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FAQ/Walkthrough by AboutLastNight5

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 07/05/10

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                                       |     Walkthrough By:
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	A. Walkthrough Introduction
	B. Controls
	C. Copyright Information
	D. Walkthrough
		1. Prologue-Birthday
		2. Prologue-The Mall
		3. Father and Son
		4. Sleazy Place
		5. Crime Scene
		6. The Shrink
		7. The Park
		8. Police Station
		9. Hassan's Shop
		10. Sleepless Night
		11. Paparazzi
		12. Kickoff Meeting
		13. Suicide Baby
		14. The Bear
		15. First Encounter
		16. Covered Market
		17. A Visitor
		18. The Butterfly
		19. The Nurse
		20. Police News
		21. The Golf Club
		22. The Lizard
		23. The Fugitive
		24. Jayden Blues/Under Arrest
		25. Manfred
		26. The Shark
		27. The Doc
		28. Mad Jack
		29. Eureka
		30. Sexy Girl
		31. Fish Tank
		32. On The Loose
		33. Trapped
		34. Face to Face
		35. Ann Sheppard
		36. The Rat
		37. Solving the Puzzle
		38. The Killer's Place
		39. The Old Warehouse
	E. Endings


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This walkthrough is going to be short and sweet, but as detailed as possible 
(If that makes sense?) In terms of the dynamics of the game, the controls and
functions are very straight-forward and to-the-point. The game itself, however, 
is a different story. The game is very multi-faceted and complicated, and the
controls can be a bit tricky. Really the only thing you have to know is how to
manuever the controller properly. No ammo, no weapons, no pick-ups...nothing 
but button sequencing and reaction to commands. 
Heavy Rain is different in the sense that it more like a movie rather than a 
game. As I said before, this game lacks all the regular components of most
games; weapons, pick-ups, ammo, powers, etc. These are regular people with 
believable stories, and the game can be boring at times. But it can also be 
very compelling and relatable, and it's well worth it to take the time to play. 
Enjoy and have fun playing Heavy Rain.

/~` _  _    _. _ |_ _|_  ~|~ _  |` _  _ _ _  _ _|_. _  _ 
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Heavy Rain: Walkthrough/FAQ
Copyright (2010) (AboutLastNight5) (Whitney Bulna)

"This walkthrough may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this
document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders."

Above is the generic copyright rules that everyone should adhere by. Along 
with this, if my walkthrough is found on another website without my permission,
legal action can be taken. A lot of people don't realize how long these guides 
take to create. Its not just playing the game and typing, its creating line
breaks, editing, verifying, and editing again. Don't be a jerk and steal 

If you would like to use my guide, please e-mail me outlining its uses 
and publication location. Under no circumstances may the guide be modified or 
used without my name. My e-mail address is wbulna@yahoo.com.

Once again, "All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document 
are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders."

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\_,(_)| | | | (_)|_\

R2- Walk
LS- Turn
RS- Interact (swivel Up, Down, Left, Right)
"X"- Command
"Triangle"- Command
"Circle"- Command
"Square"- Command
Start- Pause Game
Select- Control Screen (Help Screen)


\    / _ ||_|_|_  _ _     _ |_ 
 \/\/ (_|||<| | || (_)|_|(_|| |

1. Prologue- The Birthday (Ethan)

1) Happy Birthday! (Received after completing the drawing in the drafting room, 
help set the table without breaking any plates, and play with the sons.)

The game begins with you playing the character of Ethan Mars. Watch the control
commands that pop up on the screen as you're prompted to rise out of bed. 
Swivel the RS up to make Ethan get out of bed. Make sure you can see the
controls clearly because you'll need to see them during quick-time sequences. 
In the bedroom you can walk onto the balcony, pick up and read the letter on 
the floor by the door, look at the picture on the dresser, and open the 
dresser. Use this time to get acquainted with the controls and try repeating 
some tasks a bit until you get comfortable with the actions. Hold off on 
opening the dresser and exit the bedroom. Explore the various rooms in the 
hallway, including the bathroom (You can use the toilet, but remember to 
flush), the kid's room (You can juggle a set of rubber balls from the table in 
here), and the bathroom. Take a shower in the bathroom by walking up to the 
open space in the back of the room.
When Ethan is done showering, walk up to the sink and choose to shave, brush
your teeth, and look at yourself in the mirror. When you are done, re-enter the
bedroom and open the dresser, then put on clothes. Walk downstairs when you are
done putting clothes on.

Explore the downstairs, including the kitchen, dining room, backyard, and
living room. You can eat grapes in the kitchen, watch TV in the living room,
walk outside onto the porch, play with the toy car on the floor, and read some
books off the bookshelf. There is a somewhat hidden room in the living room,
which is Ethan's drafting room. Enter the room, sit down in the chair, and
follow the commands on screen. This is your first encounter with a series of
commands. Follow this rule: as soon as you see a prompt for a button or
directional, take a breath and find it. This is a good time to practice timing
yourself when following a command, because as the game progresses you'll have
many timed events where the buttons and joysticks must be used quickly or 
you'll fail the command. Just practice drawing and you'll get the hang out it.
Finish the drawing completely until you can no longer pick up the pencil.
Leave the drawing room and continue exploring until Ethan's wife and sons return

When his wife returns home and you greet her at the door, help her take the
groceries to the kitchen, then help her set the table. Pick up the dishes on
the table in the dining room, but be careful when placing the plates because 
you can break them if you move the RS too fast. Just slowly use the RS to place
the plates on the table, then talk to Ethan's wife for some backstory 
information. When you are finished, go to the backyard and engage Ethan's sons.
You'll be able to play several games with them, including putting Joshua on 
your shoulders and running around the yard, picking up Shaun and playing 
helicopter with him, then choosing which son to have a sword fight with. Use 
this time to again practice using the controls since the sword fight is your 
first timed command sequence. When Ethan's wife calls everyone in for lunch 
after the sword fight, walk upstairs to get Shaun and the Prologue will end. 

2. Prologue- The Mall (Ethan)

1) Interactive Drama (Received after this chapter ends.)

This chapter begins in a mall with Ethan, his wife, and sons. Ethan is left in
charge of watching Joshua while his wife helps their son Shaun look for shoes.
Joshua wanders off through the mall, so follow him until he reaches the clown
about halfway down. Pay the clown for the red balloon that Joshua wants by
searching all of your pockets. When you finish paying him, Joshua is gone. You
can yell for him by pressing "X", but if you lean over the balcony you'll be 
able to see him holding his red balloon on the bottom floor. Run around to the
other side of the top floor and go down the working escalators. Move through 
the crowd and find the display car in the center of the area. Interact with the 
boy holding the red balloon and Ethan will discover it is not Joshua. Follow 
the other red balloon Ethan sees leaving the mall, and quickly run after him 
and a very sad cutscene will ensue. 

3. Father and Son (Ethan)

1) Good Father (Follow the schedule set for taking care of Shaun on time.)

The chapter starts two years after the incident at the mall. As you can see, a
lot has changed. After you meet Shaun, enter the car and follow the commands
for adjusting the mirror, putting your seatbelt on, and shifting the car into
drive. When you arrive at Ethan's bachelor pad (hint hint), you'll be able to
do a bunch of things, but first things first, take a look at the schedule in 
the kitchen.

4:30- Snack
6:00- Homework
7:00- Dinner
8:00- Bed

Keep as close to this schedule as possible so you can earn the trophy associated
with taking care of Shaun. Immediately give him a snack when you get home, which
you have to ask him for. Walk up to the couch and press the associated button
with "Snack." He'll say he's really hungry, so walk up to the bowl of fruit on
the kitchen table, near the door, and give it to Shaun. Take this time to do one
or two of these things: read check the mail and read the private letter on the
table near the front door, read the paper on the table near the front door, talk
to Joshua and ask him questions for some more backstory information, get him
medicine from the medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom when he starts 
coughing during your talk, enter the drawing room upstairs and look at the
drawing on the table and watch the movie using the remote, or watch TV with
Joshua. I would recommend reading the letter, reading the paper, watching the 
move upstairs, getting Joshua medicine, taking to Joshua, or watching TV with 
him. Make sure you keep an eye on the time, and when its six, make him do his
homework and sit at the table with him while he does it. After he is done, ask
him if he wants dinner and get the pizza from the fridge. Put it in the 
microwave and call him to dinner, then sit at the table with him while he eats.
Take the time in between dinner and bed (you can let him stay up a little later
without penalty), then tell him it is time for bed. Always say he must do his
homework and go to bed when the time is correct even when he says no. While 
he's getting ready for bed, do any quick things you want to do, then enter the 
laundry room via the kitchen and pick up Joshua's teddy bear and bring it to 
him. Close the blinds in his room, look at the drawing on the table, and shut
the door as you leave the room. Watch the cutscene as the chapter ends. You'll
receive the Good Father trophy if you followed the schedule within or around
15 minutes of the scheduled times. 

