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by charoplet

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Game Script by charoplet

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 01/13/2019


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age


Basics - This script contains only all the mandatory conversations in the game. There will be spoilers. If you're reading this and haven't beaten the game, I suggest you avoid reading ahead.

For non-English speaking people the text will come in handy too. It can be translated using online translators.

This document will also be useful for Nintendo 3DS owners. DQXI - Japanese exclusive, but all the cutscenes are the same. So you can read the text here and play on Nintendo 3DS.

Small screenshots added to improve the visual perception of the text. The screenshots are easier to remember the events of the game. It is better to see once than to describe each character or place.

I hope this document will be useful to you.

This document is Copyright ©2019 Paul Char (charoplet) and is the intellectual property of the author. Exclusive to: GameFAQs.

Version History

Version 0.9 01/13/2019