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by IceQueenZer0

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FAQ/Move List by IceQueenZer0

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/23/17

Game: King of Fighters 14

Platform: Playstation 4

Author: Andrea Castillo aka Azul Fria/Ice Queen Zero


The main KOF series has gone 2.5D. It's still 2D fighting but with 3D modeled characters and backgrounds. It is time to say farewell to all the sprite-based artwork as it proved to be too expensive for SNK to maintain. THe majority of the voice cast have been replaced as well for presumably the same reasons.


King of Fighters 14 and all of its characters are copyrights of SNK and all trademarks belong to them.

This FAQ/Movelist is copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero and cannot be used without given permission.


From the official site:

KOF has become a major business, generating huge profits and numerous spin-off tournaments worldwide. However, this led to a lowering of the overall quality, and voices began to rise across the globe demanding the formation of one unique, worldwide KOF competition.

One day, a billionaire claiming to be the “first champion” bought out all of the rights for the KOF Tournament. His name: Antonov. The announcement of a new KOF Tournament by the self-proclaimed champion created unprecedented enthusiasm around the world. From there, this excitement reached many of the classic participants of the legendary tournament directly in the form of an official invitation…

Changes from KOF 13 and a few from others

-Hyper Drive system
-All Ash Saga-centric characters (Ash Crimson, Elisabeth Branctorche, Duo Lon, Shen Woo, Saiki)
-Hwa Jai, Raiden,and Takuma Sakazaki
-Sprite based characters
-certain moves characters had that we grew up with (Ex: Ralf's Super Argentine Backbreaker and Leona's Heidern Inferno air throw)
-Several voice actors we knew and loved over the years for this series.

+MAX Mode returns
+LP button mash combo (ends with super move if you have a meter)
+Neo Max Super Moves
+Climax Super Moves
+Just Defend
+2.5D gameplay (3D models but on a 2D plane)
+Several new characters: Sylvie Paula Paula, Kukri, Mian, Nelson, Zarina, Bandeiras Hattori, Gang-il, Luong, King of Dinosaurs (we know it's really Tizoc/Griffon), Nakoruru (from Samurai Shodown series), Mui Mui (From Dragon Gal), Love Heart (from Sky Love), Xanadu, Shun'ei, Meitenkun, Tung Fu Rue (canon debut), Heine, Alice Garnet Nakata (from several Pachinko games but based on Alice Chrysler), Antonov, and Verse.
+Several new voice actors.
+The characters can now look at the opponent whereever they are. If they jump they look up, they crouch they look down.


Story - You choose a team of three fighters to defeat opponents across 10 stages. There are 16 team endings, 1 Antonov ending, 1 Verse ending and 10 special team picture endings.
Versus - Choose to play against a human opponent or the CPU in a single or team 3 on 3 battle.
Training - Practice your best moves and combos before taking on the CPU in story mode or the opponent in online mode.
Gallery - A collection of artwork, sounds, and music obtained during gameplay.
Online - Fight opponents across the globe online in a ranked match, free match, or have a training session. You can also check out replays, change your online profile, fighting list, leaderboard, or live action from other players streaming the gameplay.
Mission - Complete a set of trials, time attack (defeat 10 opponents as quickly as possible), or survival (defeat as many opponents as you can in a row).
Tutorial - The 411 on basic and advanced fighting
Player Data - Check out your ranking, profile data, player n' character records, and replay data.
Options - There are 5 sub-options: System options, game options, sound options, display options, and button config. More on this in the Options section.
Playstation Store - The page is under construction but I would assume it is about buying DLC-related stuff in the future.


Earlier I said there were 5 sub-options and here is a bigger explanation.

System Options

Language: the voices will be Japanese regardless of what you pick but the in-game text language supported are Japanese, English, French, Mexican Spanish, and Portuguese.
Vibration options: On or off. The vibration occurs when hits are registered.
Replay saving: Don't Save, Always save, check every time. Disconnected or rage quitted battles can't be saved.
Announcer voice: Male or female announcer
Legacy controller configuration: Controller 1-4. Make legacy controllers such as arcade sticks used for PS3 usable for PS4.

Game Options

Computer level: 1-5. The higher the level the stronger the CPU controlled opponent is. By strong, they can use combos and use "Just Defense" a lot.
Max rounds: best 1 out 1, 2 out of 3, or 3 out 5 rounds in Single VS matches.
Round time: 30, 60, 99, Limitless

Sound Options

Adjust the volume of the main (Master) volume, BackGround Music, Sound Effects, Character voice, System voice, and Controller speaker.

Display Options

Brightness: 1-15
Display Comments: On or off.
Adjust HUD position

Button Config

See the Controls section for this and more.


