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Tina's Toy Factory is a match 3 puzzle game with an added dimension.

Tina's Toy Factory is a take on the classic match three puzzle game but adds another dimension to the gameplay. When three crates are matched, a toy piece is dropped which must be combined with other pieces to assemble the toy. Completed toys must then be moved to the conveyor belt by breaking the crates below them. Other game modes include a points level where the object is to score points and a tile mode where tiles must be shattered by breaking the crates above them.

Line break powerups are created by combining four crates in a row. Matching a line break powerup with two other similar colored crates clears the entire row or column. A hammer powerup is created by matching five crates in a row. Combining a hammer powerup with another crate clears all crates of that color from the board. Combining a hammer powerup with a line break turns all crates of that same color into line breaks powerups for a devastating board assault. In multiplayer mode, powerups are used to attack your opponent. Line break powerups initiate one of several attacks while the hammer powerup will shatter an opponent's toy into pieces.

You earn the following tools along the way to help in your tasks:

Paintbrush Tool - Allows you to change the color of any crate.
Shuffle Tool - Reshuffles the board when you have few moves.
Crane Tool - Allows you to swap any two crates.

Tina's Toy Factory features:
100 Challenging levels
Local multiplayer for head to head competition
Multiplayer attacks for disrupting your opponents play
25 Unique toys to assemble
5 Different game modes.

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