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Where do I find Barbarossa for Baozhai's resolution quest? Side Quest *new* 2 1 day ago
Are there any missable characters? Main Quest *new* 5 1 day ago
Can i still do the resolution quests? Side Quest *new* 2 2 days ago
Is this a bug, or a game mechanic?? Enemy/Boss *new* 2 2 days ago
Does... anyone else think this sucks? Plot *new* 2 2 days ago
Where to find Nuna sister in Kaanul for resolution quest? Side Quest *new* 1 2 days ago
Where is Kampan's Incarnation Resolution Quest now? Side Quest *new* 1 3 days ago
Where to go when Lhan open after revisits? Main Quest 1 3 days ago
Iron Kingdom Buzzsaws? Main Quest 1 4 days ago
What does everyone think of the axe hang mechanic? Tech Support 4 4 days ago

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