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FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/03/17

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       | |   | || |   | |   | |   | |      | (___) || |_____    | |   
       | |   | || |   | |   | |   | |      |  ___  ||_____  |   | |   
       | |   | || |   | |   | |   | |      | |   | |      | |   | |   
       | |___| || (___) |   | |   | (____/\| )   ( |/\____| |   | |   
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            Platform:   PlayStation 4 / PC / XBox One
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   9/03/2017

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

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O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

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 - Introduction......................................................[OUT-INT]
 - Controls..........................................................[OUT-CON]
 - Tips and Tricks...................................................[OUT-TIP]


 o CHAPTER 1: GENESIS.........................................[OUT-1]
 - The Nightmare.....................................[OUT 1-1]
 - The Crash.........................................[OUT 1-2]
 - The Compound......................................[OUT 1-3]
 - Saint Sybil School................................[OUT 1-4]
 - The Fields........................................[OUT 1-5]
 - Heretic Cave......................................[OUT 1-6]
 - Temple Gate Town Square...........................[OUT 1-7]
 - Jessica's Death...................................[OUT 1-8]
 - The Chapel........................................[OUT 1-9]
 - The Road to the Mine.............................[OUT 1-10]
 - Inner Demon......................................[OUT 1-11]
 o CHAPTER 2: JOB.............................................[OUT-2]
 - The Scalled.......................................[OUT 2-1]
 - St. Sybil Administration..........................[OUT 2-2]
 - Golgotha..........................................[OUT 2-3]
 - A Call for Help...................................[OUT 2-4]
 - The Last Supper...................................[OUT 2-5]
 - The School Roof...................................[OUT 2-6]
 o CHAPTER 3: LAMENTATIONS....................................[OUT-3]
 - The Lake..........................................[OUT 3-1]
 - Raining Blood.....................................[OUT 3-2]
 o CHAPTER 4: JUDGES..........................................[OUT-4]
 - Welcome...........................................[OUT 4-1]
 - Computer Lab......................................[OUT 4-2]
 - The Ascension.....................................[OUT 4-3]
 - The Library.......................................[OUT 4-4]
 - Blake Against the Machine.........................[OUT 4-5]
 - Murder Before Suicide.............................[OUT 4-6]
 - King of The Hill..................................[OUT 4-7]
 o CHAPTER 5: LEVITICUS.......................................[OUT-5]
 - The Descent.......................................[OUT 5-1]
 - Val's Rebirth.....................................[OUT 5-2]
 - Father Loutermilch................................[OUT 5-3]
 o CHAPTER 6: REVELATIONS.....................................[OUT-6]
 - The Apocalypse....................................[OUT 6-1]

 - Documents.........................................................[OUT-DOC]
 - Trophies..........................................................[OUT-TPH]

 - Version History...................................................[OUT-HIS]
 - Credits...........................................................[OUT-CRE]
                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O

 Hey everybody, good to be back with you! Bkstunt here with a full
FAQ/Walkthrough of the PS4 Horror Game Outlast 2. This title has been on
a LOT of Horror Fan's wishlists since Outlast (and its DLC, "Whistleblower")
appeared in 2013. I had a GREAT time playing through both those titles when
they came out (I actually think Whistleblower was even scarier than the main
game), so Outlast 2 finally coming out is definitely a treat!

 I'm actually a HUGE Horror fan, and have also written GUIDES for the first
game and its DLC. You don't HAVE to play them before this game, but I would
recommend it, especially if you like this game. In case you need them (there
are a LOT of collectables in these games), keep my guides to Outlast and its
DLC in mind:

 o Outlast: Whistleblower FAQ/WALKTHROUGH

 This guide is made to focus on not just getting you through the horrific
world of Outlast 2, but to find all the documents and recordings along the
way, letting you see and experience everything this game has to offer! With
all of that said, thanks for joining me once again!

 As always, feel free to join me on Facebook or email me. After all, I
wouldn't do this if it weren't for you, my fellow gamer, supporting me
along the way!

 ~ Bkstunt


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~ Bk

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
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                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                               Controls                               >==O

Here are the controls for Outlast 2:

               _,.--.,_                                _,.--.,_
              |  _____ |                              | _____  |
              |-'     `'.____________________________,'`     `-|
            ,'    __     `.   _  |          |  _    ,'    .,.    `.
           /     |  |      \ | | |          | | | /     (/_\)     \
          !   __  \/  __    | ¯  |          |  ¯ !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
          |  |__ >  < __|   !__  '----------'  __| ([_])     ( O ) !
          !       /\        ___`-.  ::::::  ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
          |\     |__|     ,'   `. \  ::::  / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
          | `.           /       \ | SONY | /       \    `-'    ,' |
          |   `-.____,-. \       / |______| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
          |           ,'\ `.___,' /        \ `.___,' /`.           |
          |          /   `-.___,-'          `-.___,-'   \          |
          \         /                                    \         /
           \       /                                      \       /
            `.__,-'                                        `-.__,'

 |                                                                        |
 | Left Analog Stick: Movement                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | Right Analog Stick: Camera                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | Directional Buttons:                                                   |
 |                                                                        |
 |   Up/Down: Zoom in and out (Camcorder)                                 |
 |                                                                        |
 |   Left: Activate Microphone (Camcorder)                                |
 |                                                                        |
 |   Right: N/A                                                           |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square Button: Action                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle Button: Reload Batteries / Heal Wounds                        |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Jump / Grab                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | O Button: Crouch / Crawl                                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Touch Pad: Camcorder Review / See Batteries, Bandages                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | L1: N/A                                                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | L2: Lean Left                                                          |
 |                                                                        |
 | L3: Run                                                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | R1: Use Camcorder                                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | R2: Lean Right                                                         |
 |                                                                        |
 | R3: Night-Vision (Camcorder)                                           |
 |                                                                        |
 | OPTIONS: Pause Menu                                                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | SHARE: Record/Share Gameplay                                           |
 |                                                                        |

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O

 o After playing and watching others play this game, it has come to my
   attention that BATTERIES and BANDAGES are random. As in, you may not
   find the same batteries and bandages I point out. They may just not be
   there. The game seems to be somewhat random in this regard, but it seems
   to take into account how MANY you have before it spawns new ones. You can
   kind-of see where they SHOULD be, as they usually appear near flashlights
   or in first-aid kits...
   That being said, please don't email me about batteries missing from the
   guide. I'm just going to assume you didn't read this heads-up notice if
   you do (email me about other things if you want though, even if just to
   say hi!).
 o Keep your camcorder out as much as you can, especially if you aren't
   planning on following the guide 100%! There are a lot of notes (called
   recordings in this game) that are very easy to miss if you don't...
 o Some sections of the game trap you in an area with a psycho and make you
   explore to escape. Identify a safe hiding spot and then explore from
   there. Also note that you CAN outrun all the enemies in the game, so if
   in doubt at least run for it (but don't try to hide when the enemy is
   watching you).
 o You can use the MICROPHONE to sort-of scan for where enemies are. This
   helps in, say... cornfields or checking around corners and buildings.
   Note that the microphone picks up radiant noise too, so in places like
   the MINES it may not be as effective.

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                          CHAPTER 1: GENESIS                          >==O

 Outlast 2 contains intense violence, gore, graphic sexual content, and
strong language. Please enjoy.

 Lynn Langerman is an investigative journalist seeking the answers behind
a pregnant woman murdered under impossible circumstances in rural Arizona.

 You are Blake Langerman, her husband, assistant, and cameraman.

 Record everything. Neither of you are fighters; to navigate the horrors
waiting for you in the desert, your only choices are to run, hide, or die.

 -- THE NIGHTMARE                                              |   OUT 1-1

 Choose a "New Game" and we'll get started.

(-NOTE-) This WALKTHROUGH was written on "Normal" mode. Choose higher
         difficulty modes at your own risk!

 One of the PRIMARY REASONS this guide was written is to make sure you obtain
 ALL of the game's collectables. These are RECORDINGS and DOCUMENTS. If you
 follow this guide, you will have an opportunity to collect every one of them.
 They are highlighted in the text like [_THIS_].
 In total there are 50 RECORDINGS and 55 DOCUMENTS! Join me and we'll play
 through this game together, getting every one of them.

 Enjoy the opening audio. It's a bit grating... soon though we'll be up in a
helicopter, talking with Lynn about our dream last night (oh, are we in
trouble!?) and searching for a factory, apparently.

 After that we'll have to pick up our camera and shoot a couple of "Intro
Shots" for the show. You'll go a couple of takes her, but also learn a little
bit about the (alleged) murder victim. You'll have some control of the camera
here, which is neat. Enjoy the scenes here as you'll see how everything goes

 (-NOTE-) This initial helicopter ride provides you with two recordings
          automatically: [_THE JANE DOE STORY PART 1_] and its sister
          recording: [_THE JANE DOE STORY PART 2_]. Very nice!

 We'll then find ourselves in a school. A christian school, obviously...
Walk forward and you'll see the locker open up. Looks like Jennifer's locker.
We must be having a flashback. Continue to the Jesus statue and go right (our
only choice) and continue on until you need to turn around...

 -- THE CRASH                                                  |   OUT 1-2

 After that, we'll wake up from the crash. It's crazy we're even still alive.
Hit "SQUARE" to get the door off of you and you'll automatically find your
camcorder. How convenient! We'll be able to move about after that. Note that
we'll get various "tutorial" messages as we play (mainly near the start of
the game, naturally) and that I'm going to document them, like the one down

 TUTORIAL: You can always see your objective by pressing the TOUCH PAD.

 As you would guess, finding Lynn is our priority:

 o OBJECTIVE: Find Lynn

 (-NOTE-) You can review recordings and documents by pressing the TOUCH PAD.
          This is an excellent way to make sure you have everything we've
          gotten in the guide.

 For the record, we can REVIEW the footage we've shot (which is pretty cool...
you couldn't really do that in the first outlast as whatever you shot just
turned into notes). We also have TWO RECORDINGS automatically from shooting
Lynn in the helicopter.

 We need to get down from where we are. Straight ahead is quite a drop, so
head to the left and jump down (ouch!) and continue to the left until you see
some gaps. We get a tutorial here:

 TUTORIAL: To jump over a gap, press "X" while moving forward.

 Well, jumping is a good idea! Jump to the rock and turn around to get lower
easily. Move to the ledge now. Another tutorial (there's a lot of them early

 TUTORIAL: To get on the ledge, just move towards it. To move on ledges,
           strafe left or right. To drop from a ledge, press "O".

 Use this knowledge to strafe to the right on the ledge and drop down at the
end. Easy enough. Head towards the crash now (jump the gap!) and you'll get
perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT tutorial/message of all:

 TUTORIAL: Important events should be captured on video. Press "R1" to raise
           your camera. Recording will start automatically, indicated by a
           blinking red REC light. When the REC sign blinks, it means you are
           aiming correctly at the recording event. Aim at the event until the
           red circle is full to successfully capture the moment.

 We of course want to bust out the camera at this point, to document the crash.
When you hit "Continue" on the message up above you'll see a red circle start
to fill up as you record the crash. Once it fills up, we will have the
[_THE WRECKAGE_] recording. We get a message here as well:

 TUTORIAL: Review recorded videos to learn more about events and goals.
           Press the TOUCH PAD to access your camera's menu.

 Continue to the wreckage to check for bodies. We'll get Blake talking to
himself here (good ol' first-person narrative) and we'll find that there's
no bodies. Hope! We'll get probably the second most-important message at
this point:

 TUTORIAL: Use night vision to see in the dark; raise your camera and press R3.

 Good to know, since being able to actually see is a big deal. Look around
(behind) the wreckage though and you should be able to find a [_BANDAGE_],
one of the game's healing items. This comes with another tutorial (go figure).

 TUTORIAL: To see how many bandages you have, press the TOUCH PAD.

 This is cool, as we can see how many bandages we have in our pocket. Handy.
Note that you now have to press SQUARE to review camera footage. That works.

 Continue past the helicopter after that and make LIGHT use of the night
vision. There's a small amount of fire in the distance, past the helicopter.
That's our goal. As you approach it you'll realize this is more than some
stray fire. Be sure to RECORD THE BODY you find here as we'll get the circle
filling up, leading to the [_THE CRUCIFIED PILOT_] recording.

 We have to continue past the corpse now. Head forward and use flashes of
your night vision to see where you are going. It's a linear path and you'll
end up sliding part of the way. After the slide, you should see a town in
front of you. Be SURE to RECORD this town. The circle will fill up once again
(OK, I'm starting to like this whole circle thing... I'm sure I'll regret
saying that later on...) and we'll get the [_THE IMPOSSIBLE TOWN_] recording.

 If Blake thinks we're getting help, he's crazy. We'll reach the fence-line
soon enough, which gives us a tutorial about vaulting:

 TUTORIAL: To vault, press "X" while moving towards waist-high objects.

 Vault over the fence and check out the nearby door if you wish. We can knock
on it and try to open it. No luck though. No choice but to continue forwards.
It's a bit dark, but there's another shack on the right up ahead with a door
that closes when we get nearby. Head up to the door to get a button prompt to
open it and a (semi) tutorial:

 TUTORIAL: Hold SQUARE to open slowly.

 I am 100% positive that how you open doors is going to affect you in the
future, at some point. Open the door and enter. Note the large Jesus statue
to the left.... Yeah... Next, try to open the door nearby. It's jammed and it
seems like someone's trying to get out... Shit. The room on the right has a
body and a note, [_MY DEAR SWEET ELLIE_], on the table. Pick it up to read it
and get a tutorial:

 TUTORIAL: You can look around with R3 and zoom with UP Directional Button
           and DOWN Directional Button.

 This is in regards to looking at the note in our hands, but you can also
use the Directional Buttons in order to zoom the camera in and out. Knowing
how to zoom in particular is very handy.

 Turn around now and explore the room behind you. Look on the shelf in the
back to the left to find a [_BATTERY_], lifeblood of our NIGHT VISION

 TUTORIAL: To see how many batteries you have, press the TOUCH PAD.

 Batteries in the left pocket, bandages in the right. Pretty handy.  Head
out of the house now and continue past it, keeping your eyes open to the
right. Why, hello there! This person is rambling and not really a threat,
but definitely unsettling. Continue onward to see more structures all about
and get another tutorial:

 TUTORIAL: To peek, press L2 or R2.

 Ha... haha... try to peek to the left and right if you want. It can be handy
at times. Up ahead in the shed you can try and see what's underneath the tarp
to get a reaction out of Blake. We have to continue to the left though. You'll
know you're going the right way when you encounter the baby... Also note that
you can actually HIDE in the water barrel to the left before the baby. Don't
mind the men you see here... it's like they've been told to keep away.

 Go ahead and enter the door on the LEFT nearby (the one that slammed shut).
On the shelves to the left you can find a [_BANDAGE_]. There's also another
document here on the table, the [_DEAR FATHER_] note, which is easy to spot.

 Leave the house now and take an immediate left. After going forwards a little
bit, you can see a campfire to the right. Search around it for a [_BATTERY_].
Sweet. Back here is a dead end though, so head back and right, around to the
back of the house. Make sure your camera is out and focused on the back fence
here for the [_REMEMBERING THE LOST_] recording. Huh...

 There's some movement nearby too. Oh man. After that, look around for a door
(which is locked) and head to the window to the right of it.

 TUTORIAL: To open a window, press SQUARE. To enter the window, press X while
           moving towards it.

 Head in the window now (shock!) and you'll get a message about doors and beds
as you enter the house. Both of those messages are going to be EXTREMELY
helpful later on, so be sure to pay attention!

 TUTORIAL: Some doors have deadbolts that can be used to lock or unlock
           the door.

 TUTORIAL: You can hide by crawling under beds.

 No reason to hide right now though. Instead, check the door to the right of
the bed and unlock it, then head outside. We're in a fenced-in area here, but
you can look to the left for a hole we can crawl through.

 TUTORIAL: To crouch, press "O".

 Keep following the trail downward after     .-------------------------------.
that (noting all the crosses) and we'll get  |     Satanas Inimical Dei:     |
to a building soon. Note the latin here.     |-------------------------------|
Blake will try to sound it out, but his      |This latin phrase comes back   |
latin is a little rusty (thankfully, we      |with two meanings when I looked|
have Google... see the side bar here).       |it up. "Satan [is] the enemy   |
Now, against our better instincts, go ahead  |of God" was the first one. The |
and head down the stairs. You can find the   |second one is quite a bit      |
[_MIDWIFE'S LAMENT_] document down here on   |darker...                      |
the table, so be sure to grab it. OK, this   |    "Satan is my god..."       |
place is beyond messed up... but if you      '-------------------------------'
think that's bad, go check out the room further in. Yeah. This religious stuff
gets to me man... head out the other exit here and we'll be back outside. Keep
going up the path (all the kids stuff... ugh...) and soon you'll find a fence
that you crawl under.

 Head forward again and you'll start to hear a creepy voice. Oh man, this
isn't good. Keep going forward though and you'll see a building (a barn, it
looks like) on the left as you go. Be sure to check inside for a [_BATTERY_].
Continue to the left of it now and press onward. As you get near the house
up ahead, a figure will appear and come walking at you, but if you run away
the person will disappear... which is really weird, but yeah, it works, so do
that to get rid of the danger and continue.

 On the left up ahead you'll see a house. The door here is locked, but the
window to the right you can open. Open it and head inside, looking to the left
for a [_BANDAGE_] that you likely can't use. Check the right kitchen area for a
[_BATTERY_] as well. Note that the other door here is jammed, so exit the house
now and continue down the path. Once you hear the music pick up, just go north
and crawl under the wooden fence/wall you find, straight down the middle, and
you'll be safe.

 We're in a segmented portion of the barn here, so head straight and jump over
the barriers to reach a broken ladder. Thankfully we have a move-able cart
nearby we can use to get out of here.

 TUTORIAL: You can move some objects by holding SQUARE.

 Move the cart under the broken ladder and use it to climb up to the loft,
where we can hear some more creepy dialog and grab the [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 8_]
document. Sweet. Continue to the left now and follow the loft until something

 Well, that's not too unexpected... reach for your glasses here and note that
you can see the man straight ahead if you use your camera. Very creepy. We're
still stuck in the barn here though, so from where you fell go right into the
next section and then right again to find an open window we can exit from.

 We have no choice but to go right here, so continue investigating. You'll
find a window up ahead you can use to get into a house. Do so for another
tutorial message.

 TUTORIAL: Your camera is equipped with a microphone. Press the LEFT
           directional button to hear through walls and track sounds.

 Go ahead and exit the house via the window to get a tutorial:
 TUTORIAL: Press "O" to hide in waist-high plants.
 This area is our first "at risk" area.  There'a a patrolling man wandering
around the center of the area that we want to avoid, and another guard sitting
in front of a house to the left. You can use your microphone to chart where
the guard is patrolling.

