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by Krystal109

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/23/2016
FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Rise of the Tomb Raider - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Game Features
    3. Movement & Navigation
    4. Combat Basics
  4. Video Walkthrough
  5. Walkthrough
    1. Ascension
    2. The Lost Tomb
    3. The Hidden Oasis
    4. The Prophet's Tomb
    5. A Cold Welcome
    6. Echoes of the Past
    7. Best Laid Plans
    8. Among the Enemy
    9. Unexpected Discovery
    10. Prison Break
    11. The Way Out
    12. Get Out of Dodge
    13. Fugitives
    14. Optional Exploration
    15. Alone Again
    16. Shortcut
    17. Warming Up
    18. Prepare For Battle
    19. To the Tower
    20. Into the Acropolis
    21. Reach the Tower
    22. Rescue Mission
    23. Back to the Forest
    24. Silent Night
    25. The Cathedral
    26. Glimpses
    27. The Atlas
    28. Dark Waters
    29. Rising Tide
    30. Escape the Archive
    31. Optional Exploration (2)
    32. The Rescue
    33. Tracking Down Trinity
    34. Save Jonah
    35. Protector
    36. Optional Exploration (3)
    37. Path of the Deathless
    38. Through the Glacier
    39. Into the Hidden City
    40. Breaking In
    41. The Frozen City
    42. Gate Crasher
    43. You Shall Not Pass
    44. Ascension (2)
    45. The Divine Source
  6. Challenge Tombs
    1. Ice Ship
    2. Ancient Cistern
    3. Voice of God
    4. The Red Mine
    5. House of the Afflicted
    6. Catacomb of Sacred Waters
    7. Baths of Kitezh
    8. Pit of Judgement
    9. Chamber of Exorcism
  7. Challenges
    1. Hang 'em High
    2. Grab and Go
    3. Into Darkness
    4. Data Corruption
    5. Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    6. Difference of Opinion
    7. Capture the Flag
    8. Fowl Play
    9. Bull's-Eye
    10. Hung Out to Dry
    11. High Diving
    12. Cut Short
    13. Tossing Gourd
    14. Scorched Earth
    15. Enemy of My Enemy
    16. For Whom the Bell Tolls
    17. Vandal
    18. Banner Wars
    19. Burn Baby Burn
  8. Side Missions
    1. Communications Breakdown
    2. The Unlucky Ones
    3. Misguided Intelligence
    4. Dangerous Territory
    5. Gulag Recon
    6. The Temple of the Witch
    7. Defensive Strategy
    8. Surveillance Disruption
    9. A Hearty Meal
    10. Ancient Secrets
  9. Skills
    1. Brawler
    2. Hunter
    3. Survivor
  10. Equipment & Outfits
    1. Bows
    2. Handguns
    3. Rifles
    4. Shotguns
    5. Axes
    6. Equipment
  11. Collectibles
    1. Location Maps
    2. Documents
    3. Relics
  12. Trophies & Achievements
    1. Base Game
    2. Endurance Mode
    3. Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch
    4. Cold Darkness Awakened
    5. Blood Ties & Lara's Nightmare
    6. Endurance Mode Co-op
  13. Contact Information
  14. Version History
    1. Current Version
    2. Older Versions
  15. Copyright & Disclaimer

Rise of the Tomb Raider - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Author: Stephanie B. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 1.00 - Nov 23, 2016


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My purpose for this guide is to help you complete Rise of the Tomb Raider with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. It will point out all Caches, Murals, Strongboxes and other collectibles while also covering all Challenges and Side Missions. Note that I won't be covering animal hunting, salvage crates, or gifts of alms as they are minor rewards that offer small amounts of resources.

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With a few exceptions, Tomb Raider plays very much like a standard third-person shooter or games like the Uncharted franchise.

PlayStation 4Xbox 360/Xbox OneDescription
Character Movement
Camera Movement
Weapon Selection
Reload Weapon
Grapple Axe
Melee Strike
Melee Finisher
/Heal (hold)
/Fire Weapon (alternate ammo)
Craft Alternate Ammo (hold)
/Aim Weapon
/Fire Weapon / Throw Item
Craft Basic Ammo (hold)
Camera Shoulder Swap (while aiming)
Survival Instincts
Zoom Weapon (while aiming)
/Open Map

Game Features

The following covers the core gameplay features, not including general controls or combat, that make up the most important parts of the game. Mastering these features will help you with the game's difficulty and allow you to traverse the story with little trouble.

Base Camps

As Lara makes her way through the world of Rise of the Tomb Raider, she can set up camp in certain areas that are advantageous. Base Camps are the central hubs where Lara must frequently return to upgrade her Skills, Equipment and Weapons. In order to help the player find the way back to a Base Camp the game designers have created intuitive ways to naturally lead the player around the environment, such as steams or coastlines, but they are also marked on your in-game map. Additionally, at most points in the game you can use Base Camps to fast travel to any previous location, allowing you to quickly go back and grab anything you missed.


Skills help Lara survive her journey, invisibly leveling her up, by gaining a skill point whenever a certain XP threshold is reached. XP is granted through story progression, by defeating enemies, and even hunting animals.

