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Reviewed: 02/13/17

What is so great about it?

The game is booming around the web, facebook and ps4 network. It is getting great reviews by "reliable" sources. I just don't agree and many people are going to ask me why and already have. So on with the review.


They are solid enough I can't complain about them honestly. But on the other hand, I am not going to say they are amazing. I honestly think they are a little cartoonish at times and it doesn't fit the game too much. The game runs smoothly at a rumored 60 FPS. Many people seem to like that but they are using a less heavy graphical engine when compared to games like souls and fallout. Also, this game is a year newer than those games. We should honestly expect better graphics and frame rate by now. The art style honestly lacks originality and looks overall like smite. People don't say smite has amazing graphics, do they?



This brings me to the control of the game, You can't jump in a ninja game. No wall climbing no aiming the shurikens it is all auto. You lock onto enemies for the most part and circle around them to avoid. I find the guard to be either useless or too difficult for most players to use. You lose ki when you guard and can't attack so why not just roll or run in circles and get behind the enemies back?

There are basically 5 weapon types and 3 ranged weapon types. The 5 weapon types feel pretty darn spot on especially the kusarigama. They do feel floaty or "light" but that is a very bias opinion. Also, being floaty could be a good thing as it feels very smooth. The ranged weapons are spot on control wise, which makes me wonder why you can't aim magic or most ninjutsu if not all ninjutsu attacks?



This brings me to the core what the game is all about, the gameplay and fun factor. This is where it all falls down for me. First I am very against the loot system. People like it and I could understand that. However, my argument is that this loot system was done 20 years ago at the release of Diablo II. It was amazing then and worked for about a year in Diablo 3. It worked for borderlands as well. But it just doesn't work for this game. Look at no man's sky this procedural generation stuff is not fun. It is also lazy and milking on behalf of these developers. They are just letting the computer do the work for them and you the consumer are paying for it. Then you all think how great it is!???!!?

I could go on all day about how crappy I think procedural generation and RNG is. It worked in diablo because the developers actually tested many of the items and created builds out of it. The game was in work for several years. It worked in Borderlands because they had the foreground of diablo and Borderlands 2 with the release of the amazing skins had a different focus.

Nioh focuses on the RNG the whole game. You have the 5 weapon types and the 3 ranged types and that is it. All the other weapons are simply skins with statistic changes. These statistics changes couldn't have been tested thoroughly because there are just way too many of them.

Let's compare oh gee Dark Souls 3. The weapons in the soulsborne games and even fallout Skyrim. They had class. They were hand-crafted, they had a feel too them, there was a side-quest to get them maybe? There was even lore to the items. I know there is lore in Nioh as well but my point is this. I felt the hand-crafted work in those games. The developers wanted to make a good game I wouldn't be surprised if the entire staff wanted that more than money. That's what makes a quality game.

Nioh once again and finally, the entire weapon system leaves no room for replay value. The techniques are boring and useless, you can literally beat the game without them. Switching weapons and even Guardian spirit summons result in the same feel yet slightly different animations. They are onto something with the skins and animations, but lack the control behind it to make it work like a boss!



Some tracks are interesting, the boss themes are good. The game doesn't put me to sleep which is a huge factor. It doesn't get me moving or emotionally involved either. I can deal with that if there was good gameplay. But if you have been reading the gameplay is medicore to me.

7/10 ( for keeping me awake ).


I am not very big on story, but I am big on how immersive a game is. Super Metroid and Castlevania have very little text or dialogue but immerse you into the world. Fallout is a game with plenty of dialogue and still immerses the player. This game doesn't do that too well. I am skipping cut-scenes, I saw a giant cat float around and I collect spirits from some typical satan looking enemy that once again wears too much makeup. The end.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Nioh (US, 02/07/17)

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