4. Sleazy Place (Scott)

1) Private Eye ("Trick" Lauren instead using "Buy" to get her to talk.)
2) White Knight (Save Lauren from Troy.)

1) Use "Trick" and Lauren will tell you about her son.
2) Use "Buy" and Lauren will tell you to leave. 
3) Go back to Lauren's room and fight Troy
4) Leave the hotel and do not help Lauren

This chapter involves a new character, Scott Shelby, who is investigating the
Origami killings. When he gets out of the car, walk into the hotel and pay off
the desk clerk. Walk up the stairs and enter the last door on the left just as
he said. Knock on the door and Lauren Winters will let you in. Scott will
pretend he is a customer before revealing that he is actually a private
investigator. Engage her in conversation by choosing "Compassion", then
"Convince", then "Trick." This will earn you the Private Eye Trophy. If you
choose "Buy" Lauren will stop the conversation and will not answer any 
questions. After you choose "Trick" choose any number of questions you want to
ask and listen to her answers. When the conversation is over, leave the room. 
While Scott is in the hallway he'll have an asthma attack. Perform the commands
to use his inhaler as a man walks past you and starts banging on Lauren's door.
Go back to the door and bang on it twice until Scott sees Lauren on the floor
and engages the man (Troy) in a fight. This is your first real encounter with
a times command sequence, so take a breath and follow the commands that pop up
on the screen as you fight Troy. You can take a few hits without penalty, but
try not to take too many. If you lose, just start over and try again. The fight
lasts for about a minute, so when its over, Troy will leave and Lauren will 
thank you for your help. Leave the room and you'll earn the the White Knight
Trophy for saving Lauren. 

5. Crime Scene (Norman)

1) FBI Investigator (Locate and investigate all 10 clues.)

1) Search the crime scene for all 10 clues, which helps you in a later chapter.
2) Do not collect all 10 clues from the crime scene, which restricts your
information in a later chapter.

This chapter introduces Norman Jayden, the third character in Heavy Rain. Get
out of the car and approach the officers in front of the tape. Show them your
badge and duck under the crime scene tape. Walk left into the field and Norma
will put on gloves and glasses. Walk left and approach the man in the black 
coat. Follow him as you ask him questions about the crime scene. Ask him 
whatever you want and eventually he'll come to a stop after talking to two of
officers and the conversation will end. Now Norman must search for and find 10
clues scattered around the area. Put the glasses back on and walk over to the
body in the middle of the field, which is covered in a tent because of the 
Investigate the body and find the five different parts of interest, including a
wound on the thigh, an origami figure in the victims hand, the identity of the
victim, information about pollen, and the upper part of the body. Use the LS
to look around until you investigate all five clues, then get up. Search around
the field, investigating various points of interest. Behind the tent is a 
yellow glowing trail, so follow it and investigate the marker at the end. Walk
over to the tracks and press R1 to do an ARI scan. This brings up clues not 
previously seen, so walk over to the fence behind the tracks and investigate
the blood on the fence, the blood in the middle of the tracks, and the 
footprints behind the tracks. When you've found all three, walk over to the 
hill behind the fence and begin the sequence to go up the hill. Follow the 
button commands by holding down each prompt, which is two buttons at a time, in 
three sequences, until you reach the top. When you reach the top, do another 
ARI scan and investigate the two final clues on the ground, which are 
footprints and the tire tracks. If you have found all ten clues, including the 
5 on the body, the blood on the fence, the blood on the tracks, the footprints 
between the fence and the tracks, and the tire tracks and footprints at the top 
of the hill. Head back down the hill by using the button commands, then walk 
back to the car and enter it to end the chapter. If you found all ten clues, 
you'll earn the FBI Investigator Trophy. 

6. The Shrink (Ethan)



This chapter is a short backstory log on Ethan, so choose whichever answer you
like for the Rorschach inkblots and choose whatever answers to the doctors 
questions you'd like. The answers to the test and questions influence the end
of the game, but there are so many endings that it doesn't really matter. You
can replay the chapter if you want to change your answers or just want to see
the reactions the doctor gives to Ethan's answers. 

7. The Park (Ethan)

1) Good Friend (Play at least 2 games with Shaun and buy him candy.)


Talk to Shaun a little bit before getting up, then choose 2 of the four possible
games to play; the Seesaw, the Merry-go-round, the swings, and the boomerang 
from Shaun's backpack. Walk over to the candy vendor in the middle of the park
(Its just some guy standing over a wooden table with candies on it) and buy
Shaun candy, then go sit with him on the bench and give them to him. Walk over
to the carousel as Shaun talks to Ethan and buy him a ticket for it from the
vendor. While Ethan watches Shaun on the carousel, he'll have another blackout
and the chapter will transition into the next part. If you played two games with
Shaun and bought him candy, you'll earn the Good Friend Trophy. Be ready to 
immediately dodge the truck to the right when Ethan comes out of his blackout 
coma, and you'll be on the streets again just like last time. Just start running
around and yelling Shaun's name, then run to the carousel once you reach the
park and pick up his backpack. Leave the park and a short cutscene will play and
you'll be back at the apartment. Search the house by going upstairs, then Ethan
will run back outside and a startling clue will be discovered before the chapter
ends. This guy just can't win.

8. Police Station (Norman)

1) Got To Remember! (Ethan gives the correct answers to Blake's questions.)

1) Have Norman donate to the gold watch for the promotion.
2) Do not have Norman donate to the gold watch for the promotion.
3) Do not take the Triptocaine, then walk to the bathroom and wash your face.
4) Take the Triptocaine and proceed to questioning Ethan.

The chapter starts in the police station as Norma waits for someone. Perform
the commands for letting Normal fidget around as he waits. After more than a
few commands, Norman will put on his ARI glasses and you can play some wall
ball with the digital game. When the chief comes out, follow him and help him
with his necktie as you talk. Follow the commands to tie his tie, but keep the
R1 and L1 held down as you follow the other prompts. When the chief is finished
talking, walk over to the press conference room and sit in the chair as the
press conference begins. You can listen to the information and questions asked
or choose to talk to Blake and the secretary before entering your office. The
secretary will show you to your office as well. Take a seat in the chair and
put on the ARI glasses to start some investigating.

Once you sit down and put the glasses on, scroll through the different choices
for a new office atmosphere and choose one. When you choose one, another screen
will appear with different selections for investigations. Choose "Clues" and
choose "Analysis" for "Tire Tracks" first. Choose the "Origami Figure" and
choose "Geoanalysis" then choose "Orchid" and choose both "Analysis" and
"Geoanalysis". When you are finished with all three clues, move the controller
right and choose "Files" from the menu. Choose each file and listen to what
Norman has to say about each. Analyze and Geoanalyse each file as well.
Basically learn everything you can about what Norman has on hand, and when you
are finished looking at everything, clear everything and Norman will take off
the ARI glasses.

When he takes them off, he'll start to shake from not getting his drugs. My
opinion would be to follow the prompts to the bathroom instead of choosing to
use the drug, similar to the choice of tricking Lauren instead of buying her
out. Get up and walk to the door, then choose "Exit" instead of "Take Tripo".
Walk left to the bathroom while you hold Norman hand to hide the shakes. Enter
the bathroom and he'll wash his face and resist taking the drug. While washing
up in the bathroom, Ethan Mars walks into the station to report Joshua missing.
Looks like the Origami Killer has struck again. The scene will pan to Ethan 
being questioned by Blake, so you must answer his questions correctly. The
response to "What time were you at the park?" is "Around 4:15" (All the answers
to the questions are answered by "X" if that makes it easier). "What was your
son wearing when he disappeared?" is answered by "Beige" coat. He was also
wearing "Green" pants. If you answer all questions correctly, you'll earn the
Got To Remember Trophy. After those three questions, it is up to you how you 
answer the rest of the questions. The chapter will end after the cutscene with
Ethan's wife.

9. Hassan's Shop (Scott)

1) Negotiator (Calm the robber down and get him to drop the weapon.)

