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Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 03/29/12

Version 1.21 3/29/12

|                                       |
| Destination Time:   AUG 26 1931 09:00 |
| Present Time:       MAY 16 1986 03:03 |
| Last Time Departed: NOV 05 1986 01:29 |

Back to the Future: The Videogame
Episode Four: Double Visions

A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001. General information
002. Characters
003. Walkthrough
  003a. Escaping to the Past
  003b. Model Citizen
  003c. Faithful to Edna
  003d. Dresses Well
  003e. Endgame Sequence
004. Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for Episode Four of Back to the 
Future: The Videogame. This walkthrough is written for 
the PC version, although I'm sure it will apply to other 
versions of the game, when it is released on other 

You can email me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com if you 
have any comments or concerns about this guide, such as 
spelling mistakes you've noticed or if you want to 
duplicate this guide on your own website.


Marty McFly: A high school student who has had a series 
of time-travelling adventures. When the game begins, he 
is in Alternate 1986. 

Doc Brown: Marty's good friend, who built a time machine 
out of a car. The Doc in this game is Alternate 1986 Doc, 
who married Edna Strickland.

Edna Stickland: A somewhat uppity woman who is very 
concerned about morality. She eventually becomes the 
tyrannical dictator of Hill Valley, in Alternate 1986.
Guard: A bunch of unnamed guards work in the Citizen Plus 

Jennifer Parker: Marty's girlfriend in the normal 
timeline. In Alternate 1986, she is somewhat antagonistic 
towards him. 

George McFly: Marty's father, who likes to spy on people 
with his surveillance cameras.

Lorraine McFly: Marty's mother. She has no speaking lines 
in this game.

Biff Tannen: A mean person who has a history of abusing 
the McFly family. He has no speaking lines in this game.

Emmett Brown: Emmett is the younger version of Doc. He is 
a big fan of science and Edna.

Arthur McFly: Marty's grandfather. He is a timid person.

Trixie Trotter: A woman who is friendly with Arthur McFly 
and Marty. She dislikes Edna Strickland, and Edna 
dislikes Trixie's somewhat shady background as an 
entertainer for Kid Tannen.

Angry Guy: The guy who runs the Expo is the angry drunk 
from Episode Two. He's angry, even when he's sober. All 
he does is in this game is yell at Marty and Doc a few 

Cueball: A former employee of Kid Tannen. He knows about 
Trixie's shady past.

Kid Tannen: A criminal who was arrested at the end of the 
second episode. He has no speaking lines in this game.

Detective Parker: The police officer who arrested Kid 
Tannen at the end of the second episode. He has no 
speaking lines in this game.

003-Video Walkthrough

Would you like to see how to beat the game, not just read
about it? Then you'll want to check out this video


It comes complete with my commentary, along with commentary
from two of my buddies, Paul and Nathaniel.


At any point in the game, you can press the space bar to 
pause. You can also press the escape button to adjust the 
game settings, quit playing, or save and load games. The 
game has an automatic save feature. 

The game asks if you want automatic goals. See, in the 
top/left corner of the screen, you have a goals button. 
You can click on it to learn what Marty's current goal 
is. If you select "automatic goals", the goal will 
automatically be shown onscreen anytime Marty gets a new 
goal. You can change these at any time in the game 
settings menu.

You can also right-click to skip a line of dialogue.

004a-Escaping to the Past

Our hero Marty wakes up, locked in a waiting room in the 
Citizen Plus facility.

This room has a number of items. The window that leads to 
the next room shows that Jennifer is nearby. The window 
that leads to the hallway shows Doc. There is a security 
camera, a door, and two speakers in the room. Also, 
Marty's inventory is locked in a locker.

Use the intercom to listen to Edna talk to a guard. Their 
conversation reveals that First Citizen Brown is 
currently undergoing the Citizen Plus treatment; Marty is 
scheduled to undergo it once Doc is finished.

Use the intercom again and ask the guard about Marty's 
things. Ask to see them, and the guard comes inside to 
open the lock on the locker. Marty tries to look over the 
guard's shoulder to see the combination, but Marty is too 
short. Oh well.

