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Guide and Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 01/11/2018

  |¯¯¯¯¯\|¯¯¯¯\ |¯¯¯¯¯|¯| /¯)¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯\ |¯| |  ____|¯|  |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯\ |¯¯¯¯\
  | |¯¯) ) |¯) )| |¯| | (/ /| [¯¯¯|   \| | | |____| |  | | |¯| | |¯) )| |¯\ \
  | |(¯ (|  ¯ ( | | | |   ( |  ]  | (\ \ | |____  | (/\) | | | |  ¯ ( | |  ) )
  | | ¯) ) |¯\ \| |_| | (\ \| [___| | \  |  ____| |      | |_| | |¯\ \| |_/ /
  |  ¯¯ /| |  \_)_____|_| \_)_____|_|  \_| |______|_/¯¯\_|_____|_|  \_)____/
   ¯¯¯¯¯ | |              THE SERPENT'S CURSE, Pts. 1 & 2 FAQ/Walkthrough by
         |_|       Shotgunnova (P. Summers) --- shotgunnova(at)gmail(dot)com

    I. WALKTHROUGH (PART ONE) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLK1

       01) Paris: Le Lézard Bleu ........................................ WK01
       02) Paris: Vera Security ......................................... WK02
       03) Paris: Henri's Apartment ..................................... WK03
       04) Paris: Vera Security [II] .................................... WK04
       05) Paris: Rue Jarry ............................................. WK05
       06) Paris: Le Lézard Bleu [II] ................................... WK06
       07) Paris: Rue Jarry [II] ........................................ WK07
       08) London: Duchy Street ......................................... WK08
       09) London: Hobbs' Workshop ...................................... WK09
       10) Paris: Le Lézard Bleu [III] .................................. WK10
       11) Paris: Henri's Apartment [II] ................................ WK11
       12) Paris: Le Lézard Bleu [IV] ................................... WK12
       13) Paris: Rue Jarry [III] ....................................... WK13
       14) Paris: Henri's Apartment [III] ............................... WK14
       15) London: Hobbs' Workshop [II] ................................. WK15

       WALKTHROUGH (PART TWO) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLK2

       16) Catalonia: Castell dels Sants ................................ WK16
       17) Catalonia: Monserrat ......................................... WK17
       18) Catalonia: Santa Cova ........................................ WK18
       19) Iraq ......................................................... WK19

   II. ACHIEVEMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ACHV
  III. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
   IV. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
    V. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. WALKTHROUGH (PART ONE)                                                [WLK1]
 Controls for the game are thankfully back to point-and-click standards with
 none of the action-adventurer leanings BS3-4 had. (Not that they were awful,
 but a return to form is welcome at this point.) I highly suggest using the
 tutorial to learn the basic controls and inventory management.
     Complete the tutorial when selecting a new game. Doing it doesn't start
     a new game itself, so players who skipped it can later come back, do it,
     then continue on their old save files normally. (PS4 versions don't have
     this trophy.)

 As for the walkthrough, it lists how to get all trophies/achievements in both
 parts of the game. For more information on trickier hidden ones, make sure to
 view the Achievements section. Some require a certain setup and missing 'em
 requires some lengthy replaying. (To offset that, consider having several old
 fallback saves.)

 George's starting inventory: Phone

 • Inspect the locked door near the bust
 • Inspect pizza box on the entrance table
 • Take Pizza Slice from inside
 • Inspect the stolen painting's alarm
 • Open its panel
 • Inspect the cut wire
     Just see the cut wire. This can't be missed.

 • Talk to the priest
 • When he relocates, search Henri's body
 • Take the Eau de Toilette from the jacket pocket
 • View left hand's crumpled note
 • Exit gallery
     On the door to La Tricolore, players can repeatedly click the painted
     Joey to hear "Beneath a Steel Sky" easter egg voice lines. This must be
     done several times throughout the Part One to pop the achievement. The
     first time it can be started is now, as George. For best effect, click
     the li'l bugger until he says all his voicelines.

 • Speak to Guillaume (waiter) at La Tricolore
 • Ask about Henri
 • Ask about Laine (obtain Laine's Drinks Bill)

 • Reenter the gallery
 • Inspect Laine
 • Inspect his jacket pocket
 • Take the Nail Clippers
 • Use Eau de Toilette to rouse him
 • Speak to him
 • Give him the Pizza Slice

 • Ask about the keypad
 • Talk to Laine again
 • Ask about the cut wire
 • Show the Nail Clippers
 • Show Laine's Drinks Bill

 The police now arrive and the POV switches to Nico on the street. Her initial
 inventory: Phone, Press Card.
     As before, click the robot icon on La Tricolore's door to hear more lines
     from "Beneath a Steel Sky". These will differ from previously heard ones.

 • Talk to Sgt. Moue
 • Ask about Navet (×2)
 • Ask about tiredness

 • Speak to Guillaume
 • Show the Press Card
 • Speak to Guillaume again
 • Ask for Coffee
 • Ask for Takeaway Coffee

 • Talk to Sgt. Moue
 • Show Takeaway Coffee (or talk about it in dialogue)
 • Enter gallery (automatic)
     Make Moue visit the pissoir.

