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Trophy Guide by dc_pigpen

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/16/10

Game: Heavy Rain
Guide: Perfect Crime/Platinum Guide v1.01
Author: John E. Poole (aka) DC Pigpen
Contact: dc.pigpen(at)gmail.com
Date: 11/17/2010


(codes are for Ctrl + F’ing)

CH01 - Version History
CH02 - General Introduction/Explanation
CH03 - Perfect Crime Walkthrough
	CH04 - Prologue
	CH05 - Father & Son
	CH06 - Sleazy Place
	CH07 - Crime Scene
	CH08 - The Park
	CH09 - Welcome Norman
	CH10 - Hassan’s Shop
	CH11 - Sleepless Night
	CH12 - Paparazzi
	CH13 - Lexington Station
	CH14 - Nathaniel
	CH15 - Suicide Baby
	CH16 - The Bear
	CH17 - Covered Market
	CH18 - Kramer’s Party
	CH19 - The Butterfly
	CH20 - Shrink & Punches
	CH21 - The Lizard
	CH22 - Fugitive
	CH23 - Jayden Blues
	CH24 - Under Arrest
	CH25 - Manfred
	CH26 - The Shark
	CH27 - The Doc
	CH28 - Mad Jack
	CH29 - Eureka
	CH30 - Twins
	CH31 - Sexy Girl
	CH32 - Fish Tank
	CH33 - On the Loose
	CH34 - Trapped
	CH35 - Face to Face
	CH36 - The Rat
	CH37 - Solving the Puzzle
	CH38 - Killer’s Place
	CH39 - The Warehouse
CH40 - Autosave OFF Trophy Cleanup
CH41 - All Endings
	CH42 - End Run #2
	CH43 - End Run #3
	CH44 - End Run #4
	CH45 - End Run #5
	CH46 - End Run #6
	CH47 - End Run #7
CH48 - Thank Yous
CH49 - Contacting Me
CH50 - Totally Legal



11/15/2010 - Version 1.0: Everything seems to be in order.

11/17/2010 - Version 1.01: I totally had the Heroine ending in the wrong place.
                           Fixed.  Also updated trackers and small stuff.


I have a simple objective with this guide, and that is to show the quickest and
easiest way to go from zero trophies to platinum trophy in Heavy Rain.  As
such, anything that doesn't affect trophies will most likely not be
discussed at all, so you may miss out on a lot of little scenes if you're
strictly following this guide.  That's okay, because you're not here
for those scenes, are you?  You're here for a gosh darn platinum trophy.
Sets of actions (or entire chapters) that don't affect any trophies or endings 
will most likely be skipped over entirely.  For example, I start the 
walkthrough at the "Happy Birthday" trophy and don't mention once that you have
to shower and get dressed first, because the game will pretty much make you do 
that anyway. You can figure it out, I believe in you.  A good rule of thumb is
to just not die or fail.  Unless, of course, I tell you that you should.  Also,
using L2 to hear a character's thoughts will usually point you where you need 
to go if you get confused.

Another thing I want to note is that I'm not here to teach you the controls or
how to play the game.  If I said "go to the bathroom and take a shower", I hope
you would be able to locate the room with the toilet, go near the shower and
start following the prompts to do that.  Of course, if it's something that
seems to cause people trouble, or something that may not be quite so obvious,
I'll try to be more specific in those parts.

Another VERY important thing is that this game is made in such a way that to
truly get the most from the story, you just have to play it through without a
guide.  At least once.  It's an emotional roller coaster, and so much better
when you're trying to figure it out right along with the characters.  I'm gonna
try to have as few spoilers as possible, and I'll certainly never directly 
reveal the killer's identity, but this guide is working under the assumption 
that clearing out the trophies is more important to the reader than being 
surprised by plot twists.

