Creating a mask for paralysis?

  1. I just started playing this game after several months and what I want to know is should I create a Malleable Mask or a Papillon Mask for Act 3; I'm on Act 2 right now and where I can get the materials for whichever one is reccomended. I have two of the Malleable Masks for Sylvando and Serena and thanks in advance :)

    User Info: vegetass139

    vegetass139 - 2 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Malleable mask It can be alchemised by using 1x Circlet, 2x Butterfly wing and 2x Narspicious .

    Papillion mask It can be alchemised by using 1x Malleable mask , 1x Dread dagger and 3x Narspicious .

    User Info: tecnomage1

    tecnomage1 - 1 week ago 1   0

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