 Nico must set up a distraction so George can enter the CCTV office.

 • Inspect pizza box
 • Inspect the tomato stain
 • Use Press Card on the chewing gum
 • Inspect stain to smear it
 • Speak to Navet
 • Ask about the bloodstain

 George manages to enter the office.
 |_| ACHIEVEMENT: HIDDEN GOAT EASTER EGG [https://i.imgur.com/OhuZxYZ.png]
     Click the goat statue in Henri's office. It's on the shelf above the
     desk, next to a vase, but doesn't have any cursor tip-off. This may be
     doable later, as the office is entered a few more times.

 • Optional: inspect statue
 • Optional: inspect statue's fig leaf to learn there's a hidden safe
 • Inspect the desk
 • Inspect desk drawer
 • Open folder
 • Read documents (obtain Vera Security Completion Note)
 • Inspect wastebasket (left-hand side of desk) to learn Henri's address

 • Inspect the CCTV system
 • Use keypad to put in the password 0527 (learned from nearby calendar)
 • Inspect La Maledicció in one of the frames where it's shown clearly
     View La Maledicció via CCTV to learn of the snake eating its tail.

 • View thief's helmet in later frame to learn of Waterloo Motors
 • View remaining frame
 • When Navet enters, choose either option
 • Ask about the CCTV
 • Ask about Vera Security

 • Ask Nico about Waterloo Motors
 • Ask about the theft
 • Ask about Father Simeon

 • Enter Vera Security's shop
 • Inspect tabletop
 • Inspect cigarette pack
 • Steal the Matchbox
 • Inspect Matchbox (obtain Empty Matchbox and Safety Matches)
 • Inspect cockroach area on floor
 • Use Empty Matchbox by crumb pile

 The trap doesn't have any bait, though.

 • Exit building
 • Speak to Bassam, the mall vendor
 • Ask about migraines
 • Ask about the neon sign
 • Inspect neon sign
 • Take the exposed wire
 • Optional: talk to Bassam to learn he wants an exotic, inspiring store name
 • Rearrange rightmost seven letters of neon sign to spell A-L-A-D-D-I-N
     Solve the sign problem as per above.

 • Ask Bassam about the cockroach (obtain Rich Tea Biscuit)
 • Reenter Vera Security
 • Put Rich Tea Biscuit into empty matchbox
 • Trigger the trap (obtain Matchbox Containing Cockroach)
 • Talk to Annette
 • Ask about the gallery
 • Show the Vera Security Completion Note

 • Call Vera Security (must be inside building)
 • While Annette's distracted, turn off the radio
 • Inspect black book on countertop (obtain Photograph of Annette and Laine)
 • Show the photo to Annette
 • Ask about the Vera owner
 • Ask about Henri
     Apparently, inspecting the stretch goal rat (lone drawer on left side of
     Annette) at Vera Security applies to this achievement. I was able to get
     it by starting a fresh Part Two file, so maybe this no longer applies,
     but for safety's sake, it's mentioned here. Just inspect the rat and have
     George shrug. (NOTE: The rat does not appear in subsequent Vera Security

 Time to leave.
     As before, click the robot icon on La Tricolore's door to hear more lines
     from "Beneath a Steel Sky". Players don't technically need to visit the
     gallery area (other than this reason), though Guillaume can point the way
     to Laine.

 • Activate intercom by apartment entrance
 • Ask about Annette
 • Ask about theft
 • Enter apartment

 • Talk to Laine (automatic)
 • Show the Photograph of Annette and Laine
 • Ask about the Vera owner
 • Ask about Annette

 • Talk to Bijou
 • Ask about Henri
 • Ask about the gallery
 • Ask about the theft

 When George tries exiting the apartment, he'll automatically visit...

 • Push the box near the neon sign
 • Inspect the girder hanging above the street
 • Open the electrical box
 • Turn off the AC unit (use the switch)
 • Use Nail Clippers on wire connecting to fan
 • Use Nail Clippers on wire connecting to motor
 • Use Wire from inventory to splice the newly cut portions
 • Turn switch back on
     Solve the shutter problem as per above. Can't be missed.

 • Enter Vera Security
 • Inspect drawer by dead plant
 • Take the Q-Tip
 • Enter back office
 • Combine Safety Matches and the Matchbox Containing Cockroach
 • Turn on the light switch

 • Use Q-Tip on the patch of oil (obtain Oily Q-Tip)
 • Inspect the shredder
 • Open lid above green button
 • Use Oily Q-Tip on gears
 • Press power button
 • Rearrange letter (solution: https://i.imgur.com/7IpOeh6.png)
 • Obtain Shredded Letter (automatic)
 • Obtain Paper Clip (automatic if not taken during puzzle)

 • Use Paper Clip on nearby air vent
 • Search inside air vent
 • See scene with gendarmes (automatic)

 This is the street Nico's Apartment is on, in case players forgot it from the
 first Broken Sword game.

 • Let Tiago Marqués in (automatic)
 • Talk to Tiago or inspect the wine bottle
 • Ask about La Maledicció
 • Ask about help
 • Show the crime scene photographs (automatic)
 • Inspect all four photos
     View the photo showing the culprit's Head Hunters tattoo.

