Did I miss my opportunity to get In Fine Fettle with Liquid Metal?

  1. I know it's supposed to be in the "final" dungeon; I'm well into Act III, so if it turns out that I DID miss it... oh well I guess.

    User Info: Hiyoguy

    Hiyoguy - 4 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You should find it at the First Forest Whale Way Station if you missed it in the Fortress of Fear. Any chests you missed there will appear at the First Forest Whale Way Station.

    User Info: MasterJG

    MasterJG - 4 weeks ago 4   1
  2. With the exception of the mimic (Pandora's Box) and the 4x Sage's Elixir at the end.

    User Info: Jacien

    Jacien - 1 week ago

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