Why is the S edition only on switch?

  1. Okay let me start with my problem lol, I dont own a switch and Im currently playing and loving this game and with the switch version of the game is coming with more story, more mounts, I don't really care about the 8 bit stuff but there might be people like me that do so...
    So why do you think exclusive stuff after the game comes out in other console happens?
    Do you think it's fair?
    And do you think the expansion could be released on ps4?

    Im kinda sad I can't enjoy this lol and I don't have money for a switch...(Im15 years old)
    Whatever happens I would like they didn't treat their ps4 playerbase like they weren't there man.

    Maybe Im too scared and Im not thinking well so tell me what you think😂

    User Info: SamuraiWarriorX

    SamuraiWarriorX - 4 months ago

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  1. DLC would be grand. I would pay for it!

    User Info: ImaraLion

    ImaraLion - 2 months ago 1   0


  1. Because Yuji Horii wanted it to after coming out over 2 years being delayed because it took longer development time. The PS4 version still released as a complete product. If modern SE had their way with it act 3 would have been DLC. I never felt like it was lacking. Yes, it's fair.

    And probably not anytime soon. If it does it's probably not going to include the stuff from the 3DS version like the 2D mode and past DQ world quests.
    And if Nintendo worked out a deal with Sugiyama to license the orchestral tracks I don't see that coming either. Plus there's likely exclusivity contracts involved with Nintendo as well. And if there is a DLC/patch, it's not going to be for free.

    Nintendo cares more about DQ than SE does in the west and has done more for the series starting with DQIX than I've ever seen SE do.

    User Info: Tiael

    Tiael - 4 months ago 1   1
  2. Well man that calmed my soul lol well I just hoped this thing comes as dlc at least lol
    Or as a ps5 game with hd textures

    User Info: SamuraiWarriorX

    SamuraiWarriorX - 3 months ago

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