with you from that onwards, so if you 
feel like changing to the old outfit again, go back to your home and go 
upstairs to your wardrobe. You can even be shirtless, but that's 
entirely up to you. You match your character's clothes, you do 
everything. So, make decisions wisely, so if you feel like getting a 
change of your outfit, better do it, especially with the clothes you 
start with.

Ok, another addition to the game. Carl can now get tattoos to gain more 
respect, and maybe to look better. You can choose which type of tattoo 
you want. You can search for tattoo chops using the map. Be sure to use 
it. Once you found the shop, enter it and choose which type of tattoo 
you want. You can place the tattoo at any parts of your body. Arms, 
etc. Even though it's great to use tattoos, if you do wear clothes, 
you'll cover your tattoos if it's around your clothing area. The 
respect you earn will not decrease, but it covers your physical looks, 
but it doesn't change anything. Tattoos are actually to make your 
character looks more into gangster community and to look better.

Car Modification Garage:
Alright, another new and improved addition to San Andreas. You can 
modify your car and their physical attraction to you by changing their 
colors, installing hydraulics and nitrous, and changing into better and 
sporty tires. If you paint a new color to your vehicle, and if you have a 
wanted star, the stars will be evaded, but it's cheaper to use Paint & Spray 
for this matter.

Robbing Houses:
Alright, one of the best addition to the game. You can now sneak into 
houses and steal things. To do this though, you'll need a special 
vehicle. A Boxville would be a suitable vehicle. You'll be given a 
mission for a robbery, and you will get used to it. Make sure you don't 
make too much noise, or you'll wake the owner up. Make sure you pay 
attention to that mission (Home Invasion), and listen to what the game 
has to tell you. You can only perform robberies once you complete that 
specific mission, and once you do that, get a Boxville, some kind of a 
van-type vehicle. It can be found near the first gym (Los Santos), on 
the right facing the entrance. Also, remember to trigger it by pressing 
the R3 button. The burglary mission can only be performed from 20:00 to 

To perform the burglary mission, get in the Boxville and start the 
mission. Go around and search for a house to rob. These can be found 
near housing areas. If you see a house with a yellow pointer at a door, 
you can rob that house. So, park your van near the house (the closer, 
the better). Now, sneak in. It helps if your clothes are dark so it's 
harder to be detected.

Stealth Kills:
Well, this is also another addition to the game-play. Sneaking helps a 
lot in stealth killing, or even robberies. You will learn how to 
perform stealth kills once you advance through the game, but here's how 
to do it. The best weapon to use is the knife. Duck by pressing the R3 
button (while on foot). Next, aim at the person (R1 button) and move 
over and stay really close to him, while in a crouching position (don't 
touch him or move in front of him). Then, you'll notice that Carl's 
hand will raise a little bit above. You can also stand while doing 
this. His hand will move (right hand). Then, quickly hold and press the 
circle button (target must be locked on). He will stab that person's neck and 
the enemy will automatically be dead. This move would be useful in certain 

Also, while you're performing a stealth kill, it's also nice to hide 
in shadows. Your dot on the map (white) will turn blue, meaning that 
you're invisible for others to see.

Replying Negative or Positively:
Well, once you start the game (not very far), you'll be told by the 
game that you can reply to Carl's surroundings. To do it, you have two 
choices, and whole lot of ways of replying. To reply positively, hit 
the right at the directional pad. To reply negatively, hit the left at 
the directional pad. You can reply to pedestrians and other people, but 
of course not during cut-scenes. You can, however reply through the 
phone. This will be available when you progress through the game. 
Also, you can do it to hookers too. :) 

Two Player Mode:
You can now play two players. It's nothing major in the game, just like 
something for fun to travel around with a second player. To trigger it, you 
have to find a special icon (red in color) with the two people together. It 
is usually found around your girlfriends' houses once you progress the game. 
You will find it at their houses, and once you pick it up, press any button 
on the second controller to start. On other locations spread around San 
Andreas, you can choose different characters for the second player. Read the 
main 2 player Mini-Game section for further info.

Getting Wasted & Busted (c103e)

Well, getting wasted is something you'll never want in the Grand Theft 
Auto series. When you're wasted or killed, you'll be returned to the 
nearest hospital in the area. There are lots of ways for you to be 
killed. Wasted in a gun fight, fighting gangs, in missions, etc. if 
you're in a mission, and you're wasted, you'll immediately fail the 
mission. If you have weapons, and when you're wasted, you'll 
automatically lose all of your weapons, along with your cash (not too 
much) to the doctors for patching you up. You won't end the game 
however, but just will fail a mission you were on.

Well, when you're arrested by a cop, you'll get busted and returned to 
the nearest Police Station. You will lose all of your weapons and some 
money. If you were on a mission, you'll immediately fail it. There are 
two basic ways on how you can be arrested. One, when they beat you up 
or when you drop to the ground, and they're near you and they'll 
immediately arrest you. Another one is when they managed to open your 
vehicles' door and arrest you. That's the most famous one. 

Try not to get the cops attention too much, especially when you're on a 
mission, unless the mission itself triggers the wanted stars. Also, 
while you're around San Andreas, you will probably notice a few cops 
and vehicles chasing after criminals. They will and might probably get 
you involved. How? Well, if you're driving and you accidentally bumped 
into the police vehicle or motorbikes, they will without doubt chase 
you and you'll have a wanted star. So, be careful and get away from 
these situations. They can mess up your game and your mission 

Body Armor:
You can find these around the cities. You can also buy one at Ammu-Nation. 
This will get another bar above your health bar, which is white in color. You 
will need these in gunfights, so prepare one frequently.

Health Pickup:
Health pickups are available with the heart symbol. They will fill up your 
health whenever you pick one up. They're usually available during taking over 
territories and will be along the road. 

Wanted Stars List:
Here's the list of the wanted stars, how to get them and what will be on your 

1 Star: 

How to get: Just committing a minor crime would be enough. Crashing into a 
cop car or a police bike, hit police officers on the road; kill pedestrians 
in front of a cop, etc. Anything minor will get you one star. Even spraying 
tags around the city in front of a cop will get their attention.

What is it: A cop will be on your tail, or if a police vehicle catches you 
with one star, they will chase you, but not with a high speed. They tend to 
not bother you at all, but if you go around town with a gun (weapon), they 
will shoot at you if they spot you. So, do not equip your gun if you don't 
want to be shot at. This is really messing with a 6 year old boy with a 

2 Stars:

How to get: Wow, things are getting pretty serious once you reach this level. 
It's simple to reach this level. Assaulting the police force while on a one 
star level will get you to this level. Killing more pedestrians, shooting 
vehicles and exploding them, running over cops on foot, etc. Basically, 
anything that brings disaster after attaining one star wanted level. 

What is it: Now, things are pretty messed up. You've caused a bit of trouble, 
and now you've caught the police's attention, finally. Police bikes will 
chase you and cops will start chasing you like mad, and at high speed. Tough 
to lose the cops without giving the Paint & Spray a visit. You might consider 
fighting back to escape. You will have more police vehicles on your tail 
while having two stars.

3 Stars:

How to get: Well, keep killing the cops and the police forces. Killing 
pedestrians will also help. Try to blow up police vehicle, shoot at cops all 
the time, and pretty soon, you'll get yourself a three wanted star level.

What is it: At two stars, you got cops around you right? Well, to help the 
cops, they'll send a chopper to tail you. The helicopter will shoot you the 
more you act aggressive, and the more you enjoy killing police and people. 
The chopper can tail you almost anywhere, and when at night time, you will 
have the 'spotlight' shined directly at you, thus giving a blurry vision to 
your surrounding, making it harder to escape and see around.

4 Stars:

How to get: Just shoot down the helicopter and kill a few more cops or blow 
their vehicles would get you boost up to 4 wanted stars. You will hardly 
survive on foot. So, kill them when riding a bike or in cars. Doing drive-bys 
would help sometimes, but your car will be torched before you even know it.

What is it: Well, SWAT (Special Weapons & Tactics) teams will be sent to 
hunt you, one person only. They will drop down from the helicopter and will 
come in their truck, the Enforcer with deadly weapons. You will be hunt down 
like hell, and you will have to go through hard roadblocks and hard ramming 
race to the Paint & Spray when you get four stars. 

5 Stars:

How to get: Kill more police officers, ram them down, shoot down the SWAT 
teams, and blow up their Enforcers. You should be at this level in no time.

What is it: FBI teams will be sent it to take you out. They have more deadly 
weapons than the SWAT teams. When you're on foot without any body armor, 
you'll instantly get killed by only two to three of them. They have deadly 
weapons, believe me.

6 Stars:

How to get: To get the sixth and final star, just keep on doing what you did 
before. Blowing up vehicles, shooting down choppers, killing more and more 
FBI and SWAT teams, and local police force. It will take some time before you 
reach it, but you will reach it eventually.

What is it: Well, since the police force, SWAT and also FBI teams can't seem 
to stop you, they'll calling in the army. These deadly teams will use Rhino 
tanks on streets which instantly kills you if you touch them with vehicles on 
land. They will kill & hunt you at all costs. It will be near impossible to 
even make it to the nearest Paint & Spray. Don't mess with them, or consider 
committing suicide. 

Protecting Self & Removing Wanted Stars (c103f)

Well, protecting yourself is always important. One of the ways is to 
buy body armors. You can easily get one at the Ammu-Nation shop with the cost 
of $200. This will add another bar (white color) on top of your health. This 
indicates your armor, and how much is left out of it. Once it's gone you will 
have to rely on your health. Also, you can fill up your health by picking up 
health icons and even save icons (diskette). Another best way is to try and 
get stealth kills on certain stealth-possible missions. Do it correctly and 
no one will notice you're there; which reduces the percentage of you getting 
killed or wasted. Another way is to save your game every time you completed a 
mission, so it guarantees your safety, and you can load the game back up if 
you want for each time you did something wrong (if you want).

I've also been aware that at some point in the game, you will get your 
Max Health raised. This means that you won't be dying too fast (Source: 
Message Board). You can raise your health bar by completing Level 12 
Paramedic mission.

Removing Wanted Star:
To drop your wanted stars, there are several methods:

- For one wanted star level, you can save your game, run away until 
your star fades away, change your clothes or use the Paint & Spray. 

- For two wanted stars, you can change your clothes, save your game or 
use the Paint and Spray.

- For three to 6 wanted star levels, you can erase them by saving 
your game, changing clothes (thanks to Jon P for this little info)
or using the Paint and Spray.   

The best way is to save your game, since it completely removes your 
wanted stars (6 stars), but it wouldn't be possible during missions. 
The second method would be the Paint & Spray, and would be the best 
choice during missions. However, getting to one is a pain. Remember, 
using the Car Modification Garage will not erase your wanted stars.

Your Character (c103g)

Alright, this game is a little different, well maybe not a little. This 
time, you'll need to earn respect. This is done by completing missions, 
doing anything that helps your gang in any way, or contributing 
something. Unlike Vice City, this game has weird missions. Not all 
missions will be rewarding you with money; it can be respect, money or 
nothing at all. So, the higher your respect level, the better the 
chances of you communicating with your gang, like recruiting your gang 
and taking over the city. Respect can also be raised by getting tattoos 
or dressing up. Also, if you kill other gang members, you can also earn 
more respect. Take opportunity and kill other gang members and take down 
their territories. You'll earn more respect (source: Message Board). Also, 
the higher your respect level, the more gang members you can recruit. This is 
extremely helpful when taking over territories. Remember, the fastest way to 
raise your respect level is to take down territories (when you need to). 

Stamina is raised by training at the gym; sometimes doing any exercise 
might help you to gain it. You can find a gym when you first start the 
game, but you'll come to that later if you're new. You have to use the 
cycling machine to help you gain your stamina, and lose your fat too. 
Stamina is required for you to cycle, swim, and run or sprint. Very 
important, so you can consider raising it as soon as you can.

Muscle is also raised by training at the gym. You can use some exercise 
machines that will help you gain your muscle status. This is the 
easiest one to raise, and you shouldn't have any problem. Practice at 
least twice every week and you should go fine. Muscle is needed when 
you use melee weapons while battling opponents. The higher your muscle 
bar, the easier for you to bash up enemies.

Fat is raised when you eat food (obviously). You just order food, and 
you are ready to fill your fat. It won't be a wise choice if you 
consider eating too much; it will make you grow really, really fat, and 
eventually you won't be able to run fast, swim or even jump. Eat with a 
diet and make sure your bar doesn't exceed a quarter. It might effect 
your Sex Appeal.

Sex Appeal:      
Well, it is what you wear, your haircut, the way you dress up, and 
other stuffs that shows. Make sure you're not fat if you want to raise 
it, have a muscular body (helps), and dress up properly. Well, I do know an 
easy way. Get a sport car, or a really sleek looking type of car. Get in and 
get back out. See your Sex Appeal. It will boost up. Give it a try. Also, 
playing with hookers will also help (thanks to Brian Kashouty for this info).

Note: Collecting all oysters will boost your Sex Appeal as well. :) 

Lung Capacity:
Sorry, I forgot to list this in. Anyway, you can raise your lung capacity 
simply by diving underwater, and train on holding your breath underwater. The 
easiest way to max out yours is by collecting all oysters. You will be amazed 
of how it increases your lung capacity.

Yes, yet another one I forgot to list in. Luck is basically a little small, 
extra benefit you get for collecting all 50 horseshoes. Luck was supposed to 
help you during gambling in casinos but we've got complains saying luck 
doesn't help at all. Why don't you guys try out and see if it works eh? Also, 
to make it clear, luck (how I wish this is true) DOES NOT help missions, or 
anything other than gambling AT ALL! Well, I hope that's clear enough. :)

Weapons (c103h) 

Well, different from Vice City, aiming in San Andreas gets better. You 
can now auto-lock on enemies with any type of weapons, even with rifles 
(except sniper rifle). To lock on an enemy in front or around you, face 
the opponent (or the area the opponent is) and press and hold the R1 
button. You will automatically aim and lock on the target. 

First, it shows off the green color (the target). As you start 
shooting, it will change it's color into yellow, and then to orange and 
red. This indicates the health of your opponent. Continue shooting and 
you will notice that the enemy is losing his health. This is shown when 
you fire and aim, and the aiming crosshair that surrounds the enemy. 
Green shows that the aimed person has full health. If it goes to red 
(darker color), it means that that person is losing his/her health. 
Keep on shooting and you'll find the person dead.

Normal Aiming:
Besides aiming with auto-lock, you can also aim normally. This is good 
when you're sneaking with something blocking your view of auto-locking 
the enemy. Just press and hold the R1 button and you'll see the 
crosshair. If there are people around, you'll aim auto-lock. You will 
be better once you practice. 

Well, there's another one. In Vice City, we couldn't aim on an enemy 
when you use your bare hands, but now you can. First, aim using the R1 
button, normally. Then, once the target appears on the enemy, either 
press the circle button or the triangle button. You can learn more 
tricks as you progress through the game while practicing at the gym. 

Earning Skills:
Once you get used with a weapon, example the pistol, you'll be getting 
more better with it. You have a certain amount of skill on how good you 
aiming and how is your accuracy. The more you use the weapon the better 
you'll be. To check your skill on a weapon, press the L1 button (while 
on foot) or while at the Start Menu under Weapons. So, practice with a 
weapon and you'll reach a certain level. Very useful, especially with 
the submachine-gun because you'll be using the gun a lot of times. 

Duel Wield Weapons:
When you upgrade your skill in a particular weapon, you'll max it out. Once 
it reaches maximum, you'll get a special kind of upgrade each time. More 
accuracy, further range, etc. Wielding duel weapons are one of them. You can 
only wield these weapons:

- 9mm (Silenced 9mm Cannot work)
- Micro SMGs
- Tec 9
- Sawed-off Shotgun

Dodging Bullets:
You can now perform rolling to avoid gunfire. Anytime when you press 
the R1 button and crouching, you'll be able to strafe to the left and 
right by rolling to the directions using the left Analog stick. It 
works in auto-lock mode and manual aiming. So, if you're in a bad 
situation. Don't hesitate to use it. 

Basic Skills (c103i)

Cycling Skills:
As soon as you start the game, you'll start pedaling. As you pedal more 
often, you'll increase your cycling skills. Very important and 
sometimes it burns fat, if you practice a lot. To cycle faster while 
using the bicycle, you will need a right amount of stamina. Scroll up 
and see how to gain stamina if you wish to. 

Driving Skills:
Driving would be the first thing that's on your mind. Cars, vehicles, 
lorries, etc. While you drive it raises your driving skills, but it 
will take a while for it to go up. It doesn't matter where it levels 
up; when on mission, cruising around, anywhere. As you progress and 
spend time with a vehicle, you'll get better, and once your driving 
skills gets higher, you'll be able to handle vehicles better, and with 
good and better control. You can also level up driving skills when you 
take your license, but that's when you progress through the game.

Flying Skills:
Flying skills will start to go up once you go to the flying school, and 
once you spend time flying more than driving or using any other 
vehicles. Flying would be useful since San Andreas is a big place for 
exploration, and it's easier to get out of the city or go some place 
else with air vehicles. You will start to boost your flying skills once 
you go to the flying school. You will receive a pilot's license once you 
reach a 20% of this bar.

Biking Skills:
Biking skills are raised when you ride motorcycles a lot of times, and 
most of the time. When you spend time cruising around with a motorbike, 
you will raise your skills on it. This is also raised when you go on 
fast speed and like I told you, when you spend time riding one. Try 
every single motorbike, because it might raise your skills on it. Also, 
you can raise your skill on motorbikes by going to the school to take 
lessons and earning awards. It's situated in Las Venturas. 

Gangs (c103j)

Taking Over Territories:
At one point in the game, you'll be able to take over territories of 
other gang members. This will be shown when the map starts to be 
flooded with pink and green marker. Well, the green shows your 
territory and other colors shows other gang member's territories. They 
will fire without any doubt if they see you cruising around their turf. 
Make sure you drive fast or avoid getting pinned down or you'll die 
without any problems to them. These people will be there infinite and 
you will be attacked if you go to their places. 

You can, however, take over their territories. To do that, you need to 
reach a fixed progress of the game. Before this, you can't. To take 
over gangs, I strongly suggest you recruit a few gang members with you, 
to ensure the safety of you and to get their turf fast (depends on how high 
your respect level is, if you want to recruit more members). So, what you do 
is drive to their territory. Make sure you're on foot; doing it with drive-by 
or on a motorbike will never get it to work. So, walk on foot and find a few 
gang members around. If you spot any of them, start shooting at them. Once 
you get three of them down, the map will flash red and the game will tell you 
that you just started a war.

Next, you will be surrounded by a few members of the gangs and will be 
heading to you with guns and all. Look at the map to see where they are. The 
map is your friend. The purple is for the Ballas members and the yellow is 
for the Vagos members. Crouch down and start shooting at them. Then, you'll 
be told that you just survived the first wave. Then, you must survive the 
second wave, and you must survive the third and last wave, and you'll get the 
territory. Then, your members will start to fill the place up, and you'll 
earn more respect this way. Make sure you do not run after you started a 
fight. If you do, you will abandon the fight and will fail the attempt.

Also, sometimes the gangs have their own tactics. They could hide around 
walls, sneak upon you from the back, send help using a vehicle and perform a 
drive-by, and much more. Watch for these, and learn. It's all about 
experience and how well you studied their movements and their attack 
formation. Some attack in groups and some attacks from both sides and group 
you in together with their crowd. Watch for these; study, don't just sit 
there and blast your AK.  

Also, play and listen to the mission 'Doberman' while you work for Sweet the 
second time. Pay attention to that mission and you'll find everything I've 
said here inside the game itself.

Protecting Your Territory:
Once you got a new hood, you must protect it. It will be constantly 
under attack from gang members, and the map flashes red as always. This 
means it's under attack, just like when you're taking a territory up. 
The game will inform you if it is under attack. Usually happens during 
your visit to it. When this happens, do no run away. If you die, you 
will be brought away from it, and you can do nothing to stop it. Be 
sure to help your members, don't run away. If you're low on health, you will 
have plenty of health and body armor pickups along the road of the territory 
you're attacking. However if you're on a mission and the map flashes red, 
simply save your game and it will disappear, and you get to keep it. If you 
take too long to get to your attacked territory or you ignore it or you're 
wasted, you'll lost influence.

Recruiting Gang Members:
At some point you will earn a required amount of respect to recruit your gang 
members. You'll be told by the game whenever you can and how many members you 
can recruit. As you gain more respect you'll get the privilege of recruiting 
more members. Just aim using the R1 button to any of your members and tap the 
up on the Directional Pad to recruit them. You can take the maximum amount of 
members you can recruit on a Coach (bus). The boat serves good as well. 

Restoring Health & Body Armor:
As you fight for the territory, you'll see health icons and body armors 
scattered on the rods on the streets. Use these to restore, and don't 
hesitate to fall back whenever you need to and run for health icons and body 
armors. If you reach the third wave, there'll be more armor for you. Look for 
them during battles; plan a strategy getting to them, especially when you're 
up against the Vagos since they attack in groups. These people are killing 
machines; you'll see when you're up with them.

Miscellaneous (c103k)

Unique Jumps:
Well, unique jumps are normal things in Grand Theft Auto series. It is 
basically a jump which is done on a vehicle (preferred a motorbike) and 
it goes on a slow motion move. There are 70 unique jumps overall, and 
you might accidentally trigger some. I recommend that you don't, since 
it's hard to keep track on which you had done, especially in a big 
place like San Andreas (though its not a big problem, since its not required 
for 100%). To check your stats for the Unique Jumps you have done or have 
found, go to the Start Menu and highlight Stats.

Graffiti Tags:
Well, as you start the game, you'll start doing this. This is also 
special type of hunting for graffiti, where you need a special type of 
spray can and you can spray the logo covering the graffiti the walls. 
You will find these scattered around the city, and sometimes it's 
difficult to spot them, but some are visible. These replaced the famous 
all-time hidden packages, but it's still fine to me. Though it's 
scattered around the city, you'll have to take some time finding them. 
There are a total of 100 graffiti tags. This is required for 100% completion.

Taking Photographs:
At one point in the game, you can start taking pictures. Some of the 
missions involve your expertise in sneaking and taking pictures. Taking 
pictures is very simple. Just go to aiming more (R1 button). You will 
inside the camera angle. Next, if you need to zoom in, just hold the L2 
button and R2 to zoom out. To snap the photo, either press the L1 or 
the circle button. To save pictures inside your gallery through the 
start menu, snap the picture with the L1 button, NOT the circle button. 
Then, the game will ask if you want to save the picture you took. Say 
yes and the picture will be safely under your Gallery. You can also 
delete the pictures you kept inside the Gallery menu, with the X 

Also, you need to take a total of 50 photographs in order to complete the 
game 100%. It is required.

Destination Marker Info:
Alright, you must've seen the red marker right? Well, it shows your 
next destination will be. The whole mission depends on the marker, and 
sometimes a yellow dot on the map. These two represent your next 
destination, which should be on your map and your whole map in the 
start menu. The red marker usually represents a bigger role (most of 
the time), but not exactly. It is available when you're ordering food, 
going through missions and so on. 

The yellow dot on the map however, has a different use. When the 
destination is not the same level as yours, meaning that it is not 
around you, it will either point up (triangle shape) or the opposite. 
When it points up, this means that the target or the destination is 
higher than your current position. When it is pointing down, it shows 
that the target or the destination is lower than you.

Using The Map: 
It's quite simple to use the map, and doesn't require your attention 
too much. It can sometimes be tricky since the whole area is big. To 
see the small map, it's on the left bottom of the screen. To see the 
whole map of San Andreas, go to the start menu and see Map. You'll be 
able to zoom in and out. 

To perform the zoom in process, first press the X button. To zoom out, 
press L2 and R2 to zoom in again. To see the Legend, hit the X button 
again while in the zooming mode. You can also place a target in the 
map. This is to help you get to some place which is nor marked in the 
map, or not necessary in a mission. To place one, hit the circle button 
while the screen is in the zooming process. To take it out of the map, 
press the circle button again. Once you have the target on the map, it 
will be visible while you look at the small map on the left bottom of 
the screen.

Also, you can choose options on what you want to display on the screen. Press 
the R1 button and see what I mean.


These are required for 100%. What are horseshoe? Let's just say it's a new 
addition to the series. There's a guide/FAQ for this if you want to find them 
more in depth. There are 50 of them scattered around Las Venturas. Yes, it's 
available only in Las Venturas area, so to get to them, wait until you open 
up Las Venturas and you're free to get them. 

You get these if you collect all 50 of them:

- M4, MP5, Combat Shotgun, Satchel Charges will become available in Four 
Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.

- Your luck will also increase.


What are oysters? Well, yet again, another new addition. What's so special 
about them is that they're, first, required for 100%, there are 50 of them 
scattered around San Andreas. There's a guide for it if you wish to look at, 
available at GameFAQs. What will you get if you collect all of them? Well, 
you get to boost your Lung Capacity, and Sex Appeal. Also, again it is 
required for 100%, so no joke if you're serious about it.

Contribution Section from Ihmhi (i_have_mental_health_issues@yahoo.com):

Alright, this is contribution section, and since it has all the general info 
which I think would be useful, I included it in this section. Take note that 
I do not have anything with this, but If you spot any mistakes anywhere from 
this contribution, please let me know (please state clearly so confusion 
doesn't happen). 


Gambling - When you begin gambling, you are limited to playing at the lowest 
value tables. You have to earn the right to play at the next level tables, 
but the game doesn't clearly state how. I spent an hour or so in the casinos, 
and I soon noticed that you earn the right to play at a table level when 
you've wagered that particular amount. Regardless of your wins/losses, when 
you wager $10,000 altogether, you get to play at the $10,000 tables, and so 
on. Of course, the house will also loan you money up to the table level you 
can play. (If you can play at the $1,000,000 tables, the house will loan you 
up to $1,000,000.) This is what I know. What I DON'T know is if you have to 
spend the money at one casino only or if it is counted regardless of where 
you play. I am NOT about to spend another 40 hours beating the game (that's 
how long it took me; I wasn't really in a hurry) just to find this out, save 
for a memory card failure. I'm willing to wager one of you either has a newer 
save file where you can test this out, or you have other friends or players 
who you can ask to find out. My friends aren't really all that interested in 
the game.

Beat the Cock - I don't know whether you've heard of "Beat the Cock", but it 
is a slightly secretive mini-game. If you look in any of the three gyms, 
there are yellow posters near the doors. They ask that you try to "Beat the 
Cock" and show up to Santa Maria Beach or Palomino Beach on weekends. I 
showed up to the beach (via watercraft, following the shoreline westward), 
and sure enough there was a pink mission marker on the beach. When I stepped 
into it, the mission screen came up and "Beat the Cock" was displayed. I then 
noticed seven other people on the beach in a line in front of me as well as a 
man in a cock suit. A timer counted down and I ran into the ocean. We all 
began swimming for checkpoints in the water. Even though I had 100% muscle, 
100% stamina, and less than 30% fat, all of the computer opponents were able 
to keep up with me. Soon I noticed that we were approaching the shoreline, 
and I saw bicycles parked nearby each other on the road. I soon realized what 
this was: a triathlon! The crazy bastards at Rockstar put a goddamned 
triathlon in their game! I ran quickly when I hit the shore and a timer 
stated that I had 25 seconds to reach my bike before I was disqualified. I 
hit checkpoint after checkpoint with blazing speed, periodically looking 
behind me and seeing absolutely no opponents. The traffic and pedestrians are 
completely absent in this mini game, so I found it a bit strange to seemingly 
have entire cities and towns to myself. The bicycle race took me through city 
streets and back country roads. I didn't fall off once, make a wrong turn, or 
slow down. I was going at maximum speed practically the entire time. Soon 
enough, I hit a checkpoint and I prompted that I had 25 seconds to get off of 
my bike. I knew what was next; the running portion. In my own common fashion, 
I tapped (X) furiously and ran for marker after marker. However, I soon found 
C.J. was wearing out. After I had hit two or so markers, I noticed other 
runners coming up behind me. Thankfully I made it to the finish line in just 
under 8 minutes. I enjoyed the experience so much that, after saving the 
game, I went right to Palomino Creek beach, south of Palomino Creek. I hit 
the marker for the mission and the scenario seemed very familiar. Swim, bike, 
run, wins. Except that the Palomino Creek beach race is a LOT longer and thus 
a LOT harder. 

You basically swim from Palomino Creek beach to the outskirts of San Fierro.
The bicycle portion takes you through San Fierro, across the Gant Bridge, and 
finally through Las Venturas, including its infamously dangerous 
highways.Thankfully, this triathlon disabled pedestrians and traffic as well. 
As I got to the running portion, people caught up to me. Some passed me even. 
I got frustrated and punched someone who passed me. I flinched for a second, 
since GTA:SA has added countermeasures to violent cheating in its races. 
(Just try to shoot racers on the Mount Chiliad challenges and see if you win. 
Trust me, you won't.) 

Thankfully, I wasn't penalized. Sadly, too many people passed for me to punch 
and I ended up in fifth. Again, I was in top physical condition. At the start 
of the race, I had less than 25% body fat, and at the end I had around less 
than 15%. The entire race was over for me in around 18 minutes. Your wrist 
muscles will certainly be aching from all of the tapping of the (X) button. 
The only way you find out about this is if you see the marker on weekends or 
take time to read the posters in the gyms. Thankfully, I did. Remember that 
this is one of those pesky missions that changes your clothes, so at the end 
of it you'll be in exercise shorts. Don't even attempt the Palomino Creek 
Beach race without first running and winning the Santa Maria Beach race, 
since the former is easily twice as long as the latter. Oh, I almost forgot: 
victory at the Santa Maria Beach race yields a $10,000 prize. If this trigger 
is active from the start of the game, it would be a great way to earn money 
for those players who are smart enough to prioritize CJ's physical fitness at 
the beginning of the game. 

Gifts for the Girlfriends - Although many of you have listed "Flowers" as one 
of the gifts, I know of at least two others. There is a purple double-ender 
dildo (which you get in the mission that makes Millie your girlfriend), and a 
silver vibrator. I know that when you go into Millie's house to retrieve the 
key card, you can pick up another double ender. As for the vibrator, I don't 
know where you can find it, but I know I've found it in at least one place. 

Practically Easy Money - This is a technique that worked in GTA:VC, and works 
even better in this game. When I noticed that the Hunter spawned in a 
military base in Vice City, I made a point to try and steal it from the 
military base. I flew a Maverick in, sprayed a few dozen rounds at soldiers, 
and stole it with minimal damage. I soon realized that you can do Vigilante 
missions with it. I was a pretty good pilot, so I decided to try and go the 
distance. I made it up to Level 50 in GTA:VC. After I blew up, I looked at my 
money and realized it was at a whopping $2,000,000+! When I tried to break my 
record of Level 50 in GTA:VC, I soon realized why: You can make tens or 
hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Vigilante missions at the higher 
levels. Naturally, when I learned that you can get the Hunter at your 
airfield in San Andreas when you earn all gold medals at the pilot's school, 
I did it and joyfully lifted off. True to form, I made $2,000,000 at Level 
50. This time I gave up, since C.J. was getting hungry and losing muscle. 
This introduced me to a fundamental principle of the game (hunger) and how it 
works, which I go over in the next bullet. Anyway, I made yet another attempt 
to breach my San Andreas record (then Level 51). I managed to make it to 
Level 54 before C.J. got hungry and his muscle began dropping at an 
accelerated rate. I decided to attempt a landing at a restaurant. I selected 
a Cluckin' Bell to the southwest of Area 69/Restricted Area since the small 
number of roads would reduce the police presence. I landed about 100 meters 
(about 300 feet) off of the road and ran inside the store. I ordered up a 
good deal of food and ran outside, only to meet half a dozen sheriffs. 

The combat shotgun quickly dispatched them, and I ran to the chopper 
and took off. As an afterthought, I decided it would be a good idea to switch 
helicopters for added longevity. I returned to the abandoned airstrip and 
landed, but I was busted as I was taking off. I made it to Level 54. 

Undaunted, I saved and came up with a new plan. Even though I had over 
$4,500,000 in the bank, I wanted to reach a higher level. Also, I'm a greedy 
bastard. I took off again and made it all the way to Level 54 without a 
problem. Then the hunger pangs began again. This time, I had some fat on my 
body, so my muscle didn't yet suffer. I put my plan into action.

First, I landed at a small town Pay and Spray. I stole the first spray-able
vehicle I saw and quickly ditched the cops. I then flew to the nearest 
restaurant and loaded up on food. I successfully changed choppers and made it 
all the way to Level 71 before I blew up. (I accidentally fired missiles at 
three nearby cars when the wind blew me too close. The resultant explosion 
wrecked me.) At the end, I had nearly $10,000,000. Money is no longer a 
concern. I also have a steady amount of capital to gamble away if I wish. Now 
that I've bragged and complained a bit, let me get down to tips. First, no 
matter how many vehicles you destroy, your wanted level will NOT go above 3 
stars unless you attack enough police vehicles. It is very important that you 
do not engage police vehicles because a Hydra (harrier) appears at 4 stars. 
As many of us experienced players know, the Hydra has homing missiles. 
Although the Hunter can take a lot more punishment than its GTA:VC 
predecessor, it is still quite vulnerable to missile fire. (I've taken up to 
three missile hits at different places before the engine started giving out 
and I had to bail out.) The police chopper is easy to outrun and won't fire 
if you're constantly moving. It is more likely to collide with you in midair 
than fire its guns at you. (Thankfully, midair collisions don't result in 
instant destruction with helicopters as they often do with planes.) I've 
managed to keep it at 3 stars for over an hour before I sprayed a stolen car 
to ditch the cops. (It takes about an hour to reach Level 50, 10 minutes to 
change choppers and eat, and another hour or so to make it to around Level 
75.) Even if you do engage a Hydra, you can evade the missiles by banking 
hard and lowering or raising altitude. Also note that the Hydra will have a 
difficult time targeting you if you are constantly moving, especially if you 
don't move in a straight line. As for destroying the vehicles, the rockets 
add an element of challenge to hitting the enemy (since the on-board machine 
gun auto-targets). The machine-gun should be used as a cleanup weapon to take 
out errant runaway fugitives or cars that are simply annoying you. Don't get 
too low to the ground, as the fugitives can shoot you from the car and on 
foot. As the levels of difficulty go up, the weapons get progressively more 
powerful. Although the Hunter can take dozens of rounds of bullet fire, a few 
rockets will bring it down quickly. That's all the advice I can give you.

Hunger - If you do not eat for a while, the body begins to consume its own 
fat. In absence of fat, the body consumes muscle. I haven't reached this 
point yet, but I assume that absence of muscle and fat results in gradual 
health depletion. I used to have full muscle and no fat, but I've since tried 
to keep a store of around 25% fat so the body has a nice buffer in case of 

Air Combat (police helicopters) - Combating police helicopters aren't all 
that difficult. It all depends on the vehicle, of course. An unarmed aircraft 
can only evade or outrun police helicopters (or, of course, suicidal crash 
into them). The Rustler can be difficult to control, and a strafing run at a 
helicopter is more difficult than an airplane or ground target. (Since you 
have to face it directly, you run the risk of midair collision or getting 
caught in the explosion.) The Sea sparrow's machine gun auto-targets, so just 
face in the general direction of the police helicopter and fire away. 
Remember that at higher wanted levels they travel in pairs. With the Hunter, 
it is easier to use the machine gun but you could fire missiles at the enemy 
if you're one of those people who enjoy being frustrated. The Hydra is the 
easiest craft to dispatch the helicopters, thanks to the homing missiles. 
Just lock on and fire away. Pop off at least two for the slight change that 
the first will miss.

Air Combat (Hydras) - Combating a Hydra (harrier) is vastly different from 
the police helicopters. The introduction of the Hydra has entirely changed 
the dynamic of air combat in this game. First things first, a Hydra appears 
when you've attained four stars. Two hydras appear when you've reached five
stars. Mind you, at this point, you'll have two choppers, two Hydras, and 
ground forces after you AT THE SAME TIME. For unarmed craft, your ability to 
survive greatly depends on the craft. Large and clumsy craft are screwed, so 
if you're in the AT-400 you should just try to land and run or bail out 
altogether. If you are in a considerably lighter craft, do not travel in a 
straight line. The Hydras circle the area you are in and fire missiles when 
they can travel in a straight line towards you. I've had as many as five 
missiles after me at one time, and I can tell you that it's difficult to 
evade all of them at that point. Your best bet for evasion is to bank hard 
and drop altitude to evade a missile. Once it passes you it won't likely hit 
you. For the Sea sparrow and Hunter, your best bet is the machine gun. The 
Hydra travels in a wide circle; your best bet is to either travel in a 
tighter circle to try and close the distance, or do a 180 and try to close 
the distance.

Get the Hydra in front of you and keep up with it by banking. Both the Hunter 
and Sea sparrow aren't fast enough to follow behind the Hydra; your best bet 
is to bank hard and stay perpendicular to it. As for the Rustler, you should 
follow the Hydra in a tight circle. Again, this aircraft isn't fast enough to 
stay directly behind; you will likely end up forming a multi-sided polygonal 
flight path in comparison to the Hydra's circular flight path. (You would 
fire at each vertices. Imagine a pentagon inside of a circle, and each corner 
is where you are close enough to fire.) As for Hydra versus Hydra combat, it 
comes down to who can get behind the enemy to fire off a missile. Definitely 
fire two or more, since the Hydra is fast enough where the curve of its 
circular flight can outmaneuver a missile. Lastly, please note that when you 
are in a boat, Hydras will come after you and fire missiles. They do not 
attack you when you are on foot or on a land vehicle (as far as I know).

Water Doesn't Hurt - After learning that you can skydive in the game, and 
wondering what happens when you DON'T open your parachute (nothing too
spectacular), I wondered what would happen if you bailed out over deep water. 
I took a Hydra, traveled over the open sea, and flew as high as was allowed 
in the game. When the plane stalled and peaked, I bailed out. I held (up) on 
the Analog stick to maximize speed, and I was amazed that when I hit the 
water, I was completely unharmed. I did fall a considerable distance 
underwater, though. I surmised that if you were to land in a shallow pool, 
you would die or be severely hurt. My test, however, proved otherwise. I 
selected the most shallow body of water with the largest overall surface area 
(for a better chance of contact from the air) that I could find. I chose the 
pool surrounding Pirates in Mens' Pants (B5). Once again, I attempted to 
attain maximum height and I bailed out. I hit the water at the fastest 
possible speed while skydiving and C.J. suffered minimal damage. The water in 
Pirates in Mens' Pants is practically as shallow as Madd Dogg's pool. You may 
re-create these tests for yourself, but I've confirmed it; so long as the 
water is around two meters (about 6 feet) deep, C.J. can survive a fall by 
landing in it. I find this information very useful when you have to bail and 
you don't have a parachute. Of course, it's always wiser to try to get closer 
to the ground if you're in danger, as my next bullet shows. 

The Ground Doesn't Really Hurt, Either - I also have conducted some research 
on emergency ejections over land. First, I tried a high speed pass at very 
low altitude over the San Fierro runway. When the Hydra was practically 
skimming the ground, I bailed out. I suffered approximately 25% (at maximum 
health, minus the ambulance missions bonus, which I have not yet attained). I 
then decided to try a high speed vertical crash. I flew the Hydra nearly 
straight down, and then bailed out when I was very close to the ground. I was 
alive, but barely. I suspect that some of the damage was from the impact, and 
some of the damage was from the explosions from the plane. Lastly, the best 
bet for ejection without use of a parachute that I've found is to fly low and 
pull up so the plane stalls close to the ground. When you bail, you will not 
likely suffer that much damage. A recent accident also confirmed another way 
of bailing. When my left wing flap was severely damaged, I decided to try to 
land the plane horizontally. As I approached the runway, the plane flipped 
over landed upside down. Though this would normally destroy the plane, I was 
close enough to the ground where it only caught fire. I bailed out and wasn't 
harmed at all! Technically, a flaming upside down plane ran over me, and C.J. 
wasn't hurt. I guess all of that exercise paid off!

Hydra Flares - When in the Hydra, pressing (O) releases a flare 
(countermeasure) from the underside of the aircraft. Although mildly useful 
for illuminating the ground where you are about to land, their true purpose 
is to act as a countermeasure against homing missiles. For some reason, this 
feature doesn't always work (I've found it to work about 1/3 of the time.) I 
don't know why it is so glitch-y. Even when you first enter the Hydra in the 
"Vertical Bird" mission, and the game tell you can press (O) to use 
countermeasures, they don't always work.

Turret Faces Camera Directions - If you look behind of the vehicle, the 
cannon/hose moves to face that direction. It also removes a once-useful trick 
I employed in GTA 3 and GTA:VC: Aim the Rhino's turret to the rear and 
continuously fire to propel the tank faster. Now you must look to the rear to 
engage this feature, thus entirely defeating its usefulness (since you can't 
see in front of you.) Regrettable... it was fun to have a huge tank careening 
down Vice City Highways in excess of 100 mph.

Car Parking Script - In some places in the game, a car will pull off of the 
road, park, and the driver (and passengers, if any) will exit the vehicle and 
walk away. I have noticed this in four different places, but I do not 
remember exactly where. I have noted that this event occurs in the same 
place, so if you were to stake it out for a bit you're sure to see it happen 

Make "Vertical Bird" a LOT easier - In the Vertical Bird mission, you'll 
notice that there are a lot of Hydras to choose from. I've learned that the 
Hydras you don't steal will be the ones used to pursue you. Each Hydra you 
destroy on the ship before taking your own is one less Hydra in the air after 

Burning Desire, Cash on Fire - In the "Burning Desire" mission, you have to 
help Denise escape the house safely. However, all of the fire might distract 
you from the WADS OF CASH lying around the house. Keep your eyes open and 
look in every corner to pick up a few extra dollars.

Territorial Pissings - When you are fighting for control of territories in 
the game, it is important to note that only territories adjacent to an enemy
territory will be attacked. That is, you only have to worry about territories 
that share a border with a rival gang. Thus is it useful to try and bring 
your existing territories together. If you grab up a group of territories 
elsewhere (like in San Fierro) and wipe out the enemy gangs, you won't have 
to worry about opposition in that area. Get 100% of them, and you're 
completely safe from attacks. (I turned gang territories off on my map.)

A third is not enough - Before "End of the Line", you might be told that you 
have to have more territories. I noticed by chance that I had 33.33% of the
territories. As soon as I captured one more, Sweet called. Hence I've learned 
that you have to have more than one third (33.33%) of the territories to play 
the last storyline mission.

Thanks to the contribution, and well, hope you guys got some info from that.

4. S T O R Y L I N E  W A L K T H R O U G H  (d104)

Ok, we're starting the main part right now. Let me remind you that if 
you see any mistakes during missions, please let me know. If you find 
this part is hard to read, please inform me and I'll make some changes. 
Also, do take note that I will not exactly explain every mission step 
by step like "First, get in the car". No, I won't do that. You will be 
told by the game, so follow instructions while playing the game too. Maybe I 
will on second thought. So, here we go!

Note: Each mission is represented by the Roman signs (I, II, III, etc.). 
"Reward" shows what you get by completing each mission. Also, to do a fast 
search on which mission you're searching for, hold CTRL + F. Then, type the 
code at the right side of each mission. Example: "CTRL + F" & type in "d144a" 
in the search box. You'll be sent to the mission immediately. Check the 
contents for the numbers in the box to get to the mission desired.

[ A r r i v i n g  A t  S a n  A n d r e a s ]

Once you start off after the cut-scene, go to the bicycle and ride it 
using the triangle button. Keep an eye for the left side of the screen 
(up) for upcoming info and the middle of the screen for what you should 
do. Remember these, because you'll need to see these lots of times. If 
you didn't have the time to look at it, pause the game and highlight 
Brief. It shows the recent updates on any info or new available 
objectives. Look at the map on the left (bottom) of the screen. You can 
view the whole big area in the pause menu. Get to the CJ icon marked on 
the map. Ride the bicycle carefully and watch for traffic lights, 
moving vehicles, and the train nearby. If you fall off, get back on it. 
Once you reach the destination, get out and go to the red marker.

- - - L O S  S A N T O S  W A L K T H R O U G H - - - 

A. [ S e a n  J o h n s o n / S w e e t ]  (d105a)  

Sweet's place is marked with the 'S' on the map, which is on the left 
side of your house (facing door). You'll start doing missions for him 
starting officially from the mission 'Tagging Up Turf'.

I. big smoke (d105b)

You'll start off facing a bicycle, again. Quickly tap the triangle 
button to get on it and follow Sweet. He usually is the one at the 
front. You're not alone. You'll be among the Ballas inside the car with 
machine-guns doing drive-by. Be careful. If you need to speed up, tap 
the X button like mad. You can only go fast for a limited time though, 
since now your cycling skills are low. If you need to look to the left, 
press the L2 button and R2 to look right (L2 and R2 together to look 
behind). Use these to check where the Ballas are. Make sure you don't 
hit any vehicles, polls or trees. If you fall off, quickly run and get 
your bicycle back. If the Ballas overtake you and blocked you, reverse 
and use the brake button to turn hard. Keep up with Sweet. He has a 
blue arrow pointing above him, or he is also on the map. Stay beside 
him. Follow him. If you lose him, don't worry. The mission won't fail. 
After that, Sweet splits up with you, Ryder and Smoke and now you must 
stay behind Ryder. If you lose him, don't worry, the mission still 
continues. If you dropped down into the bicycle stunt training area, 
ride fast forward and push the Analog stick to the front. That should 
help. Once you reach the destination, a cut-scene follows. Next, enter 
your house and save your game.    

Reward: Respect +
Note: After the next mission, you can start doing missions for Sweet 
officially. He is located to the right of your house (facing outside). 

II. ryder (d105c)

Note: This mission involves Ryder, not Sweet. Since it's still in the 
continuation of the previous mission, it's not in Ryder's mission 
(since his is still not unlocked). You will also receive your first 
phone call once you exit Carl's house. Go to Ryder's house at the red 
marker to begin.

First, drive to the barber shop (Reece's Barber Shop). Use the map and 
stop at the red marker. Get in the shop through the door and pick a 
haircut. I suggest a cheap one will do for now ($50). Then, get out and 
head to Cluckin' Bell restaurant after the short scene and get in. Go 
to the red marker and you will be given choices for what food you want. 
You can pick the $2 meal for now. Next, Ryder shows up and starts 
pointing a gun to the cashier. The cashier starts shooting, and Ryder 
runs off with Carl. Once you reach outside, run like hell to Ryder's 
car. Quickly drive away. Head back to your home, but send Ryder home 
first and stop at the red marker. Mission complete. Save your game if 
you like

Reward: Respect +

III. tagging up turf (d105d)

Start by entering Sweet's car. Drive to Idlewood. Stop at the red 
marker. See the cut-scene and listen to what Sweet has to say. Next, 
your objective is to find and spray tags on the wall. To spray, hold 
the target button (R1) and press the circle to spray on the wall. Make 
sure it is fully sprayed before leaving, and a note will pop up telling 
you how much you have completed, so pay attention. If a police catches 
you doing so, you'll have a wanted star. If possible, don't involve the 
cops. Use the map for finding the tags. They're marked green on the 
map. You'll be doing this in twice. Once all the tags are sprayed 
completely, the mission completes.

Rewards: $200 & Respect +

Note: The Spray Can will be unlocked at your house here, once the 
mission is completed.

IV. cleaning the hood (d105e)
Start off with Ryder, and head over to B-Dup's home. You'll have a cut 
scene once you reach the red marker. Next, get back into the car, and 
look at your map. Search for the dealer, and stop the vehicle. Get out. 
He'll be with one of your gang members. Walk towards him while holding 
the R1 button to target, and when you're near him, pound the living 
crap out of him with the circle or triangle button. Grab his bat and 
head to the car and to the next area across the street and stop at the 
red marker. Once you enter, you'll see a few guys here. Ready the bat, 
and start beating up the enemies here, one by one (start off with the 
man with the bat). Ryder will assist you, don't bother him just take 
care of yourself. Once you beat everyone here, return to your home 
area. Stop at the red marker. Mission passed.

Reward: Respect +

V. drive-thru (d105f)

Get in the car, and drive to the Cluckin' Bell restaurant. Stop at the 
red marker. A cut-scene follows. It appears to be the Ballas gang 
again. When will they ever leave you alone? Never! So, go teach them a 
lesson. Chase after them once the scene finishes, and let your buddies 
shoot the vehicle BEFORE they reach your hood. If you have a 
submachine-gun, you can use it to help them. Stay near them and don't 
lose control or you might lose the chase. Once you see the enemy's 
vehicle catches fire, stay back and watch it explode! Some of them 
might get out of the vehicle when this happens, so reverse and smash 
them into pieces. After that, drive them back to Sweet's home. Stop at 
the red marker, and give Smoke a ride back home. Stop at his house, and 
the mission is complete.

Rewards: $500 & Respect + 

Note: You'll get a phone call once you finish this mission from Sweet. 
You'll be told to check out the nearby gym. You can go there and work 
out, or you can just continue doing missions.

VI. nines and ak's (d105g)

Start off with Smoke, so drive to Emmet's place. You'll have a cut 
scene once you reach the destination. Now, follow what the game tells 
you to, and do what Smoke will do shortly afterwards. You must shoot 
all the targets, which are all bottles. This is a real simple mission 
just to let you practice with the button combinations. Here are the 
lists of things that you should do and what you'll be learning.

- Aim using the R1 button, and fire either with the circle or the L1 

- Do as the above, but now cycle through weapons using the L2 and R2 
buttons while shooting through targets.

- Shoot all the targets and perform some dodging moves (rolling) while 
crouching down. 

- Aim manually and shoot the car's gas tank.

After that, a cut-scene follows. Now, you can get some pistols from 
Emmet if you want to. Look at your map and see his icon for reference. 
Right now, drive Smoke back to his house. Stop at the red marker. After 
the cut-scene, Sweet calls in, telling you to stop by at a clothing 
shop and get some colors for yourself. So, follow the map and stop. 
Enter the shop, and get to the dressing room to change clothes and try 
on some new ones. It's on the right side when you enter. Go to the red 
marker. Now, pick the torso section, and pick one yourself. Any cheap 
ones will do for now, and you'll change when you have enough money 
soon. Then, continue to your legs and exit the shop. Once you're out, 
mission passed.

Reward: Respect +

VII. drive-by (d105h)

Start off by entering the vehicle with Smoke, Sweet and Ryder. Now, 
drive to Jefferson, where the Ballas territory is situated. Stop at the 
red marker. You'll be given a short scene. This is simple, but can be 
very difficult if you're bad at controlling the car. Get the feel of it 
first. Ok, after the scene finishes, drive slowly around the corner, 
and move at the side of their car. Let your members deal with them. 
They take some time to really kill those Ballas, so driving too fast 
will result in nothing. Also, be careful of your damage meter. Make 
sure you don't take too much damage for this; or it will be a pain for 
the next area.

Once they're dead, head to the next area. You can try ramming them if 
they're at the alleyways, and that would be a piece of cake. Next, 
drive to the other area. Let your members deal with them. You can try 
ramming them, but be careful of not getting too close or stopping your 
vehicle close to them or too long. After that, head to the final area. 
This section has a few separated Ballas members. They roam in the field 
area. Get yourself down there. Now, let your buddies handle them. Ram 
them a little, since they are far apart sometimes.  Once you're done, 
you'll get another problem.

You'll immediately attain 2 wanted stars and you have to lose them, and 
the cops too. So, use the map to get to the Paint & Spray. Stop at the 
red marker, and drive the vehicle in. You'll not be charged this time, 
but don't ram any pedestrians around, or crash to a cop car now, while 
the stars are blinking. Now, drive back to Sweet's home.

Rewards: $500 & Respect + 

Note: After this mission, you'll be able to do Ryder and Big Smoke's 

VIII. sweet's girl (d105i)

After finding nobody in the house, quickly jack a vehicle or get one 
from your garage (if you have one) and head to the destination on the 
map (red). If you need a gun, go to Emmet's place (he has the gun icon 
on the map). Okay, you don't have much time before the bar runs out. 
So, here's how to do it. Those people here are all using machine-guns. 
If you don't have one, here's how to get it. Once you arrive at the 
area, you'll see a few enemies outside shooting to the house. Drive 
fast and ram those assholes, and make a tight corner and turn the car 
around (it doesn't matter in which direction you come, just ram them 
over). If the car catches fire, don't hesitate to get out. 

Now, collect their weapons and take cover behind the car, or anywhere 
you can be safe. Aim one by one with auto-lock and shoot them to 
pieces. If you run out of ammo, just switch to the pistol (make sure 
you're not surrounded). Now, all you got to do is finish them off, and 
wait for a call from your brother. Get a car (jack one in the area) 
which is a four-door vehicle. Stop at the red marker and let both of 
them enter. You'll immediately be chased down by a few enemies (these 
guys won't get enough). Now, Sweet will shoot at those people while you 
focus on the road and head back to Sweet's. After that, mission passed.

Reward: Respect +

IX. cesar vialpando (d105j)

As soon as you start, head to the blip on the map. It's the Mod Garage. 
Anyway, you'll need a Lowrider, a special type of vehicle. Don't worry, 
since you'll get one when you reach there. So, stop at the red marker 
and you'll get a cut-scene. Now, drive the car into the garage. You can 
now modify your vehicle, but if you have not enough cash, pick anything 
cheap for the moment. Now, exit the garage with the triangle button. 
Drive to the destination on the map for the meeting. Once you arrive, 
stop at the red marker inside the area. Now, you'll have to bet your 
money. If you succeed this mission, you'll get the money you're betting 
now. So, if you think you're up for the challenge, bet for a high 

So, what you must do is match the combinations on the screen with the 
bouncing pattern of your vehicle. Just do it and follow instructions, 
and if you succeed, you'll get your prize. Don't do it too fast and not 
too slow; follow the music that plays. The beat actually helped me. I 
bet full and won. A cut-scene follows, and you're done with this 
mission, and Sweet, for now of course. You're introduced to Cesar.

Note: Keep the vehicle you used for the competition. It would be useful the 
'high stakes, low-rider' mission.

Rewards: Betting Money & Respect +

B. [ L a n c e  W i l s o n / R y d e r ]  (d106a)
Ryder is situated on the left side of your house (facing outside from 
door). He is marked with the 'R' icon on the map. You can start doing 
missions for him once you finish the mission 'drive-by' from Sweet.

I. home invasion (d106b)

Once you start off, you'll notice the word 'daylight' on the right of 
the screen (8 minutes in total). You're doing a robbery mission, so the 
time limit shows how much time you have left before daylight pays a 
visit. Quickly drive the truck to the house and use the map. Once you 
reach there, stop at the red marker.

Now, you'll get a short scene. Enter the house quick. Okay, once you're 
in, you'll get a brief of what you should do here, and what you 

What you should and shouldn't do are as follow:

- Sneak to go through the house. DO NOT run or even walk. Push the left 
Analog stick forward gently until your see Carl creeps, and navigate 
left or right using the right Analog stick (makes it easier), or you 
can just use the left one.

- Don't let the 'noise' bar reaches maximum.

- Don't take too much time.

- You can crouch down if you want, but it doesn't really matter. 

Alright, so now you know what you should do right? Get the crates full 
of weapons. To pick up the crates, use the triangle button. After you 
got one, make your way back outside to the truck and use the triangle 
button to put it inside. Here's the list of the crates and where you 
can fine them. There are two crates downstairs and four upstairs. You 
need to steal at least three of them. Anyway, here's the list.


* at the right side when you enter

* in the room on the right 


* on the stairs leading up

* at the end of the walkway

* in the owner's room near the bed

* at the side of the bed

Once you stole a total of three crates, you'll get a note of either you 
can continue robbing some more or go to the lock-up where you can make 
stash your stolen goods. If you wish to continue, do so, if not, 
continue the mission. Once you steal all six, you'll get a cut-scene. 
If you didn't, then you'll get one once you enter the vehicle. Now, 
just drive to the lock-up and park the vehicle in, and mission passed.

Reward: Respect +

II. catalyst (d106c)

Once the mission starts, drive Ryder's car to the ammo train. Once you 
arrive at the destination, you'll see a few Vagos members robbing the 
train. Get out and shoot them. There are around three to four of them 
here. Easy to be dealt with. Now, a few of the Vagos will arrive in a 
car. Shoot them and do take cover. Roll to the side and shoot them. 
Once they're all dead, Ryder will tell you to check the train.

Go to the red marker, and climb up the train. Now, the train suddenly 
moves. Once you get the aiming view, quickly aim at Ryder which is on 
the train's tail and use the L1 button to throw the boxes to him. This 
can be very tricky since you don't control the train and you don't know 
where it goes to (the corners). So, keep an eye for Ryder's vehicle 
only. To throw further to the back, hold the L1 button. Target at his 
front window, or his seat. It will slide to the back of the vehicle and 
he'll catch it. If you think you're going to fail in one attempt, don't 
load back your game or anything. Just feel the grip of throwing the 
boxes to him. You have to throw a total of 10 boxes in a few minutes 
time. The boxes are unlimited though, so throw as many as you can.

Once you're done, you'll have a three wanted stars and the cops are on 
your tail. Get back to the main road and drive to the Paint & Spray on 
the map. Enter and you'll lose the stars. Drive back safely to Grove 
Street. Mission passed.

Reward: Respect +

III. robbing uncle sam (d106d)

Once the mission starts, get in the van with Ryder. You  must drive to 
the compound in Ocean Docks. Stop the van at the red marker when you're 
there, and once you get control again, jump up the wall in front. Equip 
your gun. Shoot the guard by the gate, and get down. Shoot the switch 
to open the gate to let Ryder and the van enter. Now, move forward and 
shoot any guards around. Now, go to the garage and shoot the switch to 
open the door. Shoot the two guards inside, and proceed to the 
Forklift. Get on it, and go to the boxes ahead. You need to take 6 
boxes here to the back of the truck using the Forklift (heavy maybe). 
Ryder will be dealing with the guards, and he has a life bar. If you 
can, do assist him with the guards. Once he was facing an enemy, he 
took 2 minutes to kill him. Don't let it happen to you. There are boxes 
inside and outside as well.

To take the boxes, push the right Analog stick down and drive forward 
to put the fork down the box. Now, push the stick up so that it rises 
and you can put it to the van. So, drive every one of the boxes to the 
back of the van and you'll get it done. Sometimes a guard will try to 
pull you out of the vehicle. If he does so, shoot him and get back 
fats, Try not to get it messed up, or you'll slow the process down.

Once you're done, you'll be chased by the army. A wanted star might 
appear too. Now, you'll be driving. Ryder will tell you if you honk 
using the L3 button, he will throw a box at the army. Look behind using 
the L2 and R2 button together. You can see the vehicle at the back this 
way. So, honk and Ryder will throw the boxes to the vehicle. Now, drive 
to the lock up and you're done.

Reward: Respect +

C. [ M e l v i n  H a r r i s / B i g  S m o k e ]  (d107a)

You can find Smoke with the icon 'BS' on the map. He's situated in 
Idlewood, where you may find some Ballas lurking. Anyway, to find him, 
from the gym, go straight to the alley ahead. You'll spot the red 
marker a little to the right on the other side once you get to the main 

I. og loc (d107b)

As soon as the mission starts, drive the car to Pershing Square to the 
Police Station. Stop at the red marker. Once you start back, drive to 
the destination on the map. Stop the vehicle at the red marker, and go 
up with Jefferey and ring the doorbell by stopping at the red marker. 
Once you start after the talk, just hold the X button and chase down 
Freddy. He will be riding very seriously, and I mean fast and without 
and accidents throughout the chase. Jefferey will shoot him when you're 
near, but don't pay attention to it often. Look at his bike the route 
he takes. If you lost him or if you fall of the bike, get on it again 
and chase him down. This guy won't lose you. He'll wait for you and 
it's easier that way. :)

Now, at some point after the chase, and after passing through the 
opposite way of the highway, going through the buildings, and railways, 
he'll eventually stop at some members of his at the staircase leading 
up. Before you reach there, stop the bike and get out. Take out your 
weapon and start shooting at his members. Jefferey will assist you too. 
Take cover if you need to. Now, go there and shoot that damn Freddy. A 
cut-scene follows shortly afterwards.

Now, just drive Freddy to the Burger Shot through the back door. Jack a 
vehicle if you need to. Stop at the marker, and now you can do missions 
for Jefferey, or should I say, OG Loc?  

Reward: Respect +

Note: I have been informed that he can die while riding his bike. I 
never tried it, but I don't know. Try and see if you're lucky. Also, 
you'll be able to do missions for Jefferey after this mission 

II. running dog (d107c)

Get is Smoke's car, and drive to the meet. Stop by the red marker to 
continue. Now, you'll get a short scene on that asshole running away, 
and jumping the fences. Just jump above all the fences and chase him 
down. Use the red dot on the map and fire him at will. You can use the 
manual aim if you like. Be warned though; it can get pretty bad 
sometimes. If you face the gang members, you might get shot at. Run 
like hell and sprint using the X button to chase him easier. Once he's 
dead, mission will be passed, and also, get his cash too.  

Reward: Respect +

III. wrong side of the tracks (d107d)

First, drive to Unity Station. Stop at the red marker. A cut-scene 
follows. Okay, the tough part starts, but will not be tough if you know 
what to do it. First off, tap triangle to get on the bike. Then, move it 
a little so Big Smoke can jump on it while you're starting to move. Now 
quickly chase that train. Stay on the right side as far as possible. 
Don't lose control, and remember throughout this mission DO NOT fall 
off. If you do, you'll have a big chance of failing it of course, and 
will be hard to complete the mission or even make it back to the train 
to keep up with it.