 • Enter hallway (automatic)
 • Inspect the floor mat
 • Use Press Card with Chewing Gum on the crack below (obtain Apartment Key)
 • Use the key to enter apartment

 Nico automatically visits here after dropping Marqués off.
     As before, click the robot icon on La Tricolore's door to hear more lines
     from "Beneath a Steel Sky".

 • Speak to Laine at the café
 • Ask about La Maledicció's owner
 • Ask about the manifest
 • Ask about the gallery
 • Agree to visit office

 • Enter gallery (automatic)
 • Sit on the couch
 • Ask about the glass of champagne
 • Inspect glass (obtain Champagne)
 • Use Champagne on Laine
     Spill champagne on Hector "accidentally".

 • Inspect manifest under cushion

 • Speak to George and Marqués (automatic)
 • View La Maledicció in photograph
 • View man in photograph
 • View woman in photograph
 • View child in photograph
 • Inspect ouroboros medallion

 • Talk to Nico
 • Ask about the thief
 • Ask about the tattoo
 • Ask about Waterloo Motors

 • Use Phone to call Waterloo Motors
 • Mention the helmet
 • Mention the tattoo (must have asked Nico about tattoo to get this option)
     Learn about Duchy Street over the phone.

 • Observe the large topiary
 • Talk to the gardener (Shears)
 • Ask about the topiary
 • Pick thumbs-up option
 • Pick eagle option
 • Ask about Medovsky

 George and Nico are let into the study.

 • Speak to Medovsky (automatic)
 • Pick hard or soft approach (it doesn't matter)
 • Exhaust all dialogue options

 Medovsky steps out for a moment.

 • Inspect cabinet
 • Take the Coin
 • Inspect cigarette box on parlor table
 • Use Coin on box's broken catch
 • Take the Key
 • Speak to Nico (automatic)

 • Use Key on office's door
 • Speak to Nico (automatic)
 • Inspect desk
 • Solve the Cyrillic letter puzzle

 The desk's letter tiles hide buttons and pressing them in a certain order
 unlocks a new compartment. The clue is the War and Peace book in the study:
 1869 is its publishing. Typing in the letters that correspond (reading left
 to right) with 1, 8, 6, and 9 on the parlor typewriter unlocks the drawer.
 The literal order (left to right) to press the buttons is: 4, 2, 3, 7.

 • Press the 1-8-6-9 buttons (solution: https://i.imgur.com/k1DNgGL.png)
     Open the desk's secret compartment. Can't be missed.

 • Read the documents in the secret compartment (automatic)
 • Exhaust all remaining dialogue options (or just exit conversation)

 • Inspect letterbox by entrance
 • Take the Unopened Letter from within
 • Inspect item in inventory (obtain Modeling Agency Letter)

 • Open van door
 • Take the Whiskey
 • Press the bonnet catch (i.e. pop the hood)
 • Open hood

 • Inspect junk pile by van
 • Listen to Navet (automatic)
 • Take Long Wire (×2) from junk pile
 • Use Nail Clippers on one of the Long Wires (obtain Short Wire ×2)
 • Look at engine again
 • Use Long Wire to connect leftmost horn to rightmost horn
 • Use Short Wire to connect leftmost horn to ignition area
 • Use Short Wire to connect rightmost horn to battery
 • Press cab's horn
 • Show the Modeling Agency Letter to Hobbs
 • Enter warehouse

 After a scene, George can wander around while Nico distracts Hobbs.

 • Inspect stereo
 • Flip the power button
 • Crank the volume
 • Inspect the elevator lift controls (moves it to 'down' position)

 • Try walking behind the screen near Nico
 • Use Whiskey on Hobbs' Whiskey Glass
 • Speak to Lady Piermont
 • Use thermostat near stairs
 • Use thermostat again after Piermont threatens to leave
 • Ask Lady Piermont about the elevator lift
 • Operate the lift

 As long as the stereo and thermostat are on, operating the lift shorts the
 fusebox. As long as Hobbs got a refill on his whiskey and drank it (he takes
 a swig when things annoy him, like using thermostat, lift, etc.), he'll be
 drunk when going to fix it. If he isn't, just keep using the lift until our
 intrepid hero mentions Hobbs is visibly smashed.
     Get Hobbs drunk. When this happens depends on when he's topped off, but
     it's mandatory either way.

 • After getting a drunk Hobbs to fix the fusebox, inspect the Portfolio
 • Flip the page (×3)
 • Steal the unusual picture (obtain Hobbs' Sketch)
 • Talk to Hobbs (automatic)
 • Ask about Henri
 • Pick hard or soft approach (doesn't matter)
 • Ask about Medovsky

     As before, click the robot icon on La Tricolore's door to hear more lines
     from "Beneath a Steel Sky". Do this before entering the gallery as there
     won't be an opportunity afterwards.