Once you have one or more skill points, return to any camp in the game to choose a skill to unlock the ability. There are three types of survival skills:

  • Brawler - increases your melee combat abilities and overall toughness in combat
  • Hunter - increases your bow mastery, and hunting and harvesting abilities
  • Survivor - increases the your crafting ability, observation aptitude, and unlocks additional improvised weapons

At the start of the game some skills are more useful than others, although you'll definitely want to invest into combat skills once you're about one third into the game. Skills that enhance Lara's Survival Instincts are especially useful when you're trying to collect every single collectible in the game.


As Lara searches through the environments she can find crafting ingredients from plants or hunt animals for hides and feathers. These items can be used to craft additional ammo for her weapons when she runs low, heal her wounds in battle, and even upgrade her equipment and weapons. It is always a good idea to keep a healthy amount of ingredients to ensure that Lara never finds herself in a sticky situation where she runs out of ammo.

Equipment & Weapon Upgrades

Once Lara reaches a Base Camp she can upgrade her equipment, such as creating pouches to allow her to carry more ammo, or modify her existing weapons to increase their power. In addition, Lara can find additional weapon parts in strongboxes that will give her access to advanced weapons, such as the Compound Bow.


Most areas in the game have at least one challenge that usually involves finding and destroying an object. The number of objects is dependent on the challenge and the items can only be found in the area where the challenge began. To start a challenge, you must first find and destroy one of the objects and then the challenge will be listed and the number required to finish will appear on screen.

Side Missions

As Lara becomes familiar with the land and encounters the local villagers she may be asked to aid them in return for rewards. These missions can be anything as small as clearing out a group of enemies or animals to rescuing prisoners from Trinity. Each has their own objective and rewards, but these should be undertaken when found to unlock outfits, weapon accessories, and even additional skills.

Crypts & Challenge Tombs

Crypts and Challenge Tombs are located throughout the game and are non-combat areas. Crypts are often found in caves and lead to a sarcophagus that contains a weapon part, while tombs require Lara to solve a puzzle to reach a scroll that unlocks a new skill. While not marked on the map, the game will indicate when Lara is near a them through a dialogue box.


Rise of the Tomb Raider has a ton of collectibles that will grant Lara a small amount of XP for each she finds. Monoliths, Archivist's Maps, and Explorer's Satchels are collectibles that don't directly offer a reward, instead revealing the location of other collectibles on the map. Relics and Documents give insight into the past and current events in the game and also increase Lara's language skill, along with Murals, in Greek, Russian, or Mongolian. In turn, Lara's language skill in each language must be high enough to read Monoliths, which will in return reveal the location of Coin Caches that can be used to purchase items from the Supply Shack.

In addition, Relics and Documents can be viewed at any time through the map menu and some relics can even be rotated to find hidden information.

Movement & Navigation

Lara's adventure can be difficult due to the many obstacles that stand in her way, but with the following basic knowledge you should be able to navigate through the majority of the situations and keep her out of harm's way.


A new addition to Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara can now sprint through the area by pressing down . This is great when you're backtracking through the large areas of the Soviet Installation or Geothermal Valley, but be careful since you might run right around a corner into a group of enemies.

Wall Scramble

Lara has the ability to jump against any flat wall and jump again to scramble up to higher levels. This is a vital ability that you'll use frequently to climb over obstacles and up buildings. Walls that can be scrambled are generally marked with white paint, so keep your eyes open when you seem to have reached a dead end.


In order to traverse most of the land Lara will need to climb many obstacles to advance through different environments. In general, Lara can climb almost any obstacle that a normal person would be able to climb, such as ladders and wooden rungs - simply jump onto an object and Lara will grab on if it's an acceptable object.

In some cases you'll find yourself on a ledge where Lara can't pull up, meaning you'll need to shimmy across the ledge to reach a different area. If there is a gap in the ledge you can jump sideways to other ledges or you can move up and down to other ledges to continue to traverse the area. Once again, most ledges that can be climbed are marked with white paint to indicate this.

Unlike in Tomb Raider, Lara starts with her Climbing Axe and can climb craggy walls from the start of the game. In order to climb these, press / to pull out your Climbing Axe and latch on when she is near one. Like ledges, Lara can jump from one craggy wall to another, but make sure to press / again to reattach to the adjacent wall.

Survival Instincts

Survival Instincts is an ability that Lara uses to help her navigate through the environment by pressing . When enabled, the screen is desaturated and highlights important objects that are nearby, such as treasures and crafting ingredients. While using Survival Instincts often will ensure you don't miss any items and treasures, it can also be a helpful combat tool since it will indicate whether enemies can see each other by marking them in red.

Combat Basics

Trinity is hot on Lara's tail throughout the game and they are vicious enemies who won't hesitate to attack Lara on sight. Master the following tips on combat and you'll be able to handle any situation Lara finds herself in.

Cover & Stealth

Lara will automatically crouch and take cover behind any waist-high walls, crates, and boxes when enemies are within range. This gives you some fair warning of when to take it slow and when the area is clear, since she'll automatically stand up when all enemies are defeated. Keep under cover as much as possible and only aim when the enemies are facing away, since Lara will pop up out of cover when she goes to fire.