 Out here, note that there is a house to the right that you can get to from
the window on the side or the door on the front. It has a closet and bed you
can hide under. By the window there's high grass, so this is a good spot to
sit and wait for the guard to start patrolling counter-clockwise, then sneak
around to the right and onward to continue.

 -- THE COMPOUND                                               |   OUT 1-3

 As you continue on, SEVERAL men will rush you, but will all become rather...
incapacitated. What you want to do here is move forward, but keep your eyes
on the left edge for the [_VISIONS COME_] document. Continue onward and as
the dialog continues, you'll see a church in the distance...

 Be sure to VIDEOTAPE the CHURCH here for the [_THE COMPOUND_] recording.
The preacher is definitely saying some interesting things! "This Woman". Yikes.
Head towards the church entrance now and look to the left to see an opening in
the wall we have to crawl under (everywhere else is blocked off to us). Crawl
under it and enter the church proper now. The front and left doors are both
blocked to us, but you can enter the door on the right at least. In here, look
to the right to find the [_NEW GOSPELS, PART 1_] document sitting on a pedestal.

 To the left is a door you can unlock which leads downstairs, and let me tell
you, THIS place is fantastic. Human trafficking? Check out the guys in cages
here. There's also a [_PRISON KEY_] on the wall to the left, which you want
to grab.

 TUTORIAL: Collected objects are visible by pressing the TOUCH PAD.

 Note the Latin to the right of the key as well. "Ad Inferi Per Aspera",
which is roughly translated as "To Hell through hardships". Well then...

 Grab the key and enter the right room, then look for a hole in the floor.
You can leap down there for the [_VAL'S SECRET_] document, so be sure to grab
that. Pull yourself out and then look to the back wall to find a [_BATTERY_].
Once you're done looking around, head to the left corner (left from the
second-room entrance) and crawl under the crates here. You'll get a little
shock, but we'll end up finding a way back up through a trap door.

 We'll be in a kitchen now. Check straight ahead of you for a (possible)
[_BATTERY_]. Now, from here let's head up the nearby stairs. We'll get
another tutorial message here:

 TUTORIAL: You can hide by entering a wardrobe.

 Great info to know. There's a desk up here with the [_NEW GOSPELS, PART 2_]
document on it. Also, note the portrait here as well. Huh. The door nearby is
locked. Go ahead and unlock it and head down the hallway. Check the doors on
the left if you wish, but you will want to jump out of the window at the end.

 We'll meet up with Lynn here, amazingly. Just... wow. Go ahead and follow her
as she rightfully runs off. Run after her and soon we'll unlock a trophy:

(-NOTE-) You should get the "What God Has Joined" Bronze Trophy here, for
         finally re-uniting with your wife, Lynn.

 This part of the game if pretty linear. We merely need to follow Lynn and
listen to the dialog. Go ahead and do so, enjoying (right word?) the dialog
as you continue until you come to a scene...

 Wow... that was just an intense scene. It seems we have more than one group
of people to worry about here, but for now we're back in control and relatively
unharmed. We just need to continue our search...

 Head forward now, following the water and the bank until you get to a series
of houses and docks by the water. Note that you can HIDE under the water by
ducking under it.

 This is really the first time we have access to a lake, which is our first
real opportunity to get a miscellaneous trophy, as I'll note down below:

(-NOTE-) You can get the "Thoroughly Baptized" Bronze Trophy here, if you
         choose to spend 10 minutes underwater. This will take quite a bit
         of time to do (10+ minutes) as you need to come up for air every
         now and again, but you can get it now with this lake if you try.

 What we need to do here is watch for the patrolling enemy. I'd wait until
he gets in the water and heads left, then follow the right bank and get on
the docks. We don't need to be subtle in this area: you can run (R3) and
follow the docks forward and enter the door of the second house on the right
to continue. Once you open the door, any pursuer you may have had will no
longer matter as a blast of blinding light hits us...

 -- SAINT SYBIL SCHOOL                                         |   OUT 1-4

 We're in a school now? Wha...? From this first classroom head to the second
one and go check out the blackboard to the left. Blake will read it aloud, but
BE SURE to record it here for the [_JESSICA's SUICIDE NOTE_] recording, then
check out the teacher's desk here for a picture and some more commentary by
Blake. Head through the door across from the desk now (the only one out of
here... the other one is locked). We'll be in a hallway now. Great. Keep going
forward and you'll see a man... yeah...

 Well, we can head into a room on the left up ahead, but its not going to help
that much. Walk towards the man and... keep walking. After the man leaves, we
can find a bathroom on the right to explore, but we'll eventually need to walk
forward and make our way out of the doors at the end of the hallway. Head
outside after that and continue forward until you find a gate door open,
blowing in the wind. Use it to leave and we'll fall back into reality...

 -- THE FIELDS                                                 |   OUT 1-5

 Watch the scene as we're actually HELPED by a man named Ethan (I am genuinely
shocked...). He'll share his motivation with us as we walk. Oh wow... the
dialog here puts a couple of things together for why we're out here and who the
"Jane Doe" at the start of the game is. Interesting.

 Head inside once Ethan lets you in and go down into the root cellar once
you're allowed to. You'll find a [_BANDAGE_] down here and a bed the game
will prompt you to sleep on. Go ahead and rest.

 We'll have a nightmare, of course. Naturally. Once you wake up, you'll get to
hear dialog up above. Enjoy the "discussion" here. Yeah... afterwards, head up
to the main house and be sure to RECORD the body here for the [_INTERROGATION_]
recording. Next, be sure to check left of the door (near Ethan's bed) to find
the [_ETHAN'S LETTER_] document.

 Head outside the house now (no point staying here...) and head right of the
fire, hooking around to the left and following the path out to the water. We'll
see a dock in the distance. Head towards it and check the bench here for a
precious [_BATTERY_].

 From here, continue to the right and through the water. You'll see someone
up ahead, but swim past them and look for a place to the right where you can
get out of the water. There's an obvious path here, with a bridge to the left.
You can follow this path to a locked gate if you want, but you'll need to
cross the bridge after that. Near the far end, BE SURE to record the corpse
burning on the right for the [_CRUCIFIED HERETICS_] recording. Some bodies
hanging nearby as well. Such a fun place! We get an objective if we check our
recordings now at least:

 o Objective: Get to the chapel
 To the left is a small shack (boathouse?) that has a bunch of helpful stuff
in it, like a [_BANDAGE_] and another [_BATTERY_]. More importantly there's
the [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 5_] document here, next to the battery.

 After grabbing the goodies, head back to the burning body and left into the
corn field. No choice really, as much as I think nothing good can come from
this! The game will also remind us to track noises with our microphone here,
which you should definitely do (although reading this will help!). Head to the
end here (ignore the noises behind you) and at the end of the path, BE SURE to
record the person dragging off the body to the right. We NEED to do this fast
to get the [_MARTA_] recording, as there are people coming up behind us!

 Turn around and you'll see a place you can duck into to the right. Better
than being cornered, so go ahead and get crawling! 

 Once you get under the fence, follow the road straight (the men should still
be coming behind you).  You'll find a refinery of some sort straight ahead,
with a small barn to the left. What you want to do here is head past the small
refinery and take a right. The path here should lead forward to a pile of junk
with a [_BATTERY_] amongst it (to the left). Enemies should just now be arriving
near the refinery.

 From here, face the junk and head RIGHT. Follow the fence and earth "wall" on
your left and go through the corn until you get to another road. This one will
have a ramp facing a gate, which you can use to jump over the fence.

 Head right once you do and a man will come up to us. DO NOT WORRY! He isn't
hostile, but will try to ask for help in his own way... nothing we can really
do for him though. Head up to the house and follow the porch around to a door
and LOOK UNDER it for the [_LETTER FROM A HUSBAND_]. We can't open the door,
but you can look inside to see what happened to the wife...

 The path to the left is a dead end, but if you go down it Blake will comment
on needing to go through the barn. Continue onward and ignore the man sitting
in the chair on the left as you go (he gets threatening once you get close to
him). Up ahead is the barn entrance. 

 Open the barn here and sneak forward to the left. There's an enemy in here
who will slowly head outside of the barn. Wait until he is gone and then in
the back you'll find a container you can move. There's a broken ladder you
want to put it under in order to get higher. Use it to jump up and then shimmy
through the gap you find. This leads to an area with a candle where you can
find another [_BATTERY_] and the [_VAL'S JOURNAL PT. 1_] document.

 Once you have that, look around the room. You'll see an obvious chain hanging
down we need to use. Pull it and watch what happens (ugh!). This opens the door
though, so head to the open area and balance across the beam (steady...) and
you'll get an automatic scene near the end.

 -- HERETIC CAVE                                               |   OUT 1-6

 Jesus! At least we're safe, I suppose. Head outside and down the right path
as it winds down to a statue. There's the [_TEMPLE GATE ANIMA CRISTI_] document
in front of the status, so be sure to grab it.

 Continue on down the path and soon we'll get a BRIGHT flash of light. This
light and noise will cause all the nearby birds to fall dead. Oh wow...
BE SURE to record this (the dead birds on the ground) in order to get the
[_DEAD BIRDS_] recording. Continue forward and you'll see a barn up ahead.
Go ahead and check out the barn now, looking at the floor to the left (near
the body) for another [_BATTERY_]. Building a stock of them finally, huh?

 Head back now and take the left path. There's an area we can jump up to on
the left, but go down to the dead end first as you can find a [_BATTERY_]
near it, so it is worth exploring. Finally feels like we're building a stock
of them, huh? 

 Go back to the rock up the path now and jump up on it. We'll have to shimmy
forward on a ledge and then jump a gap after that (makes you wonder how the
previous guy died). Jump up to another ledge and continue on, sliding down
into a cave. Follow the path through the cave now until you see the GIANT
FIGURE staring you in the face (turn off your night vision) and be sure to
RECORD it for the [_CAVERN TEMPLE_] recording.

 Some sort of heretic temple is right! Head down to the wooden platform and
look at the ground (to the right) for another [_BATTERY_]. We have to jump
the gap here, so do so and lift yourself up to continue through the (eerie)
cave tunnel. We'll be outside soon, but continue pushing forward and go
through the gap you find on the left when forward is no longer an option to
see a town in the distance. Be sure to RECORD the town in the distance for
the [_NEW TEMPLE GATE_] recording.

 -- TEMPLE GATE TOWN SQUARE                                    |   OUT 1-7

 Looks like we are (sadly) heading closer to the town. Head to the left and
go down the path, eventually shimmying past a drop. Once you get past it,
examine the nearby body for a [_BATTERY_] and continue down the path.

 We'll make our way down to a small creek and a door. Enter the door and
follow it to a basement. We'll have to crawl under the broken stairs here,
but yeah, sure enough... this basement belongs to a cultist. Be sure to grab
the [_VAL'S JOURNAL PT. 3_] document on the table here and then open up
(unlock) the basement door and head up the stairs to the main room.

 Things have NOT gone well up here! Explore around if you wish but we'll
have to go upstairs eventually. Explore the rooms up here to find the
[_LETTER FROM VAL TO KNOTH_] document in the back room. We'll now need to
push the bookcase blocking the door up here (from right to left) to make our
way out to the balcony. You can jump down to land from here, which we have to
do (even if you don't want to).

 Blake will comment on an elevator up ahead. Go check it out to find that
we need to turn on a generator to make it work. Fun.

 o Objective: Find a way to start the elevator
 This section in particular has quite a few "easy to miss" documents, so stay
with me while we grab them. Head forward from the elevator (to the right) and
you'll see a woman in the main street. She's CONSTANTLY repeating scriptures
and doesn't really chase us, but I still haven't exactly gone and given her a
hug or anything...

 Instead, head right through the barn thing and get behind the right houses.
After jumping the first fence here, look to the lower left for a small window
you can use to get into the basement. In the back of this first house's
basement, you can find a room with [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 6_] in it.

 Head back outside once you have it. Now, we need to carry on up the road.
You COULD go forward under the wire fence and left but the woman is awful
close if you do that. Personally, I went back the way we came and started up
the road straight at her until she started walking towards me, then went back
behind the buildings on the right and around.

 Either way, the goal here is to get on the main street and past the second
house on the right, you need to keep your eyes open to the lower right for
another small window. Enter it to get into another basement and straight
ahead is a cabinet on wheels you can move out of the way. Do so to uncover a
secret room of a "Heretic" with [_VAL'S JOURNAL PT. 5_] document in it. Quite
graphic! You can explore upstairs if you wish, but there's nothing of interest.

 OK, this next part has us dodging a patrolling enemy who moves around the
bonfire up ahead. He'll even go past the bonfire down the road where we came
from. Leave the basement the way you came in and hide to the right (you can
crouch and he won't notice you). Wait for him to go left and we can continue
on. The house on the right up ahead by the bonfire has a whole lot of nothing
in it, but there is an interesting suicide scene on the upper floor. The house
on the left however has two things of notice. The FIRST is the staircase leading
from the house down to the road we came from (this will be important later). The
second thing of interest is you can go inside and open the door SLOWLY to the
back room to find a [_BANDAGE_] and [_BATTERY_]. Just be VERY quiet...

 Other than those two notes, heading straight ahead leads to the "Generator
Building". This building has a front door on the left that leads through a
small living area (note the woman worshipping the portrait... yikes...) or
you can just cut through the garage area to the right, which is faster. In
the back you can find two sets of stairs leading up to the generator. Go up
the stairs here and look at the far table to find the last document of this
area, the [_SUNDRIES FROM THE SINFUL WORLD_] document. We can now head into
the generator room and start it (it will take a few tries).

 Now, all that is left is making it to the elevator. After the initial shock,
head down the stairs. Just keep your distance and you'll be OK. This is the
same preaching woman from earlier, naturally. As you head towards the bonfire,
you'll see a man run from right to left and close the door behind himself. Not
a good sign.

 The EASIEST way to do this next part is to veer right toward the house that
had the staircase leading down. Go down and soon you'll see MARTA coming at
us. She was waiting for us! Damn... let her come up the stairs as you back
away, then turn around and run AROUND the railing here, to the main road and
make a break for the elevator. Just run towards it and interact with the
handle (quick, press square!) and we'll evade her...

 Once we get out of the elevator, look for a sign nearby (slightly to the
left, in the center of the area) and record it for the [_TEMPLE GATE_]
recording. We're really racking up these collectables!

 There's another one nearby in fact. From the sigh, go LEFT past the hanging
body and into the grass. There's a dead woman over here with a document by
her. Nab it for the [_GARDEN NOTE_] document.

 The rest of this place is pretty much a dead end. The doors to the houses
up here are all locked, but if you want, you can go AROUND the well and past
it is a gate with a [_BATTERY_] by a dead man. Note that the gate is locked
here, completing the "dead end" area we are in. Which brings me to a couple
of notes:

 (-NOTE-) You can get the "Them That Hath Ears" Bronze trophy here very easily.
          It is gained for using the microphone for 20 minutes, but with no
          enemies in this area you can wait it out easily. I recommend doing
          it while doing the trophy below.

 (-NOTE-) You can get the "Proper Penance" Bronze trophy here easily as well.
          It is gained for crawling for 500 meters... which is going to take
          you awhile. I personally just crawled from the gate where the battery
          was to the cart in the far corner and back, over and over. This will
          take awhile, so do it with the microphone trophy and put on a 10
          minute Youtube video or something.

 Once you are ready to continue, head to the well in the center of the area
and just kinda... go along with what happens...

 -- JESSICA'S DEATH                                            |   OUT 1-8

 After being drawn into the well, we'll find ourselves inside some duct!
What... what the hell!? Crawl through it until you are in the classroom and
then enter the hallway from there (only one of the doors here will open up
for us).

 Continue down the hallway and soon a locker will open up on our right.
Examine it. You can pick up and play the music box here if you wish (I did...
as creepy as that is...) and then continue on to find a [_BATTERY_] on the
stool up ahead. 

 Up ahead is a door to the left but its locked. This entire area is a dead
end, in fact. To make our way forward, we actually have to GO BACK to the
classroom, and then BACK to the stool where we got our battery from. This
will make the door on the left open. Enter and chase after the girl to the
left (note there's a storage room on the right, but it doesn't have anything
in it). Once you get out to the hallway, be SURE to videotape the hanging
girl here for the [_HANGED JESSICA_] recording.

 Well damn... go ahead and head forward and witness what happens. We need
to keep going forward unfortunately and into the the room on the left, right
past the body...

 -- THE CHAPEL                                                 |   OUT 1-9

 THIS will bring us back into the "real world" in a very jarring way: a man
will grab us and throw us down some nearby stairs! GAH!

 We are in very serious danger here! You want to quickly get up and veer
right, going straight and jumping over the table, then taking a right (around
the tables) and go straight into the door, then STOP and shut and LOCK the

 Well, we're safe for now, although the man is trying to break in still. Gah!
Quickly go to the right to find an area that leads underneath the house and
follow it. We'll have to crawl to get through, but be sure to do so as the man
will break through the door and follow us all the way down here. Keep crawling
and soon this path will lead back outside.

 Out here, you want to quickly head to the open doorway to the left (the light
should guide you) and then close and lock the door. Head into the room nearby
after that for the doorway to get blocked, temporarily saving us.

 We're in a kids room now. Not creepy at all! Head around the corner and then
get UNDER THE BED to the right, advancing towards the door to see a man break
it down and come looking for us. Wait for him to go past us and sneak past him,
going through the door he broke down.

 There's some stairs going down here, but there's another enemy at the bottom
of them. This is a bit awkward, but go around to the right, near the back
railing, and wait for the enemy to walk up the stairs. You can actually jump
the railing now and go down the stairs, through a door which you can shut and

 We're still not clear yet though. Quickly push the bookcase out of the
doorway and head down the tunnel. This tunnel... reminds me of an old mining
tunnel, right? Very odd. Continue on to a room with a woman on the table. Be
SURE you videotape her for the [_THE SHOW ROOM_] recording and then push the
obstacle on wheels past the women to open the way out.

 There's nothing we can do to help her... unfortunately...

 Continue on through the tunnel and we'll soon be on a small balcony... above
a body pit. Just lovely. Are we below the well? We need to go right here and
shimmy around the area to the other side. Once you get on sure footing, grab
the [_ACCEPT MY SUICIDE_] document from the left and continue down the path.

 We'll wind up in another basement (it appears). The door down here doesn't
work, so head up the stairs and... get ready to run again. Once you open up
the door up here you'll be spotted by someone. Great.

 This is another CHASE SEQUENCE. What you need to do here is quickly go to
the left and upstairs, then out the door to the balcony and jump off of it
to the left. Go straight ahead now, jumping the fence and then aim for the
gap UNDER THE PORCH (be sure to SLIDE into it) and start crawling forward.
It's a bit hairy, but keep going and you'll get outside, but go STRAIGHT and
jump into the outhouse. In here, start kicking the floor to break through it
and crawl out once it's broken, then head for the window straight ahead (it
is one of those low windows against the ground).