Okay, so try to keep up with the right side okay, so when Smoke fires 
his gun, it won't hit the train's side. It will have some space to hit 
the assholes up there. So, let him shoot off the first person. He 
should probably die by now before a train comes and block your view. 
Kill him first. Also, look out for the car the train will hit because 
you're staying on the right side remember? So, watch out for it.

Now, you'll go through the first tunnel. Shoot the second guy here, and 
kill him. Make sure you're still on the right side. Don't worry; no 
trains will be appearing now. So now, move forward and let Smoke finish 
off the third guy. He will fall, but grabs on the train. Now, go to 
the side of him and let Smoke handle him. Be sure to stay at the right 
side. Watch the rail too. Now, if he's still alive and you probably 
already come out from the tunnel, get to the path on the right when you 
get out. Go to the left side if you can at all. Smoke can get a good 
aim from here. Now, follow this path and go straight to the other path. 
Go down and stay back to the right side again. Shoot this guy down, and 
aim for the last one.

The train might pick up right now, but try to speed up like hell. Just 
one more guy to go. If you've injured him before, this will be easy. 
Before the train hits the path to Las Venturas, you would've killed 
him. In the cornering areas, try to stay fast and corner by staying on 
the right side. Once he falls off, drive Smoke back to his house. Use 
the railway back to Unity Station. After you get there mission passed.
What makes the mission difficult at first is because you don't understand 
what you really should do. Here's an image from MC Face from a San Andreas 
forum with an image showing where you should be shooting from:


Reward: Respect +

IV. just business (d107e)

Okay, another tough mission, but I know you can do it. Really I do. 
First, drive to Downtown. Stop at the red marker, and watch the cut 
scene. Now, as soon as you start, you'll have tons of cops here, not to 
mention on the above floor. Well, use the machine gun and blast them. 
Use auto-lock aiming, since it'll be easier. If you can't get a shot, 
use the manual aiming. It helps sometimes. There's an enemy on the 
above floor, directly opposite of you. Shoot him, and shoot the nearest 
enemies and continue towards the back. Smoke will help you, but his 
aiming is bad, but I'm not sure that was him shooting at the Emmet's 
place that day. :P

Now, advance to Smoke and search the area for a body armor. Collect the 
weapons from the enemies if you wish, or if you're running low on ammo. 
Now, go out. You'll have more here. Assist Smoke, but who cares. Ignore 
him for the moment, and shoot the near enemies and then the distant 
targets. Take cover behind the wall here. Shoot one by one, and use the 
rolling movement if you have to. 

Now, once every target is down, you'll get a short scene for where 
Smoke gets on the bike with Carl. Okay, here comes the pain. Now, 
you'll have a few cops on your tail, especially cops on bikes. Don't 
let them approach you at all if you can, they will instantly lower your 
bike's health. Also, once you shoot a cop on the bike, the rider will 
shoot you too, so if you have good aiming skills, aim for their wheels. 
When you see a roadblock ahead, shoot the cars or the cops. They will 
be in front and at the back, at the left side. Shoot them and don't 
wait too long or you'll get killed here easily. 

Now, you will go on like this for quite some time. There will also be a 
truck here, but worry nothing about it. You should concentrate on the 
cops on bikes and shoot them. After the scene where the truck rams down 
to the highway, shoot the bikes where there will be a lot of them here. 
They will appear and soon cars will also take their position. A little 
bit more to go, then you'll be fine.

Now, you'll get a scene where Smoke goes pass the cops. Shoot the gate 
and the cops if you can. Now, some police bikes will be on your tail, 
and soon you'll be done. Shoot the red explosive containers and let 
them explode and kill the cops. Laugh at them, and a cut-scene appears. 
You're now done with Smoke and this mission. 

Reward: Respect +

D. [ J e f f e r e y  M a r t i n / O g  L o c ]  (d108a)

You can work with Jefferey by visiting him at Burger Shot near the
Marina. He's marked with the letters 'OG' on the map. He is available after 
the mission 'Og Loc' for Big Smoke.

I. life's a beach (d108b)

Note: Mission can be done only from 20:00 and 6:00.

When you start, go to the beach not very far from here. You're going 
to steal the sound van. Once you're near the destination, you'll get a short 
scene showing the DJ at the party. Stop your car and go to the red marker to 
talk to her. Reply with the right on the D-Pad. Now, you will start dancing. 
All you got to do is get a score of 4000 or more to pass and complete the 
objective. It's just like what you did when you met Cesar, but this time 
though, it's the button combinations, not the Analog stick. Alright, let me 
give you a piece of advice, and a hint. 

Each time you see the combinations coming, or a three combination in a row, 
listen to the tune of the song played as the background. It helps actually, 
if you notice. Try to listen to the song as you keep your eye on the 
combinations. DO NOT, I repeat, don't do it too fast. People tend to miss 
since they thought the button is already inside the circle box, but it's not. 
I did this myself. Don't do it too fast; you'll suit yourself with the beat, 
trust me. Once you practice the mission, you can. Pressing too fast will 
result in nothing. If you keep failing it or actually need a few more score 
to get up to 4000, don't sweat. Try to press the buttons slowly. Maybe you're 
pressing it too fast. If that doesn't work, try the opposite. You can get 
three levels, bad, good and perfect. Also, they'll give you a lot of 
combinations. Try to take your time looking at the combination and pressing 
it slowly as it appears at the circle.

Once you're done, she'll ask you if you want to have a chat. Well, reply 
positively and she'll ask to go to her office. Now, get in and Carl will 
throw her out. Quickly drive to the garage on the map. You'll have a few cars 
on your tail, from the beach all the way to the garage. Try not to flip the 
cars, since they will damage the vehicle as hard as they can. This van can 
flip easily. Also, don't try to damage them. It's just a waste of time. Drive 
and once you reach the garage, mission passed.

Here's a little something from Warren Tape. Thanks for this little info; he 
has a strategy that might help you guys out there:

The strategies that got me through the dancing in the "Life's a Beach" 

- Practice at the club south of the bike park. They play the same music there 
as the beach party, and you can keep trying it, over and over without having 
to go through the start of the mission. 

- When practicing, start by focusing on only three of the four buttons. I 
suggest ignoring the square because that's what I did. Whenever the square 
came up, I just let it pass. If this by itself does not get you the 4000 
points you need, you'll find your skills quickly improving and it won't be 
hard to start tapping some of the easier squares.

Reward: Respect +

II. madd dogg's rhymes (d108c)

Go to Madd Dogg's mansion in Red County. Once you're at his house, drive all 
the way to the garage area and get out. Go to the back and use the door here 
with the yellow arrow. Now, you'll have a scene showing you to use stealth 
kills. If you had guns before you enter the house, all of them will not be 
available. The only weapon available is the knife. Alright, here's how to 
perform stealth kill (also available in the 'basics' section).

First, you should spot the first guard, facing to the front. Crouch down, and 
sneak up to him with the knife equipped. Slowly now, and once you reach him 
(make sure you don't target him yet), face him straight and not to the right 
or anything (this might screw up the control, thus alerting him). Now, target 
him carefully with the R1 button. You should see Carl's hand rise. Press the 
circle button, and he'll stab him on the neck. He'll be dead now. Advance and 
you should see a guard on the pool area. He's making a few rounds. You can 
hide in shadows (read the basics for more info). Alright, first once he's 
facing the other side, go to the pillar at the nearest to you and hide in the 
shadow. Your position on the map (the while icon) should change to blue. It 
means you're hidden from anyone's view. Now, stay here until he reaches at 
here again. Now, quickly (do it fast) target and use the circle button. If he 
notice you, quickly stand and use the knife with the circle button (easier to 
use stealth).

Now, advance and you should see a third guard on the way, Look to the right 
and hide in the shadow. He should walk and stop at the front. Get out, sneak 
and stab him. Now, get pass the next room. You should see a guard at the bar. 
Crouch down and walk pass the bar. He won't notice you. Now, get pass the 
couch and stop when you see a dark room on your left. There's a body armor 
pickup. Grab it, and get out through the other entrance of this dark room 
(you MUST use this route, otherwise the guard whose facing the direction of 
the hallway would see you). 

Once you spot the guard whose facing the other direction, sneak up and stab 
him from behind. Now, Madd Dogg's recording studio is here. Grab it (on the 
right side when you enter). Get out (now guards will be using silenced 
pistols) and get back to the dark room, crouched down and hide here and wait 
until a guard with a silencer enters the room, and stops at the other 
entrance. Stab him and you're free now. Make your way back outside (watch out 
for the remaining guards if you want to be silent). You can still use the 
silencer if you're tired of the knife; don't worry, they're using silencers 
as well so even if one of them spots you, they won't alert others. Just make 
your way back outside through the doors you came through.

Head back to Burger Shot (you can use the bicycle outside near the door) and 
stop at the red marker. Mission passed.

Note: You can kill the guards and steal the rhyme book without doing stealth. 
You can grab a machine-gun and blasts one by one until you get it and get 
out. You won't fail the mission. Also, you'll get a phone call from Officer 
Tenpenny. He'll have missions for you, but we'll get there later.

Reward: Respect +

III. management issues (d108d)

Note: Mission can be done between 12:00 and 5:00.

Alright, once you start, drive to the destination on the map. You need to get 
one of Madd Dogg's driver's vehicle and meet other drivers before 10pm. Once 
you're near the destination, you'll get a phone call from Loc. Now, chase the 
driver. If you have a machine-gun, shoot him a little. He'll get out, and 
armed so watch out. Now, steal the car and kill him if you wish and drive t 
the destination. If you damaged the car, you'll have to get it repaired 
first. Now, drive the car carefully to the destination. DO NOT damage the 
car. After this, park the car facing the same as other cars here. Now, follow 
the car after the cut-scene. Stay in the middle of the cars. You will be told 
by the game to stop the vehicle at some point when you reach there. Now, 
after the short scene, drive the car to the pier. You're going to drown these 
people in the ocean. So, drive fast. Other cars will be on your tail, so 
watch it.

Like I told in the basics section, go fast down the pier, and hold triangle 
to bail out. You must do it without anyone around to witness it. If the 
drivers saw you, you'll have to waste them. Once you do these, mission 

Reward: Respect +

IV. house party (d108e)
Now, you're going for OG Loc's party. It will start at 8pm and will finish at 
his house. You're going to need some new clothes and a better haircut. So, 
drive yourself home. Use the 'OG' icon on the small map to get to your house. 
Once you reach near the icon, search around for a clothes shop (Binco). Now, 
enter and buy yourself a piece of clothing. A nice and neat one will do for 
the party. Now, get out and head to Reece's Barber shop. Get yourself a new 
haircut, and exit the shop. Now, drive to your house, since I recommend you 
save our game now first.

Alright, now get out and you probably get a call from Jefferey. Go to the 
house (across from your house) and stop at the red marker. Now, you'll get a 

After the scene, crouch down and head for the machine-gun in front of you. 
Now, there are a few enemies in front, one at the bush (on the right) and a 
few on the left side, taking cover. Take the nearest enemies first, and then 
aim for the enemy at the bush, and then at the left side taking cover. These 
people are real dangerous. Be careful.

Now, after they're dealt with, there are more on the bridge above. Stay 
BENEATH the bridge and stand up and shoo them. Cycle through enemies with the 
L2 and R2 buttons to finish them faster. Now, you'll have the hardest part in 
this mission. A few of the Ballas will appear around you, except the road 
further down from your home area. So, from facing the road ahead (from under 
the bridge), run forward and use your gun to target one by one of the Ballas. 
This is the only place where the Ballas will not appear. They will come out 
from the alley (near Ryder's house), at Sweet's, and near the house where the 
party was held (Sweet will warn you about this). Shoot the one appearing from 
the party house, and then to Sweet's, and to the alley. Watch out since 
you're vulnerable from any direction. Once everyone's dead, mission passed.

Reward: Respect +

E. [ C e s a r  V i a l p a n d o ]  (d109a)      
The mission is located in El Corona. It is marked as 'C' on the map.

Note: Cesar has only one mission this time, and it's compulsory to finish 
this to advance through the story missions.

I. high stakes, low-rider (d109b)

Well, to do this mission, first of all, a low-rider vehicle is required. It 
doesn't need to have hydraulics, just plain low-rider vehicle. There is a 
Voodoo near the mission starting area. Find yourself one which handles really 
good. Most of the low-riders can pick-up real fast, so get one which handles 
well on corners and good braking system, though your driving skills affect 
these as well.

You'll start by following Cesar. Follow him closely to the starting grid, and 
drive the car to the red marker. 

Alright, let me give you some hint. Try to overtake all the cars as soon as 
you start. The only thing that worried me when I played the mission was 
cornering at high speed and braking. These are very dangerous. Also, low-
riders cannot turn good, especially with Cesar's vehicle.

Alright, when you're racing, you must go through (collect) some checkpoints 
(red). They're also on the map, so look at it a few seconds. Concentrate on 
the traffic, and anything around the road (traffic polls, pedestrians, etc). 
Make sure while racing, do not crash into these. You will lose control and 
thus other drivers will overtake you. The only thing that matters is that you 
must have good control of the car and braking early while going fast. Once 
you reach the final checkpoint, you'll get your reward.

Reward: $1000

F. [ O f f i c e r  F r a n k  T e n p e n n y ] (d110a)

You can find Officer Tenpenny at the map by the icon 'O' and written as 
CRASH. You can work with him once you complete the mission 'Madd Dogg's 
Rhymes' from OG Loc.

I. burning desires (d110b)

Alright, now use the map to find the Molotovs hidden somewhere at Downtown 
Los Santos. Use the map to get them. It is hidden in between two buildings 
(you'll see when you get there). It's at the walkway and at some steps. 
Anyway, grab it and head to the target house. There are gang members around, 
use caution at all times. First, before torching the house, get to the back 
area of the house (followed by three windows). There are around three of them 
here. More will come once you create a disaster. Kill them; it makes your 
work a lot easier. Now, once they're all dead here, shoot the first window 
and throw the Molotov into it. Let it burn. Continue to the second and to the 
third. Torch them. Now, go to the other side and throw Molotovs to the two 
remaining windows, which make the total windows - 5. 

After that, you're done, but are you? Not yet. There'll be a scene showing a 
girl trapped inside the burning house. You must rescue the girl. You have not 
much time before the house burns to the ground, thus killing the girl. 

Now, enter the house through the main door in between both of the window 
areas. Once you enter, just run forward to the end of the hallway. Don't turn 
anywhere, but go straight only. Now, you should see some couches on fire in 
front of you. Look to the right and you should see a fire extinguisher. Grab 
it, and get back out to the hallway. Look around the end area for a stairs 
leading up. Get up, and run forward through this hallway until you see an 
opened door with flames. Equip the fire extinguisher, and aim down. Put out 
the fire by pressing the circle button. Once it's out, go to the girl. A 
short scene will be available here.

Now, Carl will run outside. Continue to the other room ahead. Put out the 
fire, and run back outside to the hallway. Put out the fire here, run to the 
end of the hallway, and down the stairs. Get back to the room you found the 
fire extinguisher and go to the front. Put out the fire at the room entrance 
here, and get through to the other side using the bathroom way (you can't use 
the hallway any longer because it's blocked). Now, go forward to the burning 
room, and get back out to the hallway. Use the door to exit this nightmare. 
Now, take the girl to the car in front after the cut-scene. Send her back 
home and this mission will be completed.     

Note: Denise is now your girlfriend. You can visit her anytime to take her on 
a date. The girlfriend section is still under work. Also, you'll get a phone 
call from Sweet and you can work for him again.

Reward: A new girlfriend.

II. gray imports (d110c)

First, go to the docks to find the meeting between the Russians and the 
Ballas. Once you reach there, a lot of enemies wander around. Some of them 
will even try to ram you with forklifts. :) 

So, get inside and equip anything powerful (M4, etc). Make sure you aren't 
using pistol, that's good enough; using pistol is suicide. Now, target one by 
one of the enemies running to you and shoot them. Take cover if you need. I 
strongly recommend you take cover, or at least shoo those people near the 
garage door. They will aim you and pound you like, I don't know what either. 
So, shoot them and auto-lock others who will come to your position. There 
WILL be enemies on forklifts, so pull them out and finish them. If you need a 
body armor, go to the containers and climb up to get it. It's on the right 
side on top when you enter. Now, shoot the keypad beside the garage door and 
it shall open. There will be three or more enemies here (depends). Roll to 
the side and shoot them. If you have an AK-47, this will be a piece of cake. 
You will immediately target off their heads. Now, proceed and shoot the guy 
taking cover behind some crates or something. 

Shoot the guy in front when you're there, turn left and shoot two more 
enemies here. There's an body armor on your right but there are also two more 
enemies waiting at the opposite side of it. There's also a health pickup at 
the back if you need any. You should see some enemies when you proceed, and 
some explosive containers. Shoot it and let them fry. Go forward and you 
shall see two enemies by the staircase. Shoo them, and then look to your 
right. Shoot the 2 enemies here, and target the two enemies down the enemies 
on top of the stairs. Once the area is cleared, get up the stairs. Shoot the 
Ballas here, and you will need to kill the Russian Arms Dealer. Grab the 
armor. The dealer will run out. Now, you'll have two options. Both will 
result in him running after his car (Banshee).

1st Option: Chase him down while shooting. Get pass the tons of enemies 
shooting at you while aiming at the dealer himself. This is A LOT easier to 
finish him off. It takes some time for him to be killed, because his health a 
little longer. Use a machine-gun so you can run while shooting. Once he's 
dead, all of the other enemies will disappear.

2nd Option: Chase him down and clear the area if you want (not recommended). 
He will drive his Banshee. Grab the motorbike and chase him down while 
performing drive-by to eliminate him and explode his vehicle. A little tough 
but would be easy if you know what to do. Since he's driving a Banshee, a 
little effort would do to take him out.

Note: You'll get a call from Sweet and he told you to check Ammu-Nation. It's 
marked with a gun icon (a little different than Emmet's) and will be 
available after this.      

Having problems? Here's a contribution from CJ McCaleb (diablo 
74136@yahoo.com) which can give you additional help in this mission:

Before you start the mission, get some armor and an SMG, there is one in 
Unity Station behind some fences. Also if you can lay your hands on some 
satchel charges, that will be helpful. Go to the meet, take out the forklifts 
first, then some workers and Ballas will come after you so blow their brains 
out. Go to the warehouse kill everyone, shoot the red barrels to do it 
faster. Kill everyone on the stairs. Get an AK that's under the stairs. If 
you have some satchel charges go outside behind the warehouse and throw some 
on the stairs by the door. Go back in, if you have the satchel charges go in 
the room and when the Russian runs out push the button. If not, then stand 
outside the room, position yourself so you can see the Russian and shoot him 
with the AK until he drops.

Here's another contribution from Michelle Dailey (gargoyle626@hotmail.com):

I was playing the mission: Gray Imports, and I found a way to complete the 
mission a little different than you had listed. I tried to keep the Russian 
in the office but couldn't hit him, so let him run out and chased him. I got 
on the motorcycle until we hit the surface streets and then jacked a car. I 
then chased him down ramming him as often as I could. The more I rammed him 
the damage to his car obviously increased but this slowed him down as well. I 
did this until I was able to smash him against a wall for the final blow 
causing his car to ignite and blow up, completing the mission.

Thanks to both of you for the contributions. :)

Reward: Nothing.

G. [ S e a n  J o h n s o n / S w e e t  II ]  (d111a)
As usual, Sweet is marked as 'S' on the map. This time though, it's a little 
different (goes out for the first mission only). Well, the first mission will 
be at Market in front of Ammu-Nation. Take note of this.

I. doberman (d111b)

As soon as you start, you'll be introduced to a gun shop, Ammu-Nation. This 
is where you can buy firearms and body armor. Buy them if you wish. Anyway, 
you'll also be shown a scene where the Ballas territory is at, Glen Park. You 
must take out the gang there and claim the territory as your own. Read the 
basics section for further info. I will explain it here, but there's much 
better. :)

Alright, drive to Glen Park. Now, you have to find some gang members talking 
or in a group. Remember, no drive-bys or ramming, they won't work. Now, get 
out of your vehicle and head to the members. Pull out your shotgun (if you 
have one) and blast them in close range (works well). If you're attacked 
first, don't hesitate to shoot them.

Now, here's how it works. Once you kill three gang members (which is not 
yours of course) inside their territory will get it in an attacked status. 
The area will flash red in the map, meaning that it's an attacked area. Now, 
you'll have to go through three waves to claim the territory. The first wave 
will immediately happen, so watch your back.

The second and third will happen shortly after you survive. Keep your eyes on 
the map after you've survived a wave, so you can tell where the enemies are 
coming from (this time it's the Ballas). They're marked as purple on the map, 
so look for them. If you're not informed of your success, search around for 
enemies. This happen frequently. They might be hiding, and so on. 

Also here's a hint. The further you go (first, second wave), you will find 
pickups around the attacked area (on the road most of the time). There will 
be health pickups and body armors around. Look for them when you're low on 
health. Also, run if you need to. You don't have to be a hero and stand there 
alone while you're surrounded by them and die in agony. You're not really 
good at this yet, so train yourself to.

Once you survive the third wave, you'll be given a scene where the game 
explains exactly how it works and stuff. You will constantly be under attack, 
so don't run away. After that, there will be a Ballas member running out. 
Confront him and waste him. Mission passed.

Reward: Respect + 

II. los sepulcros (d111c)

Alright, first recruit the two members relaxing here. Hold down R1 to target 
them, and press the up button on the Directional Pad (note you can do this 
while holding weapons too). Now, get in the car with Sweet. Drive to the 
funeral. Use the map to get there. There is a time limit, so don't waste your 
time. Stop at the red marker.

Now, climb the wall after the cut-scene and run to Sweet. A cut-scene will be 
triggered here again. After the cut-scene, your objective is on the red icon 
on the map; kill Kane. Crouch down and head forward. Blast the guy in front, 
and run to the left side, going to the direction of the red icon on the map.  

There will be a few enemies you'll encounter here. Kill them on sight. Now, 
chase down Kane and shoot him to his death. He's a little hard to kill, but 
shouldn't take too much effort. Once he's dead, get in the car. You have to 
search around for any remaining Ballas before you get in (if you haven't 
killed them yet). As soon as you finish this, you will have a two wanted 
stars. Not a problem, you'll see what I mean. Drive back to Grove Street, and 
stop at the red marker. After the cut-scene, mission passed, and the stars 
will disappear. :) 

Reward: Respect +

III. reuniting the families (d111d)

Important Note: I've been informed that this mission will open only when you 
complete certain missions, which are as follows:

- the previous mission
- robbing uncle sam (Ryder)
- high stakes, low-rider (Cesar)
- just business (Big Smoke)
- house party (OG Loc)
- gray imports (Officer Frank Tenpenny)

Thanks to AggroSk8er for the info. I wasn't aware of this in the beginning. 
Awesome FAQ he has. Read his if you want to. :)

First, drive the car to the motel on the map. Be warned that you'll be going 
through the Ballas and Vagos territories. Make sure you don't get attacked. 
Stop at the red marker. A cut-scene will be triggered. Once you get control 
of Carl, go to the door on your left. Once you're in, quickly get up the 
stairs in front to the above floor.

Note: From here until you meet Sweet, I will be using numbers of the doors 
instead of the hallways, so you can recognize which one easier. It is written 
at the side of the entrance of a hallway (left side). Also, if you're low on 
health, run back to the entrance hallway and go to the vending machine. Press 
the triangle button to buy drinks. It replenishes your health. Anyway, let's 
start with the first hallway. 

Rooms 1 - 4: Before you enter the hallway, a SWAT will roll outside to get 
you. Use any gun to kill him (any assault rifles would be best now, 
especially when your skills are near maximum). Now, shoot another SWAT guy in 
this hallway at the front. Proceed. Three SWAT officers will be charging 
outside here soon. Blast them one by one. Now, go forward and shoot the two 
SWAT enemies coming down. Take cover before going to the other hallway for a 
while, and look at the next hallway before proceeding just to ensure where 
the enemies are.   

Rooms 5 - 8: There are two enemies in this hallway, so shoot them. Two more 
will drop shortly, so kill them and proceed forward. A SWAT guy is here on 
the left (use manual aim to kill him, and hide behind the wall on the left). 
Now, switch your aim to the SWAT officer on the right and kill him. There's 
one above, so if he spots you first, make him your first prey. Then, move 
forward and shoot another one on the right above. Prepare for the next 

Rooms 9 - 12: There will be a few enemies coming out in seconds. First, shoot 
the nearest target, and then shoot the one that will drop later. Now, shoot 
the rolling targets and move forward. Sweet is somewhere in this hallway. He 
is inside room number 12 (the last one at the end, number is written above 
the entrance door). Go and confront him. A cut-scene plays.

You'll start facing off a helicopter. Quickly shoot the SWAT teams on the 
chopper immediately! Now, once they're dead, aim for the chopper. Shoot it 
down. 10 seconds direct hit would be enough. Aim manually to take it down, 
and once the game tells you to follow Sweet, move quickly.

Get down the staircase, and Smoke and Ryder arrive to the rescue, or so I 

Now, the final part of this mission before you complete it. You'll be chased 
down by cops in cars like hell. No kidding. Pop their tires and shoot their 
vehicles until they explode to bits. Some of them will flip and crash into 
each other during the chase, but focus on shooting to the nearest target. 
You'll have infinite bullets of the rifle, so use it as long as you like. 

Note: The rifle is a little slow on when reloading, so try not to waste 
shooting at other stuff while the cops are aiming at you from the front to 
the back.

At some point during the chase, police will jump and stay at the front mirror 
of the vehicle. You'll have to shoot them and keep them away. Once you're far 
enough, suddenly the rifle stops working and jams. This is normal, and quite 
hilarious. Watch the cut-scene while you cheer for happiness, of course 
because the mission is complete!

Reward: Respect +

IV. the green sabre (d111e)

Note: This mission is the last one you'll be doing in Los Santos for now. If 
you complete this mission, you'll leave Los Santos, without any weapons and 
all that you have right now. Think twice before doing this mission.

You'll start off by a phone call from Cesar. He tells you to meet him 
immediately. What's the emergency? You'll see. Drive to the destination on 
the map. Stop and get inside the car. A cut-scene will be shown, which 
reveals the truth. Now, quickly get back to your car and drive to the 
destination on the map. Quick because you don't have much time before Sweet's 
health runs out. Once you reach there, ram some Ballas and aim for the red 
marker where a few cars are there. Stop. Now, you'll have a cut-scene. After 
that, start off shooting all the Ballas in the area. Crouch down if you need 
to. If your skills on your weapons are maxed out, you can easily kill these 
assholes. These people are jokers; they can't kill you with one shot, but you 
can. Aim for their vehicles if you want to.

Once all the Ballas are dead till the one last standing here, you'll get a 
cut-scene, and a very surprising stop. Let's catch Carl at the countryside. 

Note: Listen to the conversation here. It's quite important in my opinion. 
Here's when the game really gets serious. Pretty soon you'll be working for 
Tenpenny again.

Reward: Respect +

- - - C O U N T R Y S I D E  W A L K T H R O U G H - - -

H. [ O f f i c e r  F r a n k  T e n p e n n y  II ]  (d112a)

Situated just across the street once you start off at the countryside. The 
red marker is available at the safe point, near the small house here. You 
will start off with nothing but a camera.

I. badlands (d112b)

Note: You have nothing when doing this mission. I strongly suggest you get 
yourself some weapons before doing this mission. If you want to save your 
money 9which you shouldn't do), there's a machine-gun at the back house (look 
to the right while facing the red marker and the entrance door of the house 
in front of you). It's behind the house. Also, try and buy yourself a body 
armor. It costs only $200.

Drive to the destination on the map. It's situated on top of Mount Chiliad 
(not the highest level though). Now, stop at the red marker and make your way 
up the path here. Stay on track, and do not fall off or you might get 
yourself killed or injured. Once you reach there, you'll be shown a scene 
where the target is. You need to photograph the dead body of the target. Now, 
you will also be shown that there are some patrol agents around. Here's how 
to get it done.

From your point here, run like hell towards the first agent (have your 
machine-gun equipped) and blast his head off from the back. Two more enemies 
will run to you, but no problem so auto-lock them and shoot them quick. Now, 
go to the side of the house and the target will be going out shortly, or 
maybe already now. Shoot any remaining agents here. So, get to him and blow 
his head off. If you don't, he'll be escaping with his car and running down 
the hill.

Chase him. There should be a vehicle there. Use drive-by to kill him, Once 
the car catches flame, he'll get out. Ram or shoot him until he dies. Now, 
use the camera and photograph his body. You can zoom in and out with the L2 
and R2 buttons. Now, drive back to the safe point in the map, and mission 

Note: You'll receive a phone call from Cesar. He tells you to check his 
cousin. She'll be available right when Carl off the cell phone.

Reward: Nothing. 

I. [ C a t a l i n a ]  (d113a)

Oh no, this, not this! She's the character from Grand Theft Auto III, and 
really annoying. Anyway, you can first find her on the map with the '?' icon. 
Situated in Dillimore, so find her there. She's quite far from your previous 
location though, so try not to mess the first mission up.  
Catalina's missions are a little different. She'll be having four different 
robbery locations throughout the map when you do missions for her. You can do 
the robbery missions for her in any order; but I'll list the missions from 
the closest location to the furthest. You CAN do her missions in any order. 
She'll open up a story title, and then you can choose which one to rob first. 
If you don't understand, just forget it. You'll get to the second part soon.

I. first date (d113b)

Bear in mind that once you start off with this mission or other missions 
first, she'll leave you and you'll continue your business with her later. It 
doesn't matter which robbery mission you take first.

Just listen to what she says and she'll mark four different locations on the 
map with the icon '$' (green). You can pick which one to rob first. I'll list 
the closest location to the furthest throughout her section.

II. tanker commander (d113c)

This robbery mission is the closest from where you met Catalina. It's 
situated in Dillimore itself.

Once you start off after the cut-scene, go to the tanker and get in. Drive it 
to the front, positioning it at the front of the trailer. Reverse to the back 
(press L2 and R2 together to look behind). Once it's attached, you'll have a 
cut-scene. Alright, now it gets a little tough. These jokers are trying to 
stop you. Get out, equip a powerful weapon (best if you have a shotgun) and 
blast their vehicle until it explodes. If it explodes at the tanker, let it, 
since its health is a still more than half. Now, those people will flee and 
disappear from your view.

Get back in the tanker with Catalina, and drive to the destination in the 
countryside. Watch your speed, and try to use a very clear view so you can 
see the road ahead. Don't damage the trailer, or you'll fail the mission. 
Don't detach the trailer from the tanker, or you'll immediately fail it. 
Drive to the destination, and stop at the marker. Mission passed.

Note: Here's where you'll be doing the trucker missions. Also, you'll get a 
phone call, this time it's from The Truth (whatever that means). You can work 
with him now.      

Rewards: $5000 & Trucker Missions available.

J. [ T h e  T r u t h ]  (d114a)

Available once you finish Catalina's first robbery mission. The Truth is 
marked on the map with the 'TT' icon. It's situated in Angel Pine, at the 

I. body harvest (d114b)

Your objective is to steal a combine harvester, and deliver it back to The 
Truth. Now, get yourself to the destination on the map. You'll have to go up 
a hill to reach the farm. Now, stop at the red marker. You'll be shown a cut-
scene where some farmers are here, and they won't give you chance to even 
step your feet inside. You'll also see the combine harvester somewhere 
inside. First, if you have a motorbike, you can speed up and just go in. Now, 
these people are armed with shotguns. Do not go near them, or stay slow on 
speed. They will kill you at all costs! 

What you do is, speed up to the end of the farm, until you see a path on your 
left. There's an opening to the small area here with the harvester. The 
driver might or might not come out. If he does, kill him and steal it. If he 
doesn't, well, you're going to steal it anyway. Go to the side which has the 
ladder up. That's the side where you can steal it (doesn't really matter 
actually). Now, drive it back outside. There will be a pickup truck in the 
middle of the path heading towards outside. Be sure to mince the driver 
before heading out, or else he'll tail you. However there is one more truck 
on your tail, with a man armed at the back of it shooting at you. Go out, and 
pull out the driver of the Walton truck (which is chasing you). Drive it far 
to the edge of the hill, and bail out. Say goodbye to the asshole on the 
truck a minute ago. Now, you can easily get back in the harvester without any 
problems, or is it?

You will have a few farmers in tractors (hah, slow-moving tractors) on your 
tail. Ignore them, so speed up. Slow down when going down the hill, and try 
not to use the shortcut of driving down there will you? You'll fail the 
mission (the harvester will explode). Drive it to the red marker (use the map 
to get there). It's not at the motel, it's in a farm. Drive it inside safely, 
and you'll have a cut-scene. Mission passed.

Note: You'll have a phone call from Cesar. He wants to talk to you; you must 
meet him to progress.

Reward: Respect +

K. [ C e s a r  V i a l p a n d o  II ]  (d115a)

Situated in Angel Pine, where the save point is (where you did the mission 
badlands for Tenpenny). It's marked as usual with the 'C' icon. He has no 
missions for you this time yet. He will soon.

I. king in exile (d115b)

This is not a mission. You'll get a call from Catalina and she wants you to 
do the robbery missions, and continue them. Now, you can do missions for her. 
The robbery missions will be available once you work with her again. 

L. [ C a t a l i n a  II ]  (d116a)

Her missions are marked as 'C' with a pink highlight as the icon on the map. 
The mission is situated in Fern Ridge on top of the hill where a cabin is. 
You can do missions for her once you get the call from her after the previous 
mission. Remember, her missions can be done in any order, but I'll be doing 
it from the closest robbery location to the furthest on the map. There's also 
a save point here, making it easier to reach her after each game loads.

I. first base (d116b)

Normal cut-scene. Listen to their conversation. After that, move on to the 
robbery missions.

II. local liquor store (d116c)

This mission is situated in Blueberry. Anyway, after the cut-scene, use this 
one of a kind vehicle and chase those robbers. Be sure to manage it properly 
while on turning, and braking, since it's really hard to handle. You must 
kill all three of them. Catalina will shoot ONLY when you're near to them, 
like I mean quite near. Now, drive them and let Catalina do the shooting. 
They will split up at some point, but make up your mind and choose either 
one. They will meet back soon. Try to keep up with them, and don't crash or 
stray to other places. Kill them, and once they die, the game tells you to 
pick up the briefcase. Just ignore it and continue chasing others first. Kill 
all of them first and then head to collect all the briefcases they left 
behind. Now, I have an alternate strategy that might help you out. 

Okay, at some point during the chase, you will reach a bridge (which acts as 
a ramp) and where the assholes will be going through. If you can keep up with 
them, you can hit them to drop them down to the water below. If they do, they 
will drown immediately, and you can easily pick up the briefcases and head 
back to the ground. Don't worry; Catalina won't drown like they do. The only 
risk here is that if one of them escapes, you'll fail the mission. Just head 
back to the hideout (Catalina's) and drop her off there. Mission passed.

Additional Strategy by Lowell Ross [Lowell_98052@yahoo.com]:

"Get an SMG, and make sure you have Hitman skill on it. I did the game using 
cheats to get to the Badlands section, and I went back and started again
cheat-free. I use the SMG a lot and am doing a lot of gang wars because 
they're fun. One thing I do is, I use the bulletproof bike you get on the OG 
Loc mission and ride up to the rival gangs and gun them down with the SMG.  
You do that a lot and it gets you up to Hitman way before you get to the 
Catalina missions. If you don't have an SMG, pick one up at the Ammuncation 
in Blueberry. Then when you chase those guys, shoot them yourself with the 
SMG when you get close enough".

Reward: $1000

III. gone courting (d116d)

The second story title. After the scene, continue to the robbery missions.

IV. against all odds (d116e)

This robbery mission is situated in Montgomery. After the cut-scene, enter 
the shop. Now Catalina will start havoc and ended with an alarm going off. 
Now, place the explosive charge on the door (just make sure it's near, you'll 
be fine). Get some distance away, and equip the detonator. Use it, and the 
door will blow up. You might be having a two wanted star level, but ignore it 
for the moment. Enter the area and place an explosive charge on the safe. Get 
away and blow it up with the detonator. Now, a cut-scene plays. Once you're 
out, get back in the car and drive to the Paint & Spray in Dillimore to 
remove your wanted stars. You will be chased by a lot of police vehicle, 
since it's a four wanted star level. Once you're done, head back to 
Catalina's cabin in Fern Ridge and the mission is complete.

Note: You'll get a call from Cesar for a street racing. Now, it's available 
on the map once the mission is done. If you're crazy for some money, that's 
the place you should visit.

Reward: $2000

V. made in heaven (d116f)

Just another cut-scene, which is the last one this time. Yep, after this is 
the last robbery mission for Catalina, and 'sayonara soon'.

VI. small town bank (d116g)

This mission is situated in Palomino Creek. Catalina will tell you to guard 
the area while she breaks open the safe. Now, shoot these hostages if you 
want when the alarm goes off and destroy all of the ATM machines here (three 
of them). Head outside with Catalina. Now, You'll have to go through cops on 
the roof and downstairs. Once they're all dealt with, two police motorbikes 
will pull up in front of out. Get on it and follow Catalina. Keep up with 
her, but if you're left behind, don't worry.

Catalina will soon get into trouble and drop down, so kill all the cops here 
and blow of their heads. Now, jack a vehicle (the police ones will do too) 
and get her back to her hideout. Mission passed.

Reward: $10 000 

Note: You should now do missions for Cesar, which are all races.

M. [ C e s a r  V i a l p a n d o  III ]  (d117a)

Situated not very far from Catalina's place. As usual, marked as 'C' on the 
map as the icon. You can do his missions after completing Catalina's third 
robbery mission.

I. wu zi mu (d117b)

Before starting this mission, I can give you a hint on this race. The drivers 
are all clumsy and they really look like they're on drugs. Sometimes (not 
sure for you, but happened several times to me) the drivers will crash to 
each other and slow down. You can use this opportunity to overtake them and 
get on the lead. You can use any vehicles but motorbikes. Even tankers are 
possible. The best car, I'd recommend, is the Rancher. You can easily find 
one driving around the countryside. This car has great power to move around 
the grassy area and to use shortcuts. Yes, do use shortcuts along the way, 
and since other drivers tend to use the long way instead, take advantage of 
this. Another vehicle, if you know how to manage properly, is the Buffalo. 
You can find one at Catalina's place. It has a fast acceleration and pick-up. 
Great if you really know how to handle it. Since it can slip and changes the 
direction of the vehicle's body pretty easily, use caution while racing using 
the Buffalo. 

Remember you don't have to speed all the time. Use the map and go through the 
checkpoints carefully. If you missed it while you're leading, it's possible 
to lose your lead. Also, avoid using sudden brakes since it can spin the car 
around. Tap it or press it slowly, unless you have no other choice. You don't 
have to speed up, since this race requires your handling ability more than 
the speed of the vehicle. 

You'll have to finish first to advance, and to pass the mission. 

Reward: $5000

II. farewell, my love... (d117c) 

What do you know? Someone we were looking forward to see, or maybe not. Well 
anyway, after meeting with that wild woman, time to start the race. This 
time, you'll start in a ZR-350, a racing vehicle. It can pick-up real fast, 
and go on good on corners but of course without turning the car around.

What you got to do is, try to stay with the drivers. The road with all the 
checkpoints is really confusing, so don't play around. You do need to have a 
little crash to avoid staying last on the race. As you start off, speed up 
and hit other cars and try to spin them around. This will really help you. 
Leave a few cars in front to back you up on the road ahead. Follow them and 
if you have a chance of overtaking them, do it. Now, once you're at the first 
position, use the map real careful and if you think you need to pause and 
take a break, don't hesitate to do it. Go through the checkpoints, and you 
can use shortcuts, but be really sure that you won't go on hills, steep 
places, or off-course. I wouldn't recommend that you take shortcuts, since 
the car can get pretty annoying while on grassy or muddy areas. It can spin 
and go crazy, if you know what I mean. Try to avoid this, and stay on track.

As usual, you have to finish first to pass the mission. You'll make a whole 
round once you finish.

Note: You'll get a call from The Truth. Apparently, he wants to talk to you. 
You can now start doing his mission.

Reward: Property Item in San Fierro    

N. [ T h e  T r u t h  II ]  (d118a)

You can do his mission now at Leafy Hollow, once you get a call from him 
after completing the above missions.

I. are you going to san fierro? (d118b)

As you start off the mission, run towards the Truth and start burning down 
the first weed area here (where he's currently burning now). You have 5 
minutes and 30 seconds to burn the whole weed in this area. It looks like 
your friend here is not going to be a much of a help. So you'll have to 
depend on yourself before the cops arrive. You might notice the helicopter 
above, but ignore it for the moment. 

Now, start burning the areas indicated by the red dots on the map. There's a 
sound when an area of the weed is completely fried. To save time (but could 
be dangerous), you don't have to hold the R1 button (aiming) while torching 
the place. You could just run around and tap the fire button and continue 
with the rest. Be warned that you might accidentally run yourself into the 
burning area and get yourself on fire!

Another way is just to hold the R1 button (which I don't really recommend) 
and torch the place slowly and safely. This could really slow you down 
however, but my solution is simple. Just sometimes run and sometimes don't. 
Change the camera and look around for better view (right Analog stick). Don't 
accidentally step yourself into the burning flame.

Once you're done, go talk to the Truth. He will tell you to stop the 
helicopter. Get ready for this! 

As soon as you get the rocket Launcher, and when you get control of Carl 
again, immediately move a little to the back and press R1 to aim with the 
scope and look up. Aim for the helicopter and blast it. The helicopter starts 
to move a little slow, so if you time it right, you can blow it in one try. 
If you didn't manage to blow it, aim further a little (move if you have to) 
and aim for the direction the helicopter is moving to. Then shoot it. 
Sometimes when you aim directly at the helicopter, and fire, the rocket takes 
some time before it reaches the target. Aim a little further so the rocket 
and the target intersect together and boom! 

Now, get in the "mothership" with the Truth and drive to the garage in San 
Fierro. Plan your way wisely otherwise you'll be stuck or lost or might 
probably destroy the vehicle! Be patient, and safe. 
Note: You can work for well, yourself now. :) 

Reward: Respect +  

- - - S A N  F I E R R O  W A L K T H R O U G H - - - 

O. [ C a r l  J o h n s o n ]  (d119a)

You can start doing these missions once you finish the above mission. The 
icon on the map is 'CJ' and it is situated in Doherty, right at the garage in 
San Fierro. By the way, for Big Smoke's courier mission, which is not part of 
the story mission and NOT required for 100% completion, is listed under here 
(look below). You don't have to do it if you don't want to.

Important Note: After the mission Deconstruction, right after the driving 
school is available, the CJ icon on the map will no longer be available, but 
the missions are still at the garage, but some would be at other locations. 
Since the missions vary here, I will just list all the missions at the garage 
here (and others as well), so there are no other separated sections since 
there are two many different people for separated sections to be made. :) 
After the mission deconstruction, you'll be working with Cesar, and the next 
four missions, you'll be working for Jizzy though the first and the last 
mission will start at your garage. You'll be working with Tenpenny after 
that, and the final three missions on this section starts at your garage, 
which marks as 'Triads'. I'll keep a note for each mission, so don't worry. 

Big Smoke's Courier Calls:

1st: Every Fridays and Mondays you'll get a call from Cesar telling you that 
the cash is leaving Los Santos. You can do this side mission by replying 
positively (right on the D-Pad). You have to chase this Patriot, on the map 
by the red dot, and it carries six packages. You must ram it and the packages 
will drop. Pick it up, and you must then destroy the Patriot to complete the 
chase. If it reaches Pier 69 at San Fierro, you'll fail. You can still try it 

Reward: Cash from Packages

2nd: Every Wednesdays and Saturdays, there is yet another call from Cesar, 
telling you the yay is leaving San Fierro. Chase him fast, since he's on a 
Sanchez. Don't shoot his bag pack, since that will make you lose money. Shoot 
him, and kill him. Use drive-by, or whatever you think that can help you. 
Kill him and you'll finish the mission. 

Reward: Cash Killing the Yay

These mission must be completed before the last San Fierro mission, 'Yay-Ka-
Boom-Boom'. After that, Cesar no longer contacts you anything about these 
missions. These mission ARE NOT required for 100%, so don't worry if you 
didn't complete either mission (if you're going for 100% completion).

I. wear flowers in your hair (d119b)

As soon as you start, get in the car with the Truth. This time you're like a 
driver, yet again. :) 

First, stop by Jethro and talk to him. Sound the horn, and get on after he 
enters. Drive to the hospital where you see a suspicious looking van, and 
after that drive to the hotdog stall where you meet Dwaine, and then continue 
to the next destination to see another cut-scene of this van (which Truth 
tells you nothing about it). Finally, drive to Zero's RC Shop near the 
garage. His mission simply introduces you to the beautiful San Fierro. Now, 
drive back to the garage and you're 

Note: You'll get a call from Zero, that you can visit him on the map (Z 
icon). Go to the side/optional missions section and search for it there.

Reward: Get an offer to buy Zero's RC Shop ($30 000) 

II. 555 we tip (d119c)

Once you start, go to the destination on the map. Stop at the red marker. 
Now, you'll be told to follow the car. Follow the car into the parking area. 
Get out and kill him in any way you like, but make sure the area is clear and 
nobody is around. Take the icon on his body and get back to the valet area. 
You'll be shown a scene where the D.A is driving in a car. 

You must service his car, which is a blue Merit. Usually it's not the first 
car to arrive. One of the valets will say something about the D.A. once he's 
close enough so take his car once he's out before other valets do. Now, you 
have two minutes to drive the car to the garage in Doherty. You can damage 
the car on your way there, but keep your eyes wide for police vehicles. Do 
not crash to them or get a wanted star, or you'll blow your cover. Stop at 
the red marker, and drive back to the parking are and place the car 
perfectly. On your way there make sure you don't get a scratch on the vehicle 
or you'll be forced to make your way back to the garage in the time limit, 
which I really wouldn't recommend. 

Get out of the car and see the cut-scene. Mission passed.

Note: The trip of going to the garage and going back to the valet parking 
area must be done real fast, since you only have two minutes. Also, don't 
crash or even scratch the D.A.'s vehicle on your way back, because you'll 
have to send it again to the garage for repair, which will use a lot of the 
time given.

Reward: Valet Missions are now available for you.

III. deconstruction (d119d)

There's a construction site nearby when you start. Check the map. Get there 
and you'll notice a few workers here. They're not friendly, repeat, not 
friendly. Kill them in anyway you wish. Your current objective is to destroy 
all six portables here (which are indicated on the map). You can use either 
the Dozer (there's one driving around). You can steal that and kick out the 
driver. In fact, I suggest that you kill these people. They're all useless, 
and will interrupt your mission. Now, you'll be told to watch out for the 
explosive barrels. If you ram the portables and ram the explosives, you can 
instantly be killed. Watch out for those. Also, you can use the crane nearby 
here. Just step on the red marker and use it. You can destroy the portables 
that way too. You are timed, so be quick! Anyway, once you're done with the 
portables, use the Dozer and push the toilet (where the Foreman is hiding) 
into the hole on the map. Once it's inside, grab the cement truck and enter 
it. Drive it to the hole, and maintain the truck so it won't fall off inside 
the hole as well. Use the handbrake to support. Now, face the back of the 
truck and make sure it's around the red marker area. The cement will fill the 
hole, and you're done. You might be disturb while placing the cement truck on 
the red marker, so kill those workers first if you wish.

Note: You'll get a call from Jethro and the driving school will be available 
for you. 

Reward: Driving School is now available

IV. photo opportunity (d119e)

Note: This mission starts at your garage, marked as Triads.

As you start, grab a vehicle, anything will do, and drive to Red County where 
Cesar is to pick him up. This is a long way to the destination, so pay 
attention to the road. This is a very simple mission, but can be very 
complicated if you don't focus. As you drive listen to music so you don't 
fall asleep. You can use the road beside the tunnel near the San Fierro 
Airport. It will lead you into a straight road and eventually reaching the 

Once you arrive slow down and watch for Cesar. Get out and get into Cesar's 
car. Drive to Angel Pine. You can follow the road where you take the trucking 
missions. Once you arrive there, get out of the car with Cesar, and there 
should be some stairs leading up near the red marker where you stopped a 
minute ago. Get up, and stand at the red marker. Alright, here's the main 

Your objective is to capture photos of the people going for this meeting. 
Zoom in using the L2 button just so the faces of the people you're be 
photographing next are fully around the viewfinder of the camera.

1st Photo: Ryder
He'll be on the left of the building, stopping his brown Picador. As soon as 
he starts walking, zoom in and snap a photo of his face!

2nd Photo: T-Bone Mendez 
Alright, he'll be next after Ryder. Zoom a little out so you can have a full 
view of the surroundings in the area. Look for him. Snap a photo of him as he 
walks away, and leaving two more and you're done.

3rd Photo: Mike Toreno
This guy in his suit will step out of his car shortly after Mr. Mendez does. 
Zoom-in and snap his photo. Remember he stops at the right side, not anywhere 
near Ryder. Zoom-out a little so you can get a clear view of his arrival.

4th Photo: Jizzy B
Get a closer look on the left side as he steps out of the Broadway. Snap his 
photo before he walks away.

Remember, you need all four zoom-in photos of these people before they walk 
or turn away. A half photo of them does not count, so tap the circle button 
again. Also, if you miss ANY of them, you'll fail the mission. Keep your eyes 

Once you're done, Cesar will drop you off. Mission passed, and make your way 
back to the garage in San Fierro.

Reward: Respect +

V. jizzy (d119f)

Note: This mission starts at the garage in Doherty.

As you start, drive to Jizzy's club (Pleasure Domes) situated in Battery 
point under the bridge. Use the map. Stop at the red marker to continue.

This is like an introduction or a demonstration for the R3 Mission (Pimping) 
you will be doing later. When you start the mission, get into the pimpmobile 
(Broadway) and drop this "lady" off at Downtown. Stop at the red marker. 
Right after you're done and after the call, you have exactly 2:00 to waste 
the pimp in Hashbury, since Jizzy doesn't want any competition. He is armed 
by the way, but he is way too easy to cause a problem. Kill him in any way 
you like, but get back in the car if you want to kill him on foot. 

Now, after another cut-scene, drive quickly to Foster Valley before the life-
bar of one of Jizzy's girls runs out. You have plenty of time, so look at the 
full map now if you want to, and plan your way there. You'll see two guys 
there, beating the girl up. Use drive-by or get out and face them on foot. 
Whichever you like. Now, you'll get a cut-scene in the car. 

Note: [vortex@tvonixon.com] says that the girl beaten up is under the 

Drive to Downtown now, back to the girl previously. Stop at the red marker. 
You will have a short scene showing the preacher getting in a limo and his 
protection in a Landstalker. You have to take out both the preacher and his 
protection in order to complete the mission. Take out the protection first, 
since it's tailing the limo. Use drive-by shooting, and get close to it, 
hitting it to the side and shooting altogether. Once the car is on flames, 
get away and enjoy the explosion. Get after the limo and start shooting at 
it, don't stop but watch your bullets. You don't want to run out of ammo now. 
The road is really confusing if you're watching the limo all the time, so use 
the small map to help you, and watch for the limo as it turns to the sides. 
It might even flip sometimes. Usually, the limousine will flip itself near 
the City Hall when it tries to cut through the middle area. 

Shoot the vehicle until it explodes. You'll get another call, and the mission 

Note: You'll immediately attain a 2 star wanted level AFTER the mission, and 
the cops will be on you. I suggest making your way to the Paint & Spray near 
Doherty, and get the car repainted. Either way, you can make your way to the 
garage and save your game, thus removing your wanted stars. :) Also, Wu Zi 
Mu, where you met him previously, calls and asks you to meet him at his 
office not far from your garage. You can work with him now if you want, but I 
suggest you stick to these missions first. 

Rewards: $3000 & Respect +

VI. t-bone mendez (d119g)

Note: This mission is a Jizzy mission, so it starts at the Pleasure Domes 
club at Battery point.

Get over to the ambushed van at Downtown. Use the map to get there.
You'll get a cut-scene where four bikers speed away with some packages. You 
must steal and retrieve these packages back from them. You don't have a time 
limit however, making this mission simple & fun. 

Alright, all you have to do now is pick a target, probably the one which is 
the closest to your current position, and go for it. These bikers don't move 
fast or speed up as you chase them, but they can lead you into wrong 
junctions or paths since they handle the bike confusingly. 

You need to snatch these packages from them. To do this, simply speed up 
beside them, and hold or press the L1 button quickly. You'll be told by the 
game if you've snatched a package successfully. There are four of them, and 
four packages, retrieve them in any order.

Please remember that you WILL be pursued by those men on bikes, after you 
snatched the packages they stole. They are armed, and will shoot on sight. 
Use the FCR-900 wisely, since it goes fast. Send the packages back to 
Pleasure Domes club and you're done!

Rewards: $5000 & Respect +

VII. mike toreno (d119h)

Note: This is a Jizzy mission again, so it starts at the Pleasure Domes club 
in Battery Point.

As you start, quickly head for the car in front with T-Bone. You have 5:30 
(five minutes and thirty seconds) to locate and save Mike Toreno before his 
cell phone battery runs out. Alright, the problem here in this mission, is 
that neither do Carl or T-Bone knows the definite position of Mike. They're 
making "smart" guesses as T-Bone speaks to Mike through the phone. Here are 
the locations you'll go through. Just drive carefully, fast but not 
carelessly or you'll damage the car too badly.

First Location: The construction site at the back of the garage in Doherty. 
Drive up the hill from the starting point and plan your way to the 
construction site. You can use tunnel to get these and cut other roads. 

Second Location: The docks at Easter Basin. There should be a train station 
(Cranberry Station) opposite the garage in Doherty. Use the track and head 
south down and cut the road to the left once you see the road a little 
forward. Make your way down and soon entering the docks.
Final Location: Easter Bay Airport (San Fierro Airport). Drive there; pass 
through the dead guards and the gates, and finally entering the takeoff area.

Once you reach inside the airport, you'll have a bar that appears at the top 
(right) of the screen. This indicates how far or how near Mike's position 
using the indicator he planted. If the bar is increasing, it means that 
you're getting closer to his position. If it decreases, well that shows he's 
getting further from you. He is usually situated at the end of a runway on 
the left side of the airport. Once you see the van and the bar disappears, 
there's nothing further to worry, except getting Mike Toreno out of there. 
Alright, now these people will shoot and T-Bone will counter-attack. Whatever 
you do, don't destroy the van, or you'll toast Mike together with those 
people! You can get it to wreck like hell, but stay away or you might do the 
unexpected. :)

I suggest taking out the motorcyclist before they come to a stop around the 
area. If you can, ram those men on bikes and squish them. Now, once the van 
stops, get some spaces away, and speed up towards them, running the over as 
they shoot you. Doesn't matter. You can use drive-by now, but don't damage 
the van. There should be four men inside the van, and two more on the bikes. 
Waste them, and wait for the cut-scene.

After that, simply use any weapons you have to blow up the van. Shotguns 
would be a good use in this case. Now, use the Stretch and let two of them 
enter. Get out and head for the entrance of the airport at the gates, and now 
head for the marker.

Three stars? Paint & Spray? It's not very far right? So get there! Don't fool 
around as the cops might blow up the vehicle. Go to the Paint & Spray in 
Doherty and don't wait around until the helicopter arrives. 

Now, just drive safely back to the Pleasure Domes club and stop at the red 
marker to complete the mission.

Rewards: $7000 & Respect +    

VIII. outrider (d119i)

Note: This IS a Jizzy mission, but it starts at the garage in Doherty.

As you start, drive to the car at Easter Basin. Get out and approach the 
vehicle. A cut-scene follows.

Drive the car to the destination, not very far from your position right now. 
Stop at the red marker.  

After the cut-scene, pick up the rocket launcher and the sniper rifle here at 
the escort bike. Keep the rocket launcher, it will become your extra supply 
in the upcoming mission.

Now, get on the bike, and quickly head for the first roadblock. You need to 
clear the path for the van before it reaches the roadblocks. They're marked 
as red markers on the map, so don't confuse yourself with the van which is 
blue on the map. 

Head to the first roadblock, using any weapons you have, and doing drive-by 
or just using the rocket launcher to blow all three vehicles here fast! If 
any of them survives, just gun them down. Proceed to the next roadblock. 

Repeat the steps, but watch out for men on the windows to your left. Shoot 
them with your micro-SMG or whatever weapons you have. Get though, but make 
rue your bike is in a proper condition and don't catch it on fire. 

Quickly head for the next roadblock. Use the same strategy, and if you want 
to be fats, line up the rocket launcher to the cars and fire! Two will be 
enough to blow them up. Quickly get on the bike and move on. Take some 
distance away as you're reaching the final roadblock. Gun these people down 
from far, but use the rockets for faster and more effective counter-attack if 
you're good at aiming. Now, the van might probably be near your position 
already, so try to be fast on the last roadblock.

After that, just make sure the van reaches the destination safely (nothing 
happens really) and you're done after the cut-scene. Or is it? 

Try to save the rockets as much as you can, but don't keep yourself from 
using them, you can win easily if you can aim properly with those.

Note: You'll attain yet again, 3 wanted stars, so speed off to save your game 
at the garage in Doherty. No worries here.

Rewards: $9000 & Respect +

IX. snail trail (d119j)

Note: This is a Tenpenny's mission, and it starts at the garage in Doherty.

When you start outside, turn to the left and follow the dot on the map to the 
sniper rifle Tenpenny hid for you. It's in one of those round stuffs, or 
whatever you call those. Then, head quickly to Cranberry Station, opposite 
the garage. It's a train station for your info. :P

You'll see a train arriving at the station. Don't worry, you can't even reach 
it before it departs. Quickly run for the Sanchez parked on the wall, facing 
the garage here, and go after the train. 

You must tail the reporter until he meets an unknown friend. He won't see you 
so just go pass him and head for the next station, which is situated in 
Market, Los Santos. Yes, Los Santos, and it's not a very near trip either. 
Just follow the tracks, keep your eyes wide for upcoming trains, but it's 
best to stay on the left side so the train on the opposite side won't crash 
onto you or something. Once you reach the train station first (it's possible 
to overtake the train once you race off for it), get up the stairs up to the 
main streets. Once you reach the street, turn left and head for the side of 
the street, Wait here for a moment.

You'll be given a brief of what's the update on the reporter. He'll first get 
out of the train, and then he'll SLOWLY head up to the sidewalk and wait 
there for a cab. You'll be given updates on what's happening, so stay put and 
don't get too close to the station. You'll have a Spook-O-Meter bar that will 
blow your cover if you get too close to the reporter. Strange enough, 
sometimes when you're close to his cab up on a road leading uphill, he hardly 
notices you. So, try to keep away from him, not so far, just like four cars' 

If you see the bar rising up, immediately turn back and speed off. That 
should help. Follow the reporter, keeping an eye for the cab he is in. If you 
get too far away, you will lose the vehicle and thus failing the mission.  

Follow him, and he'll arrive at the meeting point with a friend. :)

Follow him down towards this area, and get out of the bike. Walk a little to 
the front, but not too close. You can get close, but not very close, just for 
precautions. Take out your sniper rifle, target using the R1 button, and aim 
for his head. Zoom in or out to adjust your level of aiming with the rifle. 
Shoot his head off, and then his buddy will start running away. Aim for any 
parts of his body, shoot once, and he's finished. Mission passed.

Reward: Nothing 

X. ice cold killa (d119k)

Note: This mission starts at your garage in Doherty marked as 'Triads'.

This mission is available between 20:00 and 6:00. First, if you still have 
the rocket launcher, which I told you to keep during the mission 'Outrider', 
keep it with you if you have some extra rockets left. Drive to the Pleasure 
Domes club at Battery Point. Stand at the red marker. These people won't let 
you in, and you'll get a scene where you'll have to use the skylight to enter 
and sneak up to Jizzy. Use the scaffolding-like structure here to get up 

Just continue climbing up, and jump down once you see the entrance through 
the skylight. Enter the opening there. 

Now, make your way down using the stairs or just jump down (you might get 
hurt a little) and use the map and move around the area here. A cut-scene 
Before going down however, equip your machine-gun or anything light and fast 
that you can get ready with.

After the cut-scene, you'll immediately hear gunfire. Quickly aim for all the 
enemies in front of you now, including the whore, and shoot them dead fast! 
Go forward to this area with the chair and stuff, and crouch down and take 
cover. Shoot any remaining guards or enemies. Go forward towards the door and 
shoot the guards here. Get out. If you have the rocket launcher and wants to 
kill him with the rockets, equip the rocket launcher before you exit. 

Once you're out, Jizzy will be running and heading out and speeding off with 
his Broadway. Take the Stretch and use drive-by to kill him. If not, you can 
try to equip the rocket launcher if you still have them and blast his car! 
One blow would be enough with a proper aim of course. Once you've killed him, 
go to his body and grab the phone. Mission passed.

Note: HackMaster412@aol.com said it's much easier to kill Jizzy in his car if 
you shoot out his vehicle's tires before climbing up into the skylight.

Rewards: $12 000 & Respect +

XI. pier 69 (d119l)

Note: This mission is located at Esplanade North, at the sidewalk.

Before going for this mission, get an Assault Rifle if you have access to it 
and a body armor just in case. Listen carefully, for this mission is a little 
tricky. First, stand at the red marker, and there's a short scene where Carl 
meets Cesar. Now, go to the front after you start the mission and head for 
the stairs to your left as you go. Get up, and approach Cesar. A cut-scene 
follows. Listen carefully and study what's happening.

