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FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 07/03/11

Version 1.21 7/3/11
|                                       |
| Destination Time:   MAY 15 1986 15:30 |
| Present Time:       OCT 13 1931 22:00 |
| Last Time Departed: JUL 17 1876 02:30 |

Back to the Future: The Videogame
Episode Five: OUTATIME

A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001. General information
002. Characters
003. Video Walkthrough
004. Walkthrough
  004a. Discrediting Edna
  004b. Finding Emmett
  004c. Emmett's Demonstration
  004d. Alternate 1931
  004e. Endgame Sequence
005. Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for Episode Five of Back to the 
Future: The Videogame. This walkthrough is written for 
the PC version, although I'm sure it will apply to other 
versions of the game, when it is released on other 

You can email me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com if you 
have any comments or concerns about this guide, such as 
spelling mistakes you've noticed or if you want to 
duplicate this guide on your own website.


Marty McFly: A high school student who has had a series 
of time-travelling adventures. When the game begins, he 
is in 1931 on the day of the expo.

Emmett Brown: Emmett is the younger version of Doc. He is 
excited for his upcoming demonstration at the expo.

Doc Brown: Marty's good friend, who built a time machine 
out of a car. When the game begins, he is Alternate 1986 
Doc, who married Edna Strickland. This Doc is not as nice 
as normal Doc is.

Arthur McFly: Marty's grandfather, who can be somewhat 
timid. He is in charge of the expo.

Trixie Trotter: A singer who is dating Arthur McFly. She 
is friendly towards Marty.

Edna Stickland: A somewhat uppity woman who hates 
alcohol. She believes the end justifies the means, so she 
has no qualms about performing violent, immoral deeds to 
get what she wants.

Danny Parker: A local police officer, who is well known 
for capturing Kid Tannen. He likes Marty, and he dislikes 
the fact that he has to follow Edna's commands.

Hostile Guy: An angry person who got in a fight with 
Marty in Episode Two. He sells algae cakes.

Jacques Douteux: A famous underwater explorer, who is 
working at the Expo.

Cueball: One of Kid Tannen's former employees. Cueball 
works at the Expo.

Judge Erhardt Brown: Emmett Brown's strict father. He 
tries to put a stop to Emmett's demonstration at the 

William McFly: The father of Arthur McFly. He is somewhat 
protective of his family, but he is also friendly enough.

Beauregard Tannen: A Tannen who built the Hill Valley 
Saloon in the 1870's.

Kid Tannen: The villain of Episode Two: Get Tannen!. Kid 
Tannen appears during some of the ending scenes of this 

Einstein: Doc's dog, who appears in the ending scenes of 
the game.

George McFly: Marty's father, who appears in the ending 
scenes of the game.

Biff Tannen: The son of Kid Tannen. He has a brief 
appearance during the ending scenes of the game.

Future Marty: Three different versions of Future Marty 
appear during the ending scenes of the game. 

003-Video Walkthrough

Would you like to see how to beat the game, not just read
about it? Then you'll want to check out this video


It comes complete with my commentary, along with commentary
from two of my buddies, Paul and Nikola.


At any point in the game, you can press the space bar to 
pause. You can also press the escape button to adjust the 
game settings, quit playing, or save and load games. The 
game has an automatic save feature. 

The game asks if you want automatic goals. See, in the 
top/left corner of the screen, you have a goals button. 
You can click on it to learn what Marty's current goal 
is. If you select "automatic goals", the goal will 
automatically be shown onscreen anytime Marty gets a new 
goal. You can change these at any time in the game 
settings menu.

You can also right-click to skip a line of dialogue.

004a-Discrediting Edna 

Our hero Marty wakes up inside Emmett's lab. Emmett is 
ready to begin his scientific career with a big 
demonstration at the Hill Valley Expo. Marty is going to 
help Emmett with the demonstration because Emmett is his 
friend, and because if the demonstration is a failure, 
Emmett might not grow up to become the crazy scientist we 
all know and love.

Emmett needs one thing to make his hovercar demonstration 
work: the static accumulator. Marty grabs it and heads to 
the expo.

Marty runs into Alternate 1986 Doc at the Expo. Talk with 
him, using any of the conversation options that you want. 
As the conversation goes on, Alternate Doc declares that 
science is the root of all the problems in his life. He 
thinks it will be best for everyone is Emmett's 
demonstration at the Expo is a failure.

