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  • [After Rab drops his porn mag in front of everyone:]
    Selena: is this what you were so engrossed with back at the Library, Rab? I thought you said it was a spellbook!
    Jade: Another one to add to the collection, eh? And there I was thinking you'd finally got over your little obsession...
    Sylvando: Sir Rab -- you have been caught red-handed! And red-faced!
    Veronica: And after you'd just done your rousing speech, too. Talk about mortifying...
    Rab: B-B-B-But--! Wait! Ye don't understand! I only read them for the articles! ...The articles, I tell ye!!

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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  • Sylvando: I have something for you! Something soft and warm and...fragrant. Something I just know you're going to love!
    Avarith: Ooh, what ith it, what ith it? It thoundth amazing! I have to thee it right now! Hand it over, hand it over!
    Sylvando: With pleasure. I do hope it brings you joy.
    Avarith: Let me thee, let me thee! Urrrgh! What ith that awful thmell!?
    [She opens his hand and finds a clump of manure.]
    Avarith: You...! YOU! Do you think thith ith thome kind of joke!?

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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