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by behindtheword

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Character/Mechanics FAQ by behindtheword

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 11/26/2018

Dragon Quest XI: Game/Skill/Spell/Pep/Character Data

This is a FAQ by Alexander Langella, also known as behindtheword and ignasia7. This FAQ is copyright to me, Alexander Langella.

Welcome to my FAQ that covers the various skills and spells within this vast game. Included is also information on the Pep state, and different Pep Powers, alongside a stat explanation and Character stat data.

The point of adding in Pep is they function as a secondary set of skills (and spells) that work like Chrono Trigger's Double and Triple Techs, or Phantasy Star 4's combination Techs.

The point of stats is that both the skill trees and the Pep state itself alter stats, so given the link, why not explain stats, and give the stat values for certain levels for each character to better plan and strategize.

I should note that I take credit for none of this data at this point. Down the road given my penchant for testing, I will be able to validate the data (or potential changes in the localization if any are present). Most of the credit goes to the various Japanese sites in the link section, and KuuzokuOuGilder. A shoutout to yab for his data uncovering of DQ9 where DQ11 borrows directly from 9's mechanics.