While firing from cover is sometimes the best option, Lara can also sneak up behind and enemy when their back is turned to perform stealth kills. Simply approach them carefully and pressing / to grab them and strangle them to death.

Stuns & Finishing Moves

When an enemy takes damage they may fall over and become stunned, usually when shot in the lower portion of the body. When this happens an attack indicator will appear over the enemy's head that allows Lara to perform a finisher. Simply run up to the stunned enemy and press / and Lara will perform a deathly finisher.

Dodge, Roll & Counter

Lara can dodge attacks by pressing / or roll by pressing it twice, allowing her to get further away from attackers. In addition, if you have purchased Dodge Counter in the Brawler section of her Skills, an attack indicator will show up and allow Lara to defeat the enemy. This works great on shielded enemies who block your attacks, allowing you to avoid their attacks and then kill them quickly.

Video Walkthrough

Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this game, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJfjGydQIt5cyX_AGJgJy3N4



Reach the Mountain Summit

Lara's new adventure begins in the icy wilderness of the Siberian mountains, where the expedition members have given up due to harsh weather. Lara and Jonah, whom you may remember from the previous Tomb Raider game, continue toward the mountain summit in search of an unknown destination.

Follow Jonah through the snow of the perilous mountain ledge until a scene that causes Lara to slip off the side of the mountain. Quickly press / to prevent you from sliding off the mountain side and then shimmy right along the ledges, pressing / to jump across the gap followed by / to perform a saving grab, to reach a set of ledges that returns you to solid ground. As the game mentions, there is a craggy wall to the right that can be climbed by pressing / to attach her axes. Climb up until you hit a crack and jump over it, pressing / to re-attach her axes, and then move left and jump across to a new section of ice. Make sure that any time you jump off the ice that you press / to re-attach Lara's axes or you'll plummet to your dead.

Once you reach Jonah you can continue to follow him through a small tunnel as they discuss the new adventure, including a lost city and an organization called "Trinity", and when you exit the other side you'll trigger a short scene.

Once you're back in control, continue along the ledge until Lara pulls out her axes and then jump and attach them to the craggy ice wall. Climb up until the ice breaks to reveal a rock ledge that you can jump up to grab and then jump right to another ledge that leads to a new section of ice. Follow the ice for a short scene and when you gain control make a massive jump to the far wall and don't forget to press / to perform a saving grab. It's now a straight shot, with a single jump upward to another section of ice, to reach the summit for a scene.

After the scene, swing back and forth on the rope using the until you're within reach of the icy wall and press /. You'll have to do this twice, since the first time the ice will crumble, and then climb up.

Lara isn't out of trouble yet! Sprint along the edge of the cliff toward the wooden walkway and jump across the gaps to reach the snowy ground again and then keep running toward the airplane crash straight ahead. Swing across the pole to reach the zip line and when the line breaks prepare to press / to save yourself once again from sliding off the edge of the mountain. Jump right and attach Lara's axes to another section of ice and then climb up and run forward as the mountain crumbles beneath your feet, making a massive leap at the end to reach another section of ice.

The Lost Tomb

The story jumps back two weeks to reveal more details about Trinity and Lara's new adventure, something about a tomb of a man known as the Prophet that lies in Syria.

Search the Ruins in the Cliffs

Follow the path along the cliffs until you reach a dead end and use the ledges to reach solid ground again. While you're suppose to enter the tunnel straight ahead, make a detour to the right along the ledge of the cliff to find the first Relic [01/02] - Gilded Cross. You can now roll through the gap to enter the tunnel and follow the path for a scene.

Explore the Chamber of Murals

This event introduces three new types of collectibles that were not in the previous Tomb Raider. While murals don't give a reward of any kind, other than checking them off for that 100% completion rating, they do provide Lara with insight into a language and increase her proficiency. This increase in her language skills will sometimes allow her to read monoliths, which will then mark Coin Caches on the map when they are read.

The Monolith in this room requires Level 1 Greek, which you can gain by reading the three murals in the room.

Once all three have been discovered you can return to the monolith and read it to mark the Coin Caches on the map.

If you check your map you'll notice that the Coin Cache [01/03] is right next to the monolith that you just read. The easiest way to find these is to mark it on the world map and then use Survival Instinct to see the marker, indicated by a pillar of blue light, but they will also appear as shining spots on the ground if you happen across them without using Survival Instincts.

To continue you'll need to find a short tunnel with another Mural [04/05] - Stewards of the Land, this one of him leading his people through the desert, and then use the axe to remove the weak stones from the wall that Lara examines.

The Hidden Oasis

Find a Way Into the Prophet's Tomb

Follow the path until you reach a crumbled wall and scramble up to a ledge and shimmy left around the corner. Make your way across the ledges, jumping across a gap, and then pull up to the top of the wall. Head left to a beam that will collapse as you cross and jump onto the pillar that is revealed when the opposite wall crumbles. The pillar will also begin to crumble, so make a quick jump to the land on the other side to return to solid ground.

Hop across the gap with the waterfall and then jump to the ledges and shimmy right until you can pull up between two of the pillars on the exterior of the ruins. You can now enter the ruins by climbing up the rock and scrambling up the wall straight ahead to enter a dark tunnel. Follow the tunnel until you break through some rubble to finally enter the ruins themselves.