 We're safe for now... go ahead and open the door here and then go through
the door on the left to find a [_BATTERY_] on the spool. Head back to the
room now and search in the back (on the right) to find a [_BANDAGE_]. Turn
around now and enter the door to the right (the one we didn't come through)
to see a small school room. Check the shelves here for the [_GOSPEL DUTY_]
note, then head back out and hang a right.

 Go down the hallway and up the stairs, opening the double doors and then be
SURE to record the mess to the right. We'll get the [_WHY YOU HAVE TO DIE_]
recording here. This looks like some sort of make-shift school? Or church?
Not good whatever it is. Head to the other end of the room and open the
double doors, then head upstairs. Up here, head to the very back (note the
broken window to the left) and check out the desk on the left for the
[_LESSON PLAN_] document.

 With that in hand, head to the window now and climb out. We'll slide down to
the yard, right in front of the building. Thankfully no one seems to be nearby.
You may need to heal afterward, but that's good as we need to heal 10 times for
a trophy (this is my second, I think?). Once you get out to the yard though, go
check out the left corner for the [_A LETTER TO MOM_] document. Very sad, this

 Once you've grabbed that, we need to push the cart towards the gate. Go ahead
and do so. You'll hear some unsettling dialog as you do so, and be reminded
how to look backwards (good to keep in mind), but this is a short push so you
can jump the fence shortly afterwards.

 Out here there's a couple of documents we need to grab before we continue
with the "right path". The right path in this case is pushing another cart
to a fence, so follow the guide to collect everything!

 First up, head right here, past the woman standing around reciting gospel.
In the barn area to the right you can find the [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 10_]
document on the table, plus a [_BANDAGE_] on another table.

 Next up is an out-of-the-way document. What you need to do here is head
towards the woman and go right. She'll actually follow us slowly, but go
straight and up the stairs, then go to t he back and left. The corner up
ahead over here has a cross overlooking the cliff, but nearby on a shelf is
the [_TEMPLE GATE ACT OF CONTRITION_] document. Head past that (note the tall
grass nearby) and, in a small barn area up ahead, you can find a [_BANDAGE_]
to the right.

 Next up is... a bit of a "chase"... well, more of hide-and-seek. Go straight
ahead and you'll see the cart we need to push towards the gate. Note the HOLE
in the fence to the right. The kicker here is that once you start to push the
cart, MARTA shows up and stalks you.

 We have no choice... push the card and stop when she shows up. You can use
the hole in the fence to make her walk way, but be sure to wait a bit so you
can get out and push the cart some more. You may or may not be able to push
it the entire way. If you do get "caught", you can run towards the hole or
even the high grass by that last collectable to escape, but whatever you do
be sure to always look for chances to push the cart, then use it to jump over
the fence once you're done.

 Safe! Well, safe from that woman anyways! Continue on and enter the first
house on the right. Open up the doors to the left here and push the cabinet
you find out of the way and you'll find the hidden [_VAL'S JOURNAL PT. 4_]
document. Sweet! Head back outside now.
  Head forwards to the hanging corpse and then head left. Up ahead is a
church. Be SURE to record this church (we can do it from a distance) for the
[_THE CHAPEL_] recording. BEFORE we head for it though, look to the left now
and go into the yard with woman's statue in it (the other houses nearby are
all inaccessible, by the way). In the back on a shelf by the graves you can
find the [_REST THESE BONE_] document. It feels like it should say "bones"
on the end there, but oh well.

 With that out of the way, head forward and enter the church now (such a bad
idea...) and grab the [_LETTER FROM NICK TO KNOTH_] document from the table in
front of you.

 Head into the church proper now and you'll see a man tied up in the back.
Note the confessional booth to the right, and then go ahead and talk with him.
Once again, unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to help him. It seems that
Blake isn't too good at helping people, doesn't it? We sure can record things
though! The game splits its save points HERE, so continue past the checkpoint

 -- THE ROAD TO THE MINE                                       |   OUT 1-10

 After a few minutes, someone will come INTO the church. QUICKLY go hide in
the confessional booth and watch what happens here. May as well record it all,
as the grisly scenes take place while Knoth tries to find our wife...

 After the scenes are over and the enemies leave, be sure to record the
aftermath for the [_TORTURE_] recording. We also get a new objective, thanks
to the information the "Judas" provided Knoth:

 o OBJECTIVE: Find a path to the mines
  Try to leave via the entrance now and someone will spot us, which begins
another CHASE SEGMENT. This one isn't too bad though: head down the steps and
straight for the hanging body, going past it (the door here has opened up). Go
down to the barn door now and open it up, then enter the building and wind your
way to the LEFT. Open the door you find and go up the stairs, then jump the gap
that you come across!

 After we've jumped the gap we'll be safe. Our reward is a [_BATTERY_] to the
right, so pick it up and find the part of this tower we can jump over (its a
small drop to some grass on one side). Once you do that, there's a hole in the
wooden fence nearby we can slip through to get in front of a house.

 Whelp... we may as well go inside the house. Why not!? This place is creepy
in its own special way. All the baby coffins and the woman talking to the doll
in the back. Very creepy. She won't hurt you by the way. Go past her and into
the door on the right to find the [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 2_] document and then
someone outside will start yelling about us. Looks like they are still trying
to chase us!

 You can head outside the window here to get back outside (and on the other
side of a fence). Here, jump over the fence to the right and note the man
sitting down nearby. Ignore him and head right into the barn area. Near the
sticks and blood here you can find [_VAL'S JOURNAL PT. 2_]. Fun...

 Now we need to head into the corn field, which is... just... not a good
idea. Better than sitting by the fire with Stabby McStabber I guess. This
cornfield can be hard to navigate, but if you go straight to the far fence
and right, it will open up to a road onward. Of course, as you go, men will
be searching for you, so be sure to wait until they walk away from the road
before going up it (so we don't necessarily need to be chased...).

 Once you're on the road, run ahead and into the house in the distance.
Close the door and LOCK it, especially if you've been chased. We're not safe
yet, so be QUICK! Look for a set of doors on the left as you go into the house.
This room has a [_BATTERY_] in the back on a spool and a [_CRANK_] on the
nearby table (there's some [_BANDAGES_] on the sink to the left as well).

 OK, now quickly head out to the main room and note the mill to the left. That
is our goal: stopping this thing (to make a path out of here). Head out the
door here and up the stairs you find. We'll find a place to put the crank in.
Use it to stop the mill.

 By now, the man chasing us has probably caught up, so look down below to see
where he is. Ideally he is out in the yard with us. The reason is because we
can drop down (from the area before the last ramp) and run inside the house,
shutting the door and LOCKING it. This will buy us some time. From there you
can get under the mill and crawl through the hole. Success!

 Keep going though (the enemies will follow us) and follow the path to the
left until you slide down a hill. The men chasing us won't want to follow
us down this way... as it is "Marta's Place"... well damn.

 No choice but to continue on up ahead. You can see the path split to the left
(towards the light) and the right, but for now go right and into the barn area
but look to the LEFT and duck under some boards to go into the barn proper.
Sitting out on a table in this room is the [_GOSPEL OF KNOTH CH. 1_] document.
You may also find some [_BANDAGES_] on the table to the left as well. In fact,
you may also find a [_BATTERY_] on the other side of the room. This room truly
is full of goodies!

 If you continue under the gap in the wall and go left you'll find our end
goal in this area. Head into the barn and you'll see a small gate in the
back. This is our goal: "Find a hook to lift the gate". Doing so won't be
easy though...

 Head back past the room of goodies and right toward the light, but get
ready to run. Marta comes out to play. We can make her come out and go back
to the goody room in order to watch her. We need to get past her though, and
even if she chases us we'll be OK, so run past where she came from and left,
to a small space in the fence.

 From here, just head straight (you can look to the right first if you want:
see that space out of the barn? that's our way out of this section). This
place looks like an obvious slaughtering ground. Head to the barn in the back
(past all the animal carcasses...) and VIDEO TAPE the object hanging in the
middle for the [_THE ABATTOIR_] recording.

 We have to head through the middle of the area now. Do so to get to the other
side and hang a left. Head to the back of the area now and nab a [_BANDAGE_] on
the right back here. BEFORE you pull the chain back here, be sure to jump in
the slaughtering room to the left to find the [_TO MARTA, MY AVENGING ANGEL_]
document in the right corner.

 Jump back up to the chain now and go ahead and pull it in order to bring a
[_HOOK_] closer to us. Go ahead and grab it when it gets close. Head back the
way you came now and at the barn entrance go right to squeeze back outside.
We need to head to the barn where the hook goes, but on the way back you will
be jumped by Marta near the goody room. What I did here was run back through
the bright barn area and through the fence, waited a bit, then slowly went
back, waiting for Marta to head right towards the area we slid down from.

 Once that happens, you can go left towards the barn easily. Squeeze inside
and put the hook on and then QUICKLY use the chain nearby to lift up the
shutter. The woman is nearby (the game puts her outside the barn once we
interact with the chain), so quickly run for the hole we opened and dive in.
There's a small scene here, but we'll make it through to the other side.

 Very good! Head down the path and soon you'll see a sign for the mines.
You can see the mines out in the distance here, which also gets us a rare

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Babylon" Bronze Trophy here, for seeing the
         distant mines...

 We're making progress. Continue to follow the path to the right and up
(watch out for the cactus on the way!), coming to some stairs and seats.
Check the table nearby for the [_OUTSIDE MARTA'S CHAPEL_] document and then
head up the stairs to the door, which is locked. We can jump up and get in
that way though, so do so and...

 -- INNER DEMON                                                |   OUT 1-11

 Wait, we're back in the school!? What the hell? Record the drawing on the
wall here for the [_A GAME OF HANGMAN_] recording. After that, enter the left
door. Head to the second door on the left in this hallway (do you see the
visions?) and in this classroom you can find the [_HANGMAN PICTURE_] in the
back. Blake will comment that there must be another one somewhere, as Jessica
and Lynn used to play this game...

 Head back to the starting area now and straight forward (right from the
picture) and past the first locked door on the right. Note the hallway on the
right as you continue (and its lockers) and continue straight, heading into
the next room on the right to find a [_BATTERY_] on the teacher's desk in here.

 Head back out to the hallway and take a right, continuing to the end room on
the right to see a hangman picture on the class wall in here. What we need to
do here is interact with the projector and put the body picture on it. We then
have to line up the projector with the hangman letters on the wall. This means
pushing the projector up closer, in between the rows of seats until the full
word appears. Unforgiveable. Oh man... what did you do!?

 Go back to the starting area now. Where the picture of Jessica was on the
wall is now doors. Enter them and proceed down the hallway to the very end.
It looks promising, but it is locked. We have to head back now, but that's
not the exit either. It's unsettling, but keep going back and forth to the
ends of the hallway until a scene plays out...

 Enter the room in the hallway that's opened up now. Be sure to check the
desk in here for a [_BATTERY_], then... as the game wants us to do... move
the roller underneath the vents (look up in this room) and climb up into
them. Bad idea, I know, but its our only way out. Crawl and watch the scene,
then keep on crawling until you are free...

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                            CHAPTER 2: JOB                            >==O

 -- THE SCALLED                                                |   OUT 2-1

 Back to reality again. Trippy. Head down the hill and keep your camera out.
When you see the bridge in the distance, be SURE TO RECORD it, as you'll get
the [_ROAD TO THE OLD MINE_] recording. Continue on and slide down when you
must. Go right to a shimmy spot and continue on. Better than ducts! You'll
come to some train tracks soon, but BEFORE you go down them, go past them
and look past the boulder on the right for a [_BATTERY_] as well as the
[_SCALLED BOUND_] document.

 Go ahead and go down the railroad tracks now. You'll have to balance over
several narrow spots as you do so. After the FIRST beam, line yourself up
to the right with the second and then STOP AND RECORD. Flying out at you will
be several locusts, so record them for [_THE LOCUSTS_] recording. Nice. Now,
just keep going and watch what happens.

 Once you come to, you'll have to once again watch what happens. After that
we need to make our way to the next document. Head forward and slightly to
the left to find a small creek. Follow it forward, jumping over two small
trunks as you go and soon you'll see a body lying to the left of the river
with the [_WELCOME TO PLAGUE_] document by it.

 Just past the document is a branch you have to go UP on (I've seen this
confuse some people). Climb up it and drop down the other side, then go
forward and crawl under some branches (you'll see something here, so you
know you're in the right place) and then continue on and crawl through a
log. After that, head to the end of the stream, but be SURE you record the
signs you see on the gate for the [_SICKNESS HERE, GOD BLESS_] recording.
There's got to be a way around, right? Head to the left and jump down the
rocks here and head forward after you land, looking to the lower right as you
go forward for the [_OUR QUARANTINE_] document.

 From here, we're forced to crawl under the rock and we'll be in the camp
of the Scalled. Now, this area is literally sickening, but I should note
that the majority of the people here won't hurt us. SOME will, but most are
just slowly dying.

 Head forward and check inside the house for a [_BATTERY_], then go forward
until someone grabs us. After that, veer right and go into the cave. At the
top of the path up here is [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 4_] document and potentially
a [_BANDAGE_].

 Head back outside now and right, going up the will (a man with a knife will
come at us, but if you back away he goes past us... still, that scared the life
out of me!). Head past the camp and make a sharp LEFT to see  the house here
has a place you can crawl under. DO so but CLOSE THE DOOR AND LOCK IT. There is
a man nearby that WILL hurt us. Alternately, we're just here for the document in
the corner, [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 9_], so grab it and head back under the house.

 There's another document nearby: head to the right and enter the house here
then grab [_THE HEGEMON_] document from the back wall. A man will follow you
into the house, so QUICKLY crawl under the gap to the left here. Head onward
and stay to the right past the house. Look to the right as you go for a gate
and BE SURE to record as a man will come up and get shot by that... midget
creature. Record all of this for [_THE SYMBIOTE_] recording.

 Head forward now and you'll head up a slope. Look around for a place to jump
up to (blood handprints are nearby) and then shimmy onward across a small
ledge. From there you can climb the small rock and look around for another
bloody handprint to jump up further... which results in a scene...

 Well, damn...  we have no choice but to move forward from the camp. BEFORE
you go, look to the right. Note the tall grass and the fence we made the
recording at. Keep it in mind, then move forward past the tents and soon the
midget and mount creature will appear and start firing at us (Nick and Laird).
QUICKLY go back to the gate and hide in the tall grass, which will save us

 Wait back here until he comes to investigate. Once his back is to us, sneak
forward and sprint past him, towards the area he came from. This chase is a
bit disorienting, but you want to go straight and then veer left as you run
forward. There are 2-3 men between us and our goal, so be sure to steer away
from anyone you may see (I prefer to hang left). Our GOAL is the cabin back
here, which has a skinny spot in the middle you want to aim for. We need to
get there ASAP and squeeze through it in order to be "safe".

 -- ST. SYBIL ADMINISTRATION                                   |   OUT 2-2

 And we're in a locker? What the hell? Losing our minds once again, apparently.
Go ahead and let yourself out. You'll see someone to the right, running away.
Go ahead and follow them (the rest of the doors in this hallway are locked).
Head down the hallway to the right when you get to it and then go to the left
(although note that you can go straight and explore a bathroom if you want...
there's nothing in it though).

 From here you can enter the room on the right and check out the computer in
the back to read an email about Jessica. The rest of the rooms in this small
hallway you can enter, but the back left one is the only one worth visiting,
as it has a [_BATTERY_] in it.

 Head back out to the main hallway and go LEFT now. The door straight in front
of you is the bathroom, but the door to the right is now UNLOCKED (it was
locked earlier). NOTE! This next part is IMPORTANT! We are going to go through
this door and see some freaky stuff, but you NEED to stay STILL and record it
for the [_A SICKNESS IN ST. SYBIL_] recording.

 Once things normalize a bit, we can explore some more. There's a LOT of rooms
in this area we can open. Explore them if you wish, but be sure to check the
second room on the left for a [_BATTERY_] and the third room on the left for
some [_BANDAGES_]. The third room on the right is lit up for some reason.
There's nothing in it though, but the FOURTH room on the right has another
[_BATTERY_] in it (in the back).

 We'll finally be past all these open rooms and into another big hallway. And
then the singing starts. Because of course it does. Continue down the hallway
and look for an open door on the RIGHT to enter a classroom. You want to enter
and go to the back here for the hangman picture.

 Head back out and continue to the end of the hallway, then hang a left (the
two sets of double doors are locked). A ceiling tile will fall down here and
there's an obvious step-ladder, so climb up it and start crawling...

 -- GOLGOTHA                                                   |   OUT 2-3

 ...back to the real world? This is the start of a long scene, actually, so
sit back and enjoy. As much as you can enjoy, anyways.

 We will eventually have to free ourselves. Ugh, god. Press "Square" until
you are free. Oh god...
(-NOTE-) You should get the "Hang in there, Baby" Bronze Trophy here, for
         getting yourself down from the crucifixion.
 Once we have control, you'll quickly find out we have no bandages. Right
when we badly need some of course. Head forward and veer slightly left
towards the campfire but SLOWLY. There will be a man walking by to the left
as you approach, so hide and let him pass (this area is FULL of hostiles
right now). Once he passes, go past the fire to the left slightly to find
some [_BANDAGES_]. Use them to staunch your wounds. Oh man...

 From here, go to the right (right of where we came from) and continue on.
You should come to a log on the left that you can crawl through. Look to
the right to see a bandage in the distance, but go straight instead. You'll
come to an area we can climb, but if you go right you can wrap around to
the tent with the [_BANDAGE_] in it. Grab it and head back, then go up and
climb the ledges.

 We're safe for now! Head down the path and it will loop around so you can
see your cross. Watch as your escape is discovered. Not good! Keep following
the trail and we'll have to drop down eventually. 

 Once you drop down you'll see a camp up ahead and an enemy to the left. When
he isn't looking, quickly raid the camp to find a [_BATTERY_] as well as a
[_BANDAGE_]. Now, this enemy patrols in front of the house and occasionally
goes to the far left or into the house. What you want to do is wait until he
goes far away from the house and then enter it. You can shut the door and lock
it if you want, but inside the house is another [_BATTERY_] and yet another
[_BANGAGE_]. We can also escape the house by crawling through a hole in it.

 As you proceed, you'll hear someone (probably Laird) say that we are bound to
try and reclaim our "Gospel". Huh, they are thinking of ways to trap us, it
seems! As you continue down the path you'll see a tree to the left that's
fallen over and leading up. Go ahead and go up using the tree when its safe.
Follow the path and you'll see it leads to a lake. Go ahead and jump in...

 You'll see a large light shine across the lake, so be sure to stay emerged.
Just wait for Nick to finish "making water" here, coming up for breath quickly
once or twice when the light goes away and then submerging after that. Soon the
pair will walk off to the left. This is your que to head forward to dry land.

