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Trophy Guide by Genesplicer38

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/23/13


Back to the Future: The Game - Episode I: It's About Time Trophy Guide for PS3

Date of Original Creation: 2/22/2013

Version: 1.0

By Genesplicer38

Copyright 2013 by Genesplicer38


|                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                                |
|Version History........................................................[Ver#]|
|About this Guide.......................................................[Sec0]|
|Trophy List............................................................[Sec1]|
|Instructions for Non-story based Trophies..............................[Sec2]|
|Section 3: FAQ.........................................................[Sec3]|
|Section 4: Contact & Guide Display Information.........................[Sec4]|

Version History                                                          [Ver#]

1.00 - Details for aquirering all non-story based trophies provided.

Introduction                                                             [Sec0]

While there are numerous walkthroughs for the various chapters of this game,
none of them actualy tell you how to make sure you get all of the trophies.
The purpose of this guide is to provide details on how to get the various out
of the trophies which are not based on story completion. I will note which
trophies are story completion based, but if your having trouble working your
way throught the story, consult one of the full walkthroughs posted right here
on GameFAQs. WARNING: This guide containes SPOILERS!!!!!!

Trophy List (In order listed in the Trophy Collection)                   [Sec1]

Gold - A Bicycle Built for Two (Rescued Doc from Kid Tannen)
       Story based, complete the whole It's About Time Chapter

Silver - Back in Time (Travel back in time to rescue Doc)
         Story based, find out what time coordinates to use for the DeLorean.

Silver - Grandpa Got Served (Delivered the subpoeana to Arthur McFly)
         Story based

Silver - Junior Bootlegger Badge (Managed to get 190-proof alcohol to Emmett's
         Story based

Silver - Jailbreak! (Acquired Emmett's Rocket Drill)
         Story based

Bronze - Doc's Legacy (Got Doc's Notebook back from Biff)
         Story based

Bronze - Hello, Young Friend (Talked Emmett into completing the Rocket Drill)
         Story based

Bronze - A plausible Explination (Discovered the origin of the 'new' DeLorean)

Bronze - Fuelmaster (Flawlessly mixed up a batch of Emmett's Rocket Fuel)

Bronze - Fate in flux (Heard about the curious fate of Marshall Strickland)

Bronze - Hi Bob! (Namechecked BTTF Creaters)

Bronze - Deja Marty (Perfectly repeated dialog while repeating Doc's temporal

Instructions for Getting Non-story based Trophies in order of oportunity [Sec2]

Deja Marty (Bronze)

The opening of the game goes through the nighttime sene at the mall from the
original movie where Doc first demonstrates his time machine for Marty. During
the game there are two oportunities to repeate the movie's original dialogue to
Doc. To get the trophy, select the "You disitigrated Einstine!" option the
first time you are prompted for dialoge, and the "You built a Time Machine out
of a Delorean?" for the second.

Fate in Flux (Bronze)

While in old Ema's apartment in 1986, look at the pictures on Ema's wall. (on
the left side of the aprtment while facing Ema.) The second time you examine
them, Marty will recognize Marshall Strickland (from the 3rd Movie) and Ema
will brag about his history.

**MAJOR SPOILER ALLERT!!!** One of the deleated scenes from the third Back to
the Future movie was of Buford Tannen gunning down Marshal Strickland on the
way to his showdown with Marty (Aka Clint Eastwood.) This sceen was eventualy
deliberatly cut because it altered the entire tone of the movie. After watching
Tannen gun down the Marshal in front of his son, nobody wanted Tannen to
survive the shoot out with Marty. At the same time, nobody wanted Marty to kill
anyone, even Tannen. So the scene was removed. This little Easter Egg alows
that part of the story to finnaly be told, so finding it gets you a trophy.

Hi Bob! (Bronze)

When you get back to 1931, there is a row of shops along one side of the Town
Square. Each of the shops has a sign you can read. To get the trophy, you just
need to read the sign for the law offices. You can get this trophy any time in
1931 up until the point where you leave for Emmett's place.

A plausible Explination (Bronze)

After making contact with Doc (Aka Carl Sagan) in the city jail, you can
initiate contact with him at any time by talking to him through the bars.
During one of these conversations, ask him "Where've you been?" followed by,
"How's the family?" next, "Where'd the Delorean come from?" and then finaly,
"What are you doing in 1931?" You can get this trophy any time in 1931 up until
the point where you leave for Emmett's place.

Fuelmaster (Bronze)

When making the rocket fuel there are four devices in the lab that need to be
serviced in the proper order: The electrical generator, the pressure valve, the
bacteria tank, and the fire bellows. While successfully making the fuel is
necessary to completing the story, to get this trophy you have to do so without
any mistakes in the order of using the devices which is easier said than done.
Therefore, I have provided a little bit of additional info for this one. The
order for using the devices is randomly determined by the game as you go along,
so it's not something you can memorize. You must deduce which device to use
next based on what Emmett is yelling during the argument with his father. A
reference to spark or rotation means to turn the generator crank. Mentioning
pressure, release, or bladder means to turn the pressure release valve. Any
mention of feeding or bacteria means to feed the Bactria in the tank.
References to fire, bellowing, or heat means to pup the bellows for the fire.

The refinement of the fuel takes place in four stages, with each stage
producing one quarter of the fuel needed. As the stages progress the references
from Emmett as to the order to use the devices in start coming faster and
faster. The important thing to remember is that your inputs are NOT timed. The
game only cares that you get the order right, not that you do everything within
a time frame. If Emmett's clues start to get ahead of you don't panic trying to
speed up, just concentrate on getting the devices in order. That being said, if
you allow yourself to fall too far behind you'll find it harder and harder to
remember where you are in the order and pick up the next clue at the same time.

Finally, when Emmett and his father are arguing the Judge's dialog is mostly
unintelligible muttering while Emmett's lines that drop his clues are loud and
clear. As you enter the final stages of producing the fuel, this will CHANGE.
Some of the Judge's lines will start to come through loud and clear, and they
are similar in phrasing to some of Emmett's clues. These are red hearings the
game adds in meant to throw you off and thus add to the difficulty level of the
task. Make sure it is Emmett's voice you're paying attention to!!!

You cannot save during this phase of the game, so if you screw up at any point
you'll have to start all over again. Fortunately, the game will auto-save at
the start (even though you can't do so manually) so if you need a do over
reload the auto-save file. Be warned, you will be dumped strait into the 
rgument between Emmett and his dad, so be ready to start picking out clues and
using the devices from the moment you successfully load the file.

Section 3: FAQ                                                           [Sec3]

Q: How do I get the <insert name> trophy? All you say about it is that it's
   story based.

A: This trophy is awarded for completing a section of the main stroy plot.
   Since the main story points are manditory, you will automaticaly get this
   trophy just by progressing through the game. If you need help progressing
   through the story, use one of the full walkthroughs. I only wrote this guide
   to cover the 'optional' trophies, which I noticed none of the walkthroughs

Section 4: Contact & Guide Display Information                           [Sec4]

This guide was created for display on gamefaqs.com. However, I don't mind if it
is posted elsewhere as long as I am credited for it.

If you have questions for me regarding this guide, or have noticed an
inaccuracy, you may contact me at Genesplicer38@hotmail.com to ask or report.

All e-mails MUST have a subject that tells me it is pertaining to this guide,
or it will be marked as junk which will result in you being reported to Hotmail
as a spammer.

Please, no flames or derogatory comments. I'm not even interested in hearing
how great I am. (My ego is health enough I assure you.) Legitimate questions
only please, and don't forget to check the FAQ above FIRST.

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