• Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    *There are 10 secret trophies. show

    A Close Call (secret)Defeated a Creature with 1% Health remainingBronze
    A Journey Into The UnknownLeft the sanctum for the first timeBronze
    A Second ChanceSuccessfully revived your first CitizenBronze
    A Work Of ArtChiselled 10,000 BlocksBronze
    Above All Else (secret)Reached the top of the WorldBronze
    Against All OddsSurvived on a Special World for 2 hours without DefeatSilver
    All You Can EatConsumed 1,000 ItemsBronze
    Always Last To The PartyHarvested 100 Dormant MeteoritesBronze
    Body CountDefeated 1,000 CreaturesBronze
    Coming Back For MoreCompleted all Daily Feats of the same type in a single weekBronze
    Daredevil (secret)Fell 200 meters without being DefeatedBronze
    Dear DiaryCompleted your first Journal ObjectiveBronze
    Demolition ExpertDestroyed 100,000 BlocksBronze
    Do We Have A Deal?Successfully completed your first Trade with another CitizenBronze
    Friendly Neighborhood Grapple-Man (secret)Travelled 100 metres by a single Grapple-swing without touching the groundBronze
    Game Changer (secret)Unlocked your first Skill SetBronze
    Getting To The Core (secret)Core Objectives completedBronze
    Hello New WorldTravelled to a new World through a Citizen made WarpBronze
    Hey, Big Spender!Spent 500,000 Coin in Shop StandsBronze
    Holder of LandPlaced 1,000 PlotsBronze
    Interstellar CartographyDiscovered 50 Regions on a single WorldBronze
    Jack-Of-All-Trades (secret)Fully upgraded all Skill SetsSilver
    Journal AddictCompleted 185 Journal ObjectivesBronze
    Legendary CrafterCrafted 100,000 Items with MachinesBronze
    Legendary HunterDefeated 180 different Creature variantsBronze
    Maximum EffortFully upgraded a Skill SetBronze
    Meteorite ConquerorComplete 100 Active MeteoritesBronze
    Money MakerEarned 500,000 Coin from Beacon FootfallBronze
    My First Forged ItemSuccessfully increased the rank of an Item with the ForgeBronze
    No Feat Too GreatCompleted 675 FeatsGold
    No Place Like HomePlaced and Fuelled your first BeaconBronze
    Not On My WatchSuccessfully revived 500 CitizensBronze
    On Second Thought...Cleansed 10 SkillsBronze
    OverengineeringForged an Item with 3 Boons, 3 Defects and 3 QuirksBronze
    Part Of The CommunityJoined a SettlementBronze
    Power SurgeActivated 20 unique Skills simultaneously in a single Skill SetBronze
    Ruler Of The WorldBecame Viceroy of a WorldSilver
    Seeing New SightsDiscovered a new Region for the first timeBronze
    Seven Wonders Of The WorldAchieved a Beacon Prestige rating of 500,000Silver
    Shaping The WorldChiselled a Block for the first timeBronze
    Skill Shot (secret)Defeated 5 Creatures at the same time in a single Bomb HitBronze
    Sparks Will FlyCrafted your first Item using SparkBronze
    Survival Of The FittestCompleted a Meteorite on a Special World without being DefeatedSilver
    Thank You, Come Again!Sold your first Item in a Shop StandBronze
    That's So Cool!Travelled through a PortalBronze
    The AdventurerAchieved level 10Bronze
    The ChieftainAchieved level 40Bronze
    The MasterAchieved level 50Bronze
    The Pillars Of SocietyPlaced 50,000 blocksBronze
    The PioneerAchieved level 30Bronze
    The Planet's Core (secret)Mined right down to a World's MantleBronze
    The Ultimate Forged ItemIncreased the rank of an Item in the Forge to 300Silver
    The WayfarerAchieved level 20Bronze
    Top Of The HillBecame Warden of a SettlementBronze
    Unlocking Your PotentialLearned your first SkillBronze
    Well, That BrokeDestroyed your first piece of GearBronze
    What Are The Odds Of That? (secret)Defeated by a falling MeteoriteBronze
    What Are Ya Buyin', Stranger?Purchased your first Item with a Request BasketBronze
    Where No One Has Gone BeforeVisited 40 Worlds of different typesBronze
    You Are BoundlessCollected all Boundless TrophiesPlatinum

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