The Prophet's Tomb

Explore the Tomb's Passages

If you turn right immediately you'll spot an orangish cylindrical container that you can pillage for 25 XP and some items. These are called Gift of Alms and like salvage crates from Tomb Raider they are never marked on the map and are not considered a collectibles.

I won't be pointing these out in the future, as they are fairly minor.

Deeper in the room is a Mural [05/05] - Death of the Prophet and to the left of this is the Document [01/04] - The Bishop: Word from Rome. Turn around from the document's location and head down the tunnel for your first encounter with a trap, luckily a beam prevents you from becoming a kabob, and then shoot the weak point to clear a path forward.

As you follow the tunnel the floor will collapse and drop you into an area below with seemingly no way forward. Start by prying open the weak wall with water spewing through the cracks to raise the water level and then climb up to solid ground and release the wooden platform by shooting the block above it that holds the ropes together. This will raise the water enough that when you stand on the wooden platform you'll be able to wall scramble up to reach the opposite side of the tunnel.

Follow the path until a scene triggers and then quickly shoot the block of the trap to release it before you're impaled. You now need to pry open the trap as water fills the tunnel and then swim through the tunnel by pressing / repeatedly to swim faster. Now all you have to do is continue up the steps to enter the main chamber of the Prophet's tomb.

Navigate to the Top of the Main Tomb Chamber

Swim across the water to the right side of the chamber to find another weak wall with water waiting to bust through. Prying this wall open will raise the water level and allow you to reach the platform on the opposite side of the room with some wooden ledges containing skeletons. Climb up the ledges and shimmy right to pull up and then jump to the platform straight ahead to release more water.

Ignore the half of the chamber with the golden dome for now and turn around and swim back toward the tunnel where you entered this area from. On the right, climb up to a dry section near a large pillar and then look up in the archway to spot an Incense Burner [01/07] that you can shoot down to begin the Challenge - Hang 'em High.

Most areas have a set of hidden objectives known as Challenges that require you to destroy a number of objects for a major experience boost. These challenges will remain hidden until you perform the first action to unlock them.

Swim to the opposite side of the room and climb onto solid ground to the left of the two broken pillars and then look right to shoot another Incense Burner [02/07]. Turn around again and walk over the rubble to find a Relic [02/02] - Wooden Cross and then climb over the wall to find another Incense Burner [03/07] in the wide arch on the right. The skeleton in the smaller arch to the right of this has an Archivist's Map its feet, which will help mark other collectibles in the area, but why would you need that if you're using this guide.

Turn back toward the main tower, the one with the golden dome at the top, and cross to the right side of the building where a Coin Cache [02/03] is marked on the map. Face the main tower and look up at the archway on the left to find another Incense Burner [04/07] and then grab some additional Byzantine coins on the ground in the opposite archway. Make your way to the north side of the main tower and check the map for the final Coin Cache [03/03] next to a short wall with the Document [02/04] - The Knight: Death of the Prophet. Shoot the Incense Burner [05/07] high above, nearly hanging from the ceiling, on the northern wall and then return to the water.

Climb up onto the small platform on the west side of the main tower, near some more wooden ledges containing skeletons, and then look northwest, above the sluice gate you opened earlier to increase the water level, to find another Incense Burner [06/07]. Climb up the wooden ledges and shimmy right to reach the second floor of the main tower and then jump across the room when the floor begins to crumble, avoiding the spike trap below. There is a Document [03/04] - The Knight: On the Trail in the corner of the room to collect and then jump out the opposite side of the building to a pillar. Turn around on the first pillar to find the final Incense Burner [07/07] hanging just above eye level and then jump to another pillar to reach a new area.

There are two traps in the tunnel to avoid and when you reach the other side look on the floor to the right to find the Document [04/04] - The Knight: At the Gates. Shoot down the wooden platform hanging close to the sluice gate to drop it into the water below and then use the other wooden platform to cross to the other side of the room. There are some Byzantine coins on the ground that you can grab, but your objective is to pry the weak wall to the right that will raise the water level slightly.

In order to proceed you'll need to stand on the hanging wooden platform to raise the sluice and increase the water level and then use the platform in the water to reach a ledge on the right. If you take too long to get to the platform in the water and jump to the ledge the water will drop down and make it impossible, so be quick about it. You can now shimmy right and jump to the top of the pillar and then grab the bar above the hanging platform to trigger a scene.

After the scene, kill the two enemies and then rush through the tomb as it collapses to complete the section.

A Cold Welcome

Find a Place to Take Shelter

Once you gain control, make your way through the snow until you reach an old base camp.

The Journal of Lord Croft will automatically be added to your documents at this time.

Gather Resources to Build a Fire and Shelter

Head straight past the camp and through the snow to find two dead trees, which will glow gold when you use Survival Instinct, and break them to gain some hardwood. This will clear two of the three resources, with the final being the dead deer just a few feet away.

Return to Camp and Build a Fire

Return to the Wilderness Refuge Base Camp for a scene and the first Camp Journals [01/08] - Familiar Pain and then take a moment to familiarize yourself with the camp menu. Base Camps are the central hubs where you must return to upgrade Skills and Weapons. Skills that increase your experience gain should be obtained early to get the most out of them as you play through the rest of the game, while combat skills can wait until you start to engage in the latter half of the game.