1) Have robber stick you up, negotiate with him to drop the weapon and leave,
and receive the box from Hassan.
2) Have robber stick you up, negotiate with him to drop weapon and get into a
fight with him, and receive the box from Hassan.
3) Have robber stick you up and get shot, and receive the box from Hassan.
4) Knock robber out with liquor bottle and receive the box from Hassan.
5) Hide from robber, let him shoot Hassan, and do not receive the box from

Scott will be the main character of this chapter, and he is once again 
questioning the father of one of the victim's of the Origami Killer. Talk to
Hassan and ask whatever you want, because he'll respond with nasty answers no
matter what. Head to the back of the shop near the "Staff Only" door and pick up
an inhaler. While Scott is in the back of a store, a robber will burst into the
shop and hold up Hassan. You can play this out more than a few ways. You can 
hide in the back of the store and let the events unfold, you can quietly sneak
up behind the robber and bash him over the head with a bottle, or you can try to
disarm him by calming him down. If you choose to calm him down and disarm him,
you'll receive the Negotiator Trophy. The two aisles ahead yield different 
paths. The first aisle has a bag of chips strewn across the floor, which will
make noise and alert the robber if you walk across them. The second aisle has
the bottle you can use on the left shelf, but as you walk further down the aisle
a box of detergent will fall from the right shelf and you'll have to quickly
grab it before it falls. If you want to get his attention you can just let it
fall or walk across the chips, then engage him in conversation. If you want to
disarm him, choose "calm" for each response (Which is always "X") and he'll 
eventually drop his weapon and leave the store. The choice is yours as to what
you want to do, but negotiating has the perks of earning the trophy and gaining
information from Hassan for saving him. He'll give you some helpful clues about
Reza that you'll need later on. After their short conversation, the chapter 

10. Sleepless Night (Madison)



This chapter introduces Madison Paige, the fourth and final character of Heavy
Rain. You can do a slew of things in her apartment, including trying to sleep in
her real bed, eat in the kitchen, check on her work on the desk, and take a
shower in the bathroom. After engaging in a few commands, walk over to the 
kitchen and Madison will notice her fridge door is open in the kitchen....walk
over to it and Madison will realize there are intruders in her apartment. Try
to get to the front door, which is right next to the fridge, and you'll be 
engaged in a very lengthy fight with the two intruders. Just keep calm and pause
after every few commands, and try not to blink. The fight gets pretty brutal and
it is pretty long, so be prepared. At the very end of the fight, Madison will
go to the bathroom and her throat will be cut just as she wakes up...Yup, it was
all a dream, and the chapter will end.

11. Paparazzi (Ethan)

1) VIP: (Leave the house without being seen by the paparazzi.)
2) Lucky Locker (Locate the locker the first time without opening another
locker first.) 
3) Agoraphobia (Knock over 50 bodies in Ethan's hallucination.)

1) Leave the house through the back door and avoid being seen by the paparazzi.
2) Leave the house through the front door and encounter the paparazzi.

Obviously this kidnapping has his Ethan very hard, and its not easy dealing with
the paparazzi on top of it. If you didn't already read the letter in the 
chapter with Shaun in the house after school, read it now on the table and
you'll discover that the Origami Killer is involved. You'll also receive a 
locker key in the envelope. To earn the VIP trophy, move out the back door
instead of the front, and hop over the neighbor's fence to avoid the paparazzi
outside. Hop over the fence, then walk down the alley and enter the car to avoid
the media and get the trophy. Ethan will arrive at the train station. After the
accident, he suffered a fear of large crowds and big open area (Agoraphobia). 
After taking a few steps, follow the commands and Ethan will enter a 
hallucination state. To get the Agoraphobia trophy, you must knock over 50 of
the people. Just try to run into the most heavily populated parts of the 
station before Ethan comes out of his hallucination. Enter the lockers and
walk down the row of lockers. Ethan must locate Line 18, Box 3, which is located
in the back left corner. Walk all the way to the end, make a left, then locate
the locker just around the next corner. A command to open it will appear once
you have located it. Press the RS up and open the locker to reveal a very 
familiar box. Ethan will then head to a motel.

You can search the motel room and perform some actions, but when you are ready
you can head over to the desk and search the contents of the box. The contents
of the box are like a game of some sorts. Ethan must go through five different
games in order to save Shaun, and each game that Ethan succeeds in will win
him information that leads to Shaun. Each clue will be put into his cell phone
that will help locate Shaun. Choose the Bear Origami by moving the RS left, and
a note will be revealed on the paper. Then pick up the phone and load the chip
into it and watch what happens. As explained, five trails are on each origami
piece, each revealing an address. How far will Ethan go to save Shaun? Put the
box under the bed and leave, and the chapter will end. 

12. Kick Off Meeting (Norman)

1) Blunder (Shoot the suspect.)
2) Self-Control (Don't shoot the suspect.)

1) Shoot the suspect
2) Do not shoot the suspect

Norman basically briefs the police on the information he found during his search
in the previous chapters. Scroll through the slides and answer Blake's questions
during this segment before panning to the next part of the chapter. Answer his
questions aggressively or calmly, your choice. Blake's responses obviously 
change according to how Norman responds. After the briefing, the officers will
go to the apartment of a suspect.

Bang on the door a couple times and Blake will break it down. You can search the
apartment until Nathaniel arrives, noting the beautiful decorations around the
apartment. Is that deco? When Nathaniel does appear, you can choose to arrest
him (I don't recommend that) or choose to talk to him calmly. More than a few
things can happen during this event, all which have different endings. You can
kill him, let Nathaniel shoot you (Norman won't die), let him shoot Blake, or
try to reason with him when he pulls a gun on Blake, then arrest him. When you
first start talking to him, do not choose "Arrest". Instead, choose "Occupation"
and "Crucifixes", then choose "Alibi", and Blake will start to interrogate
Nathaniel. After some yelling and screaming, Nathaniel will pull a gun on Blake
and Norman. Once again, you can choose to waste Nathaniel right then and there
or you can choose to negotiate with him. Each option yields a trophy, so it is
your choice. If you want to negotiate, just choose the calm options until he
surrenders. Similar to many other commands, all the calming sequences require
you to push "X" until the "Back Away" and "Drop Gun" commands come up. When
Blake goes to arrest him, don't get trigger happy because Nathaniel has one last
trick up his sleeve. Keep your finger off the R1 button if you want to spare 
him, or you'll do what I did the first time around and shoot him by accident. 
After you've made your choice, the chapter will end.

13. Suicide Baby (Scott)

1) Baby Master (Care for Emily without any mistakes.)

This chapter is quite sad, but it is not what the chapter title insinuates. 
Scott is searching for a third person, Mrs. Bowels, whom is the mother of 
another Origami Killer victim. Enter the house from the backyard since the front
door is locked. Pick up the note on the floor in the living room as you listen
to the baby crying. Enter the bedroom in the back of the house and break down 
the bathroom door to find Mrs. Bowels in the bathtub. Take her out of the 
bathtub and put her on the bed, then go back into the bathroom and find the
medical supplies from the cabinet. Go back to Mrs. Bowels and clean her up, then
help her take care of the baby (Emily). In order to get the trophy associated
with taking care of Emily, Scott must perform several tasks for the baby. 

1) Wash your hands in the bathroom sink first.
2) Pick up Emily and change her diaper. You have to hold down a few buttons at
the same time during the changing sequence, so you might want to use both hands.
3) Heat her bottle up in the kitchen.
4) Take the bottle to Emily and feed her. Tilt the bottle all the way up until
she is done drinking.
5) Burp her. Tap the command button until she burps, but don't tap it too fast.
Follow the button as it blinks.
6) Rock Emily to sleep. This can get very tricky, and will probably be the part
that you mess up on. You have to rock her four times, and each time must be very
gentle and slow. As soon as the command button blinks after you rock her, 
immediately let go and take a breath, then repeat. 
7) Put her down SLOWLY when you are finished rocking her.

When everything with Emily is done, head back into the bedroom and talk to
Mrs. Bowels. When she is finished, take the cell phone from the drawer in the
living room next to Emily, and leave the house. 

14. The Bear (Ethan)

1) Kamikaze (Successfully complete all turn choices while driving without 
making a mistake.)
2) Good Driver (Complete the "Bear" Trial.)

1) Drive through oncoming traffic and crash the car, then escape and receive
the cell phone chip
2) Drive through oncoming traffic and crash the car, but do not escape and do
not receive the cell phone chip.
3) Do not drive through oncoming traffic and do not receive the cell phone chip.

After Ethan receives the address from the Origami Bear, he travels to the 
address, which happens to be a car garage. Watch the cutscene as Ethan enters
the city garage, then walk over and talk to the mechanic underneath the van.

