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Trophy Guide by Genesplicer38

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/09/16


Back to the Future: The Game - Episode III: Citizen Brown for PS3

Date of Original Creation: 7/9/2016

Version: 1.0

By Genesplicer38

Copyright 2016 by Genesplicer38


|                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                                |
|Version History........................................................[Ver#]|
|About this Guide.......................................................[Sec0]|
|Trophy List............................................................[Sec1]|
|Instructions for Non-story based Trophies..............................[Sec2]|
|Section 3: FAQ.........................................................[Sec3]|
|Section 4: Contact & Guide Display Information.........................[Sec4]|

Version History                                                          [Ver#]

1.00 - Details for aquirering all non-story based trophies provided.

Introduction                                                             [Sec0]

While there are numerous walkthroughs for the various chapters of this game,
none of them actualy tell you how to make sure you get all of the trophies.
The purpose of this guide is to provide details on how to get one of the
various the trophies which are not based on story completion. I will note which
trophies are story completion based, but if your having trouble working your
way throught the story, consult one of the full walkthroughs posted right here
on GameFAQs. WARNING: This guide containes SPOILERS!!!!!!

Trophy List (In order listed in the Trophy Collection)                   [Sec1]

Gold - Final Solution (Layout Biff and escape the speakeasy)
       Story based, complete the whole Citizen Brown Chapter

Silver - Hope You're Insured (Use the DeLorean Parts to enter Hill Valley)
         Story based

Silver - Intervention (Get caught with Lorraine's booze)
         Story based

Silver - Seven Minutes in Heaven (Get caught making out with Jennifer.)
         Story based

Silver - All Good Dogs Go To Utah (Get caught with Einstein.)

Bronze - Into the Garbage Chute, McFly-boy (Jumped into the Decycling Bin.)
         Story based

Bronze - Hill Valley Tourist (Listen to all tourist audio guides in Hill

Bronze - One Bad Apple (Collect every Demerit in the game.)

Bronze - Marty and the Pinheads (Use the spray can to paint Marty's band name
         in the alley.)

Bronze - Hidden Treasure (Examine every container of contraband in the

Bronze - Ruin it for Everyone (Coax Edna out of the courthouse with the

Instructions for Getting Non-story based Trophies in order of oportunity [Sec2]

One Bad Apple (Bronze)

This one I couldn't get. Fortunatley, TRanger provided the solution in the
Answers section. He says thus:
 "You must get all of the demerits in the game. 3 are storyline related so you
  can't miss those. The other ones include clicking on the guard house -
  loitering, hitting the statue twice before the argument with Lorraine and
  George in the town square, speaking on the squack box too many times, and
  using the tire iron on the city gate before you ever enter the town. The
  last one must be done on the first scene of the game before you enter the
  town or you will miss it."
I followed TRanger's advice, and can confirm it works.

Hill Valley Tourist (Bronze)

You need to listen to all of the audio tour plaques arond town to get this
trophy. They are: Recycle Bins Located in the central square towards the
courthouse), Clock Tower (located at the courthouse), Courthouse (located on
the side of the courthouse by Edna's buzzer), E. Brown Industries (located to
one side of the square), City Center (Located in the central square near Bif
and the Citizen Plus booth), Staue of 1st Citizen Brown (located in front of
statue at the center of the central square), Hill Valley, and gated comunity
(Located by the Bureauof Disciplin nex to the Soupmo.) You can do this any time
from after you arive in Hill Valley proper unitl you follow Biff down the
Decycling Bin.

Ruin it for Everyone (Bronze)

There is a blue buzzer box to the side of the courthouse. Select it to ask
Edna to letyou into the courthouse. Continue badgering her this way until she
comes out herself to disconect the box. You can do this any time from after you
arive in Hill Valley proper unitl you follow Biff down the Decycling Bin.

Marty and the Pinheads (Bronze)

While hunting for Einstein you'll get a can of spray paint that Jennifer leaves
laying on the ground. BEFFORE using it on the board to make Einstein leave
footprints, use it on the blank wall spacenext to where Jennifer is painting.
Warning: Once you paint the board, Marty will toss the can, and you can no
longer get this trophy.

Hidden Treasure (Bronze)

The time to get this trophy after Citizen Brown leaves you in the contraband
filled speakeasy to go repair the time machine. You need to examine the
License Plates, Video Games, Beer, Porn, Pinball Parts, Cigars, Novelties,
Records, Skateboards, and finaly Einstein (in the Cage.) Einstein MUST be the
last, because when you examine his cage, Marty will attemt to free him. This
is the trigger action for Biff's revial, and the finnal scene of the Episode.

Section 3: FAQ                                                           [Sec3]

Q: How do I get the <insert name> trophy? All you say about it is that it's
   story based.

A: This trophy is awarded for completing a section of the main story plot.
   Since the main story points are manditory, you will automaticaly get this
   trophy just by progressing through the game. If you need help progressing
   through the story, use one of the full walkthroughs. I only wrote this guide
   to cover the 'optional' trophies, which I noticed none of the walkthroughs

Q: I run through the entire episode, and followed all your instructions, but
   I still didn't get the <insert name> trophy. What's wrong?

A: It has been three years since I got all the trophies. Once they're earned,
   they stay earned even if you start a new game, and there for don't
   retrigger on subsequent run-throughs. So, it's possible I forgot something.
   Shoot me an e-mail, explain your situation, and I'll see what else I might
   be able to remember.

Q: Where is the squack box that Tranger was talking about?

A: There are two that can be used for that demerit. One is in the city center,
   it's the same one that prints the out the demerit for messing with the
   statue. The other one is curbside across the driveway at the McFly house,
   near the recycle bins there. Regardless of which box you use to get
   this demerit, you'll know you've succeeded when your told to take your
   demerit. Note: Despite being told to take your demerit, the box won't
   actually print it out this time. Rest assured, however, that you have earned

Q: Where are the Records and Skateboards in the speakeasy?

A: There actualy across the way from the rest of the room, behind what's left
   of the old speakeasy's bar where the panic button still is.

Section 4: Contact & Guide Display Information                           [Sec4]

This guide was created for display on gamefaqs.com. However, I don't mind if it
is posted elsewhere as long as I am credited for it.

If you have questions for me regarding this guide, or have noticed an
inaccuracy, you may contact me at Genesplicer38@hotmail.com to ask or report.

All e-mails MUST have a subject that tells me it is pertaining to this guide,
or it will be marked as junk which will result in you being reported to Hotmail
as a spammer.

Please, no flames or derogatory comments. I'm not even interested in hearing
how great I am. (My ego is health enough I assure you.) Legitimate questions
only please, and don't forget to check the FAQ above FIRST.

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