Echoes of the Past

Explore the Forest for Signs of the Lost City

As you progress through the game and explore new areas you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for resources that can be used to upgrade your weapons and equipment, as well as making ammo for your bow - such as hardwood from trees, feathers from birds and bird nests, and hides from animals.

If you're having any issues with the written instructions to find collectibles, feel free to watch my Video Walkthrough or view the Location Maps.

Head out from camp toward the dead deer you scavenged earlier and turn right to find the southern wall of the map. Follow the map wall until you spot some rope-wrapped boards that you can't remove at the moment and then continue a few extra feet to find an Explorer's Satchel. Explorer's Satchels are similar to Archivist's Maps and will show you surrounding collectibles on the map.

From the Explorer's Satchel head northwest slightly to a rock formation and climb up the ledges to find the Document [01/06] - The Prize Awaits. Drop to the ground and head west to find the dead deer and then climb the rocks to the north and walk through the bushes to find the Document [02/06] - In the Tomb. On a small rock ledge to the north you'll get a note about a Survival Cache [01/03] being nearby. Like Coin Caches, Survival Caches appear as a small shining glint on the ground and are easy to miss if you run through an area quickly. You'll know you're close to a cache when you feel the controller vibrate, so keep your eyes peeled for the glint to dig it up.

Follow the north wall to the east, but don't worry about climbing up the ledge as you'll be able to walk up a slope on the other side, and when you begin circle around the other side of the rock formation look out for a glint on the ground for another Survival Cache [02/03]. If you are having trouble spotting the cache stand near the strange banner by the ruins on the eastern side of the area and look north. Walk up the slope to reach the northern wall again and straight ahead you'll notice that the map has an additional section that you can't seem to reach from the ground. In order to reach this, jump against the tree to scramble up a branch to and then jump to the area with the Document [03/06] - Army of the Unwilling.

Drop off the ledge and head south to find a rope that you can climb to reach a platform above the forest with the Archivist's Map. When you drop to the ground near the ruins you'll likely trigger a red flare and a short event, but you can ignore that for now. Make your way northeast and climb up the rock ledge connected to a tree bridge to find the Relic [01/03] - Crown of a Prince and then enter the cave in the corner of the map to find some Magnesite Ore and the Document [04/06] - On the Borderlands.

Note that some relics have a microscope under the description that means it can be rotated for additional information.

Exit the cave and head south through the ruins to find another group of ruins with a Monolith in the center, marking the Coin Caches on the map, and then walk southeast past a large log to find a Survival Cache [03/03] near a small ravine. There is a Coin Cache [01/03] on the other side of the ravine and if you follow the wall north you'll find another cave with a metal barricade that you can't access. You can now use your map to find the Coin Cache [02/03] in the northeast corner of the map and the Coin Cache [03/03] near the base camp before you return to camp for upgrades.

Take a moment to hunt down hides from the deer to increase your supply and perform weapon upgrades.

Investigate the Ruins

Return to the ruins on the eastern side of the map and use the tree to climb up the ledge and continue east toward the red light for a scene.

Press / to dodge the bear attack and then run for your life. You'll need to stay out of the bear's reach by using the wooden ramp and overturned tree to stay out of deep snow until you dive through some tree roots and then attack the bear by pressing /. When you escape through the other side of the roots prepare to dodge another bear attack and follow it with a counter attack when the indicator circle appears.

Gather Resources and Heal Injuries

After the flashback to Lara's childhood you'll need to heal her wounds. Follow the path and gather the marked resources - two bushes of berries and a crate with some cloth that overlook an old Soviet facility - and then hold L1/LB to heal.

Best Laid Plans

Find a Way to Defeat the Bear

Turn around and head back the way you came to scramble up some ledges where Lara will spot a few deathcap mushrooms.

Find Resources for Poison Arrow Upgrade

Deathcaps are often found in dark areas such as caves and corners or in rotting trees throughout the game and they are one of the most powerful weapons in the game, purely because they bypass any armor or shields and create a cloud of poisonous smoke. This means that if you encounter heavily armed enemies or a group of enemies you can take them out with a well placed Poison Arrow instead of having to engage in open combat that may draw in more enemies.

Climb up the icy wall straight ahead to find the first crate that contains salvage, which is often used for upgrades, and then zip line back into the forest. The easiest place to get the mushrooms you need is to head for the cave to the northeast and the cloth can be found in a crate near the monolith.

Return to Camp to Upgrade Arrows

Once you have the required resources, return to the base camp and head to the Inventory > Ammunition section to create some Poison Arrows and then leave to trigger another flashback.

In the future you can create specialty arrows on the fly by holding / when equipped, just like standard arrows with /.

Sneak or Fight Past the Trinity Soldiers to Reach the Cave

When you gain control again a Trinity soldier will be standing below you while having a conversation on his radio. Press / to perform a silent takedown and then press / again to perform a finisher. Loot his body to start the Challenge - Grab and Go and then enter the bushes and wait for another Trinity soldier to walk by and perform another takedown, triggering the Trophy/Achievement: One-Sided Conversation.