 When you emerge, look around for a nearby house you can enter. There's a LOCK
on this door, by the way. May as well use it. To the left in here are
[_BANDAGES x2_], which is a bit... concerning. Head further into the house and
you'll find our [_CAMERA_]. Pick it up and...

 -- A CALL FOR HELP                                            |   OUT 2-4

 We are back. Back in the school. It's happened AGAIN.

 Right in front of us is a message you can check out. Another hangman message.
Not a good omen. From here, Head forward and right (to the open door) to get
an objective update.

 o Objective: Find a way out of here

 Head down the hallway and continue forward once you can, then take a left at
the path split (the right path is just a dead-end). As you go on, you'll see
the classroom on the right is open. You can find another hangman puzzle sheet
inside here if you want to go look at it. Continue past that classroom and past
the hallway on the right to the office on the left (you'll need to open the
door to enter). Once you are inside, look at the CATHOLIC POSTER and WALLS and
CEILING and be sure to RECORD the event. This will give you the [_RUPTURES_]

 Head back to the hallway we skipped now and go down it. On the left is a
suite of offices we've been in before actually. There's nothing new in any
of them, but you can go check them out again if you'd like. 

 Continue down the hallway and soon you'll hear a phone ringing, which makes
Blake question the sound. Head into the door on the right you come across
(the bathrooms should be straight ahead) and search the rooms as you head
forward and...

 OK, what the HELL is that!? QUICKLY turn around and make a left, then out
to the far hallway and another left. We can hide in the lockers at the end
of the hallway up here. This is admittedly over-kill, but I wanted to show
you these lockers...

 Wait a minute and then exit. The school is "normal" again. Retrace your
steps and go back into the hallway where the monster appeared and the phone
is still ringing. Go into the lit room on the right and answer it for a short

 Well damn. This next part is a bit frantic, but we're going to head back to
that locker you ran to earlier. Exit the room and head left, then once you
get into the hallay you need to RUN (glance to the right here if you want to
see the thing chasing you), but then IMMEDIATELY take a left and start running
all the way to the end of the hall, then take ANOTHER LEFT (the monster is on
the right... again...).

 As you run forward, you'll see a girl disappear into the lockers on your left.
What you NEED to do here is run to the lockers she ran into and quickly get
inside. Wait for awhile inside here and the game will prompt you to get out
slowly in a bit...

 -- THE LAST SUPPER                                            |   OUT 2-5

 And... we're back in the "real world". Stepping out of someone's closet.
Fantastic. Well, nearby to the right is the [_PARADISE SOON_] document, so be
sure to pick that up. 

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Bible Study" Silver Trophy here, for collecting
         a total of FORTY (40) documents! Oh yeah!

 Try to exit this room now and an ARROW will shoot out right in front of you.
We are definitely being targeted! Quickly grab the [_BATTERY_] to the left up
ahead and run out of the house. Take a sharp right to get out of the line of

 This area is a bit of hide-and-seek, but if you went right from the house
you'll see another large house eventually. These doors are locked, so take
a left (get the dirt wall on your right) and follow the path forward to
eventually come to another house straight ahead where you can jump into a
window. THIS house has two doors on the right, each with a lock, so you know
you are in the right place. The door on the right here has a back bedroom
that may have a [_BATTERY_] in the back.

 Now, Nick and Laird and patrolling around outside. What we need to do now
is get outside the house and go RIGHT to a porch, then shimmy to the left.
You can make Nick break the door down trying to get to you and jump out
the window to the right if you want, but quickly get to that porch and
shimmy to the left.

 Up ahead to the right is a tree crossing a gap. It doesn't seem like a good
idea, but go ahead and cross it. As you do, you'll quickly learn you are being
hunted as an arrow flies past. Quickly continue on and follow the path as you
go until you see a tent on the right, but DO NOT let up and quickly go left
and jump up the cliff. There's a man down here that will attack us if we stick
around. There may also be an item in his tent, but its really not worth getting
attacked over.

 We'll get an arrow "thunk" right next to us after that! Damnit! Quickly take
cover by the rocks up ahead. He's obviously on us, across the way, so here we
need to move from one large rock covering to the next as we head forward. Not
hard to do, just spend a little time behind each cover and run onward. We'll
need to pull ourselves up once again here, but grab the [_BANDAGE_] you find
once you do. Continue on and slide down the slope you find and soon we'll be
in another scene.

 Jesus, these guys just DO NOT let up. Ugh... this isn't pretty! Things get
much, much worse here. Watch the scenes that happen here and bide your time.
Blake is REALLY freaked out. Can't blame him. Soon though, we will be able
to press the SQUARE button repeatedly and "resurrect". That was suspiciously
easy, wasn't it? They definitely wanted us to resurrect...

 o Objective: Find a different path to the Mine

 First things first here: we can get a recording nearby. Grab the [_BATTERY_]
by our grave and head slightly left of it, straight ahead, to where the barb
wire fence is. Record it for [_THE TRAP_] recording.

 Head back to our grave now and head PAST it. I should take the time to note
that there are nearly-dead enemies in this area that will try to CRAWL at
you and take you down, so avoid them! Head to our grave and go PAST it, past
a large tree straight ahead to another grave. This guy isn't as lucky as we
are it seems. Grab the [_MEMO TO A CORPSE_] document here.

 OK, time to get out of this area. From that document, go left and forward.
This is the general direction you want to go (right of the barbed wire fence)
as it leads to the exit. You know you're going the right way when you pass
the tall grass. As you continue, there will be SEVERAL crawling enemies who
will try to stop you. You can look out and spot them fairly easily, but be
ready to shake the right stick if needed. Continue forward and you'll see a
fence in the distance that you can slide/crawl under to get away from the

 As you continue on, look for a [_BATTERY_] on the right, in the tent. It's
dark, but the item sheen should help you find it. Up ahead is some fire that
will help light things up as well. Nearby on a stand you can pick up the
[_GOSPEL OF THE SCALLED CHRIST_] document, all bloody. Disturbing, of course.

 Move onward and you'll hear a scream. Lovely. Hop over the log here and push
onward until you see something hanging (and swinging) in a distance. Be SURE
to RECORD this for the [_THE HANGED MAN_] recording, which has Blake recalling
past events again...

(-NOTE-) You should get the "The Road to Damascus" Silver Trophy here, for
         completing a total of THIRTY (30) recordings! Very nice!

 From here, head to your left, up the hill, and you'll find a place to pull
yourself up at. Do that again and keep following the path forward (it is pretty
linear). You'll eventually drop down a bit and slide to an outcropping where
you'll see the Mine across the way. We're getting closer!

 I'm sure you can tell what we need to do next: use the path on the right to
JUMP to the open window. Man, that's risky, but not too hard here. Aim for the
window and you'll make it easily. Pull yourself up and inside this room you can
find the [_I TOOK YUR ROPE_] document. So, someone's taken the rope from the
pulley... Probably the person we saw hanging? Either way, we need a rope to

 o OBJECTIVE: Find a rope to go down

 To get out of the room, look around for a hole near the ceiling we can use
to get out of here. This leads up to a new area, but there's several enemies
that are wandering around here. Go up the steps and get to the grass on the
right. A man will patrol past us, but continue onward past the water, watching
for another patrolling enemy near the middle.

 I actually got caught by this second enemy and ran to the VERY back of the
area, where the hanging man is and they didn't chase me that far back (which
I've actually seen other people do as well... which makes me think they won't
chase you if you try it either). Doing this has the advantage of putting us
close to our goal. Note that the house on the left (facing away from the fire)
back here has a chance for a [_BATTERY_] in it, but what you want to do is
head up the slope on the right to find the trunk the ROPE is tied to. Interact
with it here to loosen it and drop the hanging man below.

 We need to head down there now and collect the rope off the body. Make your
way down and do so (you have to face the body, so don't try to collect it with
the tree between you) and you'll gain the [_ROPE_].

 QUICKLY go take cover now (there's some high grass behind ahead and to the
left) as an afflicted will soon come to investigate. We need to make our way
back to the pulley now, but Laird and Nick are here, shooting arrows at us.
Run back though (use the houses as cover) and jump into the window.

 After pulling yourself back into the house, use the rope on the pulley to
lower yourself down. As you descend, you'll get a short scene here. Oh man...
I can't believe they went so far to try and stop us! That was a Scalled and...
and Nick and Laird!

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Be Thou Clean" Silver Trophy here, for escaping
         the Scalled Camp.

 We'll regain control soon and have to drag ourselves onward. BEFORE you move
though, be sure to record Laird and Nick's remains for [_TIL DEATH DO US PART_]
recording, then head forwards. At least there's a clear path under all of this
debris. Follow it to a wooden hatch and you'll emerge... on a roof?

 -- THE SCHOOL ROOF                                            |   OUT 2-6

 It's snowing too (have we went back?). Head down the pathway and you'll find
the door locked. We can head to the right here though, then left, jumping up
past the railing and then continuing to follow the path to the next lighted
door, which should be flapping in the wind (the only door so far that isn't
locked or covered in snow).

 Enter the door and we'll be in a staircase. Head down and enter the next
door, then continue down the stairs (note all of the blood on the window as
you head down!). Continue down and you'll hear a door open up. Unsettling,
but as you go down you'll see the monster from before walking up towards us!

 Gah! OK, this is tense, but head back up and at the railing facing the
window, jump over the railing and we'll be hanging down. You can DROP now
and if done right we'll be BEHIND the monster. Continue down and head outside
to be safe.

 Out here, many of the doors are locked. It's actually pretty confusing what
you need to do here. From where we entered this large recreation/eating area
at, you need to head right (and out a little bit) and look on the GROUND for
the metal hatch nearby. You can actually open this up to continue.

 This leads to a small underground hallway? You can follow it to another
ladder at the far end (never mind the voices) and head up the ladder to enter
an upper room. You can find a [_BATTERY_] up here on the left (on a lower
shelf) so be sure to grab it. Looking around, we are clearly in the cafeteria
area (neat?). The door to the left (to the kitchen) is locked, but there's
some [_BANDAGES_] nearby in case you need them. Take the door to the seating
area instead and look around the tables out here to find the a document.
Another hangman note.

 When you put that paper down though, something CRAZY will happen. Make SURE
your camera is out and RECORD the light/tree/wall phenomenon that occurs for
the [_ROOTS AND BRANCHES_] recording. We'll have just enough time to capture
that note before being sucked in.

 Next we'll be hearing a chant, while voices urge us to follow. This... ugh,
man... this isn't going to end well is it? Keep following the chant for a
period of time (nothing else you can do... keep the microphone on in order
to track the voice that much easier) and then enjoy the scenes that occur

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                       CHAPTER 3: LAMENTATIONS                        >==O

 -- THE LAKE                                                   |   OUT 3-1

 Once we regain control, we'll be back in the "real world". In some sort of
cave, it looks like. Go ahead and make your way out of the cave and continue
forward. You'll run into a wooden walkway soon. Blake will mention the lake
in the distance once you do (a sign you are on the right track). Keep heading
down the wooden walkway as it leads you down its stairs. When you get closer
to the lake you can zoom in to see its shore and a man wading around. Blake
will make a comment here about not putting a toe into that water. I gotta
say, I must agree!

 o OBJECTIVE: Find a way to cross the lake

 To the right nearby is a corpse near some beat-up shelter (no items though).
There's a small cabin past that as well (although the doors to it are locked).

 Either way, you want to be sure to RECORD all of the sticks pointing up at
the lake's shore here for the [_BEACH HEADS_] recording (it's a short one).
After that, we've got to get two rare documents... or well, well-hidden ones
at least. To the left is a locked house. We can actually get in here though.
Go back to the stairs and CRAWL UNDER the house, heading to the back where
part of the floor is open. You can get into the house through here, where you
will find the [_COME WITH THESE MEN_] document.

 You can now open the door and we'll need to head to the next document. It is
to the left, so jump the porch and head to the left, over to the cliff and
forward do a small patch of land. We'll now need to keep following the cliff
and SWIM a little bit to the next piece of land (you'll hear some dialog as
you do this). It's a SHORT swim though, and once you get to land head inward
to find the [_OLD TRAVELER_] document by a sleeping bag.

 Head back now and make your way back to the area we came in from (y'know,
the are with the spikes and heads...). Head RIGHT now and go past the first
cabin and look for an open swinging door leading into a smaller cabin.
There's nothing really of interest here, but we can jump through the window
in order to get behind the beach fence and continue on.

 Continue forward and climb the stairs near the cliff. At the very top, some
ominous music will start to play and Blake will make an expression. Up at the
top of the section with railings, make SURE you start to record the "Radio
Tower" in the distance, off to the left, for the [_DISTANT TOWERS_] recording.

 Continue upwards after recording that, noting that the railing have been
destroyed (not a good sign, for sure). At the top, look to the right for a
path downward that we'll need to jump to cross.

 Work your way down from here and we'll be approaching some more housing and
a camp (note the men that run off...). Despite that, this area is completely
safe. Head to the house first and enter to find [_THE ENEMY WAITS_] document.
Exit the house now and look to the right. The word "Help" is written on the
shore here, but RECORD THIS for the [_HELP_] recording.

 There's one final document we can get BEFORE we go on the raft. From the
"Help" message, go RIGHT, up into the land and veer to the left, following
the path you find back to a cave. You can enter this cave to find the (well
hidden) [_TOWERS OF METAL_] document. Sweet!

 OK, nothing is stopping us now, so go back to the shore and get on the raft,
and start to row across the lake. The direction are pretty simple: just head
forward and aim the bow of the raft with the left analog stick. For now, just
aim for the two towers...

 In a bit, fog will take over. Keep going until you hear the sounds and you
start to see FISH popping up. STOP AND RECORD THIS for the [_DEAD FISH_]
recording. We'll then be pushed off our boat. Once you regain control, try
to swim towards your raft. We'll have a bit of a hard time getting to it,
but don't give up and once you reach it hit the SQUARE button to get back on.

 We'll need to continue to row onward now. Just keep going forward and soon
we'll be in a bit faster river. As you go on, you may get stuck to the edge
of the banks (where you'll need to mash the SQUARE button to get free). Keep
on going and after awhile, Blake will sum up what is happening with Lynn
(just in case you forgot about her, I guess) and what the two groups we've
encountered want to do with her.

 RIGHT after that speech, be on the lookout for some people to the upper
right side of the screen who are, um... lighting a person on fire and pushing
him off a cliff. Record it and the bodies that are floating in the water for
the [_FLOATERS_] recording.

 Keep on going after that and soon the river's current will pick up. No matter
HOW good you are at navigating it, eventually the raft will be forced into
hitting something and will knock us off. Swim to the left here, to get to the
nearby shore.

 o OBJECTIVE: Get back to your raft

 We'll find ourselves on the shore now, with the raft gone. Hopefully it hasn't
gone too far. Continue inward a bit (past a log) and look to the LEFT to find
[_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 3_] near some logs. Nab it and then stick to the right
side here, moving under a branch and continuing up to find an outlook a bit
further on. You're in the right place when Blake spies the raft, and sure
enough it didn't go to far. Just... how to reach it?

 From here, shimmy across the narrow ledge to your right and we'll be face to
face with a gruesome exhibition. Be sure to RECORD this for the [_WARNING_]
recording. Note what the outcasts here did to drape the area from head to

 Nearby to the left (across the gap) is a giant stone with the words "Love
set us free" written on it. Probably in blood. We can push a TREE across here
though to make a path across.

 Head over and then take the left path down (Watch out for cacti on the way
down! They hurt!). As you get close to the river's edge, we'll be joined by
a couple of fanatics. QUICKLY get to the raft and push it back into the water
so you can row away to safety!

 We'll just need to keep going now, navigating the river. As you go you can
tel we are being followed closely. In fact, this trip will wear away at our
raft as well and destroy a chunk of it, but keep going as long as you can and
soon you'll be wading forward.

 Here you need to keep pressing forward in the water. The outcasts are behind
us, so keep going forward and aim to the left slightly where you can see a
potential way out. As you continue on, we'll be dragged down by a tongue.
Oh god...

 -- RAINING BLOOD                                              |   OUT 3-1

 After being dragged down, you'll surface. Quickly look around for... tile?
Tiles and the MONSTER coming after us. QUICKLY swim to the left as fast as you
can and once you see the edge, pull yourself out of the pool. Yeah, we've gone
back again haven't we? Damnit...

 Head around the pool to the other side (the nearby doors are locked) and
we'll check out the locker rooms. The one on the right (the dark one for males)
doesn't really have anything of interest. Check it out if you want to. Head
into the left one now (woman's locker room) and go peer over at the stalls up
ahead. Be sure you have your camera out and record the bloody stall here for
the [_THEY'RE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU_] recording.

 While you are here, be sure to check the bathroom stalls on the left (and
watch them for a bit). The door in here is jammed too, by the way, so head
back to the pool for now.

 Yeah, that was something... it's a little confusing where to go here, but
head BACK into the men's locker room now and the door in the back is now open.
Follow this path to the well-lit stairs in the distance and take them up to
the top and through the door on the right (left is locked).

 In this hallway, look to the RIGHT and you'll see the corruption spreading.
Shit, RUN! Run to the left and follow the path as it leads to a set of
double-doors. Reach them to try and continue...

 Well, that just happened. Great. Walk back the way we came and a nearby door
will open, heading into what looks like a computer lab. Go ahead and head in
(we've been invited after all!) and straight ahead is a [_BATTERY_] on a cart
for you to grab. Search the far aisles here to find another one of those
hangman notes. She's definitely sending us a message. After that, go ahead
and leave the room, heading right and around the pool towards the light.
Beyond the light is another hallway. Walk down a little bit until the
sprinklers turn on. Yeah... this is nice, huh?

(-NOTE-) You can get the "Slip and Slide" Bronze Trophy here. To do so, let
         the sprinklers go for a bit and back up to the start of the hall.
         Then run for 3-4 seconds and SLIDE! That should do the trick!

 Just keep running forward though the sprinklers and at the end of the
obvious path there'll be a room on the left you can enter (and close the
door on). In this room, in the back, you can find a ladder to climb. Ignore
the screaming and climb. Just keep on climbing...

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                          CHAPTER 4: JUDGES                           >==O

 -- WELCOME                                                    |   OUT 4-1

 And we're back in the "real world" again. Because of course we are. Still,
climb up and walk forward until you can see the outside world and BEGIN
RECORDING here to get the [_RAIN OF BLOOD_] recording. We've got a new
objective here too:

 o OBJECTIVE: Find the mine entrance

 At the top you'll see a door to the left (its locked) and wood stacked to
the right. We have no choice but to push forward through the workshop area
further on. Doing so though unlocks a trophy!

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Golgatha" Silver Trophy here, for reaching
         the mine facility.

 You'll hear voices as you go along, but keep moving and ignore the
various body parts scattered around here. We'll keep moving forward until
you can go up some steps and enter a barn area. If you look back after
entering, you'll see we're not alone. Well then! Head down the steps here
and IMMEDIATELY take a right squeeze between the vat here, follow the right
wall to a corpse with [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 13_] document by it.