Click on the camera in the room. A voice then comes out 
of the squawk box, which is the purple intercom on the 
left side of the room. George McFly, conveniently, has 
hacked the security of the Citizen Plus building. He can 
look in any camera and talk through any speaker.

Tell George that Marty tried to look over the guard's 
shoulder. George reviews his video footage, then gives 
the locker combination to Marty. Marty then regains all 
the items in his inventory.

Look in the window above the Citizen Plus picture on the 
wall. Marty will notice that Jennifer is in the next 
room. That way, you can ask George to connect Marty's 
room to Jennifer's room, so the two of them can talk.

The conversation between Jennifer and Marty doesn't go 
well, however. She has undergone some of the Citizen Plus 
program treatment, and she is now a model citizen.

Marty has to get Jennifer back to normal. Use Marty's 
guitar on the squawk box. A good dose of rock and roll 
brings Jennifer back to her senses, and she decides to 
help Marty.

First, she knocks out a guard. Then, Marty gets dressed 
in the guard's clothes, and they lock the guard in 
Jennifer's room. Fortunately, all the guards have 
protective masks which hide their faces, so no one is 
able to notice this deception.

Click on the door to leave the room. Jennifer is all set 
to help Marty save Doc, but then a guard appears and 
escorts her back to her home. Oh well. Looks like Marty 
will have to do this on his own.

Marty can now walk around the hallway. He can't enter any 
of the rooms, though. The various rooms that this hallway 
leads to are Marty's cell, Jennifer's cell, the cell 
holding Biff Tannen, and the room holding First Citizen 

The only person Marty can interact with is the guard at 
the control station. The guard likes to drink soda. The 
guard refuses to let Marty touch the controls for the 
machine that is being used on Doc.

Examine the food tray to learn that Biff hasn't taken his 
sedative pill. This pill makes people fall asleep, and it 
looks like Marty will have to get rid of this guard by 
slipping Biff's sedative into the guard's soda.

Use the intercom outside of Biff's room to talk to him. 
Whenever you tell him to eat the pill, he drops it on the 
floor. Use the newspaper on the crack under the door, 
then tell Biff to eat his pill. Biff will drop it on the 
newspaper. Pull out the newspaper, and Marty has the 

Use the pill on the guard's soda. The guard will then 
fall unconscious, and Marty gets free reign at the 
controls. The look similar to the controls to the speaker 
in Doc's lab in the original timeline, right? So maybe if 
Marty turns all the controls up all the way, he can blow 
the speaker.

Turn up the controls for volume and optics all the way. 
Then, turn up the olfactory controls. This will break the 
aroma machine, and Edna goes down to check on it.

Enter the room where Edna was in. The microphone is 
connected to the speaker, so use the guitar on the 
microphone. Marty jumps down to the area with Doc and 
lets some music fly!

...Only the speaker doesn't blow up, propelling Doc and 
Marty forward, out of the building, like Marty was 
planning. Marty is forced to improvise, but in the end, 
he still manages to escape with Doc.

Doc and Marty hide in the recycling bins while the police 
search the area.

Talk with Doc about everything, while Marty and Doc wait 
for the police to leave. While the conversation happens, 
Marty sees his parents get in trouble with the police, 
but he doesn't interfere. 

Doc leaves to get the time machine. He warns Marty to 
stay off the streets for a while.

Here, just wait in place. After about forty seconds, and 
Edna will appear.

Talk to Edna about everything, and Doc will appear in the 
DeLorean. He spent six months fixing the time machine, 
and then returned to this moment. Doc is surprised to 
find out that he arrived a few minutes late to pick up 
Marty. Maybe the time circuits need recalibrating?

Marty gets in the car with Doc, and they drive out of 
town. Edna yells at them while they're leaving.

Doc and Marty return to 1931, to the day after Kid Tannen 
was captured. Doc is amazed to see the old town theater 
again. He likes movies...but he never DID see 

Seeing Frankenstein is what inspired Doc to become a 
scientist, in the original timeline. It's a good bet that 
getting the Emmett in this timeline to see Frankenstein 
will cause him to become a scientist, too.

Young Emmett appears. Marty thinks it would be a bad idea 
if Doc ran into Young Emmett. Knowing how unpredictable 
Doc can be, this is probably a good idea.

