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by snakenamedjoe

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FAQ by snakenamedjoe

Version: 0.14 | Updated: 01/18/16

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About This Guide

I want to thank Spinosaure for his constant encouragement, without which this guide would not exist, and Arahkin for his suggestion on finding character's HP by checking the masteries section in the game.

Please don't get too caught up in the number rankings I've give to the different weapons. These are somewhat subjective rankings based solely on my opinion. They're there because people want to know what I think are the best weapons for each character. If you think The Messenger is a better bow than Shadowstrike - that's great. Use The Messenger. These numbers only reflect my personal experiences. People want to know what weapon I think is the best for each character. I have tested each weapon extensively, and these are the numbers I decided on. I feel that they're pretty accurate ratings and I stand by them, but also have no problem if someone disagrees with a ranking. I guarantee that no matter what numbers I put, there would always be someone who disagrees with them.

A lot of people have been asking me to make a guide for this game. I've waited quite a while to see if someone else would start one, but no one has. With the recent PS+ giveaway this game now has a lot of players, so I've decided to start working to make a high quality guide. Hopefully I'll be able to do the game justice.

This guide is currently a work in progress. I've posted the guide before finishing it so that people can have access to the information in the guide before I'm finished with the guide, but the information and formatting is not currently complete.

As I'm working on this guide, numbers will be prone to change, as I redefine certain stats to meet the information I have available. When the guide is complete, I will remove this line to indicate that no further changes are expected.

Numbers for damage and hit points are approximations based on playtesting, and are not based on any internal game information.

This guide is written for hard mode. Strategies in this guide should still work on normal or easy, but the number of hits required to take down any given enemy will be lower, damage done by enemies will be lower, etc. This guide was written for the PS4 version of the game, but should be relevant to the PC version of the game. As of this writing no other versions are available.

Version information

Since I know there are people looking through this guide as I write it, I've decided at this time to start adding version information to help people find new information as I add it if they want to look at what has been added with each update.

Version 0.13
Made some formatting adjustments and added build recommendations for Questor's weapons. Added a tip regarding Lilith's Vampiric Healing with the Sceptre of the Vampire King. Added a version information section.

Version 0.14
Made additional formatting adjustments for improved readability and for fixing page break issues. Added Build recommendations for all weapons for Merlin, Thyra, Thor, and Lilith. Added a tip for turning off the auto aim, and a tip for the golden feather.

Version 0.15
Added sections for Demon Horrors and The Beast of Orox, and Morak. Fixed the formatting that I've been working on for weeks now on the last wizard book - The Hollow Chapters. All formatting is now updated - though more changes could still happen in the future.

Deep Endless Run

Here's a run I did on endless mode of levels 349-361

You'll probably want to watch it full screen if you want to be able to see what's going on.

Rest assured I'll eventually have a section detailing endless mode, but for now you can watch the video to see how I do it.

Vocabulary Used in this Guide

DPS - Damage Per Second. The approximate amount of damage an ability will do in one second of continuous use.

Attack Attributes

Many Attack Effects may be paired with a monster classification. For instance, Stagger Small means that the attack Staggers small monsters. Many attacks will contain several different attributes.

  • Interrupt - The attack will cause an enemy to pause momentarily. Enemies will break off attacks and spells and stop moving when affected by this attack.
  • Stagger - The attack will cause the enemy to stagger backward. Spells and attacks will be interrupted, and the enemy will take a second or two to recover before moving or attacking again.
  • Knockdown - The attack sends the enemy flying, knocking them to the floor. Enemies will be out of the fight for several seconds until they regain their feet. Attacks that knock down skeleton soldiers will destroy them instantly.
  • Freeze - The attack freezes the enemy in place for a duration of time. The enemy cannot move or perform any actions until the freeze expires. This will be presented with the amount of time after the effect. Freeze 3 means that the enemy will be frozen for 3 seconds.
  • Slow - The enemy is slowed. In addition to slower than normal movement, the enemy cannot gain any momentum while slowed and will remain at their slowest possible speed. Slow effects may be due to ice spells, void spells, time altering abilities, or other abilities. This will be presented with the time slowed after the effect. Slow 6 means that the enemy will be slowed for 6 seconds.
  • Root - Similar to freeze, a rooted enemy cannot move, but he can still attack if you get too close or with ranged attacks. Root 5 means the enemy will be enemy will be unable to move for 5 seconds.
  • Lethal - The attack instantly kills any small size enemy regardless of HP.
  • Burn - The attack lights the enemy on fire, causing them to burn for several seconds and take extra damage while burning. This will be presented with the amount of fire damage done total, and the amount of time it takes afters. For instance, 44 Burn 8 means that the enemy will burn for 8 seconds, taking 44 HP damage in that time.
  • Brutal - If a small enemy is killed by a brutal attack, there is a gruesome animation of that enemy being dismembered in some horrific fashion. This is purely aesthetic. There is no gameplay effect of a brutal attack. It is kind of nice, though, because an enemy killed with a brutal attack is obviously dead. Sometimes it's hard to tell if an enemy has been killed or just knocked down. With a brutal kill, there is no question about whether the pieces of that enemy are going to be getting back up...
  • Collateral - The attack will hit anything in its path, friend or foe.