Also, trophies do NOT pop up as soon as you fulfill the requirements.  You have
to wait for the next Big Face Loading Screen.  For example, if you get 
everything for Happy Birthday, it won't register until Scott Shelby's big face 
fills your screen while "Sleazy Place" is loading.  So when you're going back 
and getting trophies with Autosave OFF, don't quit back to the main menu until 
you see the trophy pop up.  Just don't.  Bad things happen to good people.  The
exception to this is the endings, where there is no Big Face Loading Screen to 
wait for.  I don't know exactly when trophies register at the end of the game, 
and you're probably better off playing it safe and sitting through the credits 
each time.  Just go have a snack or something.  While going for All Endings, I 
somehow ended up missing one, which wouldn't be a big deal, except it was one 
of the endings you get along with the "So Close..." trophy, which I already 
had.  Obviously, I must've quit after "So Close..." registered, but before the 
ending actually loaded, and I had to backtrack quite a ways to fix it, so just 
be careful about that.

Lastly, and maybe most important, I said I'm going for the easiest and QUICKEST
way to get a platinum trophy, and that means having to backtrack as little as 
possible to change the ending, and THAT means going for the Perfect Crime 
trophy on the first playthrough, which really goes against what your instincts 
will probably tell you to do, not to mention giving you one of the more 
unsettling endings right off the bat.  The reasoning behind this is simple:  
If you get the Perfect Crime on your first playthrough, you won't have to go 
back very far to change the story and get that coveted All Endings trophy, but 
if you neglect to do things toward Perfect Crime, you could end up beating the 
game and having to start over almost all the way back at the beginning to get 

So the first part of the guide will get you Perfect Crime, as well as a 
majority of the little trophies that are chapter-specific.  After that I'll 
show you which chapters to go back and replay (with Autosave OFF) to pick up 
the trophies you might've missed.  To finish off, I'll try to show you the 
simplest way to get all endings from your Perfect Crime save, so you don't end 
up playing the last few chapters twenty times like I did.  Exciting, right?  
Let's do it up.



"Happy Birthday" - Finish the drawing in the office downstairs (keep drawing 
until he signs it) then kill some time until your family arrives.  Help your 
wife with the groceries and carefully set the table.  Then it's time to go
play with the kids.  Jason gets a helicopter, Shaun gets an airplane (you 
should never set either kid down, the game will eventually do it for you,
and that portion seems to be why most people miss this trophy), then human 
monkey bars and a sword fight, go upstairs and find Shaun, and boom: Happy 
Birthday.  Then a fun and exciting trip to the local mall!  Roll opening 

"Interactive Drama" - Automatic


"Good Father" - Follow the schedule once your home.  Keep in mind, you have 
to ask Shaun first, as in you can't just go get him a snack, you have to ask if
he wants one.  Snack time is pretty much immediately, by the way.  At some 
point you'll hear Shaun sniffling.  Go ask him if he feels ill, then get some 
medicine from the upstairs bathroom for him.  At bedtime, feel free to let him
stay up a little later, have a talk with him if you wanna, then when he goes to
brush his teeth, go to the laundry room and grab his stuffed animal.  He'll ask
you to go get it anyway if you don't.  Go tuck Shaun in, kiss him goodnight, 
then go back into the hall and generally freak out.


Side note:  Your first three trophies should pop up now.

"Private Eye" - Get Lauren to fess up.  Most guides will tell you to use 
Compassion, then Convince, then Trick, but as long as you finish with Trick, 
she'll start talking.  Leave your card on the way out.  Not sure if it affects
whether Lauren pops up later, but it can't hurt.

"White Knight" - Win the fight against Troy.  You don't have to hit every 
action, you just have to win.


"FBI Investigator" - Find all the clues at the crime scene using your ARI.  
There's four on the dead body: mud on the face, orchid on the chest, origami in
the hand, and cut on the leg.  You can check the hand twice, not sure if it's 
needed, but do it anyway.  Four more clues near the train tracks: traces of 
orchid pollen in the air, blood on the tracks, footprints beside the track, and
some more blood on a fence.  The fence is next to a big muddy hill, which you 
must climb to find the last two clues, tire tracks and more footprints.