 OK, after getting that, head back to where you entered from. The stalker
here is gone (although this is still freaky as hell!). Take a right and
continue down the hallway with a pipe on your left. This place... must be a
processing plant? Keep going forward into the next room (eep!) and take the
right path to push on, entering the next right room when you come to it.

 You should get a comment from Blake here ("Oh God..."), and once you do you
can enjoy the scenery at your leisure. Head up the stairs and cross the beam
you find, entering the next room. Oh man, hooks... I hate hooks. Keep pressing
forward though, into the next room beyond and down the hallway until we get to
a scene. It's startling, but follow this guy as he squeeze through an exit to
the left...

 -- COMPUTER LAB                                               |   OUT 4-2

 Once you stop moving past the narrow area, you'll see that... yeah... we're
back in the school again, aren't we? This changing is seeming to happen a lot
more often lately, isn't it? Looks like a library? You CAN head to the right
right away if you wish, or you can go left for a battery (see below). Head to
the back, following  the path to the light but on the way, open a door on your
right for a [_BATTERY_] on a table. Don't mind the TV. Exit now and note the
next door on the right opens as well, but there's nothing in this room.
Continue forward to the big double doors, then turn around and go back the
way you came.

 The door where we started is the way forward. Go through it to the reception
area. Note that you can actually duck under the counter to your right and find
a [_BANDAGE_] to the immediate left in the reception area (if you need it).
After that though, head straight (left of the counter) to another computer
lab area.

 In here there's a conference room on the right you can check out, but look
for one of the computers actually TURNED ON and working here. Go interact with
it when you find it (its in the middle row) and we'll be chatting? Not for
long though. Yes, I know what it says. So do you... we just... we have to do
this. It's not easy, but exit the computer and turn around...

 *Deep Breath... OK. OK, that's gone. We need to continue. Head over to where
"it" was and look for another computer that's turned on. Interact with it to
see some more typing/chatting and then read the webpage under that if you wish.
Once you're done, exit and be sure to RECORD the computer lab here as it lights
up for the [_PULSE_] recording.

 Wonderful. The door to our right is now open, by the way. Magically. Go
through it and head left (the right path is just a dead end). We'll soon be
in an area of the hallway that's above the pool, where you should STOP and
see who comes through the door down below. Watch the footsteps here as well.
If you turn on the audio, you can even listen in a bit. Once you've heard
and seen enough, continue on down the hallways as they turn to the left and
enter the next door.

 Over here, there's a room on the right that leads to a classroom. You can
check it out to find another hangman message on one of the desks, but that's
about it. Further on to the left is the "viewing area" of the pool, which you
should enter. There's someone at the far end.

 What you need to do here is follow her to the RIGHT. Note that you can go
straight instead, but you'll have to come around here again if you do, so
head RIGHT and down the stairs once you are ready to continue, but be ready
to RUN. As you get downstairs, start to go forward and once the monster comes
out TURN AROUND and run up the stairs and through the door on the right.

 Now from here, simply move around the area again, to the left. As if you
were moving around to come back to the viewing area. We'll get pulled back
to the real world once you do...

 -- THE ASCENSION                                              |   OUT 4-3

 Head forwards now (note the man to the upper left, on the roof) and go down
to the right, inside the building. We get trapped in this area once you do,
but we're still "safe" for now. That's going to change shortly, but FIRST
head to the far right wall and follow it up to a bench with a corpse and the
[_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 12_] document on it.

 After that, note in the middle of the area there's an area we can crawl under
and to the left is a door and several barrels. Try to crawl under the middle
area now and an enemy will stop us. Once he starts to come for you (give him a
second or two), crawl BACK and move to the left. Use one of the barrels by the
far wall to hide in. Soon a second enemy will break down the nearby door. We
want to wait for him to do so and then walk into the room before we make our

 Our "move" is one of utter desperation. We can't stay hidden forever. What
you need to do is jump out of the barrel and start a mad dash, though the
door, and up the stairs. Then right and right, running onward, taking a sharp
left and jumping the obstacle and continuing to head UP. Keep going straight
and jumping whatever is in your way. Soon a bunch of junk will fall down after
you squish through a tight area. QUICKLY move the CABINET in front of you out
of the way (people die not knowing this) and then run onward, jumping out of
the window in front of you...

 -- THE LIBRARY                                                |   OUT 4-4

 Once you get out of the window, you'll quickly see we're back in the "School
World". Yeah, we've changed surroundings once again. Shimmy to the right here
and you'll pass a closed window soon (enjoy the view!), but keep going right
and soon we'll be able to pull ourselves up into a classroom window. There's
not much in here though, so head right to an open door and hallway. The door
in front of you is locked, so head down the hallway and you'll see something
hanging... and then more things hanging. Be sure to STOP and RECORD this to
get the [_I HAVE LOTS OF FRIENDS_] recording.

 At the path split up ahead, you can either go left or right. Left leads to
two bathrooms that have nothing in them, so you may as well just go right
(towards the light). On the way there's an open door on the left to a
classroom, but again nothing in it. Just head forwards and watch what happens
to the cross up ahead.

 Disturbing. Continue to the next hallway and go left. Up ahead is a room
on the left you can enter that has a [_BATTERY_] in the back on a table
(definitely worth grabbing). Continue down the hallway now, following the
path to the other side of the courtyard and after turning right, keep your
eyes open for a door on the right you can enter (a classroom). In here you can
find another hangman note. Lovely. Continue past the static TV and open the
door beyond it, then head left to the double doors at the end. Note your
shadow as you go. Yeah, this is trippy. Nothing here to cast a shadow, but
the door gets unlocked anyways? Yeah...

 Continue on to the library now and head inside. We'll soon be trapped here
as the door behind us becomes corrupted and the way forward (after the figure
shows up... he goes away after hiding a bit, more of a scare tactic... remember
that the SHADOW FIGURE is a scare tactic and if he becomes full-bodied THEN you
have to worry) just turns into a dead in. The game doesn't tell you this, but
we are effectively in a maze right now, a maze of library books, so stick with

 From the door where the light is (the projector is on your left), head
forward and take the third left. There will be a space on the left you can
go and a dead-end in front of you. Take the left and then immediately go right
to the back, then veer right and go straight. Turn around now and you'll see
a path to the left. Go down it and left again and NOTE THIS AREA. You have an
area you can run around a bookcase in. This will be important.

 Continue on past that to the left and a table with a [_BATTERY-] on it. This
is a good sign! Continue on and a FIGURE will appear. THIS ONE MATERIALIZES,
so you need to RUN. Retreat back to the are you can run around in, let the
creature chase you down one path, then quickly take the other one and run past
the creature and to the door it came from.

 Crawl forward past the book pile and then enter the room straight ahead of
you. You'll hear some screaming as you do, but there's a [_BANDAGE_] in here
if you need it. Head out now and go LEFT, as that's the direction the apparition
went. The general direction we want to go here is just straight ("follow the
light") until the "exit" disappears from us and becomes corrupted, then you
want to quickly turn around and run back to the library (as you'll see the
apparition do... we need to follow her!). You want to veer left here, running
to the wall and following the slanting bookcase you'll see until you are forced
to start squeezing between it and the wall to move forward (the game is forcing
us into this shimmying position). Keep moving forward until the game takes

 -- BLAKE AGAINST THE MACHINE                                  |   OUT 4-5

 We're back in the "real world" again, although the way things have been
going who knows how long we'll be here this time. Right now though, we're
trapped in a room. Thankfully we have a rolling cart we can move around, which
you want to position under the door in here so you can jump over it and out to,
um... "freedom".

 Jump over the wall and we'll be free to explore. The left corner over here
has a [_BANDAGE_] if you need it. Grab it (if you can) and take the stairs on
the right. Follow the path past the machinery and duck under the planked up
door. Just keep moving onward until your at a "dead end" where you'll need to
squeeze through the narrow space to your left to continue. Once you squeeze
through, you can get past the wall in front of you through the opening on the
left (duck under), then take an IMMEDIATE left and look around in this area
to find [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 7_] on the floor (where it belongs). The sounds
are creepy, but we're OK. Head back and go forward from where you entered at to
find a grate door on the left you can open.

 Open the grate door and move in. To the right you can find a move-able object
which you want to move out of the room and slightly to the right so we can jump
past the wall. This time though... be ready to run!

 We're in another CHASE SEGMENT here. This one isn't too long, so don't worry.
Quickly head UP to the left, going up the stairs you find and dropping off to
the right when you can. Go under the boards ahead and continue going UP, veering
to the right a bit (just follow the stairs). You'll have to cross two sets of
beams after that, so do it quick but carefully (falling down is likely your
death). After that continue up and right to a forced fall...

 -- MURDER BEFORE SUICIDE                                      |   OUT 4-6

 What... the... hell?! After the game is done focusing on the corpse, you'll
see we are back in the School. Again. But we are STILL IN A CHASE SCENE here,
so get ready to RUN.

 Turn around and run to the right, then left down the hallway. Continue down
the path here until you come to a bathroom on the RIGHT. Knowing what to do
here cost me a couple of death, but SHUT THE DOOR and crawl UNDER the bathroom
stalls. You'll hear SINGING here and the monster will corrupt this area, stall
by stall... he'll even bang on one door at the time. What you need to do is
straddle TWO BATHROOM STALLS until all the corruption leaves, moving to the left
or right stall as needed when he knocks on them.

 Once the corruption clears, DO NOT LEAVE. The monster is still here. Instead,
crawl to the FAR RIGHT stall, near the exit door, THEN leave and run out into
the hall (he is by the far left stall, and will kill you if you emerge from
there...). Run back the way you came and open the door, going down the warped
hallway and taking a left into the stairway the monster was guarding.

 Keep going as the voices start (you can see a certain man as you run, in the
doorways on the left) but keep going to a classroom and you'll be safe. In here
you can see another hangman note, but you will eventually want to head out of
the open window nearby to continue...

 -- KING OF THE HILL                                           |   OUT 4-7

 Once you climb through the window and are hanging, you'll realize we're back
in the "real world", hanging out in the rain. Shimmy to the left out here until
we can safely drop down and follow this path until we're forced to shimmy out
onto a narrow ledge so we can jump forward to continue. Pull yourself up and
look to the right to find that you can pull yourself up again to get inside
the building.

 We're out of the rain at least! Up here you can push the container on the
left away to reveal a chute. BEFORE you go down it though, follow the container
you pushed to find a [_BATTERY_] on the left, then go back and head down the
chute (get ready to run!).

 As soon as you drop down, some enemies will be right in front of you! Quickly
turn around and run. The path is straight forward but head to the right to keep
going, and then to the left and DUCK UNDER the rafters and pulling yourself
onward. Once you can stand, continue running, veering off to the right and
jumping up at the wall to pull yourself up. Keep going forward, crawling upward
until you are heading up a chute and once you are up it, close the hatch door
on the chute to be "safe".

 In this room, you can find some more [_BANDAGES_] if you need them (two of
them!) as well as an elevator. I hate to say it, but get ready for another
chase segment, because once you hit that "call elevator" button we'll need to
be ready to run.

 For this CHASE SEGMENT, the enemies will be coming FROM the elevator, but
before they show up a metal bucket will crash through the far wall and give
us a way to run (so be ready for it). Just knowing this will give you a head

 This path is pretty linear, but head forward to the far building and veer
to the left, jumping and sliding over the obstacles in your way. Head up the
stairs you find (3-4 flights) and take a right, moving back the way we came
and sliding/jumping some more. Soon you'll see a path down and will realize
we are heading BACK towards the elevator. Jump down when you can and run for
the elevator, moving away from the enemies standing around and getting there
quickly to be safe.

 Hit the button to close the elevator and we'll start to descend. There's
nothing much to do now except wait... and watch what happens to the

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                         CHAPTER 5: LEVITICUS                         >==O

 -- THE DESCENT                                                |   OUT 5-1

 Things will stop eventually. Once they do, we can pick ourselves up and jump
out of the elevator. We are WAY down into the mines now, but not quite at the
bottom. Work your way left around the edge of the area and you'll be able to
drop down to the bottom soon (ouch!). Move past the elevator gate now and STOP.
Turn around and RECORD this bottom elevator entrance to get the [_DESCENT_]
recording. We're not getting out now...

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Sancti Sepulchri" Silver Trophy here, for
         descending down into the mines.

 Well, let's press forward. This area is very dark, but there are lights every
now and again. The left path is blocked off, but look for a possible [_BATTERY_]
here by the flashlight, then head right and follow the fairly linear path from
light to light (following the tracks) and soon you'll see a figure moving off to
the left.

 Despite your better judgement, head left here and use the planks to head to a
dead end (see, just another scare tactic). Back here you can find another
document though: [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 11_]. Be sure to grab it!

 Head back to the path split now and go right (or straight, really...) and
we'll soon be in some water. We'll have to get under some rafters here so take
a dunk and continue onward to a room on the left that has a ladder in it... our
only path forward at this point, since the tunnel going straight has had a

 We'll end up by a torch as we get off the ladder. Really wish we could just
take it with us. Head onward and we'll be rushed here, but like the voice it
is just confusing us. Further onward we'll also have a cave in (like some
heavy machinery is at work) but we'll eventually have ANOTHER path split here
as a result: do we go RIGHT or LEFT.

 Well, LEFT is just a dead end, but aside from that you REALLY want to go
RIGHT first. As you go right, have your CAMERA out and you'll record the
display on the right. Record it all to gain the [_SKINNED MAN_] recording,
a genuinely horrific display...

 Head forward past the skinned man to a cave opening that looks like a dead
end, but there's actually a small tunnel you can crawl through to the lower
left. Do so and nab the [_BATTERY_] on the way before pulling yourself up to

 We'll get dropped down into an open area that has a door nearby that's
locked (as well as some lockers to hide in), The other tunnel nearby leads
to a dead end where you can nab a [_BATTERY_] on the left and hide in a barrel
on the right. If you grab the battery, you may also notice an enemy patrolling
past the boards on the left here.

 Head back to the door now and unlock it. Straight ahead is another door that's
locked. Fun. Looks like we must go to the right! As you do so though, an enemy
will drop down in the middle path, accompanied by music! Shit!

 I actually (twice now) retreat into the previous room and wait for 2-3 minutes
for them to go away, but what I'm SURE the game wants you to do is (and you can
do this even after waiting a bit, like I did) is, as you head right, you'll
notice a path to SHIMMY ALONG to the right. This leads to an area in the back
with some barrels to hide in and a [_BANDAGE_] in the corner. Overall, a pretty
safe area, despite the enemy with the light dropping down here earlier.

 From here you can head down a tunnel left of where you emerged and open a
door leading to the main path. Go RIGHT from here to continue down into the
mine. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR IN FRONT OF YOU. The enemy is right behind it and
will likely kill you if you do.

 Continue down the main minecart path and keep recording. Once you get to the
portion of the path that is, um... "decorated" (after the screaming...), you
can record the walls to the right here for the [_SKIN WALLPAPER_] recording.

 DO NOT tarry here. I did and it cost me my life. There's an enemy that will
walk and patrol down here, so be careful and note that you MAY have to retreat
back to the room next to the area you can shimmy at (or even back to the initial
room we dropped down in... I noted enemies don't like to go to the back tunnels
in that room).

 Either way, you need to make your way forward past the "skin wallpaper" until
you get to a minecart stuck in the track. The tracks here go left and right,
and our GOAL here is to PULL the minecart back, then move past the wood on the
right to find a LEVER we can use to switch the tracks to the right, then push
the minecart out of the way.

 (-NOTE-) You CAN go explore the right-hand path if you wish, but it leads to
          some empty rooms below. There is a possible [_BANDAGE_] down there
          if you need it.
 With that in mind, keep an eye on your back and move the minecart out of
the way (pull it back, hit lever, push it forward). Take the left path after
you've done that. We'll have to crawl under some wooden beams as we go,
hearing more voices but continue on until the area opens up once again.

 Here, you may make out a figure standing in the narrow path straight ahead.
Not good. Head FORWARD though and the figure will disappear behind a door.
This is important though, as the [_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 14_] is STRAIGHT AHEAD,
so be sure to go pick it up.

 Head back now and head to the left cubby (following the mine tracks) and you
will see that we'll have to CRAWL to proceed forward. You'll have to avoid a
few skeletons on the way, and the earth will start shaking again (fantastic),
but as long as you keep pushing forward you'll make your way to the end.

 Once you can, stand up and go to the right heading down the stairs. As you
go, that damned song will start up once again (I'm so tired of it!). Keep
going though and open the door at the end and RECORD the display in front of
you for the [_THE BONE ARBOR_] recording.

 Continue past the shrine and carry on down the tunnel. You'll have to duck
under some stalactites as you go, but eventually you'll be forced to drop
down into a small lake. Do so and watch the scenes that occur.

 -- VAL'S REBIRTH                                              |   OUT 5-2

 During the scenes, the mini cave-in will actually free you and you need
to RUN AWAY fast. This chase sequence is pretty short, but as you run forward
remember that you need to turn to the RIGHT, then the LEFT, then the RIGHT.
Right, Left, Right. Do that and you'll be safe as the tunnel eventually will
collapse around you.

 We'll now be trapped. Courtesy of the cave-ins. But at least we're not being
chased. You can actually shimmy to the left in here to continue on, which will
lead us to a path straight ahead (where I suspect you can find a [_BATTERY_]
or a [_BANDAGE_] as needed), and left to an area FULL of water.

 This area is... a bit of a puzzle. If you head forward (veer left in the
water) you will eventually come to some LIVE WIRES. Blake will make a note
about them. We CANNOT pass them when they are live (electricity + wires will
result in death). We need to find TWO SWITCHES to turn them off so we can get
by them.

 (-NOTE-) You can FOLLOW THE WIRES on the ceiling to find the two SWITCHES
          that we need to shut off.

 The first switch is just past the wires. If you go straight, you will run
into a wall where you can duck under the wall (in the water) and then when
you emerge the SWITCH will be on your right.

 BEFORE you do that though, an ENEMY will show up to the left. He has a LIGHT
and will stalk this area. BEFORE you duck into the water, you can watch where
he is going and once he isn't looking at the switch we're headed to, duck down
and get to the far wall, then hit the switch to the right.

 NOW, we need to head to the area the enemy came from. This is PAST the light
hanging down from the ceiling (one of the only lights in the area). Once you go
down that path, take a RIGHT and look near the board here for the second and
last switch. Note that you can go in the back in this area and look for items
if you wish, but it's probably not needed. Also note that the enemy WILL COME
this way after you hit this lever, so be ready to submerge and move around the
board here to keep out of his line of sight.

 With that done, go back to the live wires and they'll be shut off.  Head
onward and jump the gap to make the board move forward and separate us from
the enemy and the last area.