Monster Classifications

Monster Size

  • Small - These monsters are easier to stagger and knock down, and die instantly from lethal attacks regardless of HP
  • Large - These Monsters are generally more difficult to stagger, will not die from lethal attacks unless their HP is depleted, and will block the Warrior and Valkyrie's dash attacks.
  • Huge - These rare boss type enemies are never affected by any type of attack effects.


  • Melee - This refers to the enemies that chase you around the screen trying to hit you. This is the vast majority of enemies in the game.
    • Weak - Among Melee users this refers strictly to the HP of the monster. Weak enemies have 30 HP.
    • Strong - Again referring to Melee attackers, strong enemies have 48 HP.
    • Elite - Elite monsters have extremely high HP and powerful attacks.
    • Fast - Fast enemies may be able to hit you with a melee attack, even if you're running directly away from them.
    • Slow - Slow enemies can generally be avoided simply by moving away from them. They can only hit you if you're not actively evading them.
  • Caster - Casters can choose from a variety of spells, with at least one attack spell and one non-attack spell. Casters always have 96 HP.
  • Ranged - Ranged enemies will not charge at you, they will sit back and attack you with ranged attacks.


  • Common - This monster can be called in great numbers from small or large summing stones.
  • Uncommon - This monster can be called from small or large summoning stones, but each stone can only call one at a time. A new monster of this type won't re-appear until the last one summoned by this stone has been killed.
  • Rare - This monster can only be called by large summoning stones, and only one such monster may exist at any time that was called by an individual stone.
  • Ultra Rare - This monster cannot be spawned from a summoning stone.
  • Other - There are a couple of special cases.

Basic Gameplay Tips

Stop Wrecking the Barrels!!!

I don't want to oversell the importance of this point, but - This is very important! If I can get people to understand this, it might just be the good deed that gets me into heaven, so listen carefully because my eternal soul may be at stake!

In this game, as in so many others, there are red barrels, and when you hit them, naturally they explode like any red barrel should do. Unlike other red barrels, however, these barrels are not in the game to be used as weapons for quick kills. The delayed fuse on these barrels makes them unfit for weapons. You can blow enemies up with them, but the long fuse time makes it a slow and ineffective process, and carrying around live explosives during a battle is just never a good idea in any game.

Barrels aren't weapons. They suck as weapons. They have a long fuse time that makes it difficult to set them up to hit enemies with them. If you do manage to take out a couple of enemies with a barrel, I guarantee you could have taken out far more enemies by spending the time it took to set up that explosion just attacking enemies with your regular abilities. On top of that, barrels can hurt you and your team. You are just as likely to blow yourself or someone else in the party up with a barrel as you are to manage to hit an enemy with it. Additionally, you'll be using up the barrels which have another very important purpose, which I'll get to in a moment.

Barrels also aren't there just to go boom. I know it's fun to blow things up, but if you see barrels, there is a reason for them being there. If you're blowing them up just because you like fireworks, you're going to be missing out on a lot of great loot.

Any time you see barrels in the game, there is at least 1 hidden treasure room nearby - except for one instance. These rooms can be revealed by finding weak, cracked sections in the walls, and then placing a barrel next to that weak wall and blowing it open. These hidden rooms contain vast amounts of gold, food, potions, skull tokens, and keys - and in one instance monsters.