Side note:  There are endings to get that involve Jayden failing to solve the 
case, but this can be done even if he's collected all the clues, so get them 
all or you risk replaying the whole game to get the "Nerd" trophy.  Thankfully,
in this chapter, Jayden will actually say "that's all there is to see" when 
you've found all ten clues.  He will NOT do this in the other two 
clue-collecting levels.  You've been warned.


Side note:  You'll later be asked to remember the time you arrived at the park,
as well as the color of Shaun's clothes.  Of course, I'll tell you the answers 
when that comes, but you might feel more special just figuring those out now 
and actually remembering them.  Your call.

"Good Friends" - Play at least two games (choices are boomerang in Shaun's 
backpack, swings, merry-go-round [tiny metal one, not the horses], and see-saw)
then buy Shaun some candy from the vendor.  Start to leave and you'll get
sucked into the carousel.  Buy Shaun a ticket, and generally freak out.


Side note:  As Norman, you should probably look through every file and clue
that you have in ARI during this chapter.  I can't say for sure, but it might 
affect whether he can solve the case in the end or not, and since we won't be 
coming back this far in the story anymore after this, you should just analyze 
and geoanalyze everything.  Also, any time you're using ARI, keep an eye out 
for new clues that may pop up as Norman analyzes the ones he already has.  
Also, can anyone confirm whether taking Tripto here affects your ending?  I 
seemed to get every trophy fairly easily without paying much attention to 
whether Jayden was kicking the drug or not, so I don't think it really makes a 
difference, except later when you can get the "Detox" trophy for resisting the 

"Got to Remember!" - Give the correct details about Shaun and the park.  Do you
remember them?  Well you got there around 4:15, and Shaun had a beige jacket 
and green pants.  But you knew that, right?


We're not getting any trophies here this time around, but this is where you 
will need to start doing certain things to get the "Perfect Crime" trophy.  In 
case you skipped the intro to this guide, that is the ending I'm shooting for 
on this first playthrough.  If you wanna know why, go back and read the intro. 
Talk to Hassan however you like then start to leave.  You'll remember you need 
asthma medicine, so go grab some.  Soon a robber will come into the store.  If 
you're following this guide and you're going for Perfect Crime, just don't 
move.  Let the drama in the front of the store play out, then go interact with 
Hassan.  Don't worry, we'll be coming back for that "Negotiator" trophy later 


Um, yeah.  No trophies.  No Perfect Crime notes.  Just want you to know there’s
a shower in the bathroom.  I dunno, seemed important.


"VIP" - When you leave the house, go out the back door, then over the fence and
through the alleyway, get in your car and leave.  Those reporters are pretty 
oblivious, huh?


"Agoraphobia" - Knock over 50 people when everything freezes.  You can run 
around the screen you started in knocking people over, but I got this easily 
enough by just following the apparition and going through the largest clumps of
people on my way.  50 people will probably happen sooner than you'd think.

"Lucky Locker" - Pick the right locker on the first try.  It's row 18, locker 
03.  Honestly, if you can't figure this one out on your own, you're probably 
playing the wrong game, but there it is.


"Blunder"/"Self Control" - Either shoot him or don't.  It will not affect the 
storyline much, and whichever one you don't get will be gotten later when we do
our little Autosave OFF cleanup.  And by the way, not shooting him will not put
you or Blake in any danger.  Just keep your finger off R1 and everything will 
work out fine.  Relatively.


"Baby Master" - You can't fail anything while caring for the baby.  First you 
have to find and save mommy, then babysitting time begins.  Wash your hands 
first, then go pick up the baby and change her diaper.  Afterwards, go warm up 
the bottle in the kitchen and bring it to baby.  You have to tilt the right 
stick up very gently, and not even all the way.  If you've ever played Skate 
before, you're basically looking for a manual ;)  Then you gotta burp the baby 
and gently rock her to sleep.  Put her in the crib, again GENTLY, and you're 
done.  Go talk to mom.


