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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 06/30/14

     |  _   _  _____  _____  _   _  _   _     ____   _____  _____  _ ___  |
     | | | | ||  ___||  _  || | | || | | |   |  _ \ |  _  ||_   _|| '   | |
     | | |_| || |_   | | | || | | || |_| |   | |_) )| |_| |  | |  | |¯| | |
     | |  _  ||  _|  | |_| || | ) )|_   _|   |    / |  _  |  | |  | | | | |
     | | | | || |___ |  _  || [/ /  _| |_    | |\ \ | | | | _| |_ | | | | |
     | |_| |_||_____||_| |_||___/  |_____|   |_| )_)|_| |_||_____||_| |_| |
                              FAQ/Walkthrough by: Shotgunnova (P. Summers)
                                   EMAIL: shotgunnova (a+) gmail (d0t) com

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       Prologue/Tuesday ................................................. WKC1
       Wednesday ........................................................ WKC2
       Thursday ......................................................... WKC3
       Friday ........................................................... WKC4

  III. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN

       Achievements/Trophies ............................................ ACHV
       Endings .......................................................... NDNG

   IV. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
    V. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
   VI. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
 Main controller functions are:
  ___________ _______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
 | Start     | Toggle pause                                                  |
 | Select    | Display interface help                                        |
 | Circle    | (QTE & dialogue prompts)                                      |
 | Square    | (QTE & dialogue prompts)                                      |
 | Triangle  | (QTE & dialogue prompts)                                      |
 | X-Button  | (QTE & dialogue prompts)                                      |
 | L1 Button | Switch camera POV                                             |
 | L2 Button | Display character's inner thoughts (gives hints)              |
 | R1 Button | (As Jayden only) Use ARI to find clues                        |
 | R2 Button | (With L. Analog) Move in specified direction                  |
 | L. Analog | (With R2) Move character                                      |
 | R. Analog | For QTE interaction                                           |

 A main part of the game is QTE usage, which uses shoulder buttons, the four
 main buttons (Square+Triangle+O+X, a.k.a. "STOX") and the right analog for
 directional prompts. Completing prompts is often necessary to finish each
 chapter. Failed prompts will glow flash red to indicate sloppy work.

 Some prompts will require particular actions, which is discernable from the
 icon's border type.
  ________________ __________________________________________________________
 | ICON TYPE      | REQUIRED ACTION                                          |
 | Black Triangle | (For sequences) Hold button until it stops showing       |
 | Blinking       | Repeatedly tap listed button until it stops showing      |
 | Controller     | Shake* or turn* controller in listed direction(s)        |
 | Dotted Line    | (R. Analog Only) Do action in smooth, slow motion        |
 | Dual Arrows    | (R. Analog Only) Go left/right or up/down repeatedly     |
 | Timer Shown    | Complete listed input in small timeframe                 |

  * - Controller prompts are one of the more annoying inputs players need.
  When one is required to do up/down shakes, this means pointing the STOX
  buttons upward and shaking that way. In driving segments, which require
  turning a stick, hold the controller like a steering wheel (STOX buttons
  facing oneself) and doing a turn as directed. Slow turns may occasionally
  work better than jerky ones.
____________________________________________________/ II. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
PROLOGUE/TUESDAY                                                         [WKC1]
 The walkthrough is written on normal difficulty, which slightly changes the
 quick time event (QTE) inputs. All trophies can be obtained on a lower
 difficulty, however, and in some cases, it might be recommended to dumb it
 down (like for the "Kamikaze" trophy).

 The walkthrough will list all trophies available in normal gameplay, plus
 events that impact long-term trophies. Not all trophies are obtainable in one
 go, but the game's chapter system remedies that. For many, one can simply
 replay an unlocked chapter until it gives the desired result. In many cases
 they can be done on the "no save" function (decisions made therein have no
 affect no later chapters) but since some trophies only occur late in the
 stage, it's not a bad idea to turn on "save" for a few. With "save" on, one
 can simply quit to the menu and select continue for the latest autosave,
 which can preserve progress (especially helpful for trophies that require
 perfect QTE inputs like "I'm Not Scared!"). 

 In normal play, achievements are only received at a chapter's end. (Players
 can still do a certain event to unlock the achievement and return to the
 main menu, though, although it may take awhile for the notification to play.)

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: -----

 Welcome to the world of Ethan Mars, beloved dad and husband, waking up on
 the morning of his son's birthday. The game will get players right into the
 "action" by showing the control prompts, namely moving (hold R2 to walk, use
 left stick for direction) and inspecting (right stick). Use objects in the
 room to get acclimated; just note that many prompts have no real purpose
 other than immersion.

 To continue, inspect Grace's note by the door, then exit into the hallway.
 Use L2 to see Ethan's inner thoughts: take a shower, then get clothed in the
 bedroom. Downstairs, read inner thoughts again to see that Ethan wants to get
 some work done. It's possible to just idle until the family returns, but this
 relates to the "Happy Birthday" trophy. (To complete the segment, sit at the
 drafting table and do each stage of the architectural plans, until Ethan
 finishes up completely. The tutorial will help with new button inputs.)

 Eventually, the family returns. Take Grace's groceries and agree to help her
 with the dishes, which is required. (She'll scold Ethan if he tries to walk
 off without doing it!) Feel free to get grabby with her before doing it,

 • EVENT: Setting the Table

   The dishes are in the living room's cupboard. Tug open the door and do the
   four prompts correctly to finish. Try to avoid screwing up, lest one earns
   extra censure from the wife (they're her favorite set, after all).

 Ethan's free again, but there's one last thing notable thing in this chapter.

 • EVENT: Backyard Playtime

   Jason and Shaun are in the backyard, accessed from the sliding door near
   the living room. For achievement purposes, one must play with the children
   successfully, which requires spinning Jason (rotate right stick), giving
   Shaun a shoulder carry, then doing a swordfight. The main thing to remember
   is letting the let the shoulder carry go on as long as possible, until the
   game automatically stops it. (Some people screw up because the put-down
   prompt shows when nearing Jason, so one does -- don't take it!). The last
   fight has simple prompts, shoulder buttons not required.

 Once lunch is fixed, go upstairs and speak to Shaun about Merlin, which ends
 the chapter. Hopefully both trophies are obtained!
 |_| Trophy: Happy Birthday (Bronze)
     - finished the architectural plans
     - set the table without breaking anything
     - played with kids (helicopter & shoulder ride) without screwing up
 |_| Trophy: Interactive Drama (Bronze)
     - Automatically earned by finishing chapter.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: -----

 Sometime later, the family is on an outing to the mall. When able, follow
 Jason to the balloon-selling clown. Fish out the dough to pay him (seriously,
 two bucks?!), then move to the escalators to find the kid who wandered off.
 The red balloon is the landmark to follow: follow it to the first kid, then
 spot Jason near the entrance. Pursue for a chapter-closing scene.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: -----

 So, here's where the game truly begins. Two years after the opening scenes,
 it's time to drive Shaun home from school. Though players can screw around
 for most of this chapter, trophy hunters will have to do everything to the
 letter starting now.
 |_| Trophy: Father and Son (Bronze)
     - Follow the schedule and put Shaun to bed in a good mood. This requires
       doing everything outlined on the kitchen chalkboard. For reference, the
       duo arrives home a little after 4:30, meaning the schedule has to be
       implemented immediately.

     - Give Shaun his snack between 4:30 and 6:00 (chips are fine)
     - Make Shaun do homework between 6:00-7:00 (check his work afterwards)
     - Prepare Shaun's dinner (pizza) between 7:00-8:00
     - Tell Shaun to go to bed at 8:00
     - Agree to let him stay up a little longer
     - Tell Shaun to go to bed at 8:15 (and mean it this time)
     - Come upstairs with Shaun
     - Close the shades
     - Look at picture he drew
     - Turn on his nightlight (requires changing perspective with L1)
     - Say goodnight, then agree to find his teddy bear
     - Get teddy from the laundry room (behind kitchen)
     - Bring teddy to Shaun before he falls asleep (happens if it's too late)
     - Tuck him in and kiss his forehead
     - Slowly close the door

     The most important thing to remember is that Ethan must speak to Shaun
     to initiate each main part (snack, homework, dinner, bed), otherwise it
     doesn't count. Those seeking the trophy should avoid screwing around and
     just wait by the clock for each timeframe to commence. There may be a 
     little leeway in what actually needs to be done (like looking at his
     picture and closing the shades), but it's best to do absolutely everything
     to avoid wasting time. I can confirm that one definitely DOESN'T need to
     discuss the day with him, though.

 One sign that Ethan is using his time wrong: the game will go split screen to
 inform players of Shaun's whereabouts. This actually gives insight into what
 he likes (i.e. chips for snacks) but won't occur if dad is watching him like
 a hawk. Same goes for the scene where Shaun gets the sniffles, prompting dad
 to get a lozenge from the upstairs bathroom.

 The chapter ends when Shaun is put to bed successfully.

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Tuesday, 12:06 AM (0.276 inches)

 The second character we're introduced to is Scott Shelby. Lead him into the
 crappy motel and pay the clerk to find Lauren Winter's room. Go upstairs and
 try the last door on the left, which should get Scott into the apartment.
 Put money on the table and approach her, during which his career as a private
 eye is revealed. He can now try to squeeze her for information. 
 |_| Trophy: Private Eye (Bronze)
     - Make Lauren open up about her son. This requires choosing the "trick"
     option, available after picking any two others.

 Regardless of what happens, leave a business card on the table and return to
 the corridor, where Scott has an asthma attack. Troy, a violent john, will
 start attacking Lauren at this point. Scott has no obligation to help, but
 can intervene by forcing his way in. Naturally, Troy retaliates.
 |_| Trophy: White Knight (Bronze)
     - Defeat Troy in the QTE fight. This only consists of simple inputs and
      directional commands with no shoulder buttons, making it extraordinarily
      easy to accomplish.

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Tuesday, 8:05 AM (0.680 inches)

 Now the third character, Norman Jayden of the FBI, a new arrival on a fresh
 crime scene. Get through the police cordon to start using ARI, the scanning
 program in the sunglasses. By tapping R1, our g-man can send out pulses to
 scour the surrounding area and dig up clues.

 Before doing anything though, approach the victim's white rain shelter and
 try to peek. Lieutenant Blake will introduce himself and force Norman to walk
 around with him. When the questioning segment is over, return to the body and
 prepare for the clue-gathering portion.
 |_| Trophy: FBI Investigator (Bronze)
     - Discovered all clues relating to the Origami Killer. There's ten to
     find at this crime scene: 4 on the victim, 2 between the victim and the
     railroad tracks, 2 on the fence beyond the tracks, 2 by the freeway. (To
     get the latter two, climb the muddy embankment all the way up.) When all
     clues are found, Jayden will say something "I've seen all there is to
     see," the signal that there's nothing else to find.
 |_| Trophy: Nerd (Part 1)
     - Discover all clues at every crime scene and work out who the Origami
     Killer is. This can't be unlocked yet, but doing "FBI Investigator" is
     inherently part of this one, so make the strides now while there's time!

 When all evidence is found, head back to the car and leave.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Tuesday, 1:00 PM (0.765 inches)

 This is a chapter where little of importance happens. Do the Rorschach test,
 then speak with the therapist (Dupre). After a few after-session questions,
 the chapter ends.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Tuesday, 4:10 PM (0.986 inches)

 A small bit of downtime, just like the "Father and Son" chapter.
 |_| Trophy: Good Friends (Bronze)
     - buy Shaun candy from the vendor near the clock
     - successfully play any 2 games (seesaw, swings, merry-go-round) w/ Shaun

     The game controls are very simple, although the swings require a motion
     sensor shake, which can annoy some users, I'm sure.