There is no hidden room in the grave of the torturer. The barrels in this level are indeed there to be used as weapons, however, you don't need to move them. Just hit them where they are when a powerful enemy is close and they will do some bonus damage - and then immediately respawn so you can do it again. Don't abuse this, even here. It's still not a powerful way to fight enemies. It's only semi-effective even here.

No, Seriously, Stop Wrecking the Barrels!!!

I just wanted that to be in the table of contents twice to make sure nobody misses it.

And since there's nothing else in this section, I may as well talk about the controls for using barrels. The game makes it quite clear that you can go up to a barrel and press to pick up a barrel. It's also quite intuitive to realize that you can press again to set down the barrel. What may not be clear is that you can also throw the barrel with the or button. So when you're running along with a barrel and that spastic little elf shoots it with his quick shots that he never stops frikken' firing for a frikken' second, you don't have to set the barrel down and try to frantically clamber to safety before it explodes. You can throw the exploding barrel at his stupid elf face, and teach him a lesson!

Finding Secret Treasure Rooms

So how do you find these secret rooms? Well first, don't carry barrels around the level looking for them. Barrels are extremely volatile. Most characters dash moves will set them off. Get too close to another party member who's trying to dash to avoid a trap and you're unexpectedly carrying a lit explosive barrel. There's a good chance somebody is going to get hurt.

Watch for cracked walls. That's the main advice in looking for secret rooms. Be aware of the ceilings above the walls you're looking at, and the area behind the walls. The ceilings above hidden rooms have to be black, so that they can open up to reveal the secret room. If it's an area where you can be walking on top of the the wall you're looking at, it can't hide a secret room, because that would mean collapsing part of the level to make space for the secret room, and that never happens.

Understand Momentum and Targeting

Have you ever watched someone play Gauntlet on youtube and it just seems like the enemies move so much slower for them than they do for you? There is a reason for this.

With many enemies, the longer an enemy moves, the faster they go. When enemies reach their top speed they become very difficult to avoid. That's why if you have a large group of monsters who have been chasing you around the screen for a while the game suddenly starts to feel much, much harder. As you fail to deal with new monsters because you're desperately trying to avoid the speedy group chasing you, new monsters also build up their momentum becoming that much faster and harder to deal with. Any spell or ability that slows an enemy down or stuns an enemy will break this momentum, resetting their speed. Additionally, if an enemy gets significantly closer to another target than to you, they will break their momentum as they switch targets. If 2 players are being chased by groups of enemies, merely running past each other in close proximity to one another could make your enemies switch targets and lose their momentum.

The wizard is a master of controlling enemy momentum, but once you understand this concept, almost every character has some things they can do to help break the enemy's momentum and slow the fight down.

Understanding this mechanic will help you to take advantage of abilities such as invisibility and charm spells. Forcing enemies to change targets even for a moment can buy you quite a bit of time and help you control the battlefield. This is an advanced tactic that takes a lot of practice to understand and utilize, but understanding how it works can help you a great deal, especially on the hard difficulty setting.

Know when to NOT kill enemies

The wizard and the elf will sometimes set enemies on fire. These enemies are as good as dead. You just have to wait for them to die. It's a waste of time to spend energy killing these enemies that are already dead. I've actually played with elf players who would light enemies on fire with the mortar shot, and then run up and kill every burning enemy. If you're going to spend the time killing all those enemies anyway, you'd be better off with the shadow strike which does more damage and has a shorter cooldown. Learn to ignore burning enemies. Dodge them like any other enemy, but don't waste your time attacking them. They'll die on their own after a few seconds. Let the fire do its work.

More important are charmed enemies. The siren's lute can charm enemies and make them fight for you. The necromancer can also do this with her domination build. Charmed enemies turn purple and have a purple halo over their head. Your attacks will do double damage against charmed enemies because they aren't defending themselves from you, so you can kill them quicker and easier than other enemies if you attack them. They also won't fight back, so there's no chance of taking damage from them while you're killing them. This makes them tempting targets for getting some cheap kills. But leave them be and they'll actually fight for you, drawing attacks from other enemies, and eventually likely getting killed without your help, while killing other enemies in the process. Left alone, in some circumstances, a group of charmed enemies can completely destroy a summoning stone in just a couple of seconds.