You'll start with a sniper rifle. Quickly aim using the R1 button, and zoom 
in towards the fight. There are six men, all on the rooftops. Shoot them; 
they're with the red arrows on their heads. You don't have to aim for their 
head, just any parts of their body, one shot and that will suffice. Don't let 
all of Wu Zi Mu men die, or you'll fail this mission. Try not to use too many 
bullets either; you'll need them later.

Now, after they're finished, go downstairs with Cesar. Make sure he's with 
you at all times, or you might have to get him back with you. Now, from the 
stairs, use the sniper rifle and target on the area in front. Shoot anybody 
(enemies, not Woozie's men) and proceed. They'll head to you, so you should 
have no problem killing them. Switch to machine-guns if they're shooting you 
at near range. Proceed with Cesar; he's useless, so don't count on him. 
Instead, you can even reach the rooftop yourself using the way where Woozie's 
men came up with, during the scene a minute ago. You can target the enemies 
easily this way, or you can use the right path and aim for these men from 
there. These people are poor from far range attacks, but can get real deadly 
if they pound you in near range. Be careful.

Now, get up to the stairs somewhere in the middle area. You can see T-Bone 
from here. Take out your handy sniper, and aim for his head. Shoot it clean 
off! He'll be dead, and you'll have a scene where Ryder tries to escape. Hold 
it. Run for the waterfront. Equip your sniper rifle, and aim for him. He's on 
the map, and with an arrow. Shoot him in the water; you have plenty of time 
before he reaches the boat. If you do this correctly, he'll be dead, and you 
don't have to go after him and through the swimming and stuff. 

If you missed him or did not do this however, you have to swim after a boat 
in front, and chase him. Use the drive-by technique to kill him. When his 
boat catches fire, get away and yes, mission complete!

Here's a little tips from Michael Weir:

After sniping the guys on the roof and running back down the stairs to
the streets, pay attention to the building on the right (the one with
Woozie's men on the roof) there is an entrance to the side of the
building that will transport you to the top of the building. Once up
there you can run forward to T-bone's position but be careful, there
is a gap between two buildings that CJ must jump. Be sure to be
running full speed and make CJ jump across. He'll grab the opposite
ledge, barely making the jump. Make CJ pull himself up and continue
forward where you'll see T-bone down below. Drop him with a sniper
round or a couple bursts from the assault rifle.

If you do it this way it's possible to complete this leg of the
mission without wasting any ammo killing his body guards!

Rewards: $ 15 000 & Respect +

XII. toreno's last flight (d119m)

Note: This mission starts at the garage in Doherty.

After the scene, drive to the dot on the map. You might want to buy a body 
armor just to help you and if you don't have one, go to the east of the 
Driving School, under the freeway behind a trailer just opposite the road to 
Easter Basin. You may pick it up on your way there. 

Once you arrive, there'll be a few enemies, mainly Toreno's men. Use drive-by 
from your vehicle to blow them off to bits. It would be easier to get on a 
bike. There's one here, but you won't have much time to test these bikes 
before they kill you. If you have a high level of the assault rifles, or the 
Micro-SMG guns, do not, I repeat, do not hesitate to get out and face them on 
foot. Get through the rod and shoot these people down. There's a van here, 
but ignore it. Get up the stairs nearby here. A cut-scene follows. Looks like 
Mike is escaping. No time to lose, you have to catch him, but first thing's 
first. Get up, shoot these jokers down, and grab the rocket launcher at the 
side, and pick up the enemies' weapons. Get back down, & get on the bike 

Toreno's position is now marked on the map, and he's heading to the freeway. 
While using the bike, tail him. Use the road leading upwards to the freeway 
from Downtown, near the tunnel going out to Doherty. Anyway, follow him, just 
keep speeding up and try to stay in one piece. His men will fire, but they 
rarely go to Ammu-Nation for training, so worry less.    

It's a good thing the chopper follows this route, which makes it tremendously 
easy. Don't shoot it just yet with the rockets, hold on to it. Alright, once 
you reach near the end of the freeway, slow down, and let the chopper get 
ahead of you a little. The chopper will stop and turn around any moment now, 
so get ready for it. Once it does, quickly bail out or stop the bike safely 
(whichever you like) and switch to the rocket launcher if you haven't. Stay 
calm, because the helicopter will stay like this for a few seconds, a few 
seconds yes. Get a good aim; remember this is your easiest and only 
opportunity you get. Ready, aim, and fire! One rocket will do to take down 
the chopper, and to end Mike's life. The chopper will come crashing to the 
ground and Mike couldn't possibly survive that crash! Mission passed.

Reward: $18 000 & Respect +

P. [ W u  Z i  M u ]  (d120a)

You can start working with Woozie officially after the mission 'Jizzy', at 
the above section. His place is marked as the capital 'W' icon on the map. 
Get there and use the map. 

Note: The last mission in this part, being 'Yay Ka-Boom-Boom', is not Wu Zi 
Mu's mission. However, I listed it in because it's the only mission left 
after the completion of 'Toreno's Last Flight' and 'The Da Nang Thang' 
missions. It is the final mission for San Fierro so I'm listing it in as well 
in this section. 

I. mountain cloud boys (d120b)

After the intro scene, drive to the destination with Woozie, which is not far 
from his office. Now, stop at the red marker, and proceed by following 
Woozie. The pedestrians are going crazy here, but ignore them. Follow him 
until he runs into the wall, a stupid little joke. Now, watch a little cut-
scene where Woozie and Carl gets an ambush. Alright, time for a real fight!

Once you start, shoot these jokers here, all of them dead. Take cover at the 
walls if you want. If you have a good aiming angle, shoot the vehicle till it 
blows up and thus killing these enemies here. 

Proceed, and you'll have more company. Shoot these people from the nearest to 
the furthest, since the closer enemies are, the more chances they have to get 
a proper aiming, since they suck badly, no really they do. Never mine.

After taking out these close targets, use manual aiming (since you might not 
get a good auto-lock aiming) and take out the sniper on the roof to the left. 
Then, take out whoever is left in the fight. Now, proceed to the vehicle. 

The final part. There'll be a vehicle on your tail, at the cut-scene where 
Carl rams while he was reversing. You can either let Woozie handle this or 
you can do this yourself. Since he's blind (even if he's not), he can't shoot 
that well. Even a 5 year old kid can aim better than him. Anyway, assist him. 
Blow up that vehicle. Now, send him back to his place. Mission passed. 
Rewards: $5000 & Respect +

II. ran fa li (d120c)

Alright, I hate this guy. Seriously, looking at his face makes me want to... 
He looks fierce and too serious. Never mine, it doesn't matter right now.

You'll meet this guy, in the mission introduction scene. After that, head to 
the Easter Bay Airport, and into the parking lot, NOT the airport, since you 
cannot access it right now. You have to go and make a turn to the back as you 
face the two big gates. Use the map to find the parked vehicle, a Manana. 

As soon as you enter the car, you'll have a cut-scene and it's an ambush! 
Want to hear the funny part? It's not much of an ambush actually, you can see 
yourself if you aren't blind enough as Woozie. Anyway, you must make your way 
to the garage situated quite far from here, but there are no real 
disturbances along your way.

Ram anybody standing on your way or shooting at you. Either way, kill them 
all! You can choose to blow up their vehicles, but I'd prefer to just squeeze 
through the spaces, while you're sure enough there aren't too many enemies 
around shooting at the Manana. Remember you must not let the bar finish. Yes, 
there is a bar.

Make your way back outside and to the front area of the airport, where there 
should be two junctions on your left right now leading towards the 
You'll get a cut-scene where two bikes are on your tail, and shooting at you 
like hell! Turn to the right as soon as you see the first junction to the 
right, and drive fast down the road. What I did was, stop, kill those bikers 
first using drive-by or whatever method available, and continue the mission. 
It would be a lot easier since you can now safely drive back. 

Nothing serious would happen if you keep your fingers on the buttons. The key 
here is to drive fast, not to take serious damage, and to avoid traffic. If 
you're good at these, consider this a bonus mission. Head to the red marker, 
drive in and done. You will have a vehicle at the end near the garage, but 
nah, there's not much to worry about.

Rewards: $6000 & Respect +

III. lure (d120d)

Get inside the decoy car. Here's what you should do. You're going to lure the 
enemies into the countryside using the decoy car, while the Da Nang boys 
assume that Ran Fa Li is with you in the vehicle. The vehicle is a Rancher, 
and it handles good, but it can be real fast if you give it some time. Reach 
Angel Pine and go through the red marker to continue. Remember NOT & NEVER 
get out of the vehicle once you enter it. You'll immediately fail the 

You'll get a short scene where two motorcycles will chase you. Speed off and 
go through the checkpoints one at a time, just like you did in the races and 
stuff. If you did one of the races in the countryside using a Rancher, you'll 
get used to this one. Make sure not to speed off at tight corners. The point 
is that you will not know when there'll be a tight corner, so keep your eyes 
wide on the small map, and the path that follows. If you go too fast, you 
might miss a checkpoint. 

Once you reach the main road, speed off! You don't have to bother about 
corners any longer. Go through the tunnel, speeding off. You might lose them 
using this way. They will be shooting at you, which is a pain. I hate it when 
they do that! If they damage your vehicle badly, they can stare and peer 
through the window or the door and see who's in the vehicle. Just drive to 
the last checkpoint at the side of the highway, and you're done. Laugh at 
them while you claim your reward!

Rewards: $8000 & Respect +

IV. amphibious assault (d120e)

Note: You need at least 20% of Lung Capacity before you can access this 
mission. Go underwater, and spend your time swimming to the bottom of the 
sea, and then head back quickly to the surface before you drown. You can view 
your stats together with your lung capacity bar when you're at the sea or at 
the Start Menu. Also, it seems that you must access the mission first, and 
watch the cut-scene, and then you can start gaining your lung capacity. You 
cannot raise the bar sometimes when you haven't accessed the mission. So, 
trigger the mission first, and then practice.

Now, assuming you've done with the training, drive to the destination on the 
map. I recommend you get body armor before you proceed. Now, jump into the 
water, swimming through the checkpoints as you go. Dive underwater through 
the small space with the circle button, and continue. Dive underwater again 
and grab the knife, and proceed through the checkpoints until you reach the 
area round the ship. You're going to have to plant a bug on the ship. Now, 
there are patrol boats around. You're going to have to swim to the 
destination on the map (yellow dot on the map). 

Alright, as long as you stay in the water without moving, they won't spot you 
(the enemies are marked as red dots on the map). If you move or swim or make 
a sound, you'll be detected (the game will inform you if this happens) and 
the enemies will shoot at you. Try to avoid being detected. It makes it 
harder since you'll panic and start swimming away, which doesn't help.

Dive underwater, and swim forward. Make it fast by tapping the X button while 
navigating the Analog stick to the directions you want. Now, get up to refill 
your breath bar, and then dive underwater again. The higher your lung 
capacity bar is the better and longer you can stay underwater, which helps a 

Now, you need to make your way through these dumb guards. You can use stealth 
kill just like you did when you infiltrate Madd Dogg's mansion. Just aim 
using the R1, while crouching down, and slowly move towards the enemy, and 
then hold the circle button while facing the enemy from behind after CJ's arm 
is raised a little. He will as usual stab the enemy from behind on the neck.

You don't really have to worry if you alert the guards. They can't do 
anything dangerous, since they're armed with knives as well. Kill them in any 
way you like, get down, approach the destination on the map and use the 
triangle button to plant the bug once the message pops up. You cannot plant 
the bug if you're detected, meaning there's an enemy or two watching you. 
Make sure nobody is around while planting it.

Now, make your way back outside, jump into the water, and head back to land. 
Use the map. They're still be patrolling the area, so dive underwater and 
make your way back. Make sure you watch your breath bar. You don't want to 
drown now. Once you reach the shore, mission complete.

Rewards: $11 000 & Respect +

V. the da nang thang (d120f)

Get a body armor if you can, and don't buy any weapons. They will be useless 
soon, just trust me. You'll be wasting your money. Just get a body armor. 

Alright, as you start, you'll be in a chopper, with a machine-gun. As the 
helicopter reaches the ship, you can either shoot the Da Nang boys here if 
you want, if you're good enough to aim from a distance, or you can just leave 
them on the ship. Either way, the helicopter will be crashing down, no matter 
what you do.

Now, Carl is alive, not far from the ship. You'll lose ALL your weapons 
except the knife/blade. That's why I told you not to buy anything but a body 

Now, make your way to the front. There'll be a cut-scene. Now, sneak to the 
enemy here, and stab him. Pick up his weapon. You now, have two choices. You 
can either equip his Shotgun, blast the guards above you on the containers 
here, or use stealth kill. 

I think you should just blast your way through. Now, kill these guards, make 
your way to the opposite side, but before that kill any visible guards from 
this position. You can use the weapons these guards leave for you, some being 
the Tec-9. those are better than the Shotgun actually.

Now, move forward, slowly, and make your way pass these crates. Kill the 
guard here, a few will come, so just stay here, keeping your fingers tight on 
the buttons. Now, kill them when they appear. Slowly move, shoot any guards 
around, and watch out above you. Some of them are on top of the containers. 
Take cover when you need to. Pick up the weapons they leave for you. 

Now, there's a space on your right and pick it up if you're injured. It's a 
health pick-up. Anyway, once you get out, there will be a hell lot of 
enemies. Shoot them, and some will appear soon. Some will be hiding at the 
sides, so watch for them. Proceed; make your way to the big space down. Drop 
down to the highest crate, and make your way down. A cut-scene plays, and now 
quickly kill the first enemy here. 

Get down, and equip your weapon, the best one you have, preferably the Tec-9. 
Now, kill any enemies here, turn around to the left, kill the one hiding 
here, and get ready for more in front. Crouch down, get a nice spot quick (if 
you still have time) and gun them down.

Now, proceed forward, killing anybody you see. Now, there'll be an enemy 
armed with grenades. If you spot him, quickly retreat and run the hell away. 
You'll hear a blast, and now quickly approach him. Sprint forward to him 
while targeting and blast him before he blasts you. Go forward, and approach 
the big container and aim for the padlock. Use the R1 to aim and put some 
bullets in it. Now, a cut-scene plays. Head all the way back to the above 
floor, climbing up the crates where you met those guys talking here. Climb 
another set of crates, and across the bridge, while you use the map to get 

There will be a guard at the entrance, an opened entrance. Kill him, and 
climb to the other side. There are two enemies here. Run and gun them down. 
Proceed towards the Snakehead. He'll throw you a Katana sword, so you can 
either kill him with it or quickly switch to other weapons and gun him down. 
It's easier to just kill him with the Katana. Plus, it doesn't take more than 
three or two hits to send him down for good. Just hit him with the circle 
button, pounding him till he dies. Now, get back out, and use the map to get 
to the refugees. They're not very far away. Now, a cut-scene plays, and 
they'll lower a Dinghy for you. Use it to get back to the shore. Mission 

Rewards: $15 000 & Respect +

VI. yay ka-boom-boom (d120g)

Note: This mission starts at your garage in Doherty, and it's not Woozie's 
mission. This is the last mission that involves business in San Fierro. This 
is also the last mission Cesar ever calls you anything about Big Smoke's 
courier missions, so if you wish to do the courier missions, do it before you 
complete this mission otherwise its over.

As you start, drive to the destination at Downtown to pick up the car. Stop 
at the red marker and you'll trigger a cut-scene. Now, drive the car to the 
destination, near the Driving School centre. 

Shoot these two guards or run them over. Shooting them would be better. Now, 
a few more enemies will appear after the cut-scene. You can either speed up, 
ramming them one by one or use drive-by to get pass. You can easily speed of 
running them over.

Now, make your way up the ram, into the factory. Try not to take too much 
damage here while you're outside the factory. Drive in, going through the 
spaces, and park the car at the destination marker. Press the circle button 
when you're ready, since you'll have to run out like hell.

Activate the bomb, quickly get out and you have 40 seconds (0:40). You just 
need to step your feet outside the factory, and you're done for the first 
half of the mission. 

Now, take out your assault rifle if you have one, if not any weapons but the 
pistol will do. Why not the Pistol? That's because they're too many enemies 
with machine-guns that will send you to the hospital immediately. Gun them 
down quickly, and head for the front gate where you came from. Notice the ram 
on your left? Yep, that's your escape actually. The gate will be shut, and 
you have to find another way out. 

Kill these jokers in the Voodoo, and once they're done, drive the car to the 
ramp. Get out and shoot any remaining enemies if you want, since you don't 
want the car to be damaged. Now, reverse and look behind. Get some spaces and 
speed off to the ramp. Reach outside, and drive back to your garage to end 
the mission. You're done with this, and San Fierro missions for that matter.
Breathe a sign of relief!

Note: You'll get two phone calls, one from Cesar and another is from the 
Mystery Man. You'll soon find out who he really is. I hate his voice over the 
phone; it gives me the creeps, hmm...  You're done with san Fierro buddy. :)

Rewards: $25 000 & Respect +

- - - D E S E R T  W A L K T H R O U G H - - -

Q. [ M i k e  T o r e n o ]  (d122a)

Alright, at first, he's marked as '?' (Mystery) on the map. After the second 
mission, Carl finds out he's actually Toreno, and marked as 'T' on the map 
(Toreno's Ranch). After those missions, he'll be available at the Air Yard 
(plane's icon) which is situated at Verdant Meadows after you purchase it AND 
complete the 'learning to fly' missions (pilot school tests).

I. monster (d122b)

Get in the Monster truck. Now, go through the first checkpoint to trigger the 
run. You need to beat 6 Minutes and 30 seconds (6:30) to pass this mission. 
It doesn't matter what number you're ranked at the end, just you have to beat 
that record time. 

Alright, the only thing you have to worry here is to not flip the truck. 
You'll be amaze on how easily the truck runs up a hill, and flip on its back 
as well. Believe me, even a small tiny rock will flip your vehicle. Go 
through the checkpoints, watch for water areas (blue on the map) and use any 
paths that are connected to the roads you're on. You can speed up, but you 
don't need to. Besides, it's more important to win than to speed up and 
crash. However if you finish the run faster, you get more cash if you're 
ranked better.

Try not to run over vehicles on the road, watch for hills, while you're going 
down, try to brake (square button). You can't use the R1 since holding it 
changes the vehicle's mode into a 4 wheel-drive monster. 

Like I said, the important thing here, or the key, is to control the truck in 
high speed (even if you're not going fast, you can still flip) if you run 
over rocks or vehicles. Try not to. Watch for them. Also, make sure the 
checkpoints are not blocked from anything (water areas, hard fences, etc). 

Here are the ranks you get at the end based on your time and the rewards. 
They vary, so the faster you finish the run, the more cash you get. :)

1st - $5000
2nd - %4000
3rd - $3000
4th - $2000
5th - $1000

Note: You'll get a call after this mission.

Reward: Cash you get based on your ranking (above)

II. highjack (d122c)

Finally, he's Toreno huh? I could've guessed when I first played the 
'Monster' mission. Anyway, listen to their conversation.

Cesar will arrive, and now, get on the bike with Cesar. Get up the highway; 
you can use the road that leads up there not far from Toreno's place. I love 
this mission. Reminds me a lot of action movies out there!

Alright, you're going to send Cesar using the motorbike to the door of the 
Tanker, and hijack the truck while it's still moving on the road. Yes, and 
it's not moving slow either. First, speed up to the truck. Don't worry; you 
still have plenty of time if you didn't take long enough to reach the truck. 

Stay at the left side, speed up to the door to your right (left side of the 
truck but the door should be on your right side). Don't be confused here. 
Now, keep up to the door to your right. The game will tell you to hold this 
position. Do it. Just keep your hands on the acceleration button. Cesar will 
get ready to jump. When he jumps, speed off to the front, watching the 
struggle at the back. Now, he will finally get it. Get out of the bike, and 
get on the truck.

Make a turn, and head back to the streets using any way you like. Make your 
way back to the garage in Doherty. Reconnect the cab and the trailer if 
they're separated. Stop at the red marker. A cut-scene plays. Mission passed.

Note: Another call for Carl after this mission.

Reward: $7000

III. interdiction (d122d)

Grab the BF Injection (or any vehicles available) and drive to the El 
Castillo del Diablo. You can cross the dam using the bridge at Sherman Dam. 
There should be a path leading to one of Toreno's safehouses on your left. 
Follow the path towards it, and stop at the red marker. A cut-scene follows, 
so listen to what Toreno's orders. After it game resumes, grab the rocket 
launcher nearby.

Now, you can either use the BF Injection you brought here (if you used it), 
the Quadbike, the Bandito or the Sanchez. Personally I prefer the Sanchez 
among others, simply because it's easier to o up the hill and to go down (its 

Make your way up to the area on the map. Use this path, and there should be a 
track rail on the ground. Follow it and turn right to the red marker. You 
should see it from here. Stop there.

Now, after the cut-scene, you'll have a bar on the screen. You have to 
destroy all targets (red on map), which are helicopters. Use the rockets. 
They move fast and they will shoot at the helicopter you're protecting AND 
you! Watch yourself.

Don't shoot the helicopters when they're directly above you, since they will 
eventually come crashing down on top of you. That's suicide. Get away a meter 
away, aim when they're hovering above beside the plane with the blue arrow, 
and shoot. One rocket should take care of one helicopter. Once they come 
crashing down, run the hell away before you receive any damage. There's a 
health pick-up near a parachute if you need it. If you run out of rockets, 
there are extra ones there as well. There are five helicopters in total. 
There are some men they will come down from the choppers, so watch out. Blow 
up the choppers and they should be dead as well. Once all of them are 
finished, a cut-scene follows.

Now, you need to get to the package. Drive to the destination, don't screw up 
now. It's at another safehouse, a cabin to be exact, and now Toreno wants you 
to drive all the way back to the first cabin just now. Use the map. Drive 
your vehicle into the garage, and mission passed.

Note: You might receive a wanted star or two, but you should have no problem. 
It doesn't matter how long it takes you to get to the package, but the sooner 
to better. You will eventually lose the cops since it takes a long time for 
them to reach your position in the deserts. Don't worry a thing. :)

Reward: $1000

IV. verdant meadows (d122e)

Alright, this is simple, but it gets tough soon. Drive to Verdant Meadows not 
far from the Restricted Area. Now, you will see there's an icon that appears 
on the screen, with the plane icon marked as 'Air Yard'. 

Alright, there's also a green property icon, which you can buy. Go ahead and 
buy it now to continue with Toreno's missions. It will cost you $80 000, but 
it's worth your money. Believe me. In fact, if you don't spend your money, 
what is it for then? You should have more than the money now, since the 
previous missions awarded you with a large sum of money.

Alright, here's the tough part. Go to the red marker in the control tower or 
something. You'll get a phone call. Alright, now you'll get a call from 
Toreno. He'll tell you that you must prove that you can pilot planes and 
helicopters. That's it basically. 

You have to go through all the tests and pass 70% for each one of the tests 
to pass the school. There are ten tests in total, and you have to at least 
achieve a bronze or better to advance. You'll open up a test when you pass 
each one of them. Read the School section for the walkthrough for this pilot 
school tests.

You NEED to pass all the tests before you can advance, and you don't need 
gold awards for it. You just need at least an award for each and every test 
(the least you can get is a bronze award of course). You'll get a phone call 
from Woozie when you finished all of them, which unlocks a new business 
location at Las Venturas. We'll get there later. Now, you can continue with 
Toreno's missions, which is situated at the hangar in front which the Rustler 
is kept in.

Reward: Respect +

V. n.o.e. (d122f)

Note: From this mission and onwards, the red marker will be available at the 
small hangar that the Rustler is kept in. It is also the same spot for The 
Truth's missions.

Time to actually use those flying lessons you took. You can go practice some 
more on the pilot school (at the control tower, stand at the red marker) for 
flying, landing and piloting the plane. Alright, just make sue you know the 
basics, because this is extremely dangerous; you can be dead in an instant! 
Trust me. 

First, get in the plane. You'll immediately trigger a ten minute timer on the 
clock! Don't waste time. Although it seems that the time is really the catch 
here, think again. Worry less about the timer and focus on the bar & the 
surroundings. Now, slowly move forward with the X button and release it, turn 
right using the R2 button (which is also required for banking right). Now, 
slowly increase the speed while holding the X button and takeoff. Retract the 
landing gear from the Rustler and go left as you fly straight from the 
runway. This will lead you to the deserts. You should be able to see the Area 
69 from here, but watch out. These people will fire at you, worst case; they 
could even fire those homing missiles at you. Just don't trespass the area 
and you should be fine. Stay away from it.

Notice the 'visibility' bar on the screen? That's the bar that represents the 
tracking radar. You'll hear a sound or a noise when the bar is starting to 
fill up, which means that you're flying above the radar limit. Toreno's will 
give you a briefing about this, so listen if you want to. The game will also 
inform you if you're flying too high. If the bar is maxed out, there will be 
enemies on air that will chase you, and fire. They are as red arrows (dots) 
on the map if the bar is filled. To avoid them or to lose them, just fly away 
low or go to the sea and stay low. Once the bar has decreased, they'll be 
gone, but not for long. They'll come back if you max the bar again. Alright, 
there are a lot of ways to reach the destination on the map WITHOUT going 
above the radar. 

Since the bar fills up quite slow, you can take the opportunity to cross over 
bridges and go over hills. You can, however, go to the side and fly over the 
sea, low and steady, and making a whole round. This is a safe route and 
strategy, but it's a little slow. You can still fly over the airport and all 
over San Fierro to get there but the important thing is that you use cautions 
while doing so. 
Pleas remember the Rustler is case sensitive. Really sensitive I'd say. If 
you hit a tree or anything on your way to the drop-off, you can easily blow 
up the plane, even a little bump on the tail or anywhere on it's body, you 
can cause the plane to start smoking, and I recommend you to just start over, 
because it's really difficult to handle it, unless if you take the sea route, 
which I recommend in this case. 

Fly through the corona to trigger the drop-off. Take your time and if you 
missed it, make a whole turn, even if it means heading to the sea to do so. 
Now, al you got to do is head back to the airfield and land the plane, and 
you're done. The bar is still there and will alert the enemies if you fly too 
high up on the air, so don't. Once you reach the airfield, you don't have to 
land exactly on the red marker. You can land anywhere on the runway. Remember 
to slow down before you hit the ground (square button) AND to hit the R3 
button for the landing gear. You don't want to fail the mission now. Mission 
passed once the plane stops.

Reward: $15 000   

VI. stowaway (d122g)

Love this mission, a lot in my opinion. It gives you the awesome feeling you 
know? Anyway, listen to the conversation at the very beginning of the cut-
scene. Now, after you start, speed off quickly with the bike. Stay at the 
right side and get pass the agents shooting at you; they can barely get a 
good shot. Now, turn left as you get pass them, and stay here and speed off, 
approaching the plane which is a bout to take off shortly. Now, wait for the 
containers to roll out. If you hit any of them, you'll fall off the bike and 
thus failing the mission of course. Now, wait for a few sets of containers to 
roll out, and slowly turn to the right and hit the ramp. You'll immediately 
trigger a cut-scene if you hit the bike's front wheel on the ramp. That's 
basically all you got to do right now.

Alright, now, you're trapped in the plane, and with some unwanted guests. 
Wait, you're the guest, my bad. Anyway, if you still have the Katana from the 
'The Da Nang Thang' mission, use it. I don't recommend using any weapons here 
at all, but if you're lucky not to blow up the plane, then good luck! 
Alright, personally I used the Katana sword, but you can use your fists or 
the police weapon or whatever. First, watch out for the rolling barrels. They 
can easily drop you down, so stay at the openings at the sides. Alright, kill 
everyone here, and most importantly the guy with the parachute. He's at the 
front. Beat the hell out of them all, but make sure you don't just run to the 
front, since you will be surrounded by these assholes. Now, pick up the 
parachute, switch to the satchel charge if you haven't, and plant it anywhere 
in the plane. 

Now, make your way to the very end of the plane near the ramp where you got 
on with the bike. Alright, you're going to have to blow this plane up for 
good, and you're still in it. The trick is, to jump AND THEN detonate the 
bomb. First, switch to the detonator if you haven't. DO NOT activate it yet. 
Go to the end at the ramp, and jump down. As you jump, and while you're body 
is on air, quickly hit the button (circle). The game will immediately go into 
a cut-scene mode showing the plane getting blown to bits. Mission passed. 
You'll land somewhere in the desert, so it's not that far to return to the 

Reward: $20 000

R. [ T h e  T r u t h  III ]  (d123a)

You can now work with The Truth, this useless asshole! He is nothing but a 
pain, but hey, you get some cool stuff working for him, but getting them IS 
the pain here. You can work with him after the above mission, still marked as 
the plane icon (Air Yard). The marker is also still at the exact same spot.

I. black project (d123b)

A tough mission, but definitely not harder than the flying tests and those 
crap. First, you'll start outside the area. You'll have the goggles in your 
inventory. Whatever you do or how you sneak in, DO NOT wear or use it. Just 
ignore it. Consider it a useless item.

Alright, you will also have a sniper rifle, and believe it or not, the guards 
will not even realize your presence here, even sometimes when you're standing 
in front of them. Just ignore them, and be warned that these people are using 
assault rifles. Real dangerous, so don't even think of running through the 
spotlights and sprinting through the battlefield, or soon it will be one. 

Now, stay just behind the gate, and take out the sniper rifle. Oh yeah, 
before I forget, remember you need to get in before 5:00am. Remember that. 
Now, snipe the first guard in front. You need only one bullet to take out one 
guard, at any section of the body. Now, after the body dropped dead, quickly 
move forward to the left, and stay here crouching down. Kill any guards here, 
and now, you should've fired more than two bullets. You will be sometimes 
fired at, but don't worry. You're not detected yet. See the guard tower here? 
Kill the guard above on it, and climb up. Snipe all the guards on the towers 
from here, the best way. You can shoot the spotlights too, but that's not 

Now, use the map to search any remaining guards around. They're red dots if 
you don't know. :) Now, get down, sneak to the middle area of the towers, and 
kill any remaining guards down here. Keep away from the searchlights. Now, 
make your way carefully to the control tower for the doors. It's marked as a 
yellow blip on the map. Stand at the red marker to open the doors. Now, 
there's a scene. 

Make your way to the doors. You can run, just like I did through all the 
spotlights around. Also, try to collect the weapons from the guards when 
they're dead. They have assault rifles. You can't miss those.

Now, the place will go on alert. Just go all the way to the lab. Before that, 
the guards here are still unaware of your presence, if you don't make a sound 
inside here of course. Now use the map, see any red dots on the way? Shoot 
them in any way you like. Also, you have the option to disable the SAM site. 
This will make your escape a lot easier. You can also kill the scientists 
here if you're mean enough. Pop their heads if you like! :)

Now, you should collect the key card and the body armor there, and use it to 
go to the next final area. Just stand at the red marker by the door. Alright, 
here's one of the toughest part. Take out an assault rifle, and aim for any 
available enemies down the stairway. First, take aim and use auto-aim for any 
nearby enemies. Then, as you slowly go down and when you hear gunfire, use 
the manual aim and aim for enemies underneath you, either opposite you or on 
the sides. 

Manual aim helps a lot here. You can shoot through the railings too 
sometimes. Now, make your way to the bottom of the area, and run through the 
jetpack. Carl will strap it behind his back as you step on it, now you have 
to escape. Hold the X button and make your way out of this area and fly 
higher and gain height. Now, when you're out of this hell place, kiss the 
guards goodbye and with the missiles (if you disabled the SAM) and fly your 
way to The Truth, who is now should be waiting for you, this useless asshole! 
Now, stand at the red marker. A cut-scene follows, and mission passed.

Reward: Nothing, but you do get to keep the Thermal Goggles

II. green goo (d123c)

I'd advice you to get body armor, just in case. Now, fly the jetpack to the 
destination, which is a moving train. As you reach there, you need to find 
whatever there is to find there. Soon you'll find out. Now, there are a few 
enemies on each section of the train, so waste them all. You can aim while 
still on air with the jet pack. You can actually speed off to the front of 
the train, just a little higher than the train's level, then hover with the 
jetpack (L2 and R2 buttons are pressed together). Now, aim using the R1 
button and shoot their heads one at a time. 

You can also land at the sides of the track (taking a risk) and start aiming 
at them one by one. That's also a way to kill these people. Alright, at some 
point of killing these people, you will sometimes get the target locked at a 
few boxes. Inside on of these boxes, you'll find a jar of green goo. You'll 
have to destroy them to open the boxes. Now, first take care of the enemies. 
You can use any way you want to. Now assuming they're all dead, reveal the 
insides for each of the boxes by shooting at them. You'll be informed by the 
game while you search for it. Now, once you see a shining green stuff, go 
land on the train and pick it up. Head back to the runway at Verdant Meadows 
and stand/land on the red marker. Mission passed.

Rewards: $20 000, Verdant Meadows asset acquired (up to $10 000 daily) & 
Jetpack delivered near the garage at the control tower at Verdant Meadows 

- - - L A S  V E N T U R A S  W A L K T H R O U G H - - -

S. [ W u  Z i  M u  II ]  (d124a)  

Alright, Woozie has two different sets of missions, but the heist missions 
are listed elsewhere (Side/Optional Missions). You can find these missions at 
Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas, marked with the yellow 'Triads' icon, 
and named well, triads. :) 
You'll get a call from Woozie after the mission Verdant Meadows when you 
completed all the Pilot School tests. You'll need to enter the casino and 
turn to your left for these missions.

I. fender ketchup (d124b)

Watch this cut-scene. This guy sounds a lot more funny than he looks. First, 
at the starting position, make a left and head for the straight highway which 
the front entrance of the casino is facing, near the save icon. Now, a bar 
will appear. The more dangerous you drive (or faster), the more this bar will 
increase. Frighten him in any way you want, but make sure you DO NOT & NEVER 
collide with anything from the front, which will kill him and thus failing 
the mission, definitely. Your whole point is to scare him off to spill the 
information for you, so don't attempt anything that collides with the front 
part of the Feltzer. The best would be to use the proper road (not the 
opposite road), drive real fast, and to make a shocking turn by holding the 
R1 button (handbrake) and navigating the vehicle using the Analog stick. 

This would create a frightening experience for him, which helps increase the 
bar fast. Believe me. You can also try to speed off at the wrong side of the 
road which is risky since crashing into any solid surface will absolutely 
tear his brains out! You can have some little bumps, but speeding off onto 
trees or vehicles or solid structure (walls, etc) will end up with his death. 
Now, after you got the info, drive back to the garage behind the casino. Stop 
at the red marker, one of Woozie's men will drive the car right in. Mission 

Rewards: $5000 & Respect +

II. explosive situation (d124c)

Drive to the quarry on the map. Stop at the red marker, and you'll be given a 
brief of this mission. You're going to have to steal the dynamites before 
they're blown. After the cut-scene, you'll have 2:30 (2 minutes and thirty 
seconds) to get into the Dozer (the huge vehicle shown during the cut-scene) 
and collect the dynamites before they all blow into pieces. Use your vehicle 
to speed off to the lowest level and quickly get in the Dozer. Worry less 
since these workers are nothing but a nuisance here. They're armed, but they 
rarely hurt you. Now, use the Dozer to destroy all four boxes of the 
dynamites. They're marked green on the map, and watch for the machines here 
since that can stuck the Dozer since it's tall and huge. 

I suggest you destroy them first before collecting the dynamites, since that 
will save your time. Now, once you got them all, a cut-scene follows. Looks 
like the security has secured the front entrance. You're going to have to 
find another way outside.

Get in the dirt bike (Sanchez) which is marked as a blue dot on the map, and 
now, proceed to the first checkpoint in font of you. Straighten your bike, so 
it is straight on the platform, and speed off so your bike lands on the other 
side. Turn right while collecting the checkpoint here, and get up the stairs 
in front. There's a security guard here, so use drive-by to kill him. Reach 
the above floor using the staircase, and move towards the platform to the 
left. Jump down to the right after collecting the checkpoint on the ramp. 
Proceed to the left side of the area and stay there. Proceed and get pass 
this small narrow pathway and to the other side and collect the next 
checkpoint. Kill the guard here, and make a turn. Face the ramp, and speed 
off to the other side. The platform is broken, so you should land on the 
small section of it on the other side. 

Make a left and jump to the other side using this ramp here. There are two 
enemies present here, so waste them and wait no longer. Follow the 
checkpoints here and to the small opening in front until you get the message 
telling you to get out. Use this bump to get outside the quarry are and reach 
the destination on the map. If you continue from the inside of the quarry 
towards the entrance, you'll be killed since the security guards are all 
there. Use that small ledge, and reach one of Woozie's men. Stop at the red 
marker, a cut-scene follows, and mission passed.

Note: You'll open up the heist missions at the Four Dragons Casino, on your 
right when you come to the fork inside the casino.

Rewards: $7000, Respect + & quarry missions are now available   

III. you've had your chips (d124d)

Note: Before attempting this mission, try to pick up the body armor opposite 
the Four Dragons Casino, in the middle area of the tall, big structure in the 
middle of the parking zone. Collect it before you go, or you might want to 
buy a sniper rifle now, it's really recommended. You'll see why.

Alright, start off by driving to the Factory Unit on the map, at Whitewood 
Estates west of the closest Burger Shot. Alright, enter the building through 
the back entrance, there should be a big opened area for you to enter inside. 
You can also enter the area using the bus stand near the front gate, which is 
secured and locked. You can climb on it and enter the building this way.

Alright, first of all, equip your machine-gun or your assault rifle (don't 
equip the sniper rifle yet since it would be risky) before entering. If you 
enter from the back door, you'll get a cut-scene from where the guys inside 
the vehicle will notice you. You'll get a surprise attack as you start. 
Whatever you do, and whichever way you use to enter, do not step inside the 
warehouse especially if you're not armed & without body armor.

Now, quickly get away, stay a little behind the parked vehicle here. Stay for 
a few seconds and see if anybody steps out. Get a little closer if they 
don't. If they still don't appear, no worries. Make sure you're away from 
their sight, and if you hear gunfire, do not proceed just yet. Waste anybody 
on sight.

Now, crouch down and take out the sniper rifle if you have it. Now, zoom-in 
and snipe all the visible enemies from here, especially the guys on the 
second floor near the railings. Zoom-in and waste them all. You might need a 
few bullets to kill them. Now, move to the right, staying outside the 
warehouse. If you see some enemies running to your position, take out the 
machine-gun and gun them down. 

Take back out the sniper rifle and see if you can get a clear shot from 
outside. I got lucky and seemed that I had a few rockets left, so I blew my 
way in! A good way to finish this mission up.

Now, if you can get anybody within the scope, switch to the assault rifle or 
the machine-gun and blast all the enemies here, especially the one at the 
back to your left as you enter. Watch out for him, and once they're all dead, 
use the assault rifle to blow the machines here. Blow them all, and you'll 
notice that this way helps boost your assault rifle skills (depending on 
which type of weapon you use).  

A few more enemies in a vehicle will arrive inside the warehouse. Waste them, 
get the vehicle and speed your way out of there, since there's an enemy on 
one of the boxes above you outside the warehouse with a deadly gun, but 
ignore him and just speed your way out of there! Get back to the red marker 
using the map behind the Four Dragons Casino to end the mission, and claim 
your reward.

Rewards: $10 000 & Respect +

T. [ T h e  T r u t h  I V ]  (d125a) 

The truth has another dumb mission, but whatever. This mission starts in 
front of the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas of course. The icon remains 
the same as the yellow 'Triads' icon. 

I. don peyote (d125b)

Jack or get a vehicle with a four doors; a taxi will do, since the vehicle is 
the easiest to find after you load your save file. Now, drive to the location 
on the map, which is situated in the deserts. Use the path that eventually 
takes you to the red marker. Stop your vehicle. Now, a cut-scene follows. 
You're introduced to Kent Paul. Remember him? He was in Vice City, a "friend" 
of Tommy Vercetti. Makes you wonder what happened to Tommy. Anyway, if you 
haven't gotten a four-door vehicle yet, get down to the nearby road and jack 
one, drive back to Maccar and Paul, and fetch them up in the car. Listen to 
their conversation as you drive to the Snake Farm, not far from Verdant 
Meadows Airstrip.  

Stop at the red marker. Now, after the cut-scene, take out your gun and blast 
these fools if you want to, or you could just retreat back to the car and 
drive away. I suggest you kill them, they're not that tough, besides it's a 
thrill killing them. 

Now, drive back to Las Venturas, and drop them off at Caligula's. Mission 
passed after the following cut-scene, which introduces you to Ken Rosenberg, 
last known partner of Tommy.

Note: You'll get a phone call from Paul. You will notice a new icon appears 
on your map.

Reward: Respect +

U. [ K e n  R o s e n b e r g ]  (d126a)

You can start working with Rosenberg once you finish the above missions. The 
icon is marked as a square shaped object written as 'Mafia' on the map. It is 
situated in Caligula's Palace, and the marker is inside the casino to your 
left. If you do remember, Ken Rosenberg was Tommy's partner at the end of 
Vice City. You should play the previous game to travel through the stories 

I. intensive care (d126b)

You're going to have to save Mr. Sindacco. Apparently he's being captured. 
First of all, drive to the hospital indicated by the map. Stop at the red 
marker to continue and trigger a cut-scene. Carl will run inside the 
hospital asking about his condition. It looks like he has already been taken 
away by the Mafia. Quickly drive your vehicle outside the area. Now, you have 
three targets on your map (red dots). 

You will have to make a rough guess. Go for either one of the targets and ram 
the ambulance. If it's the wrong choice, the driver will stop the vehicle, 
and the game will inform you to pick another target. Now, the Mafia will be 
alert once they found out you're searching for Johnny. Quickly get to the 
other two targets. If you finally get the correct ambulance, the driver 
speeds off running away. You will also be shot at, so watch out. Now, shoot 
the vehicle and keep on shooting and shooting. Ram the vehicle also, and 
don't stop until the driver of the ambulance stops the vehicle. Get out, 
blast these jokers, and get in the ambulance which carries Johnny quickly!

Now, drive to the meat factory before anymore backup arrives. You will if 
you're taking your time. Ignore these people and focus on your way there. 
There are two vehicles that will chase you, but no worries since they're not 
dangerous. They're not harmless too however, but it doesn't matter. Stop at 
the red marker inside the area of the factory, and mission passed. Guess 
what? You get to keep the ambulance! :P

Note: A new icon appears on the map, which is the location for a Tenpenny 

Rewards: $5000 & Respect +

II. the meat business (d126c)

Drive Rosenberg to the meat factory. You're going to need a vehicle, so jack 
one if you haven't. Stop the vehicle, and enter the factory. Keep in mind 
that you should have a full body armor by now. Remember this. 

A cut-scene follows, showing Rosenberg's attitude again. He never did change 
doesn't he? Anyway, now, there'll be a few Mafia, or on second thought, not a 
few, a lot of them, and they're all are witnesses! You MUST eliminate them 
all in order to get out of this factory.

First, kill the first set of enemies. They're quite tough to kill, so don't 
approach the fire, and stay where you are and keep on firing your weapons. 
Waste them all. Now, Ken will be back with a fire extinguisher. He'll 
extinguish the fire for you, now proceed and kill these jokers again. Take 
cover whenever you need, and watch yourself. Take your time if you want to. 
Kill anybody who approaches you.

Now, as you near the crates, kill the enemies on top, and stick very close to 
the boxes. Crouch down if you can. Now, slowly move forward, and an enemy 
would be above you, move a little left and blast his head. Proceed, eliminate 
any "leftovers", and get out by following Ken to the exit doors.

Get back in your vehicle (if it's still there) and drive Ken Rosenberg back 
to Caligula's Casino. Stop at the red marker, and mission passed.

Note: You'll get a new icon on the map, which is for Madd Dogg. You can do a 
mission for him. We'll get there later.

Rewards: $8000 & Respect +   

III. freefall (d126d)

Important Note: Since this mission WILL NEVER appear now, you need to trigger 
the mission entitled 'Fish In a Barrel' by Woozie. Its at the next section, 
and since it's not a mission anyway, I just put it after this mission. Keep 
this in mind. Trigger that mission first to get the call from Ken.

Grab the FCR-900 at the entrance of the casino after the cut-scene and ride 
it to the airport. Use the map. Enter through the two big double doors, and 
speed to the hangar indicated by the map. Grab the body armor here before you 
proceed. Enter the plane and drive to the destination on the map, which is on 
air. Fly until the dot is leveled with your position, and you should later 
spot the plane.

Fly through the corona behind the plane by banking and making a turn after 
you spot the plane, and quickly follow it's direction for the corona behind 
it. Fly through it quickly. 

Now, a cut-scene is triggered. Carl sneaks inside the plane. Now, it's time 
for a little 'Time Crisis' game-play. There are four men on board, excluding 
the pilot. Use the L2 and R2 buttons to take cover. Hold the button, not tap 
it. Use the unlimited-bullets pistol and shoot these fools, one at a time. 
Take your time for as long as you like. Once they're all dead, a cut-scene 

Now the pilot comes out saying "I won't go without a fight!". Show him what 
the fight is really like. Now, you'll take control of the plane. Fly it back 
to the airport, and tap R3 for the landing gear. Land anywhere on the runway 
of the airport, and once the plane stops, mission passed.

Rewards: $15 000 & Respect +

V. [ W u  Z i  M u  III ] (d127a) 

This is just a small intro cut-scene and it's essential for triggering the 
call from Ken Rosenberg for the mission 'Freefall'. Trigger this mission 
before doing that mission. It's as usual marked as the yellow 'Triads' 
icon, situated in Four Dragons Casino.

I. fish in a barrel (d127b)

I don't know the point of creating this section. Just watch the intro for 
God's sakes! Remember, you need to trigger this mission to trigger the call 
from Ken, after the mission 'The Meat Business' to continue doing his next 

W. [ O f f i c e r  F r a n k  T e n p e n n y  III ]  (d128a)

The first mission is marked as the 'C' icon on the map, as C.R.A.S.H. The 
first mission will be at Prickle Pine, and the next one (High Noon) will be 
at the deserts (El Castillo Del Diablo). You will be able to access the first 
mission once you complete the mission 'Intensive Care' for Ken Rosenberg. Use 
your map to find it. 

I. misappropriation (d128b)

There are a few methods getting this mission done. I have three different 
methods but you can use whichever suits you.

First Method:

Alright, before you drive to the location, go to Ammu-Nation and buy yourself 
a Sniper Rifle, from the Rifle selection, if you don't have one yet. Also, 
collect the free armor opposite the Four Dragons Casino at the tall 
structure. Now, drive yourself to the location, before reaching it, get out 
and crouch down.

Get a good vantage point, preferably high spots. Take out your Sniper Rifle, 
aim for the target (if you can't get a good shot, get to another comfy & safe 
spot and see if you can see through the scope). 

Now, aim for his head, and fire. If you aim for his body, make sure you shoot 
twice. Now, quickly switch to another weapon and run for his body fast! You 
need to collect the evidence dossier before another guard does. If you fail 
to, waste the person who took it, or if you miss it, that person will fly the 
helicopter away, and you're going to chase him until he abandons the 
helicopter. Try to practice first before doing this, since that helps. Now, 
either jump down or just grab the helicopter, which is risky. I suggest you 
just jump away after collecting the stuff, and once you collect it, mission 

Second Method:

Drive to Verdant Meadows and pick up the jetpack by the door. Use it to fly 
to the target, and get a good aim by hovering above the area, which is risky 
and dangerous since you can be spotted easily. You can try going to the small 
hills and ledges and get a good aim there. Either way, kill the target, fly 
to the evidence dossier, and collect it. 

Then fly away from the area. Mission passed.

Make sure you have a machine-gun and some extra bullets. You can enjoy 
killing the feds here if you want but that doesn't matter once you already 
won the mission.

You can also chase the helicopter using the jetpack, but it's a little slow 
and you cannot tell where the location of the target since it's not on the 

Third Method:

This is a normal method, which you should use if the target escapes in the 
helicopter or if you want the target to. Grab the helicopter quickly before 
he gets further away, by ignoring the enemies and run for it. The Maverick 
takes a few bullets before it explodes or damaged badly, so worry less about 
the enemies. They rarely pull you out as well, so it doesn't matter.

Now, chase after the target, either one of his men or the target himself. 
Anyway, he'll fly over the Restricted Area, which you SHOULD avoid. Fly to 
the side a little, and get pass it. If you have the Hunter at Verdant 
Meadows, you may use to chase after him while you shoot him down. That is an 
option, though I've never tried it.

Now, he'll abandon the helicopter somewhere at Las Venturas on a building, so 
get out of the helicopter and waste him. Collect the stuff and mission 

Reward: Nothing 

II. high noon (d128c)

Note: In order to get the call from Tenpenny to access this mission, the 
missions 'Misappropriation' and 'Freefall' must have already be done. Then, 
you should get the call.

Alright, payback time Pulaski! Follow Pulaski out of the area, and while he 
runs out of the place towards his vehicle, his invulnerable, which means he 
cannot be killed, so stop wasting your time and head to the Bandito here. 
Now, you must chase after him. Personally I like to waste my time; watch him 
driving (I tell you this guy should have his license snatched, and his 
driving is worst than Carl's) & listen to their conversations. 

I've tried shooting one of his tires while he was running to his 
vehicle and it worked. Try that and he should be flipping and crashing while 
he speeds off. It can be the front tires or back, but try your luck.

Now, he will drive horribly, believe me. Just follow him in these turns and 
hills, without falling down. If you let Pulaski get away far enough, you will 
be warned that he's getting away, and eventually fail the mission. 

Tail him and get pass these corners. Now, once you arrive at town, start 
doing drive-bys and hit him a lot of time to damage his vehicle.

His Buffalo is extremely hard to damage, and looks like bulletproof for a 
minute. Now, continue firing and eventually his vehicle will catch fire. Get 
out and enjoy his last moments. Gun him down, but be warned since he isn't 
like most of the other enemies. It looks like he's wearing body armor or 
something. Once he falls down, a cut-scene plays, and Tenpenny has lost his 

Here's something from Rory Bennett (ereinioncalaelen@hotmail.com):

"When he crashes, you can blow his car up with a rocket launcher 
(if you have one). That makes it a whole lot easier. He crashed in a town, 
I got out of the Bandito, equipped the Heat Seeking RPG, and blew him up". 

Note: You'll get a phone call from Ken Rosenberg after this mission, and the 
square icon appears at Caligula's yet again.

Reward: Nothing

X. [ M a d d  D o g g ]  (d129a)

You can access Madd Dogg's mission once you complete 'The Meat Business' for 
Ken Rosenberg. Follow the 'D' blip on the map, not far from the Four Dragons 
Casino & Caligula's Casino. 

I. madd dogg (d129b)

This is really simple. After the cut-scene, head to the dot on the map and 
get on the Walton truck beside the guy on the phone (blue dot). Drive it to 
the crowd and stop at the red marker. Do this fast since you don't want that 
guy to pull you out, which wastes time. 

Now, Madd Dogg will get ready to jump. Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO 
NOT move the vehicle's position other than going to the front and to the 

Now, follow Madd Dogg as he moves like an ass front and to the back. Use the 
X to go forward and square to go backwards. Just make sure the truck's back 
is following his angle at all times.

Now, he'll make a few moves and rounds. He'll go forward, and the turns and 
head for the next position, and make another turn, and finally he will jump.

Line up the truck with his position as he jumps, and he will crash into the 
crates at the back. Ooh that's gotta hurt! Now, you'll have to drive him to 
the hospital, without any time limit or any chasing, but with CARE. Don't go 
speeding off and using sudden brakes and bump into a vehicle's back, which 
sometimes is possible to end the mission. If he dies, you fail, got it?

Drive carefully to the yellow blip and park the Walton at the red marker to 
complete the mission.

Note: The Walton is bulletproof before you complete the mission. I'm not sure 
if it works after the mission, so try failing the mission and steal it. Also, 
there were reports about this mission that immediately after the cut-scene, 
and getting the Walton, Madd Dogg jumps right after it. I do not know about 
this glitch since this has never happened to me. Please remember that 
glitches like this do happen, and for some reason, it could be your disc or 
it could be the PS2 console getting some bumpy reading while loading the game 
using the disc. My suggestion; try and get a new copy.

Reward: Respect + 

Y. [ S a l v a t o r e  L e o n e ]  (d130a)

You can work with Salvatore at Caligula's Casino (marked with the same square 
icon) at Caligula's Casino, still on the left in front of the elevator. You 
can access his one and only mission after the completion of these missions:

- Green Goo by The Truth
- High Noon by Tenpenny
- Freefall by Ken Rosenberg
- Madd Dogg by Madd Dogg himself.

Complete the above missions and you should get the call from Ken Rosenberg, 
and you can access this mission, which is the second last mission that starts 
at Las Venturas.

I. saint mark's bistro (d130b)

Note: Get body armor before proceeding, and try getting an M4 assault rifle 
from Ammu-Nation if you haven't.

First, watch the cut-scene. Drive to the Las Venturas airport. You're going 
to Liberty City! I love that city. Reminds me the good old days...

Now, enter the airport via the two double gates. Speed to the end of the 
runway where you'll find the Shamal. Enter it, and speed off straight down 
this runway until the plane hovers and then take off. Be sure to retract the 
landing gear before you go any higher.

Fly towards the yellow dot on the map. Make the plane leveled as you head for 
it. If your plane/jet is too low, fly higher until the arrow stops pointing 
up. If you're flying too high, get a little lower so it levels and the dot 
changes into a square-shaped dot.

Now, head for it, and there should be a cut-scene, a nice one. Be sure not to 
miss the sight of the road in Liberty City, and it's weird that you actually 
get San Andreas' radio reception when Carl is in the taxi, instead of Liberty 
City's radio.

Now, Carl gets a not-so-surprising welcomed. When you start, take out your 
assault rifle and pop these assholes' heads!

You're safe here, so stay put and just aim for one by one. No problem here. 
Another enemy will roll out shortly, so waste him. Now, equip to a lighter 
weapon, run down like hell and turn and fire the man on the right with the 
Shotgun. This asshole will kill you fast even if you're with a body armor. 
Blast his head, and switch to the next guy on the left. Proceed to the path 
at the back of the guy with the Shotgun, and proceed and get pass these 
jokers. A few will roll out. Blast them and gun them down; whichever you 
like. These tactics are useless guys, stop them. Laugh as you blast these 
people's head!

Now, go down the stairs and take cover here. Take out your assault rifle and 
blast these people from a distance. Be sure to crouch down before you blast 
these people and take cover. Once the area is cleared, Carl will fly back 
using the plane and now, just fly back to the airport. Land on the runway 
safely; remember to take out the landing gear (R3 button). Mission passed.

Note: You'll get a call from Salvatore and Sweet who's in jail. You'll be 
returning back to your place shortly, but let's get on to The Four Dragons 

Rewards: $20 000 & Respect +

Z. [ W u  Z i  M u  IV ]  (d131a)

This is the last mission that starts at Las Venturas, except the Heist 
missions if you haven't done yet (available at Side/Optional Missions 
section). You'll be able to access this mission once you complete the above 
mission. This is the last storyline mission here at Las Venturas. I also 
advice you to get a body armor before proceeding, and a lot of ammo.

I. a home in the hills (d131b)

First, as Carl jumps down, quickly open your parachute by tapping the circle 
button. Then, hold back on the Analog stick so you can move forward while you 
guide it to the roof of the mansion. Try to land on the roof, at the right 
side near the body armor. Stay here.

Now, a few set of the enemy members will appear here shortly, so help the 
Triads to deal with them. Keep them alive since they will help you. The 
enemies will come from the railings, from downstairs, at the sides, and so 
on. Everywhere except the other side. Waste them all.

Now, you'll get a note from the game telling you to enter the mansion. You 
can take the body armor on the roof if you need it. Enter the mansion via the 
front door; from the roof, there should be a path leading down. Turn right 
and follow this walkway. The door should be on your right once you turn to 
the next walkway.  

A cut-scene plays where one of the members got his head popped clean off. 
That was close for Carl. Now, blast these fools inside the bushes and anyone 
around the area. There are three to four of them here. Now, proceed carefully 
to the next hallway. Alright, in nearly every room, there will be at least 
two enemies. Take cover at first, and clear the hallway. These people are 
tough with the machine-gun, so the assault rifle would be a better choice. 
Now clear every single room if you want to. There will be a body armor in the 
second room to the left. Pick it up; you surely need it now.

Proceed, and the Triads will leave you. Kill all these jokers downstairs; be 
careful since these people are from near every inch in this hallway and 
nearly all the rooms here. Now, you'll get a message from the game that the 
Big Poppa is running away. Chase after him. Don't worry; you can take your 
time. There's a health pick-up on one of the rooms but there are enemies 

Now, chase after Big Poppa. There will be enemies rolling out of rooms as you 
chase after him. Use the machine-gun since it's faster. Now, you'll be told 
that Big Poppa has left the mansion. Follow him outside through the door at 
the end. Also, you'll be passing through the pool. DO NOT fall down since it 
would be hard to aim for the enemies here from the pool.

Now, you'll get a cut-scene. Head for the car and chase after him. Use drive-
by to blow his vehicle, and once he's dead, mission passed. Be careful and 
drive slowly since there are twisted roads ahead so use the map and watch 
where he's heading to using the small map. Mission is complete once he's 

Reward: Respect + & Madd Dogg's Mansion acquired as a save point

- - -F I N A L E / L O S  S A N T O S  II  W A L K T H R O U G H - - -  

A1. [ C a r l  J o h n s o n  II ]  (d132a)

Alright, another Carl Johnson set of missions. The missions/red markers that 
trigger the missions here are always available in front of the mansion, near 
the entrance to the area where you save your game in the mansion. The save 
point is inside the mansion, near the entrance through the gate to the 
garages around the front of the house. You need to acquire the mansion before 
you can begin these missions. In case you haven't notice, there's a Sparrow 
helicopter on top of the mansion on the roof where you landed with the Triads 
on the above mission.

I. vertical bird (d132b)

I thought Toreno has taken a vacation or something. Whatever! Alright, he's 
pestering you again, but aha, this time he has something good for you.

Alright, it's not necessary for you to use stealth during this entire 
mission, and it's actually easier to just blast your way through. But if you 
want some fun and test your skills, I'm giving a stealth walkthrough. 
Alright, actually stealth is completely pointless, so I'm just giving 
walkthrough for the first half of the mission as a stealth mission. Then, you 
can blast your way through.

Grab the body armor inside the mansion before you trigger this mission since 
that helps you during your visit here (second room to the left on the 
hallway). First, get inside the speedboat which contains a knife & a 
silencer. These will help you later on. Now, Toreno will give you a real 
short brief of what you should do. Speed up to the yellow marker to the ship 
which holds the jets which you must steal one of them. As you reach closer, a 
cut-scene follows. Now, speed up to the back where the gate is. You MUST NOT 
enter with the boat or the whole area will go on alert when you step your 
feet in there. 

Get out of the speedboat and swim fast to the inside. A cut-scene will be 
triggered. Now, you're inside. Swim to the platform forward, but crouch down 
and stay by the water here. You should see two people talking. One is a 
worker, and the other is a guard. Now, if any workers (mechanics) spot you in 
this area, the game will quickly warn you and they will immediately head for 
the closest alarm switch. They are not armed, but they are one of the enemies 
you must avoid. First, after the talk, and once they split up, move forward, 
in a crouching position, to the front, following the worker in the Forklift. 
Follow the vehicle's back, and it should stop in front. Equip your knife, and 
once the Forklift turns, follow its back and stay hidden behind it. Take note 
of the opened area ahead where the guard went in. Now, once the worker is 
facing the other side with his Forklift, sneak quickly and enter the area and 
get up the staircase. Just in case the worker spotted you while you were 
sneaking behind him, take out the silencer and blast his head off before he 
reaches the alarm switch.

If you're fast enough previously, you should catch up behind the guard. Sneak 
behind him and stab him using the stealth kill. Just line up the knife behind 
him while you hold the R1 button (auto-lock) and hit the circle button once 
Carl's arm is raised a little, as usual. Either you killed him or not, now, 
get up to the second floor now, and sneak slowly, SLOWLY to the opened area 
in front. There's a guard here, looking to the right. A Hydra can be seen 
speeding off. Sneak up behind him and stab him. Now, this is just to ease 
your escape. 

Get back downstairs to the previous floor where you killed the guard. Now, 
enter the opened area here. Get pass the couch (the guard will be here if you 
spared his life, sitting on the couch). Get pass it slowly, and reach the 
opened area to the other side. Look at your map and see the position of the 
guard at the SAM Site control room. He should be there; if he isn't, he 
should be wondering around the area or heading towards your position! Now's 
the time to whip out your M4 or machine-guns! Equip your machine-gun or an 
assault rifle (this is preferred during this battle) and blast that guard at 
the room. Shoot the worker here if you want, since he's a pest here! A few 
guards will be on their way to your position, so blast and waste them all. 

Be sure to collect the weapons they leave for you. Now, go inside the control 
room and disable the SAM Site. Stand at the red marker to do so. Now, blast 
anyone around. Proceed to the other opposite side of the control room (make a 
run to the other side) and you should notice three Hydra jets (one at the 
right side, and two on the same area). Blast the ones on the same area, and 
leave the one placed a little out of the area. It would be easier if you have 
a few rockets from the previous missions. I had mine up to this point since I 
did not die and loaded my game whenever I'm wasted. That way I got to keep my 
weapons. :)

Now, blast the two jets using any weapons, but the rockets would be a better 
weapon now. There should be one more Hydra left at the side. Get in it and 
pilot it quick!