Take the key from the mechanic after asking for the car, then take the
elevator down to the car lot. The car is last one on the left. Its brown, not
covered. Enter the car and search the three spots to find the GPS system. This
next part will be your first "Trial" as part of the Origami Killers games. He
wants you to drive AGAINST traffic and survive in order to continue and find
an important clue. By successfully navigating through traffic and making all
9 correct turns, you'll receive the Kamikaze Trophy. To complete each turn,
when prompted, turn in this order:
1) Turn RIGHT (1st turn)
2) Tilt LEFT
3) Turn RIGHT (2nd turn)
4) Turn LEFT (3rd turn)
5) Tilt LEFT
6) Tilt RIGHT
7) Tilt back and forth to stop the car from hydroplaning
8) Tilt LEFT
9) Tilt RIGHT
10) Turn LEFT (4th turn)
11) Press the prompted Button to bash through the barrier, which is usually 
12) Tilt RIGHT to avoid the worker
13) Tilt LEFT to avoid the worker
14) Tilt RIGHT to avoid the worker
15) Tilt LEFT to avoid the worker
16) Press the prompted Button to avoid the car, which is also usually "Circle"
17) Turn RIGHT (5th turn)
18) Turn RIGHT (6th turn)
19) Tilt LEFT
20) Turn RIGHT (7th turn)
21) Tilt RIGHT (8th turn/tilt) to avoid the cop car
22) Press the prompted Button to speed up
23) Tilt RIGHT
24) Turn RIGHT (9th turn)

After avoiding the cop cars, failing to perform a command does not affect you
getting the trophy.
25) Press the prompted button
26) Tilt RIGHT
27) Tilt LEFT
28) Press the prompted button

When Ethan's car crashes, follow the prompts to find the key in the GPS and the
chip in the glove compartment, then follow the commands to escape from the car.
The commands will be upside down, so make sure you just do the opposite of the
RS movements. Watch the phone after Ethan escapes, and the chapter will end. 

15. First Encounter (Madison)



Follow the prompts to have Madison get a motel room. This is the same motel
that Ethan is staying at by the way. Follow the stairs in the courtyard up to
the third floor and walk down the path to the room. Ethan will be leaning 
against the railing, so help to his room, Room 207. When he sits on the bed,
help him take his coat off, then go into the bathroom and take the disinfectant
from the medicine cabinet, which is UP on the LS. Go back to Ethan and wash his
wound three times, then go back to the cabinet and take the painkillers, which
is DOWN on the LS. Give them to Ethan, then help him up so he can shower. While
he's in the shower you can snoop around the room and search through things, but
don't let him catch you when he steps out of the shower. You can also just
talk him and sit or stand around while you answer his questions. After he's done
showering and Madison leaves, pick up the box under the bed and the chapter will

16. Covered Market (Norman)

1) Cat and Mouse (Chase the suspect into the meat storage room and win the fight
against him.)

1) Chase down the suspect and win the fight, then arrest him.
2) Chase down the suspect and lose the fight, then get knocked out.
3) Do not chase down the suspect and do not arrest him. 

Norman and Blake are still looking for the second suspect, which leads them to
the streets. After a conversation between them in the car, which changes 
depending on whether or not Norman shot Nathaniel, they will get out of the car
and talk to the suspect. He'll throw coffee in Blake's face, and Norman will
engage in a chase. Similar to the previous chapter with avoiding the cars,
you must pay attention to the button and LS commands while avoiding running into
people and cars. Eventually they'll end up in a market (If you chase him down.
If you miss too many commands, you'll fail at catching him and he'll get away.)
After entering the meat storage room, you'll engage in a fight with the suspect.
Some of the prompts during the chase scene can be hard to see, but pay close
attention when you reach the fish and chickens because there are several button
commands that are quick. When you reach the fight scene, just watch the commands
until you either lose the fight and get knocked out or win the fight and arrest
the suspect. The commands aren't too bad to follow, so just pay attention and
the chapter will end after you win or lose the fight.

17. A Visitor (Scott)

Tough Guy (Beat up Gordi's goons and win the fight.)

1) Distract the men by making Lauren pass out in front of them.
2) Distract the men by making the drunk man leaning against the column start a 
fight with them.
3) Fail at getting around the men and find another way upstairs. 

After getting Scott to wake up, search through his desk and its contents, then
check out the room until you hear the doorbell ring. Its Lauren Winters, and if
you didn't save her from Troy she'll have a big bruise on her face, but if you
did then she will look fine. Take her coat for her by pressing "X" when 
prompted, then get her a drink by pressing "Circle" when prompted. Go to the
kitchen and grab a glass from under the microwave and take the water to her. Sit
down at your desk to start the conversation. After some talking Lauren will tell
you she wants to help, and no matter how you respond she'll still tag along.

Scott and Lauren will head to Gordi Kramer's house in search of clues. Enter the
house and there will be a party going on. Check out the house a little bit then
enter the area where the girl is dancing and go to the left. Try and go 
upstairs and two men will keep you from passing. React to them however you want
then choose to use Lauren to distract them, use the drunk guy to distract them,
or check out the rest of the house and find an alternate route upstairs. If you
choose the distraction, go upstairs as soon as you can or they'll catch you. 
When you go upstairs you talk to Gordi, a fight will start. This fight isn't
tough but you can lose the fight very easily. It only takes a couple missed
commands and you're done, so pay attention. If you lose the fight, you'll look
tired and beat up in the next chapter with Scott, and if you win the fight 
you'll talk to Gordi briefly before leaving. 

18. The Butterfly (Ethan)

1) Coward (Use the door to exit the Butterfly trial and do not complete it.)
2) Electrified (Complete the Butterfly trial.)

1) Make it through the glass and electrical wires and complete the Butterfly
trial and receive another clue.
2) Fail at getting through the glass and electrical wires and do not complete
the Butterfly trial and do not receive another clue.
3) Use the door to exit the Power Plant and do not complete the Butterfly trial
and do not receive the next clue.

Exit the car when the chapter starts and run to the left of the door allll the 
way around the corner to the fence (The big metal doors can't be opened). Find
the hole in the fence and follow the three button commands to crawl through it.
Walk to the left corner and walk through the door with the butterfly drawn on 
the wall next to it. Walk forward and open the hatch ahead. Pick up the matches 
when you open the hatch and crawl inside it. The door will close behind you, and
you'll be forced to crawl forward. As you crawl forward you'll encounter a ton
of broken glass on the floor. The trick here is to move across the glass as 
slowly as possible or you will pass and out and lose the trial. Press the R2
button down very slowly to proceed through the glass, then make a right at the 
fork. Take a break in between every crawl or two, and go as slow as possible or
Ethan will pass out. At the next fork make a left, then another left at the
next fork, then finally a right at the last fork. This trial can be very time
consuming, but very easy compared to the others because all it takes is
patience and time rather than skill and good reaction time. Just don't get
frustrated or impatient or you may hit the R2 button too hard and crawl too

When you make it to the end of the tunnel, Ethan will drop down into the lower
part, then follow the button commands to get him up. Slide down the tunnel by
following the button commands, then follow the commands to get back up when
you reach the end. Now Ethan must navigate around a series of wires in order to
proceed. You can choose to leave the Power Plant through the door (Which will
earn you a trophy but not another clue) or you can navigate the wires and 
complete the trial and get the next clue. Jump down if you want to finish the

The way the wires works is there are four rows of wires, each containing five
spaces that Ethan can choose to crawl through. One space is not electrified in
each row, but the other four are, so you must choose which one to duck under
in order to reach the next part. I will describe each space in each row from 
left to right. So, if I say duck under Space 4, that means you count each
space from the left and stop when you reach the 4th one. Or if that is too
confusing, follow these directions. Duck under the 4th space from the left, 
then go LEFT, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP, UP. So for the first row,
duck under Space 4. Follow the button commands, and hold each one down the
entire time. Use both hands if needed. You are now in the second row, so hop 
over the wires directly to the left. Change your camera angle using L1 if
you want to actually see the wires before going over them. Move over the set
of wires to the left once again. When you do this, you should be standing in
front of the 2nd Space in the 2nd Row. Move through the 2nd Space, which is
in front of you. Turn right and hop over the wires to Ethan's right. Then move
through the 3rd Space, then the 3rd Space again when you reach the final row.
The final row requires you to hold down two buttons until they fill up, then
let go and Ethan will jump through the wires. When you reach the end, pick up
the cell phone chip off the table. Congratulations, that was pretty tough. 