Run up and unleash an extreme prejudice halberd attack, however, and you'll kill all those monsters instantly, doing only minor damage to the summoning stone in the process - essentially saving the summoning stone from destruction!

When all the other enemies are gone you need to take out charmed enemies, but they should be your lowest priority. Try to only target them when all the other enemies are gone.

Ignoring burning and charmed enemies should become second nature to you. You should learn to just run past them without giving them a second thought.

Auto Aim

In general, you should turn off the auto aim if you're playing the ranged build for Thyra, Thor, or Lilith, or if you're using Thor's Deathpunch. The Auto Aim seems to be intentionally bad for the ranged builds of these characters. I'll regularly try to attack an enemy and miss repeatedly before finally locking down and hitting him. After turning off the auto aim I was able to hit my target from any distance on the first attack 90% of the time.

This is not just a tip for advanced players. The auto aim is a serious hindrance for these character builds, even for a novice.

Character Information

Each of the 5 characters play completely different from each other. The control schemes, attacks, moves, and strengths and weaknesses are different for each character. Each character has 4 different weapons, and each weapon further changes the way the character plays, granting new abilities and sometimes completely changing the control scheme and play style for that character.

Controls for All Characters

Left StickMoveThe character runs in the direction you press.
___Potion AbilityPotion Abilities require you to have a potion to use, and consume that potion. These are powerful abilities that can turn the tide in a difficult fight, but can only be used a few times per level as you find potions. Players must share the potions they find in each level. Each character has 3 different potion abilities that are different for each character. The first potion ability for each character is unlocked by default, and the other two must be purchased. Only one potion ability can be equipped at a time.
Relic AbilityRelics must be purchased and equipped before you can use them. Relics can be used as many times as you want but have a cooldown period between uses that varies for different relics. Available relics are the same for every character.

Questor - The Elf

The elf is a ranged specialist. He is very quick and agile and can fire arrows and use his abilities without slowing down at all, making it very difficult to enemies to catch up to him to land a hit. He will generally run around the level with enemies chasing him, firing his bow behind him at his pursuers, and occasionally taking potshots at important targets or large groups of enemies with his more powerful special attacks. Alternatively, in multiplayer games, players may keep their distance from enemies and fire aimed shots across the screen while the Valkyrie or Warrior engage the enemies. Questor is the most straightforward and easy to use character, making him a good choice for beginning players who prefer to keep their distance from enemies. That's not to say he is only for beginners though. While this may be the easiest class to learn, a player skilled with the elf is a force to be reckoned with. Questor has 50 HP.

+ Speed. The elf is the only character who can attack without slowing down at all, and his dash is not hindered by powerful enemies.
+ Ease of use. Run with Left Stick shoot with Right Stick. Most players can handle this, though more advanced strategies require more skill.
+ Range. The elf has unlimited range on his aimed shots and can take enemies out from clear across the screen.

- Low HP. At 2 bars, or 64 HP, the elf has among the lowest durability.
- No close range attacks. While arrows will still hit targets at close range, they hit only a single enemy. The elf lacks any short range attacks that can hit multiple enemies and stun them.
- No instant crowd control. Some of the elf builds have crowd control, but nothing that can take out a group of enemies instantly. All these options require planning and strategy to take out more than a single enemy at once.
- Stairs. Stairs cause a lot of problems for the elf, as his shots will go over enemies below you, or simply hit the stairs when aiming toward enemies on higher levels.

Basic Controls - Elf

Right StickQuick Shot___________
4 / second

14 HP
~56 DPS

Fire a hail of short range rapid fire arrows in the direction pressed. These weak arrows do not slow or stun enemies in any way, so it is important to keep moving away from pursuers as you fire.

Quick Shots deal only 8 HP damage to Summoning Stones - 32 DPS.

Sniper Shot1.3 / second36 HP *
~47 DPS

Fire an aimed arrow that will instantly kill most enemies. Press the button to draw an arrow, then aim with Right Stick and release the button to fire. When aiming an arrow, pulling the trigger will draw the arrow in the direction you're facing. Then you can turn to aim the arrow with Right Stick, but it is generally more effective to strafe with Left Stick until the aiming reticle is over the enemy you want to shoot, and then release the trigger to fire the arrow.

