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by Mogg 13-42

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Version: 1.8 | Updated: 10/15/2018
FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2018 | Highest Rated Guide

Trophy Guide

This section will provide detailed information on how to unlock every trophy in the game. Including step-by-step instructions to help with the more complicated trophies.

Detroit Master (Platinum)

Obtain all the other trophies in the game

Thank You (Bronze)

Complete The Hostage. Unlocks regardless of whether the mission succeeds or fails.

Mission Accomplished (Bronze)

Connor successfully rescues Emma from Daniel in The Hostage.

Secrets (Bronze)

During the chapter A New Home, Kara must build a WARM or TRUSTED relationship with Alice to get the key to the girl's secret box. Open the box in Alice's room and look at the contents inside it.

Deviant Located (Bronze)

Connor must find Carlos' Ortiz's android in the attic during Partners.

We Are Free (Bronze)

Kara and Alice must survive and successfully escape Todd's violence in Stormy Night. It doesn't matter whether Todd lives or dies.

Defend Yourself (Bronze)

Markus must choose to Push Leo after becoming deviant in Broken.

Self-Control (Bronze)

Markus must choose to Endure Leo's assault after becoming deviant in Broken.

Confession (Bronze)

Connor must successfully extract a confession from Carlos' Ortiz's android during The Interrogation.

Shelter (Bronze)

Kara and Alice stayed in the Squat or the Motel in Fugitives.

Know Your Partner (Bronze)

Connor must scan all the items and read the news reports on the lieutenant's desk, while waiting for the man to arrive during the chapter Waiting for Hank.

Run Kara Run (Bronze)

Kara and Alice must successfully evade the police during On the Run. Doesn't matter if you were chased by Connor on the highway or successfully reached the train station undetected, as long as the girls manage to escape alive.

Catch It (Bronze)

Connor must chase Rupert instead of helping Hank near the end of The Nest.

Save Hank (Bronze)

Connor must help Hank instead of chasing Rupert near the end of The Nest.

Escape the Manor (Bronze)

Kara and Alice must successfully escape from Zlatko's mansion alive during the chapter Zlatko.

Ruthless (Bronze)

Connor must shoot the Tracis during the chapter The Eden Club.

Doubts (Bronze)

Connor must spare the Tracis during the chapter The Eden Club.

Jericho's Hero (Bronze)

Markus must successfully carry out Jericho's first major operation in Spare Parts.

Just A Machine (Bronze)

Connor's overall relationship with Hank must be Hostile so that the lieutenant shoots him in The Bridge.

A Smile On Her Face (Bronze)

Give Alice a ride on the carousel near the end of the chapter Pirates Cove.

When A Plan Comes Together (Bronze)

Markus, North, Josh and Simon must jump off the rooftop together during the chapter Statford Tower.

A Glimpse Of Jericho (Bronze)

Connor must find Simon on the rooftop of Stratford Tower during Public Enemy, then leave cover to charge at Simon and complete the QTE.

Send A Message (Bronze)

Markus must conduct a pacifist riot during the second half of the Capitol Park chapter.

Burn The Place (Bronze)

Markus must conduct a violent riot during the second half of the Capitol Park chapter.

Nothing To See Here (Bronze)

Kara must successfully fool the police officer so he leaves without incident in Midnight Train.

Confrontation (Bronze)

Markus must choose to attack the police in Freedom March.

Stand Your Ground (Bronze)

Markus must choose to stand his ground against the police in Freedom March.

Priorities (Bronze)

Connor must choose to shoot Chloe during the chapter Meet Kamski.

Kinship (Bronze)

Connor must choose to spare Chloe during the chapter Meet Kamski.

Bloodhound (Bronze)

Connor must find Jericho's location using the evidence in the police station's archives during the chapter Last Chance, Connor.

Three At Jericho (Bronze)

Kara, Markus and Connor must be alive by the time you reach Crossroads.

Scorched Earth (Bronze)

Successfully blow up Jericho in Crossroads either as Markus or Deviant Connor.

Liberation (Bronze)

Markus must choose to lead a Revolution in Night of the Soul then successfully liberate the android camps in Battle for Detroit.