Side note:  Similar to whether Jayden solves the case or not, Ethan's five 
trials have trophies for getting all of them AND trophies for NOT getting all 
of them.  Of course, this is easiest to change around later on in the game, so 
I highly recommend beating The Bear.  I'll be posting similar notes at each 
test to remind you of this dynamic.  Cheers!

"Good Driver" - Complete the trial.

"Kamikaze" - Choose the best routes during the trial.  Yes, you can complete 
the trial without any mistakes and still not get this.  Completely lame, but 
what can ya do?  So here's the choices you should make on the prompts that have
more than one option: 

1.  Left
2.  Right
3.  Left
4.  Left (at the barrier)
5.  Right
6.  Right
7.  Right (at toll booth)
8.  Right (tilt, should not touch the cop car at all)
9.  Right or Left, don't matter

I hear a lot of people having trouble with this.  Don't know what to tell you. 
I did exactly what I just said to do and I got the trophy without a hitch, so I
don't know what your problem is.  Weirdo.


"Cat and Mouse" - Win the freezer fight.  Boom, trophy.


"Tough Guy" - Once you get upstairs and start interrogating one of my least 
favorite characters, you'll eventually get the goons let loose on you.  
Mistakes don't matter, just win the fight.


Side note:  Again, there's trophies for completing the trials and trophies for 
not completing them.  Please just trust me when I say that you should complete 
this one.  We'll be back later for the "Coward!" trophy.

"Electrified" - Complete the trial.


"Good Cop"/"Bad Cop" - Similar to the Nathaniel scene, you can choose to stop 
Blake or just stand there and let it happen, it won't change your ending, and 
whichever one you don't get will be tackled later on.


Side note:  Once again, things will be a lot easier for you if you just do this
trial now.  If you don't believe me, well then just get the hell out of here. 
Seriously, stop reading my guide, ye of little faith.

"Gold Finger"/"Butcher" - Can't get both, but it doesn't affect the story, so 
do whichever and we'll come back later for the other one.  For "Gold Finger", 
use the axe, knife, or pliers, and be sure to disinfect or burn the wound 
afterwards.  For "Butcher", use the saw or scissors.  No disinfectant needed, 
but you can still do it if you want.

Personal note:  I haven't tried every weapon in this trial, but I CAN tell you 
that using the saw is seriously brutal.  I definately squirmed a little bit.  
Have fun with that.


Side note:  OK, this might be a bit of a SPOILER, so read this note at your own
risk.  Now there are endings that involve Ethan being in jail and endings where
he isn't in jail.  Getting the ones where he's out of jail is not very 
difficult, but to get the ones where he's IN jail, you have to get arrested in 
BOTH chapters where it's possible for Ethan to get arrested, which would be 
this one and "On the Loose" later on.  So, because we can get the out-of-jail 
endings even if Ethan gets arrested here....you guessed it, I'm advising you to
get arrested.  If you don't, you'll have to come all the way back here to get 
the jail endings, but if you do, you'll only have to go back to "On the Loose".

"Hands Up!"  - Just get caught.  I know you don't wanna, but just do it.  As 
you might've guessed, we'll be back for the "Fugitive" trophy later.


"Ludwig Von" - No mistakes while playing the piano, which by the by is one of 
my favorite little mini-games in Heavy Rain.  That's just a fun little fact.

Side note:  Once again, leave no stone unturned when reviewing clues in this
chapter, as we will not be coming back this far again.  The "Detox" trophy
can't be gotten right now, check the Autosave OFF Trophy Cleanup section.


"Wise Guy" - Turn off the camera in the other room before helping Ethan escape.
Yeah, I know someone already turned it off while Blake went all Jack Bauer on 
the guy, but it's back on now, so go turn it off.  Use the intercom to lose
the guard, then go get his key and any police jacket laying around for a
disguise, and bring them to Ethan.

Side note:  This trophy here seems to confuse some people.  You CANNOT 
immediately start breaking Ethan out, you have to play through until  Norman
leaves.  Then go argue with the captain, then play through Jayden Blues, THEN
start busting him out.