While the DPS is higher for the Quick Shot, the Lethal parameter of the aimed arrows makes them more effective for dispatching strong melee fighters and casters. When fighting Orcs, for instance, each shot will kill a 48HP orc outright, essentially increasing the DPS to ~62 DPS against such foes. Quick shots are more effective against elite enemies, though, if they're close enough.

* Sniper Shot kills any small enemy, including casters, in a single shot, regardless of HP, while Summoning Stones take only 18 HP from a sniper shot - 23 DPS.

Magic Ability _Varies_Varies

Use the magic ability for the bow you have equipped.


Magic Shot VariesVariesAim and fire a magic arrow
CircleTumble None- The elf's Dash ability has average range and above average speed. It allows him to pass through enemies and other players that would normally block his movement - though he cannot pass through summoning stones, including spider eggs. There is a slight pause at the end of the dash, which can result in the elf being hit if he ends his dash too close to an enemy or a spike trap. This is the only dash move that deals no damage to enemies. You can safely pick up food and potions with this dash, and spamming the dash move while running allows the elf to move significantly faster than normal. When using this move to get over a trap, make sure you won't end up over the trap at the end of the roll. Moving onto a trap and then rolling off of it before you get hit will allow you to bypass most traps without taking damage.

Elf Weapons

Each bow gives Questor 2 abilities - a bomb ability and a bow ability. The 2 abilities are tied together and share a single cooldown. Using the bomb ability disables the bow ability, and using the bow ability disables the bomb ability until the cooldown period has expired.

Questor's Bow - 8/10

Cost - Free (Questor's Starting Bow)
6 second cooldown.

Questor won this bow in a bet with a Satyr. Questor cheated, but the Satyr had probably stolen the bow from an Elf anyway, so...

_________Questor's bow is a powerful, well balanced weapon that will allow you to hold your own in most situations


Stagger Large

Blows enemies to bits with a powerful magical explosion. Questor drops a bomb at his current location which explodes after 2 seconds with a large radius, killing normal melee enemies instantly.
56 HP
+2 HP
Knockdown Small
Stagger Large

Smaller bomb attached to an arrow. Questor shoots an arrow with an explosive that explodes with a small radius after 1 second. The shot does an extra 2 HP damage to the target it hits - not enough to worry about. Essentially this is just a ranged delivery method for your bombs, trading Area Effect for Distance.

Note that because of the lethal rating of an aimed arrow, a normal aimed arrow sill kill a caster in a single shot. Use an explosive shot, however, and it lacks the lethal modifier, and will only damage the caster for slightly more than half his HP. Think carefully about what arrow to use.

This weapon is very well balanced. The bomb's wide radius makes it great for crowd control, taking out large groups of weak enemies, while the elf's sniper shot allows him to quickly target and take down enemy spellcasters. This bow will allow the elf to maintain a high kill count without sacrificing damage.

This bow doesn't give you any real high damage attacks. The bomb and explosive shot are good at taking out weak enemies, but actually do less damage than a simple aimed shot. The delay on the bomb can make timing difficult and also means that the special moves cannot be used to get you out of a tight situation. You need to plan your attacks carefully in advance.

Using this bow you will generally run around the map firing behind you with either quick shots or aimed shots - whichever you're more comfortable with - as enemies chase you, and dropping a Magic Bomb behind you for large groups of enemies to run into or dropping a bomb next to a summoning stone. Try to time bomb drops next to summoning stones as a new group of enemies is spawning. The large radius of the bomb effect can take out the entire group of enemies in 1 hit, allowing you to concentrate on destroying the summoning stone. Use normal aimed shots to take down enemy casters. Explosive shot is not as useful as Magic Bomb because of the smaller radius, but can be useful for getting a bomb quickly across the screen, and for taking out groups of enemies who are right on your tail and moving too fast for the slower timer on the magic bombs. Use your tumble move to dash through enemies if you get cornered, but remember that there is a slight pause at the end of this roll that can result in you getting hit if you end the roll within striking distance of an enemy.

Recomended Build
- Ultimate Arrow (Questor's First Arrowhead), Ghost Orb

Ultimate Arrow addresses the low damage abilities of this class, allowing you to take out summoning stones quickly and easily. Dryad's Song is a great alternate if you're playing multiplayer, but Questor's low overall damage output with this build makes the song less useful in single player as Questor just can't pump out damage quickly enough to really take advantage of the potion. Spirit Guardians doesn't mesh well with the playstyle of this class. This build will see Questor constantly moving around to place his bombs in strategic locations, and when moving so quickly enemies will slide past your spirit guardians regularly. Questor's bombs handle melee enemies quite efficiently, so the damage the spirit guardians deals to such enemies will end up being redundant much of the time.