Japan: Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, Goro Daimon
Official Invitation: Sylvie Paula Paula, Kukri, Mian
South America: Nelson, Zarina, Bandeiras Hattori
Yagami: Iori Yagami, Mature, Vice
Kim: Kim Kaphwan, Gang-il, Luong
Mexico: Ramon, Angel, King of Dinosaurs
Another World: Nakoruru, Mui Mui, Love Heart
Villains: Xanadu, Chang Koehan, Choi Bounge
China: Shun'ei, Tung Fu Rue, Meitenkun
K': K', Maxima, Kula Diamond
Ikari: Leona Heidern, Ralf Jones, Clark Still
Southtown: Geese Howard, Billy Kain, Hein
Fatal Fury: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi
Women Fighters: King, Mai Shiranui, Alice Garnet Nakata
Psycho Soldier: Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai
Art of Fighting: Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki
Boss: Antonov, Verse


Listed below are the controls game. The non-directional buttons are default controls

b = back/away from opponent
f = forward/towards opponent
d = down
u = up
db = down back
df = down forward
ub = up back
uf = up forward

Light Punch (LP)
Light Kick (LK)
Heavy Punch (HP)
Heavy Kick (HK)

N or f +(+) or - Evasive Roll Forward. Execute while blocking to Guard Cancel Roll Forward (uses one super meter)
b + (+) or - Evasive Roll Backwards. Execute while blocking to Guard Cancel Roll Forward (uses one super meter)
+ or - Max Mode (uses one super meter)
+ or during attack - Quick Max (uses one super meter)
+ - Block Back. Execute while blocking to Guard Cancel Blow Back (uses one super meter).
rapidly - Rush Attack
db - block low attacks
b when attacked - block high attacks
uf/u/ub - jump forward,straight up or backward
tap any up direction - small jump
tap any down position, tap any up position - medium jump
tap any down position, any up position - large jump
f,f - Dash
b,b - Back Step

Note: Rolling makes you invincible to most attacks. Blow Back attacks knocks opponents into the wall and crumples them thus leaving them open for more punishment.


I covered most of the tutorial in the control section but I'll give you a recap of what the tutorial discusses. There are two types of moves: Basic moves and attack moves. You control Kyo and Iori is the test dummy. Anotonov will provide advice on what to do and he'll give some smart alec comments too along the way.

Basic Moves
Small Jump
Medium Jump
Large Jump
Standing Guard
Crouching Guard
Emergency Evasion
GC Emergency Evasion
GC Blow Back

Attack Moves
Light Attacks - LP and LK
Heavy Attacks - HP and HK
Blow Back - HP + HK
Command Moves
Counter Throws
MAX Mode
Quick MAX
Rush (1) - Ends with a regular special move
Rush (2) - If you have a stock it ends with a super move or a Max super if in Max Mode
Command Input
Special Moves - Some moves have different properties depending on button used.
EX Special Moves
Super Special Moves
Max Super SP Moves
Climax Super SP Moves
Super Cancels (Ex: Cancel an Oniyaki into a 182 Shiki) [f, d, df + P -> (d, df, f)x2 + P]
Advanced Cancels (Ex: Cancel a 182 Shiki into a MAX Orochinagi) [(d, df, f)x2 + P -> d, db, b, db, d, df, f + LP + HP]
Climax Cancels (Ex: Cancel a MAX 182 Shiki into Ura 1127 Shiki Yaegaki) [(d, df, f)x2 + LP + HP -> (d, db, b)x2 + LP + HP]

Completion of all tutorials net you the Aspirations trophy.

Update History

v1.3: (January 23rd, 2017): Finished up the Korean Team and added some changes done to characters already covered. Mexico Team is next.

v1.2 (January 5th, 2017): Sorry for taking this long to update been busy with other endeavors. I did finish up Vice and Mature and I added a new color to the color code (purple) to indicate which moves' damage and stun values have been altered from the original.

Also included a list of changes from the game's updates. You can actually view them at https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/us/games/kof-xiv/news/KOF-XIV_patch_ver.1.03_en.pdf but not everybody has the ability to view PDFs properly so I'm doing those guys a favor. For v1.04 and v1.05 just change the number in the url. Everything is updated up to Yagami Team.

There are also some things that the update never mentioned that I added or corrected. One such update that will be added soon will be that of Mai's Hassatsu Shinobachi hitting 5 times max instead of 4.

v1.1 (October 11th, 2016): Been busy with life but I did make a small update adding move info for the rest of the Official Invitation Team as well as the Yagami and South American Team.

Also added marchefelix to special thanks for advertising this FAQ. Also celebrating my 21st birthday so I definitely wanted to get an update out there at least. Next update will have at least 4 more teams. Still gotta finish Mature and Vice Mature descriptions.

v1.0: all you see here. I did not want to release this FAQ with simply just a move list since that can be obtained in the pause menu so I went ahead and added damage and stun values as well as the trophy list.

To Do List by priority

1. Finish adding notes to characters. The benefit of adding damage and stun values to the move list is that it gave me a chance to test all moves make sure that I did not make any mistakes in the move lists upon release of this guide. Yes I did make quite a few prior to testing.

