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NOW THATS WHAT I CALL SING features 30 chart topping hits including 17 number ones from some of the worlds biggest artists. Grab a mic and sing solo or play with up to 7 other friends and really get the party started.
Featuring tracks from Sam Smith, Meghan Trainor, Avicii, Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, Sia, Calvin Harris, Rita Ora and more.


Game Modes

CLASSIC: Sing a song solo or play against your friends.

BY HEART: Like CLASSIC mode but some of the lyrics will disappear during the round.

DUET: Sing a real duet with your friends.

EXPERT: Test your memory in EXPERT mode which has no on-screen lyrics or visual cues.

PASS THE MIC: Lets you play with a partner sharing one mic.

FIRST TO 20,000: Compete against your friends and gain points. The first person to reach 20,000 points wins.

ELIMINATION: Start with a full bar of energy which depletes with every wrong note. If you lose all your energy, youre out!

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