Go to Young Emmett and talk to him. Marty soon realizes 
that something is wrong here. This isn't the day after 
Kid Tannen was arrested. This is about two months after 
Kid Tannen was arrested!

Return to the courthouse and click on the courthouse 
doors. Marty tells Doc the bad news. Since the time 
machine isn't working properly at the moment, it's 
probably not a good idea to use it again. Instead, let's 
figure out some way to break up Emmett and Edna today.

Edna is at the Science Expo, outside the high school. 
Marty and Doc go there immediately.

Walk to Edna, who is near the front of the school, 
talking to Arthur McFly. Talk to her, and pick any of the 
dialogue options you want.

Once you finish talking to her, talk to her again. Marty 
will ask what she's look for in a man. She has three 

1. The man is a model citizen.
2. The man is faithful to her.
3. The man dresses well. 

In order to break up the happy couple, Marty has to trick 
Edna into thinking that Emmett has broken all three 
requirements. You can do them in any order, and you can 
do them simultaneously.

You will have to visit Emmett in his laboratory, as part 
of this challenge, so let me explain how you get to 
Emmett's lab. Go to the DeLorean and click on it. Doc 
will take it for a brief test drive, which determines 
that the time machine is still acting improperly. 

After Doc takes the car for a drive, the "Hill Valley of 
the Future" exhibit opens. Go to it, then take the Train 
of the Future. It's actually a skateboard!

Edna appears and declares her intention to go see Emmett. 
Old Doc appears, and he distracts her by starting up a 

Now you can visit Emmett's Lab whenever you want, simply 
by clicking on the street. Leave his lab, through the 
exit, to return to the Expo.

004b-Model Citizen

Edna likes Emmett because he is a model citizen. Marty 
will have to find some way to prove to her that Emmett is 
a degenerate criminal. Fortunately, Emmett's new machine 
rates people on a scale of "model citizen" to "degenerate 
criminal", so we can use the machine to prove Emmett is a 

When you first go to Emmett's lab, you see Kid Tannen get 
a score of "degenerate criminal". You'll have to figure 
out how to get Emmett to have the exact same score.

First though, you should figure out how the machine 
works. Click on the machine, which is brown and on the 
table with the record player. Emmet gives you a 

The machine on the right has two parts you can interact 
with. First is the power button that turns it on. The 
second is the slide advancer that goes through all the 
various pictures.

The helmet that Emmett is wearing has three colors: red, 
yellow and green. It's red when Emmett is upset, and it's 
green when he is happy. The rest of the time, it's 
usually yellow.

You can make Emmett happy by using the record player, or 
by lifting the lid of the pot of soup. You can make him 
unhappy by using the generator (the electric crank from 
the first episode), or by turning the handle on the 
bacteria tank.

If you got some algae cakes from Cueball, you can use 
them on Emmett to make him unhappy.

Think you understand everything? Let's get started. Turn 
on the machine by hitting the switch, and you see a 
picture of Edna. A degenerate criminal dislikes Edna, so 
turn Emmett's helmet to red, either by using the 
generator or the valve on the bacteria tank.

Use the slide advancer to get to the next slide. It's a 
picture of John Wilkes Booth. A degenerate criminal likes 
murderers, so turn Emmett's helmet to green, either by 
using the record player or the pot of soup.

Use the slide advancer to get to the next slide. It's a 
picture of Officer Parker. A degenerate criminal dislikes 
policemen, so turn Emmett's helmet to red, either by 
using the generator or the valve on the bacteria tank.

Use the slide advancer to get to the next slide. It's a 
picture of a Tannen. A degenerate criminal likes Tannens, 
so turn Emmett's helmet to green, either by using the 
record player or the pot of soup.

Use the slide advancer to get to the next slide. It's a 
picture of Edna's brother. A degenerate criminal dislikes 
small children, so turn Emmett's helmet to red, either by 
using the generator or the valve on the bacteria tank.

Use the slide advancer to get to the next slide. It's a 
picture of Trixie Trotter. A degenerate criminal likes 
Trixie, so turn Emmett's helmet to green, either by using 
the record player or the pot of soup.