2. Mission Trials info. As with the move list, this is also viewable during the game, I will only give random advice for some trials. Rather than make a Mission Trials section I will add it onto the end of each characters moveset during a future update.

3. Training options.

4. Chainable normals. Mai has the only target combo so far, I will test for others. Target combos are the ones that can be done outside the normal LP, LK done whether standing or crouching.

5. Combos

Before we begin

Here is a glossary of terms you will see throughout the guide whether before or after this section was made:

Crumple - Knockdown where opponents fall to their knees before hitting the ground flat leaving them vulnerable most of the time.

Groundbounce - Opponent will bounce off the ground when hit and become vulnerable.

Wallbounce - Opponents will bounce off the wall and become vulnerable. The standing Knockdown attack does this by default.

OTG - Hits the opponent when they are knocked down flat.

Vulnerable - Defenseless state where opponent is open for more damage.

Just Defend - Block at the last second and your character flashes white. Allows you to recover faster from blocking.

Overhead - Has the same properties of a jumping attack where it will hit opponents who are crouch blocking. Some moves will have characters still standing on the ground when doing the move.

Whiff - The move misses completely or blocked. Note: Some followup moves can still be done even if the initial move didn't connect.

Crossup - Attacks meant to hit the opponent while jumping over the other side of them as they may block in the wrong direction and get hit. Iori and Gang-il have command moves for such purposes.

Move Lists

Each character has a set of moves that can give them an advantage or disadvantage against his/her opponent. There are many different types:

Throws: close attacks that toss opponents who tend block moves attacks lot. They are unblockable but can be broken.

Command moves: similar to special moves except they are actually regular attacks that change with the controller held in a forward, down/forward or backward position. Some are even done while in the air in which case other direction might be used.

Special moves: These are attacks require a specific motion with the controller to be execute. Their use varies between being used for offensive or defensive properties that can deal out a lot of damage, heal you, buff you or debuff your opponent depending on the video game.

EX moves: Buffed up version of certain special moves that makes them more powerful usable in Max Mode.

Super moves: When a meter is full, characters have access to a super powerful special move. Cost 1 Super Meter. Also known as Desperation Move (DM)

Neo Max: When in max mode, the character pulls off a more powerful version of their super move. Costs 2 Super Meters but in MAX Mode, it costs only 1. Also known as Super Desperation Move (SDM)

Climax: An extremely powerful move that requires 3 Super Meters to execute (2 if in Max Mode).

Below is a color code for the movelist tables below so you know what is what. If you see 2 values, its a move that hits can hit twice and the first value assumes it hit once and the second value assumes the 2nd hit connected. Counter hits deal more damage than indicated. Multi-hit moves do less damage if nicks the opponent in the air.

The tilde (~) is normally used to indicate that the move is charged but it also doubles as an indicator of the minimum to maximum value of a multihit move or a move that does more damage when delayed.

###/###/### = Health Damage Weak or DM/Strong Attack or DM if different damage/EX or SDM
(all damage values are either unscaled 1-hit moves [including followups that can connect after whiffing the initial move] or minimum to maximum amount of hits on multihit moves)
###/### = Stun Damage Weak/Strong if different (command throws, moves that "catch" opponents before execution, EX moves and all super moves deal 0 stun damage)
###/###/### = Health and/or Stun Damage Weak or DM/Strong or DM if different damage/EX or SDM that has been changed from the original. Also unmentioned updates.

Entries left blank indicate that the move does no health damage and/or stun damage.

Bonus: Put to the cursor over the fighters' pics to see the character description that you can also find on the official website.

Japan Team

The young man passed through the gates of his family's home, interrupting his journey of training as a warrior to respond to a call from his father, Saisyu Kusanagi. In the parlor, he found two old friends he had not seen for some time: Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon. Normally, these three would never gather at the Kusanagi home at all once, but this time, their presence was requested by Saisyu.

"You're home... I'm sorry to have to call you out here. Look." In Saisyu's hand was a familiar envelope. "This... It's a KOF invitation. Why...?" "And so, I have a request for all of you." "This had better not be another huge pain in my side, old man." "What? It's just like what you'd use for training a beginner... You've probably heard of Master Tung. He's bringing new students to the tournament this time, but I hear they're really bad at holding back. We just want you to help show them the way, is all. It would be dangerous for normal martial artists, but you guys should be fine.

Saisyu had originally intended to meet each of them personally and check to see if their strength declined before making this request. However, at a glance, he was convinced that he had worried for nothing.

"Yup, I knew this would be a huge pain. Anyway, you're probably getting ahead of yourself. We don't even know if they'll win their way up the brackets." "I'm sure they will, since the master is with them. I though you'd be happy to go a few rounds, Kyo." Benimaru had been enjoying watching the father and son argue, but took his turn to speak after Kyo sucked his teeth at Saisyu, who had begun drinking tea. "Actually, the only thing that really matters is whether or not one of these beginners is a beautiful young lady." "Mm-hmm. It's important to show the way for young ones with a long road ahead of them." Daimon was clearly in a mood to agree and attracted to the idea of 'educating.' However, before he could encounter any backlash for that sentiment, a familiar voice rang out from the doorway.