19. The Nurse (Madison)



Once again Madison will play nurse to Ethan. Follow the commands and haul him
onto the bed and assessing the damage, go to the medicine cabinet and grab the
supplies to help Ethan. Depending on how hurt he is or if you failed or not, the
choices of what supplies to use first will change. If he was burned from the
wires, use Ointment first, or if he was cut badly use disinfectant first. If he
made it through without getting hurt, use disinfectant first. Then use 
medicine, then bandages for the rest. Choose the anti-fever medicine if 
he wasn't hurt during the glass or wires, or choose the antibiotics if he was
badly hurt and the painkillers. Use the bandages at the very end. When Ethan
finally wakes up, have a short conversation with Ethan, then take out the box
under the bed when you gain control of Ethan to find the next clue. 

20. Police News (Norman)

1) Good Cop (Stop Blake from beating up the doctor.)
2) Bad Cop (Let Blake beat up the doctor and do not push any buttons.)


Just watch the beginning cutscene as the story unfolds. I'm sure after the
interview Blake has you'll do the "Aww shit" reaction to the statement. When the
scene with the doctors comes up, choose whether or not to intervene in the
fight. If you push any buttons while Blake is beating him up, you'll receive
the Good Cop Trophy. If not, you'll receive the Bad Cop Trophy. Either way the
doctor will give you the information you need and the chapter will end.

21. The Golf Club (Scott)



Scott has decided to meet Gordi's father at the Golf resort for a little chat.
Pick up a club and take a few swings as you and Mr. Kramer chat about Gordi.
The chapter will end after a few minutes of dialogue.

22. The Lizard (Ethan)

1) Butcher (Cut off finger with a saw or scissors and choose to cauterize or
disinfect it or not.)
2) Gold Finger (Cut off finger using pliers, axe, or knife, and use the metal 
rod to cauterize the wound or disinfect it.)

1) Choose to cut off finger and receive the cell phone chip and another clue.
2) Choose not to cut off finger or fail to cut off finger in specified amount
of time and fail the trial and do not get a cell phone chip. 

When Ethan enters the warehouse, there will be a few porcelain lizards lying on
the floor. Shake the green one and smash it on the ground to get a key inside.
Use it on the door ahead, then enter the room and sit down at the table and play
the message. After it finishes, quickly choose your weapon of choice (There is 
an axe, pliers, knife, saw, and scissors in the room) and pick up the metal rod
and disinfectant if you choose that path. The metal bar is on the floor next to
the table. Pick each item up one at a time and place it on the table. Take the
disinfectant from the bathroom cabinet, and pick up the rod and heat it up on
the stove in the kitchen, then sit down and get ready to do some chopping. 
Pick up the chopping weapon and swivel the joystick UP to make Ethan breath and
relax, then tell him to do it and follow the button commands. It takes 2 chops
to slice his pinky off, then he'll scream in pain. Immediately disinfect or
cauterize the finger to earn the Gold Finger Trophy before you take the clue
from under the desk. 

23. The Fugitive (Madison)

1) Fugitive (Escape arrest and board the subway.)
2) Hands Up (Get arrested and do not escape)

1) Be arrested by police by getting caught or taking too long is escaping.
2) Escape arrest and board the subway.

There are a few options you can pursue, and I will tell you now because you'll
have to make a decision now, otherwise you might get caught up in everything 
and make the wrong decision. If you want Ethan to escape, you'll have to do
everything quickly, without hesitation. Get off the bike, enter the building on
the right with the blue door, pull down the boards to the right of the couch
Ethan is sitting on, grab the red box in front of the couch and push it under
the now open windowsill that was behind the boards. Help him up through the 
window as quickly as possible, then quickly run into the street and run around
the cars. The wide open spaces in between each car are easy to see, so run 
through each one and go down the subway stairs. Walk to the right set of
subway stairs and use the command to slide the card through, and you'll go down
the escalators. Quickly jump down onto the tracks, cross the tracks, and help
Ethan climb up onto the other platform. Board the train and the chapter will
end. Of course, if you want to get caught, just let them catch you and don't do
anything. Your choice changes the outcome of the next chapter, which is 
different depending on whether or not Ethan is arrested. This also changes
which trophy you receive.

24. (A) Jayden Blues (Norman)

1) Ludwig Von (Don't miss a note while playing the piano.)
2) Detox (Do not take the Triptocaine)


If Ethan evaded arrest, then you will enter the Jayden Blues chapter, where 
Ethan is seen watching a story about his suspected identity as the Origami
Killer. After the lengthy conversation, pick up the box and find the fourth
clue. After he finds the next clue, the scene pans to Norman playing the piano.
Play a few tunes on the piano, and after the dialogue with the waiter, you'll
be transferred to the ARI system. Analyze all the new and old date (there are
three new pieces, two of which pop up after you analyze the video, then the car)
After you analyze the third new piece of data, the ARI sequence will end and
Norman will appear in a hotel (If Ethan was caught, Norman will appear in his
office). This chapter happens no matter what, but when it happens changed with
Ethan's arrest or escape. If he is arrested, the Under Arrest chapter will play
and Norman will look at the clues at the end of the chapter. If he is not,
Norman will look at the clues in the hotel rather than the office. When he gets
up, he'll have another fit and will want to take the drugs. In order to resist
taking the drugs, you'll have to keep using the commands to prevent him from
walking over to the table. Drink the bottle and he'll puke in the toilet. After
this walk up to the vile and choose to throw it away or take it. If you choose
to throw it away, stumble up to the toilet and throw it in and the chapter will

24. (B) Under Arrest (Norman)



25. Manfred (Scott)


1) Clean all fingerprints.
2) Do not clean all fingerprints and be questioned at the police station.

After Scott's discovery of the text on the envelope Lauren gave him, he's 
decided to go to an antique shop that sells typewriters in order to find one
that the Origami Killer might have used. Walk to the back of the store to find
Manfred, and he'll offer you a drink. While he's getting the bottle, the phone 
will ring behind the main desk, so go pick it up. Then go over to Manfred and
have a drink. Give him the envelope and go get the magnifying glass next to the
phone and give it to Manfred. After some conversation, he'll go into the back
of the shop in search of the typewriter records. Once Scott says he should go
check on him, go check on him and...whoops. Now you'll have only a limited
amount of time to clean any fingerprints you left in the shop. The things you
need to clean are; the phone the killer used to call 911, the phone at the
front desk, the drinking glasses, the magnifying glass, the front door, the
ballerina clock Lauren touched, and any shelves you might have leaned or or
anything else you touched. Lauren sometimes leans on the front shelf, so clean
that. Also clean the front door, then leave. If you missed anything, you'll
end up at the police station for a short cutscene. If you got everything, you'll
escape and Lauren and you will enter a heated conversation about her going away
and the chapter will end. 

26. The Shark (Ethan)

1) I'm Not a Killer (Do not shoot the man.)
2) I'm a Killer... (Shoot the man.)

1) Shoot the drug dealer and earn the fourth clue.
2) Do not shoot the drug dealer, just knock him out and leave.
3) Get shot by the drug dealer and get kicked out of the house and fail the

This chapter highlights Ethan's fourth attempt at finding another clue. Ethan
must decide if he is going to kill a man to find his son. Knock on the door and
follow the button queues to pull the gun on the man. The man will pull a shotgun
on Ethan and you'll immediately have to press more than a few buttons to avoid
a face full of buckshot. I want to say its 12 buttons but don't quote me. After
you reach the child's bedroom and you are face to face with him, he'll run out
of ammo and you'll have to choose whether or not to kill him. Killing him will
earn you the fourth clue to Shaun's location. If you choose not to kill him
then you will lose the trial, but you will earn the I'm Not a Killer Trophy, and
maybe your conscious will feel better. If you were shot by the drug dealer, you
would have been kicked out of the house. The choice is yours, but if you haven't
completed at least 2 of the 4 trials so far, you should probably think about
killing him or you'll get the bad ending. 

27. The Doc (Madison)

*Before reading, please note that there is a spoiler listed in the explanation
of this chapter. If you do not want to know what it is, then do not read this
chapter and try to do it without my help. 

1) Queen of Ropes (Escape the basement and live before the doctor returns.)
2) Smart Girl (Don't drink the beverage from the doctor.)

*Madison Paige can die in this chapter.
1) Drink the beverage from the doctor and pass out. End up in the basement and
2) Drink the beverage and pass out. End up in the basement and do not escape and
3) Do not drink the beverage and search the house for the Blue Lagoon Card, and
get caught and end up in the basement. Escape the basement.
4) Do not drink the beverage and search the house for the Blue Lagoon Card, and
get caught and end up in the basement. Do not escape the basement and die.
5) Do not drink the beverage and search the house for the Blue Lagoon Card and
leave the house. 

