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Walkthrough by MonsterChild666

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/18/12

*  Back to the Future - Episode 1: It's About Time [solve]  *

                    Table of contents

1. About this FAQ/walkthrough
2. About the Game
3. Complete walkthrough
4. Credits
5. Version history
6. Where to find this FAQ
7. Legal Stuff

              1. About this FAQ/walkthrough

Hello, reader! I'm MonsterChild666 and this is my 1st attempt to
write FAQ/walkthrough.

Do you remember Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg movie:
Back to the Future? It was the Great movie and you can even see
a special effects, if you watch the movie in every detail.
I must admit that I am the biggest devoted fan of this series
of movies and games (I mean on these episodes).

I wrote this guide to be shortest because I don't want to spoil
you for guides. Read other guides if you want to beat the game
100 % or read this to beat the game less than 4 hours.

                    2. About the Game

Marty McFly and Doc Brown return in a completely new
Back to the Future adventure.

Six months after the events of the third film, the DeLorean Time
Machine mysteriously returns to Hill Valley — driverless! Marty must
go back in time and get aid from a resistant teenage Emmett Brown, or
else the space time continuum will forever be unraveled!

                 3. Complete walkthrough

Marty wakes up and go straight to the Doc's house. He had an
argue with his father. His father told him that Doc is dead and
that he will never come back.

Here's what really happened to Doc:

From the movie:
When he invented DeLorean as a time machine, he sent Einstein
in to the future. But Einstein doesn't know what happened because
his clock was late.

From the game:
When Doc sent Einstein into the future, he and Marty were talking
and at the same time (just like in the movie) Doc said Marty to
look out and he pushed Marty away, BUT NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

Get Doc's notebook.
Walk to the tool box and click on it.

Doc was thinking that he made horrible mistake and then he just

It passed 1 year after that incident.

Marty woke up. He was talking about his dream. His mother Lorraine
told him that he is in good old 1986.

In Doc's garage when his father were selling and Biff was passed out
DeLorean mysteryously appears in front of Doc's garage.

Einstein was in it.

You find a recorder and a shoe.

Give Einstein a shoe to sniff it out.

Einstein and Marty heads to the apartment where Miss Strickland lives.

Click on every text you like. (Words doesn't affect gameplay!)

You need to get some information about speakeasy burnt down.

When you talked to Miss Strickland, you can use binoculars.
Now Marty will see: Videostore
                   February 1932

Click on radiator.

Miss Strickland will go in the kitchen to see if tea is over.

Quickly click on newspapers on bed.

Marty will read about speakeasy arsonist and when Miss Strickland come,
Marty will collapse all the newspapers.

Marty will wear some getup from 1930s.
His father will ask him something about this getup and where is he

Now you can answer anything.

When Marty enters into the DeLorean, click on the something near Marty's
right hand.
Than click on Destination Time keypad

You're ready to go into the PAST.

Marty will appear in the middle of gun fight with Kid Tannen and cop.

He will walk to the Hill Valley.

You meet young Edna Strickland.
She will interview you about Carl Sagan and speakeasy.
When she asks you about your name (you can click on any name),
but I prefer Sonny Crocket because in other episodes this will
be Marty's 1931 identity.

After the interview, go to the police station and click on the
Talk to Doc.

When Doc gives you a number, go straight to the soup kitchen.
There will be Cue Ball, Matches, Kid Tannen and Arthur McFly.
They will argue about something.

After the end of cutscene, go the phone boot.
Click on the phone.

Ask about Emmett.

When phonecall finishes you need to get out from soup kitchen.
Go to the Courthouse.

Talk to Emmett.

Take the tape recorder from your inventory and click on Emmett
to record what is he talking about.

Now, go to the police station. Show Doc what you record and he will
tell you some formula.

Find Emmett.
Tell him Doc said to you.

He will start questioning you about something.
After asking so mnay questions, Emmett says that he needs 190-proof
alcohol and deliver the subpoena to Arthur McFly.

Kid Tannen will sit on some chair in front of a shop.

Go to him and when he asks you are you here to clean his shoes, answer

Ask him about hat that is full of peanut.
Ask him if you can have a peanut.
Ask him: "What is that?"

Marty will run.

After he escapes give Einstein a hat to sniff it.

He will lead Marty to Arthur's "office".

Ask Arthur to come down for a minute.

If he rejects, go back to the town square.

You will see how Kid Tannen gets out from same shop.
Walk to him.
Marty will start running from him. He will climb on the roof.

Open inventory and select tape recorder.
Click on Kid Tannen to record his voice.

Ask Einstein for help.

When Kid and Matches walk away you can now go talk to Edna.

Say that Stay Sober Society needs soup.

Argue with Emmett.

Enter into the soup kitchen.

You will see that Matches brings some barrels.

Go to Emmett (go to the phone boot.).

You should see that Cue Ball will walk to pipes and start kicking them.

Shelf with 3 barrels will go to the basement and Matches will bring
3 new barrels.

Go to the Cue Ball and ask him for some soup.

When he gives you the soup, say that soup needs more salt.

When he moves the shelf to the right, go to the pipes near the exit door.
Just click on the pipes (you don't need anything from the inventory.)

Barrels will fall onto the table and when Edna comes in, Cue Ball will
give her 190-proof alcohol.

Exit from soup kitchen

Emmett and Marty will go to the Emmett's room.

Listen carefully what Emmett says.

When they finishes with rocket-power drill, Marty will go to the Doc in
prison. Drill will explode and Marty finds the tommorows newspapers.

After the short cutscene, click on the rocket...

Click on Edna's bike.

Now Marty will go to the car where is Doc.

When Marty comes to the car, go right.

Click on toolbox.

Go back and go left.

Use what you have picked from toolbox with the tire on the left side of the car.

Go to the right side of the car.

Click on the antena on the roof of the car.

Go to the left side of the car.

Use antena with keys from the driver's window.

If he won't do anything, talk to Doc.
Tell him that you need distraction.

When Doc distracts Kid Tannen, you can now use antenna with keys from the
driver's window.

When you grab the keys go to the back side car.

Use keys with lock (doors).

Kid will shot at you and Doc. Don't worry!
Remember what you have picked up when you removed the tire.

Use that with Kid's gun.

When he drops the gun, pick it up.
Use the gun with chains on Doc's feet.

Talk to Doc.
Don't ask him any questions, just say Doc to change the speed.

When this is done, it should come a cutscene to show you where Kid
has landed.

There is one more cutscene.


A cutscene showing you what will happen in episode 2.


CONGRATULATIONS! You just beated the game.

                        4. Credits

MonsterChild666 - Writer of this FAQ/walkthrough guide.
Telltale Games - Developers of this guide.
Fans - Supporters of movies and game episodes.

                     5. Version history

V 1.0 - I'm done writting FAQ/walkthrough
V 1.1 - I'm done with correcting mistakes in this FAQ and I'm gonna
        upload it soon
v 1.2 - Corrected all mistakes I found
      - Initial release.

                  6. Where to find this FAQ

www.gamefaqs.com --------> GameFAQS

                       7. Legal stuff

This guide is copyright (c) 2012 MonsterChild666, the author.

This walkthrough was written solely to be hosted at www.gamefaqs.com.

I do by the way, encourage people to send email, feedback is always
appreciated in any form, it's always nice to know you've helped someone.

If you want to upload it on your site please e-mail me: monsterchild70@ymail.com
Put BTTF FAQ in subject or otherwise it's gonna be deleted. Report to me if you
read this guide somewhere else than on GameFAQs.

Thank you for downloading and reading this guide.

                                                          End of document

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