"Mr. Kusanagi! Everybody!! I haven't seen you all in ages. I'd heard that you had all come home, so I hurried right over!" Shingo Yabuki hurried noisily down the hall then peeked into the room, still looking flushed. "Haven't seen you in a while, Shingo. The same as ever, huh?" "Heheh. I'm not the same guy you knew before. Here, check out the new special move I came up with after training non-stop for the last six months. With this, winning KOF isn't a dream anymore!" Daimon responded before Kyo, moved by the words of a friendly junior martial artist making a surprise visit. "Well, your confidence is impressive. I'll fight a round with you." Narrowing his eyes even further with happiness, he slid into his geta sandals and walked out onto the lawn. "Here I come, Daimon!" Everyone turned to watch as Daimon and Shingo gave their battle cries and took their stances. Then Kyo heard Saisyu's voice, uncharacteristically serious, coming from behind him.

"Listen, Kyo. I have something to tell you." "What is it, old man?" "When I spoke with Master Tung... I had a premonition. I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen at this KOF. I'm not sure what, but I just feel like something's not right... Be ready." "What the...? You're being really vague. Well, whatever happens, I'll find a way to handle it."

At that moment, Shingo let out an impassioned roar, as if to drown out their conversation.

"YAAAAAAaaa...ah? H-Huh? There's no flame... Hold on a second, Daimon. A-Aaaagh!" While he had carried out the technique enthusiastically, it was apparently incomplete. As Shingo panicked because the flames had failed to appear, and he also took a hit from Daimon's counter, which left him sprawled on the ground.

"This is what I get for talking big..." "Indeed, you need more training. At this level, winning the KOF is more of a dream within a dream." On hearing Daimon's words, Benimaru turned to Kyo suddenly, like he'd just been reminded of something. "Hey, Kyo... Speaking of winning, apparently a new 'first generation' KOF champion appeared while we were away." "Huh? A champion... And a first-generation one... What does that mean?" "So you hadn't heard after all. I don't know the details, but apparently he's incredibly rich. He also happens to be the organizer this time... So what will you do about it, Kyo?" "You know what I'll do. This self-titled champion and newbie training. I'll take care of all of it at once!"

It didn't matter how big or small, bad things usually happened at KOF tournaments. Kyo had experienced these troubles time and again, making his confidence unshakable as the sun blazed brilliantly behind him.

Kyo Kusanagi is the legitimate heir of the ancestral arts of the Kusanagi clan. Despite his seemingly rude and arrogant demeanor, he has innate gifts for fighting, and can reduce any of his opponents into ashes via his pyrotechnic skills. Iori Yagami is his "eternal enemy".Kyo Kusanagi
Fighting Style: Kusanagi-style of martial arts + Kenpo
Birthday: December 12th
Origin: Japan
Height: 181cm
Weight: 75kg
Blood Type: B (RH-)
Hobbies: Writing poems
Favorite Foods: Broiled fish
Forte in sports: Ice Hockey
Likes: His motorcycle, His girlfriend (Yuki)
Dislikes: Effort, Determination

Hatsuganeclose, b or f + HP100
Issetsu Seoi Nageclose, b or f + HK100
Geshiki Gofu Yof + LK7580
88 Shikidf + HK6870
Geshiki Naraku Otoshid + HP in air15080
100 Oniyaki*f, d, df + P255~78/55~110/40~13070/90
R.E.D. Kick*b, d, db + K70/80/120100/120
75 Shiki Kai*d, df, f + K (K to follow up)340,42/30,28/7840,40
114 Shiki Aragamid, df, f + LP4030
128 Shiki KonokizuAragami, d, df, f + P4240
125 Shiki NanaseKonokizu, K5440
127 Shiki YanosabiAragami, f, df, d, db, b + Pa6060
Konokizu, P5460
Geshiki Migari UgachiYanosabia,P5760
124 Shiki MunotsuchiAragami, f, df, d, db, b + Kn6060
427 Shiki HikiganeMunotsuchi, K5760
Geshiki TsurubeotoshiMunotsuchi, P6060
115 Shiki Dokugami*d, df, f + HP50/6040
401 Shiki TsumiyomiDokugami, f, df, d, db, b + P3330
402 Shiki BatsuyomiTsumiyomi, f + P23640
212 Shiki Kototsuki Yo*f, df, d, db, b + K4124/170
Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi^d, db, b, db, d, df, f + P5190~270/313~399
182 Shiki^(d, df, f)x2 + P5165~241/328~423
Ura 1127 Shiki Yaegaki(d, db, b)x2 + LP + HP459

nNew move
If timed right, Kyo can execute this move during a back dash as it takes him airborne.
2Oniyaki can be used as a follow up to Batsuyomi.
3The EX version does both kicks automatically.
4The EX version is a command throw.
5Hold button to delay the move. If held till automatic release, the move does maximum damage.