Now, ascend and gain height. Retract the landing gear if you want. The Hydra 
does not work like normal planes or the Shamal. It has homing missiles too. 
That's the best thing. Just aim using the R1 button, and fire the missiles 
using the L1 button. However, since it's a jet, it is fast, and you're going 
to have to manage it well or you'll be going boom! Now, as you takeoff, a 
Hydra will pursue you (if you didn't destroy the other two jets, there will 
be three Hydra jets on your tail). Just level off at some point in mid-air, 
and aim one by one. Once the auto-lock target changes from green to red, it 
will send missiles which will lock and home the target once the L1 button is 
pressed. Just use the strategy to get rid of the jets here. 

Now you must destroy the spy ships. Just level off not too high and not too 
low (this is all about managing the Hydra) and lock the missiles to the 
ships. They won't attack you, so don't worry and take our time destroying 
those ships. Now, once all of them are destroyed, make your way back to the 
airstrip (Verdant Meadows). Take out the landing gear and land on the runway. 
Slowly guide the jet (take your time on this) and make it into the hangar. 
You have obtained a Hydra!

Mission passed.

Rewards: $50 000 & the Hydra will always be available at Verdant Meadows in 
the hangar

II. home coming (d132c)
"Toreno, **** you. I almost lost my life out there!" 

Alright, now that's something Carl should've mentioned long ago. Anyway, now, 
take one of the vehicles at the mansion as you start, and drive to the 
destination, which is situated in Los Santos, opposite the police precinct. 
Stop at the red marker. A cut-scene follows. Now, take Sweet back to Grove 
Street, and use the map back there. Just don't do stupid stuff.

Stop at the red marker in front of Sweet's house. If you haven't notice, here 
lies some Ballas, which is in YOUR territory; well it WAS your territory now 
wasn't it? Time to take them back. 

After the cut-scene, there'll be a short briefing on what you should do. 
Alright, there are a few drug dealers here. They are red dots on the map, so 
I advice you to close everything on the map (use the blip in the start menu 
at the map after you zoomed in to do this). Close the icons so they won't 
confuse you. Now, see the red arrows on their heads? These are your targets. 
Use any weapon to kill them, and since they're not very harmful, it would be 
a little silly for them to occupy your time. 

Once they're finished, the game will inform you to take back your territory 
by shooting some Ballas members (you can do this while hunting the crack 
dealers too). Just do as usual; hunt them down on foot, ON FOOT, shoot three 
members to start a gang war, and then the map will flash red and the game 
will inform you. Next, survive the next three waves and you'll obtain the 
hood after surviving all three. Remember to look for body armor and health 
around the streets, or the battle area. Also, watch for Sweet as he battle 
and help you out (he's better than normal members, you'll see). Don't let him 
get killed or you fail the mission (even though he's a tough bro).

Once this is done, and once you acquire back your hood from the gang war, a 
cut-scene follows, and mission passed.

Note: You'll be able to do missions for Sweet after this mission completion, 
but we'll get there later.

Reward: Respect + & gang territories are back on the map

III. cut throat business (d132d)

Get in the BF Injection and let Madd Dogg get in as well. Drive to the yellow 
dot on the map. A cut-scene follows. OG Loc is making a run with a 
hovercraft. Carl & Dogg got in as well. Alright, here's the thing.

You cannot perform a drive-by during the chase since you couldn't even be 
leveled with OG Loc. All you can do is chase after him, no matter what you 
do. Don't waste your time trying to catch up and performing drive-by on him; 
simple, you can't. Just keep an eye on him and the map, and his position of 
course, and just tail him. Don't worry about Madd Dogg either (blue dot on 
map) since he'll catch up whenever you do since he actually follows you.

At some point at the beach, Loc will get out and he will change into a Kart. 
Yes the small tiny Go-Kart. It's a coincidence where there're three of these 
karts, stranded on the ground. Weird...

Anyway, chase after him, as usual, keeping an eye on the track, the map, the 
alleys he gets into and the Kart he drives. He'll go up stairs, alleys, etc. 

Now, follow him up the stairs and a cut-scene follows when he enters an 
alley. Mission is now considered passed. Enjoy the movie scene. :)

Note: A Go-Kart will be at the back of the mansion, but I'm not sure if it's 
available after this mission or before or maybe later. It's at the other 
entrance near the small path that leads up behind Madd Dogg's mansion, where 
a Mountain bike can be found. If anyone can confirm this, proper credit will 
be given. :)

Reward: Respect +

A2. [ S e a n  J o h n s o n / S w e e t  III ]  (d133a)  

You can work with Sweet right after you complete the mission 'Home Coming' 
where you picked up Sweet from the police station from the mansion. The first 
mission starts in front of CJ's house in Grove Street marked with the 'S' on 
the map. The second starts at Sweet's house as usual. Follow the 'S' icon to 
specify where the marker is.

I. beat down on b-dup (d133b)

Note: This is a highly dangerous mission, so I suggest packing on with lots 
of ammunition, as well as having body armor. Please do so if you don't want 
to start again.

You can recruit gang members for this mission (aim with the R1 button and 
press up on the D-Pad), but I didn't since Sweet was a whole lot of trouble 
for me already. Get in a car and drive to B-Dup's house not far from your 
position. Listen to Carl and Sweet's convocation. Stop at the red marker, and 
a cut-scene is triggered.

Now, drive to Glen Park. Use the map, and once you arrive around the area, 
you'll be told that you must start a gang war. Get out with Sweet on foot and 
search around for any Ballas members. They usually are around the middle 
area, and sometimes down under the bridge. Just find them.

Once you see them, take out your assault rifle, go closer and pop their 
heads. As long as you stay on their territory, you'll start a war after 
killing a total of three Ballas members. Now, just do as usual. Survive the 
following three waves, and then stay alive until you waste the last member 
and they all drop dead. Remember this; whenever you're at the third wave, and 
you don't have a body armor, leave the rest of the members and search for a 
body armor on the roads, since killing the rest will bring you to another 
dangerous position in the game. The game will spawn some for you if you reach 
the third wave, and even a health icon if you need it. Then, feel free to 
kill them to proceed. Once you gain Glen Park as your territory, a cut-scene 
is triggered.

Now, here comes the hard part. I assume you have body armor up to this point. 
After you start, there are a lot of members at the house on your left, and a 
few in front. The only chance you have is to make a turn and run to the back. 
They can even shoot you from far, believe me I've tried. Now, run like hell 
to the opposite side you faced when you started the game after the cut-scene 
and hide around the walls so the bullets cannot hit you. If you have a wanted 
star, make sure there aren't any cops and try to avoid killing or blowing up 
cars since you'll get even more stars which gives you more challenge in this 
mission. Watch for Sweet as well, and call for him if he needs help (up on D-

Now aim for the enemies with the red arrows above their heads and shoot them 
from a distance, or just run for them when the rest of the area is cleared 
and use the Tec-9 or any other guns(which are fast in speed) and approach 
them and waste them all!

Now, a cut scene is triggered once their all dead. Just approach the front 
door to confront B-Dup. Mission passed after the cut scene.

Reward: Respect + 

II. grove 4 life (d133c)

Upon starting this mission, get a few members before proceeding towards 
Idlewood. Get inside the car and drive there. Use the map. Now, there'll be a 
purple highlighted area on the map. You must take over two territories to 
complete this mission.

This is just like the rest, where you just aim for any Ballas members on the 
streets and shoot their heads off (3 of them) to start a gang war, on their 
territory. Now, when the map starts to flash red, just get out together with 
Sweet and survive all three different waves. Look out for health and body 
armor pickups on the roads. 

Then, when you took the territory, search around for anything that might help 
you (even Grove Street members if you can) and go for another territory 
around Idlewood. Find the Ballas, and then, waste them as usual.

Repeat the above steps. Survive all three waves and collect health pickups, 
and of course body armors on the streets. Also, running helps during the 
battle and watch for vehicles if they send it during the battle. If they 
perform a drive-by, it would be easier for you to just shoot their vehicle's 
gas tank and watch it explode. Once that is done, Sweet will say that's 
enough, for now, FOR NOW, and just drive back to Grove Street to complete the 
mission and accept some money from Sweet. Mission passed.

Rewards: $10 000 & Respect +  

Before Proceeding: Alright, since the next set of missions are the final 
ones, I strongly (I mean it this time) encourage you to take over some 
territories before proceeding doing the next final missions. Believe me; you 
don't want to miss this important note. Or should I make it more obvious? 
Remember; after this, you'll trigger the riot around Los Santos. There'll be 
havoc everywhere. Gang members will go crazy and even your own will fire at 
you sometimes. Pedestrians will go nuts. Prostitutes will have guns and 
stuff, and everything that happens next will be nothing but a pain for you to 
take more territories to advance to the final mission. Believe me. You need 
at least 35% of territories taken over Los Santos before you can trigger the 
final mission. Do it before you proceed to the mansion, or not... I don't 

A3. [ F i n a l e  M i s s i o n s ]  (d134a)

Final set of missions! Yahoo! Alright, as soon as you trigger the 'Riot' 
mission, the whole of Los Santos will go into a riot. Everybody will go 
crazy, police bikes will be seen exploding on the roads, prostitutes and 
pedestrians have weapons and will shoot at you. Even your own members will 
shoot at you after the mission, and these will be the only difficult days in 
Los Santos. I advice you to take over territories before you trigger the next 
mission. The first mission starts at the mansion at Madd Dogg's crib. The 
last two missions start in front of Sweet's house. Yes people, brace 
yourselves for the last strand of missions! Finally!

I. riot (d134b)

Note: This mission starts at Madd Dogg's mansion, at the 'CJ' icon.

As I told you at the introduction of this section, you will come into a riot 
throughout the whole of Los Santos. First, drive Sweet to the dot on the map, 
which is back to his house in Grove Street. This time, it might be tough for 
you, but if you're lucky, well the trip would be easy.

You will see police bikes on fire on the streets, just a few moments of 
exploding. Just don't be surprised of what will happen here, your home, your 
nice town. You will also see people around you fighting, cops getting 
involved, cars exploding after each time the game loads a new set of vehicles 
on the road, gang members firing at your vehicle, house on fire, the Fire 
Department getting to work, house smoked, Police Helicopters on air with 
searchlights, and so on. The list would be infinite. The only thing here is 
to send Sweet home safely, together with you.

Drive on the red marker around the home area, avoiding any trouble on the way 
and watch the cut-scene. Mission passed.

Reward: Nothing

II. los desperados (d134c)
This mission starts in front of Sweet's house.

Important Note: You MUST get body armor and pack a lot of ammo one way or 
another! You must! This mission is tough if you haven't maxed out your skills 
on the assault rifle or the machine-gun. You can easily do it now since the 
riot is here, so why not join together? :D 
Anyway, yeah, it would be a lot easier for you to max your skills out. Just 
kill a few people, yes, people or pop some vehicles' tires. You will find 
that this way will improve your skills faster. 

Alright, this is a tough one. You have to help Cesar's members. They're 
having trouble as well. Before proceeding, get around your own turf or hood 
and search around for your gang members (Grove Street members). Recruit them 
now, two of them (R1 button on them and tap the up on the D-Pad). Get a four 
door vehicle, and get in it with Cesar and the rest of your members, gang 

Now, drive to Unity Station, where you first met Cesar. You're going to help 
Cesar and his gang gun down the Vagos and take his house back. Stop at the 
red marker, or if you find it difficult to make it to the other side of the 
tracks, just get out and stand on the marker. Remember; if you fail to reach 
to this point with two gang members, you MUST go back and get them or you 
can't proceed.

Now, alright these Vagos members are on the area, or should I say, scattered 
around and within the small paths and houses here.
Worst yet; they use Tec-9's which is one of the best and fastest and well, 
the easiest machine-gun among the rest of the same type. Believe me. It's 
good, so if you've packed with a lot of ammo, and bought a different model, 
just switch by tapping the L1 while standing on it. 

Now, first, Cesar will announce the starting of the battle. Slowly approach 
this area, safely with the rest of the gang. Crouch down. And you should spot 
some arrows on their heads. Make sure your view is not blocked by any other 

Aim with auto-lock (they sometimes will be unaware of your presence until you 
trigger a sound). Shoot them while they still remain like this. Switch 
enemies using the L2/R2 buttons while auto-locking. Stay like this, and 
repeat this strategy. Now, look around the area for anymore leftovers. They 
are at the sides hiding at the small spaces on the right. Check for it or 
you'll get a surprising ambush. Wait, ambush is supposed to be a surprise... 
Well, whatever!

Now, proceed to the next set of enemies together will Cesar and his members 
and yours for that matter and reach them. Auto-lock them before they reach a 
limited distance until your auto-lock no longer useful. Use manual aim as 
well if you need to, or if you have learnt to do so. Waste these assholes all 
fast! They aren't too bad you know.

Collect the ammo they leave for you, and continue. Kill anymore enemies 
around and after they're all dead, Cesar will inform you that those were the 
last ones. Now time for the next challenge.

You'll get a cut-scene where the Vagos are around a small alley. Don't let 
any of these cars here explode. It might kill Cesar and his members. That 
could end the mission. 

Kill all the Vagos here, and crouch down. One of Cesar's men will get shot 
down. Now, a cut-scene will be triggered. More Vagos will jump down from the 
wall on the right. Kill them as they jump down. Now, turn back and kill the 
rest of the Vagos. Proceed to the front. A cut-scene is triggered. Now, a 
Vagos member is seen on the roof with a rocket launcher, and another with a 
flame launcher. After you start, quick take your crosshair and aim for the 
guy with the rocket launcher on the roof, and start running a little forward 
and waste him. Then, aim for that guy with the flame launcher and kill him 

Now, just finish the others around the area; they're not that much. A cut-
scene will be triggered. Just make sure you just kill everyone. Wipe them out 
of the area and retrieve Cesar's house back. Then, mission passed.

Reward: Respect + 

III. end of the line (d134d)

Important Note: Alright, since triggering this mission requires 35% of 
territories around Los Santos has been taken over, you should have maxed out 
all your weapons by then. If you haven't done it once you're in, there's no 
turning back, but well of course you can repeat the same mission again. But 
believe me, you need to have reached Hitman level for your Tec-9 
(recommended) & your Ak-47 or your M4. Also, remember you need 35% of 
territories around Los Santos taken over to trigger this mission. Simply 
check it. Start button > Stats > Gangs.
It's that easy. Just check the percentage and see how much you need, or if 
you've gone pass the required percentage.

Also, I will not remind you to get body armor and pack on a lot of ammo. 
Wait, I just did. Anyway, remember, pack yourself with tons of ammunition. 
Save the game with all the weapons available so you don't have to visit the 
store again to get the weapons you need.

There are four parts in this mission. Part 1 is about the walkthrough getting 
in through all four different floors in Smoke's Crack Palace. Part 2 is 
escaping out of the place, part 3 is for the boss battle with Big Smoke and 
part 4 is everything about the finale (the chase). So, pack on a lot of 
weapons before proceeding. You've been warned. :)

Part 1: Smoke's Crack Palace

At the starting point, get inside the car with Sweet, and drive to the 
destination on the map. Stop at the red marker. 

Note: Sweet's car is a little tough. Go and try and ram it into a wall. There 
will not be a scratch on the car. Pretty amazing huh? Now back to the 

After the cut-scene, get on the BMX and cycle it to the other side down the 
road. You might want to use the other way around since the Ballas will shoot 
you. Now, see the SWAT tank? You need to jack it to proceed. Quickly, and I 
mean quickly, sprint using the BMX towards the tank. The SWAT officers will 
shoot you on sight, so quickly steal the tank. Enter it and head for the 

Note: This is the only time the SWAT tank would be available to you. If you 
want it, steal it and head for the garage to save it in there. 

Go to the wall, and the two Ballas members who are guarding the entrance will 
shoot you. Ignore it since this is a tank, yes a tank. Worry less about 
anything else. Ram the wall to break it down. Switch to the first person view 
(believe me). Now, enter the area and squish every single one of them here, 
except the whores of course. But if you want to kill them, feel free to do 
so. Now, just make sure you squash them all. Just ram them with a little 
speed and they're good as dead. Head for the door, get out and enter it. 

Floor 1 - Security Area

You'll get a little briefing as you enter the first floor. Now, equip Carl 
with a light machine-gun, a Tec-9 would be good. Now, don't crouch down but 
instead stand up. Run forward and auto-lock your first victim. Kill him, and 
another enemy will roll out from the left side. Blow his head clean off. Now, 
switch to your assault rifle and turn to the next walkway and shoot the guy 
in front at the end fast. Another Vagos member will roll out. Blow his head 
off quickly. Now, there will always be body armors at the starting point of 
each floor. So, like others, this floor has one near the guy you killed from 
the distance. Collect the body armor if you want. When you're ready, enter 
the two double doors.

Now, quickly and immediately go to the boxes on the left side where it's a 
little bigger so it provides cover for you. From here, move a little back and 
shoot anyone visible to you. You will hear a lot of gunfire. Just wait and a 
few will approach you sometimes. Shoot them on sight. There are a few on the 
first floor, and a few more around the sides. Get a good aim (use manual aim 
if you need to) and shoot them fast before they kill you. :)

SWAT officers will also join in, so waste them fast. They are tough enemies, 
but just keep your head down and crouch behind the crates and you should be 
fine. You cannot fire if you're too close to the crates, so get some distance 
behind so you can fire your weapons.

Now, proceed forward towards the door. Make sure no more enemies are around. 
Equip your machine-gun. An enemy will run out from the door area, so blast 
him down. Crouch down right after his death. Still using the machine-gun, 
turn to your left as soon as you enter the walkway to find a guy crouching 
down waiting for you, so gun him down, and face the other side. Just stay 
crouched down and hide behind these boxes and keep your eyes forward to the 
end of the room. Blast the enemies in front, and once they're all dead, get 
out and stand up. Go forward towards the end of the room, and get up the 
stairs. If you turn to your right, there will be a health icon for you there 
if you need it. Turn to your left to the next floor.

Floor 2 - Drug Lab

Move in front with an assault rifle and shoot his head off. Grab the body 
armor if you need it. Go through the doors and fire the enemy here. Single 
enemy, so no problem. Go through the next doors once you're ready. 
Immediately kill the guy opposite you after the door opens. Run forward and 
hide behind this pillar. Stay here, while you try to shoot the red barrel in 
front. If you shoot it, a few enemies in front might burst in flames. Now, 
concentrate on your position. A few guards will approach your spot. Stay 
crouched down, and equip your assault rifle. Once you can see their 
positions, turn to the direction they're at and shoot them quickly.

Now, since you're out, run forward and finish the rest of the guards around; 
the second floor, around the area, and so on. Approach the staircase to find 
another enemy here. Kill him, and get up. Make your way pass this second 
floor walkway to the other side. Once you reach the end of this left side, a 
few enemies will get out on the lower floor through the door you came from. 
Shoot them through the fence. Don't worry; you can still hit them.

Now make a whole turn and reach the other side.  Two enemies will come out. 
Kill them, and go through the door. There's a health icon at the end of this 
room so take it or leave it. Go through the double doors to yet another area.

Floor 3 - Ballas Lounge

Get up the staircase, and waste the Ballas in front of you. Collect the body 
armor if you need it, which I think you should take it with you. Go through 
the door not far from you to find two more Ballas members chatting, I guess. 
Kill them as they notice you fast!

Now, equip your assault rifle, with a full round. It would be easier since 
you won't get shot thousand times while you depend on the body armor. Now, go 
through the door when you're ready to go. Now, there's one on your left, 2 
enemies in the middle (in front of you), and there are two more enemies at 
the end of the room (your right). Kill them in any way or form or shape or 
order you want. Now, make your way to the end of the room to find another 
room. As usual, make sure your weapon's round if full, so you not need to 
reload when in a fight. Go through the door when you're ready.

Kill the Ballas not far from you, and the Vagos coming. 
Shoot the guy in a black coat, and then turn to the next hallway. A few will 
appear here, or more. Kill all of them, especially the Ballas member with the 
Shotgun. He's on the right side as you turn. Kill him before he wastes you. 
Now, finish off the men in black (speaking of movies...) and take cover if 
there are any more leftovers. 

Note: There's a huge statue here. Just in case you missed it.

Now, notice the two doors? Each door has two enemies, but while you were 
shooting just now, you might have already got them since they sometimes do 
show up during the previous battle. Now, there are hookers inside as well.
Each room has body armor and a health icon, so get them but you need to waste 
the guards inside them first. Now, go through the other door. This is it, or 
is it? I don't know. Get up the stairs, and touch the door or approach it to 
trigger a cut-scene with Big Smoke. Make sure you don't miss this.

Part 2: Big Smoke's Battle

Alright, the final battle with Big Smoke. First, you'll start with Smoke on 
the room shooting at you. He's a tough fat guy, so watch out and it takes 
approximately 15 seconds shooting him with the assault rifle without stopping 
to bring him down. That's tough. 

First, right after the cut-scene, run to the left side and take cover here. 
You should notice a health icon near the stairs. Big Smoke will run around 
shooting WITH, yes WITH his men on you. You need to kill his men or they'll 
bug you or EVEN kill you for that matter. Enough said.

First, stay crouched down, and use an assault rifle against Smoke & his men. 
His men will appear from time to time so there's no wonder he runs around 
like a monkey without losing weight. No offence to anybody alright?
Now, after halfway of the battle, the lights will go out, but don't need to 
do anything but to focus on his body, and pound the AK bullets into his 
stomach. Just do it. I couldn't even bother about the other enemies but just 
concentrate on him, only him.

I also got some grenades and threw at him and he got injured, but that's not 
necessary. Anyway make sure you bring him down, auto-lock him. I once just 
waited on top of the stairs and see him running up and down. He's far easier 
to kill other than his own men, believe me.

It took me only about 5 minutes battle to kill him, so once you do that, a 
cut-scene is triggered. Nope, mission is not done yet, not until you're 
disturbed by "Officer" Frank Tenpenny. Watch it.

Part 3: Escaping

Alright, Tenpenny has caused an explosion and you have to get out of here 
before the timer runs out. You have 7:00 (seven minutes) to get out of the 
palace before this place goes crazy and blows up. Before anything, let me 

You will encounter enemies throughout your journey out of this crack palace. 
On the same time, you have to maintain your health by not getting wasted of 
course AND not stepping on any flames, AND another one is to be fast. Sounds 
hard? It is, but it's not impossible to go through this. I did this in one 
try, no honestly, but I failed in the other part. It's not important. 

Now, first you have a night goggles where you can see in the dark, dark area 
BUT you should NEVER use it when there aren't enemies around and there are 
fire around you. It's difficult to see the flames while you wear it, so don't 
equip it when there are not enemies but fires around you. Use your normal 
vision. To use the night vision goggles, select it in your inventory and hit 
the circle button. Take it out by pressing the circle button again.

Now, don't use your goggles yet since this area is quite bright. But if you 
find it difficult to see use it instead. Now, go forward, and remember to 
equip your machine-gun. Now, auto-lock any enemies on your way to the exit. 
This is not very touch but to switch from the goggles to the gun to the fire 
extinguisher is the tough part. Oh yeah, I forgot. There will be a fire 
extinguisher outside when you step down from Smoke's last position. 

Grab it (it's unlimited, unlike the ones out of this mission).  Now, equip it 
whenever you encounter fires. A lot, and I mean A LOT of people are having 
problem just putting out the fire. Here's the correct way.

First, equip it (of course silly). Now, face the hose down (R1 and Analog 
stick) and step in front while holding the aiming button to step forward 
slower. Now, slowly approach the fire you need to put out, and aim down like 
I told you. Just hold the circle button and try to adjust the hose until you 
see there are smokes coming out of the fire. This means the fire is fading 
away. Continue holding the button, but if there aren't any changes after 7 
seconds, move a bit, a little forward and that should out the fire.

Try to consume very little time during your way, and try to put out the fire 
that is blocking your way only. That's my style, so example if there is a 
fire blocking a path which is wide, just put out the fire which is a little 
to the side so you can pass through that side without putting out the whole 
area of the blocked walkway.

Now, just make your way out, and enter the door once you reach near the 
lowest level. Now, a few enemies will be here, so kill them and run forward. 
A cut-scene will be triggered, so time to go to the next part of the mission.
And yes, it's not over yet. Going to I'd say. :)

Part 4: The Final Chase

Sweet jumps on Tenpenny's Firetruck. Carl jumps into a Feltzer. Now, you need 
to tail Tenpenny without leaving him far away. The Feltzer you currently 
driving is tough, so worry nothing about damages done to your vehicle during 
the chase. You don't have to worry about the truck, or if there's time limit, 
or if you need to damage the Firetruck. Ignore them all. You just need to 
tail the Firetruck for the first half, that's all.

Oh yeah, don't damage the Firetruck since that will hurt Sweet. Just don't do 
it. Also, while chasing him, you don't have to worry about the bombs the 
Vagos throw to you. They can't hurt you. Tail it until the game tells you to 
approach the truck and to Sweet.

Now, slowly approach the truck and control the vehicle before the police 
officer on the truck hits Sweet till he loses his grip. You need to be behind 
the truck but not directly behind him, just well, logically, you need to 
catch him before and if he falls, so staying behind him would be best here. 
Then, Sweet will land on your vehicle and then he'll switch seats. He will 
now be driving and focusing on the road while he tails Tenpenny's truck and 
you, you will clear the road and blow any vehicles on the way.

Now, clear the police vehicles. Ignore the Vagos members, since they do shoot 
sometimes, but your main problem is the cops on your tail. They shoot like 
hell, so blow up their vehicles, and most probably they'll tend to blow other 
vehicles as well (if the car is close enough to others). Then, there will be 
enemies on bikes. Shoot them (there are two of them on one motorcycle). Also 
yeah, don't bother shooting the Firetruck, since that doesn't help. Worry 
about the car's 'health'. Watch for it, and when you reach the part, the 
bridge not far from Grove Street, a cut-scene is triggered, and the mission 
is complete, and the storyline missions are now finally done. What a relief. 
Watch the nice ending. Be sure not to miss it, just watch it. Enjoy, and 

Note: A glitch? Right now? Ah hell no! Yeah, there's a glitch in the game 
that leaves your television screen pitch black and blank, the nightmare you 
would not want to happen to you, especially after all the escaping from the 
palace, the chase with Tenpenny, making through the crack palace, and of 
course, the fight with the big one! Honestly, I never did encounter anything 
like this. This is definitely the disc, since this glitch is not too common 
so you don't have to worry too much. Just pray nothing happens to you... not 
something like this!

Rewards: Respect +, percentage for 100% completion & $250 000 (for completing 
all the storyline missions) 

5. S I D E / O P T I O N A L  M I S S I O N S  (e70)

Side missions are required for 100% achievement (in this guide). Here I'll 
list each and every R3 missions, quarry missions, trucking missions, and of 
course, valet parking missions. These are all required for 100%. Things have 
changed now. This section now includes the courier missions, the 
import/export crane, the race tournaments, all the two wheel challenges (BMX, 
Chiliad Challenge, and NRG-500 Challenge), Ammu-Nation challenge, Stadium 
Challenges, Graffiti Tags, Oysters, Horseshoes, Photographs, and finally 
Schools. For the quarry, valet parking, and trucking missions, I've listed 
them in order they're unlocked through the story missions (trucking, valet, 

This section also includes the Properties Guide, Zero's Missions, Wang Autos 
Missions (car robbery missions where you steal vehicles with Cesar), the 
Heist Missions for the Four Dragons Casino, which you must complete in order 
to obtain 100%, and last but not least, guides for the gyms around San 
Andreas (yes they're required for 100%). 

I. R3 Missions (e71a)

R3 missions are missions where you enter a vehicle and you'll get a message 
saying that you can start a certain mission in that vehicle. Simply tap the 
R3 button to begin the mission (right Analog stick where you press it down).

Here's a list of all the available R3 missions in San Andreas. They ARE 
required for that 100% (except for the Burglary mission, which is out of the 
list). Also, the limit for what requirements you need for each mission will 
is listed as well. :) Remember, the level that you must complete means you 
MUST complete that certain level, like if you're going for level 12, you must 
complete it, not just reach it.

- Vigilante Mission - Level 12
- Taxi Mission - 50 Fares
- Paramedic Mission - Level 12
- Firefighter Mission - level 12
- Burglary Mission - Get $10 000 Worth of Items 
- Pimping Mission - 10 Successful Pimps
- Freight Train Mission - Level 2 

I'll start listing the R3 missions based on the above list.

1. Vigilante Mission (e71b)

You can use any of the available law enforcer vehicles, such as the normal 
police vehicles, Rangers, SWAT trucks, etc. The best one, if you manage to 
steal one, is the Rhino. You'll get a five-wanted start to steal it, but if 
you manage to make it back to the garage to save your game, you'll lose the 
wanted stars. Also, if you have a Hunter (a military chopper), it's much more 

Alright, here's how it goes. You'll have to deal with 12 levels before 
raising your percentage for a 100% requirement. Once you trigger the mission, 
you'll have to eliminate criminals. As you go higher, you'll get more 
criminals on your tail. They can be on any vehicles you can think of. They 
can even go on foot, so if you're using the Hunter, you might want to 
practice with it first. 

I'd recommend, of course, the Hunter if you have access to it. If you don't, 
the normal police vehicles would be good too, though it can flip VERY easily. 
Ranger is not bad but has a slow pick-up. Whatever your choice is, make sure 
you have a submachine-gun or you're toast. You HAVE to do this in one go, so 
if you accidentally fail the mission in any way (even pressing the R3 button) 
will terminate your current progress for the Vigilante mission, unlike Taxi 

Be really careful while handling the vehicle, do try to avoid crashes, speed 
up but use the brakes (use it together with the handbrake to get a better 
grip). Also, you need to eliminate the criminals, all of them, even if you 
manage to blow their cars up, they could still run on foot, so make sure you 
chase them down. This is why the Hunter is much easier, or the Rhino. The 
Rhino gives you a special ability where any vehicles that crash into its body 
will catch fire and soon explode. Great for ramming police forces and doing 
Vigilante missions. You can make the Rhino moves faster by looking at the 
back (cannon will turn) and tapping the circle button.

Be warned that this way will get police attention very quickly. Once you 
complete Level 12 of this mission, you'll get a quick note that your body 
armor has increase to 150. Congratulations!

Alternate way/Glitch: There's a glitch in the game I'm aware of. Alright, you 
can easily boost up your vigilante level simply by doing this. Here's step by 
step to get it working, and yes, it's from me: 

- Steal and drive a police vehicle to the nearest restaurant, like Cluckin' 
Bell or Well Stacked Pizza (it can be a building where you can enter inside 
as well).

- Trigger the Vigilante mission with the R3 button, then get out of the 
vehicle and enter the building.

- You'll have to wait for a few seconds until the target is eliminated. Now 
get back out and wait until level 2 starts and get back in again. If the 
target is not eliminated, then you'll have to repeat it by going back out and 
getting back again, or if you stay without a police vehicle long enough, 
you'll fail the Vigilante mission.

Reward: Body Armor + (150) 

2. Taxi Mission (e71c)

Well, you're going to be driving taxi now huh? You're still having trouble 
with it? Since Taxi Missions aren't really difficult, I'll give a few 
important notes for it in note form. 

- The tip bar shows how much you'll receive from the passenger. If you manage 
to send your passenger safely (without any major crashes that leads to big 
damage) and real quick (fast) then you'll get a tip. 

- Avoid too many crashes, and use a clear view to see for vehicles coming 
from left or right.

- Watch your remaining time (but not ALL the while).  

- Always watch the road, since cars turning left and right and the traffic 
goes on a hell road.

- Pick a wise area. I go for Los Santos, where there aren't any turnings and 
not San Fierro. Why? Because that place has that small train thing in the 
middle of the road. It hit me a lot of time already. I completed the missions 
at Los Santos, so pick the area that suits you.

- Plan your way if you can, especially when you see the arrow (blue) pointing 
up or down. You can plan your route easily with the whole map (start menu). 
It's safe this way so don't worry.

- Always watch your remaining time. 
- Watch the condition of your vehicle as well. If it in a really bad shape, 
go repair before the time runs out (yes, the time counts not matter what).

- Get 50 fares and you'll raise your percentage (not necessarily to be in one 
go) and get nitrous in every single cab.

Reward: Money you make & Nitrous in every taxi

3. Paramedic Mission (e71d)

Paramedic mission are missions where you fetch a patient up using an 
ambulance, and drive him/her to the hospital where you got the vehicle from 
(or near to you/in that area). 

Two things that will get in your way while doing paramedic mission are 
balancing the vehicle, and to avoid crashes. The higher the level of the 
mission, the more patient you'll have to deal within the time limit.

To make the missions easier, you might just need to drive carefully to the 
destination. Everything you need will be on the map, so use it. Also, plan 
your way to the patients carefully, and be sure to not run over the patients. 
That will instantly kill them. 

Another factor that affects the difficulty is the size of the area you're 
doing the missions. The easiest place would be at Angel Pine since the place 
is so small and not packed with cars on the road (well, better than the main 

Let the patients enter by stopping at their side and send them to the 
hospital and stop at the marker. Reach level 12 and you shall get your reward 
and get to raise your percentage for the 100% people crave.

Reward: Health Bar +

4. Firefighter Mission (e71e)

This mission is where you use a firetruck and fight your way through the 
traffic putting out fire. You will have to put out the fire of a vehicle, 
then you will continue with people, and more will be added as you go through 
the levels.  

You should pay attention to how you manage the truck and NOT to crash to the 
victims, and how to control the water hose. Use the right Analog stick to 
navigate the hose. Try not to let the victims run into small places and 
through main roads, making it harder for you.

Also, try not to get the cops involved, since it won't be a good thing for 
you. You will deal more with them than you will with the mission. You will be 
given more time as you advance, and if you can do it real fast, you won't 
have problems in the later levels. By the time you reach Firefighter Mission 
Level 12, you'll have three burning vehicles and three victims on fire, which 
you must put out the fire.

Watch out for them, sine mincing them into pieces is not a good thing. Use 
the map wisely, and as usual, you could plan your way to the destination on 
the map as soon as a mission starts and when you have a destination to get 
to. Use the full map through the start menu.

Once you finish Level 12 of this mission, congratulations! Carl is now 
fireproof, and you get a little percentage raised for the 100%.

Reward: Fireproof Carl Johnson (on foot)

5. Burglary Mission (e71f)

To trigger a burglary mission, first you need an appropriate vehicle. The one 
and only vehicle you can use is called a Boxville (its special and it's 
painted black). A Boxville is NOT a Mule. It's the same vehicle you use for 
the mission 'Home Invasion'. Okay, I've checked it, and figured that somehow, 
this is the only R3 Missions which IS NOT REQUIRED for 100% completion. 
Here's how to trigger the mission, and before you can start robbing houses:

- The mission 'Home Invasion' when you work for Ryder must be completed 
before you have access to this mission.

- The only vehicle that can be used is a Boxville.

- This mission can only be triggered from 20:00 and 6:00.

First, all you have to do is grab a Boxville. There's one at the gym on the 
right facing the door in Los Santos (there's one at San Fierro and Las 
Ventures too). Trigger the mission with the R3 button (if it's already 20:00 
onwards). Now, drive around. 

Next, look around the housing area. There should be a yellow triangle 
pointing towards a house you can break into. Next, enter the house. You will 
see that a bar will appear, just in the 'Home Invasion' mission. Anyway, if 
you made a noise, you have ten seconds to get out before the cops arrive, and 
I don't think that's good because it's a three wanted stars. So, don't play 

Sneak, and I mean sneak. How to do it? Quite simple really. First, all you 
got to do is push the left Analog stick gently forward. Very gentle, like a 
little bit only until you see Carl moves forward, sneaking. Now, navigate 
Carl left or right using the right Analog stick. It helps a lot of his 

Search around for anything you can steal (televisions, game consoles, 
microwaves, etc). There is also money around the house. To pick these things 
up, use the triangle button. Now, carefully sneak again, and return to your 
Boxville. Put the things back inside the truck with the triangle button 

You can choose to steal some more things or just run away and park your 
vehicle at the garage nearby indicated by the map.   

Here are some silly things about this Burglary mission:

- You can still steal things from the same house even if you were seen 
before. Just simply enter again!

- You can actually kill the owner and the noise bar disappears! It's true. 
Just quickly shoot the owner and the noise bar will be gone, the cops 
wouldn't even be there. I've tried it before, and it worked. Just shoot, and 
run outside if you were discovered. Now, get back in and you're free to run 
here and there to get things back to the truck. Also, it'd be best if you use 
a silencer...

- You can rob the same house every night and they don't even be alert the 
next day! 

Here's from Gary. Read what he has to say:

I found 2 houses located next to each other robbed one, then the other. I 
have a crappy joystick and my van was parked close to the first house I 
robbed and when I went to go to my van, I accidentally went back into the 
first house I robbed and it was restocked with new items to steal. I spent 
the rest of the night going back and forth robbing those 2 houses and 
finished out making just over $6000 that evening. The next evening, I started 
the mission right at those 2 houses and made just under $9000.

Thanks dude. 

Alright, you're clear? If you still don't get it, please, use the message 
boards (at least that's what I can think of right now). Again, Burglary 
missions are not required for 100%, or anything else, and it has been proven, 
by me! Well, maybe by a few other people out there. Just stop sending me e-
mails regarding this alright? Hope you understand. :)

Burglary Vehicles Location:

Los Santos Boxville Location: Here's a clip video of how to get one in Los 
Santos, and I guarantee it helps.

Source: Message Board

San Fierro Boxville Location: From the driving school (near the property 
exactly opposite it), follow the road that divides the school and the safe 
house straight and turn to your right on the first intersection here (the 
intersection is actually opposite the cars that spawn after you complete the 
school). On the road, look to your left, and on the second alley you should 
see a garage written 'Loading Bay'. Around the inside area, you can find the 

Las Venturas Boxville Location: From the entrance of the Four Dragons Casino, 
head north on the map and look for the fourth intersection to the right. Turn 
into that road, and follow it until it ends. Turn right here, and turn left 
once you see the first junction. Go forward and look for the second 
intersection on your left, which is near a motel. The black Boxville should 
be on your right. The lock-up is also here too. 

Reward: Money you earned & $3000

6. Pimping Mission (e71g)

Pimping missions are missions where you activate it through the one and ONLY 
vehicle required for it, the Broadway. You can find one in Idlewood, at the 
Car Wash near the Paint & Spray. 

Once you get in, trigger the mission. Your objective is to send the girls to 
their customer and while waiting for them to finish, you must fetch another 
girl up and send her to her "man". Alright, for the first few levels is quite 
easy. You pick the girl up, drop her off, pick up another one, and drop her 
off. Then, pick the first girl you dropped off a minute ago, then picked up 
another one. Simple. Then, it gets a little difficult, but not really. You 
will have problems. 

At some point, the guys wouldn't pay your girl. Then you'll have to deal with 
them. Always use the map to search for the destination, and I'd recommend the 
full map through the start menu.

You'll get money each time you do finish a level. Now, it works like this. 
Each time your girl enters the vehicle, you'll have a time limit. You must 
drive her to her customer, as usual. NEVER kill her customer unless you're 
told to, which you will encounter once you reach the high levels. 

Once you're told to finish off the customer, finish him off. If you have a 
weapon, a pistol or any weapon, blast him off! Then, safely get back in and 
pick your girl back in. Simple. I did my pimp missions in Los Santos, and 
succeed well in it.

This is also REQUIRED for 100%, since it's an R3 mission. You must complete 
all 10 successful pimps and you'll get your percentage raised and a little 

Reward: Hookers give you money instead of taking it   

7. Freight Train Mission (e71h)

Freight Train Mission can be accessed through any train when they stop. To 
activate it, you need to JACK a train, not ride it. Go to the front 
compartment of the train and press the triangle button. You'll jack it.

This mission involves sending the cargo from the point you started the 
mission to the other stops in the track. You just have to time yourself 
right, and if you go too fast, like sometimes even 45 can knock you out and 
derail the train. So, keep it fast, but not "too" fast! When you're near the 
destination (the distance is on the screen), slow down and keep around 38 to 
40. Then, brake and slow the train down carefully. Stop at the red marker 
area to finish the mission. You'll have five stops to go to finish Level 1 
Freight Train Mission, and then you'll start at Level 2. To start level 2, 
you'll have to exit the train, and get back in and trigger it again. You have 
to complete two levels to get the percentage for 100%, and a little reward.

Reward: Free Transportation by Train & $50 000

II. Trucking Missions (e72a)

Trucking missions are missions where you work for the RS Haul and send goods 
to a specific location. You will encounter several, different missions 
throughout the levels. You can start doing the trucking missions once you 
complete the mission 'Tanker Commander' for Catalina. It is situated at Flint 
County, and since it's huge, I'd say it's near the Flint Intersection, but 
it's marked in your map, so it's not difficult to find. Also, the last level 
for this trucking mission, you must have Las Venturas unlocked. To do it, 
progress through the storyline missions. 

Well, the locations of each level are actually in a random order. Let's say 
if you failed on your first attempt, you will get another location  if you 
start back over. That's how it works, okay? Now, I'll give you the best 
strategy I have to get you out of trouble, and to ease the missions, 
hopefully. There are a total of 8 trucking missions to complete, and the keys 
to win the missions are as follows:

- a good view.   
- a safe, and a planned route to the destination.
- excellent handling on the vehicle.
- proper turning during tight corners.
- good on avoiding heavy or non-heavy traffic.
- evade the cops strategically.

Well, if you mastered all of the above, I'd say 90% you'll finish the 
missions in no time. Besides, they're not all that difficult, just the ones 
where you attract police attention. Well, here I'll list what type of 
missions you'll be going through below, and usually, this is how you'll be 
going through, in order I mean. 

IMPORTANT NOTE (read before starting missions): Here's a hint on how to make 
it easier for you to see the road. Push the left Analog stick up so the 
screen goes to a higher view. Next, change the camera mode (select button) 
and pick the one where you see the vehicle the furthest. This should help you 
see. How to control the vehicle? While pushing and holding the left Analog 
stick up, turn it while still holding your thumb on it left or right. Simple 
as that. You need to get used to this though, but if you have other 
alternatives, use them, but don't have to mail them to me. :) Also, try not 
to lose control of the vehicle, and don't get pass an intersection you're 
supposed to turn to, since reversing IS NOT the best way to get back. You 
WILL detach the trailer if the road is not wide enough, so that's why I told 
you to plan your route carefully. This is definitely true for missions where 
you'll be tailed by the cops.

Types of Missions:

1. Deliver goods in a given time. Lose cash if you're late.

2. Deliver goods (without any time limit) without any damage. Lose cash if 
truck is damaged.

3. Deliver illegal goods to a given location. Will attract police attention 
(3 stars).

4. Deliver goods in a given time (distance extended). Lose cash if you're 

5. Deliver fragile goods without any damage. Lose cash if truck is damaged.

6. Deliver illegal goods to a given location. Will attract police attention 
(3 stars).

7. Deliver fragile goods without any damage in a given time. Lose cash if 
you're late or if the truck is damaged.

8. Deliver highly illegal goods to a given location (distance extended). Will 
attract police interest (4 stars).

Guide for Levels:

Use the above missions to help you. :)

Level 1: Tough for you? This is the easiest one, obviously because of the 
easy route you can take and the distance you'll be going through. Just keep 
your eyes on the road, don't mess up (drop into water, get wanted level, 
etc). Don't worry too much about the time limit and keep looking at the time, 
you have more than enough time. Just concentrate on the road. Use the map and 
plan your way. Stop at the red marker, and you're done.

Reward: $1000

Level 2: Quite simple actually, if you compare with other missions. You can 
have some damage, but you'll lose your cash, which is shown on the screen. 
Just plan your route, watch out for cars and you're good to win.

Reward: $2000

Level 3: 3 stars, tough? Maybe a little, if you're familiar with the missions 
and keep repeating it after failing it countless times. Seriously. Alright, 
once you start the missions, you will notice along your way to the 
destination, there are tons of Rangers just driving around. Believe me. They 
will try to push the trailer to the side, and sometimes even nearly flip it 
over, which is bad in this case. If you can, when cornering, try to slow 
down, and if you see the turning from the map, make a slow and steady one, 
because if the cops push the trailer and the truck during the process, you're 

Reward: $3000

Level 4: Just concentrate on the road and other activities while you drive 
just like you did on the first level. You should go fine if you know how to 
take safe route, and avoid cars during speeding. Yes, you can speed, which I 
do all the time during the trucking missions, but its up to you to control 
the truck. If you get the Roadtrain during this mission, it would be much 
better and easier to speed up. :)

Reward: $4000

Level 5: Just another simple mission. Drive carefully, avoid hitting vehicles 
on the road, plan your fastest and safest route, and you don't have to speed 
up, since this mission is not timed. However, you can still do it if you 
can't wait to finish these missions. :)
Also, no shortcuts, NO shortcuts. They just make things terrible for you. 
Where are the shortcuts? I don't know, because simply I don't take shortcuts 
when handling huge vehicles. Just keep an eye on the road and be patient. 
You'll get there sooner or later. Just drive on the road, and remember your 
path and use the map.

Reward: $4000

Level 6: Like you did for level 4, try to speed up and when you see a cop 
vehicle in front, try to avoid hitting it, since doing so might detach the 
trailer or make you lose control and stray to other directions. Make sure you 
DON'T miss an intersection, since reversing here is definitely not the best 
alternate way out. Plan your way first, then remember them and use the small 
map to help you. Worst case, you could actually draw on the paper!

Reward: $5000

Level 7: Alright, time to actually get the tough ones, and this is one of 
them. These are the seven factors you MUST avoid in order to pass the 

- drive without planning your route
- miss any intersections on the way
- reverse the vehicle
- get too much damage
- drive at very high speed
- use shortcuts
- get a wanted star

It's not necessary for you to follow ALL of them, but it is recommended. 
Sure, I have to admit it's quite tough, but you need practice and time, and 
remember, you won't get the same location if you failed the mission. :) Also, 
the time limit wouldn't cause you any problem most of the time, so worry less 
about it, and take care of the truck.

Reward: $7000

Level 8: The final mission! You have to send it to Las Venturas! A long way 
to get there. If you see the map properly, there's a freeway which leads 
directly to Las Venturas, and finally reaching the destination. 
You'll notice that the SWAT teams wouldn't be much of a problem before 
reaching Las Venturas, but the Rangers will do some problems. Though you 
won't lose cash through damage, try NOT to damage the vehicle, since you 
might have a little tough time when you reach Las Venturas. You will notice 
that, if you use the freeway, the traffic is terribly fast! Make sure you 
don't surprise the traffic and accidentally lose control and block the road, 
and all the cars come crashing at you in high speed! Imagine that. Just don't 
let that happen. Keep your hands on the brake and handbrake at all times. 
Also, when you see a cop from behind picking up speed and ramming you 
underneath the trailer, you might get n=bumpy a little, but try to maintain 
the speed and brake if you need to. It's quite far but it isn't if you plan 
your route. No matter what you do, you will be surrounded by cops, so all I 
can say is escape. If you stop the vehicle, you'll still be surrounded and 
your way might even be blocked! Happened to me before, so make sure it 
doesn't happen to you. Stop at the marker, and you'll complete the trucking 
missions, finally!

Reward: $10 000 & RS Haul asset acquired (up to $2000 daily)

III. Valet Parking Missions (e73a)

Valet missions are missions where you service a car and park them into the 
nearby garage, just like you did the mission '555 We Tip'. Yes, you have to 
finish that mission first, and then you can start doing these missions. These 
valet missions can be found at Financial, not very far from the Victim 
clothes shop and Pizza Stack restaurant. Remember, before start doing the 
missions; change your attire to the valet uniform first, in any safe house. 
Also, in the list below, I didn't include the starting time because they're 
constant for every level, which the starting time is 2 minutes. Finally, yes, 
the valet missions ARE REQUIRED for 100% completion. :)

Alright, here's the list of cars you have to service in all five levels:

Amount of cars:

Level 1: 3 cars
Level 2: 4 cars
Level 3: 5 cars
Level 4: 6 cars
Level 5: 7 cars

Bonus Time & Penalty

Alright, here's how it works. First, you wait for the cars at the valet port 
where you waited for the D.A to arrive in the '555 We Tip' mission. Don't let 
other valets get the vehicles if you can at all, since the faster you finish 
the levels, the better. Also remember, the missions are NOT like 
trucking/quarry missions, where you can do the missions one by one. It's not 
like that, instead it works continuously, like once you complete Level 1 and 
you'll immediately start Level 2, and so on. 

Parking: Maximum amount of bonus time that can be given to you for a perfect 
parking is 15 seconds. This is definitely your luck if you get 15, but most 
of the time, just park like normal. It helps if you take a look around in the 
garage and see how vehicles are parked here. Park the cars facing forward and 
NOT opposite of course, and make sure the vehicle's wheels do not exceed the 
line, or touch it. Also, once you stop a vehicle on the red marker, it's not 
possible to move it ever again. 

Damage: You will notice that in every vehicle you enter, there's a damage 
meter. If you damage the car, the bonus time that you will receive (starts 
with 47 seconds) will be deducted. Of course, the higher the level you're in, 
the bonus time offered to you will decrease to 45 seconds. Don't worry, 
because the parking garage is not very far from your position. Just grab the 
vehicle, drive forward to the opening in front of you (where the waiting cars 
are facing) and turn right into the parking lot. Also, look out for other 
valets on the way. Yes, I'm just about to get there.

Penalty: You will notice some valets running back to the waiting port. If you 
purposely or accidentally (whichever your reason) run over any of them, 
you'll receive a -20 seconds penalty, which decreases 20 seconds from your 
current time left. You must avoid this at all costs, since you might never 
know when 20 seconds can become very handy. Even if you killed them with 
weapons or anything at the waiting port, 20 seconds will fly away. Be careful 
while driving the vehicles in. Besides, the parking lot is not like 1 mile 

Remember, complete all five levels to finish off the missions and earn the 
little percentage for 100%.

Reward: Vank Hoff Hotel asset acquired (up to $2000 daily)

IV. Quarry Missions (e74a)

Quarry Missions revolves around the area with various missions with 
construction vehicles, which are mainly the Dozer and the Dumper (timed 
missions). You can start doing quarry missions once you finish the mission 
'Explosive Situation' for Wu Zi Mu. The missions are situated at Hunter 
Quarry, near Las Venturas. There are 7 missions in total and you NEED to 
finish them all for 100%.

Quarry Mission Level 1:

Time - 3 minutes 30 Seconds

As soon as you start, quickly get in the Bulldozer. You'll have to clear off 
all seven rocks before the next deliver arrives. From your position, drive 
forward into the quarry area and push the first rock you see here. The rocks 
are marked as green dots on the map. Remember you have to push the rocks to 
the red marker, or at least to its direction. Anyway, after that, reverse and 
turn to your right. There's a path leading up in front of you, so get up and 
look for a rock and push it towards the marker. Get back down, and continue 
the path forward. Follow this path until you see a nearby rock indicated by 
the map. Push it. Before reaching this rock, you should spot a path leading 
up. Reverse and get up there. It's at the nearest rock location from your 
current status. Push that rock down.

Now, reverse and get back and continue to the lower level. Follow this path 
and you should spot another rock here. Push it down carefully, and continue 
forward to another rock ahead. Push it, and find the last one just a little 
in front. Mission passed.

Reward: $500

2. Quarry Mission Level 2:

Time - 1 Minute 30 Seconds 

Your objective here is to push the bombs indicated by the map to the safe 
areas, which are the red markers. If you really learnt how to control the 
Dozer from the previous mission, well then that's a good thing. You need a 
lot of skill to push those explosives away. Every time you push the explosive 
barrel to the safe area, get away fast; even if you're facing it (reverse 
then). Since the Dozer moves quite slow here, just try to swerve the vehicle 
around, which consumes a lot of your time. Now, here are the locations of all 
4 barrels, and remember, the time will reset after each location, so you 
don't have to hurry pushing those deadly barrels!

Location 1: Behind the site office, near the starting point.

Location 2: Behind the crane in the quarry area.

Location 3: At the grinder inside the quarry area.

Location 4: Between the crushers at the lowest level of the quarry area.

Reward: $1000

3. Quarry Mission Level 3:

Time - 8 Minutes

The bombers are running away in a Dumper, and you'll have to chase them, but 
with a Dumper as well? I thought I saw a Sanchez nearby. Anyway, this mission 
requires you to chase them with the Dumper you see when you start. 

Get in the Dumper and follow this path to the main road. Use the map, and 
look for the red dot on the map, which indicates the bombers' position. You 
MUST keep up with them; otherwise you'll lose them and thus failing the 
mission. Chase them, and once you see them on sight, use a machine-gun and 
perform drive-by or whatever that can blow their vehicle. You can even try 
pushing it to the water. Any way you like, if their vehicle catches fire near 
you, get the hell out of there. Mission passed.

Reward: $2000

4. Quarry Mission Level 4:

Time - 4 Minutes

First, grab the Sanchez nearby, turn right and head for main road ahead. Stay 
and follow the fence. Look at your map too, for the blue dot. Once you're 
near it, go to the fence and grab on it. Climb over (you can still head for 
the yellow dot on the map which is the entrance). Now, get inside the Dumper 
and head outside through the entrance ahead. Follow the path here and head to 
the main road, and yet again, follow the red fence here. Drive to the red 
marker at the entrance here, and continue going down. Try not to go through 
bumpy paths around here, or the bodies will drop out. 

Get down and head to the inside (lowest level) of the quarry area. Don't 
attempt to jump down from the high level or you might turn the vehicle and 
eventually dropping the bodies. Use the path heading down instead. Now, once 
you see a fire ahead, slow down, and face the back area of the vehicle to the 
fire. Now, slowly reverse just to get it close to the fire. You must drop the 
bodies into the fire. 

Slowly push the right Analog stick down to raise the back of the Dumper and 
drop the bodies into the fire. Make sure you're actually close enough to the 
fire, otherwise it won't work. Once you're done, mission passed.

Reward: $3000

5. Quarry Mission Level 5:

Time - 3 Minutes

You'll be driving a Dumper again this time, but it's packed with explosives 
at the back. You just have to avoid turning the truck around too much.

Start off using the path to the main road, and use the map to get to the 
airstrip. Just watch the traffic, and cars on the road, and don't crash to 
them, and you'll be fine. Try not to use sandy roads and bumpy ones, 
otherwise you might flip the car or turn it. Be warned that if you drop the 
explosives, there's a 99% chance you'll be wasted and killed. You might be 
sent to the Las Venturas hospital so it's a long way back here, so use this 
opportunity wisely.

Once you reach the airstrip and approached the red marker, turn and face the 
back of the truck to the red marker, just like you did on the bodies. Push 
down on the right Analog stick to raise the dumper's back to drop the 
explosives (hold the handbrake button if required). It won't explode if 
you're anywhere near the marker. Now, once all of them are safely down, 
missions passed.

6. Quarry Mission Level 6:

Time - 3 Minutes

As soon as you start, get in the Dozer and drive forward and follow this path 
to the main road. Use the map to get to the tracks. You're going to clear the 
explosives along the railway, all 10 of them. You have only around 2 minutes 
once you get there, so push the explosives wisely. If you've turned the 
explosives wrongly to other directions, continue to other explosives ahead of 
you, and then make a tight turn and go for the ones you've missed. Remember, 
you have to watch out for the arrows pointing to the explosives, so you know 
when they're completely out of the way. If the arrows are no longer visible 
on the explosives that means you've cleared those explosives. 

Once you've cleared all ten explosives out of the way, you'll be told that 
the train is approaching. When the train passed it safely, mission passed.

Reward: $7500

7. Quarry Mission Level 7:

Time - 8 minutes

As soon as you start, grab the nearby Sanchez and continue inside the quarry 
area. Speed up down to the lowest level of the quarry area. Now, use the map 
to search for a Dozer. Get in it, and you'll have two dots on your map. You 
must push a police bike (left) and a corpse of a cop (right). Now, accelerate 
to which side you want to start with first and push either one to the red 
marker. Personally, what I did was that I pushed the bike a little near the 
marker, stopped, and I continue with the body. Then, I pushed both at the 
same time, but I made sure that the bike was in the near the marker so I 
don't have to waste time and just push the bike and the body altogether. 

After you're done with both, get back in your Sanchez (if you lost yours 
there's one around the area) and get up to the crane on the map. Take note of 
the Dumper on the left here. Get out, and enter the crane with the triangle 

Use the Analog stick to carry the bike and the corpse to the back of the 
Dumper, where you saw it a moment ago. Now, slowly lift the bike or the 
corpse by lowering the crane to it (X button) and lift it up (square). Slowly 
bring it to the back of the Dumper and release it (circle button). Now, 
continue with the other and once you're done, get out and enter the Dumper.

Drive it slowly up the path to the entrance. Use the map, and drive to the 
red marker. Now, you'll get another destination. You should have at least 3 
minutes here if you did all the previous work right, so it shouldn't be a 
problem. Drive slowly, since you don't want to drop either one of them. Now, 
once you reach there face the back of the truck to the edge of the river, and 
press the R1 button to hold the truck in place. While you do this, push down 
on the right Analog stick to lift the back of the Dumper so both the bike and 
the cop drop into the river. 

If you're having trouble, try this. Here's a contribution from Michael Weir 
again: :)

A lot of people seem to have a trouble dumping the corpse and motorcycle into 
the river without driving the dumptruck in as well. A simple method if you 
are struggling with dumping one or both objects into the water is to dump 
them near the edge of the ravine, run up to the highway, jack a car, and 
drive it back, using the car to gently push the corpse and bike into the 
river, that way you don't have to risk backing the truck into the water!

Once done, you're done with all the quarry missions, and you'll get a little 
percentage for your 100%. :)

Note: Once you complete these missions, you can still do the same missions 
again, but you'll be competing with your own best time, but not necessary at 
all. To skip a mission, press the R3 button.

Reward: $10 000, Hunter Quarry asset acquired (up to $2000 daily), Dumper & 
Dozer will spawn at the bottom of the quarry area (lowest level)

V. Import/Export Crane (e75a)

These are, definitely required for 100% completion, and this is the section 
where I'll try my best to help you desperate people out there searching for 
the cars you need. The exact location is, located at Easter Basin, San 
Fierro, where there's a large ship (you go here during the mission 'Custom 
Fast Track'). Though there is one guide in GameFAQs more in-depth about this, 
I have to list this in since this is one important requirement. First of all, 
let me tell you more about how you deliver vehicles and the things tied to 
it. Also, there area 4 small sections here. Just a little handy info to help 
you. :)

Important Note (read before you proceed): You NEED to finish the mission for 
Cesar, 'Customs Fast Track' to unlock the crane for you to use. Also, that 
mission is a great introduction and demonstration on how to use the crane. 
It's also a practice to manage the train with the buttons. So, keep this in 
mind. :)

1. Import & Export (e75b)

Before you start, you need to know the cars you need to export, and what you 
should keep for the coming lists. The list of cars can be found at Easter 
Basin itself, slightly in front of the crane. Each vehicle you deliver will 
be cut out of the list through the chalkboard there, and from there itself, 
you can check for vehicles you haven't exported. 

To deliver a vehicle, you should use the crane. The crane is at the spot 
itself, and there's a red marker. Stand at the red marker and press the 
triangle button to enter the crane. Now, use the X, square, circle and the 
Analog stick to navigate through the whole process.

First, pick up a vehicle using the X button to lower the crane. Next, aim at 
the vehicle (use the shadow to help you) and it should stick to your vehicle. 
Raise it with the square button and bring it up and place it on the red 
marker on the large ship. Release it with the circle button. If it is the 
required vehicle, you will have a short scene that you have successfully 
delivered the vehicle for export. You can now continue hunting for more if 
you haven't collected all.

Once you sent a vehicle for export, that car immediately becomes available 
for importing. It's like it adds to your collection. This is really 
interesting in my opinion :)

Note: The more damage on a vehicle you're going to export, the more cash 
you'll lose because of the damage. This is quite important I think, since 
money is everything in this game! Drive carefully to the crane or you'll lose 

Importing means you can import a vehicle from a given list and buy it on a 
certain price. The list is available of course (below), but here I'll explain 
just how to get them, and where to retrieve the vehicles you bought.

Alright, importing is a simple one. First, you need to go to the chalkboard 
situated at the crane, just slightly in front. Stand in front of it and view 
the list of vehicles with the triangle button. Now, you can buy a vehicle for 
a price. Also, it depends on which you can buy that vehicle. Some vehicles 
can be available on Tuesday but not on the next day. So, check which day is 
it, and then you will have to wait for your desired car to arrive. Then, 
check back here and buy it.
Once you buy it, where does it go? Alright, you'll be given a short scene on 
where your new car has been placed. It is at the same and exact location on 
where you deliver vehicles for export, on top of the ship.

Just use the crane again to lower your new vehicle (watch it, you don't want 
to scratch it) and there you go. Enjoy!

Remember, if you want more new, sporty vehicles to be available, complete the 
export list and for each car you deliver, it will be added for importing. 
Next, the import/export lists, and the car locations for the required 

2. Export & Import Lists (e75c)

Export List:

Here are the vehicles you need for export. There are a total of 3 lists, and 
you get to unlock a bonus vehicle for every first 5 deliveries. It's worthy, 
unless you're lazy. Also the money beside a vehicle shows the full amount of 
money you can receive when you export them (note that this goes differently 
if you damage the vehicle). Also, you might want to check other guides and 
see if they have better locations of the vehicles. :)

Note: You can deliver motorcycles easier using the stairs leading up at by 
the ship.