Moral Victory (Bronze)

Markus must choose to lead a Demonstration in Night of the Soul then hold out to the end, until the army is ordered to stand down in Battle for Detroit.

Escape Death (Bronze)

Kara and Alice must be captured by soldiers during Crossroads or the early points of Battle for Detroit. Then both of them must escape from the recycling camp together. It is best to do this alongside Markus' revolution, as Kara and Alice will be freed as well when Markus liberates the android camps.

Safe Harbor (Bronze)

Kara and Alice must safely cross the border into Canada during Battle for Detroit.

An Army Of Me (Bronze)

Deviant Connor must successfully convert the androids in the warehouse of Cyberlife Tower during Battle for Detroit.

Mission Complete (Bronze)

Machine Connor must kill either Markus or North near the end of Battle for Detroit.

My Turn To Decide (Bronze)

Deviant Connor must reach and activate the magic stone inside his mind palace during Markus' victory speech in Battle for Detroit.

Compliant (Bronze)

Connor must decide to remain a machine in Crossroads and try to track down either Markus or North inside Jericho.

One Of Us (Bronze)

Connor must choose to become deviant in Crossroads and escape the ship with Jericho's people.

Undefeated (Silver)

Don't lose any fight before reaching the end. Or do not fail a QTE sequence until the end of the game. It is however okay to miss a button or two during a QTE, and it is recommended to change the difficulty to casual to simplify the button sequence. You are also allowed to restart a chapter after failing a QTE. Here is a list of all the QTE sequences for the route I've taken. You can follow it in case the trophy does not pop for some reason.

  • Stormy Night: Kara must choose to shoot Todd with gun.
  • On the Run: Let Connor chase Kara and Alice on the highway.
  • The Nest: The chase sequence with Rupert
  • Zlatko: Let Luther find you in the Big Room when trying to escape the manor with Alice
  • Spare Parts: Use gun to threaten guards when getting the truck's key from the control room.
  • The Eden Club: The fight with the two Tracis.
  • Public Enemy: After the deviant attacks Connor in the kitchen.
  • Freedom March: Markus must attack the police.
  • Last Chance, Connor: Fight Gavin in the evidence room.
  • Crossroads: Markus fights soldiers to save androids and his friends in Jericho.
  • Crossroads: When Kara and Alice hide in a locked room in the corridor, open the door and fight the soldier.
  • Battle for Detroit: Deviant Connor fights guards in Cyberlife Tower elevator. Do not hack the camera.
  • Battle for Detroit: Deviant Connor kills guards waiting for him in Cyberlife Tower warehouse.
  • Battle for Detroit: Deviant Connor fights with new Connor in Cyberlife Tower warehouse.
  • Battle for Detroit: Pacifist Markus fights soldiers when barricade is attacked.

Bookworm (Silver)

Find all 46 magazines in the game. Check the magazines section for a complete guide.

Partners (Silver)

Connor must maintain an overall FRIEND reputation with Hank throughout the game, and make sure the lieutenant survives until the end.

Happy Family (Silver)

Kara, Alice and Luther must safely cross the border into Canada during Battle for Detroit.

I'll Be Back (Silver)

Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end. In total, Connor must die about 8 times and the trophy will pop after you complete Night of the Soul. It is recommended that you kill off Kara and Alice as well as Markus during this run to significantly shorten the game. You must also start from the beginning and not skip chapters with chapter select.

You also need Hank to be Hostile during this playthrough to unlock the trophy. The quickest way for this to happen is to have Connor threaten Hank then spill his drink the first time they meet in Partners.