 Keep pressing forwards now and you'll be in an area with a minecart to your
left. This area is enemy-free, by the way. Up ahead is a mine cart split to
the right, so push the card down the hill, then go find the switch and WAIT.
Wait for the minecart to head past you and back up, then FLIP THE SWITCH so
that it goes straight and breaks through the boards leading onward. Note that
you can search the path to the right and find a [_BATTERY_] if you need one.

 If all else fails, you can push the minecart down and wait for it to stop,
pull it backwards until its before the switch, flip it so it goes LEFT, then
drag the minecart back up the hill and  THEN let it do its job.

 Either way, with the boards broken an apparition will charge you. Lovely.
Keep on going and straight ahead is a dead end (where the cart crashes), so
we have to go left and down the ladder. At the bottom you'll see a sign that
says "800 FT", along with a bunch of skeletons (at least we aren't them...

 OK, get ready for a CHASE. As you head forward you'll hear VAL talk to us.
She'll drop down to the left, so RUN FORWARD and begin to crawl (this chase
has a LOT of crawling). Keep going forward, crawling with her chasing us.
You will have a left/right path choice as you go, and you want to go RIGHT
here. Once you emerge, head right and go onto the narrow beams. Steady...
fast and steady.

 No matter what you do though, you will have one of them break and you will
fall into some water. KEEP GOING FORWARD. Keep pressing onward here and aim
for the campfire in the distance (it will veer to the right, after the middle
column). You can climb up to it and past it, heading to the right to drop
down into another lake area.

 There is a LADDER to the LEFT here, but BEFORE you go for it you need to STOP
and go get another hidden document. If you go RIGHT you can find a crack in
the wall. Shimmy past it and into a dead-end area. In the back in here you can
find [_THE ATHEIST_] document on the floor, by a corpse. Fairly well hidden, I
think, as that ladder back there will tempt most people.

 Head back to the ladder and go up it now. Get under the beams you find and
move forward. You'll eventually have to climb two smaller ladders on a sort
of cat-walk/scaffolding deal. After that you can drop down to a beam and
head forward, ducking under more beams and then pulling yourself up twice
to get higher and then moving straight across one last beam to solid ground
(the game will auto save here).

 Sweet firm ground! Head forward now to an open area where you will see the
[_KNOTH'S GOSPEL CH. 15_] on the ground up ahead, by a corpse. Collecting this
should also net you a nice trophy (if you've been following the guide!).

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Ordination" Gold Trophy here, for collecting 
         ALL of the game's DOCUMENTS! Congrats! It was well earned!

 Continue up the slope and carry on now. You'll be on a linear path until
you are forced to head downward, where-upon a scene will take over and a
woman will blow dust into your face (note that she TAKES YOUR CAMERA here
as well... for the record). Enjoy the scenes here until you get to the

 -- FATHER LOUTERMILCH                                         |   OUT 5-3

 At the school, it is even more scenes. You'll gain control though, after
awhile. All you can do here is head forwards however, so go ahead and go
forwards until SOMEONE stops you.

 I won't lie... this part made me MAD. That guy... just has a very, very
punch-able face. I'm sure any parent would love to rip his guts out. Watch
the scenes here until you are FORCED to leave them alone.

 When that happens, go ahead and walk away. It sucks, but it's part of the
game. When you get far enough away down the hall (just go straight), you
will start to hear screams. This is your cue to turn around and run back.
The classroom door is open, so head through it and go right, turning right
again at the far corner (if you are fast enough, you can see the priest) and
then to the door. Open it to watch one last scene...

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                        CHAPTER 6: REVELATIONS                        >==O

 -- THE APOCALYPSE                                             |   OUT 6-1

 We'll be back in the real world now. Knoth's people have found us and are
killing people. QUICKLY RAISE YOUR CAMERA (Which we have now for some reason...
remember when they took it? How did we get it back?). Turn around and RUN. Keep
your night-vision on and take a right past the body, then keep going forward,
staying on the left-hand wall and jumping down the pit when you get to it.
After that, keep going forward and follow the rail, taking the left path when
you come to it.

 Keep going forward and the rails will turn to the right, but you want to go
STRAIGHT. Straight to some stairs and open the door when you come to it. You
will find LYNN up here. Head to her for a scene and you'll actually be
re-united! I can't believe it!

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Let No Man Put Asunder" Silver Trophy here,
         for reuniting with Lynn.

 This is good! Although she IS super pregnant (how the heck!?). Start to carry
her out of this place but keep your CAMERA OUT. You'll get a recording as you
head outside, called [_THE STORM_]. Only THREE more recordings left to go in
the game.

 We've got to make our way through the storm now. Head forward and veer to
the right (take a hard right to start, then just follow the path you find).
We're generally heading for the, um... "sun", but there's no enemies that
are chasing us, so continue on until you get to a house with a doorframe.
Watch the scenes here and soon... MARTA will show up in the background.
Wow... just wow...

 We NOW need to RUN (one of the last chase segments of the game). Head to the
very back of this place (since you took a right at Marta) and then take a left
and left again, then straight to the far right door. Head straight here (a bit
diagonally) to the back room and go up the stairs.

 You'll be forced to take a right up here, then go STRAIGHT to the back once
again and take a left. Follow this path and take the far right and head inward
to see a scene. THIS scene is quite awesome, so enjoy (look to the upper right
when it occurs... you'll thank me).

 Continue on and the lightning will start to get worse and worse. You will
see a closed gate to the right, so take the left path to go forward. Once
again, there are no enemies here so push on. Lightning will strike RIGHT IN
FRONT of you at one point, so be careful and go left of it when it does.

 Keep going forward and soon Lynn will soon start hurting. The baby is coming
soon (notice she said "SHE"). As you head over the bridge, lightning will still
rain down and Blake will point out the chapel up ahead (such a bad idea), but
THIS is your cue to pull out your CAMERA AND RECORD THE SUN. Walk forward a bit
and the red circle will start to fill up, giving you the [_FIRE IN THE SKY_]
recording. Two left to go!

 Keep heading forward to the church. This path is pretty linear. There are a
lot of doors on the way (to smaller buildings... sheds or mausoleum tombs
perhaps), but you'll eventually head up a slanted slope on the left and wind
your way into a church.

 As you enter the main building proper, a scene will take over. Go ahead and
enjoy it. I'll just say... that is nowhere near what would happen (I kind-of
wonder why the developers just decided they didn't need a placenta at ALL).
But enough from me, enjoy the scenes here, in the school, and back in the
real world until you regain control.

 Once you do regain control, film Sullivan Knoth for the [_DEAD PROPHETS_]
recording. There's only ONE LEFT in the game. Sweet.

 Go ahead and leave the chapel now. There's... nothing else we can do.
Note that you CANNOT see your hands anymore and, despite "carrying" a new
born, you won't hear or see it again. Continue forward, recording as you
go until you get to the suicide table... RECORD this for the last recording
of the game: [_SHE WILL NEVER DIE_]. We'll get a couple of trophies here:

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "Revelations" Silver Trophy here, for
          witnessing how things REALLY ended...

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "The Apostle Paul" Gold Trophy here, for
          completing ALL of the game's recordings. Congrats!

 Continue forward past all of the death and you'll see a throne up ahead.
Head to the right of it and soon a scene will take over. Continue on down
the hallway after the "blast" and then in the school continue down the
hall to the cafeteria on the left. You know where to go. Head to the back
and watch the ending scenes here as the game will draw to a close.

 She will never let you go...

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "Born Again" Silver Trophy here for finishing
          the game (on NORMAL mode at least!).

 (-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
          recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
          Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
          and say Hi, or shoot me an email!

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                              DOCUMENTS                               >==O
 Here I'm going to write down all the documents you can find throughout the
game. Just because I can. These are pretty neat to read after the fact as well.

NOTE: These are ordered in the order you find and record them throughout the
      game. If you are missing any of these and are here trying to find them,
      try doing a CTRL + F for the name of the note so you can find it in the
      guide proper.

 My Dear Sweet Ellie,
  I can't bear what we done, nor being apart from out little ones, so I'm
 going over and hoping you forgive me for leaving you behind, and God forgives
 me this last trespass. I know that they had to be offered up, but I'm all tore
 up inside and can't live no more. Hopefully the end will come soon and we can
 be together again, unless God burns me forever for this sin. Until then, I
 hope you find what woman's comfort you need in the arms of Paapa Knoth.
 Yours forever,


 Dear Father,
  Our loving God continues to bless me with visions and I know more certain
 than ever that the Enemy is nearer with every day. I was scrubbing the stains
 from the floor of Daniel's room when the blessed music rose inside me and
 sank me into true sight where I saw a creature like the burning sun but with
 inward rings of teeth upon teeth and dangling beneath limbs that I took to be
 arms but were cocks that rose in chiding purpose and as this monstrous sun
 descended, it fucked the earth and birthed some great and slouching horror
 from the fire.
  I was filled with the same fear, so great that I could not breathe nor move
 and saw myself all those years back blinding Daniel with the lye and tried to
 weep but could not and when I woke I found myself wet with lusting, painfully
 desirous to feel a man inside me and the feeling was not so far different from
 the fear. I tried to comfort myself with your teachings, "terror is as joy in
 the movement of God", but I would take greater comfort in your manhood inside
 me and a firm prayer that the antichrist be strangled in my womb. The most
 faithful of your flock in holy longing,


 The babe is coming,
 ready the knife.
 The babe is coming,
 Night's midwife.
 Mother to the Enemy stained within,
 God's creation saved with sin.
 Hallelujah, stay the storm,
 No longer must we wait.
 For come the dawn the Enemy born.
 To die in Temple Gate.
 The babe is growing
 Her belly swells
 The babe is growing
 Sent from Hell
 Ezekiel waits a-sharpening his blade
 Gather at the gate we kneel and pray


  1. And your people have made war in the fields of my son, in Eretz Yisrael.
  2. My land laid waste but my seed firmly set, against Babylon and the
     Assyrian and Rome, but fallen to the Moslem and failed in the crusades
     and betrayed in the time of the Publican Pharisees.
  3. As it was written by Baruch ben Neriah in the words of the weeping
     Jeremiah: the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by
     lucre and shame and my people love to have it so.
  4. Be thou instructed, O Ezekiel, lest my soul depart from thee, let not
     thy face be uncircumcised; in thy Jeremiad thou must not weep naught
     but tears, thou must weepest even blood.
  5. And Sullivan Knoth inscribed his name as EZEKIEL upon eternity's banner,
     with iron blade he scratched the word "I" down the glove of his eye and
     it was slit and bled and his face was washed with tears and blood.
  6. Thus saith the true Lord: now may I show you the truth, for you have
     cut thine face in covenant to me.
  7. And the Lord saith: you have not cut away thine eye, but the scale you
     took for an eye, and now you may see.


 My love,
  Please try to be strong as you can. Papa tells us at ever service that God
 remembers us our sins in our dreams. And we gotta face our sins if we wanna
 get right with God. If the visions are gettin worse, and the dreams are in
 our waking eyes, it just means that the tribulations are coming closer and
 that'll be hard but there's paradise on the other side. God loves us, and
 don't never give us more than we can handle.
  Yours always,


 7. Now the breaching of Hell's cunt drew nigh, and the night air sang
    with the grinding edges of the midwive's blades.
 8. And the Enemy, fearful even in his prison, reached out and into the
    heart of Sullivan's dearest and most trusted disciple, who was called Val
    and secretly stiff-necked and uncircumsized of heart.
 9. Val's mind descended among the damned and hated of God, and communed with
    the Enemy, and bathed in the seed of the spider-eyed lamb.
 10. Val betrayed the Temple Gate, and God, and even Sullivan Knoth who had
     loved true and would guide the chosen to salvation.
 11. And God said let Val and all heretics suffer a thousand tortures and
     seven times seven that in suffering and shame before death and in
     eternity ever after.


  As you got Papa Knoth's ear I'm asking that you tell him a worrisome story
 that I hope is only my fears and nothing factual. The chief among his deacons,
 Val, came to me before sunrise this morning with an offer that was not fully
 described. Val acted like somebody offering something secret and sexual in
 nature. But by my knowledge of Val and his character, it frightened me
 terribly and I would not accept any such invitation. Val would not further
 explain, and told me that "there are places in our hearts Papa Knoth cannot
 reach" though truth be told Val seemed more interested in other areas of my
 body. I asked Val to return this evening once I had a chance to think it over,
 but it is only so that Knoth may send some men of firm character to secretly
 witness what I suspect is blasphemy and betrayal and cut it off before any
 harm is done. I hope Papa can help, as I am dreadful scared.
  - Ruth


 CHAPTER 11, 7-?
 7. Now the breaching of Hell's cunt close, was coming upon them, drew neigh,
    and the air was filled with the singing of Papa's glorious hymn and the.
    Fuck. and the night air sang with the sharpening grinding of the midwives'
 8. Satan, even though trapped in Hell, penetrated the heart of Val,
     OUT AND
 9. And Satan Shaitan Ba'al the Enemy, fearful even in his prison, reached out
    and into the heart of Sullivan's dearest and most trusted disciple, who
    was called Val and shod in the clothes of secretly stiff-necked and
    uncircumsized of heart.
 10. Val's mind descended among the damned and hated of God and Exekiel, and
     communed with the Enemy, and drank of bathed in the foul sweet hot seed
     of the spider-eyed lamb.
 11. Val betrayed the Temple Gate, and God, and even Sullivan Knoth who
     would guide the chosen to salvation.
 12. And God said let Val and all unbelievers heretics die suffer a thousand
     tortures and seven times seven that in suffering before death and in
     eternity ever after.
                  AND SHAME


  You got to tell Papa that Anna Lee was sick and that's the truth, she's
 gone to live with her Mama and the rest of the Scalled. She was horrible
 afflicted and her injuries too doleful for examination and I just sent her
 off because it was all I could do. You got to know I wouldn't ahve done it
 if there was any other choice because I loved that girl more than my life
 or anything else and I don't know why Papa Knoth would think I was lying
 but you got to convince him to the truth. God love you.
 Your cousin,


 1. And I looked, and a gyre unwound from the night, a fire turned inward,
    burning from all directions towards the center, and drew the light from
    the walls of my room so that I hung in a void that shone in rainbows like
    oil upon a black mirror.
 2. And I looked despite the pain and behold, out of the midst of the inward
    fire came the likeness of a creature, a figure as like to a man as a
    circle is to a sphere.
 3. As a cross-section of a sphere would make a circle, so the cross section
    of this creature would make a man.
 4. And this saw their appearance; they had the appearance of Jesus Christ's
    agony upon the cross, and in chest and sex had the appearance of a man.
 5. And their faces were innumerable and joined to one another, a thousand
    eyes and everything a mouth, with wings and jaws inseparable even in
    sight, and the purpose of the eyes and purpose of the jaws was both for
    a more perfect consumption.
 6. Thus were their faces, and in the next moment, they were the bones of
    the Four Horses of the Apocalypse and the bones of the Horsemen, too.
 7. And in the moment that followed their faces were the sex organs of angels,
    and in the moment that followed a bonfire of flame with voices singing in
    beauty to rend the mind, and in the moment that followed a reflection in
    silvered glass.
 8. For their faces were all of these things at once, and their wings were
    joined one to another and as they flapped wove to arrest time and I
    could not take air into my body.


 My dear Judith,
 I never ben much at puttin feelins into words, as you as my yokemate all
these yeres well nown so I hope I can rite down whats so hard for a man to
say. But I ben feelin your anger an sufferin the lak of relations sinse we
killt little Sarai. It was Papa's will an God's will an you cant stay mad
at me or Ill be forst to be firm with you.

 With love an duty, your husban Marcus. 


 January 7
 Three more went sent today to live among the Scalled, their sores too florid
to disguise. They had seven children between them, all of whom Papa Knoth has
sent with the others into my foster care. I now have more than forty orphans
under my wing, who love me desperately, as only can a child abandoned by the
parents they thought were as natural and dependable a fact as the rising sun.
And I love them. As I will never have children of my own, and have so much
love to give. When God leaves them, too, I will be there with comforts and

 What do these dreams mean?


 Soul of Christ, make me ready,
 Father Knoth, guide my salvation,
 Blood of Christ, let me drink your wine.
 By the severed eye, give me vision.
 Angel of God, lend me your sword.
 Kind Jesus, hear my prayer
 Heal me in your wounds
 Keep me close to you
 Defend me from a wicked world
 And ready me for the Devil's hour
 In the fellowship of Temple Gate
 That I might defend your Creation
 until you give me rest.


 March 9
 More children dead. Knoth says there is no sin in such infanticide, as all
are soldiers in God's army. Martyrs fallen on the field in defiance of the
Archfiend. All those babies with slit throats and charred flesh will be
waiting immaculate for us in paradise.

 Papa Knoth also says that our sins find us in our dreams. Our sins find us
in our dreams. But my dreams are nothing but the murder of my children. And
I wake laughing, and aroused, and often wet with the involuntary lust of

 I woke this morning thinking I was wetted with the blood of a child's slit
throat. But it was the wetness of my own making.

 The others are having similar dreams. We have dug a tunnel so that we may
meet in secret. We gather and share our visions and wonder at their meaning.

 I feel increasingly this is a message. But nothing holy.


 Papa. Ezekiel. Liar. Charlatan. Temple to gout. Addict. Coward. Rapist.
 I am gone, and I have taken with me all with the courage to see the truth.
 Come after us. Hunt us down. We are waiting and eager to murder and fuck
 every body you send up the mountain.
 I don't hate you. Could Jesus hate the Baptist for being a Jew? I could not
 have found my true vision without your years of ignorance and bullshit. I
 could never have had the courage to seek the truth if not fueled by my
 anger at your lies.
 Your God is a child's superstition. Your faith is an embarrassment.
 The signs of the True Father were before you. Before us all. And you--
 vainglorious, gullible, too stupid to draw breath, you thought the visions
 were punishment from an angry and ominous God.
 Your god is afraid because your god is no god at all. Your god is your own
 ego, vulnerable and false. An embarrassment.
 My God is no god at all. But he is true. And he is here in every moment of
 ecstasy. And his child will fuck and tear this world to everlasting glory.
 I do not ask that you join us. I tell you: you will join us. Because our
 love is greater than you can ever imagine.


 1. Now as I behled the living creature, God's Lamentations fresh in my mind,
    I asked, are you the Four Strange Creatures revealed to Ezekiel?
 2. And the voice came from the firmament that as over their heads said unto
    me, Son of Man, this angel appears to Ezekiel and to though, too, for your
    burdens are the same.
 3. And, sayeth the Lord, you shall be Ezekiel to these wretched times, and
    Muhammad to its chosen people, and Noah to the flood of blood inflamed
    that will destroy the Heathens and Gentiles and Pharisees.
 4. And like the four strange creatures of Ezekiel, and of John, and of Isaiah,
    and of Daneil, behold a wheel there upon the earth by the living creatures.
 5. The appearance of the wheels and their work was as like to the corona of
    an eclipse; and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their
    work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.
 6. The rings of the wheels were dreadful, and full of eyes and none of them
    human, but black and intelligent and shining like the eyes of beasts
    ready for slaughter.
 7. And where the unfaced creatures looked, the eyes of the rings focused,
    for the spirit of the creatures was in the wheels, and the spirit of
    the wheels was in the creature.