 After a few games are played, ask Shaun to leave. He'll want to ride the
 carousel, to which Ethan automatically agrees. Buy a ticket and watch Shaun

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Tuesday, ??? PM (??? inches)

 Leave Carnaby Cross North, get the bookbag by the carousel, then (back at
 home) inspect Shaun's room. Pretty short chapter.

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Tuesday, 6:55 PM (1.326 inches)

 The chapter begins with Norman waiting for his captain. Whether he idles or
 wastes time playing ARI-style handball, eventually Perry emerges, asking his
 new recruit to walk with him. Do the necktie sequence (doesn't matter if it
 succeeds or not) and speak with Charlene, the receptionist, about the watch
 and office. She'll leave Norman there to tidy up.
 Push the desk to the wall, then enter ARI to change the scenery. Open the
 files, analyze them both, then do the same for the clues. (This can be done
 in any order, as long all five are observed.) When everything's done, use the
 prompt to close ARI, which starts a triptocaine withdrawal. Contrary to what
 one may have heard, tripto usage doesn't affect Jayden's endings, so feel
 free to use it or not use it. (If Jayden snorts up, it skips the bathroom
 trip entirely.)

 Regardless, the next major scene is Ethan's interrogation from Lieutenant
 Blake. He'll be asked questions regarding the park visit and his son.
 |_| Trophy: Got to Remember! (Bronze)
     - Correctly recall time of park visit (4:15)
     - Correctly recall Shaun was wearing a beige coat
     - Correctly recall Shaun was wearing green pants

     All the correct answers are X-button responses, which should help, since
     the options all orbit Ethan in an annoying manner. The other questions
     asked don't affect the trophy.

 Meet with Grace closes things out.

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Tuesday, 9:52 PM (1.394 inches)

 Question Hassan about his slain son until Scott decides to find an inhaler,
 located in the back aisle. Picking up the merch starts a scene with a robber.
 This gives our private detective a chance to play the hero!

 There's two ways to get the jump on him: going down the chip-laden middle
 aisle, which requires slowly walking, or the window aisle, which has several
 steps (grabbing bottle, catching detergent, placing it back). Both routes'll
 end in a controller jerk prompt, which starts a 4-step fight to KO the crazy.
 No trophies relate to doing it the quick way, however.

 Should Scott be noticed, he'll be brought out into the open, giving a chance
 to talk circles around the confused gunman. If he agitates the crazy, he'll
 have to do the 4-step fight mentioned above to subdue 'im.
 |_| Trophy: Negotiator (Bronze)
     - Persuaded the robber to leave of his own volition. This requires
       getting caught by the hoodlum, either by (1) walking into eyeshot (2)
       alerting him via the middle aisle's spilled chips (3) failing to sneak
       up behind him. Choose the following options: Name, Calm, Affective,
       Help. Now, picking "Drop Weapon" causes him to rethink his violence.
 |_| Trophy: Perfect Crime (Part 1)
     - Let Hassan die here. The first part of this long-term trophy is letting
     the shopkeep buy the farm. Cowering in the back aisle until the thief
     unloads is the easiest way, though it takes awhile. Even if one isn't
     doing "Perfect Crime," it's still good to do this step, since this is
     the earliest point one must replay. The more steps done, the less time
     wasted later!

 If the standoff ends with Hassan alive, he'll give a shoebox of evidence to
 Scott, ending the chapter. If Hassan perishes, it ends with Scott shutting
 the corpse's eyes.

WEDNESDAY                                                                [WKC2]
 Character: Madison
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 2:44 AM (1.564 inches)

 Fairly pointless chapter, beyond introducing Madison as a chronic insomniac.
 Putz around the house, doing random things (fridge, computer, magazines,
 shower, etc.), which'll accumulate a few un-random cutscenes where it seems
 Ms. Paige is being watched. On the third scene, inspect the open refrigerator
 to start an attack.

 The attack itself, as one soon finds out, is part of a dream, so there's no
 real-life consequences for doing it. In fact, failing prompts to end it sooner
 makes more sense.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 7:31 AM (1.7 inches)

 A despondent Ethan begins at home, sitting around. Open the nearby envelope
 to get a ticket stub for an unknown locker. Ethan will now have to leave,
 though reporters can be seen swamping him at the front door.
 |_| Trophy: VIP (Bronze)
     - Leave without being spotted by the journalists. This requires exiting
       out the back door, hopping the street-side fence and doing a couple
       car prompts to leave. Fairly easy to do; just don't stray too close to
       the horde or they'll catch wind.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, apx. 8 AM (1.7 inches)

 Apparently, since the prologue, Ethan is nervous in crowds, causing him to
 move slow as molassas. Players also have to do a series of breath exercises
 to progress. For some, this portion presents an annoying challenge, almost
 certainly due to ignorance of how the "controller shake" prompt goes. The
 correct motion would be as if one held the controller with both hands and
 smacked it on the table (down) or raised it in a similar jerky motion (up).
 Holding it incorrectly can usually cause frustration here, so make sure the
 device is level.

 Completing it successfully gives a weird mental segment where Ethan stumbles
 through a crowd frozen in time. The goal is to follow the red balloon in the
 distance, which requires pushing through the unwashed masses. (To complement
 the comedic value, the game reuses the "Jason!" calls from "The Mall," which
 are sternly hilarious in retrospect.)
 |_| Trophy: Agoraphobia (Bronze)
     - Knock down 50 passers-by. The segment is timed, but it shouldn't be
       that hard to do it, especially when replaying the chapter. Just do this
       part and quit to the main menu; if it doesn't work, replay from the
       last autosave. It helps to ignore the balloon and make a beeline for the
       nearest multitude.

 Once his schizophrenic episode ends, it's time to find the luggage at Line
 18, Box 3. Just take the first left, then go all the way down the longer
 aisle. Claiming the shoebox ends the chapter.
 |_| Trophy: Lucky Locker (Bronze)
     - Find the correct locker on the first try. Pretty easy to do, provided
     one pays attention to the locker numbers and other placards.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, ??? PM (??? inches)

 Inspect the shoebox to find the phone, gun and origami animals. Unwrap the
 bear to find the first trial: showing courage to save Shaun. Read the cell's
 tape, then hide the shoebox wherever.

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 9:31 AM (1.836 inches)

 This is just Norman doing his profiler briefing for the other detectives. The
 responses don't matter much, although it's fun to blow up at Blake for being
 a smart-aleck.

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, ??? AM (??? inches)

 The first potential perp gets a house call from the police, although Blake
 remedies that pesky "lawful search" nonsense. The next step is simply looking
 around before Nathaniel returns -- this seems to be sped up by observing the
 living room's items prompts, wardrobe and the busted-in door itself. Walking
 into the living room (if not yet there) usually triggers the scene.

 Long story short, Blake needles the tenant until he pulls a gun. Jayden will
 get a chance to kill Nate or talk him down. For reference, Nate will never
 shoot Blake, but there's a trophy for each outcome just the same.
 |_| Trophy: Self Control (Bronze)
     - Didn't shoot Nathaniel
 |_| Trophy: Blunder (Bronze)
     - Shot Nathaniel

 Defusing the situation ends the chapter.

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 10:37 AM (1.907 inches)

 Our favorite PI is investigating another Origami Killer victim, this time out
 in the boondocks. The front door won't work, so use the back door for access.
 Read the living room's suicide note, then bust into the bedroom's bathroom to
 find Mrs. Bowles.

 She's still alive, but will need to get patched up. Carry her to the bedroom,
 get the supplies from the loo's medicine cabinet, then apply 'em properly.
 This still leaves the job of tending to baby Emily, though.
 |_| Trophy: Baby Master (Bronze)
     - Make no mistakes during the baby events. This requires washing Scott's
       hands after the wound-dressing part and doing all baby-related inputs
       (diaper, bottle, burping, rocking) perfectly. The last five prompts'll
       need to be done slowly, and it's easy to mess up the rocking since all
       are the "move left/right, quarter-turn down" types and they come one
       after another. The inputs aren't timed though, thankfully.

 With the nanny bit done, return to Mrs. Bowles for a chat, in which she notes
 her errant hubby had a strange cellphone. Dig it out of the drawer near the
 crib before leaving.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 11:03 AM (1.938 inches)

 The segment begins with Ethan checking out the garage address he got earlier.
 Nag the attendant a few times, show the ticket, then get the keys. Take the
 service elevator to 3F and find the correct car on the back left side. (It
 needs to be unlocked with O-button even if one knows it's the right vehicle.)
 Fish out the GPS in the driver side door's compartment and drive out.

 Ethan automatically navigates to the GPS' destination, an overpass. He's then
 told his trial: driving through oncoming traffic to the next destination in
 five minutes. After the inner monologues, Ethan can decide to continue with
 the journey or bail (this counts as failing the trial). Of course, those who
 want the trophy will have to do it...perfectly.
 |_| Trophy: Kamikaze (Bronze)
     - Choose the perfect route through oncoming traffic. This will generally
       entail major left/right choices with several smaller events occuring
       in-between (any tilt prompt must be done right to get trophy).

     1) RIGHT at 1st car
     2) RIGHT at 2nd car
     3) LEFT at 3rd car
     4) LEFT at 4th car
     ====do skid prompts here===
     5) RIGHT at 5th car
     6) RIGHT at 6th car
     7) RIGHT at the toll
     ====cops start following at this point===
     8) RIGHT TILT at the cop car (must be done slowly to work)
     9) RIGHT a final time

     The hardest part is the cop car command which must be a slow tilt -- do
     the motion too jerky (or to the left) and it doesn't work correctly, even
     if the game counts it as correct on-screen. If Ethan steers right, his
     vehicle won't sideswipe the squad car.

     If one's having a hard time doing the SixAxis controller tilts, remember
     to hold the controller like a steering wheel (buttons facing oneself). It
     helps greatly, considering lower difficulties won't change those prompts.
     And, naturally, those replaying this chapter should do it with saving on,
     since there's an autosave after the garage segment.

 The trial always ends with the car flipping down the causeway's embankment.
 Since Ethan's upside-down, the commands are a little harder to do, but any
 wrong inputs won't affect "Kamikaze" here, so take it slow. Ethan'll need to
 get to the GPS, the glove compartment, then break out to finish up.
 |_| Trophy: Good Driver (Bronze)
     - Complete the Bear trial. If Ethan didn't chicken out at the start, this
       will be obtained.

 Character: Madison
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 3:15 PM (2.006 inches)

 Madison arrives at a two-bit motel, hoping to rent a room. Speak with the
 amazingly creepy clerk to get a key for Room 201 -- across the courtyard,
 second story, toward the balcony's end. Along the way, she'll meet Ethan,
 fresh from his car wreck. He'll need help getting to his room (207), so walk
 him 10 steps toward the central stair.

 After a once-over, get the disinfectant (top shelf) from the medicine cabinet
 and apply it carefully. If Madison does it right, the next step is getting
 painkillers (middle shelf), then helping Ethan to the shower. This'll give
 her a chance to look around and chit-chat, filling in a little context that
 would otherwise be missing if screwed up too much in the segment (Ethan would
 dismiss her). Feel free to snoop in his jacket, too, before he gets out.

