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Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 03/29/12

Version 1.21 3/29/12

|                                       |
| Destination Time:   MAY 15 1986 02:15 |
| Present Time:       MAY 15 1986 02:32 |
| Last Time Departed: AUG 25 1931 11:17 |

Back to the Future: The Videogame
Episode Three: Citizen Brown

A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001. General information
002. Characters
003. Video Walkthrough
004. Walkthrough
  004a. The New Hill Valley
  004b. Getting a Dog
  004c. Getting Some Alcohol
  004d. Getting the Girl
  004e. Endgame
005. Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for Episode Three of Back to the 
Future: The Videogame. This walkthrough is written for 
the PC version, although I'm sure it will apply to other 
versions of the game, when it is released on other 

You can email me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com if you 
have any comments or concerns about this guide, such as 
spelling mistakes you've noticed or if you want to 
duplicate this guide on your own website.


(in order of appearance)

Marty McFly: A high school student who has had a series 
of time-travelling adventures. When the game begins, he 
is returning back to his own time after some adventures 
in 1931.

Jennifer Parker: Marty's girlfriend. In the alternate 
timeline, she is a rocker who hates Marty and is dating 

Officer Parker: Officer Danny Parker Junior is Jennifer's 
father. He enforces the law in Hill Valley, and he will 
readily give Marty demerits.

Biff Tannen: An aggressive villain. In the alternate 
timeline, Biff has been brainwashed through hypnotherapy, 
and he is forced to follow the law at all times. Marty 
finds the new Biff rather strange. 

Emmmett "Doc" Brown: A brilliant scientist, who is 
Marty's best friend in the normal timeline. In the 
alternate timeline, he is First Citizen Brown, who runs 
Hill Valley. He is rarely seen by the town's citizens, 
unless someone has gotten into major trouble.

Edna Brown: The wife of First Citizen Brown. In the 
normal timeline, she's Edna Strickland; in this alternate 
timeline, she's married to Doc and helps him control Hill 

Leech: Leech is Jennifer's boyfriend. He thinks he is a 
great guitar player, and he works at the Soup Mo. He is 
allergic to dogs.

Lorraine McFly: Marty's mother. In the alternate 
timeline, she has been driven to drinking by her 
overbearing husband, George.

George McFly: Marty's father. In the alternate timeline, 
he likes to spy on everyone, all the time. Mostly, he 
spies on his wife Lorraine.

Einstein: A dog. He is Doc Brown's dog in the original 
timeline. In the alternate timeline, he's a stray dog.

003-Video Walkthrough

Would you like to see how to beat the game, not just read
about it? Then you'll want to check out this video


It comes complete with my commentary, along with commentary
from two of my buddies, Paul and Nikola.


At any point in the game, you can press the space bar to 
pause. You can also press the escape button to adjust the 
game settings, quit playing, or save and load games. The 
game has an automatic save feature. 

The game asks if you want automatic goals. See, in the 
top/left corner of the screen, you have a goals button. 
You can click on it to learn what Marty's current goal 
is. If you select "automatic goals", the goal will 
automatically be shown onscreen anytime Marty gets a new 
goal. You can change these at any time in the game 
settings menu.

You can also right-click to skip a line of dialogue.

004a-The New Hill Valley

The game begins with Marty crashing the DeLorean into a 
billboard in Alternate 1986. Marty is unharmed, but now 
he's stuck in a billboard. How is he supposed to get 

There's no one in sight except the Delinquent Rocker 
Chick who is picking up trash for community service. She 
doesn't hear when Marty calls out to her.

Click on the Wrecked DeLorean to get a view of the inside 
of the car. There's not much here besides the car horn, 
so press on that. Marty honks the horn until the Rocker 
Chick notices him.

Marty recognizes the Rocker Chick. She is his girlfriend, 
Jennifer Parker. At least, Jennifer WAS his girlfriend, 
back in Marty's original timeline. In this new timeline, 
however, Jennifer has vastly changed, in appearance and 
attitude. She also seems to hate Marty's guts.