 • Enter the gallery
 • Speak to Navet (automatic)
 • Speak to Laine
 • Ask about the provenance

 • Try leaving
 • Talk to Navet
 • Ask about the machine
 • Unplug Navet's machine (outlet near where La Maledicció used to hang)
 • Talk to Navet about the machine again

 George will try fixing the machine. It's basically just a puzzle where the
 goal is to make all the lights green, and each button turns on/off others.
 Numbering the switches 1-5, reading from left to right...

 • Flip 2nd switch
 • Flip 3rd switch
 • Flip 1st switch
 • Flip 5th switch
 • Turn on power
     Get Navet's machine up and running again.

 • Enter office
 • Inspect statue's head
 • Take Henri's Glasses
 • Speak to Navet to start the reenactment

 • Talk to Simeon
 • Ask about La Maledicció
 • Ask about the Ouroboros
 • Show Hobbs' Sketch
 • Speak to Richard Langham (automatic)

 This is now renamed Bijou's Apartment on the world map.

 • Inspect street intercom
 • Enter apartment
 • Speak to Bijou
 • Ask about the song

 • Revisit Vera Security
 • Inspect Bassam's stall
 • Inspect the musical greeting cards
 • Ask Bassam about the song (obtain Musical Card)

 • Return to Bijou's apartment using same method described earlier
 • Show her the Musical Card
 • Ask Bijou about the provenance

 To solve the conundrum, George will have to dress up like Henri.

 • Inspect Bijou's dressing table
 • Take a Wax Strip
 • Use the Wax Strips on the stuffed dog by the casket
 • Steal the White Flower from Henri's casket

 • Sit down at dressing table again
 • Inspect the brown eyeshadow
 • Use Waxed Dog Hairs on George's mouth (in mirror reflection)
 • Use Henri's Glasses on George's eyes
 • Use White Flower on George's shirt buttonhole
 • Use the Eau de Toilette on George (any area)
 • Dance with Bijou (automatic)
 • Obtain Bijou's Keys (automatic)
     Obtain the safe key.

 NOTE: This is the last time the gallery area is ever visited. It may be
 possible to get the Hidden Goat Easter Egg achievement here, were it skipped

 • Speak to Simeon (automatic)
 • Ask about the Tabula Veritatis
 • Ask about the Cathars
 • Ask about the Gnostics
     As before, click the robot icon on La Tricolore's door to hear more lines
     from "Beneath a Steel Sky". This should be done after speaking to Simeon
     but before unlocking the gallery. The achievement should pop here, if the
     other steps were done.

 • Use Bijou's Keys to enter gallery
 • Enter back office
 • Inspect the statue
 • Inspect statue's fig leaf
 • Inspect the safe
 • Use Bijou's Keys to unlock it
 • Read the note (obtain Hobbs' Note)
 • Take the Diamond Ring
 • Inspect the paperwork

 • At the desk, use Hobbs' Sketch on the provenance
 • Rotate provenance twice from initial position
 • Obtain Provenance (automatic)
 • Optional: try exiting door to find something's blocking it
 • Use Diamond Ring on the window
     Escape out the window using the ring. Note that, when the game first came
     out, this achievement was bugged for many. If by happenstance players are
     going through on an older, unpatched version...well, try rectifying that.

 • Reenter gallery
 • Speak to Simeon (automatic)
 • Take the papers laying by the doorway (obtain Simeon's Papers)
 • Exit manuscript view for a scene

 |_| MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT: NOTORIOUS P.U.G. [i.imgur.com/zmFlNgN.png]
     Inspect all ten pieces of pug memorabilia in Marqués' apartment. See the
     link above for all of 'em, and be sure to do this achievement before the
     next four steps, as this area's never revisited.

 • Inspect bloodstain
 • Inspect the overturned chair (obtain Medallion)
 • Inspect mess on the floor (obtain Marqués' Family Photograph)
 • Inspect sofa (obtain Marqués' Scribbled Photograph)

 • Obtain Ball of Yarn (automatic)
 • Take Flowers from counter basket (required to get an achievement later)
 • Inspect stack of boxes
 • Take the Manneken Pis
 • Speak to Adam
 • Show him the Coin
 • Inspect the CD player
 • Press stop button, then eject button
 • Take the Compact Disc
 • Open the battery slot and take the Battery

 • Combine Manneken Pis with the Battery
 • Combine Manneken Pis with the Whiskey
 • Use Mannekin Pis on the trolley
 • Push trolley into Moue's sights
 • Use Compact Disc on Fleur's stereo
     Solve the Moue problem using the whiskey-filled statue.

 • Use intercom
 • Go into apartment
 • Speak to Bijou
 • Show Hobbs' Note
 • Ask about Hobbs
 • Ask about the provenance
 • Ask about Henri
 • Ask about Hobbs again
 • Ask about the gallery
 • Ask about Medovsky

 • Obtain Chain (automatic)
 • Take the Crowbar beside the van
 • Blow the van's horn
 • Climb the drainpipe on doorway's right-hand side
 • Speak to Nico (without descending) and ask her to blow the horn
 • While the seagull's away, use the Crowbar on the crane

 • Inspect covered easel for funny scene (can't be avoided)
 • Press the elevator lift button
 • Use Chain on locked door or elevator platform
 • Ascend into private room

 • Listen to answering machine messages
 • Inspect golden-framed portrait near doorway
 • Use the Crowbar on that portrait
 • Obtain La Maledicció (automatic)
 • Open cupboard door
 • Take the Cola Bottle
 • Move further to the right

 • Inspect corpse
 • Take the Mints from the pocket
 • Inspect frame on easel near corpse
 • Take the Dust Sheet beneath the easel
 • Inspect the pinboard on one of the walls
 • Inspect Castell dels Sants
     Solve the Castell del Sants clue on the pinboard. Players shouldn't have
     to read the scribbled photograph again since viewing the Sants clue is
     mandatory to progress an earlier scene.