 Anyway, Madison will leave at this point, letting Ethan dig in his shoebox
 for the next trial's info.

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 4:26 PM (2.074 inches)

 After a conversation about Nathaniel (changes depending on whether he was
 slain or not), it's time to confront suspect #2, Miroslav Korda. Sadly, this
 one flees immediately, prompting a Shenmue-style steeplechase.

 • EVENT: Market Takedown

   Norman will be lead on a merry chase through the grocery store, and will
   have to miss MANY prompts to actually lose sight of him. (The only inputs
   are main 4 buttons, simple directions and SixAxis up/down movements.) The
   event is considered a success if Jayden makes it through the frozen foods
   and live chicken (?!) aisle.

 Once in the frigid butcher's storehouse, move toward the back until Korda
 disarms Norman with a tire iron. Do the simple struggle to defeat the perp,
 or fail and have Blake ride to the rescue. (Laughably, he may let Korda beat
 on his ally for a little while longer, if past history works against Norman.)
 |_| Trophy: Cat & Mouse (Bronze)
     - Defeat Korda in the meat locker. This requires shadowing Korda through
       the store and winning the final fight.

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 7:28 PM (2.244 inches)

 Wakey-wakey, sleepyhead! Until Lauren rings the doorbell, there's nothing to
 do but rut around the office/apartment. When she arrives, have her take a
 seat and do the envelope scene. Scott will notice the address was typed with
 an old typewriter. The angry mother will, against all of the detective's
 advice, forge a partnership, which'll come to fruition in a later chapter.

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, ??? PM (??? inches)

 The new investigative duo will arrive at a mansion. Head on in and try to
 enter the side stairwell, only to be rebuffed by the hired help. To make a
 diversion with enough time to reach 2F, either ask Lauren to fake an overdose
 or bait the drunken patron ("Hey") near the pillar. Lauren's act only works
 once, but the other guy can keep creating a brawl repeatedly.

 Once upstairs, take the first set of doors to find Gordi and his two bimbos
 watching cartoons. Bug him repeatedly to bring up an old case file, at least
 until his goons arrive.

 • EVENT: Bodyguard Beatdown

   Pretty standard sequence (STOX, directions, DualShock shaking), though it's
   notable for being easier to fail than previous ones. Scott must defeat his
   two foes to finish correctly, earning a trophy and Gordi's parting shot.
 |_| Trophy: Tough Guy (Bronze)
     - Defeated the bodyguards

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 7:42 PM (2.278 inche)

 At last, Ethan arrives at the deserted power plant. Head 'round back to the
 fence's hole and sneak through the barb wire. Once inside the side entrance,
 undo the crank valve, take the matchbox and slip into the miniscule tunnel.
 As our hero soon learns, the place is broken glass central! To find the way
 out, Ethan must go: right, left, left, right. (The correct path is normally
 learned by striking a match to discern the air current.)

 The arm-shredding journey ends in a small maintenance shaft, wherein there's
 nowhere to go but down a slippery pipe. Luckily, there's no glass on the
 way down...that would've been truly evil! Ethan is let out near an interior
 electrical grid, filled with live wires and all kinds of danger. Of course,
 it's also possible to simply leave out the nearest door, appropriately marked
 |_| Trophy: Coward! (Bronze)
     - Fail the Butterfly trial. This requires taking too much damage from
       the glass tunnel, too much damage from electricity, or simply quitting
       via the coward door.

 Those who actually care about their son will want to start slipping into the
 grid, aiming for the other side. Although all grids will give an input, only
 a few (sparking/shorted-out ones, ones with little voltage) will actually
 permit passage. The easiest route through the capacitors is noted on the map.

                 _____________________________| |
                |                               |
                |_     _     _     _     _     _|  1: X, R1, O, 
                |_|---|_|   |_| 7 |_|---|_|---|_|  2: R1, L1, T
                |_     |     _     |     _     _|  3: R1, L1, L2, R2, (Tap) X
                |_|   [_]---|_| 6 [_]---|_|   |_|  4: O, R1, L1
                |_     |     5     _     |     _|  5: R1, L1, (Tap) X
                |_|---[_] 4 [_]---|_|   [_]   |_|  6: R1, L1, L2, 
                |_     _     3     2     |     _|  7: R1, O
                |_|---|_|---|¯|---|¯| 1 [_]---|_|
               _|            ¯START¯            |

 Failing an input only shocks Ethan if he in the process of going through (so
 failing immediately won't do anything). Succeeding the trial gives another
 fragment of Shaun's address. 
 |_| Trophy: Electrified (Bronze)
     - Completed the Butterfly trial by navigating the electrical grid.

 Character: Madison
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 9:06 PM (2.346 inches)

 Madison leaves her hotel room to find Ethan passed out on his floor. Lift him
 onto the bed. Observe his latest wounds from the bedside and take the bloody
 shirt off before looting the medicine cabinet for all it's worth. Give him
 the anti-fever pills first, disinfectant and bandages for his cuts and (if
 applicable) ointment for the burns. Note that the rotating bandage prompts
 temporarily go off-screen, so keep doing 'em until the scenes advance.

 Once Mars wakes up, go through the conversation to make Madison leave, then
 break out the shoebox for the trial on Marble Street. 

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, ??? PM (??? inches)

 Just a bunch of scenes, nothing player-controlled. Downtime's nice, eh?

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Wednesday, 9:55 PM (2.498 inches)

 Carter and Norman go to investigate Mars' therapist, Dr. Dupre. Things get a
 bit violent after awhile, as the shrink(ing violet) starts gets the business
 end of Blake's anger. One can intervene on the fight or let it continue. It
 has no real effect on the case, but there's a trophy for each option.
 |_| Trophy: Good Cop (Bronze)
     - Intervened on Dupre's behalf
 |_| Trophy: Bad Cop (Bronze)
     - Let the beating continue

 Scene ends after the info's squeezed. Technically, it's possible to get past
 this chapter without contributing or moving whatsoever.

THURSDAY                                                                 [WKC3]

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 7:00 AM (2.992 inches)

 Another scene that's light on action. Talk with Mr. Kramer and drive a few
 balls (R1, L1, Up, Jerk Down). Nothing here has any lasting impact, save the
 gleaned info. Scott will look more beat up than normal, though, if he got
 worked back at the party.

 Character: Ethan

 Inside the abandoned building, grab the ceramic lizard near the crate -- it
 can be broken to find a key. Unlock the appropriate door nearby and watch
 the screen to learn the trial: cutting off part of a finger within 5 minutes
 time. There's five objects Ethan can use for the job:

 - Pliers (near TV set)
 - Axe (floor by TV set)
 - Scissors (bathroom sink)
 - Knife (by living room radiator)
 - Hacksaw (by desk)

 The squeamish can fail the trial by hitting the time limit or leaving the
 flat prematurely. Those who want a quick, humane-ish victory should aim for
 the pliers.
 |_| Trophy: Butcher (Bronze)
     - Cut off finger with saw or scissors. These are probably the slowest
       ways to do the job, not to mention just painful to watch/hear.
 |_| Trophy: Gold Finger (Bronze)
     - Grab the disinfectant from the bathroom cabinet, and put the rebar (by
       desk) over the stove until hot. Then, do the finger-cutting scene as
       normal with the axe, knife or pliers. (Note that the disinfectant is
       used pre-cut, while the cautery is used afterwards.)

 How's that pinky feelin', champ? If the trial succeeded, dig under the desk
 for the next address segment. Claiming it finishes the chapter, so cauterize
 (if needed) before looking under the floorboards.

 Character: Madison
 Date/Rain: Thursday, ??? AM (??? inches)

 The police are hiding outside the Lizard apartment, a fact Madison catches
 onto as she arrives. Enter the building, push over the planks, move the crate
 to the windowsill. The coppers will start preparing for their bust, but don't
 buy into the time-critical nature -- Madison and Ethan will always escape
 before they enter. So, open the window and help the injured Mr. Mars through
 at a leisurely pace.

 It's only after hitting outside that one needs to hurry, for a successful
 escape at least. Ignore the policeman's warning and enter the traffic jam,
 being careful to head straight for the subway station. Head through the
 leftmost turnstile (under the "Reservoir Road" banner) to reach the boarding
 platform. Cross the tracks and pull Ethan up for a successful escape.
 |_| Trophy: Fugitive (Bronze)
     - Avoided capture.
 |_| Trophy: Hands Up! (Bronze)
     - Failed the escape attempt. Let the cops catch up at any point during
       the escape. Not leaving the alley is the easiest way to do it. Note
       that Ethan cannot get killed in this segment, nor can Madison be caught.
 |_| Trophy: Perfect Crime (Part 2)
     - Let Hassan die in "Hassan's Shop"
     - Let Ethan get captured during "Fugitive"

     To unintentionally assist the Origami Killer, let Ethan get captured,
     which works against him in a future scenario.

 If Ethan escapes, the chapter closes at his hotel room, by reading the next
 origami clue in the shoebox.

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Thursday, ??? PM (??? inches)

 This is a special chapter which only happens when Ethan is arrested. It's
 unique because it takes place both before AND after "Jayden Blues," the
 next portion.

 The first half is just Norman's interrogation and Ethan's half-hearted banter.
 Blake will eventually start a trademark beatdown, which Norman can let slide
 or intervene. (Again, some of the best moments in Jayden chapters are pissing
 off Blake and hearing the yelling match.) Once the boiling point's reached,
 return to Norman's office; this is automatically done by tattling to the
 Cpt. Perry, also.

 What to do in the office? Why, tripto of course! Players can decline the
 sweet, sweet invitation, though there's no right option here. This ends the

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Thursday, ??? PM (??? inches)

 This chapter always occurs in a normal game. Jayden, after being dressed down
 and frustrated, is playing piano in a lounge.
 |_| Trophy: Ludwig Von (Bronze)
     - Play the piano with no wrong notes. Not too difficult; on the normal
       difficulty, it's just STOX and R1/R2 inputs, although a few are one
       right after another.

 Speaking with the lounge waiter leads to an ARI session. Analyze the new clue
 (video footage) to uncover a car and Mad Jack's license. If Ethan escaped
 during "Fugitive," the FBI man returns to his hotel, just as a hankerin' for
 tripto kicks in. Resisting (by flushing it down the john) gives a trophy this
 |_| Trophy: Detox (Bronze)
     - Resist the triptocaine.

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Thursday, ??? PM (??? inches)

 If Ethan was caught by the fuzz, this part becomes mandatory after "Jayden
 Blues," where Norman resolutely decides to help Mars escape.
 |_| Trophy: Wise Guy (Bronze)
     - Switch off the interrogation camera before breaking Ethan out of jail.
       This point of this step is leaving no evidence of who helped Ethan, so
       stop filming before appearing next to the guy.

 Enter Ethan's cell and tell the guard to leave. Help Ethan up, agree to help,
 then enter the interrogation room's other half. Use the intercom to make Gary
 leave; he'll mention the handcuff keys are on his desk (kittie corner from
 Blake's). Take the black jacket from the chair, get the keys, then return to
 Ethan for the escape.

 (Since "Fugitive" failed earlier, Ethan now has to do the second half of that
 chapter, where he reads the next clue from the shoebox. The walkthrough won't
 consider that a "new" chapter, though -- just a continuity clarification.)