Ask her for help in getting out of the car, then ask if 
she has anything useful. She has a tire iron, but she 
refuses to give it to Marty unless he gives her something 
first. Check Marty's inventory. He doesn't have much 
besides papers, photographs, and Kid Tannen's flask. 
Since the flask is the most interesting thing, use it on 

Jennifer takes the flask and throws Marty the tire iron. 
Marty breaks open the window of the car with the tire 
iron, then he climbs out of the car. He grabs Doc's 
notebook, which is filled with all sorts of information 
about the time machine, and then he climbs down the 

Marty tries to catch a ride into town with Jennifer, but 
she rides off without him. Judging from the things she 
says, it seems that she and Marty had a bad breakup after 
they dated in this timeline. Also, she thinks Marty is a 
huge nerd.

The DeLorean then crashes to the ground, thereby ensuring 
that Marty will have to stay in this alternate timeline 
for a while. It doesn't look like the DeLorean is damaged 
beyond repair, but Marty definitely won't be able to fix 
the car on his own.

Marty's best bet at this point seems to be "Find Doc, and 
hope he can fix everything." That plan has worked before, 
so hopefully it'll work again. Doc is probably in Hill 
Valley, if that billboard with a picture of Doc on it is 
any indication.

Unfortunately, Marty can't just walk into town. There's a 
huge gate blocking the way, and the person on the radio 
box is unhelpful. It looks like Marty will have to figure 
out how to get over the wall into town.

There aren't many items here for Marty to use, so this 
puzzle shouldn't be TOO difficult. There is a battery 
near the back of the DeLorean and a hoverwheel near 
Marty. Remove the hoverwheel with the tire iron, and then 
use the battery on the hoverwheel. The wheel floats high 
into the air, and Marty uses this to get over the wall.

Once in town, Marty wanders around for a bit. Everything 
looks so clean and scientific! There's a weird statue in 
the courthouse square, the courthouse itself looks 
entirely different, and why is everybody wearing the same 
set of clothes?

Marty bumps into Danny Parker, Junior. It looks like in 
this alternate timeline, Danny Junior decided to become a 
police officer, just like his father. Officer Parker 
gives Marty a hard time for being out of uniform and not 
wearing a name tag. He gives Marty a patdown, but of 
course, he doesn't find anything suspicious.

Talk to Officer Parker if you want to. He tells Marty 
that Citizen Brown is inside the courthouse at the 
moment. There's a large gate in front of the courthouse, 
though, so press the buzzer on the gate to talk to 
someone inside.

Edna Brown nee Strickland answers, but unsurprisingly, 
she doesn't let Marty in to see Doc right away. Talking 
to Edna on the buzzer triggers a cutscene where Marty 
sees First Citizen Brown talking with...Biff Tannen?

At this point (or earlier), you can freely explore the 
town square. There are guided tours stations which tell 
you about the various things in town. The statue in the 
middle of the square is supposed to be of Young Emmett 
defeating Kid Tannen in 1931.

The soup kitchen from 1931 has been replaced with a fast 
food place called the Soup Mo. The booth where Officer 
Parker spends most of his time contains a De-cycler, a 
machine which receives all receives all contraband items 
for permanent disposal.

Biff is standing at a table, in the exact same spot Edna 
Strickland stood in, back in 1931. You have to talk to 
Biff about an awful lot of things before Marty can end 
the conversation, so you might as well talk to Biff about 
everything and anything.

Biff used to be a bad person (big surprise). He liked to 
drink, mess around with women, and raise dogs. 
Eventually, he got in so much trouble that he was taken 
before Citizen Brown and condemned to join the Citizen 
Plus program, which is an extensive re-education program 
that forces people to obey the law.

Judging from what Biff says, a surefire way to see 
Citizen Brown is to break all of the rules in Hill 
Valley. That will get you in so much trouble that they'll 
take you right to the man himself.