Ghost Orb works particularly well with this build. When a group of enemies is chasing you it would be nice to be able to take them all out with a bomb, but they'll often be too close on your tail for the long fuse and will have run past the bomb by the time it goes off. With the Ghost Orb, you can drop your bomb, wait until the enemies are positioned right on top of it, then go invisible. The enemies will stop in their tracks, and the bomb will go off and destroy them before they can find new targets. But to make things even better, you can place bombs without breaking your invisibility, so you can just mosey on over to the next place you'd like to drop a bomb and when your cooldown wears off just drop the bomb with no hassle from enemies. You'll be able to do that twice during the invisibility duration with a maxed out Ghost Orb. Freeze Ring is another acceptable choice as you can use it to freeze a group of enemies in place while you blast them with a bomb, but overall you'll get a lot more mileage out of the Ghost Orb.

* Gohlag's Remains is an alternate bow for questor that you receive for signing onto your WB account from within the game. It works identically to Questor's Bow. It differs only in how it looks.

Fashioned from the bones of Gohlag the Beastruler, this bow was long in the possession of Gerok the Beastmaster, who was slain at the battle of Crag Peak by Rulehk, the BeastMonger.

Bow of the Deep Woods - 4/10

Cost - 16,000
15 second cooldown

Wrought from a cursed Willow, this bow writhes with ancient magic.


The Bow of the Deep Woods is generally an underpowered weapon. It changes your fighting style dramatically. If you're bored of the normal tactics used to fight enemies, this bow will allow you to try out some less conventional means offighting enemies.

Root FieldNoneRoot 8Sends out pulses that root enemies in place. Questor drops an orb at his current location that causes roots to come out of the ground and hold enemies in place. The orb effect lasts for 8 seconds, and will continue to hold any enemies who enter the field during this time.
Root Shot22 HP*
14 HP

Root 5

Arrow that roots enemies on impact. Questor shoots an arrow that pierces through all enemies in a straight line, doing a small amount of damage and holding those enemies in place for 5 seconds.

*Root Shot does 22 HP damage to the first enemy hit, and 14 HP damage to any other enemies caught in the path. Root Shot deals only 12 HP damage to summoning stones on a direct hit, and 8 HP damage if it hits another enemy first.

Piercing Shots
22 HP *


Aimed shots from this bow will pierce through enemies, damaging all enemies in a straight line. Unfortunately, as a tradeoff for this, the damage of these arrows is severely reduced compared to aimed arrows from other bows. These shots do stun weaker enemies, however, allowing you an opportunity to get a 2nd shot off at the same line of enemies to finish them off. Overall you can take down enemies quicker with these piercing shots because of the ability to damage multiple enemies, but the tradeoff from being able to take down a spell caster in a single shot is a pretty big sacrifice.

* These shots do only 12 HP damage to summoning stones ~16 DPS.

Piercing arrows allow you to damage multiple enemies with a single shot, and interrupt spellcasters who are standing behind crowds of enemies - if you can manage to aim at them without an aiming reticle, which stops at the first enemy it hits. Some combinations in multiplayer can work out well with this build, as long as you're not in a party that requires you to be able to pull much of a load as far as killing big enemies and summoning stones.

This bow has no real crowd control options. Rooting enemies in place might buy you some time, but it doesn't get rid of those enemies, it only keeps them off your back for a few seconds. The already underwhelming special abilities are made worse by the much longer than normal cooldown time. Reduced damage on the aimed shots also leaves this build with no powerful damage dealing abilities of any sort. There is not a single move you can do with this bow that will take down even the weakest of enemies in hard difficulty (other than ghosts and baby spiders).