Madison goes searching for the owner of the apartment complex where Ethan held
his third trial (The one where he cut his finger off). She pretends to speak to
him about buying drugs, but the good doctor has other plans for Madison. You
can choose to say Yes or No to the drink, but you'll still end up getting the
drink. Its your choice whether or not to drink it, but if you want the Blue
Lagoon Card, do not drink it. This is a crucial clue in the game, so you can
always get caught later if you want the trophy associated with escaping the
basement after the doctor kidnaps you. When he asks you if you're not drinking,
say no. When he goes to get the drugs, slowly walk into the bedroom on the left
(The door right next to the bar) and quickly grab the card on the nightstand.
Now, if you want to just leave and forgo the basement scene (And avoid getting
killed), just leave the bedroom and leave the house. If you want the trophy
Queen of the Ropes, which you earn if you escape the basement after the doctor
catches you, walk further into the house and he'll take you to the basement. 
Just note that this does run the risk of getting Madison killed because even
though you might escape the ropes, you still have to fight the doctor to the
death. The choice is yours.

If you do decide to get caught, walk down the hallway and the doctor will hit
Madison over the head with a 2x4 and knock her out. The scene will then pan to
Madison tied up in the basement. Just shake the controller around while he talks
and tries to cut you with the saw. When he's just about to slice you, the 
doorbell will ring and he'll go upstairs. This is your opportunity to escape.
Swivel Madison's head to look at her right foot and move the controller to untie
her foot, then follow the commands to use the saw with your feet and cut the
ropes for your left foot. Then slide the saw up to your left arm and follow the
commands (Reminder, I had trouble with this for some reason. When it tells you
to shake the controller, shake it quickly and in short movements, not up and
down really high or it will turn red and start over). When you are free the
doctor will come downstairs and the fight scene will start. The commands are
quick and sometimes hard to see, so take a breather in between if you want. 
The fight goes on for a good amount of time, and at the end Madison will get
thrown on the table stomach down. When the doctor flips you over, follow the
command to slam the drill into his chest and end the fight. 

28. Mad Jack (Norman)

*Once again, this is another chapter with spoilers, so if you do not want to
find out, do not read it. 

Goodbye Mad Jack (Escape the car before getting crushed and escape the area.)

*Norman Jayden can die in this chapter.
1) Win the first fight with Mad Jack and arrest him after taking Triptocaine.
2) Lose the first fight with Mad Jack and die.
3) Lose the first fight with Mad Jack and do not take the Triptocaine, then
pass out and end up in the car. 
4) Escape from the car before it gets crushed and win the second fight against
Mad Jack.
5) Do not escape from the car and die.
6) Escape from the car and fail to win the second fight with Mad Jack and die.

Similar to the previous chapter with the doctor, fighting Mad Jack the second
time after escaping the car earns you the Goodbye Mad Jack Trophy, but if you
do not want to go through another series of buttons and fights, then just arrest
him after the first fight when you take the Triptocaine and end the chapter. If
you want the trophy, do not take the Triptocaine and pass out, then end up in
the car and continue the chapter.

Get out of the car and walk over to the crane on the left to speak with Mad
Jack, then follow him into the garage. After your friendly talk, talk out the
ARI glasses and start looking for clues. Scan the area a few times in different
places, then locate these clues IN THIS ORDER:

1) Find the tire tracks under the covered car to the right.
2) The blue puddle of blood next to the table in the middle of the room.
3) The footprints next to the table in the middle of the room (These should be
a visitor's footprints). 
4) The fingerprints on the table in the middle of the room.
5) The other set of fingerprints on the other table in the middle of the room.
6) The second set of tire tracks next to the second table in the middle of the
7) The pollen trail next to the second table and big hook hanging from the 
8) The blue paint spill on the floor at the end of the pollen trail.
9) The fingerprints on the table in the back left corner of the garage.
10) The fingerprints on the table in the back right corner of the garage.
11) The second set of footprints (Size 13) right next to the first set. These
should be Mad Jack's. 
12) The tire tracks right on top of the first set of footprints that lead to
the car (Size 10 shoes).
12) The blood tracks right near the entrance of the garage, which lead to the
acid bath.
13) The acid bath, which reveals a skull.

After you find the skull, be ready to fight Mad Jack and race for the gun in the
back of the garage. Follow the commands or Mad Jack will reach the gun first and
shoot Norman, and he will die. Be careful when you're on the car because the
buttons are quick and sometimes hard to see. When you reach the gun and
Norman pulls it on Mad Jack, you'll have the option to take the Triptocaine
when Norman has another withdrawal fit. If you take it, the scene will end and
Mad Jack will be arrested. If you do not, Mad Jack will cuff you to the car and
attempt to crush you in the grinder. You'll have to follow a series of commands
to escape the car, or get crushed by the grinder and die. Swivel Norman's head
to the right and open the glove box, then pick up the gun and shoot off the 
cuffs just as the car is dropped into the grinder. Then follow the commands and
jump out of the car before getting crushed. If you successfully
escape the car, you'll enter a second fight with Mad Jack. Same as before, 
follow the commands and take down Mad Jack. If you fail, you will die. If you
succeed, Mad Jack will be crushed by his crane and the chapter will end. 

29. Eureka (Scott)

1) I'm Not Scared (Do not make any mistakes when following John.)
2) The Chef (Make perfect scrambled eggs.)


Listen to the short conversation between Scott and Lauren, then go in the
kitchen and make her some eggs. Stir them constantly and more than a few times,
then put them on the table. Then listen to the conversation at the table. Then
go to the living room and listen to Lauren's theories on the Origami Killer. 
After you find a name, you'll end up in a cemetery with Lauren. You must now
find the plot for John Sheppard. Look in the children's plot area, a few
spaces away from the gravedigger, who is in the upper part of the plots to the
right. Talk to the gravedigger, then look at the 4th grave to the right from the
gravedigger (Its the first big one). After the conversation with the 
gravedigger, you'll pan to a scene with two young boys and their father, who
obviously has great parenting skills. When he says "betcha can't catch me!"
start running after him, then follow the commands when he lifts you up into the
building. Follow him to the left and follow the commands through the rebars, 
then slide down the board and follow him through the concrete pipe. Then follow
him up the platform and up the sets of stairs. Follow the commands and climb up
the pile of bricks, then follow John across the beam. Its basically just left
and right with the RS. Follow him down the stairs and around the corner to the
cement mixer pipe, then slide down it. Follow the commands to climb the beams
ahead, then follow him across the board. Follow the movements of the controller
icon to keep it steady and you'll reach the end. Follow John across the gap by
jumping over it with a few commands, then finally follow the last few commands
to jump onto the mound of dirt below on the ground. John will then want to play
hide-and-seek, so count however you want, skipping numbers if you wish, and go
find him.

Run out to the center of the construction site, following the sounds of John
crying, and you'll find him stuck in a drainage ditch with his foot caught. 
After attempting a few commands to help him out, the scene will end and pan back
to the gravedigger telling the story. When the conversation is over, walk back
to the car and the chapter will end. 

30. Sexy Girl (Madison)

1) Pride Saved (Take off no more than 1 item of clothing during the striptease.)


When Madison walks into the nightclub, walk left and talk to the man in the suit
guarding the VIP area. He'll tell you that you can't see Paco (Who is sitting
behind him), so wait a few moments and Paco will tell his guard to bring a girl
over and dance with him. Your job is to get Paco's attention by dressing like
the girl he just noticed. Head to the bathrooms, which are near the entrance
and to the right, and walk into the ladies' room. Walk over to the mirrors and
put your purse down, then begin changing your looks. Ruffle your hair (Shake
controller UP and DOWN), open shirt (Swivel RS LEFT to RIGHT), rip your skirt
(RS DOWN, then LEFT to RIGHT), then check your bag and put on make-up, which
includes lipstick and eyeliner (Put these on slowly so you don't mess up and
look like a clown). Finally, check the gun in your purse before stepping away
from the mirror, then head back outside and walk onto the platform the girl was
on. Dance on the platform and follow the commands until Paco calls you over
for a little one-on-one session. Walk over to him and sit down, then follow him
to the back of the club and walk up the stairs to the VIP room.

Talk to him a little before he chooses to point a gun at you for attempting to
leave the room. If you want the trophy associated with this, start dancing and
only take off your shirt, then go for the lamp and hit him with it. If you don't
care about the trophy and just wanna see, well, Madison get naked, just keep
dancing and taking off clothes until you decide to go for the lamp. Don't take
off anymore than the shirt if you want the trophy. Unbutton the shirt, then 
choose LAMP when prompted. Dance around a little, then turn around and smash him
with the lamp. Afterwards, Madison will duck tape him up and question him. Smack
him around a few times and he'll wake up, then ask him some questions. When 
the guard asks if every things ok, choose BUSY, and continue the questions. 
After putting the squeeze on Paco, you'll learn what you need to know, so exit 
the room and leave the club to end the chapter.