No trophies here, but if you want to get the Perfect Crime (like I have 
recommended numerous times before now) you have to make sure you clean the 
store up perfectly.  First of all, before going in the back and greeting 
Manfred, be sure to watch Lauren walk around.  She'll eventually lean on a 
glass case that you'll have to later wipe down.  If you don't watch her lean 
against it, you can't clean it, and therefore can't get Perfect Crime.  She 
won't lean against it if you find Manfred quickly enough, but better not risk

Here's what you need to clean: The window in the back (only if you touched it 
after finding the body), the phone in the back, the phone behind the front 
counter, the counter that Lauren leaned on, everything over by the scotch 
bottle (the bottle, two shot glasses, and a magnifying glass), the ballerina 
figurine that Lauren was playing with, and last but not least the front door.  
Then get the fudge out of there.  You'll know you did it right if they show the
body on-screen after you leave. You'll know you did it wrong if you're in a 
police station for the next scene.  Happy wiping!


Side note:  And again, I reiterate, the easiest way to get both "Trial Master" 
and "Clever Dad" is to pass the first four tests and then change your actions 
during the fifth and final one.  Yup, that means you have to do as you're told 
in this test.  Does that upset you?  Well man up, nancy boy.

"I'm a Killer...." - Complete the trial.  We'll be back later for "I'm Not a 
Killer!"  Gee, I wonder what we'll have to do for that one.


"Smart Girl" - Don't drink.  Yes, you can still get caught without drinking, so
just don't do it.

"Queen of Ropes" - Roam the house until you get caught, then escape the ropes 
after you're left alone.  All you have to do beyond that is not die.  I'm 
pretty sure you can beat this chapter without even getting caught, but it won't
change your story and you'll miss the trophy, as well as a pretty awesome and 
intense scene.  Hostel, anyone?


Side note:  This is the second of three scenes where you're collecting clues.  
Looking in the acid bath near the entrance of the garage AND exiting the garage
with both end your clue hunt, so don't do either until you have them all.  
There's blood stains leading from the acid bath to the nearby table, lots of 
tire tracks, footprints, and fingerprints, orchid pollen in the air, blue paint
on the ground in the back of the garage, and that should be about it.  Just 
walk around hitting R1 until you've covered the whole garage.  Once you're 
confident you've got everything, look in the acid bath or leave the garage.

"Goodbye Mad Jack" - Now you have to end up trapped in your car to get this, 
which means you have to fail at arresting Mad Jack in the garage.  I'm not sure
if you can lose the fight at any time, because it seems like you might die 
doing that, so I just waited until I had him at gunpoint and then failed from 
there.  After that, escape the car and win the fight.  Gnarly.


“The Chef” - Cook up some eggs, and don’t screw them up.  Crack them in the 
pan, stir once or twice.  It’ll tell you when they’re done, just remove from 
heat and serve.


"I'm Not Scared!" - Don't make any mistakes while following John.  This might 
take a couple tries to figure out exactly what you're supposed to be doing for
each part.  If at first you don't succeed, try try again.  You'll get it.


"Pride Saved" - I know, I know, I know, you don't want this trophy.  Get it 
anyways.  Once you have Paco alone, unbutton your shirt and then going for the
lamp.  If you REALLY want to see the most awkward striptease ever, come back 
later with Autosave OFF.  True Lies, anyone?


No trophies, but there's more clues to collect.  Be sure to hit the last prompt
before your assailant leaves, or you'll miss a clue.  First grab your glasses 
near the middle of the room, and also your gun nearby.  There's clues on the 
lamp, on the desk, on the body, papers behind the desk, a couple receipts on 
the floor, and pollen in the air.  Be sure not to miss the bullet and the gun 
that are both near the doorway.  I missed the gun the first time around and I 
was all kinds of salty about it.  Also keep in mind that some of these clues
won't pop up in your ARI, they're just sitting around, and you can get them
without your magic glasses.