Flow chart for Aragami and Dokugami
Aragami > Konokizu > Nanase
> Yanosabib
> Yanosabia > Migari Ugachi
> Munotsuchi > Hikigane
> Tsurubeotoshi

Dokugami > Tsumiyomi > Batsuyomi > Oniyaki

Other Notes
Weak R.E.D. Kick is best used for opponents up close as the Strong version will sail over the opponent if too close.

The Oniyaki followup to the Batsuyomi has him execute it while midair as the Batsuyomi takes him airborne.

As the flow chart shows, the Yanosabi after the Konokizu ends the chain so you can't do the Migari Ugachi from there.

88 Shiki and close HP can be cancelled only after the first hit.

Unless you got a death wish, don't bother holding Orochinagi or 182 Shiki to full capacity. The latter however does become unblockable if you do so. Here is a fun fact, if you climax cancel a full on 182 Shiki, you will dish out 875 damage.

Version 1.03 Changes

Wake up - The 1 frame delay until any action can be possible has been adjusted.
Jump Blow Back - The active time has been extended.
Normal /High Jump Light Kick - The light punch hit sound has been replaced with the correct sound.
127 Shiki・Yanosabi - The hitback distance at hit / guard has been shortened.

Version 1.11 Changes

88 Shiki - (1st hit) the hitstun range has been readjusted.

Born of American and Japanese parents, Benimaru is a young son of a multi-millionaire family. This genius fighter specializes in shooting and electricity-based techniques. Benimaru is also Kyo's best friend and friendly rival.Benimaru Nikaido
Fighting Style: Shooting (with his internal electrical power)
Birthday: June 6th
Origin: Japan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Sky Cruising, Cooking
Favorite Foods: Sashimi, Pasta, Coffee
Forte in sports: Clay pigeon shooting, High Diving
Likes: Himself, Earring for pierced ears
Dislikes: Nerds, Regrets

Catch and Shootclose, b or f + HP100
Front Suplexclose, b or f + HK100
Spinning Knee Dropclose, b or f + HP in air100
Jackknife Kickf + LK6560
Flying Drilld + HK in air25~70 40~120
Iai-Geri*d, df, f + K145/60100
Inazuma Sandan-GeriIai Geri, d, u83/159 after EX Iai Geri120
Raimeitou*d, db, b + P2,r60/78/9080
Raijinken*d, df, f + P3 (also in air)35~68/10020~40
Benimaru Collider*close, f, df, d, db, b, f + P4105/120
Raikouken^(d, df, f)x2 + P40~194/40~316
Benimaru Rising Shot^(d, df, f)x2 + Kn175/299
Raiha Jen-oukend, db, b, db, d, df, f + LP + HP429

nNew Move
rReturning Move
By itself, EX doesn't do anything special besides more damage but it adds extra hits to its followup.
2Knocks down on contact
3EX version knocks down the opponent
4All versions crumple the opponent but EX version only allows any followup damage.

Other notes
Flying Drill hits for a maximum of 3 hits. It's easier to get all three hits on a larger opponent like Chang than a smaller opponent like Chin.

The EX Iai Geri's follow up, Inazuma Sandan-Geri hits 3 times on the final kick for a total of 5 hits instead of 3.

The Raijinken hits 3 times max. The Weak version hits straight and the Strong version is an anti-air. EX version knocks down the opponent. The air version always aims downward.

Raikouken acts the same way as the Raijinken. Weak version attacks forward and Strong version is anti-air.

Both Strong Raijinken and Strong Raikoken can hit larger opponents while they are still standing and whiff against smaller opponents in the same scenario.

Benimaru Collider is a command throw and does more damage in the EX version.

Version 1.03 Changes

Close Light Kick - The hitbox size has been increased.

Former gold medalist in judo at the Olympic Games, Goro decided one day to improve his discipline by adding new techniques such as "tremendous earthquakes". He later joined Kyo and Benimaru to participate in the KOF Tournament. Goro always seems to have a very serious expression, but he is a hard-worker.Goro Daimon
Fighting Style: Judo + personal combat style
Birthday: May 5th
Origin: Japan
Height: 204cm
Weight: 138
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Appreciating nature, Touring, Japanese gardens
Favorite Foods: Buckwheat noodles served on a bamboo sieve
Forte in sports: Judo
Likes: His family, Geta (Japanese clogs)
Dislikes: Precision machinery

