Uber agate of evolution??

  1. I really need some uber agate of evolution to forge a weapon but I can't find it anywhere

    User Info: nellychillin

    nellychillin - 2 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Post-game you can steal them with Erik's half inch skill from Squidzilla, which is huge squid enemy that appears in the northern sea area(near the small island in the north or a bit north east, I don't exactly remember).

    User Info: zoderos

    zoderos - 2 years ago 21   8


  1. Also, once you complete all the Mini Medal pages, then you can turn in extra Mini Medals to the headmaster to purchase various items. Uber Agates cost 5 apiece.

    User Info: Chimeramanexe

    Chimeramanexe - 2 years ago 13   7
  2. If you are post game, there is a monster in a trial area called Master Moosifier (I think, don't quote me) and Red Giant. They drop the Uber agate of evolution. You will also find a chest with three of them in the same dungeon where they appear.

    User Info: Dan_Spellsword

    Dan_Spellsword - 2 years ago 10   7
  3. I just farmed them from Master Moosifer in The Luminary Trial - Citadel of Spite. Its their common steal for Erik. You can get about 10 of them in about 20 mins.

    User Info: Cactusmeat

    Cactusmeat - 10 months ago 5   3

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