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  1. I like the occasional story game. Plod through something slowly, choose your own adventure, choose the "awkward silence" option every chance you get. But from the (admittedly minimal) gameplay I've seen, it seems a little down-to-earth. I haven't seen much(not much point in spoiling a story game), so how interesting does it get?

    I'm talking violence, weird sht, occasional comedy, optional sex, psychoactive drugs, that type of stuff.

    Side note, why did gamefaq make me list this as something? There's no " pre-purchase review" option.

    User Info: Ghostcitynight

    Ghostcitynight - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This is the first video game I've ever purchased and I could not be happier. Found out the night I bought it that my cousin is obsessed with this game, too. It's full of action and contains a lot of QTEs, which has been both stressful (in a good way) and fun. While it's certainly not comedy-based, it has it's more lighthearted entertaining moments. And, of course, it also has moments where you just want to destroy certain characters. lol
    As for optional sex and/or drugs and the like, I haven't encountered chapters where choices like those occur. But I've come across NPCs that indulge in these activities. And violence... there's a fair amount of fighting and killing/dying in this game and some nasty/disturbing images that accompany these scenes. I don't want to say more, otherwise I might give something important away. But in any case, I could not recommend this game more highly. It is phenomenal!

    P.S. I believe the standard version of the game is about (USD) $14.99 on sale (normally $19.99), but the Digital Deluxe version is also on sale right now for $22.49 (normally $29.99), but only until Feb. 19! Guess which one I bought? ;) haha

    User Info: TheyAreHuman

    TheyAreHuman - 1 month ago 2   0

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