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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/25/2021
FAQ of the Month Winner: September 2017



I've arranged the equipment by the order they appear in the Play Log. For weapons that don't appear in the Play Log (CP Rewards or DLC), I've lined them up at the end of each section in order of attack power. Any weapon marked with an asterisk (*) is considered "unlisted" in terms of the Play Log, although it will still count towards your total weapons in the Completion List. This list will tell you the stats of your items and roughly where you can find them.

One-handed (Ranged)
Lumber2112 1000Don Quijote
Iron Pipe5418 2500Weapon Shop in Purgatory
Superalloy Pipe12620 90,000Beam
Police Baton15616Stun180,000Beam
Modified Police Baton21018Stun, Shock830,000Beam
Gentleman's Umbrella9615 5200Don Quijote
Colorful Parasol24022Knockdown Substory #19, Coliseum (Finale)
Antique Oilpaper Umbrella30026Knockback5,500,000Ebisu Pawn (Finale)
Blackjack4512 4300Beam, Locker G1
Golden Blackjack18016Knockback, +XP Locker F1
Dagger10012 32,000Beam
Masterwork Dagger22014 Substory #33
Goemon28518+XP Complete Chapter 6
Legendary Shintogo26422 Coliseum (Finale)
Dragon God Short Sword33924 Gambling Hall
Butterfly Knife3010 2300Beam
Super Spicy Knife12014Burn50,000Beam
Chinese Broadsword16016 80,000Beam (Ch.10)
Lotus Clan Broadsword25020 Mahjong Ranked Matches
General Guan's Broadsword29024 5,000,000Ebisu Pawn (Finale)
Old Stun Gun306Shock3000Weapon Shop in Purgatory
Stun Gun9015Shock Locker H1
Hyper Stun Gun18618Shock42,000Beam (Ch.10)
Demonfire Dagger *30Infinite Complete Majima Everywhere
Two-handed (Ranged)
Metal Bat5530 Batting Center
Spiked Bat10018Stagger24,000Beam
Patriarch's Bat19522 Coliseum (Ch.11)
Hidden Majima
Superalloy Bat22032Can block bullets100,000Beam (Ch.10)
Legendary Kinryu Bat31522Can block bullets, +XP Coliseum (Finale)
Wooden Driver278 4000Ebisu Pawn
Metal Iron13014 40,000Ebisu Pawn
Patriarch's Driver28512

Coliseum (Finale)
Hidden Majima

Dragon Driver35522 Mahjong Ranked Matches
Pummelling Bat *20Infinite Majima Rank SSS
Wooden Katana5016 2400Ebisu Pawn
Sacred Wooden Katana19824More powerful with low health Gambling Hall
Nameless Katana10512 50,000Ebisu Pawn
Sakura Storm16018 200,000Substory #16
Chapter 12 Weapon Shop
Morning Tempest26520Knockback Casino
Yoshiyuki13220 95,000Ebisu Pawn (Finale)
Sunburst23022Knockdown Casino
Dragon Slayer27020 Shogi
Photon Blade Prototype15024Shock198,000Beam
Iron Hammer1206 Gambling Hall
Warning Sign5001Breaks Guard Weapon Shop in Purgatory
Frozen Tuna39012 Coliseum (Ch.11)
Raging Dragon Hammer4509 Gambling Hall
Long Lumber209 2800Weapon Shop in Purgatory
Six-Fluted Pole13512 Casino
Collapsible Steel Staff19218 150,000Beam
Sacred Wooden Staff26424 Gambling Hall
Thunder God Staff30026Shock1,700,000Ebisu Pawn (Finale)
Assassin's Spear10518 36,000Beam (Ch.10)
Great Marlin22220More powerful with low health Coliseum (Ch.11)
Mighty Dragon Spear35026 Gambling Hall
Golden Rifle12012 200,000Ebisu Pawn (Finale)
Broken M198511510 130,000Beam (Ch.8)
EXPULSION S-1215018 880,000Beam (Finale)
MJM56-55 Exorcist25021 1,555,500Beam (Finale)
Slime Gun516Slip Coliseum
Zap Gun518Shock Coliseum
Smoke Gun520Knockback250,000Beam (Ch.11)
Brass Knuckles2018 Locker B2
Steel Knuckles9024 Substory #32
Konpeito22028More powerful against more enemies Coliseum (Ch.11)
Dragon Grudge Fists28532 Coliseum (Finale)
Bagh Naka12512Stagger Coliseum
Tiger Bagh Naka30020Stagger Coliseum (Finale)
One-handed Objects
Modified Lighter1010Burn1800Beam
Modified Deluxe Lighter3218Burn, Shock50,000Beam (Ch.8)
Slime Spray1210Slip700Weapon Shop in Purgatory
Table Salt126 200Don Quijote
Master Ball9012 36,000Weapon Shop in Purgatory
Cannon2204 Coliseum (Ch.11)
Destroyer of Lands3205 820,000Beam (Finale)
Chapter 12 Weapon Shop
Marlin Cannon *1007 DLC
Wooden Tonfa3015 5000Ebisu Pawn (after Tonfa Mastery)
Carbon Tonfa10218 Coliseum (after Tonfa Mastery)
Steel Tonfa16026 30,000Ebisu Pawn (after Tonfa Mastery)
Slashing Tonfa19022Stagger Coliseum (after Tonfa Mastery)
Steel Crowbar24020 800,000Weapon Shop in Purgatory (Ch.10)
Dragon Horn36030+XP Casino (after Tonfa Mastery)
Yinglong Tonfa *27028 CP Reward
Wooden Nunchaku3015 500Beam (after Nunchaku Mastery)
Carbon Nunchaku10218 Casino (after Nunchaku Mastery)
Frozen Sardines15615 80,000Weapon Shop in Purgatory (Ch.10)
SPARK 15000V19020Shock200,000Beam (after Nunchaku Mastery)
Daikon Nunchaku21015 150,000Weapon Shop in Purgatory (Ch.10)
Dynamite Nunchaku27022Knockback500,000Beam (after Nunchaku Mastery)
Dragon Nunchaku30030 Coliseum (after Nunchaku Mastery)
Sickle Nunchaku20018Stagger440,000Beam (after Nunchaku Mastery)
Baiken34020Stagger990,000Beam (after Nunchaku Mastery)
Kali Sticks
Double Slats2712 420Beam (after Kali Mastery)
Wooden Kali Sticks5418 2500Beam (after Kali Mastery)
Spiked Taiko Sticks13820Stagger85,000Weapon Shop in Purgatory (Ch.10)
Double Feathered Fans21620Stun Substory #47
Twin Dragon Sticks28524 540,000Beam (after Kali Mastery)
Musashi's Wooden Katana33032 Gambling Hall
Double Chinese Broadswords16218 Mahjong Ranked Matches
Modified Model Gun6010 Locker I3
Antique Gun506 40,000Ebisu Pawn
9mm Automatic Pistol10010 50,000Beam
Double Action Revolver1606 150,000Beam (After Ch.8)
Drow-Z 559018Sleep55,000Beam (Finale)
Tiger's Bane30010 1,000,000Beam (Finale)
Mr. Random17525Knockback, Shock, Poison1,234,867Beam (Finale)
Golden Pistol *50Infinite CP Reward
CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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