Quitting mid mission??

  1. So I've only played demo and rage quitted the Ogress boss and didnt have time to get back to it. Do you restart from the start of the mission or can you continue on from where you left off??

    User Info: pkek

    pkek - 4 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. When playing a mission the last shrine you visited is the save point. The game will save each time you visit one. Anything done after that will be lost if you close the application.

    In the map section you can visit the shrine via the start point or hit triangle to save.

    User Info: Mglass

    Mglass - 4 years ago 3   2


  1. You can also use an item called "Himorogi Branch" though you will loose all amritas

    User Info: Zhalfer

    Zhalfer - 4 years ago 0   3

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