Tsukami Tatakitsukeclose, b or f + HP100
Hiza Gurumiclose, b or f + HK100
Zujou Baraidf + HP6060
Tenchi Gaeshi*close, f, df, d, db, b, f + P172/185
Kumo Tsukami Nage*b, db, d, df, f + LP120/160
Kibikabu Gaeshib, db, d, df, f + HP80
Jirashin*f, d, df + LP290/100
Jirashin (Feint)f, d, df + HP
Chou Ukemi*d, db, b + K3
Chou Oosoto-Gari*close, f, d, df + K140/180
Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi^close, (f, df, d, db, b)x2 + P203/320
Konten Otoshi^(d, df, f)x2 + K4180/3106
Kyoutendouchi(d, df, f)x2 + LP + HP1,54807

1Counterattack move
Damages standing opponents on the ground only. Does not hit crouchers.
3Used as an evasive move but does not go through opponents like a normal roll does.
4Works as an OTG move, you need to execute the Climax in the opposite direction to Climax Cancel it.
5Can still be pulled off if Climax Cancelled.
6Damage Value is actually scaled due to it require the opponent to be knocked down
7This is if the move is not Climax Cancelled or the damage will be less. Other words, this is from being countered.

Version 1.03 Changes

Zujou-Barai (cancel ver.) - Damage, stun, and guard crush values have been reduced.
Tenchi-Gaeshi - The command input frame issue has been fixed.
Chou Oosoto-Gari (EX ver.) - Opponents can no longer enter in guard motion against this special move.
Kumo-Tsukami Nage (EX ver.) - The damage value has been reduced. [Down from 180]
Jiraishin (EX ver.) - The opponent's behavior at hit has been changed. The damage value has been reduced. [Down from 120]

Official Invitation Team

It was a free-for-all battle between fighters who, for one reason or another, could not appear in official bouts, and held at one of the world's premier underground arenas. The audience's gaze was fixed on two women: one in a unique outfit featuring large eyeballs, and another that soared through the air while changing masks faster than the eyes could see.

"They're pretty strong, eh?"

Antonov murmured, smiling with satisfaction as he watched the fights through a one-way mirror.

"That's Sylvie, formerly of NESTS, who controls electromagnetic forces, and Mian, a master of Sichuan Bushinryu.  Both have a win rate of over 90% in this underground tournament. And they're quite popular."

Antonov's assistant, associate director Yakov, swiftly pulled up information on the fighters on a tablet.

"Ahhh, I see, I see. Alright Yakov, I'm going to scout them as select members of the official invitational team!" "Yes, sir— Wait, what!? So what will you do with the fighters that were recommended by our sponsors?" "Naturally, I'll be turning them down. Fighters known only for their looks aren't nearly strong enough to show off the power of Antonov, the first-generation KOF champion." "Ahh... Yes sir, if you say so. Well then, I'll go call them over."

Told that they had a business proposition from a very wealthy patron, Sylvie and Mian came to Antonov's room. Yakov then explained the nature of the contract.

"KOF, huh... I don't like being on TV. But I'll think about it, depending on the size of the check." "Paula's totally, completely, without-a-doubt okay with this! You're fine with Paula, right?" "Excellent. Yakov, give them the contracts." "Yes, boss. These are the contracts. Please, look them over." "Wow, that's an impressive amount. Even my eyeballs are overwhelmed! ...Are there any penalties?" "No, no, there's no need to worry. It's simply honest pay for a fight." "With this much money... And there's a bonus for getting the venue worked up. It's a deal. Look forward to working with you, President Antonov." "That's great. Ehehe, Paula's glad to work with you too, boss."

Having added them to his select, invitational team, Antonov lectured Yakov in a satisfied voice as he watched the next fight.

"Those two are tough! There's no doubt they'll spice up the tournament. And now that we've got members for the Official Team that can show off my strength, we can use anybody for the final member. Go get me some guy off the street." "Well, for the final member, we could try assigning one of the fighters recommended by our sponsors as a base..." "That won't be necessary. If you're looking for your final member to invite onto the team, I'm here. So hire me already, you sorry sack of shit."

When the two men turned to find the source of the unexpected voice, they saw a hooded man standing in the corner of the room.

"Hey, kid, language! Anyway, when did you get here? I didn't notice you at all." "Just tell me whether you'll hire me or not. You know speed is everything in business negotiations, right?" "B-Boss... What do you think?" "Hmm. I like your abrasive style! Yakov, give him a contract too." "Huh? Are you sure, boss?" "Yeah. It's not just anyone who can hide his presence from me. He's bound to be tough. What's your name?" "Kukri. So, we have a deal. No need to explain the contract or negotiate; that's a waste of time. If there's a problem, contact me here."

Saying this, Kukri took the contract and vanished before their eyes, leaving behind traces of sand and a note with contact information written on it.

Buzzzz... Buzzzz... "It's me. I've got all of the KOF participants. Standby for a report."

One of the last remnants of NESTS, the beautiful young girl Sylvie was considered useless by the secret society until the day she demonstrated the extent of her electromagnetic powers. After the collapse of NESTS, she was scouted by the KOF tournament organizer during an underground fighting event.Sylvie Paula Paula

Fighting Style: Electromagnetic force
Birthday: June 24th
Origin: France
Height: 161cm
Weight: Private
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Collecting fingerprints from good-looking men, piano
Favorite Foods: Sweets, meat, "miyako kombu"(kelp material dipped in vinegar)
Forte in sports: Horizontal bar
Likes: Her friends (her favorite eyes and the friend who lives inside of her head)
Dislikes: Not cute things, growing over beards.