First List of Vehicles:

Patriot     ~   $40 000
Sanchez     ~   $8 000
Stretch     ~   $40 000
Feltzer     ~   $35 000
Remington   ~   $30 000
Buffalo     ~   $35 000
Sentinel    ~   $35 000
Infernus    ~   $95 000
Camper      ~   $26 000
Admiral     ~   $35 000

Second List of Vehicles:

Slamvan         ~     $19 000
Blista Compact  ~     $35 000
Stafford        ~     $35 000
Sabre           ~     $19 000
FCR-900         ~     $10 000
Cheetah         ~     $105 000
Rancher         ~     $40 000
Stallion        ~     $19 000
Tanker          ~     $35 000
Comet           ~     $35 000

Third List of Vehicles:

Blade           ~     $19 000
Freeway         ~     $10 000
Mesa            ~     $25 000
ZR-350          ~     $45 000
Euros           ~     $35 000
Banshee         ~     $45 000
Super GT        ~     $105 000
Journey         ~     $22 000
Huntley         ~     $40 000
BF Injection    ~     $15 000

If you notice, in every list, there's at least one bike that requires 
exporting. :)

Import List 

These are the list of vehicles, how shall I say, the "special" ones you 
obtain after each first five deliveries of vehicles in a list. If you 
exported 5 cars, you'll get one bonus vehicles available for importing. If 
you reach 10, you'll get another one! The number of vehicles shows how much 
you need to export before getting that vehicle.

Obtained Import Vehicles: List 1

(5 Vehicles) Monster ~ $32 000
(10 Vehicles) Windsor ~ $28 000

Obtained Import Vehicles: List 2

(5 Vehicles) Bandito ~ $12 000
(10 Vehicles) Turismo ~ $76 000

Obtained Import Vehicles: List 3

(5 Vehicles) Vortex ~ $20 000
(10 Vehicles) Bullet ~ $84 000

You get the Monster after the first 5 deliveries for the first list. Once you 
get all for the first list, you'll unlock the heavy sporty car, Windsor. 
You'll get the Bandito and Turismo on the second list, with the same 
procedure. You'll unlock the Vortex and the Bullet for the third list.

Note: You can get the bullet at the Driving School after completing all tests 
with silver awards. Also, there's one near the Easter Basin, in a wholesale 
warehouse, check the map on the next section. It's at Doherty; pass the road 
leading down, just southeast of the driving school.  

3. Locations of Vehicles (e75d)

Alright, here I'll give you the location and at least where you can find a 
car you're looking for driving around. As you should already know, you can 
identify a car when you enter one, example like when you enter a Tanker, the 
name of the vehicle will appear on the bottom (right) of the screen. Before 
anything, if you're having problems identifying vehicles you're looking for, 
go here:


They can help you a bit. Also, look for the Import/Export guide by Nega 
elemental at GameFAQs. I even refereed to his guide just to confirm (I'm 
bad). :)

If you still having trouble finding these cars, here's a website where all 
the parked cars are listed on the map. You might also want to print it out:


List 1:

Patriot - You can get one at Area 69, but definitely a five wanted star level 
wouldn't be easy. It would be easy if you have the jetpack, and steal it and 
make it back to Verdant Meadows airstrip. Save and get it. You can still 
though, find one at Easter Bay chemicals lot in San Fierro.

- At the area where you did the mission 'Badlands' for Tenpenny in Angel 
- West of Leafy Hollow (around the farm area) 
- After unlocking the quarry missions, there'll be a Sanchez parked there.
- Around Mount Chiliad, near the west side tunnel. 

Stretch - Behind Wang Cars near the Paint & Spray, also can be found driving 
around Hashbury.

Feltzer - Can be seen driving around Doherty sometimes, or do the valet 
missions. They tend to span the Feltzers more often< I've noticed this too. 

Remington - At Unity Station, where you started the 'Wrong Side of the 
Tracks' mission for Big Smoke.

Buffalo - At Catalina's hideout cabin in Fern Ridge.

Sentinel - Drive around the underground car park in Financial where you do 
the Valet Missions is San Fierro, and can also be found driving around at 
Commerce in Los Santos.

Infernus - In Paradisio, San Fierro.

Camper - On top of Mount Chiliad.

Admiral - Parked in Conference, Los Santos.

List 2:

- In El Corona, TransFender or Rodeo Los Santos.
- Around The Strip in Las Venturas. Saw them there sometimes.
- Also around Idlewood, and Prickle Pine in Las Venturas. Check there.

Blista Compact:
- Finish the mission 'Zeroing In' and it'll spawn behind Wang Cars.
- Can be seen driving around Doherty sometimes. 

Stafford - There's one parked in Queens. Also can be found in King's at the 
parking area, San Fierro.

Sabre - Can be found driving around Doherty or around Easter Basin most of 
the time. These cars are easy ones! You can find them around the whole of San 
Fierro sometimes too!

- You get one for all silver awards in bike school.
- Seen driving around Las Venturas (The Strip).

Cheetah - At Prickle Pine, the leftmost side (at a house).

Rancher - Can be found driving around Angel Pine, or around the area or at 
Mount Chiliad.

Stallion - Parked in Juniper Hill. Also can be found driving in front of the 
garage in Doherty sometimes.

Tanker - Can be seen a lot driving around the desert or countryside. Also, 
can be seen a lot of time in Angel Pine. 

Comet - Parked at the tennis courts, outside of the Alviso Country Club.

List 3:

Blade - Can be seen driving around Doherty, or around San Fierro.

- Parked in Hashbury. 
- Parked at the gas station near RS Haul (where you do the trucking 

Mesa - Finish the Chiliad Challenge (start by riding the Mountain Bike on top 
of the mountain) and a Mesa will spawn at the bottom, near the finish line.

- Parked in Los Santos, not very far from Flint Intersection. Use the map 
- Parked a little north from Caligula's Casino in Las Venturas.
- Go around the rich areas, like Prickle Pine, or the Alviso Country Club 
where you found the Comet in San Fierro.

Euros - At camel's Toe in Las Venturas.

- Behind the gym in San Fierro, at the alley.
- There's one parked around Come-a-Lot.

Super GT - There'll be one when you complete all bronze for the driving 
school. It will spawn outside.

Journey - There's one parked on top of Mount Chiliad. Can be found driving 
around the countryside too.

Huntley - Parked at the exact location of the Hotknife at the driving school, 
which requires you to get all gold awards. Driving around with a Rancher 
helps. Also can be seen driving around Prickle Pine.

BF Injection:
- At the Avispa Country Club.
- At the corner of Santa Maria beach, Los Santos.
- Parked Southwest of the runway at Verdant Meadows, where the Snake Farm is 
situated from the mission Don Peyote.

4. Key Factors (e75e)

These are the factors that affect the cars that spawn. It also shows some 
common mistakes of why people don't get the vehicles they want.

- Usually, vehicles will spawn differently according to the location, and the 
parked cars around them. Example, like if you see a Sanchez at Angel Pine, 
then whenever you go and across the Flint Country, you'll see a lot of 
Sanchez along the road. This is exactly why you cannot find vehicles. Try 
other areas, and see if you can help spawn the vehicles you need.

- 'Bring along the same type of vehicles with you'. This is very true, and 
has been proven, even in the previous games. The games will tend to spawn 
vehicles as the same type you drive. If you're looking around for a Rancher, 
drive a Ranger, or any other SUV vehicles. If you're looking for a sport car, 
go to areas where you've seen any sports car, take one with you and drive 
around. Explore; go to other areas around the map. You can find the vehicles.

- Keep a list of all the future export vehicles with you while you play. 
Sometimes during your hunt you will see other vehicles. Example, you're on 
list 1, and you're searching for a Feltzer. Since Feltzer is parked on the 
map around San Andreas, and won't be gone, keep an eye for other vehicles you 
might spot. If you see a Blista Compact, quickly stop and jack the vehicle. 
Drive it to the nearest garage, and keep it there. Save your game.

- Very right. Seems like a stupid one but this is true. Happened to me a lot 
of time. Sometimes I was looking for vehicles which are not around at all, 
but other vehicles are, and this happens at the exact moment after I save or 
load my game. Sometimes after you start your console and start the game, and 
load the game, you might be lucky and see the car you were looking for in 
front of you after you get out of a safe house or any other places. Happened 
to me once when I was searching for a Sabre. I loaded my game and saw one in 
front of me. Very lucky indeed.

- 'Give some time for the vehicles to spawn'. This is for the parked vehicles 
around San Andreas. If you don't see any vehicles on the map, where the 
guides said there's one at the spot you're on, go away and drive around for 
at least a minute and come back. The vehicle should be there. If not, come 
back later and save your game. Load it back and check again. Hopefully this 
time it'll be there.

Note: If anyone has any tips on how to help players get vehicles or any 
strategies on how to help spawn vehicles, do contribute. Just put a proper 
title as the subject and send it in. Don't worry about the credit, I will put 
it here. :)

Reward: The money you get for exporting & all the bonus vehicles are 
available for importing

VI. Courier Missions (e76a)

Courier missions are not missions where you'll be doing at San Fierro chasing 
those people and getting the money. Those are for Big Smoke, which aren't 
required for 100%. This however, is required. Courier missions are missions 
where you deliver packages and throw them like you're throwing pizzas at Vice 
City (if you've played of course). 

To throw them, just look left (L2) or right (R2) and throw it with the circle 
button. If you have a submachine-gun equipped while doing this, don't worry 
because they won't work. There are these red circles, called coronas, and 
your mission is simple. You need to deliver the packages (items) and throw 
them into the circle with the method above. You'll be given destinations 
throughout your mission, and there are 4 different missions, which each of 
them starts shortly after one mission is done. If you missed a corona, just 
run on the package which is on the ground and you'll get it back. You don't 
have to get out of the vehicle. Also, if you  Below, I'll list out all the 
information on each run (mission) and the destinations you'll be going 
through. Also, if you accidentally or purposely throw a package when you 
missed one (when the previous package is still on the ground), you'll lose 
it, so make sure you don't throw two accidentally or try to even miss. The 
destinations are listed in the order of what I did in my game, and I got a 
good success for all three cities (also, in the order of the closest from one 
point to another). Remember you NEED these missions completed for 100%. 

If you fail any of the attempts, you'll start over from the first run again. 
You need to do it continuously. Prepare yourself.

There are three different courier missions in all three cities; Los Santos, 
San Fierro and Las Venturas. I'll list all three of them here. 

Note: For the Los Santos one I suggest you max out your stamina first, so you 
could sprint longer. Oh yeah, if you want the missions to be easier, get your 
cycling skills good too. Bike skills help for the other two locations. :) 
Also, here's a little hint. First, mark all the map legends off and turn only 
the missions' icons on. This will help you being confused, and do use the 
full map in the start menu. Plan your way to the destinations, since you 
cannot see what's in front through the small map. Use the big one, especially 
in Las Venturas. If you fall off the vehicles, you have 20 seconds to return 
to it, so run like hell before you have to start all over again!

1. Los Santos Courier Mission (e76b)

Location: Roboi's Food Mart in Commerce, a little front of the 'S' shaped 
road. Here's how it looks like: http://hem.bredband.net/jodu/Roboib.jpg
Vehicle: BMX bicycle.

Alright, these missions are actually the starters. You'll have to get on the 
BMX to start the mission (parked on the corner at the shop) and you'll start 
off immediately. If you have your stamina maxed out, this is a perfect time 
to use them. Just sprint in the whole process, though it's not necessary for 
the first run. Also, since the roads will tend to lead into dead ends, make 
sure you're not trapped. See the full map before you use any shortcuts, 
though I'd recommend using them. Once you're familiar with the roads, you'll 
tend to use it more and more. Just don't fall off for the third and fourth 
runs and you'll be fine. Also, watch out for the Ballas. They won't ignore 
you. :)

Try to watch out for polls, traffic lights, and vehicles, and pedestrians. 
Running over a pedestrian in a high speed with the BMX will get you flying 
too, since this is not a bike, it's a bicycle. Avoid using highway roads if 
you can, and don't fall into dead-end paths.

First Run
3 Minutes, 3 Dropoff Coronas, 6 Items Held

1st - Commerce
2nd - Verona Beach
3rd - Pershing Square 

Second Run
5 Minutes, 4 Dropoff Coronas, 6 items Held

1st - Verdant Bluffs
2nd - Idlewood
3rd - Market
4th - Temple

Third Run
5 Minutes, 5 Dropoff coronas, 7 Items Held

1st - Conference Center 
2nd - Verona Beach
3rd - Pershing Square
4th - Verdant Bluffs
5th - Idlewood

Fourth Run
10 Minutes, 6 Dropoff Coronas, 8 items Held

1st - Temple
2nd - Vinewood
3rd - Santa Maria Beach
4th - Santa Maria Beach 
5th - Playa Del Seville
6th - East Beach

Reward: Asset acquired (up to $2000 daily)

2. San Fierro Courier Mission (e76c)

Location: Hippie Shopper in Queens, close to the 'N' shaped road.
          Here's how it looks like: http://hem.bredband.net/jodu/Hippyb.jpg   

Vehicle: Freeway bike.

Freeway handles differently than the BMX, and you just got to get used to it. 
Why not drive and cruise around for a while? Feel the weight of the bike as 
you turn and use the handbrake to perform a 180 turn. It helps if your bike 
skills are maxed out since it will prevent you from falling in small or minor 
crashes. Also you can also corner on tight ones using the handbrake and the 
Analog stick to navigate the bike. Watch out for cops and don't crash into 
them. Since the Freeway can go on fast (but a little slow pick-up), don't 
slow down too much. San Fierro has a lot of hills, and if you're going on it 
around twenty, chances are you won't be able to make it in time. Plan your 
way. This place can get pretty confusing.

First Run
3 Minutes, 3 Dropoff Coronas, 6 Items Held

1st - Ocean Flats
2nd - Hashbury
3rd - Ocean Flats (north)

Second Run
5 Minutes, 4 Dropoff Coronas, 6 Items Held

1st - City Hall
2nd - Chinatown
3rd - Garcia
4th - Downtown

Third Run
5 Minutes, 5 Dropoff Coronas, 7 Items Held

1st - Ocean Flats 
2nd - Doherty (near Cranberry Station)
3rd - Chinatown
4th - Santa Flora
5th - Paradiso

Fourth Run
7 Minutes, 6 Dropoff Coronas, 8 Items Held

1st - Avispa Country Club
2nd - Hashbury
3rd - Cranberry Station
4th - Downtown
5th - Downtown (east)
6th - Juniper Hollow

Reward: Asset acquired (up to $2000 daily) 

3. Las Venturas Courier Mission (e76d)

Location: Burger Shot in Redsands East.
          Here's how it looks like: http://hem.bredband.net/jodu/Burgerb.jpg

Vehicle: Faggio Bike

Alright, a Faggio. A scooter, just like the vehicle for the pizza deliveries. 
Anyway this bike, is definitely not a speeding one. You can never reach a 
location fast, so you must be very careful with the routes you take so you 
don't waste time, and the sound it makes, it's unbearable! Anyway, the Faggio 
has a good thing too. It is amazingly easy to control, and you won't easily 
drop off if you crash anything since it doesn't speed off too fast. Just keep 
an eye on the road for the first three runs. The fourth one is around a 
building, well, some of them. The coronas can be around the stadium, inside a 
caged area, etc. Use the full map and first thing you have to do is search 
for the entrance. Very important or you'll waste your time. Don't waste your 
time! Search any roads that can lead you to the destinations. Avoid using the 
highway, since the vehicles move fast there, and you're sure to drop down!

First Run
3 Minutes, 3 Dropoff Coronas, 6 Items Held

1st - Redsands East
2nd - The Strip
3rd - Redsands West

Second Run
5 Minutes, 4 Dropoff Coronas, 6 Items Held

1st - Las Venturas Airport
2nd - The Strip
3rd - Las Venturas Airport (south)
4th - The Camel's Toe

Third Run
5 Minutes, 5 Dropoff Coronas, 7 Items Held

1st - Redsands East
2nd - The Strip
3rd - Royal Casino
4th - Las Venturas Airport
5th - Redsands West

Fourth Run
8 Minutes, 6 Dropoff Coronas, 8 Items Held

1st - Redsands West
2nd - Blackfield
3rd - Whitewood Estates
4th - Prickle Pine
5th - Spinybed
6th - Voca Escalante

Reward: Asset Acquired (up to $2000 daily)

VII. Race Tournaments (e77a)

Here I'll list every single race which is available around San Andreas. To 
open them though, you need to complete the storyline missions. You will open 
these races when you complete the driving school, which you will open up 
after the mission 'Deconstruction' in San Fierro. They're marked with the 
black and white stripes icon on the map, and there's one in Los Santos, San 
Fierro and two in Las Venturas (second one is situated in the airport). Some 
races here are already done (from the storyline missions you progress 
through). Remember I can only give you hints, but you manage the vehicles on 
your own. These races count towards 100%, so you need to complete them and 
finish 1st place in all the races available. 

You will be able to use vehicles given by the game, not your own. Also, you 
may not be able to keep the vehicles, since the game fades after you finish 
each race (implies to vehicle races, not checkpoint vehicles). You get a 
maximum of $10 000 for each and every race you win, so these races are worth 
your time (except for the Badlands A and Badlands B)! You will get an extra 
$1 000 000 for completing all races in first place! Also, don't try to 
destroy your opponents' vehicles; they're all bulletproof, and you can't 
destroy them. You can however push them into water and stuff, so it's a 
really good way to actually defeat them. :) You can't kill other racers on 
bikes, but if they do drop down, you can actually run over them. They do die. 
Isn't it great? Take the opportunity. :)

Another thing, you need a certain amount for skills for all three of the 
basic skills; flying, driving and bike skills for these races. Do practice 
before you go for the real challenge. That's where it begins.

I'd recommend you go for the driving school and complete them and try to get 
all gold, since you can easily boost your driving skills through this method. 
You can boost your bike skills too using the bike school. Remember, the 
faster the cars you use, the higher the chances for you to go boom! Stay 
alert! Plan your route. Get used to the races. Be a skillful and trained 
driver, who uses brain instead of the nitro. You get what I mean.

I'll include the info on each race, and I'll give some comments on it. It 
might not help, but might keep you awake. Hopefully. :)

Before we get there, here are some tips for the vehicles you'll use: 

- stay on the route you take
- take shortcuts only when you're familiar with the race
- get a good control of the vehicle you handle
- study the roads or paths you take
- if you fail a race, try to remember the track
- when handling a car or a bike, release the acceleration button while on air 
to get a better control when you land
- watch the small map always for water surroundings or off-road areas, so you 
can slow down
- other opponents tend to have crashes along the way (races, not the 
checkpoints) so you don't have to speed up unless you really need to catch up
- while on a bike, push the Analog stick forward to move faster a little
- in the driving school there's a test called P.I.T. 
- use the P.I.T method/skill to spin the other contestants around and leave 
them behind 
- the P.I.T. technique is very useful so use it on tough racers, and where 
you against the fast cars

1. Los Santos Races (e77b)
The race tournament is situated in Little Mexico, and there are 9 races in 
total. However, throughout the storyline missions, you've done the lowrider 
race for Cesar and the other two races (Badlands A & B for Cesar yet again). 
So you don't have to do those missions again.

Lowrider Race:
Track Distance - 1.46 Miles
Vehicle - Blade

Simple race and you don't have to do this again. You've done it, so check the 
walkthrough section for this race.

Little Loop:
Track Distance - 0.82 Miles
Vehicle - NRG-500

This fast monster will be incredibly out of control for the first time you 
speed up. Steer to the left as soon as you start to avoid crashing with other 
racers and to go out of control. This race is real short, so speed up 
whenever you can. Also, when you're speeding down the road, release the 
acceleration button to avoid straying to other directions as you land. Use 
the R1 around tight corners. Avoid going on one wheel, since this bike tend 
to give you problems because of the speed.

Backroad Wanderer:
Track Distance - 2.05 Miles 
Vehicle - FCR-900

The FCR-900, what a bike, since it controls better than the previous bike, 
don't you think? Anyway, when you start off, remember to strafe to the left 
so you won't stay behind other riders. Keep to the sides and speed off from 
them. Remember to watch your speed, and the route you need to take. A real 
simple one actually, and you have plenty time to overtake the riders. Watch 
the road.

City Circuit:
Track Distance - 2.26 Miles
Vehicle - FCR-900

Keep at a constant speed and use R1 on corners. Speed up on straight roads, 
and watch out for anything at the sides. If you can, and nee to catch up on 
the first player, push the opponent to the side and you can easily overtake.  

Track Distance - 2.41 Miles
Vehicle - Sunrise 

You have to keep up on this race, honestly you do. Since there are hills and 
bumpy roads you have to go through, you must be familiar with the roads. The 
Sunrise cannot pick-up quick, so you have to pack on a lot of speed and while 
you go down the bumpy roads, speed up. That is the way you can get a good 
lead. When you reach near the end, slow down, but do this when you're in a 
good lead and you're close to other opponents. The roads are quite confusing 
sometimes, so look at the map once in a while.

Track Distance - 2.62 Miles
Vehicle - Super GT

Man, this race can give you a headache, sure did to me! You're given a GT, 
and other opponents will be using Bullets and Banshees and other speedy 
vehicles! You're really screwed if you're left behind at the start. DO NOT 
fall behind. The starting is the best time to overtake these jokers. They 
will tend to crash at the corners so stay away.
Once you get to the freeway, speed like hell, but watch the road. Slow down 
and keep up so you won't fly over this road. The road can be confusing if 
you're going fast, or not familiar. After you pass this, you will reach the 
city back. Now, keep at a constant speed. The road ahead can be really hard 
since it has turns. Watch out for vehicles on the way. Keep at the sides, and 
watch the speed. Also, tap the brake before cornering. :)

Into The Country:
Track Distance - 5.22 Miles
Vehicle - Bullet

Finally, something you really deserve. Bullet goes real fast here, so use the 
advantage. The road is also easy to race around with, so just control the 
vehicle properly and you'll be fine. Honestly, you will be saved!

Badlands A:
Track Distance - 2.99 Miles
Vehicle - Sabre

You did this race already. Check the storyline section for the walkthrough.

Badlands B:
Track Distance - 2.99 Miles
Vehicle - ZR-350  

You did this race already. Check the storyline section for the walkthrough. 

3. San Fierro Races (e77c)

The race tournament is situated behind Wang Cars, at Doherty, or at Downtown 
to be exact. Use the map to find it. It's also near a Stretch.

Dirtbike Danger:
Track Distance - 1.99 Miles
Vehicle - Sanchez

Use the map as you go through the paths. Quite easy actually, since other 
riders suck big time! They just could not be faster than you, really. If you 
just plan your way (sometimes you don't have to, I didn't) and you can get a 
good lead at the start.

Bandito County:
Track Distance - 2.02 Miles
Vehicle - Bandito 

My God, they gave you this race instead of others? I can manage a Flatbed 
better in an area like this. Why do I complain so much? Alright, first of all 
the Bandito has no radio stations (doesn't affect the race but definitely 
affected me) :(. Second, this vehicle can easily flip over when you go over 
bumpy roads in low speed. Next, the handle in incredibly weird, but it's 
simple. It's somehow easy on roads but hard on sandy areas. I don't know 
about you but it was a little tough one. This race however, luckily is full 
of unskilled professional drivers. They can also crash to you and soon head 
for the water. That's how bad and awful they are. You can easily win this 
race in first place, but completing it is a problem. Check for water and 
check for ways to get across. There are bridge and other ways to get pass. 
Just use the map, take your time; DO NOT rush or you'll mess up.      

GO-GO Carting:
Track Distance - 1.18 Miles
Vehicle - Kart 

Speed up on straight roads, alleys, or any paths that has a distant road that 
you can speed up on. Take it easy. Try not to overturn the Kart and you'll go 
spinning. It'll get worst when you hit polls, vehicles of course, and even 
pedestrians. You don't have to speed up all the time. Slow down and turn 
slowly. Use the whole road to turn and quickly stay at the sides. You can 
easily overtake the other drivers. Just stay behind in second place and when 
it gets closer to the finish line, speed up like hell. Watch out for polls 
and vehicles though.

San Fierro Fastlane:
Track Distance - 1.64 Miles
Vehicle - Alpha

Quite a difficult race, since the corners are really sharp. Other racers are 
like, easily overtake you at the very beginning. Focus on the road as you 
race, slow down when you take corners, then speed up like hell! Ignore 
anything else! Don't even care to look behind. If you wish to, plan your 
route by the time you think you should. Familiarize yourself with the roads; 
study them on your first time. You should be better on the second time 
through. Improve, and use the P.I.T technique here if you think you can pull 
it off neatly here without affecting your race.

San Fierro Hills:
Track Distance - 5.20 Miles
Vehicle - Phoenix

Easy one, also a rare one compared to other races available here. Just 
remember this; straight roads, speed, straight roads ahead, speed, hold the X 
button. Keep up if you're left behind. Hit other racers to the sides if 
you're in second place, you mustn't care. This race is not short, but it's 
not too long either. With the Phoenix, you won't be able to feel the length 
of the race. It will be over in no time, so take an early lead, and it would 
be easy, since other cars are really slower than yours. Lucky you. :)

Country Endurance:
Track Distance - 6.68 Miles
Vehicle - Bullet

Hooray! I have a Bullet, not this time friend, not this time. The Bullet IS 
one of the factors that will decide your final position, but it IS also a key 
to your failure. Why? Alright, I have to admit the vehicles you're against 
with are no match with the Bullet. That's an advantage, but is it helpful in 
this race? You decide. Remember, no speeding once you reach small areas. If 
you think you should go for a first try, please do it. The roads you go 
through are small and without any enough space to overtake vehicles in high 
speed. Use shortcuts, but there's a limit to it. If you see areas where there 
is water or when you reach a cliff, don't do it. Also, yes, when you reach 
the part where you have to make your way up the hill, drive cautiously. Since 
other drivers WILL or MIGHT drop down the cliff. You can try pushing them 
too, if that helps you. Also, 70% I tried the race, I wrecked my car instead 
of failing the race. This shows that you don't have to speed up all the time. 
Take your time though this long race. You'll eventually reach the finish 

3. Las Venturas Races (e77d)

The race tournament is situated in LVA Freight Depot. Use the map to get 
there. It's inside a building area. Search for the red marker.

San Fierro to Las Venturas:
Track Distance - 4.85 Miles
Vehicle - Banshee

Yes, Banshee! Controls are amazingly sweet, the race track is real simple! 
Just go pass the vehicles, watch out for corners, and you're done. You don't 
have to even care about other racers! Believe me!

Damn Rider:
Track Distance - 2.67 Miles
Vehicle - NRG-500  

Be careful with this bike, since it can easily get you out of control. Turn 
the corners slowly, speed up on straight roads. Use the R1 button wisely. 
Watch out for the road when you reach the dam, and try not to use shortcuts 
in this race. 

Desert Tricks:
Track Distance - 2.91 Miles
Vehicle - FCR-900

Once you start, the racers will crash onto each other. Slow down here, and 
once you hit the road, speed the hell up! Go up the hill, tight corners, 
maintaining your position and speed. Once you're near the end, there'll be a 
real tight corner to the left, which is really hard to see. If you turn too 
early, you'll fall down and wreck your bike. Don't do it! Watch for the 
checkpoints and study the roads. Speed up whenever you can. Remember the race 
finishes at the same location from where you started.

Las Venturas Ringroad: 
Track Distance - 3.7 Miles
Vehicle - Turismo

Turismo might not be the best vehicle for the race, but the track is 
certainly one of the best tracks I've ever enjoyed before! All you got to do, 
is get a good view of the surroundings, since the traffic is quite heavy and 
the game will spawn vehicles in a flash in front. Remember, if you're 
speeding and you spot a vehicle in front, and you don't know what to do, 
release the X button, and quickly press the brake button softly. It might not 
leave your car without a scratch, but it will certainly save you from a huge 
crash, which saves time (since vehicles from behind will crash onto you 
later). You'll make a full round, so see the map and get ready to slow down 
during turns. Just stay in a lane and watch for cars. If the lanes are filled 
with vehicles, drive on the side of the road and overtake any vehicles on 
your way.

4. Las Venturas Checkpoints (e77e)

Situated in the Las Venturas airport, at the corner, these aren't races for 
your info. These are called checkpoints because they are, well to be exact, a 
checkpoint race against the time limit (which doesn't matter) using air 
vehicles. You will be timed in each run, and they don't affect your progress, 
or your position, because there aren't any positions; these are simply to 
test how well you handle the air vehicles through checkpoints. All I can say 
is that, you really need to spend time flying, managing the Hydra, 
Stuntplane, or whatever there is that can guide you through. These are 
definitely the hardest compared to others, but they would be a little easier 
if you're really good at flying helicopters or planes.  

World War Aces:
Track Distance - 4.24 Miles
Vehicle - Rustler

Remove your landing gear as you go. Watch your speed, and you can however 
slow the plane down a little using the square button. Don't hold it for too 
long, since that will descend the plane down like hell! Take your time, since 
there's no need for rushing. When you see a checkpoint on your left or right, 
and you think there's not enough space for you to turn, go to the opposite 
side of the checkpoint, and make a whole turn. Head for the checkpoint's 
location, and target it. Go through it, and use the map, since the 
checkpoints are placed close to each other; which makes the whole run a lot 
harder since you need to turn and spot the checkpoints real quick! This 
requires patience. Don't fall directly down, or you'll make quite an 

Track Distance - 7.64 Miles 
Vehicle - Stuntplane

A Stuntplane, they didn't mention it's going to be a stunt checkpoint now did 
they? Okay, I really can't give you any tips on this, since me myself passed 
this simply going and controlling the plane wisely, watch out for trees, and 
objects and avoid them. The Stuntplane is case sensitive, really sensitive. 
If you turn the Analog stick you'll notice it will go turning to the side 
like hell, definitely making the whole steering thing difficult. Since it IS 
a stunt plane, I suggest you use the banking movements. You can turn it a 
little using the Analog stick, but then when you need to change directions 
heading to other checkpoints, be sure to use the L2/R2 buttons. Use the map 
while banking to check for the checkpoints. Again, there's no need for 

Military Service:
Track Distance - 10.8 Miles
Vehicle - Hydra

For a long run like this, you need patience and speed? Nope, not this time. 
Even if you're really good at managing air vehicles, this is not the best 
time for speed. A Hydra, a jet right, it goes fast! So, as you start, just 
keep gaining height, and use the left Analog stick and push it forward. It 
DOES NOT move forward however, but holding it for a few seconds will get it 
to move. If you push the right Analog stick forward it will go super fast, 
and you won't be able to aim at the checkpoints. In fact, you might probably 
even blow up your vehicle at trees or hills or something. Don't do it. Be 
patient. It took me around 15 minutes to finish it slowly. I'm not good at 
this either, but I did it in one go. All you got to do, is aim for the 
checkpoints, move slowly, don't boost to the front since that doesn't help. 
However, at some point you'll reach the countryside, and that's the time for 
you to boost up if you want. Do aim for the checkpoints however, but watch 
the map always. When you think you're descending to the water or the sea, 
QUICKLY push back on the right Analog stick to maintain the Hydra and gives 
you a smooth stop and you can finally gain height again. Don't screw up when 
you get pass half the run, since you don't want to repeat this '10+ minutes 
in hell' run. Listen to some music, blow up vehicles with the rockets just to 
have some fun if you're bored. :) 
Oh, you need to refract the landing gear as you take off.      

Chopper Checkpoint:
Track Distance - 3.05 Miles
Vehicle - Maverick

The Maverick is easy to control, but you still have to watch for the 
checkpoints using the map. Feel the control, watch for checkpoints, walls, or 
anything that can make you go boom! Take it slowly, and if you need some 
space to turn and aim for a checkpoint, do make a whole turn, just in case 
you crash into anything not visible to you.  

Whirly Bird Waypoint:
Track Distance - 2.73 Miles
Vehicle - Maverick

Quite the same run as the above checkpoint, but this time you need to really 
practice on ascending and descending (also required for the next one). Go 
through them one by one, take some space, and a good aiming helps. Unlike the 
Hunter, the Maverick is a little vulnerable to the surroundings. Don't take 
too much damage; a little crash will sustain the helicopter, but avoid any 
collision against any objects.

Heli Hell:
Track Distance - 3.08 Miles
Vehicle - Hunter

Finally, a military chopper, which is quite powerful, fast, but not 
invulnerable to crashes. The Hunter can take minor collisions, but it might 
explode any second if it continuously hitting the walls or any other objects. 
The speed; real fast - very bad for a short run, but you can however maintain 
the speed. Just pull back a little on the left Analog stick, and maintain the 
helicopter. You have to be good at controlling the vehicle's height too 
(ascending & descending), and managing it through small spaces where the 
checkpoints will be. You don't have to go fast. You don't even need speed 
here. Just be patient like you did for the Hydra run. Besides, you will be a 
millionaire soon so why not enjoy being poor while you still can? :D

Reward (for all race completion): $1 000 000

VIII. Two Wheel Challenges (e78a)

These are challenges where you'll use a BMX, a Mountain Bike and an NRG-500. 
These are all two-wheel vehicles, and you need to complete these challenges 
for 100%. These are simple ones actually, except the NRG-500 challenge, which 
could get on your nerves. 

1. BMX Challenge: (e78b)

What is this challenge about? Well, this challenge revolves around collecting 
checkpoints using the BMX bicycle in the area. It's just like the courier 
missions, where you need to locate the area and the vehicle, except there 
isn't any drive-by throwing packages stuff any longer. You can find the 
bicycle at Glen Park, where you first saw it at the first mission (where 
Ryder and Smoke went pass it). Remember the stunt park, where you can 
practice the BMX? The bicycle is at one of the apparatus for the stunts 
there. Just search around the area. Also, you need at least 20% of the 
cycling skills to trigger this mission. If you fall off your bicycle, you 
have 25 seconds to return back to it before the mission ends. Just don't be 

Alright, once you start riding the bicycle, you'll have a task to collect all 
20 checkpoints around the area. The time limit goes simple. You start the 
mission with 10 seconds, and for each checkpoint your collect, you'll get an 
additional 10 seconds added to your current time left. I strongly suggest, 
and advice you to fill up your cycling skills, and if you notice, you can see 
that the course is filled with checkpoints higher than the ground. This 
requires you to sprint from the course and jump up using the sides to grab 
them. You can do it easily however, using the bunnyhop trick. Just hold the 
L1 button and release it. You might still need to sprint to get close to the 
checkpoints, but nah, you don't. Just get a good view, and bunnyhop to each 
checkpoint. If you're fast to grab all of them, you can actually get your 
time up to 1 minute over. 

Reward: Percentage for 100% Completion

2. Chiliad Challenges: (e78c)

As you know, this is required for 100%. There are three types of challenges, 
as described at the contents section - Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route, Birdseye 
Winder Yellow Route, and Cobra Run. You'll have to make your way up to the 
topmost level of the mountain, and find the bicycle there. The Mountain Bike 
is parked around the area. You can only trigger these challenges between 7:00 
and 18:00. You will need a 40% cycling skills to trigger these missions 
(which I recommend you practice until it reaches 100%), and can be done only 
after the 'Green Sabre' mission. You cannot kill any of the opponents, with 
drive-by or whatever (except if you're naughty enough to push them downhill, 
which I'd recommend only if you're good but it's still a little risky since 
the you yourself has a high chance of falling down too). :) As usual, if you 
fall off, you have 25 seconds to return to the bicycle. But the key is 
simple; don't fall off, use the brakes wisely, and your brain to race simply 
because other competitors are meant not to speed up too much and they're bad 
at controlling the bicycle as well, but sometimes they just suck badly. Also, 
you SHOULD sprint all the time, even as you start the race (except for the 
Cobra Run). 

Note: Your attire will change once you start the challenge, and you'll be 
wearing your shorts. Just wanted to make sure you don't panic on this. Also, 
sometimes if you fall off or slip towards the edge and drop down the mountain 
from one of the top levels, it will be impossible to make your way back up. 
So, the game will spawn you back to the last area you fell down. Also, try 
not to fall; recommended, and helps a lot.

A. Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route: (e78ca)

Alright, as soon as you start, just sprint by tapping the X button like mad. 
At the front here, your opponents will sometimes get a little bumpy, and will 
clash into each other. Take this opportunity. Sprint down, but sometimes 
pedal. Slow down on small paths and near the edge of the hill. Go damn fast 
on straight, long roads. There's one this time, so just sprint there, even if 
you're left behind you might still be able to catch up. This is really 
simple, probably the easiest one among others. 

Just make sure you're not left behind. If other opponents hit you and if you 
lose control of the bicycle, steer to the correct path and tap the X button. 
You'll get a quick start this way. Try not to fall off ever, since this is 
quite simple and it is recommended that you do not make it complicated. 

B. Birdseye Winder Yellow Route: (e78cb)

I'm not sure whether this is easier than the above, but it is amongst the 
easy ones, definitely. Alright, this course now is changed if you really 
notice, the route you'll take during this run will get a little extended. 
Also, a little irritating in my opinion, that the path you take will be 
blurry and not noticeable so you might be able to see a red marker but you 
might not see the path ahead, so use the map. While seeing the map, try to 
follow the path you're on. I suggest you stop using shortcuts for this run, 
and look out for paths and don't fall off. You can easily sprint on straight 
paths, so take your time and wait when you reach that section. Remember not 
to be left behind too long, so catch up whenever you can if you run into 
these problems.

C. Cobra Run: (e78cc)

Once you start, go slowly. Just hold the X button to pedal, but get ready to 
brake any moment. Let the bicycle go down slowly, and you will be competing 
against two opponents only, unlike six with the other two previous races. 
Alright, there are two different planks, very narrow, and small, so carefully 
make your way and don't worry about them. Spend as much time you want, and if 
one of the opponents drops down here, you might not see him for quite some 
time. Just focus, and slowly make your way pass it. Get through another short 
one, collecting checkpoints as you go. If you drop down, bunnyhop at a low 
part of the plank and get back up. If you can bunnyhop high, then do it at 
the end of it or at the part where you missed the checkpoints.

Fly off the small ramp here, and go forward; watch your speed. Make sure you 
don't slip down if you're speeding, but you don't have to actually. The whole 
time I tried this run, I never had any problems with the other two opponents, 
it's like they're no longer in the race. So, tae your time, and speed up as 
you see the last checkpoint. Congratulations!

Reward: Percentage for 100% Completion

3. NRG-500 Challenge: (e78d)

This task works like the BMX Challenge, except now you're using this crazy 
bike! The NRG-500 is situated at the boxes at the side of the big, deep pool-
type object at Easter Basin, San Fierro where you export/import vehicles, at 
the crane. There are crates around, just at the other side of the bike (where 
it faces). You will open it immediately when you reach San Fierro. :)
Also, I'd recommend you reach a high skill on your bike. Go to the Bike 
School if possible, since this is not a walk in the park, I can assure you. 
Do whatever ways possible that might help you or just practice.

Alright, here's a hint.

When you start, you'll be given a short, very short view of the area. If you 
can at the exact moment, try to look for the locations or where the 
checkpoints are placed. This is no joke, you'll understand why. As you can 
see, you can't bunnyhop using the bike, so you'll feel like a failure in the 
attempt if you just miss the last final checkpoint because the time runs out.

Okay, you'll start, as usual, 10 seconds, and you'll get an additional 10 
seconds added to your current time left for each checkpoint you collect. This 
means that the faster you collect them, the better, just like the BMX 

To be able to detect the position of the checkpoints above you, try to get 
the furthest view using the Select button to scroll through, since you can't 
see them using the zoom in view (the nearest to the vehicle). Do this before 
you start the challenge with another vehicle. Alright, if you practice, 
you'll get them and you can already guess where they're positioned. Another 
method to help is looking down the bowl. There are lines, where they are just 
normal ones. Just remember where the checkpoints are using these lines to 
tell where they are above you. I used this method and it worked. Whatever 
suits you and helps you will surely satisfy. :)

Alright, first you should collect the ones in front. Go front and speed up to 
the first checkpoint, and across the access ramp here. If you want, you can 
make a quick turn and head back to the start point, or just make a whole 
quick round. Now, go down to the below level while collecting the checkpoints 
on the ramp and circle the bowl and collect the checkpoints that follow. Now, 
collect all the checkpoints on the ground here. 

You left only the high ones. Just speed up and remember the positions of 
them. Speed up from the end, and go for them. How I wish you can bunnyhop. 
Get a good view, and speed up. Do this real fast, and don't think you can 
take your time. You can't, so that's the thing here. Since the bowl itself is 
not round enough, it makes it harder for you to speed up and maintain your 
position on mid-air, since the structure of the bowl will send you flying 
elsewhere. Just use other angles and speed up from there.

A quick way: Alright, I've tried this trick and it works, if you do it the 
right way you should get this trick done. As you start, just let the clock 
run to 5 seconds, and ride the bike forward and stop just before it touches 
the checkpoint in front of you (when you start the challenge). Now, wait 
until the number reaches 0:00, and before it disappears quickly collect the 
checkpoint before the "mission failed' note appears. If you do this properly, 
you'll have infinite amount of time, and you can take your time for as long 
as you want. Although this works, watch out for your bike, because you don't 
want it to be damaged too much. This works, but if it doesn't for you, keep 
it to yourself and use the old way I guess. :)

Reward: Percentage for 100% Completion

IX. Ammu-Nation Challenge (e79a)

Alright, these challenges are a little like the 'Shooting Range' in Vice 
City, and yes this is required for 100% completion. You can find and trigger 
this challenge in any major Ammu-Nation gun shops, like there's one at Las 
Venturas near the Four Dragons Casino, and there's one in San Fierro. You can 
find them actually anywhere you find major cities, or places. The weapons 
which are included in the challenge, in order, are as follow:

1. Pistol
2. Micro-SMG
3. Shotgun
4. AK-47

You have four levels to pass using all four of the weapons, each level with 3 
different stages, and you have to finish them first before other competitors 
do. The first stage would be shooting all six parts with three targets that 
change slightly after one target is finished with. Stage two challenges you 
the same targets, except that now they move towards you, which makes it a lot 
easier to aim if it's close. The closer, the easier, but it will take a lot 
of your time. The third and final stage works differently. This would be the 
hardest actually, but not quite if you're used to shooting manually. You'll 
be competing with the two opponents, as usual, and you need a total score of 
20 to finish and defeat them. Remember this is not easy, especially the AK-

What you have to do:
- try to max out your weapon skills
- get used at shooting without auto-lock, and practice manual aim
- try once or twice and see if you can do the challenge
- reach Hitman level for all four weapons you'll be tested with

These challenges won't finish, and they will go on continuously until you 
finish all the four weapons in one shot. You will not be given a break, so 
pause the game yourself if you want to. Here are the strategies:

1. Pistol Challenge: (e79b)

Very simple really, this is the easiest stage. It would be easier if you can 
duel two of the pistols. Aim slowly, pushing the stick slowly towards the 
targets. Also, your competitors are real dumb in this challenge, so you don't 
have to worry too much. Besides, it's the first stage so if you lose, you can 
always repeat it again. Just watch the targets, get a quick shot on those 
targets, and ignore others. Don't be distracted, that's all.

2. Micro-SMG Challenge: (e79c)

Micro-SMG would be much simpler if you have reached Hitman level, since 
you'll have duel weapons. Just try no to waste bullets since you'll take 
quite some time to reload, and just focus. Slowly move the crosshair, and aim 
for them. The SMG can't hold a lot of bullets, so save and don't waste them. 
If you've shot halfway and you finished a target and waiting for the second 
to pop up, simply finish that round and wait for Carl to reload. That'd help. 
Other than that, this challenge is pretty simple.

3. Shotgun Challenge: (e79d)

The Shotgun is a slow weapon but with a good force to knock each part of the 
targets with one shot if aimed properly. What can I say? Other competitors 
are improving, so watch out. They can shoot each part with each shot, but 
they take a serious aiming time before they do so. Take the opportunity. 
Shoot the targets and after each reload. Don't worry, there's not much 
problem here unless you're against with the SMGs or the assault rifles. The 
opponents are using shotguns too you know. Worry less, focus more. Don't give 
them a chance. As soon as the targets are in place, shoot like hell. I got 
every part shot with every bullet from the Shotgun. Really nice, and I 
actually like the challenge. The force of each shot gives me more confidence 
since I like the sound it makes. :) It gives out real momentum in close range 
but poorly in far range, so use it properly on the first stage.

4. AK-47 Challenge: (e79e)

The toughest of them all, and I'd advice you reach the highest level with 
this AK-47. I'm serious, you wouldn't even reach halfway. Alright, assuming 
you've already done what I suggested, practice and practice. If you still 
having trouble even after maxing out your skills on it, then I'd suggest you 
try practicing it outdoor. Shoot the cops, do something that might help you. 
Don't use auto-lock however, use manual aiming. That might help improve you. 
Other opponents tend to get REALLY good, so you MUST get an early lead or 
else you're doomed. The other day I was playing and I only needed 1 more 
point at the final stage to finish the whole challenge. This young lady, from 
Booth 1, actually managed to boost her point from 15 to 20, just in a flash. 
I couldn't even get a perfect shot, not even the stomach. Be really careful 
before you mess up. Watch for your point, but only a glimpse. After that, 
focus. You need to see where the red target is at, and shoot at that part, 
then it will be counted. Good luck!

Reward: Percentage for 100% Completion & Weapon Skill

X. Stadium Challenges (e80a)

These stadium events, or challenges are available in all three cites, Los 
Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. Here I'll list all the challenges you 
have to complete for a few sweet vehicles and cash, as well as for the 

Los Santos:
Location - East Beach
Event - 8-Track

San Fierro:
Location - Foster Alley
Event - Blood Bowl

Las Venturas:
Location - Blackfield
Event - Dirt Track & Kickstart  

1. Los Santos Event - 8-Track (e80b)

As soon as you have 20% driving skills, you can participate in this race. 
Alright, here's a damn race! You have to go through 12 laps, and the course 
is really small, but not too short, since that wouldn't make the whole race 
event a miserable one. You'll start from the back (as usual), and you have to 
overtake through 11 other competitors. It sounds easy, but wait until you try 
it. It's like, destruction derby, but mixed with a Nascar-type racing. The 
opponents will be spinning around the course, hitting the walls and soon if 
you don't watch the track properly, you'll bump into them, which will be even 
more difficult if you're in a lead, since other competitors from the back 
will smash onto you and soon your car will wreck as hell.

What you do is, keep a nice pace, you don't have to rush, in fact don't rush 
at all! Just wait until a few of the cars bang each other, and then slowly 
overtake them. You don't have to be too fast, since I've tried a lot of time 
in this race, and 80% of all the previous tries, I've failed by wrecking my 
vehicle. Watch for your vehicle. Try not to crash, not to even stop the 
vehicle, but keep going, even if you're going slowly. Get an early lead, and 
try not to stay behind a vehicle too long. You might crash onto the car and 
others will crash behind you. Avoid this if possible. That's all I can help, 
and the rest depends on you. :) Don't worry; this race doesn't suck too 

Remember you need to finish first place in order to receive the reward and 
the percentage for your 100% completion.

Reward: $10 000 & The Monster and The Hotring Racer are available as you exit 
the stadium

2. San Fierro Event - Blood Bowl (e80c)

Another destruction-derby type event, which opens as soon as you enter San 
Fierro. Here's how this challenge works. You'll start the challenge with 3o 
seconds, and for every checkpoint you collect (the red marker indicated by 
the map), you'll get 15 seconds added to your current time left. To win this 
challenge, you need to boost your time till 1 minute, but it wouldn't be 
easy. You'll have a friend in the seat with you as you start to help you 
shoot, and you'll be given a weapon to do drive-bys with unlimited bullets! 
Cool but do you have time to shoot them? Do you even need to kill other 
contestants? Well, you get a little extra cash if you blow up other vehicles, 
but believe me, it wouldn't be easy as you fight through this packed stadium, 
with crazy drivers hitting your car as you swerve to the left when the marker 
is just in front of you, and you cant move to the right when they're 
surrounding you and you feel like a failure. This happens all the time, but 
this is the rule of the challenge. It is possible to beat this, I didn't say 
it's not, but you might have to go through this a few times.

What you do is just drive around the stadium, avoiding other vehicles if you 
can, since they WILL collect the checkpoints too. They're not like the ones 
you fought when you were Tommy Vercetti, not this time. Just try to maintain 
your vehicle, since the car is real heavy, and it's very tough to do tight 

Reward: $10 000 & Bloodring Banger is available outside the stadium 

3. Las Venturas Event - Dirt Track (e80d)

A real easy race, but can get real boring when you're tired of trying and 
trying and trying all over again. You need 50% of bike skills to start and 
participate in this race. You start from the back yet again, and you have to 
go through six laps through this very confusing track. Alright, when you 
start, slow down, get used to the whole race track, and just keep an eye for 
other racers. As you go through the track, you'll notice some of them (or 
sometimes all of them) will get a huge accident after a jump. They'll tend to 
hit the walls here, so take this opportunity and overtake them all. It 
doesn't matter if you're in the lead or not, if you are, try not to swerve 
other directions or lose control, since this will affect your whole race and 
you might end up second or third. If you're not on the lead, worry less and 
concentrate since you will eventually overtake whoever is in front of you, 
but that's if you keep at a constant speed and without and accidents. Try not 
to stay too near with other racers or at the crowd, since they tend to push 
you and cause you to turn around, facing the wrong side of the race. Yes, 
they like doing that, so watch your surroundings as well. There is a section 
of the track, where you'll be going in circles on this half path and half 
sand track. Keep your bike on the mud-like track, so you won't bump to a wall 
(just watch out for it). 

Reward: $25 000 & BF Injection is available outside of the stadium (above 

4. Las Venturas Event - Kickstart (e80e)
This race is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at the stadium. You 
will be given a short scene and some basic instruction when you start. You 
have 4 minutes (4:00) to collect all the checkpoints here, if possible, which 
is most probably not for you if this is your first time. You need 26 points 
to win this challenge, which is the record, but if you can get 30 points on 
your first time though, you're good. There are three colors, each carry 
different points as you collect them. A green checkpoint carries one point, a 
yellow-orange checkpoint carries two points, and finally the red checkpoints 
carry three points. Obviously it would be easier to collect the red 
checkpoints, but you will find it's not easy.

I'd recommend going for the greens as you ride the Sanchez. Just speed up on 
the ramps or whatever there is there, and go around & find the greens. Also, 
try to get the 2 points checkpoints as well, and the red if possible. You 
need 26 points, so don't finish with 25, since that won't count.

Reward: The Dune is available outside the stadium (above floor)

XI. Graffiti Tags Guide (e81a)

Alright, this list comes from LordFrieza (Mark Tennis). Thanks a lot to him 
for this list, and for the permission for me to use the guide here (for some 
various reasons). If you have any question about anything, you could try 
reading his guide here, at GameFAQs. I cannot answer any questions related to 
this, since I have no connection to this guide, so feel free to ask him, but 
make sure you don't complicate things though.

If you think a map would help you better, here's one. Take note that I'm not 
associated with any of these sites:

Map Locations for the Graffiti Tags:


~ Or this ~


Let's begin! 

In order to start finding these tags, you must complete the "Tagging Up
Turf" mission. In that mission, you sprayed over 6 different tags. This began 
the quest and now you must find 94 more of these tags, scattered throughout 
Los Santos. I will do my best to direct you to each and every one of these. I 
will cover them in the numbered order of how they are in the BradyGames 
Strategy Guide. We have so far gotten #1,2,3,4,5 and 20. If you run out of 
spray paint, die, or get arrested, you can always return back to your house 
for another spray can (NOTE: It only appears in your house in Ganton, not any 
of your other safe houses). To spray over a tag, approach it with the spray 
can in your head and hold R1 to target it. While targeting it, press and hold 
the Circle button to spray over it. Now, on with the Guide...


                                Tag Locations


<<<  Location #1: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf".

<<<  Location #2: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf".

<<<  Location #3: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf".

<<<  Location #4: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf".

<<<  Location #5: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf".

<<<  Location #6: East Los Santos - About a block west of the Northeast
     corner of Los Santos. This tag is located on the side of some stairs
     that is located along the north side of a straight street (the one south 
     of the northernmost street in the city).

<<<  Location #7: Las Colinas - Along the northernmost street, just north
     of Location 6 and a little east. This tag is on the side of a yellow
     house on the south side of the street. It is actually the second
     house to the south (along the road heading to the south), on the south
     side of the house.

<<<  Location #8: Las Colinas - Follow the northernmost road to where it ends
     to the east. This tag is located at the front of the building (facing
     the ocean) on the Southwest corner of the intersection.

<<<  Location #9: East Beach - Follow the easternmost road south along the
     beach, just to the south of Location 8. This tag is located on the
     north side of a building, right beside the easternmost road.

<<<  Location #10: East Beach - Follow the road south some more from Location
     9 until you reach a pedestrian overpass. Turn right into the parking
     lot, then make a quick left in the parking lot and you will see the
     next tag on a wall, next to a garage.

<<<  Location #11: East Beach - Head back out to the road and turn left 
     (north). Follow the road and turn at the first street to the left.
     Then turn right shortly afterwards into the parking structure.  This
     tag is just to the right after entering the structure.

<<<  Location #12: East Beach - Make a right back onto the road you just
     turned on (west), then make the first right.  Just after the road heads
     up the incline, look on the right (east) side of the road and you will
     see some steps leading up to a building. Go up the steps and the next
     tag will be on the wall to the left.

<<<  Location #13: East Beach - Continue following the road up the incline 
     (to the north) and head past the first intersection. Stop right before 
     the bridge (where it says Golden Palms on the building) and head east, 
     then south around the building. Here you will see some body armor and 
     the next tag (to the south of the armor, you have to hop the wall).

<<<  Location #14: Los Flores - Go back south along the road to the 
     intersection you just passed and turn right. Follow the road until you 
     see an empty billboard on the right (north). This tag in on the side of
     the building across the street to the south of the billboard.

<<<  Location #15: East Los Santos - Just west from Location 14, make a left
     (south) onto the road. Go straight and just past the intersection, you
     will see the next tag on the side of the building to the left (east).

<<<  Location #16: East Beach - Pause the game and look at the map. See that
     backward "S" shaped road on your map, to the southeast of your current 
     location? That is where the next tag is, on the west side of the road
     (when the road is going north/south).

<<<  Location #17: Los Flores - From the north end of the "S" shaped road
     where you found Location 16, turn north onto the road.  You will see
     an alleyway on the left (west) side of the road. Go into that and
     follow it for a short ways and you will see another alley on the left
     (south). Head in there and you will see the tag at the end (to the left,
     you have to reach the end, then turn around to see it).
<<<  Location #18: East Los Santos - This tag is located in the alleyway
     across the street to the west and north of Location 17.

<<<  Location #19: East Los Santos - Right next to Location 18. You can't
     miss it if you found #18.

<<<  Location #20: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf".

<<<  Location #21: East Los Santos - Head out to the road to the west of
     Locations 18 & 19 and turn left (south). Head to the end of the road
     and you will find stairs leading down to the road below, take them.
     Turn to the right and enter the tunnel. This is where this tag is

<<<  Location #22: East Los Santos - Go to the road to the south and turn
     right (west). There will be a building on the left (Groceries Products
     Mexicanos). Go around to the back of the buildings. This tag will be
     on the wall with a fence in front of it on the back of the building.

<<<  Location #23: East Beach - Head all the way to the stadium. This tag is
     on the southern wall of the stadium itself.

<<<  Location #24: Playa Del Seville - Southeast of the stadium, this tag is
     on a wall on the beach facing the ocean (directly east of the southeast
     corner of the stadium).

<<<  Location #25: Playa Del Seville - This tag is located on the north side 
     of the wall on the building to the southeast of the stadium (on the 
     corner, across from the stadium, on the wall facing the stadium).

<<<  Location #26: Playa Del Seville - This tag is located along the road 
     that is to the east of Location 25 (along the beach). Follow the road 
     south and you will see the next tag on the wall on the west side of 
     the road (Just north of where the car is parked that sticks out onto 
     the sidewalk.

<<<  Location #27: Playa Del Seville - Continue south along the road and make
     the first right (west). You will see a basketball court above you on
     the right after making the turn. This tag is on the wall next to one of
     the hoops.

<<<  Location #28: Ocean Docks - Continue west along the road that you turned
     on and make the second left. Go up to the bridge's support beam on the
     left, you will see the next tag (you have to climb up to the platform to
     spray it).

<<<  Location #29: Playa Del Seville - Go back to where you found Location 
     #25 and head just southwest of there. This tag is on the eastern 
     wall next to the entrance to some generators along the west side of 
     the road.

<<<  Location #30: Playa Del Seville - Head directly south onto the road from
     Location 29 and follow it to the end. This tag is on the right (west)
     side of the road on a wall at the intersection.

<<<  Location #31: Ocean Docks - Turn west down the road where Location 30 is
     and follow it to the next road on the right. This tag is located on
     the side of the building at the northwest corner of the intersection.
     It can easily be spotted from the road you are on.

<<<  Location #32: Willowfield - Turn north along the road at the 
     intersection and continue across the tracks and through another
     intersection. When the road starts to curve left, keep going straight
     off of the road. Then hook right into the flood control area. This tag 
     is located on the wall in the flood control area on the northwest 
     side (next to the beginning of a fairly long tunnel).

<<<  Location #33: Ocean Docks - Head back out to the road where Location 31
     is and follow it southwest, then south. Make a left (east) onto a road,
     then make a right and search near the water to the left (about halfway 
     down before that road turns left). The tag will be on the side of some
     crates facing the water (right on the edge of the water, there is little
     room to back up and spray).

<<<  Location #34: Ocean Docks - Head back to where Location 30 is and go
     north along the road. Make a left at the next intersection. This tag
     will be on the left (south) side of the road in the flood control area
     underneath the bridge.

<<<  Location #35: Willowfield - Go back up to where the road is and follow 
     it west, make the first right and follow it around, then make another 
     right. Follow that to the end and make a right. This tag is on the
     side of the 98 cent store on the northeast corner of the intersection
     that is just to the south of where you turned.

<<<  Location #36: Willowfield - Head to the north along the road you just
     turned on and make the first right (east). There will be a plaza on
     the right (south) side of the road. The tag is in the plaza, on the

<<<  Location #37: East Beach - Head all the way back up to where 
     Location 9 is and head south along the main road there. Look for 
     a building on the right (west) side of the road that says
     "East Pacific". Run all the way to the north side of the building 
     and climb up onto the roof of the garage. Continue south along 
     the roof and drop down to the roof below. This tag will be 
     behind you, on the wall to the north when you fell down.

<<<  Location #38: Willowfield - Go back to where location 35 is and go north
     along the road. This tag is located just past the first turn to the
     right along the left (west) side of the road on the south wall of the
     Cluckin' Bell Drive-thru.

<<<  Location #39: Ganton - This one is located underneath the overpass that 
     is just west of your house, on the south side of the road.

<<<  Location #40: Ganton - Continue west along the road, past the 
     intersection. This tag will be behind the car park on the left (south)
     side of the road next to the chain link fence.

<<<  Location #41: Jefferson - Head back to the road you were just on 
     continue west. Cross the bridge to the north that is just on the other
     side of the track and continue north until you see some houses on the
     left (west) side of the road (just across the bridge). This tag is
     located on the north side of one of the houses.

<<<  Location #42: Jefferson - Continue north on that road and when it ends,
     look for that triangular building on the right in front of you. Check
     one of the inner walls for this tag.

<<<  Location #43: East Los Santos - Head east on the road and make the 
     second left (north) after the railroad tracks.
     This tag is on the left (west) side of the road just north of 
     the intersection in an alley.

<<<  Location #44: East Los Santos - Continue north on the road and just past
     the next intersection, you will see an underground car park on the left
     (west) side of the road. This tag is in the car park on the western

<<<  Location #45: Las Colinas - Continue north along the road and make a 
     left (west) when the road ends. Stop where the railroad tracks are and 
     go to the tunnel to the north where the tracks go into. This tag is at 
     the entrance to the tunnel on the western wall.

<<<  Location #46: Las Colinas - Go back to the road you were just on and
     continue west. Make the first right (north) and follow the road up the
     large slope. Make a right (east) at the end follow this road until 
     you see a dirt road on the left (north). Go behind one of the buildings
     on the north side of the road and to the west of the dirt road. This
     tag is behind one of the buildings.

<<<  Location #47: Las Colinas - Head west on the road you were on
     (northernmost) road and continue until the road starts to curve left
     (south). This tag is located on the left (south) side of the road in
     between two houses (on the western side of the blue building) very 
     close to the road.

<<<  Location #48: Glen Park - Continue following the road as it curves south 
     and make the first right. As this road begins to curve left (south),
     stop and search the neighborhood to the south. This tag is in the 
     second courtyard from the west in the north part of the neighborhood.

<<<  Location #49: Las Colinas - Turn around and head east on the road past
     the intersection. See that orange building on the north side of the
     road? This tag is located in the narrow alley on the east side of the
     building, on the wall of the house next to it.

<<<  Location #50: Las Colinas - Run north through the alley where Location
     49 is found. Look to the right (east). See those zig-zag stairs?  
     This is where the next tag is found (at the bottom on the side of the

<<<  Location #51: Jefferson - Follow the road where Location 50 is found
     southeast to the end and you will see an orange hotel straight ahead.  
     This tag is located on the back wall underneath some stairs. The
     hotel is west of the railroad tracks (southwest of Location 45).

<<<  Location #52: Jefferson - From the intersection (front of the hotel),
     head west on the road and then make the first left (south) by the hotel, 
     then make the first right. Head into the neighborhood to the south
     and go in the alleyway. This tag is next to a garage on the north side
     of the alleyway.

<<<  Location #53: Jefferson - Go back to the road where you turned onto.
     Head into the parking lot to the north and go to the north part of the
     parking lot. Climb the fence to the west and just west past the building
     look to the south. You should spot this tag on the wall behind
     another chain link fence.