So now it seems that Marty has to help Emmett with the 
expo demonstration, despite interference from Doc.

Doc tries to steal the hovercar part that Marty has, but 
he fails. Marty now has to chase the hovering static 
accumulator. Walk to the left and either click on it, or 
walk towards it.

Follow it left again, then towards the school. The part 
will then float high, out of reach. Click on the lamp 
post to climb it, so Marty is close to the part. Then 
click on it, and Marty will grab it.

Marty gets thrown around by the part for a bit, then the 
scene ends. Kind of random, if you ask me.

After that, Marty enters the expo. It looks pretty 
exciting, and Emmett's demonstration is in the corner. 
Head towards that area to meet up with Detective Parker 
and Edna Strickland.

Edna thinks that Marty is a secret agent named Yakov 
Smirnoff. She has ordered Officer Parker to shut down 
Emmett's demonstration. Oh no! Parker tells Marty (in 
private) that he thinks Edna is crazy, but Parker has to 
do whatever Edna says. Unless Marty can find a way to 
destroy Edna's credibility with the police captain, 
Parker will have to do whatever Edna says.

So that's going to be our first goal: find a way to 
discredit Edna. That way, Parker won't have to follow her 
orders, and Emmett's booth can be reopened.

At the police booth, examine the flowers. Parker reveals 
that these are actually a recording device. Marty wants 
to take the recording device, but whenever he tries to do 
so, he gets caught.

There are flowers inside the glass room, but Marty 
doesn't have any tickets. Talk to Trixie Trotter, and ask 
her about the attractions. Ask her about tickets next, 
and she gives you the tickets you need to get inside 
them. Use them to go inside the Future Furnishings 
exhibit and take the flowers there.

Return to the police area. Use the glass room's flowers 
on the flower recording device. Marty switches the two of 
them. Then, go to the phone booth near Trixie and use the 
flowers on the phone booth. That way, it will record 
whatever gets said by the person using the phone.

Return to the future furnishings exhibit. Use the green 
button on the control panel to start the phone. Call the 
phone at the expo, which is "the phone booth of the 

Say that you are Carl Sagan (Doc's alias in this 
timeline). Ask to speak to Edna Strickland. Talk to Edna 
about her dark secret, and she confesses that she is the 
Speakeasy Arsonist.

Return to the phone booth and take the recorder with 
Edna's confession on it. Use the recorder on Danny 
Parker. When Danny hears the recording, he decides that 
Edna deserves to be questioned at the police station, 
about her criminal activities.

Edna runs for it, and Danny chases after her. The two of 
them leave the expo, and Marty decides that this means 
the police barricades in front of Emmett's booth can now 
be taken down.

004b-Finding Emmett 

Now that Edna has been discredited, Emmett's booth is 
open. That's great news, but where is Emmett?

Go to the Enlightenment Under the Sea booth and talk with 
the diver about Emmett. He has seen Emmett, in the House 
of Glass exhibit, with Doc. Uh oh...

Go to the House of Glass Exhibit, using a ticket to get 
through the turnstyle. This is a maze, and of course, Doc 
and Emmett are at the heart of the maze, where it's hard 
to reach them.

Pull the handle on the green wall, near Marty. Go through 
the opening, and pull the handle on the indigo wall.

Go downstairs and pull the handle on the red wall. Go 
upstairs, and push the green wall shut again.

Go downstairs and follow the path. Pull the yellow wall 
open, then pull the green wall. Marty will then see Doc 
use some sort of knockout fluid on Emmett. Emmett falls 
unconscious, and Doc pulls his body away.

From inside the room Marty is in, push the red wall to 
the side. Leave this area, and push open the indigo wall, 
which will take to the area where Doc and Emmett were.

Go to Jacques, the famous sea explorer. He saw Emmett the 
first time around, so maybe he saw Emmett this time, too. 
As soon as Marty talks to him, he realizes that Doc is 
inside the diving suit, pretending to be Jacques.

Marty assaults Doc, trying to rip off his helmet and 
expose him. A crowd quickly appears, so Marty is forced 
to stop.

Ask Doc where Emmett is, and he indirectly says that 
Emmett is inside the bathysphere.

