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by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/11/2021
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City Exploration

Spirit Photography

It is said that restless spirits sometimes haunt Kamurocho. As you wander the city, you might find photos of acquaintances long past littering the street. Once you find such a photo, their spirit will be triggered, and you'll be able to find them through the lens of your camera.

I'll just say at the outset that this has no bearing on completion of the game or getting anything interesting. This is just a fun and spooky little diversion with which you can superimpose images of past characters onto pictures you take with your camera. You can use it towards your "taking photos" award if you wish.

So to trigger the ghosts to appear, first you have to find the character's photo. Once you do that, stand in the area and pull out your phone. Take a picture and you'll get an image of that character. There are four locations to trigger for each character, including the first one where you find the photo. The other three will give you a very slight rumble as you putter around with your camera out.

Here's the list of photos and locations:

  • Shinji Tanaka - The man who called Kiryu "aniki" throughout Yakuza 1, who tragically died while trying to protect Reina. Kiryu can "meet him for the first time" in Yakuza 0 as well.
    • Photo and Location 1 - In the very center of the MEB on Shichifuku St.
    • Location 2 - On Pink St., about two thirds of the way up. The building to stand in front of is opposite an entry to Nakamichi Alley and says "Kamurocho Asian Beauty Show". It's Club Asia for you old fans.
    • Location 3 - In front of Shangri-La. It's at the east end of Taihei Blvd. and has columns near its doors.
    • Location 4 - To the east of Shangri-La's entrance, in the middle of the road, north of the two vending machines.
  • Sohei Dojima - Kiryu's former patriarch, killed at the beginning of Yakuza 1, and the mastermind behind the problems in Yakuza 0.
    • Photo and Location 1 - To the east of the Theater Square Club SEGA, in front of the old Dojima Office on the corner of Shichfuku St.
    • Location 2 - Inside the abandoned convenience store in Nakamichi Alley, southwest of the safe.
    • Location 3 - South of the Tenkaichi Wild Jackson, stand outside the entry of the building that advertises a business called "Sexy Grace".
    • Location 4 - Walk south from Yoshida Batting Center and turn east along the sidewalk at the corner to Shichifuku. Stop right in front of the small red awning on the north side of the street.
  • Shintaro Kazama - Kiryu's foster father. An intelligent captain and head of his own Kazama Family, whom Kiryu idolized. He died protecting Haruka from a grenade.
    • Photo and Location 1 - From Bantam, walk to the northwest. You'll find the photo near the short set of stairs across the street.
    • Location 2 - In front of Stardust on Tenkaichi St.
    • Location 3 - At the top of the fire escape at the back of New Serena.
    • Location 4 - In the sewer, in the center of the bridge.
  • Yumi Sawamura - Kiryu's true love, and Haruka's mother. She worked with Kazama and Masaru Sera to steal ten billion yen from the Tojo Clan and died as a result of being shot by Kyohei Jingu, Haruka's father.
    • Photo and Location 1 - At the north side of the Millennium Tower, near the "OUT" of the parking garage.
    • Location 2 - Sort of in the center of New Serena, just a little to the west, near the western tables.
    • Location 3 - Go to Public Park 3 (the little playground in Tenkaichi Alley) and stand within the swingset enclosure.
    • Location 4 - Go to Children's Park on Shichifuku St. and stand inside the bathrooms.
  • Akira Nishikiyama - Kiryu's best friend and brother in arms. After Kiryu's arrest in Yakuza 1, he attempted to pick up where his kyoudai left off, but proved unable to cut the mustard and ended becoming ruthless and cutthroat. He died in an self-caused explosion in the Millennium Tower at the climax of Yakuza 1.
    • Photo and Location 1 - Inside Millennium Tower, go down to the basement level and you'll find this in the center of the light gray circle on the floor.
    • Location 2 - In the alley behind Cafe Alps. Stand in the center of the square area near the stairs.
    • Location 3 - In the center of New Serena, in front of the bar, specifically.
    • Location 4 - In the alley behind the Senryo Ave. Cat Cafe, specifically in the southwest corner of that alley. This is where the tattoo artist's shop was.
  • Osamu Kashiwagi - The captain and later patriarch of the Kazama Family. Kashiwagi was a calm and mediating force in the Tojo Clan whom Kiryu routinely came to for advice. He died in Yakuza 3 after being gunned down by a machine gun fired from a helicopter.
    • Photo and Location 1 - Go a short way into Tenkaichi St. and look on the east side for a club named "Becky". Just past that is an "Information Station" with banners hanging down. Pass through the banners and you'll find it.
    • Location 2 - East of the Club SEGA on Nakamichi is an odd castle building. Stand near the middle of the south end.
    • Location 3 - In front of Millennium Tower are some escalators covered in green tarp and caution tape. That's the spot.
    • Location 4 - Inside Kanrai. Stand in front of the table that's against the east wall.
  • Lau Ka Long - A Chinese criminal and leader of the Snake Flower Triad. Lau Ka Long kidnapped Haruka in Yakuza 1 on orders from Futoshi Shimano. In Yakuza 3, he returns, but is killed by Joji Kazama, Shintaro's brother.
    • Photo and Location 1 - Go to the center of Little Asia, then follow the alley in the southeast to its end.
    • Location 2 - In front of the south gate of Little Asia.
    • Location 3 - The very center of Little Asia.
    • Location 4 - South of Ikinari Steak is a building with a spiral staircase. Go under it and stand in front of the "Moto Boys" sign.
  • Yoshitaka Mine - A businessman and later major player in the Tojo Clan, Mine was the ultimate villain of Yakuza 3, who idolized Daigo to the point where he'd rather Daigo died than be seen as weak.
    • Photo and Location 1 - Go to the Smile Burger in Theater Square and walk south to find this photo near an elevator door.
    • Location 2 - Inside Millennium Tower, on the basement level. Go near the three monitors on the south wall and stand in front of the center one.
    • Location 3 - Go to the roof of the building with Lullaby Mahjong, then cross over to the next building to find a blue bench. Stand next to that blue bench.
    • Location 4 - Go to the parking lot on East Shichifuku. Stand in front of the right-hand white car.
  • Masaru Ihara - Almost a footnote in Yakuza history, Ihara was a low-level officer of the Ueno Seiwa Clan. His death kicks off the major conflict in Yakuza 4, as he was killed by an up-and-coming Tojo officer.
    • Photo and Location 1 - At the crossroads of Senryo Ave. and Shichifuku St., on the southwest corner in front of the gray door.
    • Location 2 - Behind New Serena, near the vending machines.
    • Location 3 - Behind New Serena, near the blue-topped dumpster.
    • Location 4 - Almost behind New Serena, on the south side of the building near the green junction box. Yes, all three of these are different.
  • Yoshinobu Tokugawa - The fifteenth and final shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan. An historical figure, he appeared in the Japanese-only Yakuza Ishin, "played" by Daigo Dojima's actor.
    • Photo and Location 1 - In the southwest corner of the map, near the Tenkaichi St. gate.
    • Location 2 - In the building with Lullaby Mahjong, go to the second floor and enter the odd-looking club with numbered booths. Take the picture near Booth #1.
    • Location 3 - The very center of Theater Square. All you get is the top of his head in the photo.
    • Location 4 - Go to the rooftop garden of the Millennium Tower, then walk to the green lawn stairs in the northwest.
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