Leave camp and stick to the left, taking the northern path, and use the log on the ground to climb up into the trees. A Trinity soldier will come examine the hanging corpse in the nearby tree, so wait for him to arrive under you and then perform a takedown and finisher.

Return toward the camp and cross to the southern path, watching out for the Trinity soldier that patrols this area. If done correctly you should be able to headshot him with an arrow without being seen and then move forward. As you approach the lower section of the forest you'll come across another Trinity soldier patrolling below, so wait for him to pass near the ledge and then perform a takedown and finisher. Keep your eyes peeled for a Trinity solider that patrols from the area near the monolith toward the other set of ruins and around the area and perform a headshot from a distance or a takedown from the bushes.

There are two Trinity soldier standing by the ruins that are too close together to kill one without the other noticing, so you'll need to headshot one from the bushes and then take cover and wait for the other to investigate before you perform a takedown. There is one final Trinity solider to the north of the ruins who may come to investigate the area as well, but you don't need to kill him to continue.

Check the table in the middle of the ruins for the Document [05/06] - Gearing Up and then make your way to the area where you encountered the bear.

Defeat the Bear

The bear is deep within the cave and will charge after you once once spotted, but trying to maneuver inside the tight area is a bad idea. Instead, shoot a Poison Arrow to confuse the bear and then unleash a barrage of arrows into the head until the smoke wears off. Quickly sprint up the tunnel by pressing until you reach the open area and then turn around and use another Poison Arrow, followed by more standard arrows. The bear should go down just as the effects of the second Poison Arrow wears off, but feel free to use another Poison Arrow if you need additional time.

Explore the Cave to Find an Exit

Make sure to skin the bear to obtain the valuable bear hide and then enter the cave. Make sure to open the Strongbox [01/01] with the Semi-Auto Pistol Weapon Part [01/04] and grab the Document [06/06] - Northern Passage and then attack the weak wall to reveal a path forward.

Follow the Mongolian Path and Search for Signs of the Lost City

Follow the path until you slide down an icy slope and then turn around and climb up the ice wall to find the Document [01/04] - Shores of Svetloyar hidden on the ledge. Drop back down and continue down the path until you reach some water and check the far left corner to find the Relic [01/03] - Bone Arrowhead.

Enter the water and dive under the first arch and just before the second one look for an underwater tunnel with the Relic [02/03] - Paiza. You can now continue through the water passage to reach the Mongolian Passage Base Camp, where you'll obtain the Camp Journals [02/08] - Ruins in the Snow.

As you continue along the path the game will mention an Optional Challenge Tomb is nearby. Jump across the gap and turn the corner to spot the galleon hanging in the iceflow and then jump to the ice wall and climb up to continue. After scrambling up to the wooden walkway, look for the entrance of the Challenge Tomb on the left that's marked by the strange totems and then jump to the ice wall and climb up.

Ice Ship Challenge Tomb

Walk across the mast of the ship to reach the crank straight ahead and pry it to drop a weight on the right side of the ship. On the ground to the right is a Document [02/04] - Impossible Pursuit that you'll want to grab before you scramble up the wall nearby and then follow the mast to jump onto the weight. This will clear some ice and allow you to climb up a new set of ledges to reach a higher section of the ship.

The new crank will lower another weight, but this one will slowly raise over time. You'll need to lower the crank and then quickly cross the mast of the ship and jump onto the weight before it raises too much. With the ice cleared you can now climb the ice wall and ledges to reach the treasure: some Byzantine coins, the Document [03/04] - The Captain's Revenge, an Archivist's Map, and the Codex - Ancient Abilities.

Use the zip line to leave the Challenge Tomb and then turn around to find the Relic [03/03] - Enamel Brooch on the ground. Jump to the ice wall to leave the area and then follow the tunnel across two gaps to find some Byzantine coins before reaching some water. Dive under and quickly swim through the tunnel to reach the other side and then check behind the fence on the right for the Document [04/04] - The Frozen Wastes. You can now continue along the path until you trigger a scene.

Among the Enemy

Sneak into the Old Soviet Base

Take a moment to upgrade your skills and weapons at the Installation Vista Base Camp, obtaining the Camp Journals [03/08] - Enemy of My Enemy, and then check the crumbled wall with a makeshift fence near the camp to find the Survival Cache [01/21].

Hop on the zip line to ride down into the area below and then turn left and check the ground near your landing spot for another Survival Cache [02/21] and then continue down the path. Stick to the right side of the road to find a crack in the wall near some supplies that leads to a hidden area with a Cave [01/05], automatically starting the Challenge - Into Darkness.

Search inside the cave to pry open a weak wall that leads inside the crypt and collect the Byzantine coins from the ground nearby. A few feet away is the Mural [01/12] - Kokkos, the Astronomer, so read it and then continue until you reach a large drop with a ladder on the ground. Stick to the right wall until you find the Crypt Treasure [01/02] containing the Ancient Bow Weapon Part [01/04] and then search the area for two sets of Byzantine coins. Head back the way you came and pass through a crumbled wall on the right to find an optional area with some supplied and Byzantine coins and then exit the room. If you continue right you'll pass by the ladder and find a well lit room with the Document [01/26] - Kokkos, the Astronomer.