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 11:10 AM (3.332 inches)

 Shelby and Lauren visit the typewriter shop in this chapter. The storeowner,
 Manfred, is sitting at a desk near the office. Find him for a scene, and
 oblige when he asks Scott to answer his phone. Share a drink with the geezer
 and fetch his magnifying glass (on desk he was sitting at) when required.

 After an envelope scene and a small wait, check on Manfred to find a killer
 has struck. The police are already on their way, it seems, so Scott must now
 remove all of his and Lauren's fingerprints to ensure they don't wind up as
 the scapegoats.
 |_| Perfect Crime (Part 3)

     The ongoing gold trophy to bungle the main story so it only works in the
     killer's favor! This only matters if the previous events were done:

     • Let Hassan die in "Hassan's Shop"
     • Let Ethan get captured in "Fugitive"

     To remove fingerprints, check these locations:

     • Front desk
     • Telephone at front desk
     • Whiskey glass
     • Whiskey bottle
     • Ballerina trinket Lauren touches
     • Magnifying glass
     • Telephone in back office
     • Bathroom door (only if Scott looked inside earlier)
     • Glass counter by front desk (if Lauren touched it earlier)
     • Front door (mandatory)

     The two most easy to miss are the counter Lauren touches and the office
     phone: the former can happen off-screen if Manfred isn't found quickly
     enough, while the latter may require changing the camera POV to locate.

 The event is timed, but can't progress until Lauren complains about the time,
 which opens up the front door's "leave" option. If all prints are wiped
 properly, the final shot will be of the corpse, rather than an item Scott
 forgot to clean.

 If all prints AREN'T wiped, there'll be a scene at the police station. The
 chapter always ends with a drive home, in which Scott gets frustrated at
 his "partner." There's a few swerve prompts, after which the two make up and
 continue on their way.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 11:15 AM (3.366 inches)

 Knock on the door until the guy answers. Do the prompts or just annoy Brad,
 it doesnt matter -- Ethan will always end up pulling his piece, starting a
 small gun battle. Players can only miss about 5 prompts before getting their
 clock cleaned, failing the trial. All prompts are STOX and simple directions,

 Those who make it to the end get a choice of executing or sparing the guy.
 Human kindness here counts as failing, but there's a trophy for each outcome
 just the same. The reward for completing the trial is in the gun's grip, but
 only amounts to a single letter this time...weak.
 |_| Trophy: I'm a Killer... (Bronze)
     - Kill the drug dealer
 |_| Trophy: I'm Not a Killer! (Bronze)
     - Let the drug dealer live

 Chapter ends after Ethan's choice, or if he failed earlier, once he's removed
 from the premises. (Oddly enough, he didn't want Ethan to bleed out in his
 hallway, but is more than happy to do a close-range shotgun blast in his kid's
 bedroom. Drugs are bad, mmkay?)

 Character: Madison
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 1:32 PM (3.434 inches)

 Knock on Dr. Baker's door to pose as a junkie looking for betropen score. He
 will insist on sharing a drink over the deal, although any smarty-pants will
 avoid downing an unknown beverage.
 |_| Trophy: Smart Girl (Bronze)
     - Don't drink the doc's beverage. Simply do the questions and wait for
       him to leave the room to find the pills.

 The next step is reaching the basement, which the doctor will initiate both
 times. If the beverage was drank, this will happen automatically; if Maddie
 was clever, she'll have to sneak toward the kitchen for the "invitation".
 Either way, she'll be in a pickle. Watch the creepy scene until a well-timed
 doorbell breaks things up.
 |_| Trophy: Queen of Ropes (Bronze)
     - Escape the bindings before the doc returns. This is mostly a couple
       controller shake prompts with a few slow-moving ones to avoid cutting
       anything...fleshy. There's about 0:30-0:45 to do this segment in. The
       doctor always returns after cutting the first arm binding.

 The final step is battling the doctor. As long as one doesn't miss too many
 prompts, Madison will make it to the end, where Baker hits her head on the
 support column and throws her over the table. (After learning that trophies
 could be earned even if one quit to main menu, I did this a few times, since
 I believed the fight failed!) The final prompt is "screwing" over the doctor
 one last time.

 Chapter ends after the fight, no matter how it played out. If Madison lives,
 she'll take evidence that ties to the Blue Lagoon, which sets a stage for a
 later event.

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 2:18 (3.502 inche)

 Jayden arrives at the junkyard, intending to ask about the Chevy he saw in
 the surveillance footage. Walk into the garage or talk with Mad Jack on the
 crane for the same effect: being asked to leave. Of course, that isn't gonna
 pass muster here. One check with ARI shows this is a crime scene...
 |_| Trophy: Nerd (Part 2)

     Investigate all crime scenes properly and discover the Origami Killer's
     identity. In the second part, Jayden must scour the garage, finding all
     applicable clues. Unlike in "Crime Scene," our g-man won't give any vocal
     approval of finding everything, so it's just best to search everything.

     • Mad Jack's fingerprints (on thermos, various tools)
     • Tire tracks (same brand Jayden's looking for)
     • Mad Jack's footprints
     • Visitor's footprints
     • Orchid pollen near hanging hook
     • Blue spraypaint on floor
     • Bloodstains
     • Bloodstains leading to acid bath
     • Acid bath itself

     It's easiest to pick a side and work to the other, ensuring nothing's
     missed. Since the scene-ending clue is on the right-hand side, start on
     the left (where the "house" is) and go from there. Several clues will be
     duplicates, but it's best to check everything, just for posterity.

 The crime scene investigation is over once the acid bath's secret is found.

 • EVENT: Jack Attack!

   Jack, who's been conspicuously absent from his crane duties, attacks at
   this point. The goal is to get through the simple prompts (directions, STOX
   buttons) to grab the nearby pistol. If the first try is failed, Jayden'll
   automatically get it in the second opportunity.

 At this point, Jayden can milk some info from Jack, at least until a tripto
 urge hits. To finish the chapter normally, take the tripto when prompted. If
 Norman drops the tripto (fail prompt), his foe gets the upper hand, which'll
 move things to the second event.

 • EVENT: Jack Attack! 2

   When Norman come to, he'll be in the car crusher, about to meet a grizzly,
   squishy end. The jaws of life this ain't! Kick open the glove compartment
   and use a gunshot as the makeshift key, then do the button mash prompts to
   quickly escape. This leads to a second, longer fist fight, where one must
   persevere (simple prompts + controller shakes) until an "ally" unexpectedly
   solves the problem.

 If Jayden survives the car crusher to score a victory, he'll get a trophy to
 commemorate the feat. This isn't earned if he arrests Jacky Boy in the normal
 |_| Trophy: Goodbye Mad Jack (Bronze)
     - Win the second fight against Mad Jack
 |_| Trophy: Perfect Crime (Part 4)

     If the fight makes it to the second stage, it's possible for Jayden to
     truly perish. Since he's investigating the Origami Killer, this assists
     that fiend unintentionally, and is required to get this trophy. (Failing
     the prompts ensures a painful end.) As before, if the first three events
     haven't been done yet, "Perfect Crime" is already dead in the water.

     • Let Hassan die in "Hassan's Shop"
     • Let Ethan get captured in "Fugitive"
     • Wiped all Lauren and Scott's fingerprints in "Manfred"
     • Let Madison die in "The Doc"

     There'll be another chance to kill Jayden for this trophy later, so it
     needn't be done now.

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 4:30 PM (3.672 inches)

 Back at the PI office, Lauren will go take a shower, leaving her buddy to
 scare up some grub. And for those wondering, no, there's no peeping allowed!
 |_| Trophy: The Chef (Bronze)
     - Prepare a good omelette on time. Get the eggs from the fridge, grab the
       skillet, crack the eggs and turn on the burner. The trick is to keep
       stirring the eggs, which can be done 3-4 times. Scott will note when
       they're done, at which time one can put 'em on the plate. And yes, he
       makes an omelette despite saying he'd make scrambled eggs...that liar!

 Lauren will say "hey, looks good enough to eat!" if it's done right. Watch
 the cross-checking scene to move into the next chapter.

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 5:13 PM (3.774 inches)

 The goal is to find John Sheppard's grave, which is in the right-hand set of
 plots that Lauren walks toward. It has a small bundle of white flowers in
 front of it, although Scott can't find it without asking the groundskeeper
 nearby. (Lauren finds it on her own, if the scene draws out too long.)

 Character: ?????
 Date/Rain: 1977

 This chapter is a flashback, apparently recounted to Scott and Lauren by the
 groundskeeper. It begins with John Sheppard and his player-controlled bro
 getting kicked out of their trailer to play. The nearest area to screw around
 in is the construction site, which is where most of the action takes place.
 |_| Trophy: I'm Not Scared! (Bronze)
     - Follow your brother through the site without any mistakes. Basically,
     doing every prompt correctly while navigating the

     • Rebar (simple directions + final controller tilt to slide down)
     • Pipes (hold down + tap R1 & L1)
     • Running Jump (Square + X, then up)
     • Brick Climb (R1 + L2, tap X)
     • Monkey Swing (alternate left and right)
     • Downward Slide (O + L2)
     • Scaffold Climb (Down-to-up roll + Up repeatedly)
     • Plank Balance (just walk over)
     • Running Jump 2 (R1 + L1 + O, then upward controller jerk)
     • Jump of Death (R1 + T + L2 + L1, then upward controller jerk)

     Make sure autosaves are on, 'cause there's several in this place, making
     perfect progress that much easier. A low difficulty helps, too, though
     it's most notable on the scaffold climb, which changes from many annoying
     "rolls" to simple upward presses.

 At the end of the construction segment, it's time for hide and seek. Count
 to twenty and head through more pipework, until one finds John wedged in a
 culvert. Try to pull him out via the prompts (mostly controller shaking)
 before resorting to dear ol' dad's help. The flashback ends at this point.

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 4:30 PM (3.672 inches)

 With the story over, leave the cemetery for a small scene.

 Character: Madison
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 11:03 PM (4.216 inches)

 Blue Lagoon is bumpin', but Maddie isn't here to cut a rug -- she's looking
 for Paco, the guy who owns the "Lizard" apartment complex. A bartender can
 tip her off to his whereabouts, but it's easier to just ask the bodyguard
 left of the entrance (black suit).

 After speaking with the guard, stand nearby, watching Paco invite a bimbo to
 his VIP lounge. Madison will note her look, so enter the bathroom (also by
 entrance) for a makeover: messy hair, eyeliner, lipstick, cleavage and a
 ripped skirt. Do 'em all, then return to the vacant dance platform by Paco's

 • EVENT: Eyecatcher

   This is mostly a bunch of simple (STOX) inputs, although the booty-shaker
   is appropriately conveyed by the controller. Note that this can be attempted
   without the makeover, but Paco won't pay heed. The event is repeatable 'til
   done correctly.

 Mr. Mendes will invite Maddie upstairs afterwards, so follow him through the
 crowd to the private suite on 2F. He'll desire a striptease, and trying to
 leave will start it at gunpoint.
 |_| Trophy: Pride Saved (Bronze)
     - Remove no more than one article of clothing during striptease. Once the
     first piece is off, think about the lamp nearby. After doing a little
     hip shakin', use the opportunity to brain Paco with said light source.

 Eventually, Madison will run out of clothes and think of the lamp without the
 player's help, so Paco ends up in la-la land either way. (There's also no
 time limit to how long he's entranced by Maddie's rump, hilariously.) Conduct
 a thorough beatin--...interrogation afterward, then leave Blue Lagoon to end
 the chapter.