Use the slide advancer. That was the last slide, so the 
mind map printer gives you an analysis of Emmett. Use the 
mind map on the mental alignment meter. If you did it 
correctly, the mental alignment reader gives you a 
reading of "degenerate criminal".

Use the mind map on Emmett's mind map, on the wall. Marty 
switches Emmett's original mind map with the "degenerate 
criminal" mind map. Now, when Emmett uses the machine at 
the Expo, it will show he's a degenerate criminal, so 
Edna will want to break up with him! 

004c-Faithful to Edna

Edna likes Emmett because he is faithful to her. If he 
was cheating on her with another woman, however...

Well, of course, Emmett isn't going to cheat on Edna. 
Marty is just going to make it seem like he has, by 
convincing Trixie Trotter to pretend that she is Emmett's 
secret girlfriend.

Trixie is open to the idea of breaking up Emmett and 
Edna, because she strongly dislikes Edna. However, Trixie 
doesn't want to create a scene, and she doesn't dislike 
Edna THAT much. So first, we have to get Trixie mad at 

Once you talk to Trixie for the first time, ask her to 
help make Edna jealous. She refuses. Then, talk to Edna 
about Trixie.

Talking to Edna about Trixie makes a character appears 
near the truck, in the upper/right of the Expo area. It's 
Cueball, one of Kid Tannen's former employees. He knows 
about Trixie, because he's worked with her in the past.

Talk to Cueball about Trixie three times in a row. He 
will give Marty a postcard of Trixie wearing an 
inappropriate outfit. Edna's not going to like this 
picture at all...

Use the picture on Edna. Edna takes the postcard and uses 
it to get Trixie fired from her job. Trixie is now so mad 
at Edna that she is willing to ruin Edna's relationship 
with Emmett.

Talk to Trixie. She was in a play, where they did a scene 
similar to this. She figures it'd be easy to reenact the 
scene, but she needs three props: furs, a diamond, and 
Emmett's photo album.

The diamond is in the Hill Valley of the Future exhibit. 
If this exhibit isn't open, click on the DeLorean. The 
third button (from the left) makes a rainstorm appear, 
and the fourth button makes the diamond-shaped prism 
appear. Press the third and fourth buttons in quick 
succession, and the diamond-shaped prism falls down.

To get the furs and the photo album, you have to go to 
Emmett's Lab.

In the lab, go to the pot of soup. Next to it is an 
easel. Examine it, and tell Emmett that the picture is 
bad. Emmett takes out a photo album. That's how you get 
the photo album.

To get the furs, you need the cleaning fluid, which is 
the main part of the "dresses well" puzzle. Take the can 
of motor oil, which is near the bacteria tank in the lab, 
and use it on Emmett. He reveals an invention which 
cleans things.

Examine the shower cleaner, then take the small bottle of 
cleaner. Return to the expo and examine the Hill Valley 
of the Past exhibit. Use the cleaner on the caveman to 
get the furs.

Once you have the diamond, furs and photo album, give 
them all to Trixie. Now, she's ready to make it seem like 
Emmett has been cheating on Edna.

004d-Dresses Well

Edna like Emmett because he dresses well. We need to find 
a way to make Emmett look like a slob.

That should be easy enough! There is a can of oil near 
the bacteria tank in Emmett's lab. Grab the oil and use 
it on Emmett to ruin his suit.

Emmett reveals one of his inventions: a suit cleaner. 
This compound instantly cleans any surface in seconds, 
including clothing. The downside is that, after twelve 
hours, the cleaning fluid becomes too powerful, and it 
will start to dissolve clothing, not clean it.

Examine the cleanser shower, and Emmett takes out a 
perfume bottle full of cleanser, just in case there are 
any mishaps at the expo. Take the cleanser spray bottle, 
then return to the expo.

When Marty tries to leave after spilling oil on Emmett, 
Emmett will decide to propose to Edna, after the Expo.

In twelve hours, the cleanser will destroy Emmett's suit 
instead of cleaning it. Let's age the cleanser by using 
the time machine. Use the spray bottle on the time 
machine, and Marty puts it inside. Go near the DeLorean 
and click on the spray bottle, and Marty will take it out 
of the car.

