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Trophy Guide by Genesplicer38

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/09/16


Back to the Future: The Game - Episode II: Get Tannen for PS3

Date of Original Creation: 7/9/2016

Version: 1.0

By Genesplicer38

Copyright 2016 by Genesplicer38


|                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                                |
|Version History........................................................[Ver#]|
|About this Guide.......................................................[Sec0]|
|Trophy List............................................................[Sec1]|
|Instructions for Non-story based Trophies..............................[Sec2]|
|Section 3: FAQ.........................................................[Sec3]|
|Section 4: Contact & Guide Display Information.........................[Sec4]|

Version History                                                          [Ver#]

1.00 - Details for aquirering all non-story based trophies provided.

Introduction                                                             [Sec0]

While there are numerous walkthroughs for the various chapters of this game,
none of them actualy tell you how to make sure you get all of the trophies.
The purpose of this guide is to provide details on how to get one of the
various the trophies which are not based on story completion. I will note which
trophies are story completion based, but if your having trouble working your
way throught the story, consult one of the full walkthroughs posted right here
on GameFAQs. WARNING: This guide containes SPOILERS!!!!!!

Trophy List (In order listed in the Trophy Collection)                   [Sec1]

Gold - Kid Restraint (Defeat Kid Tannen)
       Story based, complete the whole Get Tannen Chapter

Silver - Escape Artist (Find a hidden passegeway)
         Story based, Watch Kid take out after the Speakeasy Arsonist theough
         the secret passage in his club.

Silver - Police Blotter (Dry a cop out)
         Story based

Silver - Moll Mender (Get a gangster's girl to do the right thing)
         Story based

Silver - Tannen Tamer (Defeat the Tannen Brothers in six jumps.)

Bronze - A Minimum of Panic (Rescue Arthur with a minimal fuss.)
         Story based

Bronze - Art Lover (Track down a missing accountant.)
         Story based

Bronze - Tuned Out (Enjoy a full set from Hill Valley's leading songstress.)

Bronze - Door Prize (Break the password code without cheating.)

Bronze - Chucklehead (Find "Chuckles Lenart".)

Bronze - Demystifier (Get a full explination of your situation.)

Instructions for Getting Non-story based Trophies in order of oportunity [Sec2]

Door Prize (Bronze)

Although you don't get to earn this trophy until you infiltrate the
operational speakeasy after having returned to 1931 after going Back to the
Future, the critical point for this trophy occurs in the under construction
speakeasy while rescuing Artie. While you're down there, you have the chance to
spot a piece of paper lying on the bar counter. If you check it out, Marty will
note it has something to do with word games, and pick it up. Once in inventory
you can examine it for a big hint in solving the password riddle to get into
the once it opens speakeasy later. This is what the game refers to when it
says "cheating." If you so much as pick up the paper, you've failed the trophy.
So while your hiding behind the bar, don't select the paper lying on the
counter top. Also, when entering the club later, DON"T use the hint button. If
you can't get in on your own, then consult one of the full walkthroughs. Your
game will never know.

Tannen Tamer (Silver)

This trophy is available during the scene/puzzel where Marty is facing off
against the three Tannen brothers, dodging their attacks while trying to figure
out just what the heck has happened to the timeline. The pattern is thus: Marty
asks a question, then has to chose a dodge move toavoid an attack from one of
the Tannes after they answer. The object, is to get the three imbeciles to
knock a milk crate under the bug zapper, so Marty can stand on it to bait Bif
into hitting it with his metal bat. To get this trophy you must get Bif Tannen
to hit the bug zapper with his basebal bat in only six 'moves,' the fewest
possible. It dosen't matter what questions you ask during the dialog portions,
so chose whatever you want. The critical moves are: Dodge right, jump, dodge
right, jump, dodge right, and finaly: duck!

Chucklehead (Bronze)

In the up and running speakeasy, to Zane the bartender's right is a part of the
infamous Wall of Honor. To get this trophy you need to look at all three
caricatures here. Just examine the wall three times to accomplish this. This
trophy is available as soon as you enter the speakeasy, and until you convince
both Officer Parker and Trixy to turn on Tannen.

Tuned Out (Bronze)

You need to get Trixy to sing every song in her playlist by quing them up in
the box of records next to Cueball. The box doesn’t become selectable until
after you ask Officer Parker about his troubles for the first time. This will
trigger the Happy Song. You can now chose what Trixy sings. The Sad, Secret,
and "I Care" songs you have to go through as part of the process to convince
Parker to arrest Kid. You will need to select the Angry and "I Don't Care"
songs on your own initiative. Warning, even though Trixy opens with "I Don't
Care" when you first enter the speakeasy, it doesn’t count until you chose it
after you get control of the playlist. WARNING: Once you swap the "I care" and
the "I Don't Care" lyrics you can't swap them back. So, be sure you have Trixy
sing "I Don't Care" before you reach that point with Officer Parker.

Demystifier (Bronze)

Earn this Trophy by recapping the story to this point with Doc in the
Flophouse. Start with the line: "Where's the DeLorean?" followed by "About the
speakeasy arsonist..." Next: "Why 1931?" and then finish the chain with: "Run
This Through For Me..." You can do this any time after exiting El Kid for the
first time, and until you convince both Parker and Trixy to turn on Kid.

Section 3: FAQ                                                           [Sec3]

Q: How do I get the <insert name> trophy? All you say about it is that it's
   story based.

A: This trophy is awarded for completing a section of the main story plot.
   Since the main story points are manditory, you will automaticaly get this
   trophy just by progressing through the game. If you need help progressing
   through the story, use one of the full walkthroughs. I only wrote this guide
   to cover the 'optional' trophies, which I noticed none of the walkthroughs

Q: I run through the entire episode, and followed all your instructions, but
   I still didn't get the <insert name> trophy. What's wrong?

A: It has been three years since I got all the trophies. Once they're earned,
   they stay earned even if you start a new game, and there for don't
   retrigger on subsequent run-throughs. So, it's possible I forgot something.
   Shoot me an e-mail, explain your situation, and I'll see what else I might
   be able to remember.

Section 4: Contact & Guide Display Information                           [Sec4]

This guide was created for display on gamefaqs.com. However, I don't mind if it
is posted elsewhere as long as I am credited for it.

If you have questions for me regarding this guide, or have noticed an
inaccuracy, you may contact me at Genesplicer38@hotmail.com to ask or report.

All e-mails MUST have a subject that tells me it is pertaining to this guide,
or it will be marked as junk which will result in you being reported to Hotmail
as a spammer.

Please, no flames or derogatory comments. I'm not even interested in hearing
how great I am. (My ego is health enough I assure you.) Legitimate questions
only please, and don't forget to check the FAQ above FIRST.

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