"Lover Boy" - First of all, when you get the option to kiss or not kiss, go for
the kiss.  If you don't, you'll not only miss out on a cuple of trophies, 
but you'll also miss a rather...entertaining scene.  Ahem.  Afterwards, look in
her jacket while she's sleeping.  You now have to choose to forgive her or not.
Forgiving her will not block ANY of the endings, but not forgiving her will, so
let's just forgive her and take our trophy.  We'll be back for the other.

"Escape Master" - OK.  If you get the Perfect Crime, you'll always get the 
exact same endings for Madison, Jayden, and Shelby.  However, Ethan has a 
couple different endings he can get without hindering the Perfect Crime.  In 
this walkthrough, we'll start by getting the "New Start" ending for him.  Don't
ask why, just do it.  That means DON'T get arrested this time, which also wins
you a trophy.


Nope, no trophies here this time.  Just make sure if you're going for Perfect 
Crime to NOT untie your companion, just free yourself and escape out the 
passenger window.  Yeah, we'll get "Swimming Instructor" later.


"Invincible Scott" - Don't make any mistakes on your way through the mansion. 
Might take a few tries.

Side note:  Once again, if you're going for Perfect Crime, don't get Kramer's 
pills for him.  Or better yet, go grab them and walk out with them.  Haha, 
sucka!  "Kind Hearted" will be gotten later.


"Trial Master" & "Sacrifice"/"Clever Dad" - If you pass the test, you'll get 
"Trial Master" and "Sacrifice", then you can get "Clever Dad" with a different
ending.  OR you can skip the test, solve a fairly simple puzzle in your car 
(hint: near water) and get "Clever Dad", then get the others with a different 
ending.  It's your call, and as long as you still find out where Shaun is, 
you’re on the right track.  Just keep in mind, if you go for "Clever Dad", the
trophy won't actually pop up until you reach The Warehouse.

SPOILER/Side note/SPOILER:  Are you worried about drinking it because you want
Ethan to live?  Well you don’t have to, because this test (unlike the other 
four) is a total bluff.  Whatever’s in that vial, it looks like it tastes 
awful, but it’s not fatal.


"Nerd" - I hope you got all the clues in the three crime scenes, because you 
need them to get this.  You can still solve the case without every single one, 
but you will not get the trophy if you do.  Basically just go through 
investigating all the clues (be sure to analyze the video during the part where
you're being strangled), you should know how to do this stuff by now I think.
At one point you'll get the option to make an accusation, but you should 
probably investigate further, don't you think?  Yeah, you definately should.  
Keep analyzing and geoanalyzing until you zero in on a warehouse.  And YES, you
have to have Jayden figure it out here to get the Perfect Crime.  Seems a 
little contradictory, but trust me on this one.


No trophies, but some Perfect Crime notes.  Find the secret room in the back of
the closet in the main room.  The info you need is on the computer and the 
password is "Max", but for Perfect Crime, it doesn't matter if you get the 
information or not.  Either get it, or keep guessing wrong passwords.  
Eventually the killer shows up and locks you in the room.  First get out of the
room by knocking on the walls until you find a spot that sounds hollow.  Grab 
the radio off the desk and start smashing.  Once you're out in the midst of it
all, attempt to escape out of the nearest window.  Yes, you heard right, out 
the window.  Did it work?  Yeah, I know.  (As usual, "Cold as Ice" will come a
little later.)


"Saved the Kid", "Simple Mind", "Heavy Rain Hero" and "Perfect Crime" - OK, 
first of all, this whole paragraph is probably gonna be one big SPOILER, just 
so you know.  If you've followed my directions up to this point, Ethan will 
arrive and you'll eventually find Shaun, followed by a confrontation with the 
killer.  Eventually Norman shows up and chases the killer away.  Have Ethan 
save Shaun, that’ll win you "Saved the Kid".  Have Jayden win the fight all the
way up until you have the choice to pull the killer back up or let him fall.  
You will ONLY get this choice if you succeed at the prompt right after the
killer hops on the platform at the end of the conveyor belt.  (If you miss it,
quit to the main menu and go to Continue to restart the last part of the 
fight.)  Pull him up for the "Simple Mind" trophy, then lose the fight.