Once you use the spray cleaner on the caveman in the Hill 
Valley of the Past exhibit (as part of the "faithful to 
Edna" puzzle), the light in the DeLorean turns green, 
which means it's safe for Doc to take it on a test drive.

Put the spray cleaner in the time machine, and click on 
the time machine so Marty knows that the light is green. 
Tell Doc about the green light. Doc takes the time 
machine for a test drive, and this ages the spray cleaner 
by nine hours.

Go to Emmett's lab, then return to the expo. The light in 
the time machine is green again. Examine it, and tell Doc 
the light is green. He takes the car on another trip.

Doc returns in a short amount of time. The good news is 
that the cleanser has now been aged to the point where it 
will dissolve Emmett's suit instead of cleaning it, 
should Emmett use the cleanser. The bad news is that Edna 
has left the expo to go see Emmett.

Marty picks up the cleanser, then goes to the lab where 
he sees Emmett and Edna kissing each other.

Tell Edna that Carl Sagan wants to talk to her, and tell 
her that it's about the speakeasy arsonist. She decides 
to leave.

Give the bottle of cleanser to Emmett. Now, when he uses 
it, it will destroy his suit!

004e-Endgame Sequence 

Once Marty gets all three things ready, (or when he's 
very close to doing so, if he does the "faithful to Edna" 
puzzle last) he returns to the Expo.

Marty talks with Doc. After talking to Edna for a long 
time, Doc isn't sure that he wants to ruin the 
relationship between her and Young Emmett. After all, 
Young Edna is a lot better than Old Edna.

Tell Doc that Edna ends up alone and miserable in the 
original timeline. That convinces Doc. He doesn't want to 
go through with the plan which will break Edna's heart 
and ruin her future. Instead, Doc wants to find a third 
way, one which will result in a happier timeline for 
everyone, even Edna.

Doc leaves, upset.

Once all three puzzles are solved, Emmett appears at the 
Expo. Use the can of oil on him. He uses the cleanser to 
clean the suit, but because we aged the cleanser by about 
seventeen hours, it dissolves the suit.

Edna is shocked that Emmett ruined her grandfather's 
suit. Trixie then appears and acts out her scene, which 
makes it seem like she and Emmett had a secret 

Edna becomes furious, and Emmett tries to prove that he 
is still the same old Emmett, by using the Mental 
Alignment Meter. Bad move, Emmett. It shows that he is a 
degenerate criminal, thanks to Marty's meddling with the 
mind map cards.

Emmett leaves, upset. Marty finds him on top of the 
courthouse. Talk to Emmett for a while, and it becomes 
obvious that Emmett is very disillusioned. Right now, the 
mind map helmet rates him as yellow, which means 

Stir up Emmett's emotions by saying "you care about me". 
Emmett becomes upset at Marty, because Marty has ruined 
Emmett's life. Tell Emmett that Marty's name is really 

Tell Emmett that you ruined his life, just for the hell 
of it. Then tell Emmett that he's delusional. Emmett gets 
very upset, but in a short period of time, he returns to 
his normal, science-loving self. Hooray!

Then an accident happens, and Emmett is now hanging 
upside-down from the courthouse, off of a statue. That's 
not good!

Talk to Emmett and ask if he has anything useful. He 
does! It's the can of cleanser, which dissolves things.

Go through the hatch or climb down the rope to reach the 
ground. Pick up the bottle of cleanser. Then, go to the 
statue which is on the courthouse steps. Use the cleanser 
on the rope to get it loose.

Go through the courthouse doors and climb down the rope 
which is now loose. Click on the left and right buttons 
to make Marty swing on the rope. Swing fast and far 
enough so the rope can reach Emmett, then click on 

Emmett's foot is still stuck. Use the cleanser on his 
foot to free it from the grips of the statue.

Marty and Emmett then leave to go prepare Emmett's other 
scientific invention for the Expo. Meanwhile, on the 
outskirts of town, Old Doc picks up Edna in his car. He 
comforts her for a bit, then the two of them drive off.

To be concluded...

...in Episode Five: OUTTATIME!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you 
want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first 
(instructions under general information).

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