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 11:32 PM (4.386 inches)

 Unlike Madison, Jayden can simply flash his credentials for easy access to
 the 2F suite. Enter to find Paco indisposed and an intruder ready to strike!

 • EVENT: Late Night Predator

   The masked intruder will commence the attack here. It's a mix of direction,
   STOX and controller shake prompts, and has two important functions: (1) too
   many katana hits will kill Jayden (2) the final grab rips off the killer's
   overcoat pocket, which contains a clue, so don't miss it!

 After the fight, head back to the club stairway and take the balcony route
 to find...the killer's escaped. That's right, stocky guys in Invisible Man
 getups don't attract any attention whatsoever. Threaten the guard to learn
 the assailant's first name, then return to the crime scene. Pick up ARI from
 the fish tank fragments and initiate it before looking around.
 |_| Trophy: Nerd (Part 3)

     This is the final crime scene to inspect for this achievement, supposing
     the other two were completed correctly. Here's a list of everything to

     • .45 handgun (by door)
     • Shell casing (by door)
     • Torn coat pocket w/ receipts (by door)
     • Paco's fingerprints (on stereo, desk debris)
     • Madison's fingerprints (on lamp, duct tape, dropped lipstick)
     • Scattered files (behind desk)
     • Orchid pheromones (by desk)
     • Jayden's dropped gun (on floor)
     • Paco's body

     Note that inspecting objects before entering ARI may screw up the trophy,
     so that's the rationale for entering it pronto. This seems to affect the
     .45 near the door, apparently, which can also be hard to see without a
     L1 camera change. If the receipts aren't on the floor, do the fight
     sequence over until they are.

 When the crime scene is scoured, simply leave the club to finish.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 11:39 (4.454 inches)

 As Ethan is reflecting on his latest trial, Madison will come in and ends up
 coming onto him. Resisting accomplishes nothing, and will screw players out
 of potentially three trophies, so reciprocate. Do the foreplay mini event,
 and in the morning, quietly disentangle to get dressed (clothes are by the
 bed). Undo the next origami, grab a coat near the door and inspect the new
 objects. This'll give a small confrontation scene, where Ethan can choose to
 forgive Madison. There's a specific trophy for each.
 |_| Trophy: Unforgivable (Bronze)
     - Don't forgive Madison
 |_| Trophy: Lover Boy (Bronze)
     - Forgive Madison
 |_| Trophy: Perfect Crime (Part 4)

     If the previous steps have been done -- sans any character deaths, which
     can be put off -- then forgiving Madison counts toward this trophy. If
     she perished in "The Doc," the sex event won't happen, but the unlock
     requirements aren't negatively affected.

     • Let Hassan die in "Hassan's Shop"
     • Let Ethan get captured in "Fugitive"
     • Wiped all Lauren and Scott's fingerprints in "Manfred"
     • Let Jayden die in "Mad Jack" or "Fish Tank"

 After the scene, Ethan will go outside (if Madison's dead) or one controls
 Madison. The scenes all result in noticing the imminent police sting, though
 for the latter, one must direct Maddie down to the street-level office. For
 those who want to escape, tip Ethan off by calling his room (#207) from the
 office's land line.

 • EVENT: Motor Inn Raid

   Control switches to Ethan on his terrace. Do a few simple jumps, then run
   through a third room to the parking lot balcony. Head right when prompted,
   then upwards to the top. Evade the fleet-footed, under-equipped squaddies
   on the roof chase (all are simple prompts, no shoulder buttons) until one
   gets a decision: jump down and possibly injure oneself or stay put and get
   caught by Blake. Jumping is REQUIRED to evade the police.

 The chapter ends, either with Ethan hobbling off in a taxi or with a permanent
 residency in the precinct's holding cells.
 |_| Trophy: Hands Up! (Bronze)
     - Failed the escape attempt by getting caught at any point in the event.
     As usual, missing tons of prompts from the get-go is the best way to do
 |_| Trophy: Escape Master (Bronze)
     - Escaped the motel sting operation. As said, jumping off the roof at
     the event's finale is the only way to evade capture.
 |_| Trophy: Perfect Crime (Part 5)

     Getting caught by Blake factors into "Perfect Crime" also, but only if
     he was caught earlier. Doing so keeps him incarcerated, preventing him
     from any involvement in later chapters. This step must be done regardless
     of whether Madison and/or Jayden's alive or not.

     • Let Hassan die in "Hassan's Shop"
     • Let Ethan get captured in "Fugitive"
     • Wiped all Lauren and Scott's fingerprints in "Manfred"
     • Let Madison die in "The Doc"
     • Let Jayden die in "Mad Jack" or "Fish Tank"
     • (if Madison's alive) Romance her in "On the Loose" + forgive afterwards

BONUS CHAPTER: Under Arrest (Part 3)
 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Thursday, ???? PM (???? inches)

 NOTE: This chapter is considered the "same" as the previous Under Arrest, and
 as such, won't appear a 2nd time in the chapter selection. Not that it matters
 much, since it's nothing but cutscenes. Naturally, the whole thing is skipped
 if Ethan evades capture in "On the Loose".

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Thursday, 11:43 PM (4.488 inches)

 Enter inside for a quick transport scene to...a sinking car! Shake the
 restraints a few times, turn on the ignition and use the lighter (or glass
 from the speedometer) prompts to try weakening their hold. It doesn't go as
 planned, but works out somehow. Now's the escape! Lauren is unconscious, but
 can be rescued by interacting with her BEFORE kicking in the window.
 |_| Trophy: Swimming Instructor (Bronze)
     - Saved Lauren from drowning. As mentioned above, she must be shaken
     and helped a bit before smashing the window and letting in the torrent
     of water.
 |_| Trophy: Perfect Crime (Part 6)

     Lauren's death is required for this ongoing achievement. As before, the
     current tally for possible steps is below. (Also as before, any previous
     chances to kill Madison and Jayden can be put off until later. If Maddie
     is alive, she must be romanced & forgiven in "On the Loose" however.)

     • Let Hassan die in "Hassan's Shop"
     • Let Ethan get captured in "Fugitive"
     • Wiped all Lauren and Scott's fingerprints in "Manfred"
     • Let Madison die in "The Doc"
     • Let Jayden die in "Mad Jack" or "Fish Tank"
     • (if Madison's alive) Romance her in "On the Loose" + forgive afterwards
     • Let Ethan get captured a 2nd time in "On the Loose"

FRIDAY                                                                   [WKC4]

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Friday, ??? AM (??? inches)

 There's no prepwork, since the event begins immediately!

 • EVENT: Breaking and Entering

   Smash the car into the mansion wall and exit, killing the first guard. This
   murderous rampage will only use the STOX buttons or shoulder buttons,
   depending on which difficulty setting is used. (Also, no button inputs are
   consecutively the same, which should help.) It isn't possible for Scott to
   die in this event, but if he misses too many prompts, he makes a tactical
 |_| Trophy: Invincible Scott (Bronze)
     - Don't get shot during the break-in sequence. Fairly simple, difficulty
     aside, since the event is completely scripted with no randomized inputs.
     Just keep replaying it over and over until it sticks.

 Supposing one does get upstairs, manhandle Mr. Kramer a bit. After turning
 the screws, he'll give up some info before having a heart attack. One can now
 give him the meds or leave heartlessly, ensuring he dies alone and afraid.
 |_| Trophy: Kind Hearted (Bronze)
     - Gave Kramer his heart medication from the desk drawer.
 |_| Trophy: Perfect Crime (Part 7)

     Kramer's death is a required step in this trophy. Since he's a complete
     scumbag, it shouldn't be a hard decision.

     • Let Hassan die in "Hassan's Shop"
     • Let Ethan get captured in "Fugitive"
     • Wiped all Lauren and Scott's fingerprints in "Manfred"
     • Let Madison die in "The Doc"
     • Let Jayden die in "Mad Jack" or "Fish Tank"
     • (if Madison's alive) Romance her in "On the Loose" + forgive afterwards
     • Let Ethan get captured a 2nd time in "On the Loose"
     • Let Lauren drown in "Trapped"

 Chapter ends after dealing with Kramer.

 Character: Madison
 Date/Rain: Friday, 9:07 AM (4.998 inches)

 Madison arrives at the hospital on the final morning. Speak with the
 receptionist about Ann Sheppard, revealed to live in Room #19. In the next
 corridor, this will be the penultimate door on the right-hand side. Question
 her, exhausting all options, and check the empty vase on her nightstand.

 Leave and speak with the red-clothed nurse in the hallway, who'll mention
 her memory sparks with certain objects. To repair part of her memory, do the

 • Take an orchid from the hall and put it in Ann's vase
 • Inspect paper cranes on her table
 • Make her an origami dog (using book and folding paper on smaller table)
 • Look at photo in her nightstand

 When everything's done, Madison will learn an important name, automatically
 ending the chapter.

 Character: Ethan
 Date/Rain: Friday, 6:24 PM (5.115 inches)

 NOTE: This event is skipped if Ethan was jailed.

 Enter the white room (no black curtains!) to read the final challenge: drink
 the poison for the remaining address segment. Ethan can down the draught or
 |_| Trophy: Sacrifice (Bronze)
     - Drink the poison.
 |_| Trophy: Trial Master (Silver)
     - Succeeded in all five of Ethan's trials. Self-explanitory.

 If Ethan has completed enough of the address, quitting will send him back to
 his car for a GPS guessing scene. Observe the paper sheet, then stick in "852
 Theodore Roosevelt Road" for the correct pick. (The "Clever Dad" trophy will
 unlock for a correct pick, once the final chapter is reached.)

 Character: Norman
 Date/Rain: Friday, 6:30 PM (5.272 inches)

 After a scene, it's time to reap the benefits of a job well done: uncovering
 the Origami Killer's location. The key pieces of evidence are the receipts
 and gun claimed during "Fish Tank". (As mentioned, the former is only gotten
 by tearing it from the killer's overcoat, and the latter might glitch if
 inspected outside of ARI.)

 First, look at the footage obtained from the "Fish Tank" fight. When Jayden
 is shown being choked, pause the playback and analyze to find an interesting
 clue. Next, analyze the handgun, then geo-analyze the receipts and question
 mark clue to find the appropriate geoprofile target. (When given the chance
 to prematurely accuse Blake, don't bother -- it only ends up kicking Norman
 off the case.)
 |_| Trophy: Nerd (Silver)

     This is the final step of the trophy, which can be done correctly if all
     applicable chapters (Crime Scene, Mad Jack, Fish Tank) were completely
     exhausted of clues. If done right, Jayden will note that the killer owns
     a dock warehouse.

 If Jayden stays too long in ARI, he may "overdose" and die (it'll be obvious
 he's struggling if his eyes start bleeding). If this happens, exit ARI to
 avoid dying. An unintentional side effect is dying in this manner screws up
 "Perfect Crime".

 Those who've already gotten the "Nerd" trophy may want to quit the chapter
 prematurely, which earns the "Resignation" ending one otherwise won't claim.

 Character: Scott
 Date/Rain: Friday, ???? PM (??? inches)

 This is just a single cutscene. If Lauren drowned in "Trapped," the chapter's
 skipped entirely.

 Character: ?????
 Date/Rain: 1977

 Another flashback chapter. Run back to the trailer to get dad's help, then
 watch the final scene.