31. Fish Tank (Norman)



*Norman Jayden can die in this chapter.*

If Norman survived the chapter with Mad Jack, then this chapter will begin. If
he didn't, it will skip over to the next chapter. Ask the guard about Paco, then
make your way upstairs and you watch the scene on the opposite screen. Enter the
room and examine Paco's body. As soon as you examine the body, the man in the
room will attack you and engage in a fight. Follow the commands and be
careful when he has the sword or Norman will die. Once you get thrown into the
fish tank, he'll walk out and disappear. Question the guard outside the door
then go back inside the room and find your ARI glasses in front of the fish
tank. Put them on and start investigating the room. Use the R1 button to bring
up clues around the room. Here's a list of all of them:
1) The lamp Madison used to his Paco by the couch.
2) The duct tape on the desk.
3) The pollen/orchid trail near the desk.
4) Paco's fingerprints on the desk.
5) Paco's fingerprints on the stereo behind the desk.
6) The gun on the floor.
7) The paper on the floor near the desk (Only if you ripped the man's pocket
during the fight). 
8) The other gun near the door.
9) The shell casing on the floor in the middle of the room.
10) Your gun on the floor near the shell casing.
11) Paco's body and the bullet in his head.

When you are finished searching for clues, exit the room and leave the club
to end the chapter. 

32. On the Loose (Ethan)

1) Lover Boy (Forgive Madison.)
2) Unforgivable (Don't forgive Madison.)
3) Escape Master (Escape arrest.)

1) If Madison is dead, open the box and find the 5th and final clue and engage
in the chase sequence with police.
2) If Madison is alive, kiss her and choose to forgive her after sex.
3) If Madison is alive, kiss her and choose not to forgive her after sex.
4) After the scene with Madison, escape arrest and do not get caught.
5) After the scene with Madison, get arrested and end up in jail for the rest of
the game.

*Ethan can go to jail in this chapter, and he will no longer be in the game. It
is just the same as any other character dyeing.*

You'll have a short conversation with Madison, then you can choose to kiss her
or not. If you do, you can pursue it further and end up having sex. If you
dont't, she'll leave. After you finish, wake up and get off the bed. Put your
clothes on, which are on the floor, and take the 5th clue off the desk. Walk
over to the chair with the jackets and pick them up. You'll now have to choose
to forgive Madison or not, which directly affects the ending of the game. If you
choose to forgive her or not you'll earn a trophy either way. Once you make
your choice, head downstairs to the front desk, and you'll see the police at the
front desk. Immediately walk into the office and pick up the phone on the wall
near the back. Don't talk to the clerk or he'll just slow you down. Call Room
207 to warn Ethan, and a chase sequence will begin. Hop over the balconies and
be careful of the commands or you'll get really slowed down if you miss one. 
When you are on the balcony and have to choose right or left, go RIGHT, then 
choose UP when you have to choose up or down. You'll climb onto the roof and
begin another set of button commands. Some of them are really quick and hard to
see, so take a breath and concentrate when you are on the roof. When you reach
the edge, you have to choose to surrender to Blake or jump off the roof. Jumping
off the roof earns you a trophy and the chance to save Shaun. Surrendering
puts Ethan in jail and ends his participation in the game. If you choose to
jump, quickly get up and take the driver out of the cab, and the chapter will 

33. Trapped (Scott)

1) Swimming Instructor (Save Lauren.)

1) Escape sinking car and save Lauren. Lauren will continue to be in the game.
2) Escape sinking car and do not save Lauren. Lauren will die and no longer be
in the game.

Walk around and enter your office, and a cutscene will begin. Afterwards, Scott
and Lauren will wake up a car that is underwater. Immediately start shaking to
try to untie the ropes, then break the glass in front of the steering wheel when
the option becomes available. When you finish cutting your ropes with the broken
glass, look over at Lauren and shake the controller to try to wake her up. If 
you want to save her, do not press R1 or Scott will break open the window, swim
out, and leave Lauren behind. Free her from her ropes after you slap her a 
couple times, then break open the window with a few commands, and Scott will
take Lauren to the surface and the chapter will end.

34. Face to Face (Scott)

1) Kind Hearted (Give Kramer his pills when he has a heart-attack.)
2) Invincible Scott (D0n't get hit during the gun fights.)

1) Survive the gun fights and find Kramer.
2) Fail the gun fights and escape the house.
3) Give Kramer his pills and let him live.
4) Do not give Kramer his pills and let him die.

Rev the engine a little, then blast that family-mobile right into the mansion.
When Scott gets out of the car he'll face numerous guards that shoot at him.
Follow the commands and shoot the guards as prompted. As soon as you see a
command, press the button to shoot the guard or you could get shot when you
hesitate (For me, I played on easy, and every single command was "X" or "Circle"
and was almost always "Circle"). There are around 15 guards to shoot, and when
you reach the balcony you can bust through the door and find Kramer. Rough
him up a little, then when you have him pinned on the desk you can to press R1
and choke him to death, or let him tell you everything and not choke him. After
listening to his explanation, ask him about John Sheppard and his twin brother,
and Kramer will begin to have a heart attack. You can choose to give him the
pills he needs or just let him die. Take them from the desk drawer and give 
them to him, and the chapter will end. 

35. Ann Sheppard (Madison)



Madison has arrived at the local hospital to question Ann Sheppard about her
knowings of the Origami Killer. Go to the receptionists desk and sign the log
book, then head to room 19, which the last room on the right (next to a chair.)
Ask her all the questions you want if you'd like, but her answers don't really
get you anywhere. Walk back out into the hallway and take a flower from the
vase about halfway down, then give it to Ann back in her room. You can talk to
the nurse in the hall as well if you'd like. When you give her the flower, put
it in the vase next to her bed and she'll begin talking. Then open the drawer
under the vase and take the picture and she'll start talking again. Then walk
over to the table across from her bed by the door and pick up the Origami figure
andshe talk more about them. Walk over to the table by the window and flip open
the Origami book. Flip to the page of the dog (The third page) and make the 
figure. Use the commands to fold the paper and Madison will give it to Ann, 
which will spark some memories for her. She'll eventually tell Madison her other
sons name, but we won't be able to hear it. The chapter will end shortly after.

36. The Rat (Ethan)

*Big, big spoiler in this chapter, so be warned because I reveal if. Make your
choice with the poison and move on, do not read this section.*

1) Sacrifice (Drink the poison.)
2) Clever Dad (Choose the correct address without completing all 5 trials.)

1) Drink the poison and complete the 5th and last trial.
2) Do not drink the poison and do not complete the 5th and last trial.
3) Find the correct address if you have completed enough trials.
4) If you have not completed enough trials, Ethan will not be able to find the

Walk into the room and watch the video. If you choose to drink the vial, then
you will only have 60 minutes to live but you will win the last trial and get
the final clue. If you choose not to drink the vial, then you might not be able
to guess the address depending on how many trials you have passed or failed. If
you have passed at least 3 or 4, you should be fine, but I HIGHLY recommend
drinking the vial and I promise you the outcome is not what you think. It just
guarantees you get closer to the clue guessing. When you make your choice, Ethan
will run out of the room and go back to the car. Check the phone and listen to
the message. Foghorns and seagulls. Hmmm....that means the address must be by
the water. If you look at the GPS, only one address is by the water..... 852
Roosevelt ROAD. It is the marker on the right side of the screen next to the
water, so pick that destination and drive to end the chapter. 

37. Solving the Puzzle (Norman)

1) Nerd (Norman finds all the clues for each crime scene and finds out who the
killer is.)


Basically, repeat the process of analyzing all the information Norman has in
the ARI system. Here are the things you must perform for each clue (By the way
if you happen to scroll over the ? after searching for clues, DO NOT accuse 
Blake, continue to investigate until I say so.)
First, choose "Clues"
1) Choose "Gun" and choose "Analyze"
2) Choose "Blue Lagoon Video" and choose "Analyze" then choose "Play" then 
choose "Pause" and "Analyze" when the killer is choking Jayden.
3) Choose "Gas Receipts" and choose "Geoanalysis"
4) Choose "?" and choose "Geoanalysis"

Norman will discover the killer is a cop, living in a specific area. Hmmmmm....
HMMMMMMM. He'll walk out of the office and Blake will receive a call about a car
being at the docks. The chapter will then pan to Lauren and Scott at the train
station. The scene will then pan to John and his brother. Run to the right and
go all the way to the back of the construction zone and to the green trailer.
He will try to get his dad to help, but with no avail. But not before John asks
his brother not to forget about him, and finally reveals his name.....