That's it.  You've just committed the Perfect Crime.  Congrats!  Time for some
rapid-fire trophy collection.


Some of the trophies we missed in that first playthrough will be gotten as we 
explore the different endings, but others are best done by just revisiting the
chapter with Autosave OFF and doing what you gotta do.  Remember not to quit
to the menu until you see the trophy come up.  Here they are:

Hassan's Shop - "Negotiator" - Get the robber to flee.  This means confront 
him, but don't knock him out.  Choose Calm, Name, Affective, Nothing Serious,
then Drop Weapon.  I think there's a few ways you can do this, but this one
works.  Feel free to try others.

Nathaniel - "Blunder"/"Self Control" - Easy.  If you shot him, don't do it this
time.  If you didn't, then waste his ass.

The Butterfly - "Coward!" - Once you finally get to the area where the actual 
trial is, just leave out of the door.  Honestly, though, who's gonna crawl 
through a buncha broken glass only to say "Electrified wires?!  Oh, I'm outta 
here."  It's whatever though.

Shrinks & Punches - "Good Cop"/"Bad Cop" - Again, just do whichever one you 
didn't do the first time.

(*The next 3 are easiest done all in a row without quitting to the menu, 
especially the last two, because you need to get "Fugitive" to get "Detox".*)

The Lizard - "Gold Finger"/"Butcher" - And AGAIN, do the one you didn't.

Fugitive - "Fugitive" - Escape on the subway.  You'll have to cross the tracks.

Jayden Blues - "Detox" - Don't take the Tripto in this chapter.  You only get
this scene if Ethan escapes in Fugitive, hence why we couldn't get it in the
main walkthrough.

The Shark - "I'm Not a Killer!" - Uh...don't kill anyone.  Duh.

And that's that.  What, you're still missing some trophies?  Not to worry!  
We're gonna get ALL of those as we change the ending around.  Let's do that 
now, shall we?


You should already have the following epilogues in the Chapters section:  News 
Report, A New Start, Dead Heroine, Uploaded, and Unpunished.  Five down, 
Thirteen to go!  By the way, turn Autosave back ON for this stuff.  And if I 
were you, I'd also wait for the credits to finish rolling each time, just to be
safe.  I'm pretty sure you don't have to, but I don't know exactly how that
works, so I'm just gonna suggest you do it and move on.  Cool.

Is this the absolute best and/or quickest way to get every possible ending in 
the game?  Possibly not.  But is there maybe a way to get all endings in less 
than seven plays?  Absolutely not.  Ethan has seven different endings, none of 
which can overlap, so you will always have to play to the end at least seven
times.  This is just my theory on the quickest way to do that.  Deal with it.

CH42 - END RUN #2

Reload your game at The Rat.  This time, absolutely DO NOT pass the test, 
regardless of which trophy you got on your first playthrough.  You'll try to 
figure out where Shaun is anyways, but absolutely DO NOT pick the correct 
address.  From here, we just need to make sure Madison and Shaun both die.  
Easiest way: have Jayden give up his investigation, and kill off Madison at the
Killer's Place.  This will unlock two new endings, Origami Blues and Smoking 

CH43 - END RUN #3

Reload from Killer's Place.  Have Madison guess the wrong passwords on the 
computer (anyone but "Max") until the killer shows up.  Once you're in control 
again, work your way through the apartment and hide in the fridge.  This will 
earn you your "Cold as Ice" trophy, as well as the Tears in the Rain ending.