 Character: ?????
 Date/Rain: Friday, ??? PM (???? inches)

 The Origami Killer is finally revealed. Reminisce over the fire to move the
 scene along.

 Character: Madison
 Date/Rain: Friday, 6:36 PM (5.644 inches)

 If Madison's still alive, she'll arrive here. Pick the lock and investigate
 the living room's wardrobe, which contains a false wall into an observation
 chamber. The computer's password can be guessed on the third try ("Max") to
 learn Shaun's location. However, on the way out, the killer will confront
 Madison, locking her inside.

 To escape, tap the drywall near the door to find a hollow spot, then jerk
 the desktop radio off its plug. Bash through the wall into the bathroom, only
 to find the place is going up in smoke. Jump into the bedroom, tip over the
 chair, and continue back into the living room, in no better shape. Circle
 around the desk, knock over the filing cabinet and use it as a springboard
 to the front door. Too bad it's locked...

 Enter the kitchen instead, which starts a small split-screen reminder that
 a propane tank is sitting in the main room. To successfully escape from its
 inevitable blast, either (1) hide in the fridge by removing all its contents
 (2) move the microwave and exit through the window, jumping into the stairwell
 for a quick escape.
 |_| Trophy: Cold as Ice (Bronze)
     - Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge. Not only is this fun,
     it's the quickest way to end the chapter.
 |_| Trophy: Perfect Crime (Part 8)

     Madison's death here works into the trophy's favor. If Jayden is alive
     still, she MUST perish here, because it's the last chance. If Jayden's
     dead, then she can instead die in the next chapter.

     • Let Hassan die in "Hassan's Shop"
     • Let Ethan get captured in "Fugitive"
     • Wiped all Lauren and Scott's fingerprints in "Manfred"
     • Let Madison die in "The Doc"
     • Let Jayden die in "Mad Jack" or "Fish Tank"
     • (if Madison's alive) Romance her in "On the Loose" + forgive afterwards
     • Let Ethan get captured a 2nd time in "On the Loose"
     • Let Lauren drown in "Trapped"
     • Let Kramer die in "Face to Face"

 The chapter ends with Madison driving off to the warehouse (if she knows the
 address) or nowhere in particular. Note that calling Jayden or Ethan has no
 effect on the final chapter if they're already going there. However, if they
 didn't find clues on their paths, this will "recruit" them for the final
 mission. (The final chapter can be beaten solo, but it's fun to see what
 happens with various ally combinations.)

 Character: Ethan and/or Madison and/or Norman
 Date/Rain: Friday, 7:22 PM (5.848 inches)
 |_| Trophy: Clever Dad (Bronze)
     - Worked out where Shaun is being held. This will trigger at the start
     of this chapter, provided:

     • Passed enough trials to learn most of Shaun's address
     • Avoided permanent incarceration in "On the Loose"
     • Didn't drink the poison in "The Rat"
     • Went to 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road on the GPS     

 The stage will be different, depending on what allies survive to this point,
 so I'll break it down into general subdivisions.

 1) Arrival: If Ethan's alive, he's arrives first at the warehouse, and will
    go toward Shaun's grate for a small scene. He can rescue Shaun immediately
    for resuscitation (if alone or with Madison) or does it after the killer
    appears and is chased off (if Jayden's here).

    If Jayden is the only one alive, approach Shaun's holding tank and shoot
    the lock off. He can rescue and do CPR immediately. Reviving Shaun will
    start a shouting match with the killer. Do the simple prompts while the
    opponent drones on, then smack his gun away to make him flee.

    If Madison's the only one alive at this point, go to Shaun for a verbal
    dialogue with the killer. The game pressures one to pick up the pipe
    instead of drawing things out, and Maddie will automatically do so if
    all options are exhausted. Struggle a little bit to initiate the second
    phase. (Note that failing the first choke prompt kills Maddie immediately.)

    If no hero is alive/available at this point, 

 2) Origami Killer Battle: Ethan only "fights" the killer if he made it, but
    Madison and Jayden did not (didn't have clues, died, etc.) There'll be a
    simple choice between sparing the killer or passing vigilante justice.

    If Norman's alive, no matter who else survived, he fights the killer on a
    conveyor belt. This fight is usually a little harder than Madison's, but
    many prompts are simple inputs + a few controller shakes. At the end of
    the fight, after Origami moves off the conveyor, the prompt immediately
    following will imbalance him (if successful), allowing for a quicker kill.
    If pity is taken, the fight'll continue again. Failing the rod/choking
    event kills Norman; winning kills Origami. (NOTE: Ethan's CPR scenes will
    take place in-between this fighting segment as a brief intermission.)

    If Madison and/or Ethan are alive, she and the killer will have a chase
    down a catwalk and freight containers. At the bottom, weave through the
    alleyways to the construction crane. The foe falters here, allowing one
    to ascend. (This can happen even if Madison ignores the prompt to harpoon
    the attacker.) Do the prompts in the operating booth, before being forcibly
    pulled out onto an edge. If Ethan's alive, instead of the usual "fight
    until the killer falls" bit -- which is comparable to Norman's scenario --
    he'll just shoot the Origami Killer, ending things quickly.
 |_| Trophy: Simple Mind (Bronze)
     - As Madison or Norman, save the Origami Killer from death during the
       fight's second half. For Norman, this means waiting for the killer to
       reach the conveyor belt's end, then SUCCEEDING in the debris throw,
       which will imbalance him. For Madison, this is after being thrown out
       the control booth, then SUCCEEDING in the tackle when the pole sticks.
       If Ethan's alive

 3) Saving Shaun: The only way to miss this step completely is not having any
    allies (Ethan included) arriving at the warehouse. Every character will
    have already rescued Shaun, except solo Madison (post-killer fight) and
    Ethan+Norman+NoMadison (takes place in-between killer fight). The only
    differences between the characters' rescue methods is Norman shoots the
    lock off, while the others must grab the steel dowel to pry it off.
 |_| Trophy: Saved the Kid (Silver)
     - Successfully rescue Shaun. This will happen as long as one hero makes
     it to this chapter alive and isn't picked off by the Origami Killer.

 4) Motorbike Entrance: This only occurs if Ethan, Madison and Norman are all
    alive at this point. Madison will arrive after the cops and must do this
    event to get inside. (It's just turning prompts.) Succeeding and failing
    will directly impact whether Ethan lives or dies, respectively. Norman's
    fight outcome has zero relevance in this situation.

 5) Exiting the Warehouse: This portion only happens if someone is alive by
    the end. There's four main outcomes:

    • Shaun exits alone. This occurs if only one ally makes it to the docks,
      they rescue Shaun and end up dying.

    • Ethan exits safely with Shaun without doing the door-opening prompt. It
      happens only if Ethan and Norman make it to the warehouse and both live.

    • Madison enters the building to help Ethan, opening the door for him. It
      ensures he doesn't get shot by the waiting snipers, since he's carrying
      Ethan the entire way.

    • Ethan opens the warehouse door by himself and gets shot by police. This
      happens in any scenario (outside instances mentioned above) where he has
      to open the exit by himself. It even happens if no one but him knows the
      killer's hideout, oddly enough.
 |_| Trophy: So Close... (Bronze)
     - Reach the final chapter with all characters alive and save Shaun, but
       have Ethan die in the police shootout. This only happens if Madison gets
       captured in the bike segment. (It doesn't matter if Jayden's alive or
       dead, as far as I know.)

 The endings will play at this point, one for each character, plus a summary
 from the local TV anchor. Those seeking the "All Endings" trophy will enjoy
 knowing the extremely long credits can't be skipped in any fashion.
 |_| Trophy: Perfect Crime (Gold)

     One can finally cash in this long-term trophy, but having let the killer
     get off scot-free, with all heroes dead or incarcerated, all loose ends
     and witnesses dead and all evidence destroyed. Who says crime doesn't
     pay? The trophy only triggers if one: 

     • Let Hassan die in "Hassan's Shop"
     • Let Ethan get captured in "Fugitive"
     • Wiped all Lauren and Scott's fingerprints in "Manfred"
     • Romanced Madison in "On the Loose" and forgave her afterwards
     • Let Ethan get captured a 2nd time in "On the Loose"
     • Let Lauren drown in "Trapped"
     • Let Kramer die in "Face to Face"
     • Let Madison perish in "Killer's Place"
     • Let Jayden die in "The Old Warehouse" (grinder death, not gunshot)
 |_| Trophy: HEAVY RAIN Hero (Bronze)
     - Complete the game with any ending
 |_| Trophy: Four Heroes (Silver)
     - Complete the game with all four characters alive.
 |_| Trophy: All Endings (Gold)
     - View all endings. See the endings section for more details on how to
     get these pesky things.
____________________________________________________/ III. APPENDICES [APND] |_
ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES                                                    [ACHV]
 Rather self-explanitory -- a list of the game's trophies. Should come in
 handy, since 90% of them are considered hidden until unlocked! Most are fun
 to do, also, so they're a good reason to replay scenes. They'll be sorted by
 type and listed in (relative) order of obtainment, although there will be a
 few spoilers

 |_| HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Prologue)

     Complete the architectural plans, set the table without screwing anything
     up, and play with the kids in the backyard. The key thing to remember is
     to do the helicopter and shoulder carry segments until the game stops 'em

     Complete the prologue chapter. It's impossible to miss this, basically.

 |_| GOOD FATHER (Father and Son)

     Follow the kitchen schedule and put Shaun to bed in a good mood. This is
     basically Ethan indulging his son at every opportunity, engaging him and
     being considerate. To get the trophy, do the following. (Chapter begins
     at 4:15, so there's no time to dawdle.)

     - Give Shaun his snack between 4:30 and 6:00 (chips are fine)
     - Make Shaun do homework between 6:00-7:00 (check his work afterwards)
     - Prepare Shaun's dinner (pizza) between 7:00-8:00
     - Tell Shaun to go to bed at 8:00
     - Agree to let him stay up a little longer
     - Tell Shaun to go to bed at 8:15 (and mean it this time)
     - Come upstairs with Shaun
     - Close the shades
     - Look at picture he drew
     - Turn on his nightlight (requires changing perspective with L1)
     - Say goodnight, then agree to find his teddy bear
     - Get teddy from the laundry room (behind kitchen)
     - Bring teddy to Shaun before he falls asleep (happens if it's too late)
     - Tuck him in and kiss his forehead
     - Slowly close the door

     Just remember to initiate the snack/homework/dinner/bed portions by
     asking Shaun first, not letting him take initiative. To prevent mishaps,
     consider just waiting by the living room clock during the downtime.
 |_| PRIVATE EYE (Sleazy Place)

     Lead Lauren to discuss her son. This takes place during the convo where
     Scott reveals he's a PI. Simply talk until the "trick" option surfaces,
     then use it.
 |_| WHITE KNIGHT (Sleazy Place)

     Defeat Troy. This requires going back to Lauren's apartment after Troy
     forces his way in, then doing the QTE events to win.
 |_| FBI INVESTIGATOR (Crime Scene)

     Track down every clue at Norman's initial crime scene. The victim's body
     has 4 (muddy face doesn't count), 2 between there and the railroad track,
     2 on the fence nearby, and 2 along the freeway. When all are located,
     Jayden says something like "I've seen everything there is".
 |_| GOOD FRIENDS (The Park)

     Play two full games (seesaw, swings, merry-go-round) with Shaun and buy
     him candy from the vendor near the clock. Games are considered completed
     as long as Ethan doesn't screw up during 'em. Swings are the hardest,
     relatively anyway.
 |_| GOT TO REMEMBER! (Welcome, Norman!)