 I cut the children's throats in dreams and wake filled with sex and
appetite. I love you, I am yours. I cut the throats of Knoth's sheep in
waking life and sex floods me like the fear of fire in a child. I love you,
I am yours. I could fuck and burn the world for all my joy. I love you, I am
yours. I will purge this world, soft with rot, of all but ecstasy and terror,
so that you may build your throne on the charred remains. I love you, I am
yours. I know now as surely as I breath what I never knew of that flaccid,
distant God. You love me. I am yours. 


 I need talk to  you in deepest secret cause of youre knowing the unctures
and such of medicines.

 I hope you know I do not trade any more words that strictly needful when
we make the trip in the damned world for gasoline and electricals and other
such necessaries as we can't make.

 I've got something friendly with the publican boy who sells us the pills
Papa needs and when I mentioned them as "study aids" the boy laughed and
said a body didn't need "Penissilon" for studyin unless a body was studyin
"gash". Have you heard of such things? I do not want to ask Papa for fear
of I do not know what. But I do not want to accidentally poison him neither.
Please come to see me.

 - John


 Before you go looking all over for it or yellin' at me for losin' it, I
had barrowed all the grape aid over to chapel for a celebration Paul said
Papa had in mind.

 I know we ain't got a thing better to cover the taste in the water, but
folks will just have to put up with it, I expect. Don't give them none of
the Sacrement as its needful for service. I guess we can do without our
Grape Aid until there's another run.



 God knows what I've done. And he forces my eyes on it when I am weak and
when I am scared. It was not my fault taht Judah could not swim, nor the
lust he felt for me. I would have saved him had I the strength. I do not
doubt you God, but please spare me the suffering of such forced dreams even
when I do not sleep. I cannot keep watching him drown.

 Accept my death as penance as I am newly heavy with Papa Knoth's child and
wracked with pains such as I have never known. Surely the infant in my womb
must be the archfiend for the affliction of nightmares and agonies that fill
and surround me. I am yours.


 Paper is precious! Any use otherways than the copying of the Gospel of
Knoth must be with the given permission of a deacon. Theft or wasting of
paper will be met with blood punishment.


 AIM: The children should not fear their duty but celebrate it as a guaranteed
      entrance to Heaven.
  - There is no pain in Heaven
  - Papa gave you life, and so your life is his.
  - God gave you life, and so your life is his.
  - You may not know that you are yourself The Enemy.
  - Your fear is a tool of The Enemy.
  - God knows best.
  - The whale saved Jonah from drowning.
  - Jesus in the desert with Satan.
  - Abraham killed Isaac in his heart.
  - Draw angels
  - Who could be the Enemy?


 Miss Carson sed I culd not tel you wut thar gonna do but she did not sae I
culd not rite it so plees do not let them kil me. I love you and I love daddy.


 1. Then God showed me the work that was to be forged upon the anvil of
    Temple Gate; a blade honed even to cut the throat of the spider eyed
 2. And I gathered my disciples, from the land of Al-Barquq, and the town of
    Holy Faith, and from among the impotent apocalyptans in Los Alamos.
 3. All the time pursued by Publicans and their tax collectors, hounded and
    harried, moving as we grew, a tribe born wandering in no man's desert.
 4. The Lord gave to Ezekiel more wives than brothers, though I turned away
    none; neither thief, whore, rapist, addict, murderer, pedophile, cripple.
 5. And I asked the Lord for guidance of the temptations of many wives and a
    voice of strong wine spoke: know ye not Abraham, Jacob, David, and Solomon.
 6. It is simply commanded that you take no woman as rival to her sister, do
    not uncover ones nakedness while the other is alive.
 7. Nor take your daughters as rivals to their mothers before their blood or
    while the elder is alive.
 8. And of your wives and daughters you will have your greatest warriors, in
    wimples with weapons that censer.
 9. And it shall be yours to multiply, to make children upon a legion of
    women, and children upon those children, and upon those children, until
    your line is a nation.
 10. For from your nation the Enemy shall emerge.


 Oh my God, I am heartfully sorry for having offended the Prophet, and I
detest those sins because I have offended Thee my God, who is all good and
deserving of my love.

 I deserve and cherish thy punishment and invite more, until the occasion
that I am able by Thy grace and the Grace of the Prophet Knoth to sin no more.


 June 17
 Tell me more. Give me more. You have a thousand names and I know none of
them. I know it is not God. I know it is not Yahweh, nor Ezekiel, nor any dog
leashed to that gas-bloated corpse, swollen on the heat of his own shit and
rotting meats. Give me pleasure. Fuck me and cut my skin. Burn me and caress
me. I am a membrane seeking penetration. Be aroused at my awe. Let my fear
give you appetite. I love you, I love you, I love you. Tell me what you want.
Tell me your name and I am yours.


 These bones were marked by the sin of Cain.
 Rest in earth till you rise again.
 The enemy waits in a womb unknown.
 Lord use my jaw as a club of bone.
 Pay my debt for the sin of my birth.
 Hell won't wait, what a wicked earth.
 Stand you guard by your heart and hand,
 Be fit to kill the Devil in the Good Lord's land.
 Oh Zion... Oh, Zion...




 1. Wherefore gird up the loins of you that would listen, ready your mind, be
    open and sober in patience for revelation, obedient as children to parents,
    as parents to the Prophets, as the Prophets to God and His angels.
 2. For as much as ye know that ye were not made incorruptible by incorruptible
    gold, so are the lies of tradition received from your fathers;
 3. Received not by immaculate blood, the line of Adam corrupted beyond
    salvation by the line of Cain, circumcised but stiff-necked, uncircumsized
    of heart, and ill-grown of your father's lust;
 4. Who verily defiled the revelations of Abraham, and of Jesus of Nazareth,
    and of Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim,
    thou hellbound Jews, thou hellbound Christians, thou hellbound Moslems, who
    sow damnation in wait of reaping;
 5. But receive not the vain conversation of your fathers, and pass the time
    of  your sojourning in fear, not fashioning yourselves in ignorant lust.
 6. And when called to account by the Father, defend his Heaven by the spilling
    of the heart's blood of the spider-eyed lamb, the Enemy, the unborn prince
    of lies.
 7. For trust unto him whom it was revealed: be ye holy, for I am holy.


 March 9
 A quiet sky. Six more of my own children (though no blood of my own) met
the blade this morning. I wept as at the slaughter of the issue of my own
loins. I cut Marcus' throat deep enough for the knife to scrape against spine,
but still he was writhing on the pyre. And Papa smiled and sang about gathering
at the river. All the voices of Temple Gate joined in chorus.

 Only one voice was absent, and conspicuously so.
 God should have answered by now. Whether by words or action: God please give
us an answer. Fulfill the promises of your prophet.

 We have sent such oblations into the earth by blood and into the sky by
flesh burnt to smoke that this continued silence is a message in itself. Do
any love God as I do? As often as I do?


 1. The words of Sullivan, who would be the new Ezekiel, who would be the
    Prophet to lead the scattered usurping strangers of a fallen Christ in
    the stolen Zion of the Pueblos, the Jicarilla, the Mescalero, and the
 2. Elected according to the blood wept in revelation, the foreknowledge of
    the Enemy even at the Gate and the crumbling ramparts, and obedience to
    the blood of God and Jesus Christ: Grace unto you but never peace.
 3. To him blinded to a corrupted inheritance of defiled faith, the liars of
    Babel and whores of Babylon, they begot of the Devil who is a liar and
    father of lies.
 4. O Zion, Zion, thou that sonest the prophets sent unto you so that your
    house is desolate and the blood of your ill-got children is sprinkled
    upon the earth t o feed the wheat that fattens your brood for slaughter.
 5. For all flesh is grass to fatten the sacrificial ox or the sacrilegious
    calf, O Ba'al, O El, O Gugalana, O Moloch, but grass left to wither and
    fertilized with blood will to seed and spread.
 6. For the seed of the Prophet shall root the Enemy, that the Prophet may
    strike down with furious vengeance the bastard of lies begot in his own
    sin cleansed by his own blood spilled of his own issue.


 My best beloved, my hound, my avenging angel. Val has betrayed Temple Gate.
Has betrayed God. Has betrayed me. Look deep into the heart of all you hate
and make it violence to punish that festering apostate pigfuck. Val must
suffer and beg for forgiveness that you deny. Val must die in the darkness
utterly devoid of God's love. All who have joined Val must die begging for
the mercy you have purged from your heart. Let God be merciful, you will be
only wrath. Papa loves you, God forgives you.



 Dearest Marta--
 My best beloved, most trusted, my intimate companion since your childhood. I
know your faith is imperfect, I know that old worm doubt gnaws at your heart
and tears wash your cheeks.

 You think you sin in murder. But hear me, as I have told you every way I know
how: you would only sin if you stayed your hand. If you do not chain a rabid
dog, are you not responsible for the children the bitch attacks? If you do not
crush the spider in your infant's crib, are you not responsible for its
venomous bite? If you leave a fire unchecked, are you not responsible for every
innocent burnt?

 In every case, Sloth would make you a murderer. You would not need lift a
finger and still be a terrible killer in the mind of God.

 Just as: ever life you do not take that could even maybe defeat The Enemy,
who would murder and rape the whole wide world, is killing by sloth. For the
Enemy is surely rabid, and venomous, and a hungry inferno.

 Hold fast. Push the knife. You need no forgiveness because you do not sin.
Know that Temple Gate needs you. Know that I love you. That God loves you.



 My Dere Simeon,
 You ben mor then cousin to me sinse we was littl chidrun an I hope youl
help now that im in som trubl spesially on acount its to do with medisin. I
will jus say plane that I am burnin with sines of the sifilis an afrade I will
be sent to liv with them Scalled wich I am terible scaird an hateful to do. An
I nown well taint saif to fuck nun but Papa Knoth sinse God an Jesus protecs
him from all siknes on this werld but God an Jesus dont protec me nun so I
need yur help.

 God Bless an keep you,




 Welcome to this place of spiritual healing! You are scared and you are sick.
As you should be. And you are filled with shame. As you should be. You know
that you would not be here if not for your own sins. But I can make you
wonderful and pure again.

 When all this sickness first erupted and crusted in Temple Gate, Papa Knoth
in his wisdom and kindness recognized if for the spiritual affliction it was.
Don't believe those crooked and frightened others if they tell you you're sick
with the Syphilis or the Gonorrhea or any other outer world lie. This is a
sickness of the soul, and only by purging your soul will you find health.

 Stay true, stay obedient, to God, and to Papa Knoth and especially to his
Deacon, Laird.

 God and his prophet love you.


 1. Hear the prophet Sullivan say: I feared greatly to hear the voices of
    the Lord, and denied Him in shame and heavy lamentation, rending the hair
    from my chest, even by the roots, so that blood marked my shanks as blood
    marks the cunt-passage of a beast born to toil.
 2. And the Lord made known to me in words unspeakable, saying despair not,
    but open yourself even to me as a wife opens her cunt to her husband and
    rejoice in creation.

 3. Your shame is not your own, sayeth the Lord, for I am but sore displeased
    with your fathers.
 4. As ye thrive unjustly in the usury and treasure of thy father's toil,
    sayeth the Lord, so to do ye unjustly share in the righteousness and
    shame of thy father's deeds, yea, only your blood is your own.
 5. Therefore, o son of man, sayeth the Lord, turn ye unto me, and I will
    turn unto you.
 6. Turn ye from your evil ways, turn ye from your unsired rutting, take not
    pleasure in women unmarked by their natural blood covenant with the Lord,
    but fuck and multiply as the act was designed of the Lord.
 7. And I am very sore displeased sayeth the Lord, with the Gentile, and with
    the Heathen, and with the Pharisees of my gifted nation Zion, who take
    ease in their affliction, and turn they away from the teachings of the
 8. Therefore, sayeth the Lord, as thine blood is thine own, and your deeds
    undone, open yourself to me, for the burden of the word of the Lord is
 9. Therefore as the Lord God commanded that I open mine eyes, I did, and
    did see.


 1. And the hand of the Lord took me by the roots of my innards and put a
    hook in my jaw and lifted me away from the bones of dead Zion and the
    shit of Publican swine.
 2. And in the murk of outer dark I became as a cloud that covers the land
    and saw many things:
 3. I turned my mind upon the desolate pasts where the history of the Lord
    should have been writ.
 4. I turned my mind upon the coiled and ignominious now of a great prophet
    beaten and spat upon as a manged cur.
 5. And finally God turned my mind to the future, of a dark and wonderful
    burden, ob my blade at the throat of the Antichrist child, of my
    children drunk on the blood of those who would poison the word of the
 6. And I flew as ravens four hundred miles west, across the land of the
    Havasupai, who recorded Noah's flood as the work of Hokomata.
 7. And beyond Hokomata's wound that rent this failed Zion, God set me upon
    a very high mountain.
 8. Then the lord said cover your uncircumcised eye taht you may truly see.
 9. I placed my hand over my immaculate eye, and the lord spilled such vision
    into my split and bleeding orb, as man issuing seed into the split sex of
    a blossomed woman.
 10. Then said He unto me, here is your Temple, and here is your Gate.
 11. And the dimensions, materials, and labor of Temple Gate was made known
     to me.
 12. And the hands of those who would build Temple Gate were made known to
     me, and their faces, and their hearts.
 13. Their hearts were filled with fear, but their hands would be willing,
     and their eyes would see the glory of His kingdom come.


 I proclaim the whore Laird, who leads us to infestation.
 I proclaim the scurvy of Laird, who leads us to damnation.
 I proclaim the perfidious Laird, who leads us to contamination.
 I proclaim the deceit of Laird, who bleeds us to annihilaton.
 I proclaim the canker of Laird, who feeds us to extinction.
 I proclaim the
 Sick semper evello mortem tyrannis.


 There is nothing so wretched among the afflicted as self-pit, and I trust
you not to allow yourself satisfaction in such a womanly sin. If the disciples
I have entrusted you to lead are hungry, and in pain, and afraid, it's a
necessity of their physical sin and the will of God. I send to you all the food
and wine that God wants you to have and no more. I've had visions of this
plague worsening, of all our suffering reaching a point at which none of us
will be able to further endure. So rejoice! Take comfort that we will soon
reach the center of this suffering and emerge into paradise everlasting. If
you cannot control your people by your tongue, then do so by the fists of your

 Papa loves you, God will deliver you.
 PS - I've included a satchel of the salted crickets Nick so loves, please
      see that he gets them and knows they're a gift from me.


 This here's my brother, broken and killed by the tyrant Laird and his
mount, Nick, for wine he spilled because of his missing fingers and no real
fault of his own. It is terrible unjust and I hope a merciful God treats him


 1. Rejoice greatly, O you Scalled, you afflicted with boils and sores, all
    you shose sex cracks and weeps, your baptist comes to you astride a donkey
    in the shape of a man.
 2. That Baptist, proportioned as a child in all but the tools of a man, and
    therefore best beloved of the Prophet Sullivan Knoth.
 3. And Knoth said unto Laird, what desirest thou in your wretchedness?
 4. And Laird said: I desire to behold the things which The New Ezekiel saw.
 5. And Knoth said: Yea, thine mind is too tight an arbor for the girth of
    the Lord's message, and would split at its penetration; thou shall
    knowest only your own salvation.
 6. And Laird said: Yea, I believe all the words of my father.
 7. And Knoth cries: Hosanna in the highest! As thou love me, thou art
    blessed, and you shall behold the things which thou has desired.
 8. And Laird spoke: I see the heavens open!  I see fly smoke in the sky, a
    cloud of insects bearing down a man, full grown yet virginal, most
    beautiful and fair above even the beauty of women.
 9. And I looked and new I beheld the Redeemer of the Scalled, of who
    Ezekiel had spoken.
 10. And Ezekiel spake unto Laird again, saying: Look! The Lamb ministers the
     children of diseased cocks and festered wombs. And I beheld the multitudes
     who were sick, and who were afflicted with devils and unclean spirits, who
     would be healed by the power of the Lamb of God.
 11. And I, Laird, saw that he was lifted up upon the cross and slain for
     those whose lust delivered them to sin, and whose sin delivered them
     to lust.
 12. And as he hands, there will be an abundance of milk and wine, such that
     butter and distilled liquor shall every one eat that is left in the land.
 13. And they shall proclaim the glory of Laird, who leads them to salvation.
 14. And when he gives the ghost and his immaculate flesh hangs dead upon the
     tree, they shall pull him free of the thorns and bury him by mattock
     in the earth.
 15. And the Scalled shall say: we are weary and we are wretched for our
     hearts are ravaged by sin, so that the glorious Laird will must drive
     them by tongue and lash and cock and remind them: it is a small thing
     to weary men, but will ye weary me God also.
 16. And they shall proclaim the glory of Laird, who leads them to salvation.
 17. And the Scalled Messiah shall rise from the grave, conquering sickness
     and conquering death, and those afflicted shall call him Immanuel.
 18. And the Scalled Messiah shall say: this is my flesh, eat of it and be
     healed. Whoever eats of my flesh shall have eternal life.
 19. And they shall proclaim the glory of Laird, who lead them to salvation.


 Sorry I had to take the rope from off this pulley because I need it to
climb to heaven. Ha ha. If that bloated Ezekiel won't give you no more rope
you can cut me down and take it back cause I expect I'll be done with it.


 Surrender yourself to the care of these men and I promise you will not
suffer any more than is necessary. You must know you are in the Enemy's
fugue and will only regret this path now and for all eternity. I have loved
you and love you still, and God loves all his creatures, even when they've
strayed. Come back to us, help us find salvation. God loves you. Papa forgives



 September 17, 2015
 At halfway point between the towers and the subjects, and signal remains
strong. Safe to say any damage the electric storm caused the relays was
minimal. Damn peaceful out here on the lake. I thought the microwaves were
supposed to discourage birds but I've been hearing a few owls that are either
killing each other or having better sex than I ever got.

 I'm going to hike a mile or so closer to the site tomorrow and take some more
readings.  Had a curious anomaly in signal strength in the last quarter mile;
it actually got stronger as I traveled further from the towers and closer to
the site. Could be an effect of microwave parallax. But there's a more
exciting option: it could be the mysterious "feedback loop" Dr. Ewen Cameron
noted in his radio telemetry lab. The perceived self-inflicted discomfort and
mass capitulation enabling the driven believers into becomes projectors. (Which
would be yet another bet I lose, and a dinner I'd owe to Jenny Roland.)