And what are the rules in Hill Valley?

1. No dogs.
2. No alcohol.
3. No kissing in public.

This is Marty's basic plan for the game: break all three 
of those rules, in order to get taken before Citizen 
Brown. You can do all three things in pretty much any 
order you want, and you can work on all three 

004b-Getting a Dog

There's a stray dog in Hill Valley, and believe it or 
not, it's our old friend Einstein! Marty is going to have 
to find Einstein and befriend him.

Marty cannot do this, until after his first trip to the 
McFly House.

Here's how to get to the McFly House: Once Marty finished 
talking to Biff, he sees Jennifer enter the alleyway. 
This allows Marty to go to the alleyway. The first time 
Marty leaves the alleyway, his mother appears in the town 
square. Talk to her, and she lets Marty ride the golf 
cart to the McFly residence. Once you give Lorraine's 
time sheet to George, you can go back and forth between 
the McFly House and the courthouse square whenever you 

After Marty has been to the McFly House, he can go to the 
Soup Mo. If you tried visiting the Soup Mo earlier, the 
person who works there is on lunch break. But once you go 
to the McFly House, the lunch break ends.

Ask Leech, the Soup Mo employee, for some free soy dog 
samples. Leech brings them out on the counter. They taste 

Walk away from the Soup Mo, and Einstein should show up. 
He's attracted by the smell of the soy dogs which are 
left out on the counter. Einstein runs to the alleyway, 
so follow after him.

In the alleyway, Marty sees Einstein run up a plank of 
wood. He also sees Jennifer put a can of spray paint on 
the ground. Try to use Jennifer's ammo box to pick up the 
spray paint.

The spray paint is an item that you can only use in the 
alleyway, so obviously, you have to use it to solve a 
puzzle here. Use the spray paint on the plank of wood 
that Einstein ran on. Now, the next time Einstein runs on 
the plank, he'll leave a trail of painted paw prints.

The way to get Einstein to run on the plank is simply to 
leave the alleyway and come back again.

Once Einstein runs on the plank in the alleyway, use the 
plank to reach the area where Einstein is hidden. Use the 
blue paw prints to find out what Einstein is hiding 

Einstein is in a bad mood, so use the soy dog on him to 
cheer him up. Marty removes the muzzle from Einstein's 
mouth, and Einstein instantly becomes friends with him.

Marty and Einstein then head into town, where Einstein 
frightens Edna Brown. Einstein isn't that scary, but he 
certainly seems to dislike Edna, no matter what timeline 
he's in.

Once Einstein is muzzled, Edna takes him to the kennel, 
and Officer Parker gives Marty some demerits. All right, 
Marty has broken one of the rules!

004c-Getting Some Alcohol 

The way for Marty to find some alcohol is through his 
parents, George and Lorraince McFly. In this alternate 
timeline, they have reverted back to their original 
personalities. Remember the start of the first movie? 
That's the version of Marty's parents we have here, 
instead of the nicer version of his parents from the end 
of the movie.

Once Marty is finished talking to Biff, he sees Jennifer 
go into the alleyway behind the Soup Mo. Follow her 
there, and talk to her if you want.

The first time Marty leaves the alleyway, he meets his 
mother. Go talk to her. She's nice enough to Marty, but 
she seems upset about George. In fact, she gives Marty a 
timesheet and tells him to give it to George.

Marty can now drive to the McFly house, using the golf 
cart. When you do so, Marty goes to his house and finds 
that his dad has a surveillance system set up in the 

George will tell Marty some important plot details, like 
the fact that about half the people in Hill Valley 
dislike the constant surveillance, forced conformity and 
numerous rules. George has most of these complaints 
compiled together on a special tape.

For our purposes of getting alcohol, the important thing 
that George tells Marty is that Lorraine is a secret 
boozer, and she's got a flask hidden somewhere.

