Dialogue colors?

  1. when I talk to a nurse there is a dialogue option With an exclamation point and the question is written in blue letters. there is also an option with a yellow exclamation point and spikes or Flames around it or something and the words are all yellow? I don't remember the game explaining what the difference is? can anyone help? What is the difference between dialogue choices in white lettering and colored lettering.

    User Info: savaj

    savaj - 1 year ago

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  1. The blue dialogue becomes available after "hints" are unlocked, either through conversation with the person, or conversation with someone else about that person. You'll notice Dr. Reid's voice becomes a little more commanding which means he's "mesmerizing" them into revealing something you had to work a little harder to find out. The more hints you unlock about a person, the more XP you earn from them should you embrace them.White dialogue is the standard, optional conversation you want to listen to in the hopes of finding out those hints. Yellow dialogue simply moves the current mission or storyline along.

    User Info: PsychicHippo

    PsychicHippo - 1 year ago 1   0

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