Click on the turnstyle. Marty tries to use his ticket to 
get inside, but Doc doesn't honor the ticket. Go to 
Arthur McFly and tell him about this situation.

Arty comes with Marty, and Doc is forced to let Marty up 
to the bathysphere. Once Marty goes up the stairs, 
though, Doc pretends that the controls are broken.

Click on the bathysphere hose. Marty will step on it, 
cutting off oxygen to the bathysphere. Since Emmett is 
inside, he will eventually die from lack of oxygen.

Stand in place for a while, and Doc eventually gives in. 
He raises the bathysphere so Marty can take Emmett out of 
it. Doc then ditches the diver suit and runs out of the 

004c-Emmett's Demonstration 

Now that Emmett is free, he is ready to show off his 
exhibit! Unfortunately, right before the demonstration 
starts, Emmett's father, Judge Brown, appears with a loud 

The Judge demands that the exhibition stop at once. Talk 
to him, and Marty reveals that Emmett is up on the 
platform. The Judge comes up closer.

Talk to Emmett and say, "He's got to give you a fair 
trial!". Emmett will insist that his father won't listen.

Talk to the Judge and tell him that Emmett says he won't 
listen. Judge Brown agrees to listen this time. Return to 
Emmett and tell him that his father will listen.

Emmett and the Judge yell at each other for a while, 
which doesn't resolve the situation. Talk to the Judge 
again, and this time, talk to him about everything, using 
up all the conversation topics. Eventually, the Judge 
remembers what it was like when he first moved to 
America, despite the fact that his father was very upset 
about the whole matter.

Talk to Emmett and mention his mother. Emmett will 
disagree, because the parent he most resembles is his 
father. Ask Emmett what he just said, and eventually, 
Emmett and his father make amends.

Emmett's demonstration then takes place. It looks pretty 
successful to me! Marty looks out a window and sees Edna 
with Old Doc. Edna pushes Doc aside forcefully. That's 
not good...

Marty runs outside, just in time to see a car chase 
between Officer Parker and Edna Strickland. Edna is 
riding the DeLorean. Marty talks with Old Doc, who has 
now realized that, perhaps, trying to change Edna is a 
hopeless task.

Old Doc begins to fade out of existence, because Marty 
just changed Young Doc's timeline. Edna comes barreling 
nearby in the time machine, and Old Doc saves Marty's 
life by pushing him out of the way.

While Doc is lying on the ground, he asks to see the 
newspaper from 1986. It has a story about Doc Brown 
receiving the key to the city. Doc is happy that his 
timeline has changed for the better, and then he fades 
out of existence for good.

Young Emmett then comes outside and talks to Marty. It 
seems that Emmmett crashed his hovercar during the 
demonstration. Ask Emmett what will happen next, and 
Emmett is excited to keep experimenting.

Emmett notices that Marty is quite upset. He asks what's 
wrong, and Marty gives him the newspaper clipping from 
1986, and he makes Emmett promise not to read it until he 
gets the key to the city.

Emmett promises, then leaves. Shortly after this, the Old 
Doc from the newly-established timeline appears. He just 
received the key to the city, and read the newspaper 
clipping, and he has come back to 1931 to investigate.

Doc and Marty talk for a bit, and then William McFly 
(Arthur's father) appears. He is upset, because Arty 
McFly has just married Trixie Trotter. Whaaaaat?

Marty is upset, because if Arthur has married the wrong 
woman, Marty will soon disappear from existence!

Officer Danny Parker reappears. He is surprised to see 
the DeLorean here. He explains that he was chasing Edna 
Strickland, when the DeLorean she was driving suddenly 

This is definitely bad news, because if Edna was sent to 
the past, she would most likely mess up the timestream. 
And once our heroes realize this...

004d-Alternate 1931 

Everything disappears, except Marty, Doc and the 
DeLorean. That probably means that Edna DID go into the 
past, and she did something to prevent Hill Valley from 
becoming a town.

William McFly then appears and talks to our heroes. Talk 
to William about everything, and he says that Hill Valley 
disappeared before he was born. The only person who lives 
in this area is Scary Mary Pickford, who sounds an awful 
lot like Edna Strickland...

Marty and Doc go to see Scary Mary. Try to go through her 
front door, and Marty will set off a trip wire. The woman 
leans out the window and yells at them.