Go back to the town square and talk to Lorraine. When you 
ask about her hidden flask of alcohol, she starts to yell 
at George. George is watching the whole scene through a 
nearby camera.

Lorraine isn't going to show her flask to Marty with 
George watching through the security camera. Use the 
statue twice in a row, and Marty hits the moveable part 
of the statue so it is resting right in front of the 
camera. That way, George can't see anything.

Go talk to Lorraine, who is taking a break to drink from 
her flask. She cries when Marty catches her, and Marty 
agrees to dispose of the flask for her.

Pick up the flask from the flowers at the base of the 
statue. Then, use it on Officer Parker, at the guard 
station. Officer Parker will search Marty, and he finds 
the flask. Of course, Marty gets hit with a large stack 
of demerits. All right, Marty has broken one of the 

004d-Getting the Girl 

The third main rule of Hill Valley is "no public displays 
of affection". Of course, the only girl Marty wants to 
kiss is Jennifer, so he's going to have to figure out 
some way to win her affections.

Once Marty finished talking to Biff, he sees Jennifer 
enter the alleyway. This allows Marty to go to the 
alleyway. Go there and talk to her if you want to. Marty 
tries to win her over, but he fails.

The first time Marty leaves the alleyway, his mother 
appears in the town square. Talk to her, and she lets 
Marty ride the golf cart to the McFly residence. Go 
there, and get Marty's guitar from the garage. George 
McFly agrees to let Marty keep the guitar, once he learns 
that Marty will use it to win Jennifer back.

When you first return to the courtyard, go to the Soup 
Mo. Marty sees that Jennifer is currently enamored with 
Leech. LEECH? Seriously?

Go to the alleyway and ask Jennifer about Leech. She says 
that he is a much better guitar player than Marty is. 
Keep asking about the guitar, and Marty will challenge 
Leech to a showdown, to see who is the REAL guitar hero.

The rules of the guitar challenge are simple. The two 
boys take turns, and each person has to do the same thing 
the other person does. For example, if Marty does a 
scissors kick on his turn, Leech has to do a scissors 
kick. Then, Leech takes a turn. If Marty jumps to the 
left, then Leech will jump to the left.

The way to win the guitar challenge is by doing a 
scissors kick while in front of the amp. This causes 
Leech to knock over the buckets that hold up a plank of 
wood. Then, climb on top of the garbage dumpster. Leech 
will climb on top of the plank of wood. Hop up and down, 
and when Leech does the same thing, he breaks the piece 
of wood (because it doesn't have the buckets holding it 
up), and he falls down into the dumpster below.

This may take a few tries. Sometimes, when you climb on 
top of the garbage dumpster, Leech climbs back down. If 
this happens, climb back on top of the dumpster again. 
Eventually, Leech stops on top of the dumpster, so you 
can hop on it.

Of course, Jennifer is super-impressed with Marty's 
guitar skills, and she breaks up with Leech. She agrees 
to be Marty's girlfriend again, and the two of them start 
kissing the Soup Mo.

Open the window of the Soup Mo, so Edna can see Marty and 
Jennifer. Edna and Officer Parker give many demerits to 
Marty for his bad behavior. All right, Marty has broken 
one of the rules!

004e-Endgame Sequence 

Once Marty breaks all three rules, he gets taken before 
First Citizen Brown to be disciplined. 

There are many conversation options during Marty's talk 
with First Citizen Brown. Pick whichever conversations 
you want. In the end, Marty will tell Citizen Brown about 
the time machine and 1931.

Citizen Brown will eventually offer Marty the chance to 
explore the room. Now, you can move freely.

At this point, you need to do two of the following three 

1. Examine the portrait on the wall of Young Emmett.
2. Examine the fish tank.
3. Use the 1931 newspaper on Doc.

Citizen Brown will get angry at this point. He pulls out 
a photograph from 1931. Look at the photograph, and click 
on Marty and Doc (in the gazebo). Marty will point this 
out to Doc.