Return to the surface and grab the Document [02/26] - First Kill on the crate behind the corpse and then sneak through the bushes to takedown the Trinity soldier ahead. Slowly move forward to avoid attracting the attention of the two soldiers ahead and then pick up one of the bottles on the ground. If you use Survival Instincts you'll notice that both men are red, meaning they can see each other. You'll need to break them apart by distracting one with a glass bottle thrown in the distance and when the other is gold, meaning he can't be seen, headshot the soldier. You can now kill the other Trinity soldier and search the area near the supply crates for a Survival Cache [03/21] before scrambling up the steel wall on the other side of the area.

Investigate the Helicopter Landing Area

There are a number of enemies in the next area, so take cover in the first set of bushes and survey the area.

The closest Trinity soldier is fairly easy to take out from the bushes, but the remaining enemies are pretty close together. Wait for one of the soldiers carrying crates to finish and start walking toward you before you headshot him, making sure to use Survival Instincts to guarantee he's a clean shot, and then take out the other one carrying boxes. You can now take out the remaining solider in the courtyard, but don't go rushing about just yet.

On the second floor of the building ahead is a fifth Trinity soldier pacing the walkway. If you back up to the bushes where you started and shoot an arrow into the wall it will distract him, allowing you to shoot another into his head to gain the Trophy/Achievement: English Pedigree.

Enter the building and head up the stairs to find the Mural [02/12] - Man of the People on the right wall and then search the crates nearby for the Document [03/26] - Mistakes. Head out the door to the walkway to find a Strongbox [01/14] with the Semi-Auto Pistol Weapon Part [02/04] and then climb the tower and zip line into the facility.

Use one of the lanterns to burn the debris blocking your path into the next room and then collect the Document [04/26] - The Iron Road from the crates in the opposite corner. The only way forward is through the room with the two Trinity soldiers torturing the poor guy in the next room, so aim for one of the soldier's head and shoot through the glass to clear a path. Finish off the other soldier and check on the prisoner and then pry open the door by the prisoner to continue, since the other requires a Lock Pick.

Unexpected Discovery

Find a Way into the Old Prison

Scramble up through a hole to trigger a scene on the other side and then wait for the two men chatting to move away.

Move to the boxes on your left when the soldier passing in front of you walks left and then perform a silent takedown when he walks back to the right. You can ignore the soldier on the computer in the corner, as he'll join the two chatting over the fuel leak, so scramble up the wall near the crates to reach the walkway above. Stay behind the metal panel on the railing where won't be seen by the patrol and then sneak up closer to take him down silently. You can now pick up the lantern and throw it in between all three men, making sure that the one farthest to the right is in the splash radius, killing all three men.

The fuel tank will blow open the door and alert some additional soldiers to your location, so take cover and deal with the one rushing toward you before you shoot the explosive red barrel in the distance to take out the other. With the area clear you're free to loot the bodies and exit the building, checking the right side of the courtyard for a Mural [03/12] - Night Work. You can now climb through the hole in the wall on the opposite end of the courtyard to reach the Train Yard Base Camp, where you'll unlock the Camp Journals [04/08] - The Face of Trinity.

Head north toward the objective and as the guard tower comes into view stick close to the left side of the fence, where you'll find a Survival Cache [04/21] in the mud. Turn 180 degrees to spot a hole in the fence near a train car to enter the car itself for the Relic [01/18] - Rosary and then climb the guard tower for a short scene. Ignore the zip line for now and drop down onto the other side of the guard tower to find an Archivist's Map and then climb over the boxes to return to the zip line and use it this time.

As you zip line into the larger section of the Soviet Installation a man will declare himself an ally and wave you down. Speak with him and he'll offer you the Side Mission - Communications Breakdown, which requires you to find and destroy five radio towers. This is by far one of the best side missions to undertake and complete, as it rewards you with the Lock Pick that can be used to access Strongboxes and other locked areas.

Rest at the Logging Camp Base Camp to unlock the Camp Journals [05/08] - In the Field and then enter the cabin to find the Document [05/26] - A Closer Look sitting on a table.

Optional Exploration

The following section will cover the collection of items and the completion of the side mission. If you wish to skip forward to the main part of the game, please see Find a Way into the Old Prison, Part 2.

Make your way northeast through the trees to the fenced in cabin with a guard tower and head inside to find the Document [06/26] - Captured. Further northeast is the large structure of a sawmill with a Radio Tower [01/05] near the truck and on the second level is the Relic [02/18] - Family Photo. On the outside wall of the building, opposite the relic, is another Soviet Mural [04/12] - Star of Progress and from here you can jump to the ladder to reach the roof with a Strongbox [02/14], containing the Compound Bow Weapon Part [01/04].

Head east of the sawmill and enter the Cave [02/05] with some wolves, who can easily be killed with a Poison Arrow, and an Archivist's Map inside and then return to the sawmill and head south to the waters edge. Follow the path east until you reach a wooden walkway and then stay on the ground and check near some wooden planks, not far from the truck, to find a Survival Cache [05/21]. You can now continue east to reach the Copper Mill, where there is a Mural [05/12] - The Warmth of Labor, Monolith, and the Copper Mill Yard Base Camp.