CH44 - END RUN #4

Reload your game at Trapped.  This time, free Lauren, by shaking her around and
eventually untying her hands.  Once her hands are free, just escape out the
passenger window and you'll bring her with you.  You just earned the "Swimming 
Instructor" trophy!  When your at Kramer's place, it's a good chance to finally
give him his pills and get the "Kind Hearted" trophy.  You can also get 
whichever trophy/s you missed at The Rat now.  If you completed the trial the 
first time, refuse this time and figure out where Shaun is in your car for 
"Clever Dad", WHICH, I remind you, will not register until you actually reach
The Warehouse.  If you got "Clever Dad" the first time, then bottom's up, and 
you get "Trial Master" and "Sacrifice"!  Have Jayden solve the case this time 
around.  Have Madison find Shaun's location on the computer and survive the 
fiery apartment.  You don't have to call anyone afterwards, they should all be 
headed to the warehouse by now anyway.  At the warehouse, make sure Jayden lost
his fight with the killer, and make sure Madison doesn't resist the police so 
she gets thrown in a squad car.  Carry Shaun to the door, set him down, open 
the door, and watch what might be the most depressing scene in the game. You'll
get your "So Close...." trophy, and you'll unlock 2 new endings: Ethan's Grave
and A Mother's Revenge.

Side note:  There are two versions of the Heroine ending, one that has Madison
at a book signing and one that features the book signing AND a television
interview.  The ending will only count with the television interview, so even
though you see the book signing at this point, Heroine will not show up in
the Chapters menu yet.  Don't worry, it's coming up.

CH45 - END RUN #5

Reload the Old Warehouse.  Now have Ethan save Shaun, have Madison break free 
of the cops and enter the warehouse, and have Jayden defeat the killer.  This 
should get you your "Four Heroes" trophy, as well as some new endings:  A New 
Life, Case Closed, and Origami's Grave.

CH46 - END RUN #6

Reload all the way back at On the Loose.  First of all, don't forgive Madison.
This will bank you the "Unforgivable" trophy.  After that, get arrested.  
Lauren's fate doesn't matter, though letting her die will save you a little bit
of time here, and bypass the Goodbye Lauren scene.  Do whatever you want with
Kramer's heart attack.  Have Jayden give up his investigation.  Have Madison 
escape from the Killer's place, but without the address where Shaun is being 
held.  That's game.  New endings:  Helpless and Square One.

CH47 - END RUN #7

Reload Killer's Place.  This time find the address, escape the building, and 
have Madison head to the warehouse and succeed all by herself.  This will 
earn you the last three endings: Innocent, Heroine, and Resignation.  You'll 
also get your very own "All Endings" trophy, and (assuming that you've been 
following this guide) the almighty Platinum trophy!!!  Hell yeah, dude!  What 
should you do now?  I don't care, go play Call of Duty or some other crap.



I’d like to thank anyone who actually decided to read this, my first guide.  
You’re the bestest.  Thanks to David Cage and Quantic Dream, as well as Sony 
Computer Entertainment, for putting out such an incredible experience as this 
game.  Thanks to Brad "TheGum" Russell for his guide, which helped me on the 
fuzzy parts, and a double thanks for letting me thank him here.  His guide is
more extensive and generally better written than mine.  I’d also like to thank 
Jacqui Ainsley for obvious reasons.


My email:  dc.pigpen(at)gmail.com

I’m putting this here simply because remaining unreachable seems a little 
shady, but in all honesty you’re probably better off not contacting me.  Not to
be a jerk, but any useful information I might have for you is somewhere in this
guide.  If you’re writing to compliment me, I’m flattered, but can’t help 
thinking there are better ways to spend your time.  Really the only e-mail I’m
interested in is if you noticed a mistake in the guide, or an easier/quicker 
way to do something.  Even then, it’ll probably be a while, as I’m pretty bad 
about keeping up with e-mail.  So there you have it, my contact info and 
several reasons not to use it.


This guide is totally mine, and you totally can’t take it beyond personal use, 
or I’ll totally come find you.  This guide can totally be found at


If you see it anywhere else, they are totally ripping me off and you should
totally stop liking them because of it.  Heavy Rain and all associated whatnot 
totally belongs to Sony and Quantic Dream, with whom I'm totally unaffiliated, 
and I totally dare them to cease and desist me.  You’re totally awesome for 
reading this, and I’m totally outta here.  Peace.

Totally Copyright 2010, John E. Poole


Seriously though,
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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