 • Combine Diet Cola and Mint (obtain Trembling Bottle)
 • Use Trembling Bottle on the drip bucket
 • Combine the Dust Sheet and Crowbar (obtain Grapple and Line)
 • Use Grapple and Line on skylight
 • See cliffhanger scenes (automatic)
     Complete the first half of the game.

WALKTHROUGH (PART TWO)                                                   [WLK2]
 Those who have the Steam version automatically begin the second half after
 the London events. Players may also begin a new game at this stage, skipping
 the first part entirely.

 Nico's starting items: Phone, Press Card with Chewing Gum, Mop

 • Take the Helmet lying in the grass
 • Combine Helmet with Mop
 • Use "Mop with Helmet" on crumbling wall above Nico

 George moves to a goat's corner of the yard. Be sure it doesn't headbutt our
 intrepid hero, because if the Flowers are eaten, a later achievement is lost.
     This part is best done as soon as George takes shelter, using the next
     few steps. The order can be finnicky, so try feeding the goat these items
     in this sequence: Apples, Provenance, Marqués' Scribbled Photograph, the
     Ball of Yarn (George may say a line instead, which is fine) and the Rich
     Tea Biscuit.

 • Inspect the apple tree
 • Dodge (via on-screen prompt, left of George) to avoid goat's charge
 • Pick up the Apples
 • Use Apples on pile of brandy bottles by car
 • Inspect tire
 • Take Side Mirror off rusting towncar (obtain Wing Mirror)
     Solve the ornery goat puzzle, then take the Side Mirror.

 • Use Wing Mirror on the sun
 • Speak to Ramon
 • Ask about friends
 • Ask about Marqués
 • Speak to Eva (automatic)
 • Ask Eva about herself
 • Ask about Marqués
 • Show La Maledicció

 After the scenes, the Paris duo is let inside. The next puzzle is solved with
 Simeon's notes and knowing the main hall's door faces north (evinced by the
 courtyard sundial).

 • Take the Broken Green Statue from the inner courtyard (door by Marqués)
 • Take the Blue Statue from the outer courtyard (where Eva is)
 • Inspect La Maledicció's mantelpiece
 • Put broken green statue on left plinth
 • Put intact blue statue on right plinth
 • Turn each plinth six times
 • Enter new chamber (automatic)

 The next section is done as Nico.

 • Speak to Ramon (automatic)
 • Ask him about himself
 • Ask about Wolfram
 • Ask about Xavier
 • Ask about Gehnen (×2)
 • Ask about Castillo de Santos
 • Ask about the old library
     If the previous steps in this achievement were done, talking to the goat
     as Nico gives an easter egg conversation (similar to Broken Sword 2) and
     the achievement pops.

 • Inspect car door near apple-munching goat
 • Inspect pillow
 • Take the diary
 • Inspect tin can keys on floor
     Use the Press Card on the rustbucket's radio for an easter egg interview
     with George. This can be done multiple times to hear call-in questions
     about the series from Kickstarter backers. (One of the funnier ones
     pertains the dog George dumped in Marseilles harbor during BS2.)

 • Inspect wind chime in fountain courtyard (×2)
 • Inspect sardine can (obtain Castell Library Key)
 • Use new key to unlock library door by inner courtyard
 • Open the trunk
 • Inspect the map

 Back to George's POV. As before, Simeon's Notes grant a clue on proceeding.

 • Inspect one of the statues' lenses
 • Inspect Yahweh's (leftmost statue's) lens
 • Remove the leather cover, then rotate lens so it has green light
 • Do the same for Lucifer's statue, except it shoots dark blue light
 • Use Safety Matches on the candelabrum
 • Use Medallion on the candelabrum
     Solve the fresco puzzle to find the Bons Hommes trail.

 • Take La Maledicció off the mantelpiece
 • Try visiting inner courtyard
 • Visit library (automatic)

 • Return to main room
 • View hanging shield showing Berga's coat of arms (near leftmost corner)
 • Inspect Gehnen's trunk in library
 • Remove the hat and shirt
 • Take the Telegram
 • Inspect Telegram from inventory
 • Complete telegram's substitution cipher (answer: i.imgur.com/bQbcYoV.png)

 • View map
 • Stick pin in Montségur (available by default, thanks to fresco)
 • Stick pin in Berga (revealed by shield heraldry)
 • Stick pin in Girona (revealed by telegram)
 • Stick pin in Sant Ramon (available by default, thanks to Nico)
     Learn Monserrat's significance.