 (Note - when transcribing these, please leave out all mention of Ms. Roland.
My mind may be wandering to lascivious places in all this nature. And whatever
those owls are doing to each other isn't helping. Thanks.)


 If you find this, head straight back to Temple Gate and tell Papa Knoth
there is horror and torment here that tests even my faith in God. Men alone
cannot face it. The Enemy waits in the darkness here. God save my soul and


 Rev. Knoth-
 I will not be returning from my hunting trip for several weeks and so hope
Paul reaches you with this letter more swiftly.

 Checking the traps on the far side of the mountain, approx. 5 miles beyond
the mines, I spotted metal towers among the tallest trees. They appeared to be
camouflaged but poorly by oddly symmetrical leaves.

 I attempted to hike to the base of the towers, thinking I could find out what
they were for or at least who built them. But I don't expect I got much more
than a mile in their direction before I was overcome with waking dreams as of
a power I had never before experienced. I saw things I cannot describe. There
were flames and insects and what may have been mouths and may have been sex

 I must have walked form inside my dream state because I found myself on
waking a great distance away, and have not been able to trace my steps back
to those humming towers.

 There were other, less dignified responses in my physic which I cannot put
down on paper for embarrassment. Maybe I will be able to tell them to you in
private upon my return to Temple Gate.

 - John


 1. Now it was in the thirty-fourth year of Sullivan Knoth, who would be
    Ezekiel, in the four-hundred and seventy-ninth year of Zion, in the
    one-thousand-nine-hundred and seventy-first year of Christ, in the
    eleventh month, on the dawn of the twenty-sixth day.
 2. I was a prisoner of the usuries, a cobbler in the land of Al-Barquq,
    the mountain of the apricot tree called Albuquerque;
 3. And I was weighed by false debts to the Pharisees of Zion, condemned to
    bear a mark of shame by those clothed in shame;
 4. In the country of an usurping King called Lynch in his birth, who faced
    war and fought not, who set in stone the corruptions of he that came
    before, and condemned Zion to a sickness even unto death.
 5. And the word of the Lord came unto me unbidden, as a thief in the night,
    cloaked in lies but shining with truth, a voice electric cast by a sinner
    and caught by metal rod;
 6. And it spoke the words of Lamentation, saying For this our heart is faint;
    for these things our eyes are dim.
 7. Saying Because of the mountain of Zion, which is desolate, the foxes walk
    upon it.
 8. Saying Thou, O Lord, remainest for ever; thy throne from generation to
 9. Saying Wherefore dost thou forget us for ever, and forsake us so long
 10. Saying Turn thou us unto thee, O Lord, and we shall be turned; renew our
     days as of old.
 11. Saying But thou hast utterly rejected us; thou art very wroth against us.
 12. And I knew that he that spoke was the fox upon the mountain, called
     Mai-Dotlishi and Mai-Iltsoi by the defeated Navajo, the fox upon the
     mountain was the Prince of Chaos who speaks truth in lies.
 13. And I silenced the voice and looked, and beheld unseen a great fire
     enfolding itself in the brightness of the rising sun, and out of the
     midst thereof a color out of space;
 14. And my frenzied eyes cast back in unworthy gulfs of darkness, away from
     knowledge unbearable to man, and noise of the fury of the Lord came
     upon me;
 15. And my ears bled as the member of a child at circumcision, and the Lord
     made known by this our covenant is made which ye shall keep.
 16. He that hears where words cannot be spoke shall abide until time is no
     more, and the Enemy born of thine own issues shall be thy charge for my


 1. And by these signs shall though know of the nearing breach of Hell's cunt.
 2. Then the night air shall sing with the grinding edges of the midwives'
    blades, and the fearful lamentation of the righteous and sinners alike.
 3. And the final sign shall be the work of the Enemy, fearful even in his
    prison, who shall reach out and into the heart of Sullivan Knoth's
    dearest and most trusted disciple.
 4. For this one is secretly stiff-necked and uncircumsized of heart, the
    offspring of Cain, for the eldest and best of the child fertilized only
    the earth and with his blood.
 5. The disciple's mind shall descend among the damned and hated of God, shall
    commune with the Enemy, shall bathe in the seed of the spider-eyed lamb.
 6. It shall be the betrayal of Temple Gate, and of God, and even of Sullivan
    Knoth who has loved true and would guide the chosen to salvation.
 7. And heretics shall rise in the midst of the righteous, and they all shall
    suffer a thousand tortures and seven times seven that in suffering and
    shame before death and in eternity forever.
 8. For lo, at the sounding of the Prophet's truth, the babe shall leap in
    the martyr's womb for fear.

 1. And finally from the Temple the teachings of Sullivan Knoth, servant of
    truth and faithful witness, the gateway to paradise, who loved us and
    washed us from sins in our own blood.
 2. Remember this: thou hast fallen, and must repent, and the bloody work is
    before you; so harden thy hearts and thy hands, and sharpen thine blades.
 3. And know these things shall precede the coming of the Antichrist, but
    fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer.
 4. Fear not the dreams that walk outside sleep, that by which ye shall be
    imprisoned and tortured; that shall dredge from the prisons of thy memory
    your unrepentant sins.
 5. And they faults, even in the virginal fears of your whelping years, shall
    be visited upon you, and you shall bleed and wail, and you shall repent.
 6. For the sins of the past shall rise before the dead may rise in the last
    days; for thou has little strength, and denied all names, and tarried long
    in the hours of temptation.
 7. And the air shall be thick with locusts as will choke thy breath.
 8. And ye shall be ravaged with boils and sickness; your body a temple and
    city to pestilence, and they sex will wither and rot as flesh for carrion
 9. And the corpses upon the water shall be solid land so thick they lie, with
    death an open door beneath, an no man can shut it, and no angels can hear
    thy voice.
 10. And the blood of the lying God of the sky shall be cut, and his blood
     will fall as rain, for all things must die when God finds no perfection
     even in his own perfection.

 1. And the creatures said unto me, son of your father's sins, lift your feet
    from the earth I will speak unto thee.
 2. And the spirit entered the cunt of my mind and made seed there, and I
    became as the chorus of screams in the movement of the wheels.
 3. And we said unto all of creation but I alone was given ears to hear, I
    send thee as Ezekiel to the shepherds of a false Israel, formed in mockery
    of My Will in the time of your birth, and sustained in warlike transgression
    and greed by every nation.
 4. And all the children of false Israel and all the pharisees shall murmur
    against Ezekiel and against his gospel as they feast on that which dieteth
    of itself, baked with the dung that cometh out of man, in communion with
    their children.
 5. Neither came their abominable flesh into my mouth.
 6. And the Lord said unto me, get thee down unto the stiffnecked and weak of
    flesh, for your people have corrupted my book in the defilement of Esdras,
    and Tobit, and Esther, and the Wisdom of Solomon, and Ecclesiasticus, and
    Baruch, and the letters of Jeremiah, and the Prayer of Azariah, and Susanna
    and Bel who killed the Dragon, and the Prayer of Manasseh, ad the Maccabees.
 7. For if you worship Me but partway you are as the parent who cuts away the
    limbs of his child to better love what remains.
 8. And that child will die and I will hate thee as a killer of little


 1. The fruit of destruction shall ripen within the foul womb of the martyred
    mother, the spider eyed lamb shall bring judgement of the lesser whore onto
    even the great whore who sitteth upon many waters.
 2. For from Ezekiel's nation the Enemy shall be born.
 3. And then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with
    the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his
 4. Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and
    signs and lying wonders.
 5. And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish;
    because they receiveth not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
 6. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusions, that they should
    believe a lie:
 7. That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure
    in unrighteousness.
 8. And Ezekiel said unto his midwives, and his hunters: you are the raven
    and I am the wolf, who will allow you to feed if you lead me to slaughter.
 9. For God has said the flesh of beasts is yours only in sacrifice to me,
    even unto the flesh of your offspring.


 1. And in the moments before her birth the Antichrist shall wake, even in the
    womb, and her woe and misery will bleed and corrupt the earth.
 2. As jesus Christ of Nazareth dethroned death in glory of God, the Antichrist
    of Temple Gate shall set the grim horsemen back upon their throne, unless
    she is murdered in her bloody cradle.
 3. But Ezekiel shall judge the unborn spider-eyed lamb by knife and by fire,
    and the righteous shall proclaim an Alleluia.
 4. And ye shall see Heaven open and come to Earth, and Ezekile shall sit
    astride a white horse; his eyes shall be flame, upon his head will be
    all the crowns of the earth.
 5. And he shall take a new name, as of to the Word of God, for he shall be
    clothed with a vesture dipped in blood; and his new name shall be known
    to none but himself.
 6. And the angels shall be carrion birds, who feast upon the flesh of kings,
    the flesh of mothers, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and
    them that sit on them, the flesh of free men and slaves.
 7. And if they feed on the flesh of that damned child, then heaven is yours.
 8. But if that child draws breath; if the eyes of the antichrist are allowed
    to take in the light of the world, they shall swallow the light of the
 9. Then death shall reign again, and endless suffering shall reward those who
    revel in suffering, and endless regret shall torture the righteous in the
    immedicable regrets of sin and shame.


 Dearest Beloved.
 Please don't run. Please read this. Please forgive me. I know I must look
dog-ugly and beat over. I cannot talk to you straight because I've lost my
tongue to another man't teeth in an act it pains me to think back on.

 I left the world for Papa Knoth when I was just a boy; and believed everything
he sold us for most of my life. But a man can only take so much abuse; can only
swallow so many world's endings. It is hateful to try to believe God's silence
is a sign of your own failings.

 Val tempted me with his twisted up gospel and I believed. And I felt something
move upon me more powerful and real than any holy spirit. Even those nightmares
of what we done that plague us sleeping and wakeful both were silenced. I
reveled in sin like a diseased animal, and it gave me blessed peace. But the
pleasures in rutting and blood can only go so far and the nightmares are
finding their way back in. I can't find no solace in God and if there's a Devil
he's God's work, too, and I can only hope aint none of it is real. There's
despair in this and I find I miss you. I hope it is love and not cowardice. I
hope you can forgive me. My worst sin was letting you go. I'll love you as long
as you let me.

 Please forgive me.


 1. And God spoke from the mouth of Ezekiel so that his ears bled, and his
    teeth cracked, and the seed issued from his inspired loins, and in his
    words were the blood of Christ.
 2. And of this blood was a river, and its sustenance healed the festering
    woods of the trees that bore the seven nations.
 3. By the blood of the lamb, the spider-eyed lamb shall fall forever.
 4. And they that remain shall need no light, neither candle nor electric
    flame, for vision shall be an eternal dawn.
 5. Seal not the prophecies of my word, but copy them even exact of letter
    and with every waking moment of they lift, for I am thy fellowservant,
    and of thy brethren the Prophet, and father, and as shepherd say only
    this: God will reward you.
 6. Be ye filthy, be ye just, be ye unjust, be ye clothed in shame or in
    glory, in time God shall fuck ye with it, and so shall be thy reward.
 7. We all of us are Alpha and Omega, and Ezekiel the first among all, and
    ye shall climb the tree of life or be crucified upon it.
 8. Only the chosen of God shall find sanctuary within Temple Gate, for
    without there are whores, and killers, and idolaters, Pharisees,
    publicans, blasphemers, tax collectors, and tyrants.
 9. And the angels say: God turned away from man until the time his son
    Jesus Christ came to testify unto you.
 10. Jesus Christ turned away from man until the time his Prophet Sullivan
     Knoth came to testify unto you.
 11. And every word of the Prophet is true for it is written in this book,
     and this book is the truth.
 12. You shall testify these things, and in you shall be the book of life,
     and you shall live in this holy city, and you shall say come quickly,
     revelations, even in my suffering, een in the death of my children,
     come Lord God and give me paradise.
 13. The Grace of God and his prophet Sullivan Knoth be with you all. Amen.


                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
        ______________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__| /___|_____________
O==<                              Trophies                                >==O

 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game. These trophies are
from the PS4 version of the game, and apply to the Xbox version and PC version
of the game as well.
(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .————————————————.                                       .——————————————.
 __|   Omnipotent   |_______________________________________|   Platinum   |__
    Description | Unlock all other trophies
  How to Obtain | This it the last trophy you'll get, once every other trophy
                | has been earned. I have a LOT of Platinums, but not this
                | one! Good luck!

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Born Again   |_________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Finish the game
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .————————————————.                                           .——————————.
 __|   Sanctified   |___________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish the game in Hard Mode
  How to Obtain | This is the trophy you get for beating the game in "Hard
                | Mode". I haven't attempted this, so I have no idea what
                | the changes are...

   .——————————————.                                             .——————————.
 __|   Preacher   |_____________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish the game in Nightmare Mode
  How to Obtain | This is the trophy you get for beating the game in its
                | "Nightmare Mode". I haven't attempted this (oh dear god!),
                | so I have no idea what changes here. I expect it is MUCH
                | harder...

   .—————————————.                                              .——————————.
 __|    Saint    |______________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish the game in Insane Mode
  How to Obtain | This is the trophy you get for beating the game's "Insane
                | Mode". I don't even want to think about this one. From what
                | I've heard, you die in one hit. And restart the game from
                | the beginning. Sounds hardcore. Ugh...

   .—————————————.                                              .——————————.
 __|   Prophet   |______________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish the game without hiding in a barrel or closet
  How to Obtain | This trophy is asking a LOT, but I imagine it isn't too
                | hard if you FORCE yourself never to use a barrel or closet.
                | I would do this in either normal or Insane (after a TON of
                | practice). I don't have this trophy either!

   .—————————————.                                              .——————————.
 __|   Messiah   |______________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish the game in Insane Mode without reloading the
                | camera battery
  How to Obtain | Much like the "Insane Mode" trophy, I HAVE NOT done this.
                | It sounds insane, honestly. Maybe if I had more time, but
                | there's too many other games I want to play! The best
                | advice I have for you is to search online to see if there's
                | some hints for this and the Insane Mode trophy... you'll
                | need all the help you can get!

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|    Asahel   |____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Finish the game in under 4 hours
  How to Obtain | Another trophy I don't have, but for this one you'll want
                | to likely do a normal run first and THEN go for this trophy.
                | You'll have to know where to go EVERY time you have control
                | and can't slow down at all. This one would be fun to try
                | if I had more time...

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   What God Has Joined   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Find Lynn
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Babylon   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | See the distant mines where Lynn is captive
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Hang in there, Baby   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Escape the crucifixion
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Be Thou Clean   |______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Escape from the Scalled
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Golgatha   |___________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Reach the mine facility
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Sancti Sepulchri   |___________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Descend into the mines
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .————————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
 __|   Let No Man Put Asunder   |_____________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Reunited with Lynn
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Revelations   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Witness the end
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Bible Study   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Collect 40 documents
  How to Obtain | This trophy requires you to collect 40 documents. There are
                | way more than 40. If you follow the guide, you will collect
                | them ALL and get this trophy and the one below.

   .————————————————.                                           .——————————.
 __|   Ordination   |___________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Collect all documents
  How to Obtain | This is the trophy for getting ALL of the documents, which
                | you'll get near the end of the game. We get EVERY DOCUMENT
                | in the guide, so be SURE to follow along and check your
                | documents / recordings every so often. If you miss one, you
                | can re-load a chapter and go grab it after you beat the game
                | which is nice of them.

   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|   The Road to Damascus   |_______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Complete 30 recordings
  How to Obtain | You'll get this trophy for obtaining 30 recordings. You get
                | more than that throughout the game, so you should get this
                | trophy while going for the one down below. All of the
                | recordings are in the guide, so if you are following the
                | guide you'll get this trophy for sure!

   .——————————————————————.                                     .——————————.
 __|   The Apostle Paul   |_____________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Complete all recordings
  How to Obtain | This trophy is for completing all of the recordings, which
                | you'll get near the very end of the game. The guide shows
                | you how to get EVERY recording in the game, so if you follow
                | it you'll get this trophy by the end. If you miss one, you
                | can re-load a chapter and go grab it after you beat the game
                | which is nice of them.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Heal the Sick   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Use 10 bandages
  How to Obtain | This is a pretty self-explanitory trophy. Use 10 Bandages
                | throughout the course of the game for this one. I let a
                | couple roaming enemies hurt me on purpose 2-3 times in a
                | single playthrough and I got this easily.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Thoroughly Baptized   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Spend 10 minutes underwater
  How to Obtain | This is a weird trophy. You can get it at any submersible
                | are in the game. You can search for the trophy name in the
                | guide to see where I did it. You have to come up from under
                | water to breathe occasionally, so this may take a bit longer
                | than 10 minutes, but stay at it until the trophy pops!

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Them That Hath Ears   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Use the microphone for 20 minutes
  How to Obtain | This trophy is pretty easy to get, honestly. Use the game's
                | microphone for a total of 20 minutes. This doesn't have to
                | be at one time, so you'll likely be able to get it without
                | even trying. If you want though, you can literally just
                | stay still and use the microphone for, well... however long
                | it takes to get this trophy.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Slip and Slide   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Perform a twelve-meter blood slide
  How to Obtain | This trophy is pretty rare in that it requires you to be in
                | a specific place at a specific time. Particularly, there is
                | a section in the "SCHOOL HOUSE" where sprinklers turn on,
                | and cover the floor in... blood. Yeah...
                | When you see this, you want to wait a bit (let the floors
                | get covered) and then backup to the start of the hallway.
                | Sprint forward and then SLIDE. Just keep on sliding and
                | you'll get this trophy. If you need to get this after the
                | fact, search for this trophy name in the guide and reload
                | the right chapter to get to it much easier.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Proper Penance   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Crawl for 500 meters
  How to Obtain | This trophy is another weird one that will likely require
                | you to go for it on purpose. You can get this in any "safe
                | space" during the game by getting down and crawling around
                | until the trophy pops. Just literally crawl back and forth
                | until you get it. I recommend watching TV or something on
                | your phone while you do this...

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
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O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 1.00: April 27th, 2017 - September 3rd, 2017

 A very rough "Version History" for sure. Can't QUITE remember most of the
dates here. I started the guide shortly after it came out and then got caught
up in writing for Persona 5 / Nioh (I believe... Persona 5 took so long to do,
so that's why this guide is coming out so late).

 Either way, the majority of this guide was from August 25th-28th. I thought
I could finish this guide during those dates actually, but um... I was too
scared to commit to it for too long! Had to take breaks! The stress got to me
man! Hehehe...

                       ___       _   _         _     ___ 
                      / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_  |_  )
                     | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|  / / 
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O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o My awesome family for all the love and support. I'm still amazed I get
   time to write these things up! Love all of you girls!
 o All my peeps over at the FAQ Contributor board. Bunch of good people there
   who make some of the best guides this site has. You guys and gals know who
   you are!
 o And finally, everyone who reads and appreciates these guides! I always
   enjoy talking with you all on my Facebook page and talking games in
   general! Thanks for being awesome!

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