In multiplayer you can use your root field to keep enemies from attacking the warrior or valkyrie while they concentrate on destroying a summoning stone. A warrior who can concentrate on pounding on a summoning stone for 8 seconds without worrying about being attacked can do a lot of damage. If your group is paying attention and understands that they can ignore the enemies while your field is in place, this can work out well. If your group is just doing their own thing ignoring you, this will only hinder them because the enemies won't crowd together, requiring them to spend more time attacking each individual enemy instead of taking down groups as the enemies come to them. In single player, just run around dodging enemies while shooting aimed shots at the summoning stones. Since your shots will pierce right through the enemies, you can hit the summoning stone with every shot, chipping away at it while simultaneously taking out enemies that get between you and the summoning stone. All of your attacks do reduced damage against summoning stones, though, so don't expect to by the guy who rips summoning stones apart.

Alternately, try to set up next to a wall or around a corner or through a doorway so that every enemy has to come to you. Enemies will then line up and come at you single file and you can hit all of them at once with your piercing arrows. Piercing arrows will stagger small enemies, but won't slow large enemies down at all, so when a large enemy gets within range of your quickfire arrows, hit him with a root shot to hold him in place and then kill him with quick shots before he can recover. You can hold your ground against any number of enemies like this. If you can line up your shots so they're also hitting a summoning stone, you can chip away and destroy the summoning stone with no risk to yourself. Aimed arrows have no range limitation, so even if the stone is off screen, so long as your arrows are aimed in the right direction you'll damage it with every shot.

Recommended build
- Spirit Guardians (Enchanted Willow Branch), Tempest Locket

This build is in drastic need of crowd control damage. The Spirit Guardians talisman can give Questor a much needed break, preventing weak enemies from advancing and destroying a large number of enemies that would otherwise be very difficult to take out with this build. The Ultimate Arrow is a good choice as well, as this build has nothing that is good at damaging a summoning stone, and Ultimate Arrow can usually destroy 2 summoning stones in a 1P game with careful aim - which you'll have time to do if you drop a root field in place to buy you time to line up your shot. While Dryad's Song is a superior ability, it doesn't really address any of the problems this class has, so you should only choose that if you're in a team and want to be able to use your potion to allow your teammates time to attack worry free. This class has other ways to keep enemies from attacking you, though, so the invisibility effect feels a bit redundant.

The Tempest Locket relic works particularly well with this build. The elf can aim the whirlwind much better than other characters, because he can simply line up a shot with an aimed arrow and use the locket and the whirlwind will travel down the path of Questor's aiming reticle. Furthermore, you can start by firing off a root shot to root a large line of enemies in place, or by using a root field and luring a large group of enemies into the trap, and then fire the whirlwind through the group to decimate them. Since they are rooted in place, the whirlwind will deal its 22 HP damage, but will not be able to toss them around, so it will hit each enemy 4 or 5 times - easily enough to kill any normal melee enemy. This combination gives questor the much needed crowd control option and heavy damage attack that this build so sorely needs. The whirlwind can generally be used after every other root ability.

Shadowstrike - 9.5/10

Cost - 30,000
5 Second Cooldown

This bow belonged to Maugan, the unseen, an assassin operating throughout the realms of Rendar.

_________Shadowstrike is a powerful bow capable of dealing immense damage to individual targets, but suffers from having no crowd control capability. It's invisibility helps to allay that problem, allowing you to hide from enemies while you move to a more strategic position.

14 HP
Smoke Bomb that renders Elf invisible. Questor throws down a smoke bomb which deals minor damage to enemies around him and disrupts their actions, and which leaves him invisible for 4 seconds. The invisibility ends immediately if you attack or dash.
Shadow Shot202_HP
14 HP
Stagger Large
Stagger Small
Arrow that burrows deep into its target. Questor shoots an aimed arrow that deals immense damage to whatever it hits, killing all but the strongest enemies in a single shot. Only the Orc Juggernaut and minibosses can survive this shot. It also deals 14 HP damage to enemies around it, and staggers small enemies in that area. This shot deals only 198 HP damage to summoning stones.

This bow excels at taking down important targets. Shadow Shot can destroy summoning stones in just a few shots, and does immense damage to even the strongest of boss enemies. Giant mummies and flying demons go down in a single hit, and powerful Orc Juggernauts will be left with only a sliver of life remaining. The short cooldown time only heightens the rate that you can dish out damage. When overwhelmed, you can go invisible and move to a better strategic position before attacking again. Sometimes it is beneficial to be able to just run past enemies, and this build is ideal for that as well.

