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If you're in central time like me, do we get to play at 11pm or 12am? General

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how can I turn on English subtitles in yakuza 6? Tech Support 1 6 days ago
I beat Jo Amon in legend difficulty; but didn't get the legend trophy anyone care to share why? Enemy/Boss 3 2 months ago
Is there any story content related to beating the Amon clan in the clan creator? Side Quest 1 3 months ago
Back attack heat action? General 1 6 months ago
Substories 3 And 24 are glitched? Side Quest 1 6 months ago
Justis? Enemy/Boss 1 6 months ago
Yakuza 6 or start over with Yakuza 0 ? Plot 1 7 months ago
On the winning team trophy for ps4? General 1 10 months ago
Clothing? Side Quest 1 11 months ago
Food with carbs and veggies but mostly carbs? Side Quest 1 11 months ago

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