Yep, that's Old Edna all right. She's acting just like 
she did back in Episode One: It's About Time. Trip the 
wire again. Choose whatever responses you like, because 
no matter what you say, she will declare that she never 
thinks about the past.

Trip the wire again. Tell her "we spent the day 
together". Marty and Doc mention that today is October 
13, 1931: the day of the Expo. Tell Edna that you brought 
something for her, because the other conversation topics 
lead to dead ends.

Edna wants to know what Marty brought her. Choose Doc. 
Edna doesn't recognize him at first, so tell her that he 
is Emmett Brown. Edna recognizes Doc as her boyfriend, 
and she leaves her house.

Edna is having vivid flashbacks of the Expo, to the point 
where she thinks it is happening right now. Tell Doc to 
call Edna "Snookums", which is Emmett's pet name for 
Edna. This helps keep up the illusion.

Edna's memory gets to the point where she bosses around 
Detective Parker, and then it stops. Use the recording 
device on Edna, which jogs her memory. She remembers 
being chased by Detective Parker, then stealing the 

Trip the tripwire. The loud noise and flashing lights 
remind Edna of the DeLorean going back into the past. She 
went back to a time when he grandfather, Marshall James 
Strickland, was still alive.

Edna tries to remember her grandfather by looking at a 
cactus, but it doesn't work. We'll have to make the 
cactus look more like Grandpa Strickland. Go to the 
outhouse and grab the mop. Then, go to the left and take 
Edna's hat from on top of the stop sign.

Use the mop on the cactus, and then use the hat on the 
cactus. Edna takes another look at the cactus, and she 
believes it is her grandfather. She speaks with him, and 
declares that she likes the Old West version of Hill 

That is, until a Tannen shows up. Beauregard Tannen is 
going to build something that Edna really doesn't like 

Go to the left, and left of the stop sign is a saloon 
sign. Edna DOES hate places which serve alcohol, so this 
is probably what she's talking about. Use the saloon sign 
on the outhouse door.

Edna decides to take action against the saloon. Seeing as 
she has a history of setting fires to speakeasies, it's 
pretty clear that she's thinking of burning down the 
saloon. Use the clay oven to get a burning stick, then 
use this stick on the outhouse.

Edna remembers that the saloon fire spread to all the 
other buildings in Hill Valley. The town was burned down, 
which is why Hill Valley is no longer in existence.

Enda brings out a newspaper that tells the story of the 
town being burned down. Edna then pulls out a shotgun and 
prepares to kill Marty and Doc when William McFly 

William distracts Edna long enough for Marty and Doc to 
make their escape.

004e-Endgame Sequence 

Our heroes travel back to 1876. They go to Beauregard 
Tannen's saloon, ready to stop Edna from setting it on 
fire. Doc goes in the front, while Marty sneaks around 
through the back.

Go to the left and click on the window. Marty sneaks in, 
past the sleeping Beauregard Tannen. Marty hides behind 
the bar, and he watches Doc confront Edna.

Tannen shows up with a gun. He aims it at Edna, while 
Edna holds the burning torch over the fuel. A standoff 
ensues. Edna doesn't want to drop the torch, because 
Tannen will shoot her if she does. Tannen doesn't want to 
shoot Edna, because she will drop the torch if he does.

Doc says that SOMEBODY (i.e. Marty) needs to disarm both 
of them at the same time.

From behind the bar, head towards the window. Mess around 
with the barrels here, and they fall off of the platform, 
except for the pickle juice. Marty says the pickle juice 
is good for putting out torches, so he's probably 
planning on using it to put out Edna's torch.

Head to the small area, behind the back of the bar. There 
is a ladder here. Climb it to be on top of the bar.

We have several sandbags here, as well as a platform 
which is connected to the pickle juice platform. Use the 
three sandbags on the pallet (i.e. the platform). Then, 
step on the pallet.

The fourth sandbag falls onto the chandelier, above 
Tannen's head. The pallet with the pickle juice is raised 
up, while the pallet Marty is on goes down.

There is a sandbag on the ground here. Use it on the 
pallet, to ensure that the pallet with the pickle juice 
stays up. Use the rope connected to the pallet, and Marty 
pulls it. The pickle juice rolls towards the side of the 
building where Edna is.