This bow has no crowd control options. You have to take out enemies one at a time - which can be boring and time consuming when faced with large crowds of weak monsters. This means your kill count will be quite low with this weapon compared to other characters. It is not a good choice for racking up kills for the slayer masteries, and it would take forever to get enough kills for the elf's Bombardier mastery for killing monsters with elf weapon abilities. It can also be difficult to reach the more powerful targets through hoards of lesser enemies, and often your shadow shot will hit a newly spawned grunt, or even a baby spider, rendering the shot wasted. Having your invisibility and shadow shot on the same cooldown timer is frustrating as you'll often wish you could get a powerful strike off on an enemy and then go invisible to run away and hide because you kind of had to put yourself in a bad position to get that shot off - but when you fired your shadow shot you also rendered your invisibility unavailable.

You should make it your business to eliminate the toughest enemies on the battlefield. Spellcasters can be taken down with a single aimed shot, while you should target elite enemies with a shadow shot every 5 seconds as your cooldown expires. Then fire quick shots or aimed shots at the weak enemies chasing you, while pausing to fire your shadow shots at the summoning stones. 2 shots will destroy a small summoning stone on 1 player mode, or leave a large stone with only a sliver of HP. If you get overwhelmed, use your invisibility and move quickly to a better position before opening fire again. If you need to use your invisibility for an extended period of time, simply roll with your dash move when the invisibility expires to avoid being hit, and by the time you come out of the roll you can instantly go invisible again, allowing you to essentially stay invisible forever, avoiding enemies so long as you don't attack.

Recommended Build
Spirit Guardians (Enchanted Willow Branch), Ring of Mirrors

Like the Bow of the Deep Woods, Shadowstrike needs crowd control. Damage, on the other hand, is not a problem with this bow. The Spirit Guardians will allow you to take out dozens of weak enemies that would otherwise be a big pain in the neck without even paying attention to them. You can concentrate on more important targets and let the spirit guardians take care of wimpy melee enemies for you. Dryad's Song is a reasonable alternative, allowing Questor to pump out tons of damage unhindered while aiding allies and healing the party. Ultimate Arrow shouldn't even be a consideration. Questor doesn't need help dealing damage with this bow.

The Tempest Locket doesn't work with shadowstrike like it did for the Bow of the Deep Woods. The only direct damage crowd control option that is guaranteed is the Ring of Mirrors, which also serves to take some of the heat off, allowing you to concentrate on hitting your big targets with your aimes shots and shadow shots. The Freeze Ring is another crowd control option, but ultimately it only holds enemies in place. It'll give you time to get your aimed shots off at your targets, but eventually you're still going to have to go back and take out those frozen enemies individually, or have them coming after you again after the freeze duration ends. Ring of Mirrors is generally just a better alternative.

The Ghost Assassin - Spirit Guardians, Ghost Orb

There is an alternate strategy here that is very slow, but is guaranteed to get you through any fight unscathed. Using the Ghost Orb as your relic with Shadowstrike allows Questor to stay invisible indefinitely. While using the invisibility from the ghost orb, if you also use the smoke bomb from shadow strike, it will pause the invisibility duration of the ghost orb while shadowstrike's invisibility is in effect. That's 4 out of every 5 seconds that the duration on the ghost orb isn't counting down. This increases the 12 second duration of the Ghost Orb to effectively 60 seconds. The cooldown of the Ghost Orb is only 30 seconds, so the cooldown will expire before the duration. When the Ghost Orb's Cooldown is up and you can use the relic again, line up a shot on the most dangerous target and hit it with a shadow shot for 202 HP damage, then immediately use the Ghost Orb again to blink back out so enemies won't have time to attack you. Additionally, each time you use the smoke bomb it will deal 14 damage to nearby enemies and push the enemies back, allowing you to slowly push your way through crowds of enemies, and even take out clumps of enemies if need be, from the safety of your invisibility. The Spirit Guardians fit perfectly with this build, as you can use the potion and then immediately use the Ghost Orb to go invisible, canceling the potion animation, and still maintaining the spirit guardians to attack your enemies while invisible. Dryad's song works as well, keeping you hidden from your enemies for 10 seconds while allowing you to attack at will. If you just can't get to L50 to get your trophy on endless mode, this method is slow, but is a guaranteed way to get that trophy.