Paula Kickclose, b or f + HP100
Paula Hipclose, b or f + HK100
Stret-Chon!f + LP6060
Guillo-Ton!f + LK7560
Denki Kaijin*d, df, f + P150/60/11460
Bootie Bootie*d, df, f + K235~99/30~124/35~16330~90/30~120
Kaiten Coil*b, d, db + K140~80/40~118/25~14060~120/60~180
Dischar-Jing!*d, db, b + P180/80/10060/80
Paula Experiment^(d, df, f)x2 + P3146/302
Magneto-Trapo^(d, df, f)x2 + K3,4180/302
Mechahaya Reboot(f, df, d, db, b)x2 + LP + HP5404

1Move knocks down on contact
2Only the Strong and EX version knocks down the opponent
3The MAX version can OTG.
4Can hit the opponent from up to half a screen away even though the electricity can still touch the opponent w/o damaging them
5Can use other attacks while the orb is traveling.

Other Notes
Bootie Bootie looks similar to King's Surprise Rose. Weak version keeps the opponent standing and hits 3 times. Strong version takes the opponent airborne and hits 4 times. EX version hits 5 times but functions like the Weak version and knocks them down at the end.

Denki Kaijin hits the opponent with two bolts of electricity and knocks down the opponent. Strong version does more damage and EX version crumples the opponent.

Kaiten Coil looks similar to a Nash Somersault Kick from Street Fighter 5 and functions almost the same. Weak version hits twice, Strong version hits three times. EX version hits three times.

Dischar-Jing! lunges forward with a bolt of electricity that results in a knockdown. The stronger ones do more damage.

Paula Experiment sends bolts to surround Sylvie and it if you have played Mega Man X8, then it looks almost like Giga Volt Man-o-war's Desperation Attack.

Magneto-Trapo throws a large electric bolt forward and if the opponent gets snared, she will body slam them. EX version adds for slams.

Mechahaya Reboot makes Sylvie shut down. She wakes up and sends a large orb forward. This not a good idea to use from afar unless you can catch the opponent jumping as everything freezes during the shutdown and reboot.

Version 1.03 Changes

Far light punch - The hitbox size has been increased.
Far heavy punch - The hitbox size has been increased.
Stret-Chon! - The hitbox size has been increased. Changes to hit opponent's behavior.
Guillo-Ton! (cancel ver.) - Can now be canceled from Special Moves.
Dischar-Jing! - The damage value has been increased. [Up from 50 (Weak) and 60 (Strong)]
Paula Experiment - The recovery time when landing from a jump has been increased.
Paula Experiment (Max ver.) - The recovery time when landing from a jump has been increased.
Magneto-Trapo! (Max ver.) - A special follow attack box has been added.

Mysterious fighter hiding his face under a hood, and working in the shadows for a secret society, Kukri can bury anyone who challenges him with his sand-based techniques. Kukri

Fighting Style: Hot sand assassin fist
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: North Africa (information from Antonov)
Height: 180cm
Weight: Unkown
Blood Type: Unknown
Hobbies: May be nit-picking on other people (information from Sylvie)
Favorite Foods: I heard it was a pastilla shop (information from Yakov)
Forte in sports: It wasn't beaches? (Information from Mian)
Likes: Brooms, shower
Dislikes: I would rather say does he like something? (information from Antonov)

Miken Funsaiclose, b or f + HP100
Bakkonsaiclose, b or f + HK100
Fussa Kenf + LP160 40
Nessa Jin*d, df, f + P265/11760
Nessa Senpuu*d, df, f + K3,450~87/50~103/77~14530~60/40~80
Bossa Shougeki*d, db, b + K5,6,7 (also in air)80/10060
Genei Sajin*d, d + P or K830/30~8540
Nessa Goku Totsuha^(d, df, f)x2 + K40~192/30~340
Nessa Goku Fujin^(d, df, f)x2 + P171/270
Goku Nessa Housairyu(f, df, d, db, b)x2 + LP + HP315~447

1Can avoid sweeps
2EX version knocks down on impact
3Strong and EX knocks down opponents on the last kick if it connects
4EX version wallbounces on the last kick if it connects
5Overhead attack
6All versions knocks down on impact
7The EX version groundbounces
8The button pressed depends on where Kukri will warp to. See Flowchart for more on this.

Flowchart for Genei Sajin
When doing this move, Kukri will teleport to 4 different spots depending on the button used.

Let's say the opponent is on the right. LK will represent where Kukri is as that button will make him stay in the same spot.

If the opponent is on the left, it works like this

During EX, LP + HP will advance Kukri 3 spaces and LK + HK will edge Kukri away from the opponent but will create 3 clones ahead of him that will damage the opponent.