     Correctly recall the facts about "The Park" chapter, namely the arrival
     time (4:15) and Shaun's clothes (beige coat, green pants). All answers'll
     be mapped to X-button, so this is fairly easy, despite the time limit.
 |_| NEGOTIATOR (Hassan's Shop)

     Make Andrew leave of his own volition, which requires revealing Scott's
     position in some fashion. In the dialogue sequence, choose answers that
     will comfort him (Name, Calm, Affective, Help), then ask him to put down
     his weapon. If the wrong answers are chosen, he refuses to relinquish his
     piece, forcing the usual struggle scenario.
 |_| VIP (Paparazzi)

     When it comes time for Ethan to leave his apartment, use the backdoor and
     its alley to reach the car. The press will get wind of his exit if Mars
     gets too close, but otherwise, it's fairly simple.
 |_| AGORAPHOBIA (Lexington Station)

     Knock down 50 passers-by in the time stop scene. Basically, instead of
     chasing after the red balloon kid, find the nearest throng and bowl 'em
     over. This segment is timed though, so don't be too sloppy.
 |_| LUCKY LOCKER (Lexington Station)

     Find the right locker (Line 18, Box 3) on the first try. From the luggage
     claim entrance, hang the first left and follow the long row all the way
     to the back. Just read the signs.
 |_| BLUNDER (Nathaniel)

     Shoot Nathaniel during the standoff segment.
 |_| SELF CONTROL (Nathaniel)

     Refrain from shooting Nathaniel after he brandishes his weapon. Don't pay
     attention to Blake's whining!
 |_| BABY MASTER (Suicide Baby)

     Do all of Scott's baby care inputs correctly (diaper change, bottle
     warming, feeding, burping, rocking). Wash hands before handling Emily,
     too, you filthy animal!
 |_| KAMIKAZE (The Bear)

     Choose the perfect route through oncoming traffic. This will generally
     entail major left/right choices with several smaller events occuring
     in-between (any tilt prompt must be done right to get trophy).

     1) RIGHT at 1st car
     2) RIGHT at 2nd car
     3) LEFT at 3rd car
     4) LEFT at 4th car
     ====do skid prompts here===
     5) RIGHT at 5th car
     6) RIGHT at 6th car
     7) RIGHT at the toll
     ====cops start following at this point===
     8) RIGHT TILT at the cop car (must be done slowly)
     9) RIGHT a final time

     The hardest part is the cop car command which must be a slow tilt -- do
     the motion too jerky (or to the left) and it doesn't work correctly, even
     if the game counts it as correct on-screen. If Ethan steers right, his
     vehicle won't sideswipe the squad car.

     If one's having a hard time doing the SixAxis controller tilts, remember
     to hold the controller like a steering wheel (buttons facing oneself). It
     helps greatly, considering lower difficulties won't change those prompts.
     And, naturally, those replaying this chapter should do it with saving on,
     since there's an autosave after the garage segment.
 |_| GOOD DRIVER (The Bear)

     Complete the "race" through incoming traffic, without failing prematurely
     or quitting ahead of time.
 |_| CAT & MOUSE (Covered Market)

     Knock out Korda in the market's butcher shop. This requires completing
     the foot chase properly, then winning the inevitable fight.
 |_| TOUGH GUY (Kramer's Party)

     Defeat Gordi's bodyguards after confronting him upstairs. This one's a
     bit easier to fail than other fight scenes.
 |_| COWARD! (The Butterfly)

     Fail the Butterfly trial, by incurring too much damage (from the glass
     tunnel, capacitors) or leaving out the appropriately marked side door in
     the second half.
 |_| ELECTRIFIED (The Butterfly)

     Pass the Butterfly trial by choosing the correct route through the grid.
     Some of the button presses are annoying to do, but they're not randomized,
     making it a little easier. Failing too many times ends the trial, though.
 |_| GOOD COP (Shrink and Punches)

     Stop Blake from working over Dupre. Self-explanitory.
 |_| BAD COP (Shrink and Punches)

     Let Blake beat the living daylights out of Dupre. This happens if Norman
     does nothing whatsoever, making it fairly easy to get -- just sit back
     and watch!
 |_| GOLD FINGER (The Lizard)

     After learning the trial's purpose, grab disinfectant from the bathroom
     and put it on the desk. Then, grab the rebar and roast it on the stove
     'til it's toasty red (this also goes on desk). Choose either the axe,
     pliers or knife for cutting. Disinfect the hand, slice the pinky, and
     cauterize the wound before breaking the floorboard.
 |_| BUTCHER (The Lizard)

     Cut the finger using the saw or scissors. Simple to do, painful to watch.
 |_| HANDS UP! (Fugitive -or- On the Loose)

     Let Ethan get captured by the police in any of those two segments.
 |_| FUGITIVE (Fugitive)
     Avoid capture by the police. Like "Hands Up!" this may be doable during
     "On the Loose," though I haven't tested that.
 |_| LUDWIG VON (Jayden Blues)

     Play the piano without any wrong notes. The inputs are always STOX and
     R1/R2 combinations. Outside of how a few presses that cluster together,
     it ain't too hard.
 |_| DETOX (Jayden Blues)

     At the hotel room, resist taking the triptocaine by flushing it down the
     toilet. This segment is skipped if Ethan was caught in "Fugitive," so if
     one needs the trophy, let him escape there.
 |_| WISE GUY (Under Arrest)

     Let Ethan get caught in "Fugitive," and play through "Jayden Blues" to
     the second half of "Under Arrest," where Norman wants to help Ethan
     escape. Immediately leave the office and enter the interrogation room's
     viewing room, where one can switch off the camcorder. Then, just do the
     chapter normally.
 |_| I'M A KILLER... (The Shark)

     Complete the gun battle and execute the drug peddler.
 |_| I'M NOT A KILLER! (The Shark)

     Complete the gun battle, but spare the drug peddler.
 |_| SMART GIRL (The Doc)

     Don't drink the creepy doctor's beverage, despite his insisting. Simple.
 |_| QUEEN OF ROPES (The Doc)

     After being captured, a Jehovah's Witness will accost the doc upstairs.
     Use this distraction to get the saw and slice through the ropes before
     he returns.
 |_| GOODBYE MAD JACK (Mad Jack)

     The quickest way to do this is finding the acid bath in the garage, doing
     the fight sequence, then failing the fight by fumbling the tripto. After
     waking up, do the prompts to get the gun from the glove compartment and
     escape the car. Now, do the second fight to its end, which "paves" the
     way in a fun-filled manner.
 |_| THE CHEF (Eureka)

     Prepare a good omelette on time. Crack the eggs in the skillet, turn on
     the burner, and just keep stirring 'em. If done right, Scott will say
     something like "they should be ready now," which is the cue to put 'em
     on the plate.
 |_| I'M NOT SCARED! (Twins)

     Follow John through the construction site without missing any prompts.
     Unless one wants an exercise in frustration, do this chapter with saving
     on (if something goes wrong, just quit to menu and continue from the last
 |_| PRIDE SAVED (Sexy Girl)

     After going upstairs with Paco, Madison will have to do a striptease. To
     get the trophy, take off only one item of clothing before braining the
     sleazeball with a nearby lamp.
 |_| UNFORGIVABLE (On the Loose)

     Accept Madison's advances at the chapter's start. After waking up, get
     dressed and grab the coat to find some notes. When confronting Madison
     about 'em, don't forgive her.
 |_| LOVER BOY (On the Loose)

     Same as "Unforgivable," just choose to forgive her at the end.
 |_| ESCAPE MASTER (On the Loose)

     Avoid capture during the motel police raid. To do this, traverse the
     balconies to the main 2F walkway, head right, then up to the roof. Finish
     the footchase, then jump off the roof instead of surrending. Hijack the
     taxi to complete the chapter.

     Save Lauren from drowning in the underwater car. This requires checking
     her seatbelt and such before kicking in the window, at which point it
     would be too late.
 |_| INVINCIBLE SCOTT (Face to Face)

     Gun down all the henchmen without getting shot once. Only shoulder buttons
     are used for inputs, and some goons miss, so this is more about recalling
     the prompts than anything else.
 |_| KIND HEARTED (Face to Face)

     After making it up to Kramer, he'll start having a heart attack. Instead
     of walking away, get his pills from the desk and help the poor soul out.
 |_| SACRIFICE (The Rat)

     When given the choice, drink the poison.
 |_| CLEVER DAD (The Rat)

     Work out where Shaun is being held without completing all trials. First,
     successfully pass 3-4 of the previous trials, then leave instead of
     downing the poison. Ethan will go to the car and try guessing Shaun's
     location from his current clues. Choose the top-right answer -- 852
     Theodore Roosevelt Road -- and play until the final chapter to earn the
 |_| COLD AS ICE (Killer's Place)

     At the end of the chapter, Madison can escape through a window. However,
     instead of taking the obvious route, clear the fridge and hide inside.
 |_| SIMPLE MIND (The Old Warehouse)

     If can be accomplished if Madison or Jayden survives to the chapter. Near
     the end of their respective fights, one can make the killer lose balance
     and hang by a thread. (This ONLY happens if a certain input is correctly
     done. For instance, Jayden must throw a small piece of debris.) He'll ask
     for help, to which one should oblige, getting the trophy.
 |_| SO CLOSE... (The Old Warehouse)

     The game says "reach the end with all characters...and fail" as its
     description, but I found it as a bit of a misnomer -- it didn't mean all
     parties had to perish. I had all characters arrive, won the conveyor belt
     fight and only had Madison fail her bike chase (which negatively impacts
     Ethan's exit). Shaun must definitely be alive to get this trophy, though,
     which always happens unless Madison arrives solo and dies.
 |_| HEAVY RAIN™ HERO (The Old Warehouse)

     Complete the game with any ending.


     Complete the game with four characters alive. Basically, none of the
     heroes ever die before "The Old Warehouse" and the killer is defeated
     there. (It may be possible to get this trophy by having only one hero
     reach the ending, save Shaun and dispose of the killer. In Ethan's case,
     if he arrives solo, he may be able to let the killer go free and still
     succeed here. But just in case, it's easiest to do the normal method.)

     Complete all five trials successfully -- basically, every outcome that
     bestows a piece of the (address) puzzle.
 |_| NERD

     Find all clues in the Crime Scene, Mad Jack and Fish Tank chapters and
     locate the Origami Killer. There's a lot of space in-between here, so it
     can lead to a lot of replaying, unfortunately.

     • Crime Scene: basically find all ten clues. This is outlined in the
       "FBI Investigator" trophy, earned for finding all ten.

     • Mad Jack: All clues are in the garage, but there's several duplicates
       (mostly fingerprints) to find. Find the sets of footprints, the tire
       marks, and spray paint. In fact, it's easiest to just find everything,
       working from one side to the next. Make sure to see the acid bath last
       since it ends the scene.

     • Fish Tank: This is the smallest crime scene, so finding all clues is
       easy...or at least it should be. A crucial clue (receipts) only appears
       if Jayden tore it off the assailant's pocket, and a gun near the door
       may not count if it's inspected immediately. To be safe, don't observe
       any potential evidence until ARI is picked up and initiated.     
 |_| SAVED THE KID (The Old Warehouse)

     Reach the final chapter with any combination of heroes for a surefire
     chance at saving Shaun. There's only one exception: if Madison arrives
     solo and dies, Shaun isn't rescued. (If this rare instance occurs, just
     replay "Killer's Place," get the address and call Ethan or Jayden on the
     phone. Shaun never dies if at least two heroes make it, after all.)