The barrel of pickle juice stops suddenly, due to a loose 
board. Go towards the bar. At the end of the bar, you 
have more loose boards. Use the loose floorboard, and 
Marty will push it to make sure that the pickle juice 
barrel continues running its course.

The trap is now in place, with the pickle barrel over 
Edna and a sandbag over Tannen. Go to the back of the bar 
and climb the ladder. Use the sandbag (the one on the 
chandelier). It drops, landing on Tannen. Shortly 
afterwards, the pickle barrel lands on Edna.

Doc and Marty deal with Tannen, but while they do so, 
Edna escapes in her DeLorean. Marty and Doc follow her in 
their DeLorean. Fortunately, Alternate Doc put three 
diagnostic modules on Edna's DeLorean, and those can 
easily link to Doc's Flux Synchronization devices.

In other words, put the three Flux devices onto the three 
modules on Edna's DeLorean. Fortunately, Doc has a 
hoverboard for Marty to use.

Let's get started. Go to the front bumper, and then use 
the flux override on the diagnostic light. You then need 
to sync the diagnostic with Doc's DeLorean. Do this by 
grabbing the flux emitter and aiming it at the receiving 
dish on Doc's DeLorean. Make them connect for about eight 
seconds, and they connect for good.

Go to the front bumper again, and this time, grab the 
windshield wiper. Edna swerves, trying to throw Marty 
off. Go to the front bumper again, then go to the front 
bumper. (These two locations really should have different 
names, to prevent confusion.) When Edna sees Marty on the 
front bumper, she heads towards a nearby fence.

Marty will jump over the car, knocking the Mr. Fusion 
loose. Edna's rearview mirror is damaged by the fence. 
Use the windshield wiper on the Mr. Fusion to put it back 
into place.

Go to the rear bumper, then the driver's side. Now that 
the rearview mirror is broken, Marty can go to the front 
bumper. (If you try to do this before the mirror is 
broken, Edna notices Marty).

Use the flux override on the flux emitter here. Use the 
emitter, and link it up to the receiving dish on Doc's 

The last emitter is on top of the car, where Marty can't 
reach it. Edna unrolls part of the car window to talk to 
Marty. Aha! This could be used to get on top of the car 
and reach the final emitter!

Go to the front bumper, and talk to Edna. While Marty is 
next to the car door, she opens it, flinging Marty over 
the roof, to the other side of the car. Talk to Edna 
again, and she unrolls part of the window to speak to 

Now that this window is unrolled, Marty can use the 
passenger door. Use this to open the door. Marty gets 
flung onto the roof of the DeLorean. Use the flux 
override on the flux emitter here, and use the emitter. 
Once you link it up to Doc's receiving dish, the job is 
finished, and Marty gets back in Doc's DeLorean.

Doc and Marty return to 1931, taking Edna's DeLorean with 
them. Taken by surprise, she crashes the DeLorean into 
the police station. Edna is promptly arrested by Officer 
Parker, while an amused Kid Tannen looks on.

Edna's DeLorean then gets erased from the timeline, which 
is convenient for our heroes Marty and Doc. Marty is 
still worried about the fact that Arthur McFly has 
married the wrong woman. After all, Arthur is supposed to 
marry a woman named Sylvia Miskin, not Trixie Trotter.

Pick any of the conversation topics you want when talking 
to Arty and Trixie. It seems that Arty married Trixie, in 
order to clear up the problem about her being a Canadian 
(an issue that Edna raised in Episode Four: Double 

It is eventually revealed that Trixie's real name is 
Sylvia Miskin. It looks like Arthur married the correct 
woman after all. Marty approves of the marriage. William 
McFly appears, and he approves of the marriage, too.

Doc and Marty then return to 1986, where it looks like 
everything is back to normal. Well...Edna and a few other 
people have changed a bit, but overall, it looks like 
things are back to normal.

Before the game ends, Future Marty shows up, followed by 
Future Marty and...Future Marty? Uh oh, it looks like 
Marty and Doc still have some time-travelling adventures 
on their hands! They hop in the DeLorean and fly off.

The game ends there, and the ending credits roll. A "to 
be continued..." screen shows up once the ending credits 
are over. Does this mean we haven't seen the last of Doc 
and Marty? Only time will tell.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you 
want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first 
(instructions under general information).

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