<<<  Location #54: Glen Park - This one is in the middle of Glen Park 
     (the big park in the north-central part of town with a lake in the
     middle of the park), just north of the lake, under the bridge.

<<<  Location #55: Glen Park - Across the street from the south-central part
     of Glen Park. This tag is located in a narrow alleyway on the western
     side of the building that says "Optica".

<<<  Location #56: Glen Park - Directly south of Location 55 and across the
     street to the south, this tag is located in the skate park in the 
     northeast corner on the wall.

<<<  Location #57: Jefferson - Head east on the road that is north of the
     skate park. You should see a hospital on your right (south). Make a
     right at the end of the road.  Follow the bend and make another right
     (sticking close to the hospital). This tag is on the hospital wall on
     the right (west) side of the road near the red flowers.

<<<  Location #58: Idlewood - Head all the way back to your house in Ganton.
     Go west on the road and when you get to the bridge that heads north,
     turn left (south) instead. Make a right (west) at the end and follow
     the road to the next intersection.  Cross the railroad tracks to the
     west and to the left (south) you will see a 24 hour motel. Go into the
     parking lot. This tag is located on the north wall of the motel.

<<<  Location #59: Willowfield - Head back to the road where the motel is on
     and follow it west to the intersection and make a left (south). 
     Continue south past the pizza place and you will see a street on the 
     left (east).  Stop here and search the building on the right 
     (west) side of the road you are on (where the road ends that you see on
     the left (east)). This tag is located on the south wall of the building.

<<<  Location #60: Idlewood - Turn around and head north on the same road to
     the pizza place and head west on the road across from the pizza place.
     This tag is located on a window on the north side of the road.

<<<  Location #61: Idlewood - Go back to the pizza place and head north on
     the road and follow it all the way up to the end (don't go up the 
     incline!). This tag is in the courtyard north of where the road ends,
     on the east wall.

<<<  Location #62: Idlewood - Head west on the road to the south of the
     courtyard.  When the road curves left (south), head straight into the
     neighborhood. This tag is in this neighborhood, continue straight and
     when you reach a wall, you will see this tag behind you and to the left
     (south) on a wall.

<<<  Location #63: Idlewood - Head back out to the road and follow it south.
     Make the first right, then another right and follow this as it curves
     left (west). Go down to the intersection. This tag is located on the
     building to the left (south)  on the west side of the building, near the
     northwest corner of the building.

<<<  Location #64: Little Mexico - Continue west along the road (across the
     intersection) and go to where the first road is on the left (south).
     This tag is on the north side of the building on the southeast corner.

<<<  Location #65: Little Mexico - Head south on the road where the building
     is (in Location 64) and make a right (west) at the end. Look at the
     church on the south side of the road and you should spot this tag

<<<  Location #66: Little Mexico - Turn around and head east on the road and
     follow it to the end. This tag is located on the northwest corner of 
     this intersection, on the side of the white building with the red

<<<  Location #67: Idlewood - Head south along the road at the intersection
     and make a quick left (east). Follow the road until you see a gas
     station (there is a parked Broadway on the side of the gas station).
     This tag is located on the roof of the gas station. Use the Broadway
     or another car to climb up to the roof. The tag is located on the back
     of the sign.

<<<  Location #68: El Corona - Head back west on the road you were on before
     and make a left (south) at the end. This tag is located just south
     of the 69 cent store, on the south side of the Liquor Mart.

<<<  Location #69: El Corona - Continue south on the road and follow it left
     (east). Make a right (south) at the next intersection, then another
     right, followed by another right turn.  You should now be at a dead in
     neighborhood.  Go forward (north) and you will see the next tag on the
     wall on the second floor of a house to the right (east).

<<<  Location #70: El Corona - Turn around and head east on the street (south
     of the dead end road). This tag is located on the northwest corner of
     the intersection on the east side of the building (this one is easy to
     spot since it is right on the side of the road).

<<<  Location #71: El Corona - Head south on the road past the intersection
     where Location 70 is and you will see a red building on the right (west)
     next to a billboard. This tag is located on the side of that building
     right next to the billboard (south side of the building).

<<<  Location #72: El Corona - Continue south and make a right (west) at the
     end of the road. This next tag is on the north side of the road, just
     past the next intersection on a wall on the side of the road.

<<<  Location #73: El Corona - Go east to the intersection you just passed
     and make a left (north) and follow it north. This tag is located just
     past the road leading to your house (if you purchased it), on the side
     of the house that is on the north corner of the intersection between 
     the road you are on and the road leading to your house.

<<<  Location #74: Idlewood - Head back to where you found Location 68 and
     head a little to the north of the 69 cent store and you will see the 
     flood control area. This tag is in the flood control area on the north 
     side of the center divider on the east side of the bridge.

<<<  Location #75: Pershing Square - Follow the flood control west under the
     bridge and go right (north) the first chance you get. Continue north
     and out of the flood control and then turn around and head south to the
     closest street. Head west on this street and when you get to the
     intersection, check the south side of the building to the north for
     the next tag (on the western portion of the south side of the building).
     NOTE: This building is the Police Station.

<<<  Location #76: Pershing Square - See that large white building to the
     south? That is City Hall, it is also where the next tag is located.
     It is on the north side of City Hall (west of the entrance).

<<<  Location #77: Commerce - Continue west along this road. The next tag
     is on the building across the street from Roboi's Food Mart (where you
     did the first Courier mission, don't forget to pick up the money while
     you're here).

<<<  Location #78: Conference Center - Go to the road that is across the
     street to the west of the last tag (a little to the north as well).
     This tag is located on the building that is on the northwest corner.
     Use the stairs on the building to get to the second floor, the tag is
     on the eastern part of the building.

<<<  Location #79: Market - Head north on the road where the building in
     Location 78 is. Pass the first intersection and you will see a fancy
     white building on the left (west) that goes into the ground. This tag
     is located on the north part of this building in the part that goes into
     the ground at the far north.

<<<  Location #80: Downtown Los Santos - Head east on the road that is to the
     north of the fancy white building. Follow it as it curves right (south),
     then left (east) again. Keep heading east, under the freeway and make
     the first left after the freeway. This tag is located in the plaza on
     the right (east) side of the road. Go in the plaza a little ways and
     you will see a few tables. The tag is just to the west of the tables,
     near a couple of palm trees.

<<<  Location #81: Downtown Los Santos - Head back to the road you had turned
     down (to the west of Location 80) and go north and make a left (west) at 
     the second intersection. Go under the freeway again and when you reach
     the next intersection, search the east side of the building to the left
     (south) and you should see this tag on the wall.

<<<  Location #82: Mulholland - Head north (right) at the intersection that
     is just west of Location 81. Turn right (east) when the road ends.
     This tag is in the parking lot on the left (north) side of the road.
     It is on the west side of the parking lot on a wall next to a couple of

<<<  Location #83: Vinewood - Follow the road you were just on back west.
     Make the first right (north) and then the first left (west again).  
     Continue for quite a ways (past another road that goes north (right)).
     This tag is located on the corner of the intersection that is just east 
     of the "Strain Hard" billboard. The tag is on the wall on the southwest
     corner. This is also just northwest of the pay-n-spray.

<<<  Location #84: Temple - Head back east and take the first right (south,
     on the eastern side of the pay-n-spray). You should see this tag on
     the right (west) side of the road on the wall.

<<<  Location #85: Market - Continue south on the road to where it ends and
     make a left (east). Take the first right (south). This tag should be
     right on the corner where you just turned, on the right (west) side of
     the road.

<<<  Location #86: Market - Continue south on the road and make a the first 
     right (west). Follow this road until it ends and look to the southeast
     part of the intersection. This tag is located on the second floor of
     this building. Use the stairs around the corner to the south to get up

<<<  Location #87: Market - Head south along the road and make a right (west)
     where the donut shop is. Make the next left (south) at the Cluckin'
     Bell. This tag is located on the second floor of the building across 
     the street from the Cluckin' Bell to the south. Hop onto a car to climb 
     up to the next floor. The tag is on the southeast corner of the 

<<<  Location #88: Marina - Go west on the road to the north of the building
     where Location 87 is. Go past the first intersection (with the
     Cluckin' Bell) and past the second as well. Then head into the
     neighborhood to the south. You should see some stairs leading down to 
     the water.  This tag is located down by the waterfront, on the wall just
     north of the dock.

<<<  Location #89: Rodeo - Continue heading west on the road (before you
     went south into the neighborhood), pass the first intersection and
     stop at the second. Notice a small area between two buildings on
     the south side of the road and on the east side of the intersection.
     Go in here and go all the way to the end and you will see a billboard.
     This tag is located on the wall behind the billboard.

<<<  Location #90: Rodeo - Head back to the intersection described in the 
     last tag and head north. Follow this road to the end and you should 
     see a Vinyl Countdown in front of you. This tag is located on the 
     west side of the Vinyl Countdown.

<<<  Location #91: Santa Maria Beach - This tag is located on the east 
     side of the building at the very end of the pier (use the 
     steps to get up to it).

<<<  Location #92: Santa Maria Beach - This tag is located behind the
     pay-n-spray just to the east of the pier under an awning next to the

<<<  Location #93: Verona Beach - From the pay-n-spray, head east on the
     road for a little ways. When you see the third road to the left
     (north), stop. This tag is on the south side of the road you are on 
     (towards the beach) on the corner of the building.

<<<  Location #94: Verona Beach - Continue east along the road and when the
     road curves right (south), lookout on the east side of the road for the  
     next tag. It is on the wall of the building on the southeast corner of
     the intersection with the road to the east.

<<<  Location #95: Verdant Bluffs - Go east along the road that you found
     Location 94 on and make the first right. Follow the windy road up the
     mountain to the observatory at the top. Climb the stairs on the right
     (north) side of the building. Once at the top, go forward and look
     behind you. You should see the next tag on the wall.

<<<  Location #96: Los Santos International Airport - Head back to the road
     that had curved south along the beach (in Location 94) and follow the
     road south and then east (it curves left). Just before it goes into
     a tunnel, use the ramp heading north onto the freeway. Head east
     around the large circular building. See that strange "T" looking
     building in the center of the roads? This tag is located on the south
     side of that building.

<<<  Location #97: Los Santos International Airport - Go back to the freeway
     and head south. Follow it as it curves left (east). Stop right before
     going into the tunnel. Look at the entrance to the tunnel on the south
     side above you. You should see the next tag.  Head back west a little
     and climb up, then run back east to spray this tag.

<<<  Location #98: Willowfield - Keep heading east on the freeway and follow
     it north and make the second left (northwest). Head up the next
     intersection, you should see this tag on the side of a house on the 
     west corner. Hop the fence to get to it.

<<<  Location #99: Downtown Los Santos - Head back to the road that is just
     west of Location 80 (the one in the plaza by the tables) and head
     north on that road. Go little past the first intersection. This tag
     is located on the building to the left (west) side of the road, just
     past the intersection, on the northern side of the building.

<<<  Location #100: Mulholland - This one is located on one of the ramps on
     the northeastern portion of Mulholland Intersection. It is probably
     best to use the road coming in from the east/west to reach this one.  
     It is on one of the support beams on the north side of the road that
     heads in from the east/west.

Reward for all 100 tags: Respect + & a Tec-9, some Molotov Cocktails, Sawed-
Off Shotgun and an AK-47 will be available at CJ's house in Grove Street at 
the kitchen near the save icon.

Alright, there you go, all 100 tags you need to find. These are not altered 
in any way from the guide itself, because I want to keep it as it is. I've 
read through and the guide, it does work, and if you can't find or having 
trouble or you see any mistakes, e-mail him (check his guide for further 
info) and maybe he'll respond.

XII. Oysters Guide (e82a)

Alright, time for an oyster guide, which shouldn't be the only main section 
you're looking for. You can find a similar one (but written by someone else 
of course) in GameFAQs. This list comes from me, myself, so I may answer 
questions regarding this, but not some nonsense or anything that has to do 
with glitches. If you see an error, please do inform and let me know right 
after you spot it. There are 50 oysters scattered around San Andreas, unlike 
the Horseshoes or the Tags or the Snapshots locations. The oysters will 
mostly be in water areas, even in swimming pools, around buildings and so on, 
but mostly you might find a hard time with the oysters in the sea, since 
judging where it is seem to be the problem. In fact, sometimes the game will 
give problems to you, so pray nothing happens or if you get stuck on 49. 

Also, if you prefer map locations, there's one by Dark 52 (at GameFAQs). You 
can also go here if you like, but I have nothing to do with this site so 
don't ask me anything related to this:


Note: I'll start with this sequence:

Los Santos, Countryside & San Fierro, Desert & Las Venturas

Also remember, for oysters which are in the seas, they're usually located not 
too deep in the water, so it should usually be in the middle section of the 
sea (except for ponds/pools and lakes of course). I'll inform you where you 
can find it. Another thing; this list continues from the last oyster location 
(example, if you've finished number 5, the next one will link from number 5's 
location to the sixth), except if I stated where you need to start collecting 
the oysters at some point.

1. Los Santos Oysters Locations:

Location 1: The oyster is located at the east-most of Los Santos, around the 
shore area. It's at the edge of the docking pier (which sticks out on the 
map), in the water of course.

Location 2: Swim south, and on this side, there will be a ship on the 
easternmost side. The oyster you're looking for is just next to the docking 

Location 3: Go west from the last location and to a small bay. There should 
be a bridge here. The oyster is located underneath this bridge.

Location 4: Head to the southernmost bridge, which connects Ocean Docks to 
Los Santos International on the map. The oyster is underneath this bridge.

Location 5: Go to the leftmost side of the Los Santos International, which 
will curve to the north at the end of the area. There should be a lower path 
to your left (if you're facing the curving area). The oyster is to the bottom 
of the road. 

Location 6: The next oyster is at the front of the tunnel of Verdant Bluffs. 
Swim north along the shore until you reach the tunnel. There should be a path 
leading towards the tunnel, and the oyster is at the front of the tunnel.

Location 7: Head towards Verona Beach to find two bridges not far apart from 
each other. They're located west of a lengthy pier. The oyster is situated 
underneath the north bridge.   

Location 8: There should be a long pier where the lighthouse is situated at 
the very end. The oyster is located south of the lighthouse. 

Location 9: Head north of Verona Beach, and there should be a channel-like 
waterway west of Burger Shot. There should be a bridge on the northernmost 
side. The oyster is underneath this bridge.  

Location 10: Head over to Glen Park (use the map to find it; it is a bicycle 
stunt park where you passed during the first mission). There should be a pond 
in the middle are of the park. The oyster is underneath the bridge 

Location 11: The next oyster is at Madd Dogg's house in Mulholland. Find the 
swimming pool around the back of the mansion. The oyster is at the pool.

Location 12: Use the map to get to Blueberry. Now, there should be a road 
leaving east of the town. Follow the middle road, and soon you'll find two 
bridges. The oyster is underneath these bridges.

Location 13: Head to Fisher's Lagoon using this river east. There should be a 
small docking (pier) here. The oyster is at the far end of the dock (this is 
where the triathlon mission starts).

Location 14: Swim north of the last location following the river and you 
should come to a bridge. Get to the second bridge and the oyster is 
underneath the bridge.

Location 15: From the last location you were on, swim north and head east 
when another river from the west connects. There will be a train track, which 
acts as a bridge for the train to make its way across. The oyster is under 
the train bridge, north of the third support beam (excluding the first one).

2. Countryside & San Fierro Oysters Locations: 

Note: The following oysters will be starting from Angel Pine and continues to 
the respective locations.

Location 16: Head to the east exit of Angel Pine, and follow this road to the 
south and then crossing the bridge (use the full map to see when you will 
cross it). The oyster you're looking for is underneath this bridge.

Location 17: There should be a river path heading north from the previous 
oyster location. You should come to a wooden bridge. The oyster is underneath 
this wooden bridge. 

Location 18: From the last oyster location, look at the full map on the Start 
menu. The river's path will stretch out to the north which shortly bends 
west. Make your way north (pass another wooden bridge) and then there will be 
a river path heading west on the map. DO NOT turn there, but make your way 
forward and you'll soon reach a concrete bridge. The oyster is here, west of 
the middle support beam.

Location 19: Alright, this is a long way from here (last oyster location), 
and it would be quicker if you're using a speedboat, or at least a boat. Head 
northwest down this river path and keep going until the river makes a big 
turn around Mount Chiliad. The oyster you're looking for is underneath the 
bridge in the middle section once you hit open sea. In case you don't know 
which bridge I'm referring to, it's the one that links San Fierro to Mount 
Chiliad & vise versa.

Location 20: Get up the freeway and make your way north up this bridge. Now, 
look at the map. Take note of the small watery area (a pool) on the map, 
south of the square shaped yellow object on the map (tennis courts). The 
oyster should be in the middle of the pool.

Location 21: From here, make your way north and reach Battery Point, under 
the bridge where you'll work with Jizzy (or if you've worked with him, 
whatever). The oyster is at the first section of the bridge (south side of 
the bridge) and it's underneath it (first set of the beams).

Location 22: Take a look at your map without changing your position from your 
last collected oyster. There should be a white colored object, which is a big 
ship, east from the last oyster location. Make your way there and reach the 
ship. Look for the oyster on the west side of the ship (not very far from the 
front section of the ship). This boat was the 'The Da Nang Thang' mission.

Location 23: Use the full map again in the Start menu. Look for a small white 
colored object east of the ship you collected the oyster from. Make your way 
there, directly east, and search the oyster at the west side of the boat. 

Location 24: Head towards the bridge south of your last position with the 
oyster by the boat. The oyster is under the Garver Bridge, by the two support 
beams underneath it.

Location 25: Before proceeding with this, save your game up till now if you 
want, and make your way to the naval base with full health and body armor. 
Get yourself a speedboat too if you need it. Now, you will be entering the 
Naval Base, which will give you a five wanted star level immediately when you 
approach it (you will get it even if you touch the gate sometimes). Look at 
the map, and search for an aircraft carrier. Head directly south from the 
Garver Bridge and go to the east side of the carrier. The damn oyster is 
placed there. 

Location 26: Alright, after collecting the previous one, quickly make your 
way to the base where there are three different entrances. The middle one has 
the oyster underneath the water. Make it fast or you might get wasted, after 
that, save your game or go to Paint & Spray to get rid of the wanted stars.

Location 27: Make your way to Easter Basin docks, where you export the 
vehicles. Now, notice the big ship where there is a crane? The oyster you're 
looking for is on the south section of the ship. 

Location 28: Swim directly northeast from the previous oyster location and 
reach the endmost section of the runway (green area on the map). The oyster 
is there, next to the wall.

Location 29: Head southeast from the last oyster by the wall at the airport. 
There should be an oyster at the sides, near the edge of the land.

Location 30: Now, take a look at the full map. You should spot a river path 
leading towards east, which is east of the Easter Bay Airport. Now, keep on 
proceeding until you come into a fork. See the map. Now, there will be a path 
stretching out to the south and one to the northeast. Get to the northeast 
path and keep going until you come to a bridge. The oyster is under this 

Location 31: Make your way back to the fork you encountered a minute ago, but 
this time, take the south path. You will encounter a concrete bridge, and the 
oyster is underneath it.

Location 32: Proceed by heading forward and search for a bridge (train 
bridge). It's red on the map, and the oyster is underneath it. Be sure not to 
miss it though.

Location 33: To make sure you're on the right road, you are now currently 
(should) be heading south. Reach the double road on the freeway. The oyster 
is in-between the two double roads, in the middle area. 

Location 34: Get past another bridge south from the last oyster location and 
there should be an opening stretching to the west. The oyster is located at 
the beach, not far from the cliff's walls.

3. Desert & Las Venturas Oysters Locations:

Location 35: Make your way to the Gant Bridge where the bridge links San 
Fierro and to the boat school (the bridge where it starts from Battery 
Point). It's the long bridge on the map (northwest side). Go to the north-
most support concrete structure and the oyster is located between the cliff 
and the structure. 

Location 36: Head northeast from the last oyster location and look for the 
boat school on the map. Now, go to the full map in the Start menu. Look for a 
yellow area (beach) east of the road at the town where the boat school is 
located. Now, notice the small green area in-between the two separated yellow 
areas? The oyster is located in that area, northwest of a rocky outcrop 
around the area (there should be a Skimmer there).

Location 37: Head southeast down this shoreline and take a look at the full 
map. Now, notice the boat, where you collected the oyster no. 23? Now, the 
oyster is located northeast of the boat, by the roadside wall.

Location 38: Head southeast down this shoreline and get pass the boat, and 
the Garver Bridge. Now, look at the map and search for a small inlet that 
stretches to the east (it's on your left). There should be a double road 
which connects from the Garver Bridge. The oyster you're looking for is 
underneath the freeway overpass.

Location 39: Continue following the traces of this shoreline, using the map 
and making a round to Tierra Robada. Head a little north and stop once you 
see Toreno's Ranch on your left. The oyster is left of the pier at the 
docking house.

Location 40: Head forward where you were facing a little while ago, getting 
past the train tracks. Now, look at the map and search for an inlet east of 
the turning of the freeway from Garver Bridge (there's another inlet to the 
front, but search for the first inlet). There should be a short overpass on 
the map that links to a town north of your position. The oyster is underneath 
the overpass.

Location 41: Get on land and make your way to the Sherman Damn (white border 
on map). You cannot use a boat or swim there since you're blocked; since the 
oyster is on the other side. Drop in the water and search for some control 
towers of the dam. The oyster is located underneath the westernmost control 

Location 42: Look at the map, and search for a small inlet northwest of the 
dam. There should also be a wooden bridge there (brown on map). The oyster is 
located underneath this bridge.

Location 43: Make your way to the north and search for a Skimmer floating on 
the water (near a house). The oyster is located underneath the water near the 
Skimmer's location.

Location 44: Take the Skimmer and fly it to the northeast of the Verdant 
Meadows Airstrip. There should be a huge pipe heading downwards. West of the 
pipe is the oyster, near the beach.

Location 45: Fly to the northeast of the Military Fuels area. There should be 
a pipe (white colored object) and the oyster is somewhere underneath the sea 
not far from the beach, but not too close to it either. This is simply 
difficult since the oyster is not where you think it is (even if you 
sometimes use the map locations). It should probably 45 degrees from the side 
of the map (northeast). 

Location 46: Go to Roca Escalante and search for a building with a huge 
guitar-shaped pool. It's underneath a diving board. The exact place is 
southwest of the strip mall in Creek. The oyster is located underneath the 
diving board; like I said (there should also be a horseshoe underneath it).

Location 47: Find the Visage not far from The Strip in Las Venturas. There 
should be a pool with waterfalls on the front section. The oyster is 
underneath the second waterfall.

Location 48: Head to Pirates in Men's Pants along the road from The Strip and 
look for a skull object in front of the entrance. There should be an oyster 
in front of the rock skull object.

Location 49: Head to Come-A-Lot, and search for a pedestrian walkway to the 
front and the oyster is located to the left of the walkway.

Location 50: Head to Camel's Toe where you can find the pyramid shaped 
building. Now head northeast to find a place called Pilgrim. Find a pool in 
the front and the oyster is located there, at the pool.

Reward for all 50 oysters: Sex Appeal & Lung Capacity increased & a little 
percentage for 100% completion.

Congratulations! You're closer to 100% now, and your lung capacity have 
already boosted. Your sex appeal will also increase.  

XIII. Horseshoes Guide (e83a)

Alright, here's the list and the guide for all the Horseshoes available 
around Las Venturas. This list is from gamefreaksl, so check his guide at 
GameFAQs if you need more assistance. Again, I will not answer any questions 
related to anything about Horseshoes, and they're all in the guide itself, so 
don't e-mail me anything related to this. If you want, you can visit his 
site, which I got a special request of putting it here. :) Here it is: 

By the way, if possible, try to gain access to the jetpack at Verdant Meadows 
Airstrip before you collect these, since that will be a whole lot easier. 
Believe me, and you won't strain yourself from using helicopters or anything 

1. We'll start with north Las Venturas. In the northwest corner you should 
see a double wide highway that goes under a road. Head towards that. Once 
you get to the underpass head east on the road towards Las Venturas. You 
should see a "Welcome to fabulous Las Venturas" sign in between the two 
roads. The horseshoe is under the sign. 

2. Northeast from horseshoe 1 is Prickle Pine. At the very west road is a 
rail road crossing. Facing south from the crossing on the porch of the first 
house on the right is the horseshoe.

3. North from horseshoe 2 is the golf course. Make your way to the front of 
the building, There should be a parking lot to your right. Got to the parking 
lot then climb onto the roof of the building. Head straight and to the right 
of the first peak is the horseshoe.

4. One block east of #3 is a little apartment/motel strip with a pool in the 
center. The horseshoe is in the north end of the pool.

5. Just east of #4 is some tennis courts. The horseshoe is in the last cage 
on the right.

6. Its inside the K.A.C.C. Military Base. You'll need a military vehicle to 
get into the base. Once you get in go to the north building by the
container-crane*thanks to El Gordo for pointing this out*and go out the other
side of the building. The horseshoe should be to your left in a corner. 
*Its between the northern buildings* You go right by the horseshoe in the 
mission "Up, Up, and Away!" *thanks DC*

7. South from the military base is a little strip mall with three clothes 
places, a pizza place and a Cluckin' Bell. Follow the side walk south then 
it will turn north east. Keep following the sidewalk around the building 
until you see the horseshoe.

8. Across the highway from the strip mall is a big building with a hedge 
around it. Climb over the hedge and go north and up the stairs then turn left 
and go up some more stairs. You should see a small pool that looks like a 
guitar. The horseshoe is in the pool. There is also an oyster under the 
diving board. ;)

9. Go north of 8 to get on the train tracks. Follow the train tracks south 
Into a tunnel. The horseshoe in the middle of the track inside the tunnel.

10. Southwest from the entrance to the tunnel where 9 was found on a corner 
is a red heart shaped sign that says, "Erotic" on it. Pull a car up to the 
building next to the sign and use it to get on the roof. The horseshoe is at 
the back of the roof.

11. West of the pizza place in Roca Escalante is a church. West from there is 
a parking lot with a wall on the west side. The horseshoe is on the other 
side of the wall.

12. South of the church by #11 is a gas station. The horseshoe is behind the 
gas station.

13. You need a helicopter for this one. Its just west of #12 on top of a tall 

Tip: *thanks door knob* The building also has a parachute on it.

14. East of the gym in Redsands east is a train hard billboard. Go to the 
billboard and jump over the wall. The horseshoe is at the north tip of the 

15. You need a helicopter for this one. Its on top of the building east of 
the gym south of the train hard billboard. 

16. About one block west of the gym in Redsands East is a white building with 
a hedge going around it. Pull up a car and climb on the roof. The horse is 
around the middle of the roof.

17. About 2 blocks West of the gym in Redsands East is a steakhouse. There is 
a hedge on the North side of the  steakhouse you can use to climb onto the 
roof. Head west towards the casino sign and the horseshoe is on the south 
edge of that ledge.

18. Northwest of #17 is a big area with one of those container-cranes again 
to the north follow the street around to the west side until the road curves. 
There should be a tree by the curve Park a car by the wall close to the tree 
and climb the wall. Then climb onto the blocks. The horseshoe is right to 
your left.

19. Follow the road around from #18 until you see a parking lot. The 
horseshoe is on the right wall at the entrance to the parking lot. Use a car 
to reach it.

20. Almost straight south from 14 and 15 is an alley way with a white fence 
blocking it. Climb over the fence and the horseshoe is ant the south end of 
the alley. 

21. In between the tattoo place and a Binco store on the strip is a motel. 
Right after you go into the parking area of the motel is a little area that 
you can climb. Climb it then jump onto the over pass thing. Head south then 
climb onto the next level. Head over to the motel sign then face west. You 
should see two different ways to go. Take the left pathway and follow it 
around the building to find the horseshoe.

22. You need a helicopter for this one. one block east from 21 is a casino to 
buy/save point if you already bought it. head half a block east from the 
corner of the casino and you should see a casino sign on the roof. The 
horseshoe is right in front of the sign.

23. South of the Cluckin' Bell in Old Venturas Strip is Venturas Steaks 
Drive-Thru Sign. Use a car to climb onto it and the horseshoe is on the south 

24. Just west of 23 is a parking garage. Its at the end of an alley at the 
west end of the garage.

25. About one and a half blocks south from the tattoo parlor on the Strip is 
the visage. It has a big waterfall/pound area out front. The horseshoe is
under one of the waterfalls.

Tip: *thanks door knob* It is on the rocks not in the water.

26. You need a helicopter for this one. Just southeast of 25 is a building 
with a carnival type roof. Land on the roof and the horseshoe is on the west 
side of the roof.

27. You need a helicopter for this one. East of 26 is a mall with a zip store
at the north end. Land your helicopter on top of the zip store. Be very 
careful and try to jump onto the little ledge in front of the zip store to 
find the horseshoe on the east end of the ledge.

28. This one is very tricky to get. almost directly east from the last one is 
a victim billboard. The horseshoe is on the east side of the billboard, but 
the only way to get to it is from above. So if you have a jet pack this one 
will be easy for you, but if your like me and haven't beat the game yet you 
going to need a helicopter(I suggest a maverick). Now it took me a 
loooooooong time get this one so just be patient. Now try to land the 
helicopter on the east end of the billboard(its easier trust me) It may take 
a few tries. Once you land get out of the helicopter and hope you stay on the 
signs. If you fall off just try again. But if your unlucky like me you might 
fall in between the signs. Now you have to walk all the way around to get the 
horseshoe. I suggest crouching, if you move slower you have a better chance 
of not falling off. Now just walk around to the east end to grab the 

29. Go to Pirates in men's Pants on the strip. There is a big rock with a 
skull on it in the water. The horseshoe is it the vines on the north side of 
the skull.

30. Just north of The camel's toe. Is a parking garage. Enter from the south 
side and to your left is a ramp. Go up the ramp and turn right. Pass the 
first road and then go up the next ramp. Turn right again ,but this time take 
the first right(not the ramp) And go all the way to the end and turn left. 
The horseshoe is in the corner.

31. GO to The Camel's toe and get a car. Use the car to climb the wall of the 
little road surrounding the pyramid. Climb the pyramid all the way to the 
very top to find the horseshoe.

32. You need a helicopter or a plane for this one. Surrounding the Camel's 
Toe this little ledge. Its too high off the ground to jump onto. and its 
almost impossible to land a helicopter on. So I suggest sky-driving. Get a 
helicopter or a plane and fly over to the east side of the Camel's Toe. Jump 
out and try to land on the little ledge. It may take a few tries, but you'll 
get it eventually. Once you land on the ledge head over to the middle of the 
east side of the ledge to find the horseshoe.

Tip: *thanks JunkyQ* You can get this one with a bicycle. If you bunny hop on 
the west side (on the statue) you can get on that ledge and walk to the

33. You need a helicopter for this one. South of the camel's toe is Come-A-
Lot. In between the two buildings of Come-A-Lot are some castles like towers. 
At the north end is a short flat top tower. The horseshoe is on this tower.

34. You need a helicopter for this one. At the southwest end of Come-A-Lot is
a sign with two castle like points on the top. The horseshoe is in between
the two points. You can try and land a helicopter in between the two points,
but that can be dangerous. I suggest hovering above the sign then jumping
out. Hopefully you will have a parachute so you can get down safely.

35. Two blocks east of 33 is some small buildings. The building you want is 
in the middle row of the south block. Its on the east side. Behind the 
building are some stairs. Use them to get on top of the building. You should 
now see some more stairs and three little balconies. The horseshoe is on the 
middle balcony. Use the second set os stairs to get on the other roof so you 
can drop down into the middle balcony to grab the horseshoe.

36. A couple blocks south of 35 is a church. Use a car to climb onto the 
roof. The horseshoe is behind the point.

37. East from the church and over the highway and train tracks is some 
buildings with a fence around them. The south most building looks like its 
used for truck loading. Go behind it and the horseshoe is on the second 

38. Just south of Come-A-Lot is a road that goes over the highway and leads 
into some houses. Ther horseshoe is behind the first house on the right.

39. Come in on the road that you did on in 38 only this time pass the first 
street. Turn right on the next street that you can. Pass two houses and the 
third house on your right  should be green. The horseshoe is behind this 

40. You need a helicopter for this one. It the southwest corner of the four 
dragons casino there is a part of the building that is lower then the rest. 
Land your helicopter on this part. This horseshoe is in the corner of this 

41. Go under the highway that's leaving Las Venturas and heading south toward 
Los Santos. The horseshoe is on the ledge of the first support.

42. Just west of 41 is the Blackfield chapel. Just walk up the big triangle 
on the east side of the chapel and the horseshoe is behind it.

43. Just north of the Blackfield chapel is the LVA Freight Depot. The 
horseshoe is on the east loading dock on the south side of the southern most 

44. North of 43 In the LVA Freight Depot is a yellow building that says Sumo 
on it.*it's in the southwestern corner on the southeast loading docks* The 
horseshoe is on the south side of this building.

45. West of The LVA Freight Depot is Greenglass College. It has a big grass 
area out front. The horseshoe is on the platform in the middle of the grass 

46. Behind the main building of the Las Venturas Airport is a little part of 
the building that sticks out. It is in the exact middle of the building. The 
horseshoe is on the south side of the part of the building that sticks out.

47. On the north end of the airport runway there is a bi 69 painted on the 
runway. The horseshoe is to the east of the 69 in plain sight.

48. The horseshoe is in plain sight close to the northwest corner of the Las 
Venturas Airport.

49. West from 48 is what looks like one of those telephones that they put on  
the side of pay phones(on the map). The horseshoe is in the bushes of the 
northern part(the ear piece).

50. A couple blocks north of 49 is two red & white buildings with a white 
wall with barb wire on the top surrounding them. There also is a crane 
sitting out front. The horseshoe is behind the southern most building.

Reward for all 50 Horseshoes: Luck + & an M4, MP5, a Combat Shotgun and some 
Satchel Charges are available at the Four Dragon's Casino in Las Venturas

Congratulations! You've collected all 50 Horseshoes in this game, and Las 
Venturas. You can now claim the reward, and a little percentage for 100% 
completion. The list above is not altered in any way, but I did make some 
checkup and corrected some words though. Thanks to gamefreaksl again for the 
list. Go check his guide for more in-depth explanation.

XIV. Snapshots Guide (e84a)

Alright, here's a section of the snapshots guide (called Photo Ops in the 
original guide) which is from R Carr (Robert Carr). This section is from him 
and I did not alter anything from the list, so if you visit his guide, you'll 
find the exact same thing but of course, with his own way of putting it here. 
It's possible for this list to contain a few errors, but if you would like me 
to know, you can e-mail me or him for that matter. 

Around San Fierro are purple camera icons at certain landmarks. You'll need a
camera to find the camera icons as they can only be seen through the 
viewfinder. Most of these photo ops are also easier to see at night. There is 
usually a camera near the location of the camera icon.

01. Head south along the main road by the beach that overlooks the ocean in
Ocean Flats and follow the winding road south through Missionary Hill. Take 
the first right once you reach the top of Missionary Hill and go down the 
east side of the white building on the left. You should see some generators 
behind a barbed wire fence on the right. Use a melee weapon or a car to knock 
down the fence and head to the southwest corner of the generators. Use the 
camera to look up. The camera icon is in the air above the generators.

02. Head south along the road that overlooks the beach in Ocean Flats, and 
take the first right just after you leave the Ocean Flats area. Head to the 
back of the parking lot outside the front entrance of the Avispa Country 
Club, and go near the fence of the tennis courts. Look at the bell tower near 
the roof of the building that juts out of the middle of the club. The camera 
icon is near the roof. There is a camera outside the front entrance of the 
club if you need it.

03. Head south from the Cobra Martial Arts Gym in Garcia and follow the road
until you reach the Easter Bay Airport. Look for a billboard with a plane on
it above the road that leads to the airport. The camera icon is in front of
the billboard. The camera can be found in the grass to the right of the bill-

04. After you've found camera icon #03, turn around and take the first right
along the main road on the east side of San Fierro. Follow this road north 
and after you've passed the Garver Bridge, look for a long white building on 
the right. It has a clock tower on the roof. The camera icon is in front of 
the clock tower face.

05. You'll need a helicopter to get this Photo Ops, or you'll need access to
Las Venturas. Head to the Garver Bridge and the Photo Op is at the top of the
second massive red support beam near Las Venturas. If there's a way to pass
the roadblock I haven't found it.

06. Follow the same directions for Photo Op #04, but just before you reach 
the Kincaid Bridge, there is a Xoomer gas station on the left side of the 
street. The camera icon is above the rotating X sign outside the gas station.

07. From where you found Photo Op #03, take the first right out of the 
airport, and on the corner after the second left turn there is a Shady 
Industries warehouse. Climb on to wall and look to the left for two rusty 
white gas tanks. The camera icon is between the two gas tanks.

08. Follow the directions for Photo Op #02, and drive into the car park. 
Behind the car park you should see a tennis court. The camera icon is above 
the southwest tennis court. There is a camera outside the front entrance of 
the Avispa Country Club if you need one.

09. From where you found Photo Op #08, head north along the main road that 
over looks the beach in Ocean Flats, and after the first left turn look for 
the City Hall building with a domed roof on the corner. Run up the grassy 
slope on the left and look for the camera icon on the west side of the 
building, next to the dome.

10. After you've found Photo Op #09, take the first right a little further
north, and then the first left after that. Follow the road you are on north
towards Palisades, and look for the 'Tuff Nuts Donuts' shop on the left side
of the street. The camera icon is in the ring of the donut on the roof of the

11. After you've found Photo Op #010, head north towards the Gant Bridge, 
which reaches between the desert and San Fierro. Once you're on the Gant 
Bridge, get out of the car and run past the roadblock. Run down the bridge 
towards the huge red structure in the middle. On the right side of the bridge 
there is a wooden board you can climb down to. Do so, and walk along the 
wooden board. At the end look at the second bar on the tall red structure to 
find the camera icon.

12. To the east of the Gant Bridge there is a ship in the sea. You'll need a
helicopter to fly out to it. Land the helicopter on the containers and make
your way to the front of the ship. The camera icon is just above the bridge 
of the ship.

13. East of the tanker where you found Photo Op #12, there is a row of piers
with warehouses. Down one of the piers there is a submarine. If you approach
from the tanker the submarine will be along the first pier you come to. The
camera icon is just above the submarine.

14. Head to the Garver Bridge, and stop when you come to the road block. Zoom
in on the right side of the first support beam a little past the road block.
The camera icon is between two metal bars.

15. This is a hard one to get because it's at the back of the naval base. 
I've discovered that you can get it if you are at the end of the runway of 
the Easter Bay Airport. You won't be able to actually see the camera icon but 
you will get a confirmation message just for taking a picture of it. You need 
to take a picture of the ship behind the naval base.

16. Across from your garage in Doherty is a train station. Head there and 
you'll see a metal structure surrounding the train station platform. Zoom in 
on the underneath of the roof to find the camera icon.

17. Head north from your garage in Doherty and take the second left. On the
corner of the next left there is a tall building with a temple-like structure
on the roof. The camera icon is near the top of the roof of the structure.

18. Head north from your garage in Doherty, and take the third left. Follow
this road west and look for a white building on the corner of the street. It
has a small Chinese rooftop structure on the roof. The camera icon is just
below the rooftop structure.

19. Head north from your garage in Doherty and look for a hospital on the
corner on the left side of the street just before the second left turn. Stand
on the opposite side of the street and aim the camera at the very top of the
hospital. The camera icon is at the top, above the second of four poles on 
the roof.

20. From where you found Photo Op #19, head north towards Downtown, and take
the first right. Take the next left and look for a white building with glass
doors and windows on the left side of the street. Go through this building to
the back room, and you'll find a double helix structure in the middle of the
room. The camera icon is in the middle of the structure.

21. Head north from your garage in Doherty and after the fourth left, look 
for a curved brick path leading upwards on the left side of the street. Stop 
about half way up, and turn around. Aim the camera and the camera icon should 
be right in front of you. If it's not, you either haven't gone up the path 
enough, or you've gone too far up.

22. From where you found Photo Op #10, take the first right a little further
north, and take the third left after that. Follow this road north and after 
the third right, look for a Burger Shot restaurant on the corner on the 
right. The camera icon is in front of the revolving burger on the roof of the 

23. Head north from your garage in Doherty, and take the sixth left. At the 
end of this road you should see a tunnel. The camera icon is just above the 
entrance of the tunnel.

24. Head west from where you found Photo Op #04, and take the first right. On
the corner is the Vank Hoff Hotel where you can take the valet parking
missions. At the very top of the hotel is a radio transmitter. The camera
icon is just above the transmitter.

25. From where you found Photo Op #019, head north towards Financial, and 
take the third right. On the left side of the street is a tall statue. The 
camera icon is above the statue.

26. Head east from where you found Photo Op #23, and take the second left. 
Take the very first right after that and on the corner as you turn right 
there is a building with glass windows and it has an 'X' pattern on the side 
of it. The camera icon is above one of the 'X's about halfway up.

27. Head to the Well Stacked Pizza Co. in Esplanade North. Next to the Well
Stacked Pizza Co. is the Pier 69 sign where the mission "Pier 69" takes 
place. The camera icon is in front of the "Pier 69" sign.

28. Across the road from where you found Photo Op #18, there is a warehouse 
on the corner with a tall chimney on the west side of it. The camera icon is 
above the chimney.

29. Turn right just before the 'Tuff Nuts Donut' shop in Palisades where you
found Photo Op #10, and follow the road you are on east. After the second 
left turn, look for a Supa Save store on the left side of the street. The 
front entrance doorway of the Supa Save has an arch above it. The camera icon 
is just above the arch.

30. Follow the same directions for Photo Op #09, but this time follow the 
wall of the building round to the front entrance. The camera icon is located 
between two stone pillars on the upper part of the building.

31. Head south from the Avispa Country Club where you found Photo Ops #02 and
#08, and head towards the bridge that reaches between San Fierro and Mt.
Chiliad. The bridge will have a metal structure around it. The camera icon is
above the bridge, but it's quite high up.

32. Head west out of the Easter Bay Airport and take the first left once you
drive under the freeway. Turn right and take the next left after that. There
is a row of five cylindrical buildings in the middle of this area. The camera
icon is on the second one. You'll need a helicopter to get to it.

33. Head west out of the Easter Bay Airport and take the first left once you
drive under the freeway. Follow this road and look for a row of apartments on
the left side of the street. The camera icon is above the first apartment on
the left.

34. From where you found Photo Op #03, take the first left out of the 
airport, and follow the road you are on through the Easter Tunnel and towards 
Easter Bay Chemicals. After passing Easter Bay Chemicals, take the first left 
and stop when you reach the bridge. The camera icon is just above the bridge.

35. From your garage in Doherty, get on the train tracks across from you, and
follow them west to Easter Basin where you find the NRG Challenge. The 
vehicle for the NRG Challenge is found in a warehouse next to the train 
tracks. The camera icon is above the warehouse.

36. Behind your garage in Doherty is a waste ground. In the middle of the 
waste ground is a tall yellow crane. The camera icon is at the very top of 
the crane. 

37. Head north from the easternmost road in Hashbury. Follow the road you are
on, and look for a tall hotel with a green awning on the left side of the
street. The camera icon is under the green awning.

38. Head north towards Calton Heights from where you found Photo Op #18, and 
as you turn right there is a sign for the entrance to Chinatown. The camera 
icon is above the sign.

39. From where you found Photo Op #37, take the first left a little further
northeast from the hotel. Take the next left after that and look for the back
wall of the hotel on the left side of the street. The camera icon is near the

40. This Photo Op is inside the Easter Bay Airport. If you don't have your
Pilot's license yet, you can park a car next to the security booth and use
that to climb on to the roof of the security booth and jump down into the
airport. Once you're in the airport, head to the northeast corner and look
for three white gas tanks in a row. They are located a little southeast of
the control tower. The camera icon is between the second and third gas tank.

41. After you've found Photo Op #40, head northwest to the control tower. The
camera icon is at the very top of the control tower.

42. From where you found Photo Op #37, head south and take the third right.
Above you as you turn right is a white banner with red writing on it. The
camera icon is above the banner.

43. From your garage in Doherty, take the first lefts and follow the road you
are on west towards Ocean Flats. After you come out of the tunnel, look on 
the corner on the right for a cinema. The camera icon is above the cinema.

44. Head west from where you found Photo Op #42, and take the second left. On
the left side of the street is a cemetery. The camera icon is above the grave
stones on the bottom level.

45. Head west from where you found Photo Op #42, and take the second left. On
the right side of the street is a white building with a pole on the roof. The
camera icon is at the base of the pole.

46. Head west from where you found Photo Op #042, and take the first right. 
On the corner as you turn right is the "Hippy Shopper" asset. It has an 
orange awning. The camera icon is above the orange awning.

47. Next to the "Pier 69" sign where you found Photo Op #27, there is a car
park. Head there and go near the wooden fence. Straight ahead you should see
a pile of rocks. The camera icon is located in front of the rocks near the

48. From your garage in Doherty, head to the waste grounds behind your garage
and then head west towards Zero's RC Shop. In front of Zero's RC Shop is a 
car park, and behind that is a baseball court. The camera icon is in the 
northeast corner of the baseball court.

49. After you've found Photo Op #48, head south and take the second right.
Along this road you should see a construction site on the left. The camera 
icon is in front of the white 'Final Build Construction' sign on the west 
side of the site.

50. Across the road from where you found Photo Op #19, there are two
skyscrapers. The camera icon is between the skyscrapers.

Alright, those are all the snapshots around San Fierro, which is a total of 
50. You'll get $100 for each photo you snap. Finishing all 50 snapshots 
around San Fierro gives you $100,000 & a Micro-SMG, Grenades, a Shotgun and a 
Sniper Rifle will spawn at the garage in Doherty, opposite the garage you 
store your vehicles.

XV. Schools (e85a)

Schools are important, and you need to at least pass them (70% or higher) to 
achieve 100% completion, this implies to ALL schools available, including the 
bike and boat schools. This section will give you tips on passing the tests, 
or getting gold just for fun or to add to your collection. I'll give you the 
locations of the schools and when they'll be unlocked, and some basic tips 
before attempting to pass or getting gold or anything on that matter. 

I'm providing you the best strategy to get gold awards for all schools. Also, 
I listed the vehicles provided for you in a particular test. Also, remember 
for the Pilot School, you need to finish all the tests for it to advance in 
the story. The Driving School however, is required if you want to unlock the 
crane and get Wang Cars as an asset, where you'll unlock the missions with 
Cesar shortly after passing all the tests there. I will also provide some 
diagrams in case you need more info and help, but mostly for the bike and 
driving schools only.

Your skills (whatever, pilot skills, bike skill, etc) will be raised when you 
obtain a gold award, so that's one of the rewards other than vehicles.

Here is the award you get based on your marks:

Gold - 100%
Silver - 85% - 99%
Bronze - 70% - 84%

This shows that you need to perform a particular test perfectly to obtain a 
gold award, and at least a 70% mark to pass a test.

Here are some of the tips before you begin:

- use the demonstration video when you highlight a test and look CAREFULLY 
how the tests work
- read the instructions carefully, word by word
- concentrate, and do it how you're told
- if you're told to stop at your starting position, make sure you stop 
exactly in between the middle cones in the stopping region
- sometimes if you couldn't get a gold award, it has something to do with the 
time you take to do that particular test or the damage penalty
- watch the time, as well as the damage penalty
- use other views if possible, so you can have other views of one particular 
test, and then switch back to your normal one to compare it and see what 
you've done wrong

1. Driving School (e85b)
Accessible - After the mission Deconstruction when you get the call. 
Location - Located in Doherty, San Fierro.
Prizes (cars): 

All Gold - Hotknife
All Silver - Bullet
All Bronze - Super GT

a. [The 360]  

Vehicle: Infernus

Hold the X button together with the square button (brake) as you start. Use 
the Analog stick and push it left, leaving a trail and making a big round 
turn using your rear wheels. Remember the starting position, and stop a 
little pass the starting position. You don't have to release the buttons, but 
push the stick a little to the opposite direction as you stop. The tests 
completes as soon as your vehicle stops.

b. [The 180]

Vehicle: Blista Compact

To perform a 180 move, speed up and accelerate to top speed (X button). When 
you reach the cones, make a corner around it without touching any of them 
(will affect your score if you do - damage) while holding the R1 button 
(handbrake). Do it while you're halfway heading for the turn, and push the 
Analog stick to the left and speed up to the starting position. You should 
have around three seconds. Place your vehicle properly between the cones, and 
you should succeed.

c. [Whip & Terminate]

Vehicle: Banshee

Works a little similar as the above test, but it works differently. You have 
to accelerate to the front, and turn to the right in a tight corner using the 
R1 button and speed up to the stopping position and keep the car between the 
cones. The parking part would be the toughest here, but since the track is 
not hard itself, you should have no problem practicing the parking. Use the 
advantage here. What is it? - The Banshee. Its fast isn't it? So pick-up an 
early speed, and make a tight corner (this is not tough at all actually) and 
park the car perfectly for a gold award. 

d. [Pop & Control]

Vehicle: Police 

To get a gold award, you mustn't get any damage on the vehicle and a perfect 
parking at the stopping region. First, do what the game says. Accelerate, and 
halfway to the cones, release the X button quickly and your tires will pop. 
Hold the X button again, as you turn the stick to the right and left again to 
the stopping region. Follow the pattern of the cones here. As you get used to 
it, you'll have no problem to even think about the track. Since you have only 
5 seconds to get to the end, speed off anytime you can. Honestly. Make sure 
you stop a little in front. Don't be afraid to go further; that's the problem 
with most players. They thought they've reached the stopping region, but 
unfortunately they haven't. Try using other views to make sure exactly where 
and when you have to stop.

e. [Burn & Lap]

Vehicle: Banshee

You'll have to make a complete course (5 laps) around the track and finish 
below 35 seconds without taking any damage for a gold award. Alright, here's 
the problem. I've tried turning normally, and the best you'd get most 
probably around 38 seconds or even more. What you do is, first, NEVER let go 
of the X button, ever. Don't do it. Second, you have to turn from the nearest 
inside point of the cone, meaning you have to turn from the last cone on the 
circuit slightly more to touching it and turn it using either the handbrake 
(R1) or the normal brakes (square). This means that you must use the smallest 
space possible without touching the cone at the end and make a turn through 
it. Sounds a little impossible to do it ten times straight, but it isn't. 
It's up to you really, whatever suits you best. Here's the diagram, and where 
you should turn:

Diagram Legend:

I: The starting and finishing line (separates each lap)
o: Outer cones of the circuit
0: The middle cones (separates both sides)
|: Where you should make the tight corners 

     o o o o o o o o o 
    o   |I       |    o 
   o    0000000000     o  
    o   |        |    o 
     o o o o o o o o o 

Alright, as you can see, you need to actually hold the brake button before 
you actually go around the corner, meaning that you must press the button 
before reaching the last cone on the middle area that separates both sides. 
Also, as the Banshee slides itself due from the brake, use the sliding 
movement to turn the vehicle around, just slightly past the cones with the 
"|" on them (see the diagram above). The record time if 40 seconds. To get 
gold, you need to beat it less than 35 seconds.  

f. [Cone Coil]

Vehicle: Banshee

Alright, another tough one, but would be easier if you really get serious and 
focus. Weave through three sets of cones around the track, perform a 180 
around a set of cones at the end, and return to the starting position without 
any damage with a perfect parking to get a gold award. Sounds difficult? Not 
even close! All you got to do, is just accelerate though the first set, then 
you should see the second one in front. Turn as hard until it it's free from 
the cones' region, and release the X button for the third set. Release it for 
a while, get a good steady position for the turning ahead. Hold the R1 button 
and powerslide through it and make your way back pass the cones and quickly 
stop at the stopping region. The parking is everything; blow the cones, blow 
your chance; blow the parking, you blow everything! Very important. Keep your 
eyes on the time as well, since you got only 12 seconds on the clock. 

g. [The '90']

Vehicle: Banshee

I hate this! I certainly do, especially if you want to get a gold award. 
There's no real strategy here, mostly your luck. I'm being honest, I got 
lucky myself. You need to perform a 90 by accelerating and turning your 
vehicle and park it in the small space in-between the two cars here, which 
are Banshees as well without taking any damage or damaging the other vehicles 
to get a gold award. 

Alright, when you start, speed up halfway until you see the cars not far from 
you, and turn yourself to the right a little. Now, release the X button, 
still going for it, and when you reach the space, aim for it, while you hold 
the R1 button (handbrake) and the square button together (brake). You heard 
me, both at the same time! Why? Because you must prevent the car from sliding 
from the back towards the other side, which doesn't count as a perfect 
parking, if you're going for it. Then, control the car so it doesn't slide to 
the other side. If you just want to pass this, just speed up from the right 
side until you see the back of the front vehicle (left vehicle) clearly, and 
aim for its back. Soon as you get there, brake and you will most probably 
score 70% or more. 

h. [Wheelie Weave]

Vehicle: Banshee

Alright, you have to perform a wheelie and reach the red marker and stop 
around its region without any damage and with a proper stop to achieve a gold 
award for this. Notice the little small ramp in front to your left? 
Accelerate and turn a little to the left and let the left tires ride up on it 
and they'll go on two wheels. You can get some scratches, it doesn't matter. 
Now, your main concern is to guide the Banshee to the red marker, without it 
falling down on four wheels, which immediately fails the test. So, the catch 
is, to drive fast. As your car turns its body, don't touch any buttons 
(including the Analog stick) and just accelerate with the X button. If the 
car goes to the left side and it's starting to fall, push the stick to the 
left so it balances. You have to keep the balance until you see the marker, 
and then immediately slow down. As you see the marker, drop the vehicle down 
by pushing the left Analog stick to the right and it should fall, but you 
need to get lucky here as well, if you're going for gold, you need to make 
sure the Banshee is facing to the front and not elsewhere. It should be 
straight, just like your starting position, and the car MUST be in the red 
marker region, to get gold or to be safe for passing the test. 

i. [Spin & Go]

Vehicle: Taxi

You start this test with the reverse/brake button (square). First, look 
behind by pressing the L2 and R2 buttons together. Now, reverse quickly but 
steadily and turn to the left or right based on which you have chosen 
(clockwise or counter-clockwise). Then, hit the X button quickly after you've 
reached the limit of the reverse part (so you don't hit any cones behind you) 
and head for the stopping region and park your vehicle. Remember to park in 
between. The toughest part here is most probably reversing the vehicle and 
moving it forward after the pause to the stopping region. Make sure you know 
what you're doing, and going. If you're going to hit a cone behind you or 
something, hit X to stop the vehicle. To be honest, I got this test 100% 
without even looking behind. It seemed to be easier for me, I don't know. 
Maybe you should try that, but you must be sure which direction you should be 
heading to, and that guarantees you an award.

j. [P.I.T. Maneuver] 

Vehicle: Police

You have to perform a P.I.T. Maneuver to another same Police car. Here's a 
diagram to show you exactly where to hit the car to spin it around and kept 
it intact with you:
              Hit the vehicle at this position       
                   \ |   | -- Other car
                ___ \|___|
   Your car -- |   |  
               |   |

As you hit the vehicle to spin it to the left or right (depending on which 
side you're hitting the car from), press the body of YOUR vehicle to the 
other vehicle, but DON'T ram it since that will damage your vehicle, and will 
result in a penalty. Then, keep it steady with you and push it forward and 
connect it to a 'T' shaped letter, like this:
               | -- Other car
           |   | 
           |   | -- Your car
Hit the body of the vehicle and push it to you as closest and as fast as you 
could. Now, the car might be running to the back, so stick it close, and the 
end it should be like this or something like it:

                   ___  ___
 The other car -- |   ||   | -- Your car facing to the front
                  |   ||   |

It doesn't have to end like that, but make it as close as the diagram above. 
As for the damage, you can get lucky sometimes, when you hit the car, your 

k. [Alley Oop] 

Vehicle: Banshee

You have to perform a stunt with the Banshee using the edge of the ramp, 
which you must land two of the tires and speed of up, up and away! First, 
speed off to the ramp, to the left or right; it's your choice. Now, let the 
two tires run at the edge of the ramp, at the sides, so the other set of 
tires goes down while the other wheels which ran on the ramp goes up. While 
you're on the air, release the acceleration button (X button) and adjust the 
vehicle's pitch so it lands on all four tires and get pass the vehicle on the 
other side of the ramp. Now, if it lands on all four tires, without any 
damage, and with an acceptable and/or perfect final position (the same 
starting position), you'll most probably get a gold award, and at least a 
certificate for passing this test. Here's where you need to hit the ramp:

 Hit the ramp here --- /   /                  
                      /   /\   
                     /   /\ \   

l. [City Slicking]

Vehicle: Super GT

Alright, to obtain a gold award, you need to finish this test under 1:40 (1 
minute and 40 seconds) and without any damage of course. There are a lot of 
ways to pass this test and the routes to take vary, but this is what I did.

First, when you start, DO NOT press the acceleration button yet. Wait for a 
while here. You should see a few cars appearing at the corner on your right 
(front). Now, wait until the area is clear from traffic, and then hold the X 
button and speed off! Head to that road, staying in the middle. It's all 
about practice. Stay at the mini train's tracks, in the middle, get pass the 
garage in Doherty, and all the roads. Now, you should see an intersection to 
the right (second last) before you reach the final intersection and a double 
road in front. Turn to that road, and turn left. Now, follow this road down 
towards the road going down. Slow down here, and run on the checkpoint. 
Immediately make a fast turn, and slide the car and turn in around and head 
back using this road. This road takes you directly back to the school, so 
take your time, because if you're going for gold, you don't want to mess up 
halfway. As you reach the school area, slow down and don't hit any vehicle on 
any intersections. Drive to the checkpoint and you're done! 

Be careful and look for junctions and cars. Don't get anything to distract 
your attention. It's all about 100% focus and your attention to the game. If 
you're distracted, you're good as fail. 

Note: You can also turn to your right as you start from the school, and go 
down and turn left at your first intersection. Follow this road down, and 
then grab the checkpoint, and make your way back using the same strategy as 
above (the same route heading back).  

2. Pilot School (e85c)

Note: The Rustler or any other planes are really sensitive. If you land on 
its front, you are 100% guaranteed to blow up the plane, so before you hit 
it, quickly tap the triangle button. However, luckily the Hunter is a little 
secured so you shouldn't have any problems handling it. :)

Accessible - During the mission 'Verdant Meadows' while you work with Mike 
Toreno and you can buy it with the price of $80 000.
Location - Located in Verdant Meadows at the desert, not far from the 
Restricted Area.
Prizes (Air Vehicles): 

All Gold - Hunter
All Silver - Stunt Plane
All Bronze - Rustler

a. [Takeoff]

Vehicle: Rustler

You need to finish the test in less than 30 seconds and without any damage 
penalty to get a gold award. Now, at first, speed off by holding the 
acceleration button (X button) and let the plane go straight down this 
runway. Now, as you see the tail of the Rustler is rising up, quickly pull 
back on the left Analog stick and retract the landing gear as you climb. Now, 
stay low, don't go too high since that slows you down. The lower and the more 
steady your plane's condition, the faster you go forward. Now, climb steadily 
and rise higher and head for the first corona. Get through it, quickly lower 
the plane and head downwards. Now, keep it level as the corona in front of 
you, and you should hit reach there before the clock hits 30 seconds. :)

b. [Land Plane]

Vehicle: Rustler

You need to complete this course within 25 seconds and land the plane 
perfectly in the red marker region without any damage penalty to get a gold 
award. Alright, as you start, head to the corona just above the runway. Now, 
hit R3 as you head for it, tapping the square button if possible. Now, go 
through the corona, and hold the square button to slow down. If you keep 
holding the X button or you don't hold the square button, you'll most 
probably damage the plane. Now, steadily now, drop the plane on the gear, and 
now head forward, by gently tapping the X button so the plane goes forward 
while it's still down. Push forward on the Analog stick if the plane faces up 
just to keep it down. Now, use the banking technique while you're done here 
to guide the plane to the marker if it's not yet in position. If it is, just 
slowly make your way there; going too fast will get you pass the marker's 
region. Stop on it within 25 seconds, without and damage on the plane and 
with a straight final position (facing forward) to get a gold award.

c. [Circle Airstrip]

Vehicle: Rustler

Easy one actually. First, you need to really practice the 'takeoff' test 
before you attempt this, since that is one of the most important and basic 
movement you should master and learn. To obtain a gold award, you need to 
complete the course not exceeding 60 seconds in total and not take any 
damage. There's no need to land the plane, so you're quite lucky here. Now, 
first, takeoff steadily. Remember to retract the landing gear as you climb to 
the first corona. Depending on the direction you chose (clockwise or anti-
clockwise), you should remember where you're heading to left or right (as you 
collect the first corona). Now, as you go for first corona, aim the plane so 
it goes straight and not climbing just yet. As you're halfway to the first 
corona, quickly climb up, but if you're too near, you're crewed. 

Now, assuming you know which direction you should turn, hit to the edge of 
the corona so you could easily bank to the direction you chose. Example, if 
you're going for the left's corona, you should hit the edge (left side) of 
the first corona. Then, quickly bank to that direction. Now, keep it steady 
until you're at the same level and direction as the second corona. Now, as 
you head for the third, push the left Analog stick to the direction you 
should be heading to, a little bit until you see the plane is turning a 
little. As you do this, bank to the same direction (L2 for banking left, and 
vise-versa). This should help you turn for sharp ones. Continue with the same 
technique, but the important part here, apart from the turning and banking 
technique, is to remember and making sure where the next corona is situated 
and if you're at the same level or not. As you hit the fourth and head for 
the final one, keep the plane straight and not going up. Keep the plane 
leveled as you go for all the final ones.

d. [Circle Airstrip & Land]  

Vehicle: Rustler

Before attempting this test, MAKE sure you already know what you should do. 
You need to takeoff the plane, retract the landing gear, climb for all the 
coronas and then head for the runway and take out the landing gear, and stop 
the plane in the red marker's region without any damage without exceeding 1 
minute and 20 seconds for a gold award.