 • After the scene, inspect the bullet hole (×2)

 • Go down plaza's side stairwell
 • Try entering cable car station (automatic scene)
 • Inspect telescope on balcony
 • Locate, and inspect, Pearl and Duane's cable car
 • Use the Wing Mirror on the cable car
 • Locate, and inspect, the human-like rock face (left of lower station)

 • Enter cable car station
 • Take the Lunch Box on floor by deserted counter
 • Use the Lunch Box on the nearby cogs
 • Operate the console's lever, smashing the lunchbox (creates a jam stain)
 • Inspect lunchbox (obtain Radio)
 • Use Radio on cupboard by counter

 • Use Paper Clip on cogs' jam stain (obtain Sticky Paperclip)
 • Inspect console's hatch
 • Use Matchbox on front flap
 • Use Sticky Paperclip on Trevor
 • Use the Piece of Rich Tea Biscuit on broken prong in back
     "Fix" the broken console.

 • Enter chapel
 • Inspect the wood shavings near the fertilizer bags
 • Take some Wood Shavings
 • Take the Bottle of Turpentine off scaffolding
 • Take Mason's Hammer from scaffold toolbox
 • Talk to Duane
 • Ask about Pearl
 • Ask about Santa Cova
 • Ask about spiritual experience

 To progress, players must set up a church experience for Pearl -- or as Nico
 succinctly puts it: "smells, bells, and heavenly lights". There are three
 things to do. Starting with the easiest ones:

 • Combine the Wood Shavings and Eau de Toilette (obtain Potpourri)
     Combine Wood Shavings, Eau de Toilette and the Flowers to make the
     Super Potpourri. This is the only time it can be created, so hopefully
     players didn't let the Flowers be eaten by the previous goat.

 • Put Potpourri (or Super Potpourri) in altar mug by Black Madonna carving
 • Use Safety Matches on mug

 • Inspect crank handle near entrance to lower chandelier
 • Use Safety Matches on chandelier
 • Use Wing Mirror on chandelier
 • Use Ball of Yarn on Wing Mirror
 • Raise chandelier back up

 The final part is using simulated "bells" to play some of Ave Maria, the tune
 Duane whistles occasionally. This is done by hitting objects with the Mason's

 • Pour Turpentine into the scaffolding paint can
 • Strike Oil Drum (G)
 • Strike Paint Can (F#)
 • Strike Oil Drum (G)
 • Strike Fire Extinguisher (B)
 • Strike Paint Can on the left (A)
 • Strike Oil Drum (G)

 Pearl's spiritual awakening occurs when all three portions are complete.

 • Talk to Pearl
 • Show La Maledicció or Hobbs' Sketch
 • Take a Candle from the low shelf where Pearl was initially standing
 • Use Mason's Hammer on Black Madonna's altar
 • Put Candle in rocky recess (right side of Madonna)
 • Use Safety Matches on recess
 • Press altar's ouroboros icon

 George and Nico automatically go into the dark cave.
     This must be done before the next step. Use the Mason's Hammer or the
     Matchbox on the "figment of the imagination" and "imaginary malicious
     denizen" icons, plus inspect the bottomless pit.

 • Use the last Match on the stone object in pitch-black area of cave
 • Inspect the table
 • Take the artifact (obtain Tabula Veritatis)
     Find the Tabula Veritatis. Can't be missed.

 • Take Revolver off table
 • Take Gehnen's Photograph off table
 • Take Gehnen's Map off table
 • Use Gehnen's Map on the lamp
 • Inspect points A, B, C, D, and E on map
 • Combine Tabula Veritatis and Gehnen's Photograph

 George now has a decoding minigame to do to decipher the 14-word code hidden
 on the artifact. Doing this is often a process of elimination and educated
 guesses, done by comparing symbols that appear in multiple glyphs.

 For instance, one character looks like a checkmark rotated 180 degrees. We
 can see that the glyphs it shows up in each have the "river" marking. Thus,
 it's pretty clear it, by itself, represents "river". This same method of
 deduction can be used to discern characters for "region," several numbers,
 and so on.

 This is one of the harder puzzles in the series, so it won't be surprising if
 people want the answer right off. It goes:

 Begin - Sun City - Travel - Five - Day - East - River
 Travel - South - Six - Day - Desert - Source - Four - River

 • Complete the translation puzzle (solution: i.imgur.com/lCAumJa.png)
 • Talk to Nico (automatic)

 Our gal pal reveals a secret button on the relief, between the blue and green
 figures, respectively.

 • Inspect lamp
 • Use Medallion on uppermost ring (red light illuminates Lucifer relief)
 • Rotate Mary Magdalene statue once
 • Press secret button
 • Use Medallion on lamp's bottom-right ring (illuminates Jehovah relief)
 • Rotate Mary Magdalene statue twice
 • Press secret button
 • Move Medallion into lamp's yet-unused ring (illuminates lower supplicants)
 • Rotate Mary Magdalene statue once
 • Press secret button

 For those wondering about this puzzle, the solution is apparently a throwback
 to the east/west symbology from the fireplace puzzle, with the final part a
 reference to supplicants going past (forward) their configuration. Simeon's
 Notes have an illustration that vaguely hints at this, though players can do
 trial and error as well -- Nico comments differently when things go right.

