How do you sanitize a district?

  1. How do you sanitize a district and do they stay sanitized

    User Info: Sarah997

    Sarah997 - 1 year ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. A district becomes sanitized after you find and unlock all the "profiles' for everyone of its residents (i.e, talking to everyone. You don't have to unlock all hints, just talk to them so you can see their "health" stat). and ensure everyone of them is healthy. Illness will lower the Districts health temporarily, and can be fixed with medicine, and Embracing/Killing any of the residents takes a permanent chunk out of the districts health.

    All citizens can potentially become ill even when healthy/healed when you go to sleep, so no, Sanitized isn't permanent.

    User Info: vampyric_Desire

    vampyric_Desire - 1 year ago 2   0

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