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Ace of Aces
Unlock all Trophies.
Pilot and Killer
[Campaign] Finish the Campaign.
Coin Collector
[Campaign] Win at least a Gold medal in all Stadium Challenges.
Raging Tears
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 5.
The End of Innocence
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 4.
Rebel with a Cause
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 3.
It's a Pirate's Life for Me
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 2.
Cannon Fodder
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 1.
Eager to Fight
[Campaign] Mission 1 : Finish the Mission in less than 4 minutes.
Too Fast for You
[Campaign] Mission 3 : Finish the race in less than 47 seconds.
I Will Survive
Destroy an enemy Vector with 1 Health Point remaining.
Danger! Minefield
Destroy an enemy Vector with Mines.
Destroy 200 explosive Fuel Tankers or Cargos.
Daisy, Daisy...
Destroy an enemy Vector with a Stalker.
One stone, Two birds.
Destroy an enemy Vector by shooting an explosive environment object.
Dodgeball King
Dodge 50 Homing Missiles with Strafe Boost/Barrel Roll.
Pass through 10 Boost Gates in less than 30 seconds.
Welcome to Strike Vector
First crash.
Pappy 45
[Multiplayer] Reach Vector Master grade (level 45).
Vector Killer
[Multiplayer] Destroy 300 enemy Vectors.
We Need Another Hero
[Multiplayer-CTF] Capture the Enemy Flag and return it to the Base without dying.
The Gunsmith
[Multiplayer] Destroy at least 1 enemy Vector with each weapon.
[Multiplayer] Win a multiplayer match in any game mode.
A New Beginning
Upgrade your Prestige Level for the first time.
It's Definitely You!
[Multiplayer] Destroy 50 enemy Vectors with Gatlings.
[Multiplayer] Destroy 40 enemy Vectors with Carabines.
Rocket Punch!
[Multiplayer] Destroy 50 enemy Vectors with Rockets.
Glue Pot
[Multiplayer] Destroy 40 enemy Vectors with Homing Missiles.
Bull's Eye
[Multiplayer] Destroy 30 enemy Vectors with Plasma Guns.
Big Guns
[Multiplayer] Destroy 50 enemy Vectors with Shotguns.
[Multiplayer] Destroy 40 enemy Vectors with Swarms Missiles.
[Multiplayer-King of the Hill] Capture a Strategic Point with the Ghost Device activated.
[Multiplayer] Destroy 3 enemy Vectors with the same Strike Damage Bonus.
Express Delivery
[Multiplayer] Destroy a Bonus Drone.
Destroy an enemy Vector with the Tesla.
Give Me Five... Again
[Multiplayer] Win 3 High-Five Medals.
Last Action Hero
[Multiplayer] Destroy an enemy Vector with self-destruction action.
Not a Rookie Anymore
[Multiplayer] First kill.
I Have the Power!
[Multiplayer] Destroy 3 enemy Vectors without dying.
The Harvester
[Multiplayer] Collect 15 Bonus Crates.
Give it to Me
[Multiplayer] Collect a Crate with the Rocket Booster active.

Originally Contributed By: KeyBlade999

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