 • Fetch Medallion again
 • Exit cave (automatic)
 • Use Pistol on gunman
 • Choose to lie and/or be truthful (×2) -- it doesn't change anything

 • Go onto balcony
 • Climb onto drainpipe and go down as far as possible
 • Use Radio on drainpipe's lower cover 
 • Climb back up and wait for guard to fully descend staircase
 • Use Mason's Hammer on guard
     Conk the guard out with a falling hammer.

 • Return inside
 • Exit out front door

 • Inspect cable car door
 • Use Yarn on door
 • Inspect cable car door again
 • Inspect Nico's window

 • Speak to Shears
 • Ask him about himself (×2)
 • Ask about Chelsea
 • Ask about freewill
 • Ask about determinism
 • Ask about Henri
 • Ask about redemption
     Talk Shears out of his life of crime. Sort of.
     See the chapel ghost dream sequence.

 Consider making a separate fallback save at this point for trophy reasons.

 • Advance forward a bit for scene with Donna the goat
 • Take some hanging figs (obtain Handful of Figs)
 • Walk to the left to find three gunmen in the valley
 • Inspect back of the truck
 • Take the Knapsack from within

 • Show Shears the Knapsack
 • Take the TNT
 • Take the Dynamite
 • Take the Lighter
 • Take the Duct Tape
 • Take the Fuse Wire
 • Take the Sausage

 • Optional: combine Fuse Wire and Dynamite (obtain Primed Dynamite)
 • Combine Sausage and Fuse Wire (obtain Primed Sausage)
 • Use Primed Sausage on Donna
 • Use Lighter on Donna
 • Throw fig at gunmen
 • Throw fig at lower path (to the right of gunmen, near old pillars)
 • Throw fig at top of path (archway by truck)
     Get the dynamite-laden goat to visit the thugs. Note that it must be lit,
     else the goat simply eats all the fruit and wanders back to the fig tree.
     This trophy pops at the very end of the game, but some have said it won't
     unless players give the Rich Tea Biscuit to Shears or the goat. Give it
     to Shears now to avoid any annoyances, and if it doesn't trigger, try
     completing the game WITH the item instead.

 • Use Lighter on rock fissure
 • Give TNT and Dynamite to Nico (automatic if it didn't occur earlier)
 • Use Lighter again
 • Enter cave (automatic)
 • Use Lighter on dead bush
 • Use Eau de Toilette on burning bush

 • Walk across fallen ladder
 • Speak to villain
 • Ask about Tabula Veritatis
 • Ask about Eden
 • Ask about Deicide
 • As Nico, cross the ladder
 • Use TNT or Dynamite on the wall crack (right side of Tabula altar)
     Complete the final battle.
     Complete the game! As mentioned earlier, if it doesn't trigger, try doing
     the other biscuit decision (giving it to Shears or not) that was chosen.
     Attain all other trophies.

 For those wondering about the vocal tracks in the credits, they're "Jasmine"
 and "Strange Girl," both by Miles Gilderdale. The former is the recognizable
 hippie tune that plays in Part 1; the other is heard only in the credits.


II. ACHIEVEMENTS                                                         [ACHV]
 BS5 is the first installment to have achievements! There are thirty-five (35)
 in all on PC. On PS4, the "Game Complete" and "Completed Tutorial" trophies
 never occur, replaced only by the "Ultimate Adventurer" platinum trophy. XB1
 players lack all three of those listed.

 First, the general list. Trophies that are mandatory are asterisked. Those
 that aren't get further information below. The "T" column lists the trophy
 type for PS4 players (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) and gamerscore values
 for Xbox users.
   ___________________________ ______     ____________________________ ______
  | PART ONE                  | T/GS |   | PART TWO                   | T/GS |
  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯|
  | Completed Tutorial        | ---- |  *| Order of the Goat          | G/20 |
 *| Oh My God, It's a Mirage! | B/20 |   | Best Buddies               | G/50 |
 *| Breaking the Seal         | B/20 |   | Local Call                 | G/50 |
  | Hidden Goat Easter Egg    | S/50 |  *| Bons Hommes                | B/20 |
 *| Chasing Your Tail         | B/20 |  *| X Marks the Spot           | B/20 |
 *| Brand is Everything       | B/20 |  *| Hot Wire                   | B/20 |
 *| Roll 'Em Up               | B/20 |   | Super-Charged Potpourri    | S/50 |
 *| Ink Trail                 | B/20 |   | I Call It the Dreamatorium | B/50 |
 *| Suited and Fluted         | B/20 |  *| The Truth to the Grave     | S/20 |
 *| Russian Evolution         | B/20 |  *| Gravity Depravity          | B/20 |
 *| Count Leo Has the Answer  | B/20 |  *| Philosophy 101             | B/20 |
 *| Water of Life             | B/20 |  *| Balance                    | B/20 |
 *| CSI: Deluded              | B/20 |  *| Cry Havoc!                 | B/20 |
 *| Boogie Nights             | B/20 |  *| What Just Happened There?  | G/85 |
  | Joey Easter Egg           | S/50 |   | Game Complete              | ---- |
 *| Diamond Geezer            | B/20 |   | Ultimate Adventurer        | P/-- |
  | Notorious P.U.G.          | G/50 |   |____________________________|______|
 *| Fountain of Youth         | B/20 |
 *| No Parlo el Catala        | B/20 |
 *| The Mystery Deepens       | G/85 |