  • The Hostage: Get as close to Emma and Daniel as you can, and continually antagonize the deviant until success probability drops to 0. At this point, Daniel jumps with Emma and Connor must sprint to catch up. Emma is saved while Connor and Daniel both die.
  • The Interrogation: To get this opportunity, you must first find the deviant in the attic during Partners. Now for the interrogation, you must threaten to probe its memory during questioning. And once asked to choose an approach, select PROBE MEMORY to max out the deviant's stress level. Leave the room and choose to intervene when the android starts to self-destruct. The longer method will be to choose pressure as an approach when questioning the deviant.
  • On the Run: Connor must chase Kara and Alice on the highway, and the girls must make it to the middle section. Fail the QTE when it's Connor's turn to cross the highway and he will be hit by a truck. To kill Kara and Alice, fail the QTE that follows after they reach the middle section of the highway.
  • The Nest: During the chase with Rupert, fail the QTE during the big jump into the green house so Connor falls to his death.
  • Spate Parts: Do not let John join Jericho then have Markus sacrifice himself in Freedom March to shorten the game. Also make sure Markus does not have a Leader reputation in Freedom March. Otherwise, Simon (if he's alive) will end up saving Markus instead.
  • The Eden Club: While this is not a death opportunity, failing the QTE for the Traci fight allows Connor to shoot both deviants in the back. Ensures Hank is Hostile in The Bridge.
  • The Bridge: When talking to Hostile Hank, keep selecting the COLD response and finish off with NOTHING. The lieutenant will kill Connor
  • Public Enemy: There are three possible death opportunities for Connor here: #1: Do not pick up the thirium pump regulator when the deviant rips it out in the kitchen. #2: Choose to SAVE HANK in the corridor. #3: Leave cover and fail the QTE after finding Simon on the rooftop.
  • Meet Kamski: Do not shoot Chloe. Or you can shoot Chloe but do not ask Kamski about Jericho's location.
  • Last Chance, Connor: Ignore Gavin outside the archives and find Jericho using the available evidence. Fail the QTE when Gavin enters the evidence room to attack Connor.
  • Crossroads: When Machine Connor is stopped by a soldier, choose to ATTACK then fail the QTE.

This Is My Story (Gold)

This trophy unlocks the first time you complete the game.

These Are Our Stories (Gold)

Spend a total of 20,000 points buying unlockables from the Extras tab in the main menu.

Survivors (Gold)

Everyone is alive at the end. You must achieve the best ending for the game to unlock this trophy. The exact requirements are as follows:

  • Kara and Alice must escape from Todd alive in Stormy Night.
  • Connor must learn the name of Hank's dog in Waiting for Hank.
  • If Kara and Alice are spotted by the cops in On the Run, make sure both get across the highway safely.
  • Kara and Alice must escape Zlatko's manor alive.
  • Connor must find the photo of Hank's son in Russian Roulette.
  • Markus must allow John to join Jericho in Spare Parts.
  • Markus must give a calm/peaceful speech and accomplish his mission in Stratford Tower without any human casualty. This means allowing the employee to escape from the broadcast room to alert the SWAT. Save Simon after he gets shot and leave him on the roof. Do not kill him.
  • Simon must survive in Public Enemy and rejoin Jericho in Freedom March. Avoid going to the rooftop as Connor during Public Enemy to be sure.
  • Kara must successfully fool the policeman so he leaves without incident in Midnight Train.
  • Markus must lead a 100% peaceful protest in Capitol Park.
  • Markus must Sacrifice himself in Freedom March. John will save him so Markus won't die.
  • Kara must choose to save Luther when he gets shot in Crossroads.
  • Connor and Hank must be friends and the former must become deviant in Crossroads.
  • Kara must play dead and not move when knocked down by soldiers while escaping with Alice in Crossroads.
  • Markus must choose to lead a Demonstration in Night of the Soul.
  • Kara must successfully save Luther and Jerry when sneaking past the soldiers in Battle for Detroit.
  • If Kara chooses to go through the checkpoint after sneaking past the soldiers in Battle for Detroit, make sure you don't kill the soldier when he stops you a second time.
  • Deviant Connor must choose to save Hank in Cyberlife Tower and give the correct name of the lieutenant's dog and son.
  • Once Kara, Alice and Luther reach the bus terminal, you have to be selfish and keep the bus tickets. Returning them forces you to go by boat. A choice that will inevitably lead to multiple character deaths.
  • At the Canadian Border, Kara will have to make a choice in regards to getting past the temperature checks. Do not sacrifice anybody.
  • When Deviant Connor is hacked by Cyberlife, make sure you reach the magic stone in time so Connor does not kill Markus.