When you start, like I stated, you must know what exactly you should do, so 
you won't be looking at the screen's briefing and see what it has to say. 
Don't do it! You know that's a death-wish! Start normally, just like above, 
takeoff as the tail rises, and retract the landing gear. Turn to the chosen 
direction as you hit the first corona and make a round around the course 
here. Make sure you use the banking technique, and never go too low or if you 
hit anything you will fail or might even get killed! Steadily bank to the 
direction, making a circle around the area. As you hit the final one, bank to 
the opposite direction and head for the runway. The clock should be around 1 
minute. Relax, and take out the landing gear quickly. Don't get distracted 
now, since this is one of the hardest parts in the test. Now, do like you did 
for the 'land plane' test. Slowly head down the runway, hit the square button 
to slow down and decrease speed. Now, land it, and push the Analog stick 
forward to maintain the plane down. Use the banking move to guide the plane 
to the marker. Stop at the marker's region for the test to count.

e. [Helicopter Takeoff]

Vehicle: Hunter

This is the easiest test in among all others, probably the easiest among all 
other school tests. Now, to obtain a gold award, you need to complete this 
test within 50 seconds and without any damage penalty. First, gain height by 
holding the X button. Wait for further notice. Now, the game will tell you to 
release the X button for leveling the helicopter. Now, use the L2/R2 buttons 
to turn your chopper facing the other side. Now, tilt the chopper by pushing 
the left Analog forward and head for the corona. You should get a gold award 
for this easily, believe me. If you can't, you really need to go for brain 
treatment or test. 

f. [Land Helicopter]

Vehicle: Hunter

The Hunter is a fast vehicle; unfortunately you need to really get a good 
control over the chopper before it exceeds the landing region and thus 
wasting your time.

You need to get the chopper to land within 30 seconds and without any damage 
penalty. First proceed to the marker, and follow the instructions on the 
screen. Hover the chopper with the L3 button, and make sure you release the X 
button. Adjust the Hunter since its horrible here. Slowly decrease speed and 
lower yourself with the square button. Land perfectly on the marker's region 
to obtain a gold award. This is not tough, but not easy if you take it too 
easily. :)

g. [Destroy Targets]

Vehicle: Hunter

You need to complete the test by destroying all the targets in 1 minute and 
20 seconds without any damage penalty to obtain a gold award. First, move 
forward fast to the trucks at the runway. There are three of them, and you 
going to have to destroy them. You can use the machine-gun (L1) and the 
rockets with the circle button. Take note that the rockets are not homing 
rockets. Now, as you get closer, lower yourself, and slow down by pulling 
back on the Analog stick. Careful since you might hit the back tail on the 
ground, which fails the test. Now, slowly as you move forward in a low speed, 
use the machine-gun to blow them or the rocket. I prefer the machine-gun over 
the rockets, simply because it it's easier to aim with it, I don't know.

Now, make a turn and head for the two moving targets around the area. As you 
reach there, you can try your luck by shooting some rockets (it might hit, 
you'll never know) or just hover and level the chopper and fire your machine-
gun. Blow both of the targets, and then land on the runway. Doesn't have to 
be a perfect landing, just make sure you're within the time limit, and take 
no damage for a gold award. That's really simple.

h. [Loop-The-Loop]

Vehicle: Stunt Plane

Time to get started with the stunt plane. To obtain a gold award for this 
one, you must complete the course within 21 seconds without any penalty 
damage. Alright, this is simple if you know how to deal with it. You have to 
perform a loop and proceed to the second corona to end the test. You can use 
the first person view for this if you want, but I finished this with gold in 
two tries, even without the first person view. 

Proceed to the first corona, and you'll get a brief on what you should do 
before you go through the corona. Now, as you head it, keep the plane leveled 
and don't head up since that will slow you down, even if you don't realize 
it. After you go through the first corona, quickly release the X button (if 
you want) and pull back on the left analog stick to perform a loop. Now, 
continue holding down on the stick and wait until the plane resumes the 
normal position. Now, just go through the second and last corona to end the 

i. [Barrel Roll]

Vehicle: Stunt Plane

Another test using the Stunt Plane. Now, you need to perform a barrel roll. 
You need to finish the test in 25 seconds and without any damage penalty.

As you start, proceed to the first corona just like you did above. Keep it 
straight and leveled but not going up, but if you're going down, just keep it 
back until it levels with the corona. Now, as you hit the corona, you'll have 
to perform the barrel roll. First, you can choose to change your view to a 
first person view if you want. Some people have mentioned that it's a lot 
easier with that view. I don't know. I got gold for this with a third person 
view, and still I did it! Whatever suits you best.

Now, as you hit the corona, push left on the left Analog stick to perform the 
barrel roll. Keep it straight on mid-air and go through the second and final 
corona to end the test.

j. [Parachute Onto Target]

Vehicle: Nothing but a parachute

Now, you'll start high up on air. You can choose to follow what the game 
tells you, but you don't have to. First, follow whatever they tell you, and 
then when they tell you to open the parachute, open it with the circle 

You can dive forward to go down faster, but if you pull back you'll go slower 
and your rate of descent will go down. Now, to obtain gold, which requires 
practice, is to land on the middle of the target area, with the highest 
score. Your practice in air will not affect your score, but the only thing is 
the landing. As you open your parachute, let yourself go down until you see 
the target area clearly now. Then, pull back on the stick to move forward. It 
may seem you're far at first, but as you go down, sometimes you'll notice 
you've actually gone far too forward. So, maintain yourself from the original 
position from when you begin and now aim for it. It's the highest score 
available on the target region. To pass the test, you need to at least land 
on the target, and on one of the scores. 

3. Bike School (e85d)

Accessible - Bike school is unlocked after the mission 'Yay Ka-Boom-Boom', 
the last mission for San Fierro (storyline mission).
Location - Located in Blackfield in Las Venturas, not far from the stadium 
and the airport.
Prizes (Bikes): 

All Gold - NRG-500
All Silver - FCR-900
All Bronze - Freeway

Note: In most cases, only the NRG-500 and the Freeway will seem to appear 
outside the school. This happens since the game tends to spawn only two of 
them, but the FCR-900 on the other hand, spawns alone and without and other 
bikes around.

a. [The 360]

Vehicle: FCR-900

Turn and spin the bike and make a full 360 degrees turn. Stop at the original 
position, and you can easily pass, and even get a gold award if you're lucky.

b. [The 180]

Vehicle: PCJ 600

As you start, accelerate the bike forward and lightly press the R1 button and 
use the analog stick to maneuver and control the bike and place it the bike 
back to where you began (for best result, stop with the correct position in 
between the cones in the stopping region - bike facing forward, straight, in 
the middle, balanced).

c. [The Wheelie] 

Vehicle: FCR-900

Accelerate forward right after you start and gently pull back on the left 
Analog stick to perform a wheelie, just getting pass the coned area. Once 
you're out of the perimeter, you can safely drop the wheel down and 
accelerate forward to the stopping region. Note that if you drop/stop around 
the coned area, you will immediately fail the test.

d. [Jump & Stop]

Vehicle: Sanchez

This is probably the easiest test for this school. Look at the demonstration 
playing by the video before you proceed. Now, the hardest part is to park 
your bike perfectly to obtain a gold award. Simply speed off (accelerate with 
X button) and guide your bike to park at the stopping region perfectly. How 
to park perfectly? It all comes to practice. I cannot include a guide for it, 
since it's self-explanatory. 

e. [The Stoppie]

Vehicle: FCR-900

The hardest of them all! If I could recall, I did this in about 10+ tries! So 
don't expect luck is on your side because that rarely happens now. Alright, 
the crazy thing about this test, is controlling your bike after the jump from 
the ramp, at the moment where it lands on the ground, and controlling it 
while pressing the square button to perform the stoppie (one wheel on 
ground), pass the area to the stopping region where you should immediately 
stop the bike in a correct position (perfect one I suppose). Those are the 
things you need to master before going for gold, no really I'm serious.

First, accelerate as usual, and remember you're riding on an FCR-900, not 
just a normal police bike. The FCR-900 could pick-up quick, so don't play 
around. As you head for the ramp not far from you, position yourself and the 
bike on the area of the ramp that will help you fly off! This can also affect 
he height or the length of the jump you're about to perform. Now, once you 
fly off, and don't let go of the acceleration button yet once you're in mid-
air. Now, quickly push the left Analog stick forward to make the front wheel 
lean down towards the ground (so it hits the ground first before the back 
wheel does) and hold the square button to hold the bike's position in 
stoppie. You must also release the X button as soon the front wheel hits the 
ground (or earlier than that, whichever suits you better). Now, this is 
ENTIRELY up to you. I can guide you up to this damn point only. The rest is 
yours to put an effort on, if you want a gold award of course. You must guide 
the bike in a stoppie position up to the stopping region ahead of the length 
of the jump you made, no matter what you will never come too close to the 
stopping region.

Remember to keep holding the analog stick forward while your bike is on the 
stoppie position. Note that the test will immediately fail if your back wheel 
touches the ground. 

4. Boat School (e85e)

Accessible - The Boat School is unlocked after the mission 'Pier 69' in 
San Fierro.
Location - Located in the west side of San Andreas, near the Marina (it is 
located in the town north of San Fierro on the map).
Prizes (water vehicles - boats):

All Gold - Jetmax
All Silver - Squallo
All Bronze - Marquis

a. [Basic Seamanship]

Vehicle: Coastguard

In order to pass this test, you need to finish the course under 12 seconds, 
and to get a gold award, finish the course under 10 seconds. You shouldn't 
take any damage to help you get a better score. All you have to do is speed 
up and stop the boat in the stopping region (square button). This depends on 
your skills controlling the boat without any damage, and to be fast enough to 
pass or to obtain a gold award.

b. [Plot a Course]

Vehicle: Coastguard

To get a gold award you need to finish the course not exceeding 35 seconds, 
and without any damage (hitting any buoys). To only pass the test or obtain 
an award however, you just need to finish the course less than 40 seconds. 
Now, this is simple actually, but since the boat is not really sensitive like 
a Dinghy or a fast Jetmax, you need to use the R1 button to turn on tight 
corners. You have a total of eight buoys to pass before completing the 

c. [Fresh Slalom]

Vehicle: Dinghy

All you need for gold is a completion of this course less than 1 minute and 
30 seconds, and without any damage penalty, which is avoidable, but caution 
must be taken. Make sure you use the R1 button for sharp turns, get some 
spaces away from the buoys, and you should be fine, and don't try to rush 
since rushing will tend to mess everything up, even in real life.

d. [Flying Fish]

Vehicle: Vortex

Alright, in this test, you will be testing the length of your jump using the 
Vortex, or also known as the hovercraft. To obtain gold, you need to exceed 
65 meters or more, from your jump. This is a little tough, but just passing 
the test however, wouldn't be a difficulty to you. For a better result from 
your jump using the Vortex, hold the Analog stick backwards so that it goes 
higher 9somehow) in mid-air and skid itself on the water. Unfortunately, 
holding it for too long will result in it staying behind, which will make the 
vehicle land behind, and not too far away.

e. [Land, Sea & Air]

Vehicle: Vortex

You need to complete this course in 2:10 or less & without taking any damage 
to obtain a gold award. The whole thing is to stay on course, see the map, 
make a use out of it, use the R1 button on sharp turns, stay alert, don't 
wander off near the buoys, stay at a constant speed, and well, succeed. This 
is quite simple if you really stay focus on the test, and nothing else. I 
kept failing getting a gold award because I didn't really pay attention to 
it. Finally I got pissed off and stared at the game and eventually I did it. 
It doesn't take too much effort, but a little focus should do. Also, getting 
used to the Vortex during or after each cornering would also help you since 
the Vortex is really a pain, honestly. I dislike it being the "famous" 
hovercraft. Whatever...

Those are the tests, and if you seen any mistakes on the section above, 
please send me an e-mail. I'm sure to take action on them A.S.A.P.

XVI. Properties Guide (e86a)

This section will include all the properties in the game, including the ones 
where you will be given as you start. This section is actually from Menji76 
(Nick Bryant). I'd like to say thank you again for the list, so if you have 
any questions, keep it to yourself or read his full guide here at GameFAQs. I 
will not respond to any e-mails regarding anything to do with properties or 
glitches or whatsoever. Also yes, buying all properties IS required for 100% 
achievement. This is just the location and the guide for each and every 
single property. You can find them using the map (green house icon). 

Also note the car numbers that can fit into a garage might be off, since you
can do that trick that let's you put more in than it wants you to have in. I 
put a safe number by it since I have had a lot of my cars vanishing by 
overstuffing them even though it let me.

I will state this in the guide as well. This is how I classify the cities.
Los Santos   - Area up until the water around it
Countryside  - Everywhere between Los Santos and San Fierro
San Fierro   - The City above the Countryside
Las Venturas - The Rest of the land not mentioned

I have been imformed that you can fit more bikes in your garage than what I
listed for cars.

                          LOS SANTOS
The South-Southeast part of the map, anywhere that you can go at the
start of the game. I say everything south of the river is part of LOS SANTOS
Number of Properties: 8
Number of Bonus Properties: 2
Total Pricing of all Properties: $265,000
Average Price on Property: $33,125
Number of Asset Properties: 2



Location: El Corone
Price: $10,000
Bonus Features: Two car garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: From the start
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: Willowfield
Price: $10,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: From the start
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.

Location: Jefferson
Price: $10,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: From the start
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.

Location: Verona Beach
Price: $10,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: From the start
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.

Location: Santa Maria Beach
Price:  $30,000
Bonus Features: Four Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: From the start
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

-Note- Four Vehicles
The motorcycles are parked behind the cars, their sides parallel to the rear
bumpers. To prevent disappearances, the cars should be parked so that when CJ
gets out, he actually Ogets outO instead of spawning outside the back of the
car. He should also be able to get back in.

Location: Palomino Creek
Price: $35,000
Bonus Features: Two Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Unlock San Fierro
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: Mulholluna
Price: $120,000
Bonus Features: Two Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: From the start
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: Dillimore
Price: $40,000
Bonus Features: One Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Unlock San Fierro
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.



Location: Your Starting House
Price: FREE
Bonus Features: Two Car Garage, Video Games, Camera and Spray Can Available
Completion Bonuses: Complete the game 100% to unlock the best vehicles and 
them spawn here.
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: Yes
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: From the start
Description: This is you main place in the game, at the end of Los Santos, 
will do a lot of turf wars and once those get completed you will start 
money, but once you leave it goes away. There are also many weapons around 
the two car garage you have with your buddies houses right around. Inside you
got a video game to place and a camera and spray paint upstairs.

Location: Madd Dogg's House
Price: FREE
Bonus Features: Sparrow above, Video Games X3, Pool, Gym, Health, Armor, 
vision Goggles.
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: Yes
Wardrobe Change: No
Available When: Near the end of the game
Description: This is one of the places you do in the very last part of the
game, you get many missions from here and eventually you can claim it as 



Location: The Johnson House
How to get it as an Asset: Gain enough respect from taking over gang
territories to get it in front of your house.
Max amount of money: $10000 (Fast)
Description: This is you main place in the game, at the end of Los Santos, 
will do a lot of turf wars and once those get completed you will start 
money, but once you leave it goes away. There are also many weapons around 
the two car garage you have with your buddies houses right around.

Location: Roboi's Food Mart
How to get it as an Asset: Complete the 4 levels of deliveries
Max amount of money: $2000 (Slow)
Description: In this one you need to deliver various items to customer's to
gain control of the food mart where it will start to make some money.

I found this on the message boards for the location of this place

"hmm, it is in on the very south western edge of Commercial district in Los
Santos, you know that curvy road in the very southern part of Los Santos the
west of the airport? it is kind of northwest of there"

-Just grab the BMX bike

From R. here is another way there.

"it's located on the most southwest part of Commerce, directly southwest from
Pershing Sq. it's on the north side of the block between Conference and City
Hall. you can find it on the poster the game comes with because it's the only
24/7 located within Commerce. driving directions: from the main road exiting
verdant bluffs: turn left then turn right then left again, you should find 
store on the left hand side of the road."

Southwest-Central part of the map, all the countryside that has no city. I
marked the countryside as any land above the river north of LOS SANTOS.
Number of Properties: 3
Number of Bonus Properties: 2
Total Pricing of all Properties: $140,000
Average Price of Property: $46,666
Number of Asset Properties: 1



Location: Angel Pine
Price: $20,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete all LS missions and you will come over here
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.

Location: Blueberry
Price: $20,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Unlock San Fierro
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.

Location: "The Farm" Cult Location
Price: $100,000
Bonus Features: Access to farm vehicles and Sanchez
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete all LS missions and you will come over here
Description: This farm is secluded from the rest of the cities and you will
rarely stop by here. If you happen to then you can take some of the crazy 
vehicles for a spin or grab the Sanchez and air on of the many jumps here.



Info: Catalina's House
Location: Fern Ridge
Bonus Features: Always a Buffalo car parked by and Shovel opposite
Unlocked: She will call after you have completed one of her four
robberies she let's you choose from
Save: Yes
Insides: No
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: No
Available When: Complete her first mission and she will call
Description: Catalina will want you to complete the other three robberies she
has ready for you. The Buffalo she has parked there is quite fast and is a 
choice for the next races you have to do, also note there is a shovel on the
opposite side of the house for your use.

Info: Trailer Park
Location: Angel Pine
Bonus Features: Always a Sanchez bike parked by
Unlocked: After completing the first part of LOS SANTOS
Save: Yes
Insides: No
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: No
Available When: Complete all LS missions and you will come over here
Description: This becomes your first save house on the new land, Tenpenny 
you to come here and do some favors for him. There's a Sanchez outside and is
one of the few save houses for quite some time, if you forget about the one
down the street.



Location: RS Haul
How to get it as an Asset: Complete level 8 of the trucking missions
Available When: Complete the robbery dealing with the trucks
Max amount of money: $2000 (Slow)
Description:  Complete Catalina's mission to steal the truck and then 
all the truck deliveries to unlock this asset property.`

                         SAN FIERRO

West-Northwest part of the map, everything that is in the area.
All properties open up when you can completed Truth's second mission
Number of Properties: 6
Number of Bonus Properties: 1
Total Pricing of all Properties: $260,000
Average Price on Property: $43,333
Number of Asset Properties: 4


Location: Dohety
Price: $20,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Truth's second mission
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.

Location: Hashbury
Price: $40,000
Bonus Features: Three Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: Yes
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Truth's second mission
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: Queen's
Price: $50,000
Bonus Features: Fortune Car outside
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Truth's second mission
Description: This looks like a great place from the front but it's basically 
suite where you get one small room, there is a Fortune outside most of the 
that you can "borrow" for a bit.

Location: Calton Heights
Price: $100,000
Bonus Features: Two Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Truth's second mission
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: China Town
Price: $20,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Truth's second mission
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.

Location: Paradiso
Price: $20,000
Bonus Features: Two Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Truth's second mission
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear. There are
flowers and a police bribe just south of here.



Location: Dohety (Win from 2nd Race)
Price: FREE
Bonus Features: Four Car Garage (Missions Available)
Save: Yes
Insides: No
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: No
Available When: Complete Truth's second mission
Description: This is your main hangout when you reach San Fierro, Catalina
gives you this deed for winning the race against her and you crew all plans 
way to get money, be ready to come back here a lot and do a lot of missions 
upgrade this place. Be aware it's not safe to store 4 cars in this garage 
they can disappear easily.



Location: Valet Parking (By Big stacked Pizza, NE)
How to get it as an Asset: Complete level 5 of the Valet parking missions.
Max amount of money: $2000 (Slow)
Description:  After completing the mission to steal a guy's car. You can 
to the Valet Parking where there will be missions to take the cars that come 
a park them, complete level 5 to gain this place as an asset.

Location: Wang Cars (North of your Garage)
How to get it as an Asset: Complete the missions to steal the cars and it
becomes available.
Max amount of money: $8000 (Medium)
Description: Unlock Ceasar's Mission "Yay Ka Boom Boom"E to unlock Las 
to unlock Wang Cars. And you should pass all of driving school.

Location: RC Toys
How to get it as an Asset: Complete all three of Zero's missions
Max amount of money: $5000 (Slow)
Description: These three missions are completely options and challenging, but
if you manage to complete them then you can receive money out here, I myself
had very much trouble and can not give my own strategy out simply because I
don't know what I did, please consult the boards to get a good strategy.

Location: Hippy Shopper
How to get it as an Asset: Complete the four levels of deliveries
Max amount of money: $2000 (Slow)
Description: In this one you need to deliver various items to customer's to
gain control of the Hippy Shopper where it will start to make some money.

                         LAS VENTURAS
North-Northeast part of the map. Anything that can't be accessed until you 
the call from Toreno.
Number of Properties: 13
Number of Bonus Properties: 2
Total Pricing of all Properties: $314,000
Average Price of Properties: $24,153
Number of Asset Properties: 3
All properties except For; Fort Carson, and both Tierra Robada's
are unlocked after completing pilot school, those three are
unlocked after Toreno call you and you have access to Las Venturas.


Location: Fort Carson
Price: $30,000
Bonus Features: Car Garage
There is also a small set of stairs that leads down to the docks, a speeder
usually spawns there so you can take it for a spin.
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Get a call from the unknown person at the end of SF
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: Tierra Robada
Price: $20,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Get the call from the unknown person at the end of SF
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.

Location: Verdant Meadow (Aircraft Graveyard)
Price: $80,000
Bonus Features: Pilot School, Spawning PCJ 600 and various other
planes and helicopters, Four Car Garage, Hangar up to 50 vechicles (Missions
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: No
Description: After you complete Toreno's first missions at Tierra Robada, he
will tell you to buy this abandoned airstrip north of the army base. After 
complete some more missions for Toreno you get some from Truth where you can
get some cool goodies, and then it will become an asset making money. There 
a two car garage and a plane garage right across to store planes, I also 
that you can store cars in that plane garage as well.

-Note- Four Vehicles
It lets 4 in and I have never had a vehicle disappear (out of 3
different games)  I've had everything from bikes and BF Injections to sports
cars. Even Rangers/police SUV, and they are known for
disappearing.  Just my thoughts.

Location: Whitewood Estates
Price: $30,000
Bonus Features: Two Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Toreno's first set of missions
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: Pilson Intersection
Price: $50,000
Bonus Features: Three Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: Yes
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Toreno's first set of missions
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: Redsands West
Price: $30,000
Bonus Features: Two-Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Toreno's first set of missions
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: Old Venturas Strip
Price: $6,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Toreno's first set of missions
Description: This is a suite that you can buy which is one of the cheapest
properties in the game, it's like all the other properties but with no garage
and hardly any space, still a good place to save.

Location: Rookshore West
Price: $20,000
Bonus Features: Two Car Garage
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Toreno's first set of missions
Description: This is your basic property with a garage to store vehicles, be
aware that overstuffing these garages can make you cars disappear.

Location: Creek
Price: $10,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Toreno's first set of missions
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.

Location: The Clown's Pocket (The Ring Master on fold-out map)
Price: $6,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Toreno's first set of missions
Description: This is a suite that you can buy which is one of the cheapest
properties in the game, it's like all the other properties but with no garage
and hardly any space, still a good place to save.

Location: The Camel's Toe
Price:  $6,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Toreno's first set of missions
Description: This is a suite that you can buy which is one of the cheapest
properties in the game, it's like all the other properties but with no garage
and hardly any space, still a good place to save.

Location: Pirates in Men's Pants
Price: $6,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Complete Toreno's first set of missions
Description: This is a suite that you can buy which is one of the cheapest
properties in the game, it's like all the other properties but with no garage
and hardly any space, still a good place to save.

Location: El Quebrados
Price: $20,000
Bonus Features: None
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: Yes
Available When: Unlock Las Venturas by completing Toreno's missions
Description: These are the real basic properties which allow you to save and
change your clothes, pretty pointless really.



Location: Tierra Robada (Toreno will call you)
Price: FREE
Bonus Features: Spawning Sanchez/Adrimal (Missions available)
Complete all Toreno's Missions to unlock: Spawning; Rocket Launcher, Homing
Launcher, Mini Gun, and Flame Thrower
Save: Yes
Insides: No
Upstairs: No
Wardrobe Change: No
Description: After completing the San Fierro missions, you will get a call 
a stranger. He tells you to meet him here and you find out that Toreno needs
you to do various odd jobs without giving you any explanation, it's all good
since he gives you this property and a spawning Sanchez right outside.

Location: Four Dragons Casino (The Strip)
Price: FREE
Bonus Features: Gambling Inside (Missions available)
Save: Yes
Insides: Yes
Upstairs: Yes
Wardrobe Change: No
Description: This casino opens up when Woozie calls and tells you to come and
check the place out. You do a lot of missions here and when you have 
them all you can gain money here. Inside there are slot machines and various
card games you can play. Security is tight here and you need to be careful
about starting up fights even though this is partially yours.



Location: Airstrip
How to get it as an Asset: Complete all of Toreno's/Truth's missions
Max amount of money: $10000 (Fast)
Description: After you complete Toreno's first missions at Tierra Robada, he
will tell you to buy this abandoned airstrip north of the army base. After 
complete some more missions for Toreno you get some from Truth where you can
get some cool goodies, and then it will become an asset making money.

Location: Burger Shot (Redsands East, Las Venturas)
How to get it as an Asset: Complete the 4 levels of deliveries.
Max amount of money: $2000 (Slow)
Description: Head to the Burger Shot in Redsands and you can start some
missions where you need to deliver food to people in order to own this
particular Burger Shot, this is fairly straightforward but if you need some
help check out the Walkthroughs.

Location: Hunter Quarry
How to get it as an Asset: Complete the missions once it is unlocked
Max amount of money: $4000 (Medium)
Description: A mission will send you here and when you complete that you can
return here to try out the missions.

Reward for all properties: Well, you get nothing apart from keeping the 
properties you bought and get a little percentage for 100% completion.

So, congratulations for getting all properties. You can now save your game 
from time to time without going miles away just to get to a save point, since 
the properties are scattered just about anywhere around San Andreas. Good 
stuff huh? You also will be much closer to 100% completion now. :)

XVII. Zero's Missions (e87a)

Zero's missions are available once you buy the asset, which will be available 
after the first mission at San Fierro, 'Wear Flowers in You Hair'. This asset 
is sold for $30 000, and you can buy it after that mission marked as the 'Z' 
icon on the map. These missions are not related to the storyline missions, 
and do no affect them. That is why I separated this to the side/optional 
missions section. However, you need to buy and acquire the asset by 
completing all three missions of Zero's for 100% completion. I don't 
understand what's so difficult until quite a lot of people are having trouble 
with the missions. Anyway, here goes!

I. air raid (e87b)

Listen to what Zero has to say, even though he's boring. Now, there's no real 
strategy for this mission, it all depends on the skill of managing and aiming 
at the planes and navigating the damn Analog stick! As you start, you'll get 
a view of the mini-gun, and you'll have to protect Zero's transmitters before 
they go boom! The bar it there all the time, so watch it all the time. 

You will be attacked from two or three different locations. Use the small map 
on the left (bottom) of the screen to see for incoming dangers. Close other 
icons on the map to help you better. Always keep a look out for any red dots 
on the map. As you see a plane fly above you, line up the crosshair at the 
direction it's heading to, and when it approaches, target it to the plane's 
body, and fire. From the fire time you pull the trigger, do no stop. It give 
you the nice feeling.

Keep on shooting, don't let go of the button, and your eyes off the map. 
There'll be times when you'll panic and lose control of everything. If this 
happens, shoot any planes which are far away, since the near ones would be 
useless since they're too near and they'll be attacking very soon. Keep your 
attention to the far range planes, and shoot them before they approach Zero's 

You'll fail the mission if the transmitters are all destroyed. Don't let it.
If you succeed, mission passed of course!

Reward: $3000

II. supply lines... (e87c)

Aha, this would be the toughest mission among all three of them. Alright, 
this mission involves controlling the RC plane (Red Baron) and destroying or 
eliminating all of the targets. There are 5 different enemies on the way to 
their delivery, and you have to kill them in order to complete the mission. 
Make sure they don't, or you won't.

Alright, you have a limited amount of fuel. The longer you fly the more 
you'll use the fuel. You control the small plane just like you control the 
normal ones. 

X button to accelerate while the Analog stick navigate to the desired 
directions. Alright, here are the targets:

1st Enemy: This guy, who's in a van, will be shown during the short scene 
when you trigger the mission. He's just around the corner as you start. Get a 
steady speed, control the plane, and slowly land or hover the plane slowly 
forward and start pumping bullets to his vehicle. Fire until it blows, and if 
he escapes, kill him. Don't take too much time dealing with him. Proceed once 
he's finished.

2nd Enemy: Ah, nice ride! Too bad it's his last one. Slowly move on the 
ground if you can, right behind him. Fire and kill him once he jumps out. 

3rd Enemy: A guy in a van. Shoot his vehicle until it catches fire and 
explodes. Be fast on this, because you don't want to waste too much time.

4th Enemy: A guy on a Sanchez. How beautiful. Ignore the sceneries. Focus on 
the target. He can easily speed off with his bike, so be warned. He will 
pound you like hell if you ever go near him once you woke him up from his 
sleep. Make sure you're on the ground. It makes it easier actually. While on 
the ground, to turn left, use the banking technique (L2/R2 buttons). Follow 
him while on air or ground, at a constant and steady speed, and once you're 
ready and on a straight or a comfy road without too many cars, fire! Keep 
firing and maintain the plane if you're on air. Don't stop. Shoot like 
there's no tomorrow! Once you're done, and his bike catches fire, he might 
bail out. Kill him before he destroys your plane.

5th Enemy: Another van heading to its location. Don't let him. Stay at the 
back of him, in a steady speed, with your fingers on the buttons, ready to do 
an emergency move in case anything goes wrong. Fire at his vehicle, and once 
it catches fire, take a glimpse quick just to make sure he's really not 
bailing out, and it's done! Almost actually.

You need at least 20 to 15 percent of fuel left to get back to Zero's RC Shop 
before it runs out. Yes, you fail the mission if you don't make it back to 
his shop. Land on his roof at the marker to end the mission. It doesn't have 
to be exactly on it, just land anywhere around it. Mission passed.

Note: People are having serious trouble with this mission. I see all sorts of 
questions regarding this, and how difficult it is to destroy all targets and 
returning back to the roof with the remaining fuel. There's not much to say, 
so I'll just leave you to this video. It will help you coordinate which 
target to aim for first and so on. Take note that I am not associated with 
this site or anything for that matter. Credit goes to www.stuckgamer.com for 
providing this great video capture. Please wait while the video loads...


Reward: $5000

III. new model army (e87d)

I love this mission. Really fun I think! Anyway, fun is fun, to a point. 

This mission involves controlling a remote control helicopter, a small 
portable one I guess, that is equipped with a magnet so it can carry things 
during the mission. You have eight minutes (8:00) to assist Zero and help his 
vehicle reach the other side. His voice is really funny eh? Never mind about 

Now, as you start, you'll see that the pathways are blocked by these barrels. 
You will also notice some tanks on the way. Make sure you destroy them before 
they destroy Zero's. How to destroy them? Good idea. There are bombs at your 
base, opposite of where Zero is heading. You can destroy them by releasing 
them onto the tanks. You can also use the barrels which are blocking the path 
on the tanks to destroy them, however they aren't as effective as the bombs, 
which are really helpful. 

Do what the game tells you to. You have plenty of time, so worry less about 
it. You will also need to assist Zero on placing the planks to make a bridge. 
You will be doing these throughout the mission, but I suggest going for the 
barrels and the tanks first when you start. Managing the helicopter is a pain 
actually. You'll get used to its ascending and descending. Don't fly too 
high; you'll hit the ceiling. 

Now, make sure the tanks does not hurt the vehicle. If it does, quickly grab 
the bomb at your base fast and drop it on each and every one of them. Once 
Zero reaches the opponent's base, you complete the mission and acquire the 
asset. Congratulations!

Reward: $7000 & Asset Acquired (up to $5000 daily)

XVIII. Wang Autos Missions (e88a)

Marked as usual ('C' on the map), you can only do these missions once you 
complete the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom at the garage in Doherty and once you 
complete all the tests at the Driving School. You need to just pass the 
tests, and you do not need to achieve gold awards for these missions to show 
up. You'll get a call from Jethro and you soon will be able to buy the Wang 
Cars. Answer all the phone calls to unlock Wang Cars as a property (not far 
from the garage, just opposite the Modification Garage there), and it should 
be two phone calls to unlock it. Then, simply purchase Wang Cars for $80 000 
and the missions will appear at the garage in Doherty, near the two small 
garage doors. You'll be doing missions for Cesar, mainly.

Note: These missions ARE NOT REQUIRED to advance in the storyline mode, so 
that's why this section has been moved here. However, these missions act as 
asset missions for the Wang Cars, and to unlock the Import/Export Crane. 
Unfortunately you NEED to complete these for 100% completion.

I. zeroing in (e88b) 

This is simple. When you start, you'll have to steal a car, which is moving 
around the city. Alright, first, you cannot let the destinations on the map 
(the dots) turn to a grey color (trail is getting cold). You shouldn't have a 
problem to go through it. You won't have much problem until you actually spot 
the vehicle, which will be ridiculously difficult. You need to actually spin 
the car, and the driver (a lady) will run away. Use the P.I.T. technique from 
the Driving School if you can still recall how to do it. Just hit at the back 
of her vehicle and spin her around, but try not to damage her vehicle too 
much, since doing so will cause a harder trip back to the garage.

Actually, you can try to come from another direction and ram her from the 
side which required your position from another junction or intersection. 
However, here's a little hint.

There's another way, which is a lot easier without even going through all the 
checkpoints. As you start, make one whole turn and cross the construction 
site to the other side of the road. That car should just be there as you 
arrive to the other side. Ram her if you're lucky enough to intersect with 
her, but this will make the whole chase a lot easier! Now, just get in her 
car, which is a Uranus, and drive back to the garage and stop at the red 
marker. Mission passed.

Rewards: $5000, Respect + & Wheel Arch Angels mod garage is now available for 

II. test drive (e88c)

I hate Cesar for this, i really do. First, drive to the car showroom using 
the map. Remember not to leave Cesar behind as you make your way there. Now, 
stop at the red marker. Cesar will jump down from the second floor towards 
the streets. Drive the Sultan out and jump down through the glass. Pick up 
some speed so you won't flip, and adjust the car's pitch as you jump towards 
the streets. Now, the chase begins. Cesar wants you to follow him in order to 
keep up with him, yeah right...

You'll go through some cops on the way, and the game will inform you how to 
use nitrous. Hit the circle or the L1 button to use the nitro. Take note that 
other than this mission, you need to mod your vehicle for the nitro to show 
up. Now, the cops will tail Cesar, and he can blow up his vehicle, but it is 
bullet and damage proof if I'm not mistaken. Now anyway, you'll get through 
the shortcut, and lose the cops. Soon, Cesar goes through an alley. Follow 
him. The two stars wanted level pops up again. Reverse with Cesar out of the 
alley and follow him back to the garage in Doherty to end the mission. This 
mission is quite fun though, but it gets boring if you keep failing it, 
especially if it has to do with Cesar. :)

Rewards: $5000 & Respect +

III. customs fast track (e88d)

Now, here's the mission where you will unlock the Import/Export Crane at 
Easter Basin, which is essential for 100% completion. Alright, first drive to 
the docks at Easter Basin, and stop the vehicle at the area. Now, stand at 
the red marker not far from one of the bars of the crane and press the 
triangle button to get into it. Now, you'll have to navigate the crane (more 
info on Import/Export Crane at the next following section, Side/Optional 

Just get used to the controls; X button is for raising the crane, and the 
square button to lower the crane. To release an object, hit the circle button 
(not while on air). Now, you have three crates to check, and one of the cars 
you want is in one of these crates. You're going to have to send each one of 
them down so Cesar can check it for you. Remember not to release the crate 
while on air with the circle button. You'll fail the mission if anything 
happens to the vehicle.

Just attach the crane's magnet to each crate and send it to the red marker on 
the dock. No matter what sequence you take or which crate you choose, the 
third and final one would always be the car you need to steal. Now, drop the 
last one to the red marker, and a cut-scene follows. You're not going away 
with the car that easily. First, a few thugs will arrive in vehicles. Don't 
let them hurt Cesar. Exit the crane and get to the situation quick!

Try not to take too much time killing these people since they do damage the 
new vehicle as well. Now, go straight to the gunfight, get close, and fire 
any weapons you have, preferably the Tec-9 since it's faster than assault 
rifles. Try not to crouch down behind the vehicle and take cover. Just stand 
anywhere that you can get a good aim at and kill these people. Another three 
set of enemies will appear shortly. Waste them all fast before you do anymore 
damage to the car. Two more guys will appear on foot. Step a little forward 
and auto-lock them, and waste them. Now, once they're all dead, get in the 
car with Cesar, and drive back to the garage in Doherty. Stop at the red 
marker. Mission passed. You can get a total cash of $10 000, and the money 
will be deducted from damages on the vehicle.

Rewards: $10 000 (money is deducted from damages to the vehicle), Respect + & 
Import/Export Crane is available for exporting vehicles

IV. puncture wounds (e88e)

This is a real simple and easy mission if done in a proper order. You will be 
driving a modified vehicle with Stingers (spikes to pop tires). You are given 
three of them, but usually you'll make use of only one. Now, first the target 
car is on the highway leading to the countryside. Drive to the highway by 
using the right road from the garage, and make a turn to the highway from the 
stadium junctions. 

Alright, the woman drives this not-so-fast vehicle. You have to make sure 
you're in front of the target vehicle, since the spikes would be appearing 
from behind your vehicle, you have to get a proper aim and ahead of the car. 
First, if you're fast enough to get to her locations, just speed off to the 
front of her car. She will be overtaking other vehicles on the road, so watch 
out and try to get a clear road and without too much traffic. 

First, speed off to the front, look behind by holding the L2 and R2 buttons. 
Now, drop the spikes in front of her and once she runs on it, her vehicle's 
tires will pop. A cut-scene follows. Carl will fix the wheels, and now you 
should have no problem. 

Drive back to the garage in Doherty to complete this set of missions and 
acquire the asset. Congratulations! Mission passed.

Note: You cannot modify the vehicles inside Wang Cars at the modification 
garage in Doherty. You can modify them at Wheel Arch Angels, another mod 
garage at San Fierro.  

Rewards: $5000, Respect +, Wang Autos asset acquired (up to $8000 daily) & 
all stolen vehicles from previous missions are available inside Wang Autos  

XIX. The Heist Missions (e89a)

These missions are not essential to be completed to progress in the storyline 
missions. However, these are required for 100% completion. You can do the 
robbery missions when you complete the mission 'Explosive Situation' for 
Woozie, the second mission when you work with him officially. The red marker 
is inside the Four Dragons Casino (at The Strip) on the right side as you 
come to the fork (turning left will get you to Woozie's office). The icon is 
a $ in green, just like the icons available around the map when you do the 
robbery missions with Catalina in the Countryside. Remember?

Note: For the final mission, 'Breaking The Bank At Caligula's', you must get 
the keycard from Millie before you can get that mission to appear. Remember 
this. The alternate way is to commit a crime. :D

I. architectural espionage (e89b)

Note: Grab the body armor opposite the Four Dragons Casino before proceeding 
any further.

First, you need to get a camera to proceed with this mission. Follow this 
long road and use the map to get to the tourists. Now, either run them over 
or you can kill them; up to you. Grab the camera one of them leaves for you 
(press the L1 while standing on the object to get it if you have the similar 
type of item). 

Once you have it, drive to the department building. Enter it. Now, don't 
equip any of your weapons but the fist. Walk right forward, and to the 
counter (use the map). Notice the door to your left as you walk beside the 
guard. Now, the lady at the reception will start to talk to you. Keep tapping 
the right on the directional pad and wait until you will be prompted to get 
to the stairs. 

Get to the door you saw before (turn left facing the lady at the counter). 
You can use the map. Now, run to the highest floor. Maintain your position by 
not equipping any weapons but your fist.

Once you reach the highest level, the game tells you that there are people 
there and you'll have to create a distraction. Run downstairs to the deposit 
there; use the map. Now, take out any weapons (your fist will do too) and 
fire that thing with the arrow. Now, a cut-scene is triggered. Make all the 
way to the top floor, equipping your camera once you reach there. Proceed to 
the blueprint and get a front, straight shot. Aim and zoom-in if the first 
shot did not count. Snap the photo (circle button). A cut-scene is triggered.

Now, you have a two-star wanted level. Equip an assault rifle (the most 
effective weapon) and head downstairs. A guard might appear at the floor 
before anything happens, so watch out. Cops will appear, so use the auto-lock 
and waste the all.

There are two to three guards at the entrance area, so kill them or just run 
outside. Now, grab your previous car (or jack one nearby) and drive back to 
The Strip and into the red marker. A cut-scene is triggered and mission 

Reward: Respect +

II. key to her heart (e89c)

This is a mission that will add another contact (girlfriend) for you. First, 
rive to Caligula's Casino. Stop at the red marker, and a lady will walk to 
her car after the shift ended. 

A spook meter will appear, so don't spook her; if you get too close (within 
two cars range would be best to avoid detection). If you let her go too far 
however, you'll fail the mission as well. So, make sure you keep your eyes on 
the map (red dot) and her pink Club. 

Now, keep following her, and make sure not to get too close since she stops 
at red lights. Also, make sure not too overtake her either, since it's not 
recommended. Stay behind her and not too close or far for as long as you can, 
well until she stops at the next location.

She stops at a Sex Shop. Get out; park your vehicle and enter the shop.
She is somewhere inside here, so just get to the far end of the room, and 
stand on the red marker. A cut-scene follows. Now, she walks out of the shop. 
Quickly enter one of the changing rooms and grab the icon inside. You'll get 
the gimp suit. Get out, and tail her again. This time you won't be warned by 
the game, so watch your range between you and her.

Park outside her house at the red marker. Now, you must kill the guy she 
talked to on the phone while she was at the shop. The man is not young; 
without a shirt, and he is holding a purple object. Shoot or bash him up, 
grab the object and ring the doorbell. 

A cut-scene is triggered and you'll get a new girlfriend. You need to win her 
heart to get the keycard. I'll explain later at the second last mission.

Reward: Respect +

III. dam and blast (e89d)

First, drive to the airport, and enter it via the double doors. Et to the end 
of the runway, and enter the plane. Speed off to the front and takeoff 
steadily. Retract the landing gear once you're up in the air. Now alright, 
the blip on the map is actually a corona, and you're going to have to fly 
through it. However, it's situated high up on the air that you'll going to 
have to head and climb up like hell to reach it. 

So, as soon as you hit mid-air, start climbing steadily and head for the 
corona. If you missed it, just make a whole round (get some distance away) 
and fly through it after making one round. Alright, as soon as you fly 
through the corona, quickly hold the triangle button and you'll jump off it. 
A cut-scene follows showing the plane crashes down. Now, guide your parachute 
after the cut-scene to the red marker forward. Just don't hit the triangle 
button and you should be fine.

Now, you will have to infiltrate the area. First, at the level with the red 
marker, make your way (crouched position) to the front part, grab the knife 
nearby. Now, there are two guards here. Quickly auto-lock him and stab him 
(circle button) once he turns the other way and walk to the other side. Now, 
there is another guard, so either kill him from the other side (climb the 
crates) or wait for him to walk to the other side (opposite) and stab him. 
Either way, kill them both and get pass them. Stand on the small red marker.

Now, you'll enter the main area. You need to plant all five explosive charges 
at the objects with the yellow dots on the map. The red blips are the 
enemies, even the mechanics. Watch for them and the sharp points of each dots 
since this shows which direction their currently facing. First, plant the one 
opposite here, quite simple. Now, there will be a mechanic looking to the 
left, and he won't notice you unless you make any noise or run around the 
area like a monkey. Crouch down, and wait until the guard walking pass the 
area with the mechanic looks to the other side and make his way there. 
Quickly sneak behind him and stab him. Plant the explosive to the object 
nearby, and make your way forward to the next one. Now, kill the same guard 
here, and plant the next explosive. Repeat the same old thing and you should 
do it. You will have more guards at the lower level, so don't go down since 
there is nothing to do there. Stand at the red marker at the end of the room 
to end the mission, and trigger a cut-scene.

Reward: Respect +

IV. cop wheels (e89e) 

Alright, after you start, grab a vehicle and start hunting the green blips on 
your map. You have twelve minutes (12:00) to steal all four police bikes. It 
sounds simple; it is, but the method is complicating and will give you 
headache to just get the bikes to the location. The location? 

Alright, the location is on a Packer, a moving truck around the highway. It 
ill make a whole round, but if you take your time too long (run out of time), 
you definitely fail the mission. Alright, the bikes are mostly guarded with 
at least one police officer. So, you should be careful stealing them, and you 
would definitely get at least one wanted star. If the cop is one the bike, 
hop on it and steal it from him. If it's on the side of the road, then just 
steal it and speed away. Try not to involve too many cops on your way to the 
Packer; once I got three wanted stars, but I still managed to finish the 

Once you get a police bike, drive it up on the Packer's ramp and the bike 
should stick on it. Then, jump off, jack a vehicle nearby on the highway 
(watch out) and drive to the next location. You need all four bikes on the 
ramp to finish the mission.

Also, I advise you to look the big map (full map in the start menu). This is 
easier and helps you to actually state the location of the bikes, and to make 
your way back to the Packer so you know which route is the fastest from your 
current position and how far you are from there. A cut-scene is triggered 
once you complete the "delivery" of all four bikes on the Packer.

Note: You cannot get any vehicle on the Packer however. You can only place 
the bikes on the Packer's ramp in this mission, and other than that, no. You 
just can't.

Reward: Respect +

V. up, up and away! (e89f)

Alright, I advise you to unlock the jetpack before proceeding with this 
mission, since it helps a lot. Alright, if you have the jetpack, grab it 
after triggering the mission and head to the military area. Use the back way 
since using the front way will get you some unwanted 'people'. Fly to the 
helicopter and get out of the jetpack using the triangle button. 

Take out your assault rifle or any other weapons and kill the guards here and 
now if you try to enter the helicopter, the doors will be locked. Get down 
the staircase nearby here and use the mini-gun to destroy the two helicopters 
arriving shortly or has arrived.   		

Now, use it to destroy them both. You can turn to the back and to the front, 
depending on the positions of the choppers. Now, once their gone, get back up 
to the chopper using the stairs and enter it. Fly it slowly (since it's heavy 
and slow) and pilot it to the destination on the map. Now, once you arrive at 
the truck, lower the crane's magnet (right Analog stick, down/up)	and 
aim it 
to the roof of the truck. Once its stick together, gain height and until 
you're above most of the visible building from here (since you don't want to 
crash the truck to the walls and concrete buildings since that might damage 
or worst, destroy the vehicle.

Now, carefully make your way to the Verdant Meadows Airstrip and land the 
truck on the red marker. Now, release the truck using the circle button once 
it has touched the ground and land the helicopter on the given position. 
Mission passed, and the helicopter will always be here. 

Another way: Alright, if you haven't unlocked the jetpack, here's another way 
infiltrating the base. From the front entrance (where the Patriot comes out 
if you're there), quickly gain access before the door closes whilst the 
Patriot drives right out. Now, there are tons of armies here, so pack a lot 
of AK bullets and gun them down for good. There should be an entrance to your 
left side, so enter the area from there. Alright, now just make your way to 
the helicopter, using the above walkthrough, but be careful since you're 
facing a lot more enemies than the above strategy. 

Note: Woozie calls after this mission asking about the keycard. Just want to 
let you know that, the next mission won't appear until the keycard is 
acquired. Read below for further info.

Rewards: Respect + & The Leviathan spawns at Verdant Meadows Airstrip. 

VI. breaking the bank at caligula's (e89g) 

Important Note: You must have completed the above mission and Saint Mark's 
Bistro to get this mission to show up, and get the call from Woozie. Also, 
you need to acquire the keycard from Mille.

Getting to the keycard from Millie: Alright, you can actually get the keycard 
pretty simple. The first method is, to waste her, as in kill her, purposely 
or accidentally. Up to you to put the blame on whom. You'll immediately get 
the call from Woozie with a shocking news for him to hear, which apparently 
Millie is now dead. You will then get to access her house and break into it 
and acquire the keycard (isn't this much easier? Carl could do this anytime 
even without killing her). This is the alternate way if you don't want to 
date her any longer after this mission.

Another way is to achieve the goal the normal way, which is to date her. You 
need to score 33% with her until you can get the card from her. Check your 
progress with her under the stats under the Start menu. Then, you can get the 
card from her, and then its piece of cake. Woozie calls after that, and then 
you can continue doing this mission.

I advice you to pack some assault rifle bullets for this mission, not because 
it's difficult, but to make the process of 'killing' faster. Also, grab the 
body armor opposite the Four Dragons Casino just in case, because you 
certainly need it this time.

First, after the cut-scene, drive to the Mafia Casino (Caligula's Casino). 
You're going to infiltrate the casino in Las Venturas, which should have been 
a lot difficult for what you're going to go through after this. This is just 
like Ocean's Eleven, and the sequel is Ocean's Twelve. Alright, enough of 
that now. 

Once you arrive there, enter the building. Notice the clothes CJ's in? 
Anyway, make your way to the yellow blip on the map, and DON'T start trouble 
now, so don't equip any weapons once you're in or you'll blow your cover. 

Note: You have 4 minutes (4:00) to get your team inside the action area once 
you enter the casino.

Now, Zero will guide you through the breaking into the casino, accessing the 
safe and the vault, and well, however not while you're going to escape. 
Approach the swipe door with the stationary guard here. CJ will be 
questioned, and after the cut-scene, use the triangle button at the device to 
swipe the card and access the door. Enter the room. 

From here, get down one level down to the generator room. Remember your way 
here since you're coming back here afterwards. Equip your grenade and toss it 
inside the small hole somewhere inside the room. Now, a cut-scene follows 
once you done it right. After that, switch your weapon to your fist to avoid 
anything to happen (just in case) and follow the blip on the map to the door. 
Use the triangle button to swipe the keycard you got from Millie and enter 
the room here. 

Now, the lights will go off when Zero blows the explosive charges you planted 
at the dam earlier, so equip your night vision goggles and hit circle to use 
it. Now, you'll see everything clearer right? Now, equip your weapon (any 
guns will do except the Pistol) and proceed forward using the map to the 
door. Now, you need something to lift this door since you cannot do this 
yourself. So, use the map (blue dot on map) and head to the Forklift (with 
the arrow) and hit triangle to navigate it. 

Head using the Forklift to the door, and move forward and lift it up (use the 
right Analog stick, up/down). Now, a cut-scene is triggered, but make sure 
you lift the door until you can't lift anymore then the cut-scene should 

Now, proceed to the hallway you came from and equip your machine-gun or your 
assault rifle. Kill anyone who appears on your sight, but don't worry since 
they're quite easy to be defeated. Also, remember you have a new timer that 
appears on your screen, which starts at 7:00 (7 minutes). You need to steal 
the money from the safe and bring it back to the truck within the time limit.

Anyway, follow the team and lead them (even if they're on their own, just get 
ahead of them since you don't want anything to happen to them). Now, they 
will lead you to the vault, but Zero will inform you that someone's trying to 
restore the power. Make your way to the generator room (where you tossed the 
grenade to the vault area). Before you go, collect the satchel charges at the 
side near the machines at the generator (hit the L1 button to pick it up if 
you already have the same item in your inventory). 

Now, just plant a satchel charge anywhere within the generator room's 
perimeter and get some distance away. Switch to the detonator and get down 
one level just to ensure your safety. Hit the circle button and the room will 
be blown to bits. 

Get back downstairs to the vault area and get inside it to steal the cash. 
Now, you'll have another new set of enemies coming your way.

After the cut-scene, notice the body armor inside the vault? Well, use it if 
you need it now. Just stay at the front hall of the vault area and waste 
anyone appearing from the stairs area. Now, once everyone is finished, lead 
your team back to the truck, where you opened the garage and the truck came 
in from. Just get back upstairs, and into the opened door, and pass the 
hallway with the new set of guards, and to the room with the truck. 

Just don't shoot Zero once you arrive there, since he's the only person n 
that area (funny the guards did not kill him). 

Now a cut-scene follows and the timer goes away after the game resumes.
Make your way to the elevator, since you're the decoy. Kill the enemy on your 
way. Now, stand at the red marker to use the service elevator. Now, you have 
to reach the roof. Get pass some guards on your way, and to the stairs, and 
to the roof. A cut-scene follows.

You're going to have to jump above all the roof here (square button). Just 
sprint forward, and when you think the timing is right, jump and get Carl to 
grab hold the edge of the roof and get pass another one. Now, sometimes you 
cannot collect the parachute at the end of the roof, because you have another 
same item in your inventory. Hit the L1 button to switch items, or if you run 
too fast, you can't grab hold it. Just walk on the item to get it or hit the 
L1 button while standing on it.

Now, a cut-scene shows you to land on the roof of another building not far 
from your position to get the chopper. If you manage to reach the right 
amount of speed and jump at the right time, you should be able to guide 
yourself to the roof, kill the guards, and steal the helicopter.

Now, you need to make your way to the safe-house, which apparently is the 
Verdant Meadows Airstrip. If you failed to reach the helicopter, don't sweat. 
You can drive yourself to the yellow blip, but what I did was this.

I drove myself to the airport (Las Venturas of course) and flew one of the 
planes to the red marker. Simple and I got to tell you, the helicopter on 
your tail does not even fire at you.

Land or stop at the red marker, and mission passed. Claim your prize, and 
you'll be sent to the Four Dragons Casino after this mission.

Rewards: $100 000 & Respect +

XX. Gyms (e90a)

Alright, this section is here since it IS required for 100%. What is exactly 
required for 100%? Well, without further explanation, to increase your 
percentage, you need to defeat all three gym leaders in every single gym 
around San Andreas. That's how it goes. No more doubt about these training 
sessions. Even if they aren't required, they're still a good training for CJ 
to build his body. 

There are three different, very different gyms in San Andreas, each located 
in three different cities. The first would be the basic one you'll find in 
Ganton, Los Santos, and the next one would be the Cobra Martial Arts gym 
located in San Fierro, and finally the Below the Belt gym in Las Venturas. I 
will list everything you need to know about the basic training, defeating 
each of the gym leaders and so on. Each of the gyms is marked as a red and 
black dumbbell on the map, so you shouldn't have a difficulty finding them.

Here's how it works in each of the different gyms. Each one of them will have 
dumbbells & bench press for working out your muscles & a treadmill and a 
stationary bike for increasing your stamina and help you lose some fat. You 
can always visit the gyms anytime 24-hours a day since they're always open, 
but unfortunately, you can only work out and increase your stats (muscles, 
stamina) at a certain point when you've reached your limit of the day. During 
this process, you cannot work out any longer for a maximum of 12 hours. Go 
get some sleep I guess. :)

Also, here's an info on the gym considering the leaders. Alright, notice the 
small red marker appearing inside the area of the gym, whether it's at the 
sides or at a man? This red marker will start a training program once you've 
gained enough muscles to have a fight with the gym leaders once you trigger 
it by standing on it. Now, defeating the gym leader of a certain gym in a 
city will result in you learning new moves. Now here's the confusing part. 

Each time you defeat a gym leader, you'll learn that guy's skills and new 
moves. Now, you can perform those moves, since you've defeated him. Once you 
advance, you'll find different gyms in the next two different cities. The 
gyms there contain different moves once you defeat the gym leaders there. So, 
for example, if you've learnt new moves at the San Fierro gym, and now you 
can easily perform those moves, and the next time you pay Los Santos a visit 
and defeat the gym leader there, you will automatically learn the moves at 
Los Santos's gym. Get it? So whichever gym you visit and learn the moves from 
would be your default fighting movements you will be able to perform.  

To start a battle with a gym leader, simply step on the red marker and the 
guy will ask you if you'd like to have a fight. Either reply positively or 
negatively to participate or cancel the challenge. If you qualify, you'd 
start the battle immediately. If you don't, you're going to have to build 
more of your muscles using the machines there (you will be informed that you 
can now participate to learn new moves once you reach a certain level of your 
muscles stat). Also try not to lose since you will be sent to the hospital. 

I. Ganton Gym - Los Santos (e90b)

Location: Ganton, Los Santos.

Available: Once you finish the mission 'Drive-thru' in Los Santos, after the 
call from Sweet. You can only start a battle with the gym leader once you 
have at least 20% of your muscles worked out (check the stats screen to see 
your current muscle stats).

Gym Leader: Alright, this guy is simple. Simply target him with the R1 button 
and keep pounding his body without stopping, or without any fear. Use the 
circle button to continuously punch him. Ignore the health on the target and 
just punch him until he's finally down. If you stop for a second or two, you 
will lose the chance of beating him and now he has control over you. What you 
do is crouch down and punch him, or get a little spaces behind and charge him 
with punching attacks. He is a little difficult to beat for first-timers, but 
you'll see he is nothing compared to other gym leaders. Once he's down, 
listen to him and the button combinations you can use later on the game to 
defend yourself.

II. Cobra Martial Arts Gym - San Fierro (e90c)

Location: Garcia, San Fierro.

Available: Once you finish the mission 'The Green Sabre' by Sweet. You can 
only start a battle with the gym leader once you have at least 20% of your 
muscles worked out (check the stats screen to see your current muscle stats)

Gym Leader: alright, right now there are two ways to finish off this battle. 
One, you can either defeat the gym leader by hitting him out of the mat's 
perimeter, meaning that you need to knock him off from the mat. Second, you 
can use the normal way and defeat him one on one. Alright, this guy is a 
little slow on his feet, but once he hits you once, his powerful attacks will 
bring you straight to the hospital nearby. Honestly. All I can say is that, 
target him as you start, strike him down as quick as you can with his punches 
and he shouldn't have chance against you. Just keep punching him and use the 
skills you learnt at Ganton's gym or the normal way. Either way it's possible 
to win.

III. Below the Belt gym - Las Venturas (e90d)

Location: Redsands East, Las Venturas.

Available: Once you finish the mission 'Yay Ka-Boom-Boom' in San Fierro, the 
last storyline mission in San Fierro. You can only start a battle with the 
gym leader once you have at least 20% of your muscles worked out (check the 
stats screen to see your current muscle stats).

Gym Leader: This guy is a little tough. He is also very quick on his feet, 
which is his advantage here. Speed. You need a powerful attack and fast 
enough before he has a chance to counter-attack you. Just make sure you have 
your muscles good enough to beat him. if not, keep working on it. just do the 
normal and usual technique. Keep pounding him with punches and don't 
Ever. Make sure he is beaten like hell without you stopping. If you're 
currently using the moves from the San Fierro gym, don't use the kicks here 
(triangle button). This is a slow move, even though it's powerful. Don't 
it against this guy. You can have a high chance of losing. Just use your 
normal punches, which I'd recommend the moves from the Ganton gym. Once he's 
down, listen and look at his moves.

6. M I S C E L L A N E O U S  S E C T I O N  (miscsect) 

Let me start. This section is everything in-depth-guide on all the BASICS and 
of course, NEW THINGS that appeared in the series since Vice City. Now, this 
section is definitely not for 100% (the section above and the storyline 
missions however, apply to 100% achievement). So, look at the contents to 
find the sections for 100% achievement, if you're looking for them. Well, 
what else? Let's get on.

I. Your Statistics (miscstats)

Your statistics is the one that keeps track on most of the things you gain or 
do in the game. It's a new addition to the game, and you can simply view it 
by pressing the L1 button to see the menu. It appears at the left (bottom) of 
the screen.

A. Basic Statistics (L1 button & Start menu)  

Respect: As you start, most probably you'll see that this bar never goes up, 
but time will tell. You will soon realize that by taking over gang 
territories, passing missions, and so o, you'll help increase the bar. What 
does it do? Well, the higher your respect level, the more respect you'll gain 
from the Grove Street gang members. It helps like example, as you gain more 
respect, you will be able to recruit more gang members, which helps you 
taking over other territories in the city. That's how it goes, in general.

Stamina: Stamina increases as you work out in the gyms, either by using the 
stationary bike or a treadmill. The longer you work out, the higher your 
stamina goes. Simple stuff, really. All you have to do is spare some time and 
use any of the machines mentioned above. There are other ways to increase 
your stamina, but those actually help, but do not boost your stamina faster 
like the machines. Once your stamina reaches a certain point, it does not 

Muscle: Your muscle stat is the one that represents your body shape. If 
you're shirtless, you'll notice that Carl's body. As you work out in a gym, 
you'll learn that your body does get bigger and tougher. Work out in a gym to 
increase this stat. Muscles help you defeat opponents using your hands 
(punching, kicking) easier since after all, you're tough.

Fat: Your fat bar depends on the meal you eat everyday. The more you run, 
climb walls, sprint, and do activities, or just sitting without eating, you 
will start to starve and lose weight. You will not die though, but you will 
start to get skinny and lose energy. The best is keeping the bar not too 
full, and not too little either. In this case, the bar should be around 30% 
to 40%, depending on your everyday diet and exercise.