 Next, more info on the missable achievements. I'll list them in order of

   This isn't permanently missable, but missable in a general sense. Just do
   the tutorial that would otherwise be skipped. This can be done regardless
   of current save progress (it doesn't start a new game), so achievement
   hunters can get it easily at any point. Note this trophy doesn't appear on
   PS4 or XB1.

 • HIDDEN GOAT EASTER EGG [https://i.imgur.com/OhuZxYZ.png]
   While in Henri's gallery office, inspect the goat statuette on the shelf.
   This is only doable in Part One, but players have multiple opportunities.

 • JOEY EASTER EGG [https://i.imgur.com/XkFrfKM.png]
   Click on the Joey (robot from "Beneath a Steel Sky") easter egg multiple
   times during each time the gallery is available. Said robot is painted on
   the door to La Tricolore, the cafe next to Le Lézard Bleu. It'll take a few
   clicks to hear the voicelines. The windows of opportunity are:

   1) As George, at the beginning of the game (Joey has 2 lines)
   2) As Nico, during the first time she's controllable (1 line)
   3) As George, after doing the 1st Vera Security stretch (1 line)
   4) As Nico, after first meeting Marqués (1 line)
   5) As George, after returning from London (1 line)
   6) As George, after dancing with Bijou (1 line)

 • NOTORIOUS P.U.G. [https://i.imgur.com/zmFlNgN.png]
   Inspect all ten pugs in Adam's apartment. This has a very short window of
   opportunity and players never get full access again. Use the above image
   to find all locations.

   After George takes shelter by the Castell dels Sants apple tree, feed the
   goat Apples, Provenance, Marqués' Scribbled Photograph, the Ball of Yarn,
   and the Rich Tea Biscuit. (Note that George may say a line instead of the
   yarn step, which is fine.) Later, when Nico has to explore the area where
   the goat is, speak to him for an achievement-popping easter egg scene.

   NOTE: Some claim that you need to inspect the "stretch goal" rat located
   at Vera Security in Part One to get this. I started a new game in Part Two
   and managed to trigger the achievement, so maybe that weird step has been
   cleared up since its release. Or, maybe the game keeps track of certain
   things outside of save files. To be safe, I list it as the first step.

   While exploring Castell dels Sants as Nico, the old car near the goat is
   accessible. Use the Press Card on the beat-up radio to listen to easter
   egg conversations with George fielding questions from series fans. The
   trophy occurs after the first, though repeating the process reveals others.

   When trying to make Pearl's church experience, combine the Wood Shavings,
   Eau de Toilette, and Flowers to make Super Potpourri. (Normally, the game
   makes Potpourri from any of those two items, so players can easily forget
   about combining a third.)

   This is done in the dark cave after Duane and Pearl leave the chapel. Check
   the bottomless pit icon in the darkness, then use the Mason's Hammer or
   Trevor (the Matchbox) on the "imaginary malicious denizen" and "figment of
   the imagination" icons. The can be a little hard to find it pitch darkness,
   but disappear after being used once.

   Complete the game. Apparently, players must give the Rich Tea Biscuit to
   Shears or the goat BEFORE entering the final cave (hence why the trophy's
   icon is the biscuit). However, I'm pretty sure I got this without doing
   either of those...

III. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                          [FAQZ]
 [Q] - Do you have an album for all the supplemental images?
 [A] - Sure do: https://imgur.com/a/eJMLZ
       All the major puzzles and some of the trickier achievements are there.

 [Q] - Do I need to play the four other Broken Sword games first?
 [A] - They should be played because they're enjoyable (BS3 is the black sheep
       of the bunch), but in terms of understanding story and such, no, that's
       not necessary. Some references'll be missed, though.

 [Q] - I heard BS3 and BS4 aren't canon...?
 [A] - I'm not sure, because some games don't always acknowledge the others.
       However, given Nico's mentioning of gun-toting monks and (I think) a
       reference from Duane, the creators are aware of 'em, even if they don't
       explicitly tie 'em together.

 [Q] - What's up with the "stretch goal" rat in Vera Security?
 [A] - Not sure. Maybe some in-joke about missed stretch goals?

 [Q] - In the ending, for the barbecue...did they cook...you know...
 [A] - It sure looks like it. Revenge is a best dish served hot. And spicy.

 [Q] - Why are the credits so long?
 [A] - The game was on Kickstarter, so there are (IIRC) 14,000+ names to get
       through in the credits. It takes over a half hour to finish!

IV. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
 1-3-2018 --------------------------+ Started walkthrough
 1-11-2018 -------------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my stuff
 • Lady Piermont, proving her worth as best BS character (well, after Eamon)

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