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In-Depth FAQs

100% Completion FAQ (PS2) 01/25/03 InsideOutBoy 1.9 199K
Audio Extraction Guide (PS2) 09/21/06 prudoff FINAL 67K
Bulletproof Car FAQ (PS2) 09/09/02 Azure Edge 1.8 15K
Bulletproof Car FAQ (PS2) 09/16/02 KSutton Final 68K
Car Boosting Job FAQ (PS2) 02/28/02 6 SiXeS Final 89K
Car Database (PS2) 08/05/02 CHalfpenny 1.75 46K
Car Database (PS2) 01/14/02 GheddonLN 0.1 23K
Chatterbox Dialog Script (PS2) 09/17/02 Packing Heat 3 84K
Commercial Scripts (PS2) 09/24/03 JMazzocchi 2.0 19K
Dodo Flying FAQ (PS2) 08/25/02 MrIQ 39K
Flashback FM Script (PS2) 07/28/04 Joni Full 37K
Game Script (PS2) 07/12/04 whitedragon 1.2 53K
Ghost Town FAQ (PS2) 07/05/03 Codewiz11 1.8 29K
Hard to Reach Places FAQ (PS2) 08/21/02 screwy1 1.6 44K
Head Radio Script (PS2) 08/28/02 FaaipdeOiad14 1.2 13K
Hidden Packages FAQ (PS2) 11/28/01 INoble Final 31K
Import/Export Garage and EV Crane FAQ (PS2) 11/15/01 INoble 4K
Item/Weapon Locations Guide (PS2) 11/03/02 Adrenaline SL 1.0 14K
K-JAH Script (PS2) 10/11/06 Sir_Madness 2.0 14K
Lips 106 Dialogue Script (PS2) 08/03/04 TekToNik 15K
Missions Guide (PS2) 07/01/03 fluxwildlyuncut 2.2 275K
Non-Unique Jumps FAQ (PS2) 05/10/03 scrubking 1.3 18K
Offroad Missions FAQ (PS2) 08/14/02 Minesweeper 1.3 19K
Original/Double Pack Version Changes (PS2) 01/09/15 RARusk 7.2 85K
Pick-Up Locations FAQ (PS2) 01/05/02 AlienLX / CMystro 1.0 6K
Plot Guide (PS2) 11/21/07 HappyWomble V5.00 125K
Purple Nines Glitch FAQ (PS2) 07/29/02 gtafreak420 10K
R3 Missions Guide (PS2) 01/13/03 wayalla 1.0 25K
RC Super-Jump FAQ (PS2) 07/19/03 Snoman 22K
Rampage FAQ (PS2) 09/01/02 Sweetpimp324 / Minesweeper Final 68K
Rhino Tank FAQ (PS2) 04/23/02 Azraelot 1.5 59K
Series Story Guide (PS2) 05/22/06 Canadian Dude 1.2 249K
Series Storyline Guide (PS2) 04/21/08 MattVSin 3.2 322K
Song Guide (PS2) 07/13/05 JPaterson Final 33K
Special Vehicle FAQ (PS2) 12/29/18 Lancet Jades 1.97 102K
Taxi Missions FAQ (PC) 07/01/03 chrisg0619 1.00 26K
Trophy Guide (HTML) 01/12/16 horror_spooky 53K
Unique Jump FAQ (PS2) 05/29/02 KKanellos 1.4 6K
Vehicle Guide (PS2) 11/02/01 Berzerker8x 0.1 25K
Vehicle Locations FAQ (PS2) 03/10/02 CMystro 2.0a 26K
Vehicle Stats FAQ (PS2) 03/08/02 Acid_Head 0.2 50K
Weapons FAQ (PS2) 12/09/03 Psy Final 17K

Foreign Language FAQs

Secrets FAQs

Secrets FAQ (PS2) 12/30/01 KJackson 1.8 46K

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