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  1. How the frick am I supposed to beat them? My levels are around 58 - 60, and I'm getting my butt handed to me. HELP

    User Info: ZeldaFan12345

    ZeldaFan12345 - 4 months ago
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    Oops I fricked up all of my team is at least 60. I'm also able to get one of them down, but die from the reinforcements and the other one. I just got the dual wielding penalty removement ability on Erik, so I have the cobra strike, divide, victimiser strategy to full effect. Don't have Magic Burst on Veronica yet. Also have two cathilothicon rings on Veronica and Hero. I have the Age of Heroes (Erdwin's set, etc.) on everyone who can have it, so equipment isn't that much of a problem. Going to grind cathilothicon rings and try again

    User Info: ZeldaFan12345

    ZeldaFan12345 - 3 months ago

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  1. To be honest, I squeaked by around level 70. I used Hero, Hendrik, Jade, and Serena. Hero used Sword Dance until multiple enemies were summoned, then I switched him to Quadraslash to hit all and reduce numbers. Hendrik spammed A Cut Above, and Jade with Multithrust. Serena was healbot, or Kabuff if HP was good. (She can also use attack abilities if you're really doing good.) Focus on Decadance first, as he loves using moves that cost you moves.

    User Info: dunno001

    dunno001 - 3 months ago 1   0


  1. Level up more seems like a surefire way to win

    User Info: Mooman

    Mooman - 4 months ago 0   0
  2. *Spoilers*

    That area has the toughest bosses in the game. You might be able to get by the first two but you will probably need to level up to 99 and have some good equip. to beat them.

    User Info: drew9966

    drew9966 - 3 months ago 0   0

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