     Essentially, have many heroes die or get taken out of commission, while
     simultaneously destroying evidence one way or another. Some characters
     can die in multiple scenarios, but the deaths listed here work 100% of
     the time, so I'd suggest doing that:

     • Let Hassan die during "Hassan's Shop"
     • Let Ethan get captured in "Fugitive"
     • Clean all fingerprints successfully during "Manfred"
     • Romance, then forgive, Madison during "On the Loose"
     • Let Ethan get captured again in "On the Loose"
     • Don't save Lauren during "Trapped"
     • Don't save Kramer during "Face to Face"
     • Let Madison die during "Killer's Place"
     • Let Jayden die in "The Old Warehouse" during the conveyor belt segment

     I believe it's okay for Ethan to find the wrong address, when guessing
     where Shaun is after quitting too many trials (requires finishing some
     though, otherwise there's nothing to work off.) Dying earlier on saves
     time by skipping chapters, but those deaths may not count as "correct"
     for the achievement. To be safe, let Madison and Jayden die at the listed
     sections, since the Origami Killer is directly responsible for their

     View all 18 endings. The game counts all unique endings across all save
     files (i.e. players can get the trophy by having 17 endings on file #1
     and the 18th on file #2). See the Endings section for proper details.

 |_| HEAVY RAIN™ Master

     Complete all other trophies. The hardest ones are generally Kamikaze,
     Perfect Crime and All Endings, due to the frustrations involved.

ENDINGS                                                                  [NDNG]
     ================== MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION! ==================

 The game has 18 endings (called "epilogue" in chapter select) to witness in
 all, some for each character. The game actually lists them in the unlocked
 order, but for easier purposes, I'll sequence 'em by each character.

 • Finish game

 This epilogue is unlocked simply by reaching the end in any fashion, win or
 lose. It'll detail (in the titular news report) how the Origami Killer case
 ended, Shaun and the killer's outcome, who rescued him (if any), and any
 related fatalities. Finishing the game in different ways will change how the
 newscast proceeds.

 • Ethan dies in "The Old Warehouse"

 This only occurs if Ethan arrives solo or he arrives with Jayden AND Madison,
 but the latter fails the motorcycle event (and thus can't help his warehouse
 escape). The epilogue shows his son and ex at the town graveyard. Depending
 on the other survivors, Madison or Scott may be here as well.

 • Ethan doesn't get captured in "On the Loose"
 • Madison is not romanced in "On the Loose" and/or dies at some point
 • Shaun lives

 Basically, ensure Ethan doesn't fail both police raid scenarios, don't lead
 Madison on and ensure Shaun lives by having at least one person reach the
 final chapter. The ending will show father and son in the new house they're
 going to buy.

 • Madison is romanced in "On the Loose" and forgiven
 • Ethan doesn't get captured in "On the Loose"
 • Madison survives in "Killer's House"
 • Shaun lives

 Basically "A New Start," only with Madison being a part of Ethan's life. As
 long as she and Ethan survive to the final chapter (which automatically saves
 Shaun), and she was forgiven earlier (which kindles the relationship), she'll
 show up in the house-hunting scene.

 • Ethan is captured in "Fugitive"
 • Ethan is captured again in "On the Loose"
 • Jayden doesn't discern the address in "Solving the Puzzle" (or dies prior)
 • Madison doesn't find Shaun's address in "Killer's Place" (or dies prior)
 • Shaun dies

 Ethan is captured and no one finds Shaun, ensuring he drowns. Now framed as
 the Origami Killer, Ethan hangs himself in a prison cell. (The ending might
 be possible to do with no one but Madison reaching the last chapter, except
 she dies in the battle with the killer. She's the only solo character who
 doesn't save Shaun immediately upon arrival.)

 • Ethan is captured in "Fugitive"
 • Ethan is captured again in "On the Loose"
 • Shaun lives

 Fail both police raid scenarios to ensure Ethan is locked up to the game's
 end, and reach the final chapter with any hero, which saves Shaun. Here, the
 father will be imprisoned, but ends up vindicated at the police station.

 • Ethan isn't captured in "On the Loose"
 • Ethan fails "The Rat" trial and guesses the wrong address
 • Madison isn't romanced and forgiven in "On the Loose" (or dies prior/later)
 • Jayden doesn't learn the address in "Solving the Puzzle" (or dies)

 Ethan is never captured and survives the game, but Shaun dies. The easiest
 way to do it is bungling "The Rat" trial's guessing portion, then having no
 one else reach the warehouse. (Alternately, only Madison reaches the final
 chapter, but dies before saving Shaun. She's the only one who can perish
 before the rescue, note.) The ending finds Ethan exculpated, but the grief
 of losing his final child leads to suicide in the motel.

 • Complete any two trials prior to "The Rat"
 • Romance Madison in "On the Loose" and forgive her
 • Jayden doesn't find the warehouse in "Solving the Puzzle" (or dies prior)
 • Ethan fails "The Rat" trial and guess the wrong address
 • Madison doesn't find Shaun's address in "Killer's Place," but survives
 • Shaun dies

 Basically, kindle a relationship with Madison, keep both Ethan and Madison
 alive, but no one reaches the final chapter to save Shaun. The ending shows
 the graveyard where a hopeful Madison tries to talk about the future, only
 for a despondent Ethan to commit suicide...shame.

 • Madison dies during "The Doc," "Killer's Place" or "The Old Warehouse"

 Just have her die in any fashion at any available point. The ending will show
 a news reporter at the graveyard who seems reverent on camera, but can't wait
 to leave when the film stops rolling. Maddie deserves better!

 • Ethan doesn't romance Maddie in "On the Loose" (or does and won't forgive)
 • Madison learns Shaun's address in "Killer's Place"
 • Madison survives "The Old Warehouse"
 • Origami Killer is slain in "The Old Warehouse"
 • Shaun lives

 This is the antithesis of "A New Life," where Shaun, Madison and Ethan all
 survive, but the latter two never followed through on the romance subplot. It
 shows Maddie later having written a successful book on the origami murders,
 doing a book signing. Fairly normal, outside of the strange man who suggests
 she have a better adversary...only he's gone when she looks up...

 • Ethan romances Madison in "On the Loose" but doesn't forgive her
 • Madison doesn't find address in "Killer's Place," but survives

 To fail "Killer's Place," make sure to fail the password-guessing event five
 times to progress the scene, then just break out as normal without retrying.
 Madison, now back at her flat, can't cope with the guilt and stress of the
 origami case and starts hallucinating the intruders again.

 • Norman learns the address in "Solving the Puzzle"
 • Norman survives "The Old Warehouse"
 • Shaun lives

 For Norman, this is the best ending -- doing his job properly to find the
 missing boy's location, saving him, and defeating the killer in battle. The
 ending shows him on the talk show circuit to speak on the case. Later, he's
 seen flushing his triptocaine down the toilet, attempting to avoid his old

 • Norman doesn't learn address in "Solving the Puzzle"
 • Shaun lives

 Essentially, Norman lives but isn't the one to save Shaun. The easiest way to
 do this is simply quitting the final ARI investigation as soon as it's given.
 The ending shows him back in Washington, talking with his superior about the
 resignation and how he wants to live a normal life from now on. When asked if
 he wants his old ARI, he declines.

 • Ethan is captured in "Fugitive"
 • Ethan is captured again in "On the Loose"
 • Norman doesn't find address in "Solving the Puzzle"
 • Madison doesn't find address in "Killer's House" (or dies prior)
 • Shaun dies

 Norman survives the game, but Shaun dies since no one found him. The ending
 shows him discussing the future in ARI, only to find out he's talking to
 himself. (His "what the heck!" reaction is precious, honestly.) The whole
 conversation is shown to be a hallucination from a tripto overdose, which
 kills him shortly thereafter.

 • Norman dies in "Mad Jack," "Fish Tank" or "The Old Warehouse"

 Basically, just kill Norman off at some point. Unlike Madison and Ethan, if
 he arrives at the final chapter, players always get a chance for his death,
 either on the usual conveyor belt scene or (if he arrives solo) failing the
 initial struggle with the killer. The ending shows Perry and Blake discussing
 his funeral, with the latter turning down the offer to attend. He tries on
 Jayden's old ARI and is amazed by it, but his face turns to horror as he sees
 a digital copy of Norman standing inside, watching...

 • Lauren survives "Trapped"
 • Scott survives "The Old Warehouse"

 To have Scott survive the final chapter, have him kill Madison or Jayden in
 their respective fights. If Ethan arrived solo, don't execute him. The ending
 shows Lauren waiting for Shelby on a rainy street. She's done her homework,
 learning he wasn't hired by any victims' families, and guns him down without
 a second's remorse.

 • Scott dies in "The Old Warehouse"

 Reach the final chapter with any character and defeat the Origami Killer in
 mortal combat (or, if Ethan arrived alone, execute him). The ending shows
 Shelby's simple grave in the cemetery. If Lauren's alive, she'll have choice
 words for the wretched man.

 • Lauren drowns in "Trapped"
 • Scott survives "The Old Warehouse"

 Simply put, make sure Lauren dies and Scott isn't killed at the warehouse,
 either by killing his battle opponent or having no one reach that chapter.
 The latter is the most time-efficient method: have Jayden and Madison die
 earlier on, drown Lauren, then make sure Ethan fails "The Rat" but doesn't
 guess the right address. The ending shows Scott walking down the sidewalk
 through a crowd. (Being outed as the killer doesn't change anything; what's
 important is mere survival.)

 | HERE!
 | DON'T
 | LOOK!
 | /

IV. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [FAQZ]

 [Q] - Do I need to use the Playstation Move?
 [A] - No, you can change the preferred controller in the options. And, since
       most people hate the Move and/or don't have one, it's an option that
       gets tons of mileage.

 [Q] - How does replaying chapters work?
 [A] - Once a chapter is encountered and concluded, one can go back and retry
       for a different outcome. (Not all have different ones, note.) However,
       simply redoing a chapter doesn't much plot -- one must have saving
       turned ON and then proceed to play from that point for full effects.
       If saving is turned off, then the choices won't affect anything, making
       it a good option for trophy hunting.

 [Q] - Argh, how do I get the Kamikaze trophy???
 [A] - It's one of the more frustrating ones, although a bit easier once the
       correct route is known. If the walkthrough's words don't help as much
       as one likes, I'd suggest finding a Youtube video of the chapter.

 [Q] - What's the repercussion for not helping Lauren in "Sleazy Place"?
 [A] - She'll have a shiner when she next appears, but that's about it.

 [Q] - In "Twins," is it possible to save you-know-who?
 [A] - No, it's a flashback chapter, so everything's already set in stone.

 [Q] - There's nudity in this??? Where? I need it to...uh, avoid seeing it.
 [A] - Outside of Ethan's rump in the first chapter, Madison tends to have the
       most showable skin. She can go topless in "Sleepless Night," "Sexy Girl"
       and "On the Loose," though none are mandatory.

V. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                                [UPDT]
 06-13-2014 --------------------------------+ Started walkthrough
 06-30-2014 --------------------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my crap
 • The one guy who spoiled the killer's identity for me. What a sir!
 • John Ross, for pointing out I'd missed the Fugitive achievement info

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