Other Notes
Nessa Jin sends a wave of sand at the opponent. Weak version travels half screen's worth. Strong version travels 3/4 screen. EX version travels full screen and knocks the opponent down.

Nessa Senpuu makes Kukri hover on a pillar of sand while he spins towards the opponent. Weak version will hit up to 2 times. Strong version hits up to 3 times but the final kick will knock the opponent away. EX version hits up to six times and the final kick wallbounces the opponent.

Bossa-Shougeki does a flipping overhead heel kick. EX version groundbounces. The ground variant never travels that far but the air variant has different properties for both buttons. Weak version's distance stays the same spot but the Strong version will travel across the screen for a surprise assault.

Genei Sajin was described a lot in the flowchart but what does it do besides teleport? What happens is that the opponent takes damage if they touch the sand left behind.

Nessa Goku Totsuha drops a wave of sand on the opponent. Weak version drops it closer to Kukri and Strong version drops it further away. Max version drops it where the opponent stands.

Nessa Goku Fujin looks like a sandy version of Shin M. Bison (Dictator)'s Psycho Crusher in the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series.

Nessa Goku Housairyu produces a large pillar of sand under Kukri. He will then jump on it and send a huge wave of sand towards the opponent. It can travel full screen but it does more damage up close.

Version 1.03 Changes

Far heavy kick - Quick MAX Mode can no longer be activated after hit confirmation or during guard
Fussa Ken - The hitbox size has been increased.
Genei Saijin - The amount of power meter attributed when activated has been increased. The projectile resistance value has been adjusted.
Genei Saijin (EX ver.) - The missing projectile nullification box has been added.

Mian is a woman fighter who battles using moves from the traditional Chinese dancing art of the "Sichuanese Opera". She evolves in underground tournaments along with Sylvie. Despite her high dancing skills, Mian is an extremely shy person, and doesn't drop her mask often. Mian

Fighting Style: Sichuan Bushinryu
Birthday: December 8th
Origin: China
Height: 163cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Training to reveal her natural smile
Favorite Foods: Siniperca chuatsi deep fried whole with sweet and sour sauce
Forte in sports: Bowling
Likes: Her family, spectators, plain-glass spectacles, her smartphone (to check exchange rates)
Dislikes: The look of others

Houyokutenclose, b or f + HP100
Houbienclose, b or f + HK100
Ouka-Senf + LK16080
Karin*d, df, f + P220~78/20~97/15~13620~80/20~120
Bienkyu (Forward)*d, df, f + K (also in air)3
Bienkyu (Backward)*d, db, b + K (also in air)3
Bienkyu ExtraBienkyu (Backward or Forward), any attack button3,470/10040
Hiyoushou*d, db, b + P580/90/12060
Rasen*f, d, df + K640~87/50~107/40~9630~60/40~80
Rangurenbu^d, df, f, df, d, db, b + P7188/353
Hiren Enbu^(d, df, f)x2 + K10~178/15~350
Zesshou Shisen Enbu(f, df, d, db, b)x2 + LP + HP450

1Crumples opponent
2Strong and EX version knock down at the end
3Can be executed in the air infinitely if the attack makes contact regardless if it is hit or blocked.
4Knocks down opponent if previous move was EX'd
5Wallbounces opponent
6Knocks down at the end of the combo
7Full move won't come out unless the first hit connects successfully.

Flowchart for Bienkyu
When Mian performs this move, she goes airborne and can follow up with one of four different locations. LK represents where Mian is as this travels straight down.


As you can see LP is more of a retreat or a cross-up attempt, LK travels straight down. HP travels towards the opponent but at a sharp angle. HK travels towards the opponent at a loose angle.

Other Notes
Ouka-Shu a simple mule kick that crumples the opponent. A subsequent Ouka-Shu to a crumpling opponent will knock them away but won't knock them down.

Karin has Mian spinning her arms towards the opponent for multiple hits. Weak hits 4 times. Strong hits 5 times and knocks down. EX hits 9 times and knocks down.

Bienkyu and its follow ups were explained earlier. Mian hovers into the sky and follow up with a kick at varying angles. If you use an EX Bienkyu, the follow up attack will knock down the opponent.

Hiyoushou will wallbounce the opponent if it hits. It also avoids sweep attacks.

Rasen attacks low so you must crouch to block it then it will follow up with an extra kick. Strong and EX versions will knock down if the kick connects and it will be executed even if the sliding low kick whiffed at the beginning.

Rangurenbu is similar to the Ranbu moves that the AOF team does. Mian will attack with a punch. If she hits successfully, she goes all out on the opponent before burning them with fire breath.

Hiren Enbu is more effefctive up close as Mian rapidly spins in the air and hits opponents on the way up.

Zesshou Shisen Enbu dashes across the screen and hits the opponent all the place. Mian will remove her mask before putting another one on and finish the move.