Leave the Copper Mill and climb the rocks to the right of the wooden walkway, near the guard tower, to find a Coin Cache [01/09] on the highest platform and then return to the sawmill. On the north side of the station, look for a hanging log and shoot the lock above to drop the log and open a path into the Cave [03/05] below.

Ancient Cistern Challenge Tomb

Check the cavern for a Mural [06/12] - Lessons of Loyalty before entering the tunnel near the totems, and then follow the path to a dead end with a Relic [03/18] - A Coin of the Realm. Jump to the craggy wall near the totems and climb down and jump to another craggy wall and then again to solid ground. Collect the Relic [04/18] - Golden Icon on the ground and climb the stairs and then jump onto the suspended beam. This will cause the blades below to spin and the water to lower, but you'll need to time your release to avoid death from the blades. You can now enter the tunnel and shoot the red-marked oil cask to clear a path to the Cistern Cavern Base Camp.

Enter the cistern and climb up the archway to make the jump to the central dome, which will always fail and result in a trip into the water below. Swim through the water to an opening on the other side of the room to find a room with a circular door leaking water and an oil cask up the stairs. You'll need to throw the oil cask next to the door and shoot it to release the water and raise the water level and then return to the main chamber.

Head up the stairs to find more oil casks and throw one onto the raft on the water and then take the other set of stairs. When you grab onto the suspended beam the sluice near the raft will open and push the raft to the other side of the room. Wait for the raft to begin to drift back to the sluice and then shoot the oil cask when it's in front of the circular door to release more water.

Enter the new room via the doorway you just opened and then circle to the top of the room to find another water door. Climb up into one of the alcoves to find the Document [07/26] - A Warning and then drop down and enter the hall on the other side of the room. You'll need to pry open the weak wall that leads to the main chamber and then return to the casks in the main chamber. The objective is to put another oil cask on the raft and raise the sluice again, but this time you need to swim over to the raft and toss the cask through the upper tunnel doorway as you pass by on the raft. This will allow you to return to the room, retrieve the cask from the tunnel and use it on the circular doorway at the top of the room.

With the water at the top level, swim back into the main chamber and check the alcoves to the left of the central dome to find the Document [08/26] - Correspondence, some Byzantine coins, and an Archivist's Map. You can now swim over to the central dome to reach the Codex - Natural Instincts and make your way back to the Base Camp. Make your way out of the Challenge Tomb, picking up the Byzantine coins where you dropped through the damaged blades.

Cross to the wolves cave and climb the craggy wall on the right side of the rocks and then make your way to the top to dismantle the Radio Tower [02/05]. Use the zip line to reach the ground and then follow the eastern wall to the south a bit until you find an impact wall. These types of barriers can be destroyed by shooting them with guns, so destroy it and then enter the Cave [04/05] to find an Explorer's Satchel.

Exit and return northeast to find another Radio Tower [03/05], across from the wooden platform you landed from the zip line, and then enter the Cave [05/05] nearby. The entrance to the Challenge Tomb is blocked by a roped barricade, but on the ground inside you'll find a Coin Cache [02/09]. Leave the cave and scramble up the wall on the right to jump to the craggy wall and then climb up reach the Sheltered Ridge Base Camp, unlocking the Camp Journals [06/08] - Important Work. Although this path leads to your objective there are still a few things that can be gathered in the area below.

Check near the Base Camp for a Radio Tower [04/05] and then drop down to the area below and make your way west. At the base of the rock formation closest to the frozen river, just south of another cabin, you'll find a Survival Cache [06/21]. Cross the river to find the final Radio Tower [05/05] and climb up the guard tower for a Relic [05/18] - Wish Maker Toy and then enter the cabin to unlock a Strongbox [03/14] containing the Semi-Auto Pistol Weapon Part [03/04].

Follow the frozen river to the sawmill and cross the bridge to find more wolves and a Monolith that you can't translate at the moment. The cave near the wolves has more wolves inside, but there are no collectibles.

To the left of the cave entrance is an Archivist's Map and to the north of the guard tower on the upper section of rocks is another Coin Cache [03/09]. Head west and climb the craggy walls to reach the top of the cliffs, where you'll find the Hidden Refuge Base Camp, and then drop down the ledges instead of using the zip line.

Head west to find a final cave and pry open the weak wall inside to enter another crypt and collect the Byzantine coins on the ground. Continue down the path, finding more Byzantine coins, and then examine the Mural [07/12] - Damien, the Prophet's Forge at the bottom of the tunnel. Climb into the next chamber with water and check the ground on the right for the Document [09/26] - Damien, the Prophet's Forge and then follow the path to the Crypt Treasure [02/02] containing the Ancient Bow Weapon Part [02/04]. You can now grab the Byzantine coins on the ground and exit the crypt.

The only thing left to do is to return to the ally at the Logging Camp Base Camp to complete the Side Mission and gain the Lock Pick. With this you can now opening the following:

  • The Strongbox [04/14] containing the Semi-Auto Pistol Weapon Part [04/04] at the Logging Camp
  • The cabinet in the cabin to the northeast of the Logging Camp
  • The door in the Soviet facility, where the prisoner was shot just after getting the pistol, to find the Relic [06/18] - Gulag ID