The scene will then pan to someone in the office. Just toss the stuff in the
fire and watch the scenes until the chapter ends.

38. The Killer's Place (Madison)

Cold as Ice (Hide in refrigerator to escape.)


*Madison Paige can die in this chapter.*

So now that we've discovered the killer's real identity, its now Madison's job 
to find out where they are keeping Shaun. Head inside the apartment after 
picking the lock and head towards the back of the living room. Open the bureau
next to the desk and search behind the clothes to reveal a hidden door. Enter
the door and step inside the small room. Search the various items around the
room and then search the computer. Input any two passwords you want until the
option of "MAX" comes up, then choose it to open the computer. When you find
out all the information, leave the room and you'll be greeted by Scott himself. 
After a short conversation he'll lock you inside the room. Tap the wall next to
the door to discover that it is hollow, then grab the hard drive next to the
laptop and smash the left side of the wall next to the door. Smash the wall
open and climb through the hole into the bathroom. Open the door and follow
the commands to jump over the flames. Flip over the chair, walk around it, and
exit the bedroom and go into the living room. Follow the path to behind the desk
and flip over the second filing cabinet. Jump onto the filing cabinet, then
jump over the coffee table and onto the floor near the kitchen. Enter the
kitchen and you'll have two options for escape. You can clean out the fridge and
hide inside it to protect yourself from the blast or you can take the microwave 
and move it, then climb out of the window. The fridge choice earns you a 
trophy as well. When you exit out onto the street, you'll be able to choose
to call Ethan or Norman. The choice depends on who needs the address. If Ethan
did not finish enough trials to guess the address, call him. If Norman did not
obtain enough clues to find the killer, call him. If neither of them could find
the address, the choice is yours. Also, if you sent Ethan to the wrong address
then call him. If both of them have the address, then call either one of them
and it doesn't matter.

39. The Old Warehouse (Ethan)(Scott)(Norman)(Madison)

1) All Endings (Watch all endings.)
2) Four Heros (Complete the story with the four characters alive.)
3) Heavy Rain Hero (Finish the game.)
4) Heavy Rain Master (Unlock all trophies.)
5) Perfect Crime (Clean Manfred's shop of every fingerprint, kill Lauren, 
Kramer, and let Hassan die, 
6) Saved the Kid (Save Shaun.)
7) Simple Mind (Save the Origami Killer.)
8) So Close... (Reach the very end of the game, and fail.)
9) Trial Master (Complete all 5 trials.) *Sometimes this shows up in the last
chapter rather than after drinking the vial.


This chapter depends completely on who is alive and who is not. If Ethan, 
Norman, and Madison are alive, then there will be a part of the chapter for
each of them. If 1 or all of them are not alive, then their part will be cut
out or the entire chapter will be different. Read my section on endings in the
guide to see which one you'll get.

If Ethan is not in jail, then the first scene is Ethan trying to find Shaun. 
Move to the back of the room and Scott will appear. After a brief conversation
Ethan will be able to try to open the grating. If Norman is alive, he will
attack Scott and Ethan will try to open it again. Find the big metal bar on the
ground to the right of the grating; its a little below the grating too. Pick it
up and use it to break open the lock, then open the grating and take Shaun out.
If Norman is alive, the scene will pan to Norman on the rooftop fighting Scott.
Follow the various button commands to avoid the objects Scott throws at Norman
and hits Norman with. After more than a few commands, the scene will pan to
Madison, if she is alive, driving to the warehouse. Be ready for commands after
Madison is taken away by Ash because the scene will pan back to Norman fighting
with Scott. Follow the next few commands the the scene will pan back to Ethan.
Quickly follow the commands to perform CPR on Shaun. After two or three series
of chess presses and mouth-to-mouth, Ethan will stop performing CPR. After a 
short scene of Ethan begging Shaun to wake up, he does. If Ethan took the 
poison, then he'll tell Shaun a few things before realizing he didn't die. If
he didn't it will just be him holding Shaun more. The scene will then turn back
to Madison, and she'll begin getting taken away by Ash. Pay attention to the
couple of button commands to get away from Ash, drive your bike, and escape into
the warehouse to warn Ethan. After Madison warns Ethan the scene will quickly
go back to Norman and Scott fighting, so be ready for another quick button
command. During the fight you can choose whether or not to save Scott, but if
you do he will continue to fight until he or Norman dies, so choose wisely.
You do receive a trophy for saving him. Be careful because this could result in
Norman dyeing after he had his chance to kill Scott. 

After killing Scott, the scene will then pan to Ethan, Madison, and Shaun 
coming out of the warehouse (This is only if Madison is alive, did not fail at
getting inside the warehouse, and Ethan is not in jail. If he is, Shaun will
die.) Sit back and enjoy whatever ending you ended up. Congratulations, you've
finished your first play-through of Heavy Rain. You can replay it again numerous
times to see the different endings. 


(~ _  _|. _  _  _
(_| |(_||| |(_|_\

Here are all the possible endings and how to get them. If you can confirm
anything I have stated that is not confirmed, please let me know. Obviously
there are MASSIVE SPOILERS in this section, so only read this is you are
specifically trying to achieve an ending or have finished the game.

Here is a list of all possible endings and how to get them, categorized by
each characters actions:

Ethan Mars

1) *A New Life*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Do not get arrested at the motel.
	3) Find the correct address by guessing or finding all the clues.
	4) Save Shaun.
	5) Do not get shot by the police.
	6) Forgive Madison.

2) *A New Start*
	1) Do not get arrested at the motel and do not die. 
	2) Reject Madison or Madison dies. 
	3) Do not get shot by the police.
	4) Save Shaun/.
	6) If Madison dies, the police do not show up at the warehouse and 
	Ethan does not get shot.
	7) If Madison lives, Ethan must not forgive her, but she will still 
	warn him about the police.
	8) If Madison dies, Ethan must find the correct address.
	9) If Madison lives, Madison and Ethan must find the correct address 
	and Madison must not get caught by the cops and must warn Ethan. 
	10) Norman must be alive and discover who the killer is if Madison is
	11) Norman can live or die during the fight with Scott
	12. Ethan rejects or accepts Madison in the hotel. 

3) *Tears in the Rain*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Do not get arrested at the motel.
	3) Forgive Madison.
	4) Do not save Shaun/Shaun dies. 
	5) Madison must not die.

4) *Origami Blues*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Do not get arrested at the motel.
	3) Do not find the warehouse.
	4) Do not save Shaun/Shaun dies.
	5) Reject Madison or Madison dies.

5) *Ethan's Grave*
	1) Die.
	2) Madison or Norman must save Shaun. 

6) *Innocent*
	1) Get arrested at the motel.
	2) Madison or Norman must save Shaun. 

7) *Helpless*
	1) Get arrested at the motel.
	2) Do not save Shaun/Shaun dies. 

Norman Jayden

I have not confirmed if taking the Triptocaine affects any of the endings. 

1) *Case Closed*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Discover who the Origami Killer is.
	3) Defeat the Origami Killer.

2) *Resignation*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Do not discover who the Origami Killer is/Give up investigation.
	3) Ethan or Madison must save Shaun.

3) *Uploaded*
	1) Die.

4) *Smoking Mirror*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Do not discover who the Origami Killer is/Give up the investigation.
	3) Ethan and Madison do not save Shaun.
	4) Madison dies in the apartment fire. 
	5) Ethan dies or is arrested. 

Madison Paige

1) *Heroine*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Ethan is arrested, rejects Madison, or dies.
	3) Madison must save Shaun.
	4) Madison must defeat the Origami Killer.
	5) Norman must die or give up the investigation.
	6) *I have not confirmed if the doctor from "The Doc" must live or die.*

2) *Square One*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Ethan rejects Madison, gets arrested, does not find the warehouse,
	dies, or is shot by the police after saving Shaun.
	3) Norman gives up the investigation or dies.
	4) Do not find the location of the warehouse. 
	5) *I have not confirmed is Shaun must live or die.*

3) *Dead Heroine*
	1) Die.

Scott Shelby

1) *Origami's Grave*
	1) Die.
	2) Lauren may or may not survive.

2) *A Mother's Revenge*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Lauren must survive.

3) *Unpunished*
	1) Do not die.
	2) Lauren must die.

4) *A Perfect Crime*
	1) Ethan must die or get arrested.
	2) Madison must die.
	3) Norman must give up the investigation or die.
	4) Lauren must die.
	5) Scott must not die. 



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