Where are metal slimes?

  1. I'm in the postgame and these monsters aren't cutting it anymore. Does anybody know where I can find any slime metal kings or anything?

    User Info: nellychillin

    nellychillin - 1 year ago

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  1. I found King Slimes as a random encounter in the Fortress of Fear with basic enemies. However if you use the Electrolight Pep, you have a good chance of turning basic enemies into Metal Slimes, usually a Metal King Slime and two Liquid Metal Slimes. (It can fail sometimes) So if you find a weak enemy, and wait awhile to use the pep powers Hallejulha and Electro Light with the MC, Jade, Sylvando, and Erik, you can get quite a lot of exp though the process can take up to around 8 minutes (easier if MC has Pep Up to insta pep) with a small chance of failure leading to Mechs being summoned instead of slimes but it is the fastest way to grind according to some rather than waiting for random encounters.Also, I just reached post game so I don't know if it accessible but if Mount Huji's cave is available, try to find the Hardy Hand. Like the Bloody Hand and Muddy Hand it can call for back-up BUT unlike the others it gives around 30,000 exp for killing it. If it doesn't kill you with Whack and doesn't run away you could try to wait for these things to call for back-up.

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  1. Go to the last dungeon, travel from one floor to another using flying mount. In the japanese version i would meet a lot of metal king slime and lots of mini medal

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  2. The best way to encounter Metal Slimes late in the game is to use the Electro Light Pep Power.

    You'll need Hero, Jade, and Sylvando pepped up to perform it. It'll spawn different metal slimes depending on your level range; you'll always get a couple regular metal slimes in the mix, but at 70+ you'll get a king slime in the group.

    It has a 10% chance of failure, so what you'll want to do is either farm pep pips at the casino or defend until the characters you need are pepped up, kill the enemies/flee the battle, save, then use Electro Light. It might sound tedious, but it'll save you a lot of time when Electro Light fails.

    If you combine it with the Hallelujah pep power (Erik, Jade, Hero), you'll gain anywhere from 2-8 levels per battle, assuming you manage to down all three slimes.

    I'd suggest having Rab pepped so you can use the Dirge of Dundrasil to put the slimes to sleep, and you'll want as many characters as possible to know crit abilities such as Hatchet Man and Thunder Thrust. Erik is a one man wrecking crew with Critical Claim, but metal slimes don't stick around long when they're awake, and they don't sleep for long.

    By the way, if you use Hallelujah before Electro Light, Metal King Slimes will always drop a Pep Pip at the end of the battle. There's next to no point in looking for metal slimes if you aren't popping Hallelujah first. It whittles the whole process down to a couple hours.

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  3. I usually go to Laguna di Gondolia. Hardy Hands give you more EXP than basic Metal Slimes, but they cast Whack. I usually would put a Holy Ring on my team but as i have only two and no way of making them, i just up my magical resistance. But i don't know if they will show up again in Act 3, which i am at.

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  4. Addition to PKLongshanks statement about Metal Kings dropping Pep Pips: This is specifically the post-game Vicious Metal Kings that drop them, not the standard Metal Kings. At 70+ Electrolight will pull either 1 VMKS and 2 VLMS or it'll pull 3 Aegis. It always pulls either leveled metal family (up to 70 in postgame, I believe 50 until you kill Mordegon) or leveled Killing Machine (specifically killing machines, it doesn't pull uber/overkilling machine archetypes, and I don't think it can ever pull a type g0) up to Aegis. Number of enemies pulled is always 3, regardless of the number of enemies left, so it's wise to kill all but one monster until you Electrolight, then make sure you have at least Jade and Erik with Lightning Thrust/Critical Claim respectively (Lightning over Thunder - Lightning has always been an upgrade over Thunder across every game in the series I've played) and reap the rewards. Serena with Thunder Thrust/8 with Hatchet Man can also be added into the party for added crit or miss moves, if you want complete insurance, but generally if you Dirge or if Sylvando triggers Electrolight before Erik/Jade have had their turns, you won't need more than Jade and Erik to clear all three since Critical Claim is 100% crits (99%? I dunno, never seen it fail) and the likelihood of Thunder Thrust failing twice in a row is low, effectively letting you kill all three in two turns.

    User Info: spyros_fury

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