Sex Appeal: There are lots and lots of ways to deal with this bar. First, 
your sex appeal is the way you dress up. That's important. Expensive clothing 
ensures high sex appeal bar. Also, your car plays a major role. Try this. Get 
in a sports car, and get out. Look at your sex appeal bar. You will notice it 
goes higher a little already. This will not last for long. Another way is to 
date with your girlfriends. The better your date goes; your sex appeal will 
rise by itself. Lastly, the alternate way actually, which is quite tough, is 
by collecting all 50 oysters. This ensures a boost for your sex appeal. 

B. Secondary Statistics (Start menu)

Lung Capacity: Lung capacity is a bar that shows how long you can hold your 
breath while you're underwater. Increasing it would require you to practice 
underwater and swim and stay there for a long time. There's also an alternate 
way of increasing the bar; if you're on for collecting all 50 oysters, at the 
same time you would increase your lung capacity as well, because you'll be 
diving underwater and stuff.

Driving Skills: This bar indicates how a vehicle handles to you (cars, 
trucks, but not bikes). This will slowly increase as you spend time driving, 
or getting gold awards for the Driving School situated in San Fierro.

Biking Skills: Biking Skills indicates how well you can ride on a bike 
without falling off. The higher your bike skills, the better you will be on a 
bike and if it is maxed, you will less likely fall off a bike. You can 
increase this bar by spending time riding a motorcycle, or by obtaining 
awards in the Bike School in Las Venturas.  

Cycling Skills: This bar indicates how well you will stay on a bicycle 
without falling off, and to perform higher bunny hops. You can increase this 
bar by cycling and spending your time on a bicycle.

Flying Skills: The bar indicates how well your flying skills are. The longer 
you spend time flying in a plane or a helicopter (any air vehicles); you will 
slowly raise this bar. The best way to boost your flying skills would most 
probably by taking flying lessons in the Verdant Meadows Airstrip. You'll 
automatically receive a free pilot's license once you reach 20% of your 
flying skills.

Luck: Your luck helps you during gambling. The only best way to raise this is 
by collecting all 50 horseshoes. It doesn't make a dramatic difference if 
this bar is raised or not, but to make the game complete, you could start 
collecting horseshoes for raising this bar.

Do you have anything new that should be in this section? Feel free to send 
them to me. Please make it useful since I would not put anything unnecessary 
here but if you would like to contribute anything that goes to this section 
here, feel free to do so. 

II. Haircuts (mischair)

You can get different haircuts during game-play, and this section shows the 
type of haircuts you can purchase, the price for each one of them, and the 
amount of respect and the sex appeal contributes to you for purchasing any. 
There are five barber shops around San Andreas and all of them are marked 
with a type of "scissors" icon. 

The first barber shop you'll be introduced to would be Old Reece's Barber 
Shop, which acts the same as other barber shops around San Andreas. Yes, 
they're the same, but the prices and the style of the haircuts aren't. So, if 
a haircut is expensive, it SHOULD deliver better results (raise your respect 
and sex appeal statistics higher than cheaper haircuts). But that depends on 
the case (example the Elvis Haircut; it contributes nothing at all but it 
costs $1000). Some would be useful, and some wouldn't even if they're 
expensive sometimes, so choose wisely. They do look different and act 
differently but they contribute different amount of respect and/or sex 

A. Old Reece's Barber Shop (oldreece)

Location: Idlewood, Los Santos.

   HAIRCUT TYPE           RESPECT     SEX APPEAL     COST       	
1. Cesar                    5%           15%         $50               	
2. Cesar & 'Stash          10%           10%         $50
3. Cesar & Goatee          10%            0%         $100
4. Cesar & Beard           10%           10%         $80
5. Afro                    15%           10%         $150
6. Afro & 'Stash           20%            5%         $200
7. Afro & Goatee           20%            0%         $200
8. Afro & Beard            20%            5%         $250
9. Flattop                 25%           25%         $500
10. Jheri Curl              5%           25%         $350
11. Cornrow                30%           30%         $500
12. High Fade              20%           20%         $150 

B. Barber Shop (barshop)

Location: Playa Del Seville, Los Santos.

   HAIRCUT TYPE           RESPECT     SEX APPEAL     COST       	
1. Cesar                    5%           15%         $50
2. Red Hair                10%            0%         $200 
3. Blue Hair               10%            0%         $200
4. Green Hair              20%            0%         $200
5. Bald Head               10%           20%         $10
6. Bald & 'Stash           15%           15%         $25
7. Bald & Goatee           15%           10%         $25
8. Bald & Beard            15%           15%         $50
9. Slope                   20%           10%         $200
10. Mowhawk & Beard        10%            0%         $250
11. Elvis Hair              0%            0%         $1000

C. Barber Salon (barsal) 

Location: Marina, Los Santos.

   HAIRCUT TYPE           RESPECT     SEX APPEAL     COST       	
1. Cesar                    5%           15%         $50
2. Blonde Hair              0%           15%         $50
3. Pink Hair                0%            0%         $200
4. Blonde Afro             15%           15%         $300
5. Blonde Cornrow          30%           30%         $550 
6. High Afro               15%            0%         $150
7. Wedge                   20%           20%         $150
8. Detail Cut              25%           30%         $400
9. Groove Cut              30%           30%         $500
10. Mowhawk                20%           10%         $200
11. Blonde Mowhawk         10%           15%         $250
12. Pink Mowhawk            0%            0%         $400

D. Barber's Pole (barpole)

Location: Queens, San Fierro.

   HAIRCUT TYPE           RESPECT     SEX APPEAL     COST       	
1. Cesar                    5%           15%         $50
2. Blonde Hair              0%           15%         $50
3. Pink Hair                0%            0%         $200
4. Blonde Afro             15%           15%         $300
5. Blonde Cornrow          30%           30%         $550 
6. High Afro               15%            0%         $150
7. Wedge                   20%           20%         $150
8. Detail Cut              25%           30%         $400
9. Groove Cut              30%           30%         $500
10. Mowhawk                20%           10%         $200
11. Blonde Mowhawk         10%           15%         $250
12. Pink Mowhawk            0%            0%         $400

E. Gay Gordo's Bouffant Boutique (gorbouf)

Location: Redsands East, Las Venturas.

   HAIRCUT TYPE           RESPECT     SEX APPEAL     COST       	
1. Cesar                    5%           15%         $50
2. Blonde Hair              0%           15%         $50
3. Pink Hair                0%            0%         $200
4. Blonde Afro             15%           15%         $300
5. Blonde Cornrow          30%           30%         $550 
6. High Afro               15%            0%         $150
7. Wedge                   20%           20%         $150
8. Detail Cut              25%           30%         $400
9. Groove Cut              30%           30%         $500
10. Mowhawk                20%           10%         $200
11. Blonde Mowhawk         10%           15%         $250
12. Pink Mowhawk            0%            0%         $400

III. Tattoos (misctattoo)

Other than getting haircuts, you can now get tattoos. What do tattoos do for 
you? Well, they raise your respect level, your sex appeal and they make you 
look like a real gangster. Sounds good enough? These tattoo stores aren't 
difficult to find. They're marked as the weird logo on the map (use the map 
legend to help you find them). There are four tattoo parlors around San 
Andreas. In the section, I'll list the locations, the cost and the amount of 
respect & sex appeal a tattoo contributes to your benefit.

Note: Since there is only one tattoo parlor in San Andreas that has a 
different type of tattoos to offer (out of four), I've separated them so the 
other (second list) goes out to the locations mentioned there.

A. Tattoo Parlor in Redsands East

Location: Redsands East, Las Venturas. 

1. Spider            2%            2%        Upper Left Arm     $72
2. Cross             2%            2%        Lower Left Arm     $84
3. Clown             2%            2%        Lower Left Arm     $36
4. Web               2%            2%        Upper Right Arm    $60
5. Mary              2%            2%        Lower Right Arm    $120
6. Card              3%            3%             Back          $240 
7. Crown             1%            2%          Left Chest       $150
8. Homeboy           2%            2%          Left Chest       $120
9. O.G.              2%            2%          Right Chest      $108
10. Dice             2%            2%            Stomach        $108 
11. Dice             2%            2%            Stomach        $60
12. Masks            3%            3%           Lower Back      $720
13. Cross            3%            3%           Lower Back      $600

B. Other Tattoo Parlors  


- Idlewood, Los Santos.
- Willowfield, Los Santos.
- Queens, San Fierro (Hemlock Tattoo)

1. Nation            2%            2%        Upper Left Arm     $40
2. Grove             2%            2%        Upper Left Arm     $45
3. Gun               2%            2%        Lower Left Arm     $50
4. Africa            2%            2%        Upper Right Arm    $90
5. Cross             2%            2%        Lower Right Arm    $70
6. Grove Street      3%            3%              Back         $150
7. Westside          3%            3%              Back         $200
8. Los Santos        3%            3%              Back         $150
9. Gun               3%            3%              Back         $450
10. Gun              2%            2%           Left Chest      $50
11. Bullet           2%            1%           Left Chest      $90
12. Los Santos       2%            2%           Right Chest     $80
13. Los Santos       2%            2%           Right Chest     $45
14. Los Santos       2%            2%           Right Chest     $50
15. Los Santos       2%            2%           Right Chest     $100
16. Los Santos       2%            2%           Right Chest     $65
17. Grove            2%            2%             Stomach       $70
18. Grove            2%            2%             Stomach       $125
19. Grove            2%            2%             Stomach       $100
20. Angel            3%            3%            Lower Back     $450
21. Dagger           3%            3%            Lower Back     $350

IV. Food Places (miscfood)

The first three basic fast food restaurants you'll most probably find as your 
firsts are the Well Stacked Pizza Co., Cluckin' Bell and last but not least, 
Burger Shot.

All three of these fast food restaurants serve the same purpose; to feed Carl 
and to let him keep his fat bar normal, without losing too much fat. If your 
health is not at its max state, you will raise your health by eating food. 
Alright, everything that you can buy in the mentioned restaurants (food) 
contributes to an amount of fat(except the salad). This fat will then fill up 
as your fat statistics in the L1 menu (scroll up to see the statistics 
section for further info). Now, these aren't the only food stores you can 
find. In fact, while you're on a date with your girl, you will find that 
there are bars, and other restaurants around the city. You can find the basic 
restaurants out of the city as well. 

All you need to do to order, is to step up to the small red marker at the 
counter. Ryder will help introduce you to this new feature in Grand Theft 

Below are the three basic fast food restaurants in San Andreas. I'll list the 
meals they offer you as well.

A. Well Stacked Pizza Co. (wsp)

Well, as the name stated it, if you're craving for cheese slices in your 
plate, then head over here. This restaurant is marked with a slice of pizza 
icon on the map. This is the first fast food store Ryder introduces you to.

   MEAL               FAT (%)        COST         
1. Buster             20%            $20
2. Double D-Luxe      40%            $5  
3. Full Rack          70%            $10 
4. Salad Meal     0% (raise health)  $10

B. Cluckin' Bell (cbell)

Heard this in the radio? Seen this anywhere? Then get there and take a look 
for yourself. They offer chicken, and that's fattening. Yes of course, that's 
the point eating anyway! You can easily find a Cluckin Bell fast food store 
anywhere around the cities or in the countryside. Each one is marked as a 
chicken head icon on the map.

         MEAL                FAT (%)        COST         
1. Cluckin' Little Meal      20%            $2
2. Cluckin' Big Meal         40%            $6
3. Cluckin' Huge Meal        70%            $10
4. Salad Meal           0% (raise health)   $10

C. Burger Shot (burshot)

These stores offer you burgers, so you crave for burgers? Then head down to 
Burger Shot. Remember they serve the same purpose, so whichever store you 
choose, will contribute to your fat statistic by eating their meal (of course 
their meals are at different prices). The Burger Shot food restaurant is 
marked as a burger icon on the map.

   MEAL               FAT (%)        COST         
1. Moo Kid's Meal     20%            $2
2. Beef Tower         40%            $6
3. Meat Stack         70%            $10
4. Salad Meal     0% (raise health)  $5

V. Girlfriends (miscgf)

1. Basic

Alright, things are getting quite interesting now in San Andreas, and 
especially for CJ. You will start to have a girlfriend once you progress the 
game, and sooner you'll discover you have 5 more choices. Carl is a lucky 
guy, but with all the interesting stuff I mentioned, this task wouldn't be 
easy, not for Carl, not for you. You'll have to first find these girls, and 
fulfill their needs for their type of man, and eventually you'll get to win 
their hearts. You will then start to have a relationship bar which shows how 
well you're treating a particular girl.

Okay, first of all, you have to find these women (apart from Denise & Millie 
whom you will meet when you progress through the storyline). A particular 
girl demands something, and you have to fulfill their demands in order to go 
forward with your progress with them. If in any form or way you do not meet 
what they want, you cannot get them to be your girlfriend, but one way or 
another they will explain why. This implies to the girls you don't meet 
during the storyline play.

Once you get a particular girl to become your girlfriend, a red heart icon 
will appear on the map indicating the place they live. Soon a red marker will 
be available in front of their homes (when they are at home or available). 
You will start a date with them when you step onto the red marker. Whatever 
happens next depends on the girl herself; what kind of "activity" she's into 
that day or what she wants to do. This varies from a girl to another, and 
sometimes you might get lucky for the easy ones. 

2. Types of Dates

There are three types of activities you might "perform" during your date:

Food: This will depend on the type of girl, what she's into to satisfy her. 
Generally, the venue you pick plays a very important role to fit a particular 
girl whenever she wants to eat. This will all be based on your experience; if 
you know which place suits her best, then you will never go wrong even if you 
keep going back to the same spot over and over again. The places you can pick 
include restaurants, fast-food places, diner or a bar.

Dancing (Club): This is probably easy; it all depends on how well you can 
follow instructions. You may have gone through missions such as this one; 
where you have to follow the rhythm and tap the buttons on the Analog 
controller, whenever they are shown on the screen, and followed into the 
circle. The buttons you push must be inside the circle on the screen, and 
when you really think it is inside and not anywhere outside the edge of the 
circle, quickly push the correct button. You will have to score more than 
4000 points to successfully complete the whole dancing thing. Now, the trick 
is, to follow the music. It is usually wise to listen to the beat of the 
music played as Carl dances; this will help you. If you're unsure and you're 
not ready for the next upcoming button to push, ignore it. Pressing the wrong 
button might be worst, so if you come across this, ignore that button and get 
ready for the one after it.

Driving: This can get pretty difficult at first. You have to drive your girl 
to anywhere your girl likes, with a limited speed, which varies from a girl 
to another. This will depend on your experience since you'd never know which 
part of town she dislikes. Make sure you listen to what she has to say; it is 
okay if you fail your attempt on your first try on this. It is always wise if 
you get to skip this kind of activity for a date for this is terribly 
difficult at times. Fill up the fun bar to complete the mission.

3. Things you should avoid
Alright, basically what you should not do during a date is to run over your 
girlfriend or hurt her in any physical way. That is plain absurd. Seriously. 
You cannot run her down with you vehicle. Even if you say its not on purpose; 
it is completely unacceptable for such behavior. You shall not punch; or hurt 
her like I said. Running her down accidentally won't fail your mission, but 
you might kill her. As a conclusion for this, I advise you not to attempt any 
of these "threats".

Also, always remember that whenever you go out on a date, you don't want to 
be slow. You want to move at a steady pace; fast, but with care. Understand? 
You really should not waste time, especially when you are about to send the 
girl home, or at times where you have to make it to the club, a particular 
food place and so on. This will warrant you a warning from her, and if you 
still keep going slow and not reaching your destination in time, she will 
call it off, and your date attempt fails. Always get to the desired 
destination fast.

Also, you will fail your dates when you don't meet something she wants; 
example like the food place you choose. If it is not her type, then you will 
fail to please her and increase your overall performance (bar). 

Also at times, you will receive phone calls when you're at town and you're 
anywhere close to a particular girl. If you don't make it for a date with 
her, you will decrease your overall performance bar (-2%). It is wise to try 
and make it or load your game and to avoid reaching the destination unless 
prompted by the game (on a mission, etc).

4. Overall Checklist 

This section will tell you an overview on all six different girls you may 
want to know so you won't do things she dislikes in the future:

Note: Requirements are for the appearance preferences by a girl. Meeting 
Location shows when you meet a certain girl (can be during a mission or a 
certain place). Food Place Preference shows which kind of food place she 
would love and the Coffee Invitation will shows how much you need to have 
with her (bar percentage) for her to invite you in for coffee.

Extra hint: If you manage to collect all 50 oysters (check the Side Missions 
section for the guide), then your Sex Appeal statistic will be greatly 
increased, and you don't have to meet the requirements.

Denise Robinson
Requirements: None

Home Location: Ganton, not far from Carl's first save point

Times Available: 00:00 to 6:00 / 16:00 to 00:00

Meeting Location: The mission "Burning Desire" by Tenpenny

Food Place Preference: Bar (Drinking Date on the map) or the any of the fast 
food restaurants

Coffee Invitation: 40%

Rewards: Vehicle - Green Hustler (50%)
         Clothing - Pimp Suit (100%)

Michelle Cannes
- 40% Fat statistic or more
- High Sex Appeal statistic 

Home Location: Downtown, San Fierro, at the Michelle's Auto Repair

Times Available: 0:00 - 12:00

Meeting Location: Driving School, Doherty, San Fierro

Food Place Preference: A Bar (Drinking Date on the map)

Coffee Invitation: 40%

Rewards: Service - Free Paint & Spray 
         Vehicle - Monster (50%)
         Clothing - Racing Suit (100%)

Helena Wankstein
- Muscle statistic less than 25%
- Low fat statistic
- High Sex Appeal statistic

Home Location: Fint County, Farm.

Times Available: 8:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 2:00

Meeting Location: Ammu-Nation, west section of rooftop, Blueberry

Food Place Preference: Restaurants

Coffee Invitation: Somewhere around 70%

Rewards: Weapons - Chainsaw, Pistol, Molotov Cocktails and Flamethrower 
         Vehicle - Bandito (50%)
         Clothing - Rural Clothes (100%)

Note: The Bandito has no doors so it isn't locked. You can use the vehicle 
straight away, so as you reach 50%, you get nothing. Also the weapons are 
inside her tool shed.

Katie Zhan 
- 75% muscle statistic or more
- High Sex Appeal statistic

Home Location: Paradiso, San Fierro near the road leading to the Gant 

Times Available: 12:00 - 0:00

Meeting Location: Northeast corner of Avispa Country Club, San Fierro.

Food Place Preference: Diner (there's one near her house; check your map)

Coffee Invitation: 50%

Rewards: Service - Free medical fee - get to keep weapons when you're wasted 
         Vehicle - Romero (50%)
         Clothing - Medic Uniform (100%)

Barbara Schternvart
- 50% fat statistic or more
- High Sex Appeal statistic

Home Location: El Quebrados, front of the police precinct

Times Available: 00:00 to 6:00 / 16:00 to 00:00

Meeting Location: El Quebrados, front of the police precinct

Food Place: Diner

Coffee Invitation: 60%

Rewards: Service - Keep weapons & cash whenever busted
         Vehicle - Ranger (50%)
         Clothing - Police Uniform (100%)

Millie Perkins 
Requirements: None

Home Location: Prickle Pine, San Fierro, around the housing area

Times Available: 2:00 - 10:00 / 14:00 - 18:00

Meeting Location: During the mission 'Key to her Heart'

Food Place: Restaurants

Coffee Invitation: 40%

Rewards: Item - Key Card (35%)
         Vehicle - Club (50%) 

Note: You get the Gimp Suit when you follow up to date her during the mission 
'Key to her Heart'. You get absolutely nothing when you reach 100% with the 
progress. Also the key card is essential to continue with the robbery (heist) 
mission, and you'll have to enter Millie's home (once) and get it after she 
calls you.

VI. Triathlon Races (miscrace)

What exactly are triathlon races? These are fun-things-to-do stuff whenever 
you are bored, completed the game 100%, or just to have a wonderful time and 
to try out something new. Yes, this is new, people! Now, this section is a 
little guidance if you're having trouble with the races, though honestly, 
it's really a matter of tapping your buttons on the PS2 controller. You'll 
see when you try these out.

Okay, to participate in the races, Carl needs to be in a fit, good shape to 
enter. Here's the list, but Carl doesn't need exactly these requirements, but 
the closer you are to the list, the better:

- 5% to 10% of body fats
- 100% Stamina (recommended)
- Cycling skills maxed out (95% to 100%)
- 95% to 100% of muscles

Basic Info:

So, wondering when you will open these races, or wondering have you opened 
them? These races are opened after you unlock Las Venturas, where you can 
access Las Venturas. You should be able to find these races.

There are two of these races; both called "Beat The Cock". They act as a same 
type of race, with the game's own way of triathlon races. The only difference 
is how tough a race is, where it starts, and the rewards. Yes the rewards are 
different in cash. All the information you need are below, at each particular 
race section. 

The Race:

Alright, here's how the race is going to be. Each triathlon race involves 
swimming, cycling and running on foot to the finish line. Sounds interesting? 
There's more. The beautiful thing is that you cannot cheat, nor can you use a 
car and speed up. You will have a certain amount of time if you get off your 
bike or you immediately be disqualified if you shoot (drive-by) any of the 
contestants. Don't do it alright? There's no fun in there...

You will see why the race is called "Beat The Cock". You'll notice a man in a 
chicken suit, which refers to a cock. Carl will have an attire change right 
after you trigger the race, so you can change to your normal outfit in a safe 
house later, once you finish any of the triathlon races. You have some 
opponents to worry about, but if you've practiced and have a good statistic, 
then there's no need to worry.

Finally, when will the race show up? If you're certainly sure that you've 
unlocked the race (you need Las Venturas unlocked), then you will find the 
red marker that triggers the race on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). 
Although this is true, I've actually played the race on weekdays. But, the 
red marker mostly appears on weekends. 

Beat The Cock I - Santa Maria Beach

Location: Situated near the lighthouse in Santa Maria Beach, Los Santos.

Alright, once you're all set, you'll start. Run into the water right after 
the timer expires and start swimming. Use the X button and tap it as fast as 
possible (don't strain yourself too much since you need your fingers later 
on). Now, you might be left behind, but don't fret since there's more 
opportunities to beat other competitors later on. 

Be sure not to miss the checkpoints on your way to the other side. Go slowly 
at corners since you might miss the checkpoints. You will most probably reach 
south of Flint Intersection by now.

Now, you will have 25 seconds to get on your bike and proceed by cycling. 
There should be a guide for which bike is yours (blue arrow). Climb on it 
(triangle button) and proceed. You will now make your way through Back O' 
Beyond, Flint County, Whetstone, Angel Pine, and finally, underneath Mount 
Chiliad through the tunnel.

Eventually you'll reach Missionary Hill, where the curvy roads are. Now, 
abandon the bike while you're moving (triangle button), and quickly proceed 
on foot. Do this when the game tells you to, don't do it before it. This run 
will take you to the top of Missionary Hill, near the radio transmitter which 
is situated at the top of the hill. You will end your run there.

Reward: $10 000

Beat The Cock II - Fisher's Lagoon

Location: Next to Palomino Creek, check the map for a small shore (sandy 
area) called Fisher's Lagoon (with a small cabin).

Be prepared for the toughest triathlon race in San Andreas! You'll start by 
the shore, and once the timer expires, run to the water. Ignore other 
competitors. Right now focus to reach the land on the other side. Just ignore 
if others go ahead of you. You will stay behind, because they are programmed 
to go fast. Just ignore that issue. 

Reach the other side, and you have a few seconds to get on your bicycle and 
proceed cycling. Alright, here's the tough part. A damn long and painful trip 
is on. You'll be going through some difficult roads, off-road paths, and 
stuff. You may use shortcuts but use them when you're really sure you won't 
get lost. Otherwise stay on the right path. You can overtake other 
competitors so don't worry. You just need to tap the X button to go faster. 
Do it when you're going up hills, muddy areas, even straight roads. Be 
careful on straight roads since they might curve a little. When you see a 
road that curves ahead of you, slow down and slowly turn. 

You will make your way with your bike through Hilltop Farm, Blueberry, 
Easter Bay Airport, San Fierro, southern route of Tierra Robada, across 
the Sherman Dam, Bone County, and you'll end the race in Las Venturas.

This is a very tiring, extremely long, trip with the bike, so save your 
energy and use them for a good chance to speed up. I don't recommend resting 
your fingers from tapping the button for too long; doing so may let others to 
obtain the lead. They're fast, believe me.

Finally, once you reach Las Venturas, after making a round at a section of 
Las Venturas, you'll go on the streets and leave the freeway. you'll 
eventually reach Burger Shot, and then you'll have to walk on foot. Leave 
your bike and run down the road. You'll have very few seconds to ditch the 
bike, so take this opportunity and leave the bike when the timer reaches 2 or 
three, so you can at least move faster. :)

Now, run down this road which won't be long until you end this race.

Reward: $20 000

VII. Gangs & Wars (miscgang)

Here's an in-depth section for anything concerning gang, turf wars, etc. I've 
broken the section into smaller parts; so you wouldn't be searching for 
something in a 5 paragraph section.

I. Gangs

Below are the gangs, taken from R Carr (Robert Carr). Thanks for the list. It 
would provide additional info for those of you who weren't really 
concentrating on the storyline (even if you were, chances are you won't know 
these). The turf wars section is available after the list:

Gang: Orange Grove Families
Colour: Green
Gang Leader: Sean "Sweet" Johnson
Territory: Ganton, Playa del Seville
Weapons: Pistol, SMG
Description: This is your gang and the first part of the game is spent 
earning your respect on the street back, and getting the Ballas and the drugs 
off the street. Recently, the Temple Drive Families and Seville Boulevard 
Families went their separate ways and left the Grove.

Gang: Temple Drive Families
Colour: Green
Gang Leader: Sean "Sweet" Johnson
Territory: Ganton, Playa del Seville
Weapons: Pistol, SMG
Description: The Temple Drive Families are constantly fighting the Seville
Boulevard Families. Although both gangs are from Grove Street, they still 
don't see eye to eye. They recently went their separate ways with the Seville
Boulevard Families and left the Grove.

Gang: Seville Boulevard Families
Colour: Green
Gang Leader: Sean "Sweet" Johnson
Territory: Ganton, Playa del Seville
Weapons: Pistol, SMG
Description: The Temple Drive Families are constantly fighting the Seville
Boulevard Families. Although both gangs are from Grove Street, they still 
don't see eye to eye. They recently went their separate ways with the Seville
Boulevard Families and left the Grove.

Gang: Rollin' Heights Ballas
Colour: Purple
Gang Leader: Kane?
Territory: Idlewood, Jefferson, Glen Park
Weapons: Pistol, Micro-SMG
Description: The Ballas are your sworn enemy throughout most of the game. 
Once you leave Los Santos, the Ballas will be stronger if you return before 
the storyline reaches a certain part. They are responsible for the drugs on 
the streets and the drugs have ruined most of Grove Street.

Gang: Los Santos Vagos
Colour: Yellow
Gang Leader: Unknown
Territory: Las Colinas, East Beach
Weapons: Pistol, Tec-9
Description: The Los Santos Vagos teamed up with the Ballas and took over 
most of Los Santos. Once you leave Los Santos, the Vagos will be stronger if 
you return before the storyline reaches a certain part. They are responsible 
for the drugs on the streets and the drugs have ruined most of Grove Street.

Gang: Varrios Los Aztecas
Colour: Cyan
Gang Leader: Cesar Vialpando
Territory: El Corona
Weapons: Pistol, Tec-9
Description: CJ and Sweet's sister Kendl is dating the gang leader of the
Vagos, Cesar Vialpando. Cesar joins up with CJ and has to move out of Los
Santos with Kendl after Ballas and Vagos take over his neighborhood. Even
though you are friends with Cesar, the Aztecas will still shoot you if they
see you.

Gang: San Fierro Rifa
Colour: Blue
Gang Leader: Unknown
Territory: Garcia, Doherty
Weapons: Pistol
Description: Not a lot is known about this gang. They are known not to mix
with the Vagos but CJ and Smoke spot them making a deal at a train station.
They are often seen hanging around CJ's garage in Doherty, but are not very

Gang: Da Nang Boys
Colour: Brown
Gang Leader: The Snakehead
Territory: Easter Basin, Downtown
Weapons: Pistol, Micro-SMG
Description: The Da Nang Boys have recently moved to San Fierro on board a
tanker with The Snakehead. The tanker holds a container full of immigrants on
board and a large amount of heroin. They are enemies of the Triads.

Gang: Triads
Colour: Red
Gang Leader: Wu Zi Mu
Territory: Chinatown
Weapons: AK-47
Description: The Triads are run by Wu Zi Mu. Woozie becomes a good friend of
yours over the course of the game and gives you useful information on the 
Loco Syndicate. Because you are good friends with Woozie, the Triads won't 
bother you during the game.

Gang: Mafia
Colour: Grey
Gang Leader: Johnny Sindacco
Territory: Las Venturas
Weapons: SMG
Description: The Mafia own most of Las Venturas and are not pleased when 
Woozie opens up the Four Dragons Casino there. They do whatever they can to 
sabotage his plans. You start working for the Mafia in order to learn about 
Caligula's Palace casino without causing too much suspicion in order to pull 
off a heist.

II. Gang/Turf Wars - Basics

I'm listing guides for this section in a form of [questions=answers], so you 
would just have to scroll down looking for questions and look for the info 
below it.

1. What is a gang/turf war?

To begin, a gang or turf war is when two different gangs fight over a 
territory not occupied, or occupied by either one of them. You will get to 
know how to take over them as you will learn from the storyline missions; you 
will then get better and learn how to defend yourself. 

You can take over any one of a territory which has a color on the map. You 
might not see these but that will be explained later. You can also recruit 
members of your own (see no. 13) to help you defend yourself and your hood.

2. How do you start a turf war?

To begin a turf war, you need to find at least three of a particular gang 
member you'd wish to attack, and kill them (you must be in an enemy gang 
area). Once they're dead, you'll get a message from the game telling you that 
you just started a gang war. Now, while the game loads the enemies, you will 
notice the map flashing. 

It flashes to tell you that the part of the map is being attacked. Now, you 
will have to go through three different waves before the game announces the 
winner, and which gang member occupies the section of the map. 

You can start a turf war whenever you want, except for some different cases. 
You can start a gang war even when you have wanted stars. 

3. Will the status remain permanent?

Your territory status would NOT stay permanent, unless you protect them. This 
is a challenge throughout your quest in search for territories. The 
territories you have taken over will be constantly under attacked from other 
gang members, mainly the ones around you. You can save these attacks, so 
scroll down to check. Your status would remain "permanent" without any 
attacks from Ballas or Vagos when you have taken ALL of their territories. 

4. When do I get to do these turf wars?

You will get to do these as soon as you finish the mission 'Doberman' for 
Sweet in Los Santos. This would also be an introduction to both the Ammu-
Nation store and the territory wars. This mission is an important one, one 
where you should concentrate on. Be sure to concentrate on this mission if 
you haven't passed it yet. You will get to do the wars right after this, but 
you don't have to since you'll soon be losing your privilege of taking over 
territories right after the mission 'Green Sabre'. 

5. Where do I get to do the turf wars?

You can do these wars mainly in Los Santos (excluding the territory glitch 
which I'll be explaining later).

These implies to any section of the map which has a highlighted color (either 
PURPLE [Ballas] or YELLOW [Vagos]). Green does not matter since it represents 
the territories you own. Take over the territories which has colors on the 
map, unless for some special cases. In these cases, a section of the map 
should be available for a turf war, but sometimes the colors there disappear. 
This happens when you do not respond to enemy attacks on your territory. 

6. What's the main point of doing turf wars? Why do it?

Why not do it? If you like bragging with the amount of territories you have, 
you might be interested. If that's not enough to persuade you doing them, you 
get cash doing these. The money will re-spawn at the Johnson House in Grove 
Street. Once you take over one territory, cash will be awarded, just like 
your assets. The more territories you have, the better. Doing territory 
hunting will also boost your respect stat. So, it is a big deal after all. 
See the benefits? 

7. I can't do turf wars and the stat screen says I have 0% taken over. Why?

This is a temporary problem which every one of us will face. This is mainly 
because, right after the completion of the mission 'Green Sabre', you cannot 
do anymore turf wars, since right after that you're not in Los Santos 
anymore. This is, of course according to the storyline of the game, so no 
worries here. Just do what you have to do, and when you get back, you will 
gain the privilege of taking over territories in Los Santos again. 

Also, every single track record of your territories will disappear; so, the 
point is to NOT do any territory hunting until you get back to Los Santos. 
This is absolutely your own authority, but just remember one thing; every 
single one of your territory will disappear. 

8. There are no colors on the map.

Here are three of the possibilities you're not seeing any colors on the map:

- You have not completed 'Doberman'. This is a mission which is an 
introduction to turf wars. Make sure you have finished this mission to be 
able to proceed.     

- You have finished 'Green Sabre', which is the last mission in Los Santos. 
You cannot do any gang wars now, nor can you see any colors on the map until 
you return back there.

- You turned the option off. To check if it's on or off, go to the Start 
menu. Hit X at the map menu to select it. Press the R1 button while you're in 
the map menu and check to see if [Gang Area] is switched to 'on'. If it 
isn't, change it and the colors should be back to normal (scroll down). If 
you still do not see the colors (green/yellow/purple) in Los Santos, and 
you're sure you've changed the option, then you might have the other two 
possibilities above as your problem here.

9. Some of the colors indicating the gang areas are dark, and some are light. 

This shows that the darker a gang area, the more gang members present there, 
which makes it easier to start a war. If you do not respond to an attack or 
leave it unchecked, you'll lose influence. This is the exact same thing with 
the colors. 

10. Can other gang members attack the territories I already own?

Absolutely. It would be unfair if the game lets you do the dirty work. Other 
gangs have authority on it altogether. This means that it is the same that 
goes for you when you try to make trouble with other gang members in their 
area; the map flashes red, gun fights are heard, and you're informed. You 
will be informed with a message that your hood is under attack, but fail to 
help your territory areas will result in you losing them or changing the area 
to a neutral state, which means that an area is not occupied by any gang 

11. What should I do when there's a message saying my hood is under attack?

What you should be doing, is entirely up to you. You have a few choices, 
which are as follows:

I. Take no action to it; leave it unchecked; do nothing
II. Get to the attacked area and try to clean up the mess
III. Get rid of the attack temporarily without going through the mess

First Option ~ It's simple. Do nothing. If you leave the area unchecked, 
leave Los Santos, do other stuff, or cruise around or chicken out, will 
result in you losing influence. If you lose your influence in an area, the 
color of your gang will lighten, and you will soon lose members of your gang 
in the area. Soon you'll have no color on the map at all; which means that 
the area of the map is in a neutral state; it is not occupied by any gang 

Second Option ~ This is, as being as difficult and time-consuming as it is, 
should only be done when you really think it's worthwhile. You're risking 
your life, and your territory. Failing to save your hood will result in your 
losing it as well. The objective here is to try and kill all the enemy gang 
members in your area. If you succeed, you get to keep the territory as yours. 
This is risky; but hey, if you're bored, why not do something "fun"?

Third Option ~ How do you get rid of it without fighting it? Simple; save 
your game. Whenever you save your game, you will avoid yourself from being 
"forced" by the game and the message to save your hood. It will remain like 
it was never even attacked. This is an alternate method, commonly used, even 
by me whenever I feel to avoid these attacks when I'm reaching out of Los 
Santos, and so on.

12. What exactly happens if I fail to protect my territory whenever it is 

Well, the territory that was previously yours would undergo a "neutral" state 
where none of the gangs own it. This can be yours again if you could find 
three gang members in that area and attack them. This will, if you survive 
all three waves, be declared as your territory back again.

13. How do I recruit gang members?

To recruit a gang member, first, target using the R1 button (the target 
crosshair should aim at your gang member). Hit the up/down button on the 
Directional Pad and you should hear a sound. The number of members you can 
recruit all depends on the amount of respect you have. The higher the bar, 
the number of gang members you can recruit will also increase. An average car 
would fit a maximum of three gang members. If you have a Coach (bus), you can 
a maximum number of gang members you can recruit. This is pointless however, 
since having so many of them won't do any good, at least to me.

You can also take your members on a boat. They could drown if they fall, so 
this is also pointless. 

14. So, if I take on all the territories around Los Santos, the Ballas and 
Vagos will disappear, forever?

Yes, they will. But taking over all of them is the challenge. Even having 
below 100% will result in you having attacks from other gang members.

15. I can't seem to find three gang members to spawn here. How do you find 

Well, keep looking. This could take forever for the game to spawn. There's no 
real alternative way to do this, so I'd suggest that you grab a car and make 
a few rounds until you see them. They could be in alleys, main streets, etc. 
Make sure they're in the territory, especially if it's small. If they're 
outside of it, the attack would not count.

16. If three gang members are outside a territory area, and I attack them 
just slightly outside their territory, will the attack count?

It won't. Make sure the enemies you're about to start a war with are inside a 
territory area, otherwise the attack won't count. You'll be wasting three 
enemies already, and not to mention your bullets or weapons you use; also 
you'd be risking your own life. 

7. 1 0 0 %  R E Q U I R E M E N T S  C H E C K L I S T  (100check) 

Here is the complete list of all the requirements for your 100% completion. 
Of course it wouldn't be easy, but if you want it, you need to do some work 
am I right? I can guarantee if you print this section and start doing the 
list stated here, you'll obtain the 100% completion. The second section shows 
you the list of all the things you DON'T NEED for 100% completion, and the 
third section is the rewards you'll get for 100%. Keep in mind that you will 
be told once you obtain it and you'll get the message almost immediately. I 
assure you, so here we go!

Note: For the Section 1 (A), I'll add the whole mission for a person you're 
working for in one, so if in Los Santos, Sweet has two sections of missions, 
I'll add both into one, and so instead of having nine total missions, I'll 
list it as 13 missions. Keep this in mind. 


A. All Storyline Missions Completed:

    I. Los Santos Missions:

- Complete Sweet's thirteen (13) missions
- Complete Ryder's three (3) missions
- Complete Big Smoke's four (4) missions
- Complete OG Loc's four (4) missions 
- Complete Cesar's one (1) mission
- Complete Tenpenny's two (2) missions

   II. Countryside Missions:

- Complete Tenpenny's one (1) mission
- Complete Catalina's eight (8) missions
- Complete The Truth's two (2) missions
- Complete Cesar's three (3) missions

  III. San Fierro Missions:

- Complete Carl Johnson's twelve (12) missions    
- Complete Wu Zi Mu's six (6) missions

   IV. Desert Missions:

- Complete Mike Toreno's six (6) missions
- Complete The Truth's two (2) missions

    V. Las Venturas Missions:

- Complete Wu Zi Mu's five (5) missions
- Complete The Truth's one (1) mission
- Complete Ken Rosenberg's three (3) missions
- Complete Tenpenny's two (2) missions
- Complete Madd Dogg's one (1) mission
- Complete Salvatore's one (1) mission

   VI. Finale/Los Santos II Missions:

- Complete Carl Johnson's three (3) missions
- Complete Sweet's two (2) missions
- Complete the final three (3) missions in the game

B. All Side/Optional Missions Completed:

    I. Complete All R3 Missions (excluding Burglary Mission):

- Reach Level 12 Vigilante Mission
- Drop off 50 Passengers in a Taxi
- Reach Level 12 Paramedic Mission
- Reach Level 12 Firefighter Mission 
- Reach Level 10 Pimping Mission
- Complete Level 2 Freight Train Mission

Note: The Burglary Mission is NOT REQUIRED for 100%. I do just suggest you to 
do it anyway since it contributes to a lot of money and just in case. It 
doesn't add to your percentage since I've tried it myself.

   II. Complete all Eight (8) Trucking Levels 

  III. Complete all Five (5) Valet Parking Levels 

   IV. Complete all Seven (7) Quarry Missions

    V. Complete all Three (3) Export Lists at Easter Basin docks 

   VI. Complete all three (3) Courier Missions around San Andreas
- Acquire Roboi's Food Mart in Commerce as an asset
- Acquire Hippy Shopper in Queens as an asset
- Acquire Burger Shot in Redsands East as an asset

  VII. Complete all four (4) Race Tournaments around San Andreas

- Los Santos Circuit
- San Fierro Circuit
- LVA Freight Depot Circuit
- LV Airport Checkpoints 

- Complete all nine (9) races in Los Santos Race Tournament
- Complete all six (6) races in San Fierro Race Tournament
- Complete all four (4) races in Las Venturas Race Tournament
- Complete all six (6) checkpoints in Las Venturas Checkpoints

 VIII. Complete all three (3) of the Two-Wheel Challenges 

- BMX Challenge in Los Santos
- All three (3) Chiliad Challenges in the Countryside
- NRG-500 Challenge in San Fierro

   IX. Complete all four (4) Challenges in the Ammu-Nation Challenge

- The Pistol Challenge
- The Micro-SMG Challenge
- The Shotgun Challenge
- The Ak-47 Challenge  

    X. Complete all four (4) Stadium Challenges 

- Complete 8-Track in Los Santos
- Complete Blood Bowl in San Fierro
- Complete Dirt Track in Las Venturas
- Complete Kickstart in Las Venturas

   XI. Spray all 100 Tags around Los Santos

  XII. Collect all 50 oysters all around San Andreas

 XIII. Collect all 50 Horseshoes around Las Venturas

  XIV. Snap all 50 shots around San Fierro   

   XV. Complete all four (4) Schools around San Andreas (at least 70%)

- Complete Driving School in San Fierro
- Complete Pilot School in Verdant Meadows Airstrip 
- Complete Bike School in Blackfield, Las Venturas
- Complete Boat School in Bayside Marina north of San Fierro

Note: Remember you don't need gold awards for 100%, you just need to pass it 
with at least 70%.

  XVI. Buy every single property in the game, and acquire the assets

 XVII. Buy & Complete all three (3) of Zero's Missions and acquire the asset

XVIII. Buy & Complete all four (4) of Cesar's Missions and acquire the asset

  XIX. Complete all six (6) of The Heist missions in Four Dragons Casino 

   XX. Defeat all three (3) gym leaders in all three different cities

Note: You need some muscles to do this. Just stand on the red marker and 
reply positively. Defeat each one of them and you'll get a percentage for 
defeating all three in three cities.


Here is the list of all the common mistakes/rumors/shit stuff you hear about 
getting 100%. These are all NOT REQUIRED for 100% completion, so check if 
you're doing one of these; you might still have the chance of not wasting 
your time. :)

- Do all 70 Unique Jumps

These were required back in Vice City, but now, no more. It's a relief 

- Take Over all territories In Los Santos

You DO NOT NEED to take them all over. It's just not so important, so 
Rockstar had it removed. It's part of the storyline missions though.

- Do Burglary (R3) mission

This is NOT REQUIRED! Please bear in mind; this is the only R3 mission which 
isn't required for 100%. 

- Max Out all Stats

Nope, you don't need to. Maxing out your stats is for your own, not for 100%.

- Max Out all Weapon Skills

You don't need them. But this helps you out in most missions.

- Big Smoke's Courier Missions

You don't need them. You get some extra cash for doing sop, but other than 
that, this is not required for 100%. Hope this is clear enough, and by the 
way, this is NOT the courier missions around San Andreas. Those ARE REQUIRED, 
but Big Smoke's courier missions aren't.

- 100% with every single girlfriend

You don't need this. This is not important, and you don't need it. 

- Hi-Scores Games on the Arcades or at safehouses

Nope, these are also not required, so this is mainly for fun I guess. Oh, I 
got high scores for a few of the games. :P

- Two Player Rampage or free roaming

Not required, what else can I say? Rampages were required for Vice City, but 
not here. Also, you don't need to collect all the icons.

- Triathlon Races

Not required, since it's a small part in the game. However, the reward is not 
so "small". We're talking 10 000 - 20 000 dollars.

- Dance Club Side Mission

You don't need to dance or doing it in clubs to get 100%. This is just 
something not related to 100% completion.

Part 3: The Rewards

What do you get for getting 100%? Here's the list. Don't be surprised it's 
not too long.

Rewards for 100%:

- The Hydra jet delivered to Carl Johnson's house in Grove Street on the roof 
of a house.

- The Rhino is delivered to Carl Johnson's house in Grove Street next to the 

- Infinite ammunition for all weapons (this is not told when you get 100%)

- Nearly all stats are boosted (if yours haven't already).

- One million dollars ($1 000 000) awarded.

- Vehicles can sustain twice the damage than before.

So there you go, all the stuff you need to know about 100%. If anyone sees 
any mistakes on the above sections for this part, please e-mail me and inform 
me before confusions happen. I don't want that to happen, neither do you of 
course. That's bad, real bad. :P

8. C H E A T S  (cheatsec)

There are clearly cheats posted all around the web, but here, I'd sum them up 
into a small short list, or as should-be short list. They're all available 
here at www.gamefaqs.com but some you may find in other written guides.

Note: I am not responsible for any malfunctioning cheats posted here, since I 
am not the source. I may have found them somewhere and I am not in the urge 
of testing them if they work or not, since I don't use cheats at all.

Note: Enter them during gameplay.

1. Get full armor, health and $250 000


2. Swim infinitely under water


3. Max out your fat statistic


4. Max out your muscle statistic


5. Empty your muscle and fat statistics


6. Kill yourself immediately

Cheat: RIGHT, L2 DOWN R1 LEFT LEFT R1 L1 L2 L1     

7. Obtain Brass Knuckles, Bat, 9mm, Shotgun, Micro MP5, AK-47, Rifle,
Rocket Launcher, Molotovs and a Spray Can            


8. Obtain Knife, Desert Eagle, Sawed-Off, Tec-9 and a Fire Extinguisher       


9. Obtain Chainsaw, Silenced 9mm, Spaz, MP5, M4, Sniper, Rifle 
Heat Seaking Rocket Laucher and Remote Explosives 


10. Fill the streets with gang members only. Others don't appear

Cheat: L2 UP R1 R1 LEFT R1 R1 R2 RIGHT DOWN 
11.  Substitute everyone with gang members everywhere.


12. Enter to drop 2 stars off your wanted level, enter more than once to drop 
more stars

13. Enter to increase 2 stars on your wanted level, enter more than once to 
increase more stars


14. Spawn vehicles:

On Land:

- Bloodring Banger: DOWN R1 CIRCLE L2 L2 X R1 L1 LEFT LEFT

- Caddy: CIRCLE L1 UP R1 L2 X R1 L1 CIRCLE X            
- Dozer: R2 L1 L1 RIGHT RIGHT UP UP X L1 LEFT                   

- Hotring Racer 1: R1 CIRCLE R2 RIGHT L1 L2 X X SQUARE R1  

- Hotring Racer 2: R2 L1 CIRCLE RIGHT L1 R1 RIGHT UP CIRCLE R2




- Romeros Hearse: DOWN R2 DOWN R1 L2 LEFT R1 L1 LEFT RIGHT    


On Air:

- Stunt Plane: CIRCLE UP L1 L2 DOWN R1 L1 L1 LEFT LEFT X 

On Sea: 



- Parachute: LEFT RIGHT L1 L2 R1 R2 R2 UP DOWN RIGHT L1 

15. Max out your vehicles' statistics; flying, cycling, etc

Cheat: SQUARE L2 X R1 L2 L2 LEFT R1 RIGHT L1 L1 L1 

16. Improve your handling on cars (R3 button enabled for a small jump)

Cheat: TRIANGLE R1 R1 LEFT R1 L1 R2 L1  

17. Move on water with a vehicle   

Cheat: RIGHT R2 CIRCLE R1 L2 SQUARE R1 R2                     

18. Upgrade taxis (R3 button to hop, have nitrous) 


19. Speedy vehicles

Cheat: RIGHT R1 UP L2 L2 LEFT R1 L1 R1 R1                     

20. Flying cars (normal plane controls)

Cheat: SQUARE DOWN L2 UP L1 CIRCLE UP X LEFT                  

21. Flying boats


22. Invincible cars (including airplanes; your car acts as a Rhino)

Cheat: L1 L2 L2 UP DOWN DOWN UP R1 R2 R2                   

23. Aim and shoot while driving (have full control)

Cheat: UP UP SQUARE L2 RIGHT X R1 DOWN R2 CIRCLE              

24. Hop a lot higher


25. Invisible cars (see drivers and wheels only)


26. Faster cars on the road

Cheat: RIGHT R1 UP L2 L2 LEFT R1 L1 R1 R1                     

27. Aggressive drivers on the road


28. Aggressive traffic

Cheat: R2 CIRCLE R1 L2 LEFT R1 L1 R2 

29. Cars on the road have nitrous


30. Cars float away when hit


31. Vehicles drive on water (traffic)

Cheat: RIGHT R2 CIRCLE R1 L2 SQUARE R1 R2                     

32. Wrecked (junk) vehicles on the road

Cheat: L2 RIGHT L1 UP X L1 L2 R2 R1 L1 L1 L1 

33. Boats fly 


34. No pedestrians and fewer cars on road


35. Blow up all vehicles on sight    

Cheat: R2 L2 R1 L1 L2 R2 SQUARE TRIANGLE CIRCLE TRIANGLE L2 L1            

36. Rare cars spawn

Cheat: UP L1 R1 UP RIGHT UP X L2 X L1                         

37. All traffic cars are painted black

Cheat: CIRCLE L2 UP R1 LEFT X R1 L1 LEFT CIRCLE               

38. All traffic cars are painted pink


39. Traffic lights are always green

Cheat: RIGHT R1 UP L2 L2 LEFT R1 L1 R1 R1                     

40. Pedestrians chase you around

Cheat: DOWN UP UP UP X R2 R1 L2 L2  

41. Pedestrians riot

Cheat: DOWN LEFT UP LEFT X R2 R1 L2 L1                        

42. Pedestrians are Elvis


43. Pedestrians carry weapons

Cheat: R2 R1 X TRIANGLE X TRIANGLE UP DOWN                    

44. Pedestrians wearing beach clothes


45. Pedestrians are clowns


46. Pedestrians carry sex toys


47. Chaotic mode


48. Jump high as ever (on foot)


49. Punch people far away (pedestrians have this ability too)


50. Gameplay moves faster

Cheat: TRIANGLE UP RIGHT DOWN L2 L1 SQUARE                    

51. Slower gameplay


52. Time is always 00:00 (midnight)

Cheat: SQUARE L1 R1 RIGHT X UP L1 LEFT LEFT                   

53. Sunny weather

Cheat: R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 TRIANGLE

54. Sun is bright

Cheat: R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 DOWN                               

55. Cloudy weather

Cheat: R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 SQUARE

56. Foggy environment

Cheat: R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 X    

57. Stormy weather

Cheat: R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 CIRCLE                             

58. Orange skies (clock stops at 21:00; unlimited burglaries)


Note: I am not accepting contributions on cheats or tricks, since they are 
all over gameFAQs or gamespot. This statement is final.

9. F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S  (faq6117) 

Here are the lists of basic questions, or frequent asked questions. Do 
take note that if someone mails me about anything that has been posted 
here, the mail will be ignored. Also, Q is for the questions and A is for 
the answers. Another thing; I will most certainly delete any e-mails I 
receive in the future WITHOUT anything written in the 'Subject' column. 
Please include 'GTA: San Andreas FAQ' or something similar before asking any 
questions, alike or otherwise. 

Also, please, could you guys actually type neatly, and what I mean by that is 
that you type with correct order of words and letters, and definitely, NOT 
something like this:

"a quik questin. Hwo do you..." 

Please, these types of e-mails will be ignored, forever I might add.

Q: How do I jack a car but stay outside without entering?
A: Move the Analog stick or hold the circle button.

Q: How do you jack a train?
A: Move to the front compartment of the train once it stops (at the station) 
and press the triangle button.

Q: How do you get girlfriends?  
A: Once you progress through the story and the game.

Q: How do you wash your car? I saw a car wash shop but couldn't use it.
A: You can't. Simple. It adds to the atmosphere that the city is a 
realistic one. That's all.

Q: How do I recruit gang members?
A: Hold R1 to your gang to aim at them, and hit the up on the 
directional pad.

Q: How do you start a gang war?
A: Go to their territory, and walk on foot. Next, take out a gun and 
shoot them on sight (see a group of them and fire at them, usually it takes 
three kills to start one). The map will flash red and the game will tell you 
just started a war. Now, you have to deal with three waves before getting the 

Q: How do I get the Sex Appeal to get up?
A: Drive a fast car, and a sleek one too. Get a good haircut, and some 
nice clothing. Also, boost your Sex Appeal by collecting 50 Oysters.

Q: How do I get hookers inside the car?
A: Once they ask you if you want to have fun, press the right on the
Directional Pad, which is replying positively. Pressing left will 
result in a 'no' answer, or driving away.

Q: Well, I'm at San Fierro, but when I visit Los Santos again, 
my territories have disappeared. What is going on? Did I do something 
wrong? It also says 0% territories in my stats. What is happening?
A: This is normal. A lot of people e-mailed me, so well its normal.
You will get back your privilege of taking over the town soon. It's 
just the storyline, so nothing serious. Progress through the storyline. 
You'll get it when you return back to Los Santos after your visit to Las 

Q: How do I rob houses?
A: You need to do the Home Invasion mission first. Get a Boxville (one is 
available at the first gym, on the right facing the entrance (near the 
houses). Once you're in the Boxville, press R3. It can only be triggered from 
20:00 to 6:00. Also, it must be a black one. Normal ones won't do anything.

Q: Where is the import/export crane situated?
A: It is situated at San Fierro at San Fierro Airport where the huge crane on 
the ship is situated. Also, you can only do this once you beat the 'Custom 
Fast Track' mission for Cesar.

Q: Do you need to complete the whole lists of the import/export crane to 
obtain 100%?
A: I'm afraid yes, you do.

Q: How many lists are there?
A: Three.

Q: This seems silly, but I don't know how to deliver the vehicle. How do you 
do it?
A: There's a crane where you did the mission with Cesar where you used it to 
lift the containers. It's quite obvious since it's just right there, near the 

Q: Where are the chalk board and the list of all the cars I need to export?
A: It's in front, a little further away from the crane.

Q: I get a message that I cannot workout anymore at a gym. I visit the next 
day and still nothing worked. Any ideas?
A: You most probably need some fat for Carl. If not, he can't workout. This 
is also known as a glitch after you complete the game. You could try 
starving him and keep checking the gym. See if it works. Look below to see a 
more specific answer to this. 

Q: I have a few girlfriends, but each time I visit them, the red marker is 
not appearing and the game says she's not at home, so try again later. I did, 
but she still wasn't there. What should I do?
A: I'm not good about this myself, but I heard that you must have a nice 
sporty car, dress up neatly, and drive there slowly at a proper time where 
she usually at home. Once you go out with them, check what time they usually 
are at home. That should help. Also, sometimes need a certain amount of Fat 
to get them available at their homes.

Q: I can't enter the airport, not even at San Fierro or Las Venturas. What is 
going on?
A: You have to do the Flight School missions first before you unlock the 
airports. You must complete all the tests in order to unlock them to obtain 
the license.

Q: How do you duel weapons?
A: You can, but you'll have to work your way through that weapons' skill 
first. Once it's maxed out, you'll get it, but remember, NOT ALL WEAPONS. 
Only a few. The only weapons that support duel wielding are Micro SMGs, 9mm, 
Tech 9, Sawed-off Shotgun.

Q: I went to Easter Basin, but suddenly I got 5 wanted star levels! What the 
hell? I thought this is where you deliver vehicles?
A: Nope my friend, you got lost. That's not where the crane for delivering 
vehicles is situated. It's by the red line (train tracks) on the map. Check 

Q: I find a typo error in your FAQ. Change it.
A: Short answer; I won't. Please stop sending me e-mails telling me I have 
some errors in the guide (typos). I will change it, but you don't have to 
inform. If you keep sending e-mails like these, it will immediately be 
ignored. This is a normal occurrence, and I don't need your help and concern. 
You will be wasting your time, and mine for that matter.

Q: Can I follow your guide, or are you listing your guide randomly, or can I 
follow it exactly like this?
A: I'm listing the storyline missions directly from the game and following 
the game's order, so if you do follow mine, you'll be fine, as long as you 
don't do what I didn't tell you.

Q: I used cheats before, and when I wanted to save, the game said that that 
it's not recommended. Is it safe?
A: Overall, I'd say no. Seriously. Cheating has been the first cause for 
stopping players getting 100%, even if you're on it. There have been reports 
over at the message boards about this. It's not 100% proven, but it is not 
safe to cheat. If you still want to, then I'd recommend you save to three 
different slots, in case one gets corrupted. This way, you'll be fine. :) 

Q: I'm having problems with Burglary missions. Please help!
A: Read in the above section for R3 mission, but if you can't still 
understand, look at this video clip if you haven't yet: 


Q: Do you have to get $10 000 for the burglary mission to get 100%? 
A: You don't. I've checked it a few times, and noticed YOU DO NOT NEED to 
complete the Burglary R3 mission for 100% completion. But, you might want to, 
since you can make easy money from burglary.

Q: Are the courier missions for Big Smoke (syndicate) while you're at San 
Fierro required for 100% completion?
A: I never said they are. They're not. You don't need them, but don't confuse 
yourself with the Courier missions scattered throughout the three cities. 
Those missions ARE required. 

Q: Do I need to do the Lowrider mission, where you reply negative or 
positively to that guy, again to get 100%? 
A: No, you don't. You've already done it when you first met Cesar.

Q: I spawned the Leviathan at the Verdant Meadows Airstrip at the circle 
thing, but now when I flew that thing, I did not see any crane attached to it 
like I did for the Heist Missions. Why is this?
A: You cannot get to keep the crane which you can attach vehicles to it, you 
just can't, not to my knowledge. You can only get to use it once, and that is 
when you did the mission 'Up, Up and Away!'. Even if you get to keep the 
helicopter, it has been proven that you will most probably never get a sight 
of the crane after saving and after opening your garage (the big one) at 
Verdant Meadows Airstrip. Don't stop trying I might add. :)

Q: When will I open up Ammu-Nation? 
A: You will open it up quite later in the game, but not so far away though. 
It's when you work with Sweet for the second time (check the storyline 
section). You will be given a brief of these stores scattered around San 
Andreas. Be a little patient. Games require patience, unless you're playing 
other type of "games". :]

Q: I've completed the game, and I wanted to gain some muscles at the gyms. 
Now, every time I try to use the machines, a message like "Your have trained 
enough for today, come back tomorrow" appears, although I haven't done 
anything yet? What's going on? Can I fix this?
A: Nope, you can't. Like I mentioned in some parts of this guide, I cannot 
help you in most glitch, but some experienced people, or players who managed 
to think of a way out of them, would be best to help you. This is a universal 
glitch, meaning it happens to everybody (most of us).

Q: I get an error message each time I'm playing the game, which says "Error 
reading the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas disc". Can anything be done to stop 
A: The only thing that could possibly affect the reading of the console is 
probably the scratches on your disc copy. The only, best solution is to buy a 
new one. You could try cleaning it, but if that does not work, get a new copy 
of the game. Your PlayStation 2's lens could also be affected by dust 
particles. use a proper disc cleaning device to help you improve your 
console's performance.

Note: More are coming and will be added in the future.

10. C R E D I T S  (cr318)

The guide is complete, contributions are still being accepted, and here are 
the credits. As usual, updates happen frequently, but that depends on the 
situation. All the contributors and the people associated with the guide 
(people who helped me through) are mentioned as follows. I'd like to thank:

- myself for finding info, putting it up and gathering all the basics.
- CJayc for having this website running, and hosting this guide of course.
- dark52 for the ASCII Art.
- LordFrieza (Mark Tennis) for the Tags Locations Guide. 
- gamefreaksl for the Horseshoes' list. 
- R Carr (Robert Carr) for letting me use the snapshots guide & for providing 
the gang info. :)
- Jon P for informing me about the clothes mistake.
- Brian Kashouty for telling me hookers help you raise your Sex Appeal.
- Warren Tape for the alternate strategy for the mission 'Life's a Beach'.
- Gary (garyglines) for the Burglary tips.
- Michael Weir for the Pier 69 tips & the Quarry Mission Level 7 strategy. 
- HackMaster412@aol.com for telling me shooting Jizzy's tires in the mission 
'Ice Cold Killa' helps later on. 
- Menji76 (Nick Bryant) for the Properties list. 
- MC Face for the link to the image for a mission: 'wrong side of the tracks' 
- Ihmhi for the long, info on the basics section. 
- CJ McCaleb (diablo 74136@yahoo.com) for the additional strategy for 
Tenpenny's 'Gray Imports' mission.
- Michelle Dailey (gargoyle626@hotmail.com) also for the mission 'Gray 
Imports' additional strategy.
- http://gtadomain.gtagaming.com/2pmap.html for the Two-Player icons 
- www.stuckgamer.com for providing the video guide for 'Supply Lines...'
- vortex@tvonixon.com for adding a little info on the mission 'jizzy'.
- Steven [thegokid@gmail.com] for correcting me a misspelled word that would 
be confusing for everyone. :) 
- Rory Bennett (ereinioncalaelen@hotmail.com) for the tips on the mission 
"High Noon" and also telling me the mistake right there. 
- Kevin  for informing me on the missing shotcuts for the mission "new model 
- my parents for giving me money to get the game.
- my sister for fixing the computer, since it was moving slowly.
- my friends for taking their time listening to my nonsense at school 
about this game, or at chat rooms (Cheah, Melissa, Afiqah, Horace, Lingesh, 
Aznam [this guy supported me, didn't cheer though], Hameerudin 
[congratulations for the prefect's post], David Mo, and last but not least, 
Zainul). Those are few of the names, but thanks to all of you guys who 
supported me throughout my quest! :P
- finally, you my reader for taking time scrolling up and down finding 
info. Thanks for reading. Hopefully this guide helped you at least a bit.

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2006 by the author piecemealcranky. All rights reserved.


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