Doc will become convinced that Marty is his old friend 
from 1931. Edna, who is listening outside, is shocked. 

The conversation continues, and First Citizen Brown 
becomes furious when Marty suggests that there are 
miserable people in Hill Valley. Marty says he can PROVE 
people are miserable in Hill Valley, and he can. George 
McFly has a tape full of people complaining about Hill 
Valley, remember?

Doc returns to thinking Marty is insane and making up a 
wild story. Marty leaves the office to go back home to 
get the tape, but of course, things aren't that simple. 
When he arrives, he finds out that someone attacked his 

Click on the baseball bat, then the box of tape cases. 
George will realize that someone knocked him out with the 
baseball bat, then stole his tapes.

Tell George you need the tapes for Citizen Brown. Show 
George one of the demerits to back up your story. George 
will then try something: examining the tapes which are 
still in the TV monitors.

The security camera in the yard is tied to the TV monitor 
in the lower left. Press the switch twice, then press the 
VCR under the TV. George replays the tape, which shows 
that Biff attacked George.

Biff's watch was on X-11 mode at the time. Curious...

Marty goes back to town and confronts Biff. Biff has no 
idea what Marty is talking about; in fact, Biff can't 
remember what happened when George was attacked.

Keep asking Biff questions until he mentions his watch. 
The last thing Biff remembers is Edna resetting his 
watch. Ask to see Biff's watch, then press MODE. Press 
the up and down buttons until the watch reads X-11, then 
hit MODE again.

Biff reverts to a hypnotic state. It's starting to look 
like Edna put him in this mode, then ordered him to 
attack George. Ask Biff where the tape is, and ask Biff 
to retrieve it.

Biff dives headfirst into the de-cycling bin. Quickly, 
dive in after him!

Marty is now in a new place. Does it look familiar? It 
should! It's the speakeasy from the second game in the 

I'm not sure how Marty got all the way to the speakeasy 
from the courthouse, seeing as those buildings are two 
blocks away from each other, but trust me, it's the 
speakeasy. It appears to be full of all sorts of illegal 
things, just like the speakeasy was, back in the 1930's.

Edna is there, scolding Biff. When Marty appears, she 
puts Biff back in a hypnotic trance, then she has him put 
Marty in a headlock.

To get out of the headlock, click on four of these five 

1. The beer
2. The license plates
3. The girly magazines
4. The cigars
5. Einstein

All these are things that Biff likes. They snap Biff out 
of his trance, and they cause him to faint.

Edna will reveal a few things, like the fact that she 
went behind Citizen Brown's back in creating Biff's X-11 
mode, that she erased George's tapes, and that she 
doesn't seem to care for Citizen Brown's overly-
optimistic opinions.

Citizen Brown comes in at this point and confronts Edna. 
The two of them talk for a bit, then he sends her away.

Try to cheer up Doc by selecting all three dialogue 
options in turn. Doc decides to move on. Marty gives him 
the notebook about the time machine. Doc becomes inspired 
and decides to build a lab.

It's time to free Einstein and get out of the room. Click 
on Einstein's cage and...uh oh, Biff wakes up, and he's 
furious with Marty. Biff will then attempt to attack 

Open Einstein's cage, then use the records on Biff. This 
slows Biff down, but doesn't stop him. When Marty is 
throwing records at Biff, click on Einstein.

Einstein will corner Biff near one of the old gambling 
tables. Hit the panic button, on the underside of what 
used to be the bar of the speakeasy, and the table opens 
up, knocking Biff unconscious!

Hooray, the game is finished! Time for a cliffhanger that 
leads into the next game. Marty goes to First Citizen 
Brown's office, but Doc isn't there. Edna appears, and 
she says that she's taking care of her husband.

As policemen drag Marty away, the image of Doc being 
tortured appears onscreen. Edna smiles contentedly. To be 


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you 
want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first 
(instructions under general information).

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