• Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep - A fragmentary passage -

    A Magical FinaleExecute all Magic Situation CommandsBronze
    AmbitiousComplete all objectivesGold
    Dark ExplorerWalk a long distance within a single mapBronze
    False TemptationsComplete the World Within episodeBronze
    FashionistaEquip an item in all wardrobe slotsBronze
    Flow of TimeComplete the Castle Town episodeBronze
    Heartless HunterDefeat 500 HeartlessBronze
    Ice QueenExecute Spellweaver's Finish command 5 timesBronze
    Into the Depths of DarknessComplete KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A fragmentary passage -Bronze
    Proud Player/Critical CompetitorComplete the game in Proud or Critical ModeSilver
    Real or Illusion?Complete the Forest of Thorns episodeBronze
    Shotlock StarEarn an Excellent rating in ShotlockBronze
    Treasure HunterOpen all treasure chests in the Dark WorldBronze
    UndefeatedComplete the story without having to Retry or ContinueBronze
    Wandering in the DarkBegin a journey to escape the Dark WorldBronze

    Contributed By: Akiiseru.

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  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD Remaster

    A Divided WorldComplete Traverse Town as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    A Sound IdeaComplete Symphony of Sorcery as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Ability AceMax out and install all Support and Spirit abilities.Bronze
    Ace DiverPerform an A-Rank dive.Bronze
    All for One, and One for AllComplete Country of the Musketeers as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Balloon MasterEarn a score of 200 or higher in the Balloon mini-game.Bronze
    Brave ChallengersComplete all 7 Link Portal bonus Objectives.Bronze
    Bubble BursterTrap 6 or more enemies in Bubble Burst.Bronze
    Bull's-EyeDefeat 5 or more enemies with a single hit in Slingshot.Bronze
    Candy Goggles MasterEarn a score of 800 or higher in the Candy Goggles mini-game.Bronze
    Chain ReactionSever all chains with a single slash 3 times in a row using Nightmare's End or Mirage Split.Bronze
    Champions of All DistrictsComplete all Special Portals in Traverse Town as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Champions of the CathedralComplete all Special Portals in La Cité des Cloches as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Champions of the Dark CityComplete all Special Portals in The World That Never Was as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Champions of the Digital WorldComplete all Special Portals in The Grid as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Champions of the Endless OceanComplete all Special Portals in Prankster's Paradise as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Champions of the Harmonic ScoreComplete all Special Portals in Symphony of Sorceries as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Champions of the Opéra HouseComplete all Special Portals in Country of the Mukseteers as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Comic KingActivate all of Wonder Comic's effects at least once.Bronze
    Command CollectorObtain all commands.Bronze
    Dark InterventionComplete La Cité des Cloches as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Deft DiverComplete a dive without taking damage.Bronze
    Distinct WorldsRevisit and complete Traverse Town as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Dream Drop Distance MasterObtain all other trophies.Platinum
    Dream DropperDrop 100 or more times.Bronze
    Dream Piece CollectorObtain all Dream Pieces.Bronze
    Droplet MagnetRack up 300 or more Drop Points in a single turn.Bronze
    Easy as 1-2-3Create a party with 3 Spirits.Bronze
    Flick Rush FeverAchieve a Rush Level of 20.Silver
    Golden EggBreed a S-Rank Spirit.Bronze
    Happy CampersCreate a party with 3 Spirits and make them all very happy.Bronze
    Inhabitants of the Sleeping WorldsComplete Prankster's Paradise as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    Item CollectorAchieve 100% completion in Items.Silver
    Kindred SpiritsMax out a Spirit's Affinity Level.Bronze
    Level MasterAchieve a cumulative level of 100.Silver
    LifesaverRescue Spirits 3 times in battle.Bronze
    Loyal CustomerMake a purchase at every Moogle Shop.Bronze
    Lucky SevenWin a Flick Rush duel by lining up three 7's.Bronze
    MaestroDefeat 4 or more enemies in one turn of Melody Catcher.Bronze
    Mark of MasteryDefeat the Phantom Ursula and begin the Mark of Mastery exam.Bronze
    Medal MasterObtain 3,000 or more medals in Flick Rush.Bronze
    Memory and HeartComplete The Grid as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    NostalgicView all flashbacks.Bronze
    Recipe CollectorObtain all recipes.Bronze
    Record KeeperAchieve 100% completion in Combat, Story, Items, and Game Records.Gold
    Seeker of SecretsComplete all Secret Portals as both Sora and Riku.Gold
    Sliding ByConnect 6 or more points with a single Faithline.Bronze
    Star CombatantAchieve 100% completion in Combat.Silver
    Story TellerAchieve 100% completion in Story.Silver
    Strongest LinkUnlock all nodes on any Spirit's Ability Link board.Bronze
    Super CyclistEarn a score of 1,000 or higher on the Light Cycle.Bronze
    Super HackerActivate all Code Break commands.Bronze
    The Depths of DarknessComplete The World That Never Was as both Sora and Riku.Bronze
    True TrainerUse every Training Toy.Bronze
    Water Barrel MasterEarn a score of 400 or higher in the Water Barrel mini-game.Bronze

    Contributed By: Akiiseru.

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